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Pine Pollen Testosterone: A Powerful Erection Booster

Jul 27th, 2018
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A PowerfulErection Booster

Pine Pollen, Testosterone

Two words you need to remember if your bedroom performance could use a lift.

Because pine pollen does one thing incredibly well

It facilitates increased testosterone production inside the testicleswithout causingtesticular atrophy.

And this is a Huge point.

You can almost look at this stuff as the plant version of anabolic steroidswithout allthe negative B.S.

But thats not all it can do

Because pine pollen is basically tree sperm. Acrobatic semen that gets blown into thewind with the hope.

That it will land on a female ovary (blossom) and inseminate it.

This is how pine treebabies are made.

And like the sperm of any species, this tree shoots out some potent materialthat for someStrange Reason.

Human males respond really well to.

Pine Pollen also impacts sex hormone binding globulin, nitric oxide production AND estrogen balancein human males.

So this stuff works on hormones and on erections.

But its important that you cycle this herb so you dont develop tolerance to it.

You can read more about cyclinghere.

Now heres more on this subject from Spencer

There are severalnatural ways to help you get it up bigger and better than ever

Remedies that have been passed down for thousands of years and remedies that have just been discovered.

Pine pollen is one of those hundred year remedies. Whether youre struggling with erectile dysfunction, or you just want some harder wood, pine pollen can really help you get going.

Heres how

Pine pollen is a supplement derived from (obviously) the pollen of pine trees, usually the Masson pine, the Chinese oil pine, or the Scots Pine.

Aside from helping ED, it has wide range of benefits that will make you healthier, and moresexually fit (source)

First, pine pollen is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which collectively work to help your body function at a higher level.

Second, pine pollen has loads of sterols, which are naturally occurring plant steroids.

In pine pollen, sterols work to benefit your total health in a range of ways:

Brassinolide improves liver function Castasterone is a strong antiviral Gibberellins help regulate prostate size

In addition, pine pollen has been used in China for thousands of years as an anti-inflammatory treatment, as a way to clean up free radicals, and to slow the aging process.

However, its major use remains for its tremendous (and natural) improvement of your morning wood.

Pine pollen will help increase your testosterone levels through its role as an androgen. But testosterone isnt the only way that it can help you get (and keep) a good erection.

Pine pollen also works to improve your erections in two otherways: with arginine, and through superoxide dismutase, or SOD.

Ive talked about arginine and ED before, but the core idea is that arginine is required to produce nitric oxide, which in turn is needed to get blood flowing to your penis and then to hold it there.

Pine pollen contains natural arginine that your body will put to use to buildstronger erections. Arginine is good for your sperm too, improving sperm motility, general fertility, and cranking up sperm production.

The result is a better erection with more (and better) swimmers.

SOD is an enzyme that acts in your body to break down free radicals. When it comes to ED, oxidative stress (having too many free radicals in your body) has been linked to age related ED (source).

The problem is that free radicals effect the metabolic pathways that lead to NO production and the natural release of cGMP.

Basically, when youve got too many free radicals running around, yourability to achieve an erection will diminish.

SOD is an enzyme that can specifically target the type of free radicals that cause the most problems (superoxides), and can alleviate the symptoms quickly and easily.

At the end of the day, pine pollen helps you get hard by both increasing how much NO you have in your system, and decreasing the number of roadblocks you have to go through to get your erection.

This dual action is why its so effective, and why its been used for hundreds of years to treat ED.

And thats all without testosterone

Pine pollen is one of natures greatest sourcesof testosterone and other androgens, particularly phytoandrogens.

Phytoandrogens are testosterone for plants. But they work for us too.

What makes pine pollen so unique is that instead of simply providing you a boost of testosterone, it actually promotes your bodies ability to build its own..

With a combination of the adaptogenic effects of phytoandrogens and the fact that sterols promote testosterone production by binding to the receptors in your testicles.

Other androgens in pine pollen include DHEA, androsteroneand androstenedione,a weaker androgenthatsan intermediary step in the production of testosterone.

By boosting your entire androgen system, pine pollen helps facilitate the production and absorption of testosterone and other male hormones, which in turn improve your libido.

So what sort of improvements?Big ones

First, low fertility is associated with low levels of testosterone production in your testes.

Because pine pollen improves your ecosystem for testosterone production, rather than just shooting you full of testosterone, its actually going to increase your ability to produce sperm at a higher rate, leading to better fertility over time.

Its like teaching a man to fish, rather than buying him a sandwich.

Second, by increasing how much testosterone is in your body, youre going to increase how much dihydrotestosterone (DHT) you have as well.

This is the main regulator of both cGMP and nitric oxide, which means that youll find it easier to get hard when you want.

And finally, this pine pollentestosterone connection willhelp you reverse the effects of andropause and keep your hormones in balance. This is key to having a successful sex life.

Were updating this article because a new group of studies shows another important way pine pollen can help solve your erectile dysfunction issues.

Turns out, pine pollen acts as a powerful natural anti inflammatory.

Why does this matter?

Because inflammation is one of the primary drivers behind erectile dysfunction in humans.

That may seem to make little sense, since an erection could be described as inflammation of the junk.

But its much more complex than that, and matters more than you might think.

Science has known for a while that some causes of inflammation also cause ED.

Examples include smoking, drinking and eating inflammatory foods like highly refined carbohydrates and low quality omega 6 fats.

Correlation and causation arent the same thing, but when two things are closely linked such as inflammation and ED, theres a good chance fixing one can fix the other.

Adding more weight to this argument, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that inflammation can exacerbate a variety of circulatory problems.

And as you probably already know, healthy circulation is vital if you want to avoid erectile dysfunction

So anything that reduces or prevents inflammation will lead to better circulation and will also reduce or prevent ED.

For example, even inflammation of the gums can cause ED, according to work by researchers at the Luzhou Medical College in China (source).

In this study, scientists found a direct and proportional correlation between gum inflammation in rodents and reduced erectile function.

Bottom line: if pine pollen can reduce inflammation, it can help with your erectile dysfunction.

Now, lets take a look at a few more pine pollen studies

Kyunghee University, Seoul, Korea.

Back in 2007, a team of researchers in the Nutrition department investigated what pine pollen extract could do with inflammation and pain in mice.

This study first induced inflammation of the paw and ear. They gave the mice an extract of pine pollen, in doses of 100 or 200 mg per kilogram of body weight.

The pine pollen extract significantly reduced inflammation of the paw and ear, and did so more with the higher dosage than with the lower dosage.

