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Sam Smith weight loss: Secrets behind singers dramatic body transformation –

Feb 16th, 2020
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The James Bond singer kept the weight off for some years, but hit a bump in the road in 2016.

Speaking to Billboard in 2017, Sam revealed: After the Oscars, I started going out too much, not respecting myself, drinking loads and smoking.

I wasn't looking after myself; I was going into a bit of a spiral. I'd lost contact with friends, with family. It wasn't good."

However, Sam hit the gym again three times a week with a PT, doing a mix of cardio and weight training.

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Sam Smith weight loss: Secrets behind singers dramatic body transformation -



Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss: Did The Star Pull It Off? – Daily Hawker

Feb 16th, 2020
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At the age of 12, Honey Boo Boo was inspired by her mother Mama June Shannons weight loss journey when Mama June went from size 24 to size 4. With some healthy diet and exercise, her mother successfully shed a lot of pounds. In January 2018, Alana aka Honey Boo Boo revealed to Inside Edition that she also wanted to drop her weight like her mother and had been following a no-grease-diet.

Reality TV star Alana Thompson is the daughter of June Shannon and Mike Thompson, who became prominent as the one who mesmerized the audiences from her appearances in Toddlers & Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. The child star has also appeared in her mother June Shannons weight loss series Mama June: From Not to Hot.

But did you know that Honey Boo Boo has also competed in the inaugural season of Dancing With The Stars: Juniors in 2018?

Lets take a look at Honey Boo Boos weight loss journey:

Now that June is firmly committed to eating a healthy, balanced diet herself, shes keen to get her kids on board. It helps that it would make for a great TV show too!

Mama June was hoping to get Alana a weight loss TV show but instead the 12-year-old has always been open about embracing her body and her curves. The child star wasnt open to eating healthy while her mom was losing weight and it didnt help that her dad, Mike Sugar Bear Thompson and his new wife Jennifer Lamb arent on board either. The family got into an explosive fight after they sent Alana home with sweets and junk food, which no longer allowed in Mama Junes home.

Back in April, Mama June spoke from example when she told People that she didnt want Alana or her 17-year-old daughter Lauryn Pumpkin Shannon to go through what she went through when she was overweight. Even if Honey Boo Boo isnt happy about doing a weight loss show, her mom is determined to get her daughters on track to living a healthier lifestyle.

Ive seen Pumpkin and Alana lose and gain weight, but I dont want them to end up like I did at 460 lbs, she said. Alana is super against the new TV show, the insider continued. She doesnt want to lose weight or to start eating salads and exercising. Shes quite happy the way she is, thank you very much. But, June is pretty determined, and where theres a will theres a way.

The plus size child star had appeared as a special guest on the show The Doctors in 2015, where she underwent a health intervention. Back then the 4 ft. 6 tall 9-year-old girl was around 125 pounds at the time and was labelled obese by The Doctors according to her BMI. Although Mama June initially defended her daughters weight as being due to steroid medication, towards the end of the intervention, Honey Boo Boo and her mom seemed excited about a possible weight loss.

In March 2017, Honey Boo Boo openly spoke about embracing her curves after resisting suggestions from Mama Junes doctor of changing her eating patterns or routine.

Mamas on this diet, but Im not, boo boo. I like my curves. I mean, seriously, this dude is really crazy. Im not jumping on any bandwagon, unless it has cheeseburgers and stuff,she said confidently when the doctor advised the family to stay away from fried and fattening foods.

Her mother, Mama June had a reality show which documented her own weight loss on: Mama June: From Not to Hot where she lost about 150 pounds after undergoing gastric sleeve weight loss surgery. As painful as a lesson that was, Mama June has reached her goal and shes adopted a healthier lifestyle,and wants to teach the same to help her daughter improve her eating habits too. For example, the reality star Honey Boo Boo spoke about how she had been on a no-grease diet for two months.

Mama June spoke on Entertainment Tonight that her pre-teen has been on a strict diet plan which limits intake of fried food and soda and her daughter already lost five pounds so far! You can put on the weight very easily but its not that easy to come off. I promise you, Mama June said, speaking from experience.

Honey Boo Boo has the perfect person to look up to for weight loss inspiration as Shannon scored her own reality show titled, Mama June: From Not to Hot . It followed her weight loss journey and healthier lifestyle to attain a new body and life. Her daughters Honey Boo Boo and Pumpkin also starred in the show. Mama June successfully lost weight after undergoing gastric bypass procedure and other surgeries and adopted an overall healthier lifestyle which resulted in a drop from size 24 to size 4, a loss of 150 pounds on the scale.

First a child beauty pageant contestant, now reality TV star Honey Boo Boo whos real name is Alana Thompson, has a net worth of $800,000. According to The Sun, Alana, age 13, relishes her reported net worth. With her show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, her family reportedly received about $50 thousand per episode. All in all, she has approximately collected a whopping $130 thousand from the TLC show alone.

