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Beans are members of the legume family plants that produce pods with seeds inside.

Theyre a staple food in some cultures and an important source of plant-based protein and other essential nutrients, such as iron and folate (1).

People in the United States commonly consume black beans, pinto beans, and navy beans, among other types. You can buy them either dried or canned.

When we refer to canned beans in this article, were talking about cooked beans in a can with no flavoring, not baked beans or other prepared beans in a can.

People dont typically recognize canned beans for their health benefits. Some might think theyre nutritionally inferior or harmful compared with dried beans. You may wonder if theyre unhealthy for you, particularly if you have high blood pressure (2, 3).

This article uncovers whether canned beans are good or bad for your health.

Beans are partially cooked and canned under high heat and pressure.

In industrial bean canning, the dried beans are first rehydrated with hot water at 167185F (7585C). This process simultaneously kills any microorganisms on the surface of the beans.

They are then treated with any food additives, including salt, and canned under high pressure and heat, as detailed in this video. The video shows a production process for canned baked beans, but plain canned beans go through a similar cooking and preservation process.

Studies have shown that canning reduces the polyphenol content of the beans. Polyphenols are beneficial plant compounds that are naturally found in beans and can have protective effects in your body (4).

Canning also changes the weight and color of some beans and may slightly reduce their protein content (4, 5).

Manufacturers of canned beans cook the beans partially and then add food additives and use treatments to reduce microorganisms. Then they can the beans and put them under high pressure and heat.

People dont often recognize dried or canned beans for their potential role in preventing and managing chronic disease (2, 3).

However, these versatile, nutrient-dense foods may reduce the risk of chronic disease and offer other health benefits too (3).

Here are some of the benefits of canned beans.

Beans are an important source of plant-based protein and are a suitable replacement for meat in the diet.

Here are estimated amounts of protein adults should consume per day (6):

Canned beans can help you meet your protein needs. For example, 1 cup (171 grams) of canned pinto beans provides 15.4 grams of protein (7).

Furthermore, plant-based diets have been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome and may also improve brain function (8, 9, 10).

Protein is also an important nutrient for weight loss and weight management (11).

Dietary fiber is a type of carbohydrate your body cant digest.

Research has shown it can help you feel full longer, which may support weight loss and lower blood cholesterol levels (12).

One cup (171 grams) of cooked pinto beans provides 15 grams of fiber, more than half the recommended Daily Value (DV) for fiber of 28 grams (7).

Beans are also a prebiotic food a source of nutrition for the beneficial bacteria that live in your gut (2, 13).

Beans contain compounds with anti-inflammatory and lipid-lowering properties, meaning they help reduce inflammation and levels of fats in the blood, respectively. They also support a diverse and healthy gut microbiome (13).

Your gut microbiome is the community of bacteria that live in your intestines. They play a role in your overall health, including weight management. Research suggests they may also protect against the development of neurodegenerative diseases (13).

Compared with their dried alternatives, canned beans are easy to prepare, have a long shelf life, and are relatively inexpensive (14).

For example, a 1-pound (454-gram) bag of dried black beans from Good & Gather costs $0.99, while the brands comparable 15.5-ounce (439-gram) can of black beans costs $0.59.

Canned beans are also precooked, and you dont need to soak them overnight like dried beans. This majorly reduces the time it takes to prepare them.

Canned beans offer an array of nutritional value and health benefits and are a convenient processed food.

Canned beans have an impressive nutrient profile and are generally safe.

One 2020 study in Nigeria found that some canned foods contained environmental contaminants. However, this study focused mainly on canned meats and fish and made only minor mentions of canned beans (14).

Its important to note that these results were from only one study and more research is needed.

Nitrates and nitrites are preservatives used in canned foods and as food additives in cured processed meats. They help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria (14, 15).

They are also used as a fertilizer and are naturally found in fruits and vegetables (14, 15).

High levels in canned beans may indicate contamination during farming and canning. Excessive consumption of nitrates and nitrites may disrupt blood and oxygen flow in the body (14, 15).

However, these compounds are safe in small doses. In fact, research has shown they play an important role in the production of nitric oxide in the body, helping lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, and reduce the risk of heart disease (15, 16).

Heavy metals, such as mercury, lead, and cadmium, are dense metals that are toxic at low concentrations (17).

Although contaminated drinking water is the main source of exposure to heavy metals, one 2020 study discovered excess levels of cadmium in canned beans (14, 17).