This study also tested the impact of pine pollen on pain threshold.

The less said about those methods, the betterbut the results led researchers to say the pain and inflammation reduction qualities of pine pollen were similar to that of a full dose of aspirin (source).

Fast-forward one year

Following up on their research, the same team looked at the chemical processes behind their results with experiments on tissues gathered in-vitro from mouse specimens.

The science on this one is pretty technical

It includes stuff along the lines of antioxidant activity increased with the addition of PPE to the linoleic acid emulsion.

Pine pollen extract was also found to inhibit significantly the amount of malondialdehyde and protein carbonyls, etc

Engaging our scientist-to-english dictionary

The study applied pine pollen extract to love cells to test its properties as an antioxidant and antiinflammatory.

What they found was that pine pollen reduced inflammation and oxidation by directly interfering with the biochemical process that causes inflammation in rodents and in humans.

In 2009, the team was ready to attempt a treatment protocol

They treated mice who were somehow given arthritis with pine pollen extract and monitored whether the pine pollen reduced joint inflammation in the rodents.

After 49 days, arthritis-related inflammation was markedly reduced in the subjects.

The researchers concluded

Pine pollen was a potentially effective treatment for chronic inflammatory illnesses.

The bottom line?

If inflammation is contributing to your erectile dysfunction, pine pollen will almost certainly help.

There are fewreported side effects of pine pollen for the vast majority of users.

Unlike manufactured steroids, PP does not cause down regulation of testosterone, nor does it cause testicular shrinkage.

Some people are allergic to pine pollen and (obviously ) should avoid using it.

The best option is to give it a try and see how it goes, starting with a smaller dose the first time if youre prone to allergies.

There area few variations on pine pollen supplements that you can take, but its most common forms are either as a tincture or a powder.

A tincture is a liquid extract mixed with alcohol. In this case, its basically pine pollen put in a jar with alcohol(or another solution like vinegar) and left for a few weeks.

Its possible to make your own, but its unlikely to be as potent as what you can buy from a reputable source.

See the article here:
Pine Pollen Testosterone: A Powerful Erection Booster



A Snickers a Day Keeps the Cravings Away: A … – Sohee Fit

Jul 25th, 2018
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A little over two months ago, I came up with the idea of eating a full-size Snickers bar everyday.

It started out as a joke at first. I was brainstorming a list of topics to write and/or produce a video log about, and I was thinking of ways that I could send a powerful message through my next bikini prep.What could I do through the next 10 weeks leading up to my national-level bodybuilding show to hammer home a point that Ive been trying to communicate to the world?Naturally, I thought of flexible dieting. Despite its growing popularity in recent years, the concept is still wildly misunderstood and met with skepticism.

As a role model and educator in the health and fitness industry, I believe that its important to not only walk the walk but also constantly experiment and test different training and nutrition methods on myself. This, Ive found, is the best way for me to learn, and in turn, become better equipped to then turn around and effect positive change in others.

The next thing I knew, I was driving to the grocery store and picking up my first six-pack of Snickers bars.

Shortly after purchasing my first batchof Snickers bars

At the beginning of my prep, my stats were as follows: 25 years old, 52 in height, 110lbs bodyweight, 25.0-inch waist. My job was sedentary, and I lived a lightly active lifestyle. I had over 7.5 years of resistance training experience and was familiar with proper form with the main compound movements.

My junk food of choice had to meet three criteria for this experiment:

It didnt take long for me to settle on Snickers.

It was important that I think and act like a scientist throughout the duration of this experiment, and this meant controlling for as many variables as possible.To that end, I was meticulous about tracking and adhering to a prescribed set of macronutrient numbers, exercising regularly, managing my sleep and stress levels, and consuming roughly equal quantities of water and sodium everyday.


As far as myexercise regimen, my trainer Bret Contreras wrote mea four-days-a-week strength training program with an emphasis on compound movements. I performed squats, deadlifts, bench presses, hip thrusts, and pull-ups through a multitude of rep ranges, and also added in assistance worksuch as chest-supported rows, lunges, and lateral raises. With each workout, I was to employ progressive overload, which is another way of saying doing more over time. That meant I always made it a point to either get in an extra rep within the prescribed rep range, increase weight, and/or use better form. (See related: What is Progressive Overload?)

Utilizing this approach rather than simply going through the motions in the gymensured that I maintained as much muscle mass as possible throughout the fat loss process. In other words, I lifted heavy weights because what builds the muscle keeps it (Hunter et al., 2008).

At the end of every workout, I also sprinkled in 10 minutes of glute work, usuallyusing a combination ofbodyweight, minibands, and long bands. The purpose of this was to help shape the glutes and provide some conditioning work without running myself into the ground.

Here is an example of the kinds of glute circuits I would do:

No formal cardio was performed throughout the duration of this prep. I did not dotraditional steady-state cardio, nor did I engage in high intensity intervals of any kind. Low-intensity leisure walking was performed two to three evenings per week.

In total, I exercised four days a week for approximately one hour each session and took three full rest days per week.


I used a flexible dieting macros-based approach for my nutrition. In other words, I adhered to a prescribed set of macronutrient numbers (specific grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fats tailored to my unique needs) and, though I relied primarily on whole, nutrient-dense foods, I alsomade room to fit in a small portion of junk food here and there. (See related: This is What Flexible Dieting Actually Looks Like)

The daily Snickers bar, of course, was a constant. I made it a point to eat one every single day no matter what, usually paired with a protein source.

On days that I resistance trained, I consumed higher carbohydrates and lower fats; on rest days, I consumed lower carbohydrates and higher fats. There was no difference in total calories between my training days and rest days.

The only variable that changed throughout the 10 weeks was my total calorie intake, which was gradually reduced over time.

At week 0, my daily target calorie intake was 1560, with a 2,300-calorie refeed day strategically implemented every 10 days. I continued in this manner through week 4, after which point I dropped my calories to 1460 for week 5,1350 for week 6, and 1280 for weeks 7 through 10 with arefeed day still tossed in once every 10 days.

The MyMacros+ iPhone app was used to track my daily macronutrient intake. A food scale was usedto increase the accuracy of my nutrition logging.

Besides meetingmy macros within +/-5g of each prescribed number everyday, I also did the following:

I planned out the next days meals the night before. The Snickers bar was always plugged into my meal plan first, and everything else was planned around it. I tweakedfood choices and quantities until my total intake for the day lined up with my target numbers.

One of my staple meals during this prep: Greek yogurt, mixed berries, and a chopped up Snickers bar.