Today, the child star is not the same six-year-old lady who wore the frilly pink dress and heavy makeup while debuting in TLCs screen Toddlers & Tiaras. Honey Boo Boo regularly keeps her update to her fans from her Facebook account, which has over one million followers.

The Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star is nearly going to surpass her mother in height. Born as Alana Frances Thompson in 2005, Alana is a native of Mcintyre, Georgia who will celebrate her birthday on 28 August. Most well known by the nickname Honey Boo Boo, the child reality star debuted at the age of six on the TLCs reality show Toddlers & Tiaras. Her height is 1.37 m (4 feet and 6 inches).

Honey Boo Boo is 14 years old.

Honey Boo Boo is a child pageant star and the cameras followed her as she aimed to take home various prizes. Her quirky personality made her stand out from other girls and she became a hit with audiences everywhere. After her debut from the pageant show Toddlers and Tiaras, she appeared in numerous shows like Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show and Mama June: From Not to Hot.

In 2018, she gained popularity for her appearance in Dancing with the Stars as a Junior Contestant. Boo Boo along with her dance partner Tristan Ianiero mesmerized the judges with their dance performance of Something There from Beauty and the Beast.

Sadly, Alana and her partner Tristan were eliminated during the Halloween episode. Their jazz performance of Ghostbuster by Ray Parker Jr. could not win the hearts of the judges, and she cried after learning that she didnt advance to the next stage.

For their work on the reality show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo her family was paid a salary of $50,000 per episode.

Like all of us, Mama June has expressed hope that her daughter will continue to live a happy healthy lifestyle and wont have to go through the same mistakes she made.

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Honey Boo Boo Weight Loss: Did The Star Pull It Off? - Daily Hawker



Why do we love fat cats and dogs but discriminate against fat people? –

Feb 16th, 2020
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An odd contradiction has snuck into public view. Many people feel free to criticize anyone in the public eye (or out) who is seemingly above a certain BMI (even though thats a poor stand-in for health) just look at anything from President Trump publicly fat-shaming one of his own supporters at a rally to Jillian Michaels concern trolling Lizzos health because of her weight. But at the same time, we are all making goo-goo eyes at pictures of obese animals.

Cats, dogs, hamsters, raccoons, penguins and even a small owl so fat that she couldnt fly have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media sites. So what makes us love looking at fat animals but so hostile to bigger humans? And is there a connection between the two?

Psychotherapists have long recognized that one of the reasons that humans derive such comfort from pets is that we attribute to them many of the loving, gentle and kind emotions we long for but dont always receive from other humans. We call dogs our best friends, we see puppies and kittens seen as innocent and loving and we assure ourselves that the love of an animal is both pure and unselfish.

Even when we put an animal on a diet, we feel sympathy for them. Poor thing, one friend said about her dog, who was under a veterinarians order to lose weight. She looks at me with such sad eyes, I feel like Im being cruel when I dont feed her more. She doesnt understand. We identify with a kind of sweet innocence in our pets even when theyre trying to manipulate us into giving them more food.

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When I asked Cynthia Medalie, a fellow psychotherapist and dog-lover in New York City, about the phenomenon, she said, We tend to project our best selves onto our animals. We see in them the love and goodness that we dont always allow ourselves to put out into the world.

And, she added, since we see that in them, we can be our best selves with them in return: We can give them the love and tenderness that we sometimes cant give to other people.

Meanwhile, fatness has been given many external meanings in our culture. Great Barrington, Massachusetts psychotherapist Claire Rosenberg reminded me that, in common vernacular, a fat cat is a wealthy, powerful person with everything going for them a holdover from a time when only the wealthy could afford to be obese, whereas, in the modern age, our food system and tertiary economy increasingly mean that only the well-to-do can truly afford to be thin. So maybe we imagine these overly chubby animals as representing wealth, contentment and self-satisfaction qualities we might long for and, even somewhere deep inside, secretly believe that we, too, feel.

But in our culture, we also have many negative feelings about the causes of peoples weight and obesity, which we project onto fat animals owners. Even on sites intended to allow people to coo at chubby cats, some viewers have expressed outrage at the owners who they believe overfeed their darlings even though the causes of a pets obesity might be as complex as a humans.

And, of course, there are sites specifically dedicated to the effort to help pet owners with weight reduction-plans for their pets, since, as numerous concerned pet owners and vets tell us, fat animals may not be healthy animals.

So theres a conflict between what one writer calls two competing truths: on the one hand, we think fat cats are adorable and, on the other, we worry that their excess weight might be harming them and we look for someone to blame for being insufficiently disciplined in a fat animal's care, just as we tend to make moral judgments about overweight people.

Jean Petrucelli, the director of the Eating Disorders, Compulsions & Addictions Service of The William Alanson White Institute in New York City, told me that we do attribute (sometimes without thinking about it) a dark side to obese animals. She said that people gawk at things they feel horrified about and often cant look away our society has new rules for what is considered scandalous and what is normative and the ante keeps getting upped. We dont just think fat animals are cute even if they are but part of the attraction to stories about them is that we are scandalized by the humans who allowed them to get that way.

