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Feb 12th, 2017

Jack Singh Lost 21kgs in 12 Weeks

"To be honest I had tried everything under the sun and spent thousands of dollars to lose weight but always failed. In fact I had been to a Health Farm in Bangalore on two different occasions..." Read more

"I have tried many diets in my life and none really did anything for me, and if it did, it wasnt long after that all the weight was back on and steadily on the increase, especially lately, being over 40, etc" Read more

Contact us via the form below, or call to make an appointment to fill in a health questionnaire.

We'll help you fill out the required forms for your initial blood test.

Book a consultation with Dr. Ron Goedeke to assess your suitability for the program.

Once medically assessed you will start the 6-week hCG diet program with nutritionist Kaytee Boyd.

Every Wednesday for 6 weeks you will meet with Kaytee for a nutrition consult and hCG program review.

This initial phase involves placing yourself in a position to maximize benefits from the hCG generated weight loss which occurs in Phase II. This phase involves starting a specially selected regimen of nutritional supplements designed to both improve bowel function and facilitate the mobilization of fat for use or metabolism. Finally this phase allows adequate time to thoroughly study this wellness protocol and to make a plan for shopping and meal preparation for Phase II.

This phase involves daily a daily injection of hCG along with a very low calorie diet.

This phase facilitates locking in weight loss achieved during Phase II. This phase, properly performed, makes it much less likely that you will regain your lost weight. Do not underestimate the importance of this part of the program.

This part of the program involves simple steps that can be used indefinitely to maintain the weight lost during the program.

There are many differences between the HCG diet forms of injections or drops. We believe the injections offer real results which is why we use them. The HCG diet program requires commitment, but often you see immediate results.

Homeopathic HCG drops are required 2 to 6 times per day and held under the tongue for one or two minutes, and you can't eat or drink anything for about 15 minutes before or after. Some people don't like the taste of the HCG drops, so holding them under the tongue for two minutes can feel like a long time.

Injection is once a day and with a diabetic gauge needle, most of those on the diet state they dont even feel it due to it being so small.

The immediate weight loss from the injections makes continuing on the program easy. Our trained nurses teach each person how to inject so they can participate in the HCG diet in the privacy of your own home. We are yet to have anyone find the injections difficult or stressful after being shown how.

We only use real pharmaceutical HCG which requires a prescription vs. something which the contents are not known. Where it is manufactured. There are a lot of companies out there who, whether by design or ignorance (some are well-meaning people), are making and promoting fake hCG.

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HCG Diet NZ - HCG Diet Injections - Auckland

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