I aimed for a minimum of 30g protein for most meals to maximize muscle protein synthesis.

I honored my food cravings and shifted my nutrient timing and meal sizes to suit my lifestyle needs and maximize satiety. As prep wore on, I found myself unintentionally moving intoan intermittent fasting style of eating, whereby I consumed my first meal at approximately 11am and my last meal at 7pm, totaling an eight-hour feeding window. I also found myself feeling more satisfied with three larger meals per day rather than four or more smaller meals.

Here is an example of how I was eating nine weeks out from my bikini show:

And how I was eating two weeks out:

Throughout the duration of this 10-week experiment, I lost a total of 5.2lbs off the scale and 2 inches off my waist, dropping from 110.8lbs to 105.6lbs and 25.0 inches to 23.0 inches, respectively.

10-week progress

On October 24, 2015, I stepped on stage in the bikini at OCB Nationals, a national-level drug-tested bodybuilding competition. I won my height class and thereby earned my IFPA pro card.

Winning my IFPA pro card with a Snickers a day!

I also got bloodwork done as soon as I was done with the show to see where my health markers were standing. The results are shown below.

As you can see from my starting progress picture shown above, I didnt have much body fat to lose to begin with to be stage-ready. The point, however, was not to lose as much fat as possible, but rather, to show that its entirely possible to improve body composition while eating some junk food so long as overall nutrition is managed.

Throughout the contest prep, I was able to retain much of my strength in the gym. While my squat strength diminished the most, my deadlift, bench, and hip thrust strength dropped marginally, and my chin-up strength increased.

Whats interesting to note that, thoughI did lose an inch of size around my hips, I was able to attenuate further losses via the high volume glute training I performed multiple days per week. Had I not been proactive about maintaining as much glute size as possible, its likely that I would have lost far more size, as has been the case with previous contest preps.

Ialso came in at my all-time leanest body fat level. I was not able to get a DEXA scan done before or after the contest prep, but I would estimate that my body fat dropped from approximately 17% to 14%. (See related: Body Fat Pictures and Percentages by Leigh Peele)

I did not get bloodwork done at week 0, which would have been helpful in providing baseline numbers for comparison after eating 70 consecutive daily Snickers bars. However, as you can see from the images above, my lipid panel, insulin, and glucose are all currently within healthy ranges.

Dietary adherence throughout this experiment was above 95%, meaning that I consistently met my prescribed macronutrient numbers within 5g. Had I not controlled for my overall calorie intake, I could have easily not made any progress or even gained some bodyfat while eating my daily Snickers bar.

One note Id like to make about this is that the last few weeks of my contest prep were excruciatingly difficult because each Snickers bar took up a good chunk of my calories per day. Clocking in at 4g protein, 33g carbohydrates, and 12g per bar, that totaled 250 calories that effectively ate up 20% of my allotted daily calories. I found myself feeling especially low-energy and drained in the final weeks leading up to my show,and I know that the diet would have been far easier had I been able to opt for another food that was less calorically-dense. Nevertheless, for the sake of this experiment, I pushed through. To view the full details of what and how much I ate every day, you can follow me on MyMacros+ under the username SoheeFit.

The objectiveof the Snickers Diet was not to encourage people to consume junk food on a regular basis, and by no means does anyone need to consume a Snickers bar (or any other specific junk food for that matter) everyday to lose fat. Rather, the purpose of this experiment was to drive home fourpoints:

1. Junk food is not inherently fattening, and there is no such thing as a good or bad food.It is absolutely possible to lose fat while regularly incorporating treats such as candy bars, ice cream, and cookies into your diet. Sugar gets a bad rap because it scores extremely low on the satiety index and its also highly palatable, which means its easy to overconsume.

Conversely, if consumed in excess, it is theoretically possible to gain body fat on nutrient-dense foods such as chicken breast and rice.Think about the last time you ate too much broccoli, though. Probably never happened, right?

Then, when people do enjoy treats such as chocolate cake, they tend to overindulge. However, what many fail to realize that its the excess calories and not the sugar itself that contributes to fat gain. Correlation does not equal causation.

NoteDr. Mark Haubs Twinkie Diet from a number of years back in which, in similar fashion, the professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University shed 27lbs while eating convenience store foods.

2.Junk food consumed in moderation is not necessarily unhealthy. I know there are many individuals out there who proclaim that junk food in any amount is artery-clogging yet as my bloodwork shows, that is not the case. This is supported in the literature as well, whereby multiple studies suggest that consuming simple carbohydrates or complex carbohydrates affects neither body composition or blood lipids (Saris et al., 2000; Surweit et al., 1997).

Unless you have a specific intolerance or allergy, judicious quantities of junk food are harmless in the grand scheme of things.

3. Total calorie intake matters for body composition far more than specific food choices.Its the law of thermodynamics in action. When there is an energy surplus, weight is gained because the energy must be stored; when there is an energy deficit, weight is lost as the body oxidizes bodily tissue (Wardlaw & Kessel, 2002).

Granted, the topic is a little more complex than that, and the specific details are beyond the scope of this article. Suffice to say that there are various factors, including fiber and the thermic effect of food (with protein havingthe highest thermic effect at 25-30%) that influence the calories-in-calories-out equation (Halton & Hu, 2004). The case still stands, however, that total calories, at the end of the day, will determine whether weight is gained, lost, or maintained.

4. Incorporating a small quantity of junk food into your diet can help increase dietary adherence, which will in turn yield better fat loss results. This last point is the beauty of flexible dieting.

The best way to ensure that you stick to a nutrition program is to actually enjoy it. Its important, then, to be honoring your unique food preferences andfactoring that into your day. For some people, thats going to mean Poptarts and cookies; for others, it may be grilled cheese and french fries. If these foods can increase dietary adherence by nipping cravings in the bud before they get out of control, then total calories will be kept in check consistently over time, which weve established as the most important factor in weight gain vs. weight loss.

Obviously, the daily Snickers bar was an extreme case of flexible dieting used to illustrate a bigger picture. And while junk food is not mandatory per se to achieve results, it just so happens that we humans happen to have a strong affinity for high sugar, high fat goodies.It would be prudent to make that way workforus rather thanagainst us.

Please dont misunderstand me: This is not to say that you can achieve optimal health by fitting in only junk food into your diet and fitting your macros.Heres an excellent video by Eric Helms discussing the nutrition hierarchy:

Since everyones been asking: For now, Im very much enjoying fitting other treats into my diet, like my good ole mini chocolate chips, grilled cheese sandwiches, and Lucky Charms cereal. Consuming any treat for 70 straight days is bound to get tiring after a while, and this scenario was no exception.