It seems like, in the end, our attraction to stories about fat pets is just another facet of our outrage and public shaming of the people who we consider to be fat, based on our projections about fatness. As fatness has increasingly been attainable by the middle class and then the poor, we have increasingly attached negative qualities to first fatness and then to the people who are fat, eventually criticizing them for being something we either ignore or dont like (or wouldnt like) in ourselves.

And, increasingly, we fat-shame out of so-called concern for another persons health, as fitness guru Michaels did with Lizzo and as people do with fat animals, in part because we feel like were safely discussing our negative feelings about someone elses body rather than projecting bad feelings about ourselves.

But whether youre in love with pictures of fat animals or repelled by them, whether you think its good to celebrate all of our bodies or think its only okay to like thin ones, remember the old maxim that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Its not what you see that causes your feelings; its what the images represent to you.

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Why do we love fat cats and dogs but discriminate against fat people? -



Potatoes and Diabetes: Safety, Risks, and Alternatives – Healthline

Feb 16th, 2020
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Whether baked, mashed, fried, boiled, or steamed, potatoes are one of the most popular foods in the human diet.

Theyre rich in potassium and B vitamins, and the skin is a great source of fiber.

However, if you have diabetes, you may have heard that you should limit or avoid potatoes.

In fact, there are many misconceptions about what people with diabetes should and shouldnt eat. Many people assume that because potatoes are high in carbs, theyre off-limits if you have diabetes.

The truth is, people with diabetes can eat potatoes in many forms, but its important to understand the effect they have on blood sugar levels and the portion size thats appropriate.

This article tells you everything you need to know about potatoes and diabetes.

Like any other carb-containing food, potatoes increase blood sugar levels.

When you eat them, your body breaks down the carbs into simple sugars that move into your bloodstream. This is whats often called a spike in blood sugar levels (1).

The hormone insulin is then released into your blood to help transport the sugars into your cells so that they can be used for energy (1).

In people with diabetes, this process is not as effective. Instead of sugar moving out of the blood and into your cells, it remains in circulation, keeping blood sugar levels higher for longer.

Therefore, eating high-carb foods and/or large portions can be detrimental to people with diabetes.

In fact, poorly managed diabetes is linked to heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, amputation, and vision loss (2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

Therefore, its usually recommended that people with diabetes limit their digestible carb intake. This can range from a very low carb intake of 2050 grams per day to a moderate restriction of 100150 grams per day (7, 8, 9).

The exact amount varies depending on your dietary preferences and medical goals (9, 10).

Potatoes spike blood sugar levels as carbs are broken down into sugars and move into your bloodstream. In people with diabetes, the sugar isnt cleared properly, leading to higher blood sugar levels and potential health complications.

Potatoes are a high carb food. However, the carb content can vary depending on the cooking method.

Here is the carb count of 1/2 cup (7580 grams) of potatoes prepared in different ways (11):

Keep in mind that an average small potato (weighing 170 grams) contains about 30 grams of carbs and a large potato (weighing 369 grams) approximately 65 grams. Thus, you may eat more than double the number of carbs listed above in a single meal (12).

In comparison, a single piece of white bread contains about 14 grams of carbs, 1 small apple (weighing 149 grams) 20.6 grams, 1 cup (weighing 158 grams) of cooked rice 28 grams, and a 12-ounce (350-ml) can of cola 38.5 grams (13, 14, 15, 16).

The carb content of potatoes varies from 11.8 grams in 1/2 cup (75 grams) of diced raw potato to 36.5 grams in a similar serving size of french fries. However, the actual serving size of this popular root vegetable is often much larger than this.

A low GI diet can be an effective way for people with diabetes to manage blood sugar levels (17, 18, 19).

The glycemic index (GI) is a measure of how much a food raises blood sugar compared with a control, such as 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of white bread (1, 11).

Foods that have a GI greater than 70 are considered high GI, which means they raise blood sugar more quickly. On the other hand, foods with a GI of less than 55 are classed low (1, 11).

In general, potatoes have a medium to high GI (20).

However, the GI alone isnt the best representation of a foods effect on blood sugar levels, as it doesnt take into account portion size or cooking method. Instead, you can use the glycemic load (GL).

This is the GI multiplied by the actual number of carbs in a portion, divided by 100. A GL of less than 10 is low, while a GL greater than 20 is considered high. Generally, a low GI diet aims to keep the daily GL under 100 (11).

Both the GI and GL can vary by potato variety and cooking method.

For example, a 1 cup (150 gram) serving of potato may be high, medium, or low GL depending on the variety (11, 20):

If you have diabetes, choosing varieties like Carisma and Nicola is a better option to slow the rise of blood sugar levels after eating potatoes.