Cadmium is found in soil. Its a common food contaminant that, with long-term exposure, accumulates throughout the body and may impair kidney function and bone health (18).

Salt (sodium) is an essential nutrient that helps your body regulate blood volume and blood pressure (19).

While your body requires salt in small amounts, typical Western diets contain excessive amounts. Consuming too much salt can increase your risk of high blood pressure, kidney disease, and stroke (19, 20).

The 20202025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend limiting your daily intake of sodium to 2,300 mg, which is the equivalent to 1 teaspoon of salt.

If you have high blood pressure or heart disease, you should further limit your intake to 1,500 mg (2/3 teaspoon) of salt per day (21).

One can of canned beans can contain up to 25% of the recommended daily intake of salt (570 mg).

Canned beans are safe to eat and provide many health benefits. Nevertheless, there is a low risk that canned foods may be a source of excess salt, nitrates, nitrites, and heavy metals that may pose human health risks.

When buying canned beans, check the can for dents or bulges and choose cans without any defects.

Read the nutrient labels and opt for products with lower salt levels. However, if this is not possible, rinse canned beans to remove some of the salt before cooking them.

Because canned beans are precooked, you dont need to soak them before you cook them, as you would with dried beans.

The seasonings you add to your canned beans depend on the recipe youre following, but people often use fresh onion, garlic, green onions, and black pepper, such as in this Brazilian black bean stew recipe.

Other ways to use canned beans:

Canned beans are versatile. You can use them in numerous recipes, such as stews, soups, and salads. Read nutrient labels and practice safety when purchasing canned foods.

Canned beans are a versatile processed food and offer a nutritional profile similar to that of dried beans.

They are an excellent source of fiber, plant-based protein, and other essential nutrients, such as folate and potassium.

Despite the potential for contamination, canned beans are generally safe to consume and prove to be a convenient and nutritious alternative to dried beans.

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Your gut is responsible for carrying out a lot of key functions in your body, from breaking down the food you eat to absorbing nutrients that help with hormone balance and skin health.

It goes without mention that taking care of your gut is of utmost importance, which can primarily be done through diet choices and regular exercise. However, if you think you may be in need of a little extra support, there are some supplements that could benefit you.

But first, let's talk about how to go about choosing the right supplement.

Mary Albus, RD for the personalized protein powder company, Gainful, says that many supplements use ingredients that are generally recognized as safe and are fine for healthy individuals to use. However, the types of supplements people should be taking vary from person to person.

"Some supplements may contain common allergens such as whey, soy, and gluten," she says. "If you have any food allergies, be sure to check the supplement label carefully. Additionally, some supplements contain caffeine, occasionally in high doses. Most people can tolerate a safe amount of caffeine regularly, but others may need to avoid caffeine for certain reasons."

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Examining the quality of the supplement is also a key factor to take into consideration. Matt Mazzino, who's also an RD at Gainful, explains how you can do the research yourself before purchasing.

"Look for supplements from a brand that has a good reputation, as typically, reviews and customer feedback will speak for itself," he says. "You can look for specific manufacturing guidelines that the product follows, such as complying with cGMP and having certificates of analysis (COA)."

He adds that some supplements are third-party tested, which just indicates that an external company has verified the ingredients and nutrition labels. Additionally, you can go on the company's website and see if the supplements (and their contents) are backed by scientific research.

Of course, you should always check in with your doctor before taking any new supplements.

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The answer? Probiotics of course! Regularly taking a probiotic supplement can help people with chronic constipation, diarrhea, poor eating habits, poor sleeping habits, and recurrent ailments, says neurologist Illene Ruhoy, MD, PhD, and founder of the Center for Healing Neurology.

All of the above can cause inflammation in the gut microbiome, which can then increase your risk of anxiety, feelings of sadness, and even fatigue. However, taking a probiotic can help restore the balance of good gut bacteria and may even reduce inflammation.

"A high-quality probiotic should contain live strains of Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium, and Bacillus. Jetson Probiotics are an example of a good brand, because not only are their strains clinically validated and fresh but their particular strains are rotated to better meet health needs," says Ruhoy, who works with the brand.

Another supplement that can help reduce inflammation is a fish oil supplement that provides ample amounts of DHA (a type of omega-3 fatty acid), says Albus.

"I rely on this during weeks where my fish intake is not adequatewhen I am consuming less than two, 3.5-ounce servings of fish," she adds.

For more on probiotics, be sure to check outOne Surprising Effect of Taking Probiotics, Says New Study.