To learn more about fitting treats into your diet while still working your way toward your fitness goals, check out my product,The Beginners Guide to Macros.This e-book teaches you the practical tools you need to lose fat while still enjoying your life.

Let me teach you how to have your cake and eat it, too literally!


Halton, T.L., & Hu, F.B. (2004) The effects of high protein diets on thermogenesis, satiety and weight loss: a critical review.J Am Coll Nutr., 23(5):373-85.

Hunter, G.R., Byrne, N.M., Sirikul, B., Fernandez, J.R., Zuckerman, P.A., Darnell, B.E., & Gower, B.A. (2008) Resistance training conserves fat-free mass and resting energy expenditure following weight loss. Obesity (Silver Spring), 16(5):1045-51.

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Surwit, R.S., Feinglos, M.N., McCaskill, C.C., Clay, S.L., Babyak, M.A., Brownlow, B.S., Plaisted, C.S., & Lin, P.H. (1997.) Metabolic and behavior effects of a high-sucrose diet during weight loss. Am J Clin Nutr, 65(4):908-15.

Wardlaw, G.M., & Kessel, M. (2002). Energy Production and Energy Balance. In: Perspective in Nutrition 2nd Ed., New York, NY. p. 535-7.

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A Snickers a Day Keeps the Cravings Away: A … – Sohee Fit



The Complete Guide on How to Safely and Healthily Lose …

Jul 23rd, 2018
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If you want to know how to lose weight fast without sacrificing your muscle, metabolism, or health, then you want to read this article.Key Takeaways

Youre here because you want to lose weight fast, and thats completely understandable.

Whether you have a lot or a little fat to lose, the sooner its over, the better.

You have to be careful what you wish for, though, because if you go about it incorrectlylike most people doyou may just wind up skinny fat.

In other words, if you do what most people dostarve yourself and do a bunch of cardioyoull lose weight alright, but youre probably not going to be happy with what you see in the mirror.

The reason for this is most rapid weight loss protocols are essentially crash diets that burn just as much muscle as fat, which ruins your body composition.

The goal, then, isnt to lose weight as quickly as possible, but to lose fat and not muscle as quickly as possible.

Thats how you get lean, toned, and defined, not skinny, flabby, and weak.

And when thats the goal, you have to do things very differently. The good news, though, is the better way is also easier than you probably think.

Thats right, once you know what youre doing, you can not only lose fat (and not muscle) rapidly, but you can do it without suffering. In fact, you can even enjoy the process.

Thats what youre going to learn in this article.

And then youre going to get a proven diet and exercise plan that you can start today and see real results within your first week.

Lets get started.

Would you rather listen to this article? Click the play button below!

Want to listen to more stuff like this?Check out my podcast!

Flip open any magazine, book, or blog article on how to lose weight fast, and this is more or less what youre going to be told:

And it worksfollow that plan and youll lose weight faster than Hollywood ruined the Star Wars franchise.

What you wont do, however, is get the body you really want. Instead, youre likely to wind up skinny fat, like this:

Now, Im not saying that these people should be ashamed of their bodies, but lets be real: those arent the looks that makes us want to get off the couch and under the squat rack.

For that, we need more payoff, like these guys and gals:

So, what did these people do that everyone else gets wrong?

Well, lets start with what they didnt do. They didnt . . .

Most popular weight loss diets have two things in common:

And this works wellfollow that plan and you will lose weight fast.

If you look at your body composition, though, then its clear this approach does more harm than good.

You see, when youre in a large calorie deficit and eating too little protein, you lose fat, but you also lose quite a bit of muscle as well and your metabolism slows down markedly.

Hunger also skyrockets after a few weeks, leaving you primed to binge back much of the weight you lost.

This is because theres a point of diminishing returns when it comes to calorie restriction. Reduce your calorie intake slightly, and you can lose weight consistently without excessive hunger, cravings, or muscle loss.

Try cutting calories too much, though, and all of those problems can spiral out of control.

These problems are only made worse when you also dont eat enough protein. Study after study after study has shown that people who follow a high-protein diet lose less muscle, experience less hunger, and burn more calories when they restrict their food intake.

So, those are the two biggest dietary sins people make when trying to lose weight fast.

The picture gets even worse if we look at how most people train

Recommended Reading:

The 3-Step Skinny Fat Solution

Many people equate cardio with weight loss and figure the more they do, the more weight theyll lose.

Cardio does help burn calories and thus fat, but do too much while dieting and youre asking for a world of hurt.

Specifically, youre going to . . .

Lets take a closer look at each of these downsides.

Due to various cellular adaptations that occur when you do endurance training, it can directly interfere with strength and muscle building.

In other words, the more cardio you do in general, the harder it is to gain muscle and strength.

Furthermore, the longer your cardio sessions are, the more pronounced this interference effect is.

This is why it isnt surprising that doing too much cardio when your calories are restricted for fat loss, which already reduces anabolic hormone levels and protein synthesis rates, is an easy way to accelerate muscle loss.

Research shows that cardiovascular exercise alone guarantees little in the way of fat loss. In fact, many people wind up even fatter than when they began their cardio routines.

How could that be, youre wondering?

No, its not metabolic voodoo, muh hormones, or anything other than this:

For many people, doing a lot of cardio causes them to be generally hungrier than usual, which makes it easier to accidentally eat too much (thereby preventing fat loss or even causing fat gain).

This is especially true if youre not following a meal plan or tracking your food intake. Its all too easy to eat back the few hundred calories you burn after a cardio workout without even realizing it. A couple handfuls of nuts and a piece of fruit or a protein bar is all it takes.

As youll soon learn, you have to control your calories to lose a significant amount of fat. Theres just no way around it.

Unfortunately, one of the prices you have to pay for a slimmer waistline is an impaired ability to recover from your training. When youre dieting to lose weight, your body just cant bounce back as quickly as youre used to.

So, what happens when combine calorie restriction with hours and hours of cardio each week?

Sure, youll burn a lot of calories, but youll outpace your bodys ability to recover from your workouts and experience symptoms of overtraining, like

Even worse, research shows that doing too much cardio while cutting can also accelerate muscle loss.

All this is why I recommend a lot less cardio while cutting than many fitness gurus. (More on this in a minute.)

Recommended Reading:

How Much Cardio You Should Do (and How Much Is Too Much)

This is often recommended as a way to increase calorie burning and really bring out the muscle definition.

Not so much.