You can check the GI and GL of different types of potatoes through this website.

The way a potato is prepared also affects the GI and GL. This is because cooking changes the structure of the starches and thus how fast theyre absorbed into your bloodstream.

In general, the longer a potato is cooked the higher the GI. Therefore, boiling or baking for long periods tends to increase the GI.

Yet, cooling potatoes after cooking can increases the amount of resistant starch, which is a less digestible form of carbs. This helps lower the GI by 2528% (21, 22).

This means that a side of potato salad may be slightly better than french fries or hot baked potatoes if you have diabetes. French fries also pack more calories and fat due to their cooking method.

Additionally, you can lower the GI and GL of a meal by leaving the skins on for extra fiber, adding lemon juice or vinegar, or eating mixed meals with protein and fats as this helps slow the digestion of carbs and the rise in blood sugar levels (23).

For example, adding 4.2 ounces (120 grams) of cheese to a 10.2 ounce (290 gram) baked potato lowers the GL from 93 to 39 (24).

Keep in mind that this much cheese also contains 42 grams of fat and will add nearly 400 calories to the meal.

As such, its still necessary to consider the overall number of carbs and the quality of the diet, not just the GI or GL. If controlling weight is one of your goals, your total calorie intake is also important.

A low GI and GL diet can be beneficial for people with diabetes. Potatoes tend to have a medium to high GI and GL, but cooled cooked potatoes, as well as varieties like Carisma and Nicola, are lower and make a better choice for people with diabetes.

Although its safe for most people with diabetes to eat potatoes, its important to consider the amount and types you consume.

Eating potatoes both increases your risk of type 2 diabetes and may have negative effects on people with existing diabetes.

One study in 70,773 people found that for every 3 servings per week of boiled, mashed, or baked potatoes, there was a 4% increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes and for french fries, the risk increased to 19% (25).

Additionally, fried potatoes and potato chips contain high amounts of unhealthy fats that may increase blood pressure, lower HDL (good) cholesterol, and lead to weight gain and obesity all of which are associated with heart disease (26, 27, 28, 29).

This is particularly dangerous for people with diabetes, who often already have an increased risk of heart disease (30).

Fried potatoes are also higher in calories, which can contribute to unwanted weight gain (27, 29, 31).

People with type 2 diabetes are often encouraged to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight to help manage blood sugar and reduce the risk of complications (32).

Therefore, french fries, potato chips, and other potato dishes that use large amounts of fats are best avoided.

If youre having trouble managing your blood sugar levels and diet, speak with a healthcare provider, dietitian, or diabetes educator.

Eating unhealthy potato foods, such as chips and french fries, increases your risk of type 2 diabetes and complications, such as heart disease and obesity.

Although you can eat potatoes if you have diabetes, you may still want to limit them or replace them with healthier options.

Look for high fiber, lower carb, and low GI and GL foods like the following (33):

Another good way to avoid large portions of high carb foods is to fill at least half of your plate with non-starchy vegetables, such as broccoli, leafy greens, cauliflower, peppers, green beans, tomatoes, asparagus, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cucumbers, and lettuce.

Lower carb replacements for potato include carrots, pumpkin, squash, parsnip, and taro. High carb but lower GI and GL options include sweet potato, legumes, and lentils.

Potatoes are a versatile and delicious vegetable that can be enjoyed by everyone, including people with diabetes.

However, because of their high carb content, you should limit portion sizes, always eat the skin, and choose low GI varieties, such as Carisma and Nicola.

In addition, its best to stick with boiling, baking, or steaming and avoid fried potatoes or potato chips, which are high in calories and unhealthy fats.

If youre struggling to make healthy choices to manage your diabetes, consult your healthcare provider, dietitian, or diabetes educator.

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Potatoes and Diabetes: Safety, Risks, and Alternatives - Healthline



Baldness and Testosterone – The Good Men Project

Feb 16th, 2020
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QUESTION: A high level of the male hormone testosterone leads to baldness in men.

True or False?





False. This is a myth. The rate of hair loss in men is largely a matter of genetic inheritance, not testosterone level. Nor is it a matter of too much sun, too much stress, or wearing a hat too often. Looking at your ancestors and relatives may give you clues to your own chances of balding.



The Manhood Game cards were created and developed by Dr. George Simons as a way to reframe mens perceptions of themselves.

As Dr. Simons writes in his intro post:

Life is often played as a game in which mens welfare is a pawn to be sacrificed. Today I invite you to join me in another game, diversophy Manhood, a game for reframing mens perceptions of themselves, for refreshing their mission in life, and disarming social biases that attack male health and limit the possible in their own eyes and actions. Each day I will post a new card from this game, a snippet of wisdom to GUIDE our exploration, a RISK to face, facts to test our SMARTS, a CHOICE to make, or an experience to SHARE.