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News 12 Staff

Jun 21, 2021, 12:36pm

Updated on: Jun 21, 2021, 12:39pm

The July Fourth holiday may be a lot of fun for you and your family, but may pose a very dangerous situation for your family pet.

1. Do not feed your dog barbecue scraps, as they may create gastrointestinal problems. Ask your guests not to give table food to your pets.

2. Keep your dog on a regular diet. Any change, even for one meal, can give your pet severe indigestion and diarrhea.

3. Foods such as onions, chocolate, coffee, avocado, grapes and raisins, salt and yeast dough can all be potentially toxic to companion animals. Don't keep these foods where the pets can get to them.

4. Loud, crowded fireworks displays are no fun for pets, so please resist the urge to take them to Independence Day festivities.

5. Neighborhood celebrations contain loud fireworks and sparklers that are very hot. Use the same caution for your pets as you do for your children.

6. Keep your little guys safe from the noise in a quiet, sheltered and escape-proof area at home. Turn on some music to drown out noise from fireworks.

7. Make sure your pet always wears a collar and identification tag.

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MK-677, also called Ibutamoren or Nutrobal, is a drug that is extremely powerful and effective in the growth of hormone secretagogue. The drug is mainly taken by athletes or those who exercise in the gym to build muscles or lose weight. Using the drug would significantly increase the levels of growth hormone (GH) in your body. However, Ibutamoren is not a SARM or steroid since it has a different mechanism for operating in your body.

This article will introduce you to the main features of MK-677, how to use it, and MK-677 pros and cons. The substance turns on your genes responsible for making hormones that affect growth. First of all, the drug affects your pituitary gland, which is located at the base of your brain. Then it increases the amount of natural growth hormone in your blood system.

MK-677 is one of the most effective hormone secretagogues in use today. Our body has a certain amount of natural growth hormone, with which it is possible to build muscle mass and improve the condition of your body. The product is specially designed for those who want to develop their muscles more quickly than usual because it makes it possible for them to increase their GH levels by up to 40%.

Ibutamoren is the main ingredient in MK-677. It is a substance that quickly turns into a liquid and easily moves within the body. Ibutamoren develops its effects in the pituitary gland, making it possible to increase the production of natural GH. Therefore, increasing GH levels in your body can have a significant impact on muscle growth.

There are actually two types of MK-677: oral and subcutaneous (under the skin). The benefits and side effects of MK-677 are the same for both oral and subcutaneous forms. Here are some of its benefits:

As we have seen, this is one of the tremendous benefits of MK-677. Bodybuilders popularly use it for its effectiveness in developing muscles. GH in our bodies is responsible for any form of body growth, including muscles. What Ibutamoren basically does is increase the productivity of natural GH in your body.

Moreover, in a situation where you enter a cut phase or take a break from working out, the drug is helpful if you want to prevent muscle waste. The secretagogue produced will preserve your muscle gain, that is if you maintain acalorie-deficit diet.

Ibutamoren would also speed up the healing process from wounds or injuries. GH is helpful in the repair of damaged tissues in our bodies. The hormone would increase the link of blood and tissue supply in the injured area. Massive production of it would definitely speed up the repair process.

MK-677 has also been seen to improve the bone density of its users. This can be greatly beneficial to postmenopausal women and obese individuals. Increasing bone density will reduce osteoporosis or any other disease that might arise from weak bones. Athletes can also benefit from having stronger bones since it will reduce the chances of having bone fractures common in many sports.

This a side benefit that you would not get from steroids or other substances that enhance your body performance. Productivity of growth hormone would benefit your skin and hair health since it is essential in maintaining your body organs. Your skin will be more elastic, and your hair will grow stronger and longer.

This is one of the unique qualities of MK-677, for it induces a high-quality sleep to its users.

Users have testified that their sleep improves just a few weeks after taking the drug. We all know that having adequate sleep is one of the best ways of maintaining a healthy life, for its help in your body functionality like your brain. A night of good sleep will also reduce anxiety and stress.

Other benefits of using Nutrobal include:

Well, Ibutamoren is not a SARM. Hence, its side effects are very minimal. You may encounter body changes only because of the increase of hormones in your body, which will fade in time. However, misuse of any drug is harmful to your body. Taking an unregulated amount of the drug may cause:

Mk-677 is mostly consumed orally by mixing it with either juices or water. An average adult should take 10 mg in a day. The drug is taken in cycles ranging from 10 weeks to 16 weeks. After the 16th week, you can increase the dosage up to 25 mg.