Dropping the weights and increasing the volume (reps) doesnt automagically produce more muscle separation, density, or vascularity. It doesnt even burn that many more calories compared to high-weight, lower-volume (strength training) workouts.

Instead, you want to do a lot of heavy compound weightlifting when youre cutting, and well talk about why soon.

Recommended Reading:

How to Measure and Improve Your Body Composition

Use this workout and flexible dieting program to lose up to 10 pounds of fat and build muscle in just 30 dayswithout starving yourself or living in the gym.

Over the years, Ive tried many different weight loss diets and training regimens.

Some have worked better than others, and over time, Ive been able to glean enough workable principles and insights and then organize them into an extremely effective and efficient weight loss regimen.

With this regimen, you can lose about a pound of fat per week (more if youre overweight, slightly less if youre lean looking to get really lean) while preservingor possibly even gainingmuscle.

Even better, you wont have to struggle with hunger and cravings, your energy levels wont crash, and your workout performance will be minimally impacted.

Heres how you do it:

Lets learn more about each.

In order to lose body fat, you need to regularly feed your body less energy than it burns.

This is known as creating a calorie deficit, and it causes the body to slowly whittle down its fat stores to meet its daily energy demands.

Mainstream weight loss gurus, magazines, and diet books try to sidestep this scientific fact because, well, its boring. Most people are sick of hearing about calories and want something else.

Thus, instead of educating you on how the human metabolism actually works, experts make up stories about how a single bogeymana hormone (insulin) or food (carbohydrate), for exampleis making you fat, and that all you have to do is eliminate it from your life and the pounds will fall off.

This kind of highly restrictive dieting can result in weight loss, but not for the reasons that most people think.

Its not the elimination of starches, meats, or sugars, or the fasting or meal timing that causes the weight loss. Its just this:

Once you remove all of your favorite higher-calorie foods (like carbohydrate and sugar-rich delights) and replace them with lower calorie options, your calorie intake naturally plummets.

And then, by extension, you lose weight.

This approach can work to a point, but it usually fails in the end for a number of reasons.

First, its unsustainable.

It often creates large calorie deficits that lead to all of the problems related to starvation dieting that we discussed earlierhunger, cravings, lethargy, and muscle lossand you can only go for so long without the foods you actually like to eat before you lose the will to keep going.

Second, its easy to mess up.

Regardless of how restrictive your diet is, if you eat too many calories, youre going to stop losing weight.

Research shows that this is exactly what happens to many people who follow these types of diets: slowly but surely, they eat more and more of the foods theyre allowed to eat, and eventually, the weight loss stalls.

All this is why I recommend that you control your calorie intake and maintain an aggressivebut not recklesscalorie deficit of about 25%.

In other words, when you want to lose fat and not muscle as quickly as possible, I recommend that you eat about 75% of your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE).

A number of studies have borne this out, including one conducted by scientists at the University of Jyvaskyla.

They divided high-level, lean (10% body fat or less) track and field athletes into 2 groups:

Both groups followed a high-protein diet and trained as usual.

After four weeks, the group eating the least number of calories lost four pounds of fat and little to no muscle, whereas the group that maintained the smaller calorie deficit lost only a little fat.

In other words, doubling the size of the calorie deficit resulted in significantly more fat loss, but not muscle loss.

The group that followed the 750-calorie deficit wasnt starving, eitherthey still ate over 2,000 calories a day.

This jives with what Ive experienced with my own body and with the thousands of people Ive worked with.

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The Complete Guide on How to Safely and Healthily Lose …



The Healthy Weight Loss Guide Healthy Weight Loss …

Jul 16th, 2018
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Methods for losing pounds and keeping them off. More than likely, you are aware some or all of the pursuing tips. If you do, then they is a prompt to you and help get you back on track. If you, you will find in them easy ways to start out shedding pounds instantly.

Drink water (such you never heard this before: ) ) Many of us do not drink enough water and wonder why we feel tired, have headaches, gain weight, keep fluids, and/or just ordinary dont feel well. Absence of a sufficient amount of water may be the cause of any of these and other symptoms you may have. Water aids in publishing stored fat and flushing it and those awful toxins out of your body. Dehydration causes the body to keep onto its current hydrant and fluid preservation is the result. And the fat cells stay just the way they may be bloated and keeping fat and toxins. Advice: Drink more water! Mouse click Here for more details on water, its benefits and effects.

Take a walk every day. If you own a dog, great! You have a properly reputable excuse to go for a walk stop telling the kids to do it. Okay, you say, I dont have a puppy and dont have time to go for a walk every day. First off, walks are enjoyable, calming to the soul, and just the thing for the heart, muscles, and health. But if you really do not think you can make this part of your routine at least a few times a week, do some form of exercise you are comfortable with daily. Biking, cooling off, treadmill, tennis, volleyball, kickboxing, heck, even Wii can increase your heart rate and help reduce fat!

Healthy Eating & Nutrition

Acquire and Do a purifying program. Extra waste within the body should be eliminated of course, if you are not eating healthfully, this could be one of the first steps to reducing unwanted toxins and waste products. The build up of toxins and waste in the body can make you feel bloated, tired, and irritable and make you venerable to illness and disease.

There are many types of cleanses to choose from. If you might have never done an internal cleansing program before, you should start with the one that is straightforward on the body. Ive tried different colon cleanser and found some to be too difficult to incorporate into my daily routine and others to be downright yucky. What you require is a good cleanse that is not hard on the system and will detoxify the whole body. A cleaning program that I like is GNCs Complete Human body Cleansing Program. Its a 7-day program, and so i know I can stick with it for a week. Some are longer. You must not do two in a row read all information in the programs materials before starting.

You ought to reward yourself with treats, you need to give yourself a gift every now and again but try to insist on non food gifts. There are so many options you can think of. Try to have healthy snacks, like celery or carrot sticks. Frequently check your weight so that you can see your progress. It is safer to know what you weigh.

Your body is not designed for diets and each time you deprive your body of the necessary foods you guarantee that when the weight comes back and it will there will be more of it than before you started.

In exploring healthy body loss, we discovered that it is enhanced but not as processed as white pure stick sugar. However, it is still processed to a diploma so not as raw, which is the impression you can find from its name. Still, 2 weeks. step up from white, stick sugar and a great deal better than sugar alternatives.

Additionally, very low calorie diets can actually send your body into starvation mode causing your metabolism to slow down to conserve energy. Thats going to not only make it harder to lose weight, but will make it a lot easier to put any weight you do manage to lose back on as soon as you go back to eating normally.