We are always looking for people to write about the changing roles of men in the 21st century. The Manhood Game Cards make great writing prompts. What is your view on how mens roles are changing? Can you write a post (300-750 words) that tells us your own unique point of view? If so, please join our writers community and click here to submit via our submissions portal.

The Good Men Project has pioneered the largest worldwide conversation about the changing roles of men in the 21st century. Your support of our work is inspiring and invaluable.

All Premium Members get to view The Good Men Project with NO ADS.

A $50 annual membership gives you an all-access pass. You can be a part of every call, group, class, and all our online communities.A $25 annual membership gives you access to one class, one Social Interest group and our online communities.A $12 annual membership gives you access to our Friday calls with the publisher and our online community.

Need more info? A complete list of benefits is here.

This post was previously published on and is republished here with permission from the author.Photo credit: iStock

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Baldness and Testosterone - The Good Men Project



WCCA TV picks of the week for Sunday, Feb. 16 – Worcester Telegram

Feb 16th, 2020
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Monday, Feb. 17 at 7:30 p.m.

"This is Worcester," hosted by Bill Coleman: Bill presents two videos, one produced at Burncoat High School and one produced by Bill Macintosh called "Reflections."

Tuesday, Feb. 18 at 11 a.m.

"Connecting the Dots," with Attorney Liz Myska: Liz welcomes Chantel Bethea, CEO and president of Women in Action, Inc.

Wednesday, Feb. 19 at 2:30 p.m.

"Glitzy Gourmet," hosted by Denise Gentile: Denise prepares beef stew and corn bread in her kitchen.

Thursday, Feb. 20 at 10:30 p.m.

"Health Living," hosted by Dr. Donald Pelto: Dr. Pelto interviews Andre Brisson about his dieting experiences.

Friday, Feb. 21 at 9:30 p.m.

"QCC Lecture": Video lecture from Quinsigamond Community College on violence in video games.

WCCA can be found at cable channel 194 and streaming live worldwide at

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WCCA TV picks of the week for Sunday, Feb. 16 - Worcester Telegram



Scientists think food textures may help solve obesity problems – Quartz

Feb 16th, 2020
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How to feed everyone, without hurting the planet.

Crunch. Squish. Snap. Slurp.

The textures and aromas of our foods trigger reactions in our brains that control how full we feel. And as scientists continue to learn just how, some are seeking to figure out if food textures also play a role in how much we eat. There might be a reason, beyond taste, to explain why a person is inclined to inhale an entire bag of potato chips, or devour a whole plate of cookies. Even more important, the knowledge could be put to good use.

To better understand how a crunchy sensation affects how we eat, a team of researchers from the University of Otago and the Riddet Institute in New Zealand decided to focus their work on potato chips. Their findings were published in the journal Foods last month.

The work might seem trivial. But behind the science are much bigger questions about how to best combat certain health issues. The World Health Organization says globally obesity has nearly tripled since 1975. In 2016, it estimated that more than 1.9 billion adults were overweight, with more than 650 million of them regarded as obese.

Of course, obesity cant be regarded as a simple, standalone health issue. Its often a precursor to other problems, including heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, and stroke. If foods with certain textures can be linked to curbed eating habits around sodium- and sugar-laden snack foods, that could be one solution. To be sure, there are groups of nutritionists who believe portion control is the key to stemming obesity.

To find participants for the New Zealand study, the researchers set out hanging flyers and using social media to reach people in Dunedin. Those who signed on were described as healthy, between the ages of 18 and 50, and not attached to any particular dieting regimen. They all also reported that they ate potato chips at least once a week. In all, 74 people were involved31 women and 43 men.

The researchers didnt use existing potato chip brands. Instead, they made two different types themselves. The first batch included regular chips that underwent the usual frying process. The second type went through an extra step involving pulsed electric fields technology. Thats a fancy way of saying they were zapped with electricity that wound up making them crispier.

Previous research has shown that a persons sensory experiencesuch as taste and smellwhile eating food can play an important role in how full they feel. In 2009, researchers at Wageningen University found that viscous yoghurt was perceived as more satiating than its thinner counterpart. Another study, published in 2007, found the same result when comparing chocolate milk to chocolate custard. Another study by a team of researchers at Nestl, published in 2013, found that some people ate more when they were given soft-textured mashed food than with harder-textured food.

As part of the New Zealand study, the participants were going to be tested on how crunchiness impacted how they ate. Each person attended two morning sessions that were a week apart. They would each arrive and be fed a breakfast of porridge. Then, after 45 minutes, they were to watch a 30-minute documentary (unrelated to food) and be given a bowl of chips. The first session included the regular chips, the second session the crispier variety.

During the test, the participants were told that they could ask for refills at any time, the study states. At the end of the video, each participants intake was calculated based on left over chips. Subsequently, participants were asked to rate their fullness.

In addition to noting eating habits for everyone involved, the researchers were also curious to see if gender played a role, as well. The researchers found that, overall, people rated the crunchier potato chips to be significantly more satiating. And within that data, the men seemed to consider the crunchier chips more satiating than the women.