Hormone secretagogue is a popular name given to a group of drugs that enable you to increase hormone levels in your body, such as testosterone or growth hormone. These drugs are used mainly by athletes and fitness enthusiasts to increase muscle mass or lose fat. They, of course, also help people who want to recover from diseases or those who want to build muscles for the first time.

As with any other hormone product, you need to know how to take it properly, so you get optimum results from its use. Your doctor would tell you if it's safe for you to use this product or not. You can ask questions about the product and its service. And you can also talk to your doctor about the drug's side effects.

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Local fishermen said even with red tide detected in Pinellas County, the seafood is fine to consume.

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. State regulators have detected red tide at certain beaches in Pinellas County, according to FWC's latest report.

With red tide killing fish along our coast, some locals have questioned whether area seafood was safe to eat.

Local fishermen said seafood is safe to eat for several reasons.

"The only seafood that would be impacted by red tide at all would be certain types of shellfish. For example, oysters and clams. Those are the types of seafood are more impacted by it because they can get certain concentrations of certain bacteria," Captain Dylan Hubbard, owner of Hubbard's Marina explained.

When commercial fishermen catch shellfish, there are a lot of regulations to ensure the fish are safe to eat and sell. Hubbard explained an officer with FWC is usually at the dock when a commercial fisherman returns. The officer will inspect the fish to make sure it is safe to eat.

Hubbard explained another big reason why people shouldn't be concerned about eating fish in Pinellas County is that shellfish aren't caught in this area.

Shellfish fisheries are located north of the Tampa Bay area.

"Most shellfish you get at any restaurant are not going to be from the coast of Florida," Hubbard added.

This is because there aren't many shellfish to catch in this area, and the water is warmer in Tampa Bay.

"One, theres not a lot of them and two, the water is warm and theres typically more pollution," Hubbard explained.

As for other fish like grouper or snapper, those fish are caught offshore where red tide typically isn't detected.

"Most of those fish you would get at a restaurant like mahi-mahi and snapper, they are all in offshore areas where red tide would typically not be present," Hubbard explained.

Fish sold in a grocery store isn't typically local. "You really have to go to specialty seafood market like Dons Dock to get fresh locally caught fish," Hubbard said.

Those fishermen follow regulations to make sure the fish they are serving is safe for you to eat. Regulations are in place by the state to make sure that all fish caught and sold are safe to consume.

Editor's note: The captain's name has been corrected in this story. It is "Dylan," not "David."

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BENGALURU: Monsoon translates to a plate of pakodas and Irani chai. But a season change means tweaking our skin and haircare routines or else ending up with a lot of issues by June-end. Have you noticed any changes in the way your skin and hair behave as the air gathers humidity? If not, its time to look out for the warning signs. Dr Keerthana Kalva, dermatologist and chief aesthetician, notes that there has been a spike in cases where acne has been aggravated because of wearing the face mask throughout the day. As this problem might get severe in the monsoon, she recommends eating healthy.

A balanced diet will go a long way in helping you manage skin conditions like acne during the monsoon. For people with oily and acne-prone skin, swap your regular creambased moisturiser with a lotion- based one, or even better -- a serum. Invest in a good face wash that contains one per cent salicylic acid. Sai Sreshta, an MA student, says she noticed how her moisturiser weighs her skin down because of the humidity. She switched to an aloe vera gel.

Kalva notes that this is a good idea but as a lot of store-bought aloe vera gels are not made with natural ingredients, using a serum that contains niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate is more beneficial. Comparatively, monsoon is good news for people with dry and normal skin. On the other hand, your hair needs extra TLC during this season. The threat of dandruff and frizz is always looming over our heads. Dr Keerthana suggests that people should include a homemade hair pack in their haircare routine. Make sure there is a small amount of citric acid in your hair pack -- like a few drops of lemon juice.

That, combined with an anti-dandruff shampoo will take care of basic dandruff issues which occur during the monsoon. However, if the situation persists, see a dermatologist because in some people, there is excess sebum production on their scalp which needs to be treated. The woes of curly-haired people are endless during this season because a hot water bath sounds good, but turns their hair into a birds nest. Varun Kumar, an engineering student, washes his hair every other day to tame the frizz. But he fails. Use a shampoo that doesnt contain sulphur and parabens. Dilute the shampoo before using it and wash your hair with lukewarm/cold water.