Obtain a full body massage. Worthwhile massage specialist will tell you that a massage releases harmful toxins from cells where they are hiding and extra fat cells which store them in your body. They will should also tell you to drink lots of water afterward to get rid of those toxins out as soon as they are released into your system. A great, full-body rub will also help you relax, reduce stress, and improve your energy as well.

You know you need to lose weight without your doctor having to tell you. A personal trainer at a gym facility would be nice but then again its expensive and its still up to you to do the work. So the question is what should you look for in a weight loss system you can do at home?.

Minimize out sugar and sugars substitutes. Go organic and natural or natural. Sue, one of our contributors, is constantly telling everyone how the lady lost 10 pounds in less than 2 weeks just by cutting out sweets. And i also consider her because I used to be there. Now, dont think we could promoting sugar substitutes because we arent. Why might you replace refined sugar, which at least started away in a natural form, with pure chemicals that your body views as toxins? Organic or raw, natural sugar is the way to go and not gobs of it. If you have a sweet tooth, please learn to control it for your heaths benefit. If you are diabetic, try Truvia or Stevia, which at least have an all-natural base.

The one thing we can all guarantee about diets is that if that perfect diet, the one that actually works, ever comes along, it will be news around the world within 24 hours. That means you do not have to jump on the next bandwagon. You can sit back and let someone else experiment with futility. You see, in the final analysis, we all know, deep down that diets do not work Ever!.

Try purchasing cordials (concentrated juices) and sparkling water, and mix them together. You would not look at any other soft drink if you try cordial and sparkling water mix once It tastes great. Set a date and get yourself prepared for the grand opening date to start the home weight loss.

If you are not mentally prepared to lose weight your success chances would be very limited. One major thing you will come across if you opt for at home weight loss program will be the kind of foods you will have to eat, most times they tend to be food that our bodies are not use to or cutting down on food that we love so much.

Another common thing is that many are trying to compete with other people, weight issues is a very serious one and many see losing weight as a means of proving a point to others. Losing weight must be about your health, it must be about you, it must not be about competition with others. People who try to prove points to others are mostly the ones who go for the shortcut; there is no shortcut when trying to lose weight it must be a long-term process.

Learn how to get back your energy and vitality. Learn how to keep your slim body and never have to put the weight back on again. So what do you expect from an at home weight loss that does not require you to cut down your food intake?.

Think about it; are these four goals not the ultimate want and desire of everyone? Remember; to get a permanent weight loss you do not need to count your calories. If you are like most people you dont have time or ambition to go to the gym and you dont want to join a diet program that requires you to go to meetings or attend weigh-ins to track your progress.

Sometimes even a Great to hear! Sounds great, you sound very committed and all the best sentence would be enough to trigger that motivation that you seek. When your metabolism speeds up you will burn more calories all the time even while you are just sitting around doing nothing.

Home Weight Loss Tips.Learn to eat healthier foods. This is not that difficult as some make it out to be. Be sure to eat from all 5 food groups with emphasis on fruit and vegetables. Start reading labels and learn what is in the foods you are eating. Learn how to count calories. Each gram of carbohydrates and protein equals 4 calories each.

Before You Begin, Consider The Following Facts.The more challenging the exercise the more effective your weight loss routine. For example, a set of push-ups will help you develop a flat stomach much better than dozens of crunches.

There are key concepts that will help you to maximize your weight loss exercise routine and understanding them is imperative if you want to shed those pounds and sculpt your body in the least amount of time possible.

Some easy workouts you can do at home can be as simple as walking around your neighborhood. Walking, jogging or running are the cheapest cardiovascular workout you can get.

If you do at least three of these tips right now, you are probably cussing me to telling you that you would not need to make any drastic changes to your lifestyle. But if you are serious about shedding weight, you will need to make better choices. Its simply a subject of taking Baby Methods. To make it better to take the first step in deciding which changes will be the least difficult to implement into your lifestyle, see First Methods to Changing Habits.

Eat! Carry out not starve yourself. In the event that you ever tried to diet before, you are already familiar with the word starvation mode. Once your body thinks you are not creating enough food, it will keep the fat that it has since it thinks its not going to get anymore or enough and it will want it for gas. Eating small, and healthy meals throughout the day is the most suitable, but with the lifestyles many people live, this may well not be reasonable. In the event you go for long periods between meals, have small, healthy snacks you know the ones, carrots, granola bars, and so on. And drink water with the snack.

Where to Find Exercise Videos for Home Weight Loss.This will save you some money by helping you find workout videos that are best suited for your needs and tastes. You could also take a look at the selection of your local public library.

The best way to tackle this problem is to focus more on the type of exercise you like the most because it will help you to build courage overtime and make it difficult to quit. It is very important that you read the following home weight loss tips and see how you can incorporate them into your daily routine.

Very few people ever expect to get a permanent weight loss. What most people do expect from a diet, at least when they base it on past experience, is a burst of success, then eventual failure when the weight returns. They just dont want to think about that right now.

Before You Begin, Consider The Following Facts.Exercises intended for specific areas are not challenging enough to promote the optimum burning of calories that leads to weight loss and require many more repetitions to be as effective as fewer repetitions of more strenuous exercises. Once again, more results in less time.

If you have mirrors to workout in front of then even better. Watching yourself do exercises in the mirror will help you adjust your form so you do not strain or pull an muscles. Next time you use the excuse you cant afford the gym, remember all the free exercises you can do right in your home to achieve your at home weight loss goals.

Try squatting often. Most people spend 2-3 minutes brushing teeth twice every day. So, while you are standing, you might as well add a few lunges or perhaps squats to this routine. Lunges are extremely beneficial for your thigh muscles and if you spend a solid 5-6 minutes every day on your thighs, you will feel your muscles getting tight in a few days.

If you have a walking partner then that will make it easier for you to become motivated. If you have a pool then swimming can also be a great exercise you can do at home. There are many other exercises you can do at home to workout your legs, arms, butt and abs. Squats and lunges happen to be a great at home exercise.

These are not difficult things to do. If you can sustain a diet of low calories for 6 weeks, as Im sure you have done in the past. Then you can sustain a selective food plan, which lets you eat an unrestricted amount of food for the same period. If you do, you will find that within a few weeks, not only will your weight be reduced you will discover that you no longer experience food cravings.

Losing weight is quite a challenging task if you are at back home all the time but you can get the greatest from it when you try straightforward tricks. Here are some great home weight loss tips that you can try and you should definitely be able to shift some pounds if you put your mind to it. If you can make the tips part of your day to day lifestyle, you will realize your weight loss goals.