To be sure, the study done in New Zealand is relatively insignificant and should be taken with a grain of salt. First, 77 participants is a very small sample sizeits tough to extract any truly meaningful or universal data from that group. Second, the study did not incorporate a meta-analysis of existing research, which would have roped in the results of other scientific studies on similar topics to expand on its small sampling. And third, it only incorporated potato chips.

Still, the study can be added to the small pile of work thats been done on the topic. It brings a bit more nuance to what we do understand about the relationship between texture and eating habitsparticularly of salty and sugary snacks, which have been associated with eating patterns that often contribute to obesity.

In the current field of food technology, it becomes increasingly important to identify factors that help to reduce peoples caloric intake while maintaining the hedonic appeal of food products, the study found.

With that in mind, it may be possible that major food manufacturers could simply alter the way their foods crunch and chew if they want to explore another way to proactively combat certain food-related health issues.

The rest is here:
Scientists think food textures may help solve obesity problems - Quartz



You CAN eat takeaway and lose weight the best diet options from pizza to Chinese – The Sun

Feb 16th, 2020
Comments Off on You CAN eat takeaway and lose weight the best diet options from pizza to Chinese – The Sun

MOST people believe that when you're on a diet a takeaway is well and truly off the cards.

However, a top diet expert has now debunked this myth - and revealed that you can still enjoy a takeaway and stay on track with your weight loss journey.


Terri-Ann Nunns, diet expert and founder of the Terri-Ann123 Diet Plan, says no one should feel as though they're depriving themselves when they're dieting.

She says: "Theres absolutely no reason why you should feel as though you cant enjoy yourself and that you need to miss out when youre dieting.

"Life is short and we all deserve a tasty treat every now and then, as long as its part of a healthy balanced diet.

"Youll actually find that just like most restaurants, many takeaways offer low calorie options that mean you can enjoy a takeaway whilst youre on a diet."

Here, Terri-Ann shares her advice for popular takeaways including items to avoid and items to enjoy...

Pizza is always a popular option for a Saturday night treat especially if youre looking for something the whole family can enjoy and share together.

The good news if you are dieting is that most takeaways now offer low calorie options, such as Pizza Huts new flatbread range.

Avoid deep pan and stuffed crust as they are very dense and carb heavy

The range is all under 650 calories and includes options such as chicken & pepperoni, BBQ steak & chicken and a veggie flatbread.

Dominos are also diet friendly as they have introduced their new Delight Range which has three varieties (Delight Chicken, Veggie or a create your own) that are all under 650 calories when you order the small size.

The main thing to bare in mind when ordering pizza is the base opt for a flatbread or thin and crispy and avoid deep pan and stuffed crust as they are very dense and carb heavy.

Top items to avoid:Deep pan pizzas, stuffed crust, large sizes, red meat heavy toppings, extra cheese

Top items to enjoy: Thin and crispy bases, toppings that are high in vegetables, fish or lean meats

Chinese takeaways offer a range of healthy dishes and can be a great option if youre looking for a low calorie and low fat takeaway.

They have a lot of steamed dishes on the menu including varieties of fish, dumplings and vegetables which are all cooked without oil, meaning the fat content is significantly lower than other dishes.

Stir fries are also a great go to if youre ordering a Chinese as theyre low in fat and packed full of vegetables.

If youre looking for a side avoid anything thats marked as crispy as that means its deep-fried.

Instead, opt for boiled rice or steamed vegetables as a tasty alternative.

Top items to avoid:Battered items such as sweet & sour chicken balls, fried rice and deep fried items such as prawn toast or spring rolls

Top items to enjoy: Steamed or boiled dishes, fish based dishes, soups, and stir fries

When it comes to ordering an Indian, there are some really simple swaps you can make to still get the most of your takeaway treat.

For starters, avoid anything deep fried including onion bjajis or pakoras and opt for tandoori cooked meat, or fish such as prawns, as these will be lighter in fat.

Avoid creamy curries such as a korma and go for a tomato based dish

For mains, avoid creamy curries such as a korma and go for a tomato based dish such as a madras.

The creamy sauces contain lots of hidden calories.

Finally if youre after a side to accompany, swap a naan bread for a chapatti as they are much lower in calories, but still do the same job to dunk in your curry!

Top items to avoid:Creamy curries, starters such as bhajis or pakoras and naan bread

Top items to enjoy:Tandoori-cooked meat, vegetable based curries, plain rice or chapatti

For some its tradition to have a fish & chip supper on a Friday night and that doesnt have to be any different if youre dieting.

Generally speaking, fish is really good for you as its low in fat and high in essential nutrients you just need to be mindful of how you cook it.

Your local chippy is likely to deep fry the fish in batter, so if possible ask for the fish in breadcrumbs as this will reduce the fat content.

Even better, if you have the option to get fish cakes go for those!