Condition your hair after every wash and style it using a natural oil like coconut or argan oil (cold-pressed). All these techniques ensure that there is enough moisture in your curly locks, adds Kalva. Sandeep Mahurkar, a professional stylist and director at BBlunt, notes that the increased humidity in the atmosphere raises hair loss issues by 30 per cent among people who regularly get in contact with rainwater. Invest in products that contain jojoba oil and vitamin E.

These two ingredients help treat stressed hair. If you get drenched in rain, do not let your hair dry on its own. Wash it with a shampoo and condition it before drying it. Sandeep says ponytails and buns are the best ways to style your hair in the rainy season. A high ponytail, rope braid ponytail, bubble ponytail, loopside ponytail, top-knot bun, messy bun and double-twisted bun are some of the styles he recommends.

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The onset of legal Maryland sports betting and its wide-open licensing framework creates many hypothetical situations. In addition to a potential welcoming landscape for social sports betting, could MD become ground zero for crab cake eating contest betting?

Well, maybe. The MD Lottery and Gaming Control Commission still will have a lot to say about that. Some parts of the legal structure seem to point toward this being a possibility for adventurous MD sportsbooks, though.

Right now, it isnt out of the realm of possibility. The enabling statute in MD leaves the matter of deciding which events are permissible for future sportsbook operators to offer action on to the aforementioned commission. On their face, such events dont seem to conflict with statutory requirements for eligible events.

On that matter, the statute reads:

and prohibited wagers, such as wagers on injuries, penalties, the outcome of player disciplinary rulings, replay reviews, and other types or forms of wagering that are contrary to public policy or unfair to bettors

The commission could deem that wagering on such events falls within the parameters of forms of wagering that are contrary to public policy. Its unclear whether the coming regulations will include a list of banned or permissible events.

A market for these types of bets could very well exist, too. A safe bet is that if gamblers have any interest in wagering on such contests anywhere, MD is probably ground zero for that.

Marylanders harvest roughly half of the US supply of blue crab. Crab-cake eating contests already exist throughout the commonwealth. For example, Phillips Seafood restaurants sponsor such an event at the annual Maryland Foodie Fest.

Offering betting on these contests could create a new way to monetize and promote them. If wagering on eating contests seems like a fish out of water, take a step back. Bettors in multiple jurisdictions have already been able to stake competitors in the Nathans Hot Dog Eating Contest and a DraftKings Sportsbooksponsored candy-eating competition.

MD law allows businesses like restaurants to apply for Class B sports betting licenses. Thus, some of the same enterprises holding these contests could themselves be sportsbooks. While that seems to create a natural demand for a crossover, it could also be the very reason these events are off the board.

That phrase in the MD law, unfair to bettors, might also come into play here. Thats especially true when a license holder is not only offering action on a contest but simultaneously operating the contest as well.

In short, the connections mean a myriad of ways to manipulate the outcomes. An example would be a favorite throwing the competition intentionally for a cut of the hold. Instead of digging into the details, it might be easier to simply keep such events off the board entirely.

A potential compromise would be requiring oversight from a recognized governing body for these events such as Major League Eating. Additionally, imposing low caps on the amounts bettors can wager could enable this type of betting.

If separate parties handle the bookmaking and running the contest, that would behoove the chances of regulatory approval. Perhaps a DraftKings-sponsored and MLE-sanctioned crab cake eating contest with betting markets will never be anything more than a fantasy.

Within the right parameters though, it could be a piece of (crab) cake.

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Crab Cake Eating Contest: Will Maryland Sports Bettors Get To Bet On It? -

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Coronary heart disease the leading cause of a heart attack occurs when the arteries narrow; this restricts how well oxygenated blood can flow towards the heart. During periods where blood flow is restricted to the heart muscle, angina (i.e. chest pain) develops. To exercise safely when you have angina and to reduce the risk of a heart attack the British Heart Foundation divulges its wisdom.

For those of you who have been prescribed a GTN spray or tablets, do make sure these are with you when you're engaging in physically demanding activities.

Certain activities might trigger an angina attack, such as climbing a hill.

Thus, if you find yourself on a hiking walk, for example, take your GNT spray or tablets before starting the activity. "Ask your doctor about what dose to take," the BHF added.

Moreover, if you notice that the frequency of your angina attacks are increasing, or it occurs during rest, "stop the activity and speak to your doctor as soon as possible".

DON'T MISSHundreds of new cases are vaccinated people[INSIGHT]How to live longer: Six lifestyle tips[TIPS]Statins side effects: Painful side effect[ADVICE]

Five tips to exercise safely with angina

The NHS explained: "CHD is usually caused by a build-up of fatty deposits (atheroma) on the walls of the arteries around the heart.