Workout Videos for Fast at Home Weight Loss.For those who are looking for a more balanced workout, there are many exercise videos that focus on the entire body. Others target specific areas of your body so that you can work on your trouble spots. Whether you choose a video geared towards your abs, legs, or arms, you can be sure that your entire body will be getting a workout.

Tips Before You Begin.If necessary, start slowly and gradually increase the number of repetitions, decrease break times, and progress to more challenging exercises. Choose one exercise from each of the following exercise groups. To add variety, switch exercises within each group on different days. Do not sacrifice form to increase repetitions.

When going on at home weight loss program there will be no one to push you compare to if you have an instructor. The program will contain a systematic instruction on what to do and what not to do some will be difficult to practice. You must always focus on your intention for wanting to lose weight because this will help you to stay focus.

The Most Effective Exercises for a Weight Loss Routine.To discourage exercise burn out, create a challenge by varying exercises within each of these five groups. Choose one exercise, or exercise variation, from each group and perform each exercise one after the other with no, or minimal, rest.

By extending each leg a bit higher than usual, you are straining your muscles and your body is putting extra effort which means your muscles are getting tighter. Moreover, try walking the stairs up and down several times a day as it is a good cardio exercise.

The Most Effective Exercises for a Weight Loss Routine.Gradually decrease break times between circuits or increase the number of repetitions for each exercise you perform.

Before You Begin, Consider The Following Facts.When beginning a weight loss exercise routine, dont sabotage a valuable exercise program by attempting too many repetitions and too few breaks which can prevent continued exercise if discouragement sets in.

How to Lose Weight without the Gym.While having a gym membership might work well for some people, not everyone can afford the monthly payments that are required. Workout videos are a great alternative for fast at home weight loss.

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The Healthy Weight Loss Guide Healthy Weight Loss …



RapidTone Diet Pills Will Help You Shred Unwanted Fat!

Jul 12th, 2018
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Triple Powered Weight Loss Provided By Natures Best Fat Shredding Ingredients In RapidTone Diet Pills!

Improving the shape of your body takes time and dedication. Its not the best to sit there all day and expect to lose weight by watching tv or doing another activity that doesnt require much movement. You need to ramp up your metabolism to get your fat burning ability going at full swing. On the supplement side of things, if you want to get those results much faster and with a proven formula that gets the job done then, what you need is RapidTone Diet Pills.

This supplement contains key natural ingredients derived from nature and studied and proven for their unique and potent ability on helping your body remove unsightly body fat. There are no nasty fillers or synthetic chemicals that wreak havoc in your body. Just pure 100% nature made weight loss benefiting ingredients.

This combination works best because each unique ingredients has a specific and vital role in the reduction of body weight and overall well-being. There are many things to consider from a diet supplement such as:

The main ingredients in RapidTone Diet Pills are; Garcinia Cambogia, Forskolin, and Ginseng. These ingredients have made a name for themselves for many years for their wonderful health benefits for your body.

There are reportedly no adverse side effects when users stayed within the dosage guidelines with RapidTone Diet Pills. The ingredients are completely natural and only provide positive effects towards your body and life.

Ordering this amazing supplement couldnt be any easier. Follow the link below by clicking the image and filling out your shipping information and then get your exclusive bottle shipped to your doorstep within days. RapidTone has really changed the face of the dieting game and I would recommend you jump on the train fast and grab your bottle before supplies run out because people seriously love this supplement. Orders are selling out and there are a few bottles left as of right now so hurry up and get yours today!

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RapidTone Diet Pills Will Help You Shred Unwanted Fat!



How to Lose Weight Fast for Teenagers in 3 Days – YouTube

Jul 12th, 2018
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How to lose weight fast for teenagers in 3 days. In this video I will show you step by step how to lose weight for teens.

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Buy Testosterone Online – Legal Testosterone for Sale

Jul 12th, 2018
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Testosterone is the male hormone that contributes to all masculine attributes. Attributes like deep voice quality, body and facial hair, development of male reproductive organs such as seminal vesicles, prostate, scrotum, penis as well as testicles. Even secondary characteristics of males like thickening of the vocal chords, hair patterns, bone mass, mood levels, sexual desire, fat distribution as well as fertility issues depend on optimal levels of testosterone in a mans body. This potent hormone belongs to the androgen family. Both males and females contain certain amounts of testosterone. While in females it appears in smaller quantity in males it is the largest amount of hormone to be found. If you want to know what is testosterone then read on to know more.

If you want to know what is testosterone then you also need to know the functions and role it plays in the human body. Found in both males as well as females testosterone is What is Testosterone responsible for ensuring a healthy level of sexual functioning as well as ensuring optimal health. It promotes a heightened libido while also raising energy levels and increasing the red blood cell count in the human body. The typical human male secretes as much as 60 times the amount of testosterone as produced by a female human. In males testosterone is produced by the testes and in females it gets secreted by the ovaries.

In the male body the testosterone is secreted by the testes. Inside the testes there are a group of cells known as Leydig cells which secrete the testosterone. Testosterone is critical in spermatogenesis (the formation of sperm in males) which is essentially performed by the Sertolli cells. Just as most hormones function, even testosterone is pumped to specific portions of the male body such as the reproductive organs. If you wish to know what is testosterone then you should also know that testosterone is available in artificial forms provided through both injections as well as orally. Most people prefer taking this hormone supplement orally. However, some athletes prefer using injections in order to accomplish instant effect.

Now that you know what is testosterone you will be pleasantly surprised to know that there is a new revolutionary formula called Testoxyl manufactured by Kalpa Pharmaceuticals. This patented formula is comprised of completely natural ingredients such as Testofen – clinnicly shown to raise free testosterone 98%, sugar cane and LJ100 tongkat ali. Testoxyl contains 12% strength of Octacosanol which is derived from 10% natural sugar cane. Thus Testoxyl is completely natural and safe and does not cause any side effects whatsoever. Besides this, Testoxyl helps in raising your overall stamina, strength and vitality. It also helps in increasing your libido which will eventually result in an increased sexual drive. The good thing about Testoxyl is that you will start to experience instant energy and a feeling of power as soon as you start taking it. It is because Testoxyl raises the level of free testosterone in your body by as much as 98.81%!

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Buy Testosterone Online – Legal Testosterone for Sale



Diet – Safety Talk Ideas

Jul 10th, 2018
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The saying you are what you eat may be a little dramatic, but what you choose to eat can have a major effect on your health and how you feel. How you feel at work will have a major effect on being able to and choosing to work safely. It is important to make sure the things you choose to eat and drink are helping improve your health and not hurt it.