Top tips to consider when ordering a takeaway

1. Watch out for dips

There are so many condiments on offer from takeaways, but this is where unwanted calories creep in. Shockingly, the Dominos Garlic & Herb Big Dip contains 675 calories - which is often more than a whole meal can contain! Its best to avoid these creamy based dips, such as mayo and sour cream & chive, as they are often more calorific. If you do like a dressing with your food, opt for BBQ sauce with just 29 calories per tbsp, ketchup which has 19 or sweet chilli sauce which has just 15.

2. Be mindful of your portion size

Often its easy to get carried away when ordering a takeaway, especially when its a treat youve been craving for so long! However, ensure you take your portion sizes into consideration. Most places offer small, medium and large sizes of dishes and if youre looking to keep your calorie intake reduced its wise to opt for a small or medium portion. That way, you still get to have a tasty treat, just with fewer calories.

3. Avoid sauce based dishes

If youre ordering an Indian or a Chinese, try to avoid anything that is heavy in sauce, especially creamy ones. Opt for a dish that mainly consists of meat, such as chicken tikka or tandoori chicken, and steer clear of anything that comes with a sauce as this is often where the hidden calories tend to be.

4. Steer clear of sides

This is where people tend to over order and therefore, overeat. Try to avoid getting side dishes as they can really see your calorie intake pile up. If you do want something to accompany your meal go for a side of grilled vegetables or agree to share one with someone else so that youre less likely to eat the whole dish.

5. Try and avoid a carb slump

Anything thats heavily carb based such as deep pan pizzas, pastas and naan breads are best to avoid. They will leave you feeling bloated and uncomfortable and are also very calorific.

Remember to be mindful of your portion sizes, most will offer an XL portion so try to opt for a small chips or grab a large and share them.

Also try and resist that bread bun to make a chip butty, as it will just result in a carb slump.

Top items to avoid:Jumbo & XL size portions, salt, batter, curry sauce, bread bun

Top items to enjoy: Fish cakes, mushy peas or beans, fish in breadcrumbs, small portions

If youve been for a few drinks on a Saturday your mind is bound to wander to getting a kebab on the way home!

If you do find yourself in this situation, try and make sure you dont get too carried away when ordering. First of all, ensure you only get a small portion that goes for chips and the kebab itself.

Opt for pitta bread with salad and fish or grilled meat as opposed to deep fried items.

Also, watch out for sauces avoid anything creamy such as mayo or garlic sauce and go for chilli or BBQ if you feel you need some.

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Sticking to these simple tips will mean youll also definitely feel better when you wake up in the morning too as youll avoid a major carb slump.

Top items to avoid:Large portions, deep fried/battered items, sauces and dips, extra cheese, chips

Top items to enjoy:Pitta breads, salad, fish, grilled meat, chilli sauce

You can find out more about the Terri-Ann 123 Diet Plan here.

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Why Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will BOTH weigh in heavier for second fight – The Sun

Feb 16th, 2020
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THE eyes of the world are on Las Vegas as Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder go head-to-head once again.

Two of the most charismatic and talented heavyweights of their era, the WBC world title belt is on the line as the pair scrap it out in Las Vegas.


In their first meeting, Fury twice hit the canvas in a dramatic LA draw - but was unlucky not to scrap a decision on the judges scorecards.

With the rematch all set for February 22, both fighters are reportedly bulking up ahead of what is the first big title fight of the new decade.


HAVING parted ways with former trainer Ben Davidson, Fury is now under the guidance of Javan 'Sugar'Hill.

The Gypsy King, 31, scaled 18st 2lb for the first fight - but after a diet of six meals a day the Brit is looking to fight at around 19st for the rematch.

And the Mancunian believes that by returning to a more natural weight, he'll be harder for the Bronze Bomber to shove around or knock down.

Fury explained: I havent really put weight on on purpose. Ive just been eating plenty of food. Its natural weight.

"Im at my natural weight now, where before Id be dieting to get down, down, down, get down to like 255, 252. And Id be eating less and eating hardly nothing for a man of my size.

"But now theres a little more science to it, got quite a few more guys who know a bit more than me about it. It's easy working in training camp, feeling well. Im nice and heavy, 270 pounds. Im 270, solid as a rock."


But Fury's former trainer Ben Davidson isn't completely convinced that bulking up and going for a knockout blow is the best course of action.

He said: "In the first fight Tyson boxed around Deontay Wilderbut he did not go at him.

But 99 per cent of the boxing world believes that he won that fight.

So I understand, from Tysons point of view, why he thinks I outboxed him last time but I did not get the decision so I have to try and take it out of the judges hands.

Tyson has been talking a lot about going for the knockout and people should definitely not write off the idea of him doing that.

Its not the exactly the approach I would plan on taking but that doesnt mean its wrong.


WILDER gave Fury a near THREE stone advantage in their first fight.

The Bronze Bomber only weighed in at 212lb - his lowest in a decade -before going on to twice floor Fury in Los Angeles.

Wilders trainer Jay Deas revealed he wants the Bronze Bomber to scale around the 220lb mark for the Vegas rematch.

But he doesn't want Wilder to bulk up so much that he sacrifices his terrific speed, simply for power - especially as we all know that the American possesses that in abundance already.



Deas told The PBC Podcast: Im hopeful that Deontay would [weigh] in the mid-220s, maybe the low-220s.

"But I would certainly feel a lot better about that than I would 209. Hes so used to being out-weighed, I think its actually probably an advantage.

The speed is a factor and the speed is, you know, part of the reason he can hit so hard is the power hes generating does come in part from velocity.

Wilder confirmed: "Yeah, we gonna adjust the weight.

"I never worried about weight because I have the power to substitute for it. I have devastating power that these guys don't have.

"So I never worried about weight, because I felt like weight is just an image.

"My team wants me to do it [gain weight], and we work as a team."

A date has finally been set for the long-awaited rematch after nearly a year of

Both camps have accused the other of stalling, but we now know for sure that the two fighters will do battle once again.

Fury vs Wilder 2 is all set for Saturday, February 22.

It will be shown live on BT Sport Box Office in the UK, with coverage starting at 11pm and the fight itself sometime around 4am.

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Why Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder will BOTH weigh in heavier for second fight - The Sun



Mass brawl at England Boxing National Youth Championships – The Northern Echo

Feb 16th, 2020
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YOUNG fighters from the region had to flee to safety from a boxing tournament after men carrying weapons turned up and a mass brawl broke out.

Chairs were thrown and intruders reportedly carrying axes, knives and hammers caused chaos at England Boxing National Youth Championships.

People fled the Sports Connexion Arena in Coventry in terror at around 3.20pm on Saturday after what is thought to be a feud between rival travelling families boiled over.

As well as the disturbance inside the venue at least one car was damaged in the car park.

It led to the cancellation of all boxing bouts due to be held later on Saturday and Sunday.

Megan Bainbridge, 17, from Pelton, near Chester-le-Street, had won her semi-final fight and was due to take part in the final today.

Megan, one of the best female boxers for her age in the country, trains with Brandon Boxing Club.

Megan Bainbridge with Kara-Mai

Her head coach, Alex Oliver, was there with his disabled daughter, Kara-Mai, who is ten and has Down Syndrome and autism.

Mr Oliver said: It was very scary. It was like a scene from Mad Max.

We were in the venue and it just went up. There were chairs flying and all sorts. There was reports of people with hammers. They did have weapons, axes and all sorts.

We got out the back of the building to get away from the trouble.

We had parked in a disabled bay and the car next to ours was absolutely smashed to bits.

Fortunately, they must have been accurate with their hammer because they did not hit our car. It is just mindless.

These people have not just ruined one day. It is all of the training and dieting that has gone into it. They are just are young and have sacrificed a lot of this.

We have travelled down and spent money on accommodation and fuel. It has all been wasted.

Megan Bainbridge

Two young fighters from Spennymoor Boxing Club were also taking part in the competition.

Macy Gallone had won her semi-final while Carmel Carey was unable to compete in hers because of the riot.

A spokesman for the club said: It was really bad. It was terrifying for the kids. It was like something out of the Wild West. Security were opening the fire doors and getting the bairns out. It is shocking you would think that no-one would that when there are kids around. You just cannot imagine it.

We have put a lot of hard work to get them there and put in a lot of effort to fund raise to get them there. It has been a waste of time.

Macy Gallone

Four people were taken to hospital with injuries not thought to be life-threatening.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Warwickshire Police are appealing for anyone who may have information to come forward.

Superintendent Pete Hill said: This was a terrifying ordeal for members of the public who were at the arena at Sports Connexion this afternoon and witnessed this large-scale violent disorder.

We will not tolerate incidents of this nature and are working hard to establish the circumstances surrounding this incident.

The England Boxing National Youth Championships was scheduled to take place over three days, from Friday to Sunday, and sees some of the countrys best youth boxers compete for national title belts

England Boxing is now working with the police regarding the trouble and has also launched its own investigation.

A spokesman said: We utterly condemn Saturdays events and the background to them and will continue to work with the relevant authorities, including with representatives of the National Police Chiefs Council, to eradicate the impact it has on our competitions.

Those with videos or information are asked to forward it to Warwickshire Police.

We share with all boxers, coaches, officials and genuine spectators a huge sense of disappointment that the competition has not been allowed to run its course after the hard work put in by so many, not least the boxers themselves.

England Boxing is now looking at options regarding the Championships, including the potential to reschedule, taking into account the wishes of the boxers, timings, our other championships and competitions and other associated factors.

Boxers BCR1 Medical Books and any equipment left behind will be returned to clubs via the regional associations.

We will update member clubs within the next week with regards to a potential rescheduling.

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Mass brawl at England Boxing National Youth Championships - The Northern Echo


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