Diet has a big effect on your overall health.It has been linked to many different health issues including many diseases and cancer. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States and is closely linked with diet. A proper diet reduces the chances of conditions such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and obesity which are all factors in whether a person has heart disease or not. Heart disease and other alimentslike it have a major effect on you day in and day out. Whether it is the actual disease or medications you need to take to combat it, you will not be able to feel 100% well every day.

Most people are awarethat what weeataffects our weight and ultimately our health, but many people may not realize there can be a link between diet and mood. For example, research has been done that shows a link between vitamin D deficiency and depression. The sun is a major source of vitamin D for us, but we also get it from the food we eat. If you are not getting enough vitamin D it may be the source of a down mood.

Another example is research that has linked a low carbohydrate diet and lack of energy. Participants in the study done by Arizona State University showed higher levels of fatigue and a lack of desire to exercise just two weeks into beginning a low carb diet. While you may not have these issues, it is important to know that diet could be the source or trigger of a change in mood.

If you are not feeling good you cannot work to the best of your ability. Whether it is health issues or lack of energy, your diet plays a big part in safety at work. If your focus is not on the task or you do not have the energy to take the extra steps to ensure the task is being performed safely, you are putting yourself and others at risk. Take a moment to reflect on your diet and how it affects your work.

-Can you think of ways to improve your diet?

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Diet – Safety Talk Ideas



Celebrity weight loss winners | Fox News

Jul 6th, 2018
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Celebrity weight loss winners

Because there is no motivation like celebrity motivation.”>Fox News











FunnymanZach Galifianakis showed off a slimmer figure at the 2017 Emmys, left.

(AP/ Reuters)


Wendy Williams showed off her slimmer frame (left) when she stepped out for her Hunter Foundation Summer Event at Planet Hollywood on July 11, 2017. The talk show host looked significantly slimmed down in a black jumper.

(Bruce Glikas/Planet Hollywood/Reuters)




The “Bridesmaids” star wowed the Time 100 Gala with her newly svelte frame.



The former “General Hospital” actress has never looked better! Genie Francis showed off her svelte frame after losing 40 pounds on Nutrisystem. “I’ve finally conquered my dieting demons!” the soap opera star said. “I tried on a pair of skinny jeans and they fit! I couldn’t believe it. At that moment, I knew Nutrisystem was paying off.”



The late night talk show host revealed the interesting way he dropped 26 pounds from 208 to 182. “My new thing…is starving myself two days a week,” he told Men’s Journal. Kimmel explained that for two days a week, he eats under 500 calories a day and the rest of the week he eats “like a pig.”



Actor John Goodman caused a stir on the red carpet with his impressive weight loss (right). Just one year earlier he walked the carpet with Mark Wahlberg looking a lot heavier.



Illusionist Penn Jillette revealed his dramatic 105 lbs weight loss. Jillette lost the weight in just four months without magic, he said. The 6 foot 7 star went from 330 to 225 lbs by drastically changing his eating habits. I eat unbelievable amounts of food but just very, very, very healthy food, the magician told People.



We don’t know exactly how much weight the star of “The Hangover” movies lost, but when he turned up at the 2015 SAG Awards, he was barely recognizable, clearly having shed some pounds.

(Reuters )




(Reuters/ Rex USA)




Just 3 months after welcoming daughter Summer Rain with fiance Matt Rutler, Christina Aguilera showed off her killer curves in a body-hugging red dress. This isn’t the first time “The Voice” coach has revealed a major weight loss; she lost an estimated 50 pounds during her her hiatus from the fourth season of the singing competition show. Click here for more pictures of the singer from







“Pawn Star” Corey Harrison

The History Channel star told People magazine he dropped 192 pounds. He was 402 lbs. at his heaviest and decided to get lap-band surgery.

“I could never go back to weighing as much as I did,” he said. He is now 210 lbs.

(History Channel)










The former “American Idol” winner gave a rocking performance at the Billboard Awards Sunday, but the talk of the night was her newly slimmed figure, a drastic change from her previous look (left).

The singer has made a point to say she doesn’t care about her weight. But if those are the results of not caring, sign us up!



Funnyman Jonah Hill dropped 40 pounds this year after working out with a personal trainer and a nutritionist.

The “Moneyball” star said he thought it was important to be healthier so he changed his lifestyle.

Of the weight loss he said, “It’s not fun. I wouldn’t say it’s the most fun endeavor I’ve ever took on in my life — but it’s important. And I’m enjoying it.”



John is down 100 lbs! He showed off his new svelte physique on Letterman last June explaining that he was “pushing 400” or “somewhere up around there” when he was his heaviest. “I’d lose 60 pounds every spring, and then I got too fond of the barley corn and I’d just start missing it too much,” he explained, “and then it would just screw everything up. I’d gain it all back and then some every year.”



The “Dreamgirls” star went from a size 16 to a size 6 with Weight Watchers.

“I don’t want to lose any more weight,” she told InStyle. “You’re never going to see me skinny… I think this is a good, natural size for me.”

But then she stepped out EVEN thinner, and is reportedly now a size 4.



Seth reportedly followed Harley Pasternak’s Five Factor regime to lose weight to play “The Green Hornet.” And by doing so, he feels like he’s let his fans down. “I think for chubby guys, I was their guy so they were like, I can be chubby. Seth Rogens chubby, so who cares,'” he says. “But now Im not so chubby anymore. So now theyre like, I have to lose weight. Ive let them down. Ive blatantly sold out. Its only for money.



Queen Latifah became a Jenny Craig spokesperson in 2008. My intention was to lose five to 10 per cent of my bodyweight because it makes a difference with health related issues,” she continues. “I achieved that goal in a couple of months. Im excited about this weight loss,” the 5′ 10″ actress gushes. “My jeans are looser, I feel more energetic (and) people dig it.”



Renee Zellweger goes up and down in weight almost annually. The actress famously gained and lost 30 lbs for both of her “Bridget Jones” roles, relying on saturated fats to bulk up, then militant diets to trim down.



America Ferrera lost her pounds the good old fashioned way – diet and exercise. “I feel like I’m a regular person. I’m a size 10 or 12, which is totally normal. But I do feel that since I wanted to get in better shape, there has been a bit of a backlash,” she has said of her shrinking frame.



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Celebrity weight loss winners | Fox News



Flexible Dieting 2.0: A Flexible Nutrition Philosophy for …

Jul 5th, 2018
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