"The build-up of atheroma makes the arteries narrower, restricting the blood flow to the heart muscle."

The risk of developing CHD increases if you:

According to Dr Dean Ornish the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute heart disease can be reversible.

"Our studies show that with significant lifestyle changes, blood flow to the heart and its ability to pump normally improve in less than a month," he said.

"And the frequency of chest pains fell by 90 percent in that time. Within a year on our programme, even severely blocked arteries in the heart became less blocked."

Dr Ornish's programme involves walking at least half an hour daily, or for an hour three times a week.

The doctor also recommends people with heart disease to become a vegetarian.

He recommends a diet full of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, soy products, non-fat daily, and egg whites.

Dr Ornish put forward four additional factors if you want to reverse heart disease:

Dr Lori Mosca disagrees with the term "reversal", as she believes heart disease can't be cured, and that only its progression can be slowed down.

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Heart attack: Expert shares five tips to exercise safely if you suffer from chest pain - Express

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It's difficult to imaginelife without microwaves.

The trusty kitchen appliance has transformed the way millions of people around the world cook food since it was first sold for home use in the 1960s.

But while the undeniable convenience of microwaves makes theman essential household item for many, some continue to question their safety.

Experts insistthatwhen used according to manufacturers' instructions, microwavesare safe.

ABC Everyday: Heidi Sze/Luke Tribe

Food cooked in a microwave has the same nutrient value as food cooked in a conventional oven, according to the World Health Organization.

But it is crucial to avoid overcooking food, as this canlead to nutrient loss according toNenad Naumovski, Associate Professor in Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Canberra.

"It all depends on the temperature and time relationship that you're applying," he says.

"When we are talking about some of the nutrients being zapped out of food, it is mainly because it's been overcooked.

"If microwaves are used appropriately, then it is more than likely that nutrients will actually remain in the food."

Dr Naumovski says microwaving food can be more beneficial than other methods like boiling, which can cause nutrients to leach out into cooking water.

"You're losing more of the water-soluble nutrients if you're boiling the food product than if you're using a microwave," he told ABC Radio Sydney.

Microwave ovens are designed so that the microwaves remain within the oven, while it isswitched on and the door is shut.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) says microwaves cease to exist once power is turned off, and do not make the food or the oven radioactive.

But ARPANSA warns microwave leakage can happen if the appliance's door is damaged or does not close properly.

ABC News

If there are any faults, the microwave should be repaired by a qualified technician, or replaced entirely.

Marcela Bilek, Professor of applied physics and surface engineering at the University of Sydney, says any signs of damage to the protective mesh screen on a microwave door is of particular concern.

"If the mesh is damaged, or if there's any gap in the microwave oven that's bigger than those mesh holes, then I think you need to worry because radiation can leak out," she says.

New South WalesHealth says there are around 80 microwave-related burn injuries in the state every year.

Anne Darton, Burn Injury Network Manager from NSW Health, says almost a quarter of those burns involve children.

"The most common types are scald injuries from something being heated up in the microwave," shesays.

Unsplash: Hal Gatewood

Ms Darton says children should always be supervised in the kitchen, and microwaves shouldbe located ina place that makes it easy for an adult to access, but not for a child.

"When you're pulling something out of the microwave, particularly above your eye level, you're not going to be able to see andcontrol it so well," she says.

"I personally always treat the microwave like I would a conventional oven and use oven mitts to pull anything out."

If you do suffer a burn, Ms Darton says the injury should be put under cool running water for 20 minutes.

If the burn is larger than threecentimetres, seek medical attention.

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ARPANSA says plastic containers or films shouldn't be used in a microwave, unless they are specifically designed to be used for that purpose.

That's because some plastics may contain additives which, when exposed to high temperatures, can break down and contaminate food.

"Most of today's containers are specifically designed for microwave use and can actually withstand microwave temperatures," Dr Naumovski says.

"If the packaging is marketed as 'microwave safe', it is very safe for microwave cooking or heating."

The humble microwave is usually associated with reheating food or, at most, defrosting. Turns out it can help with a whole lot more.

While most ceramics, some plastics and papers can be used in amicrowave,dishes with metallic glazes shouldn't be used.

Experts also warn aluminium foil cancause sparkingif it touches the sides of a microwave, and so can plates with metal trims.

"Metal trimmings on plates can cause sparks, which can cause electrical hazards or even fires in the microwave," Professor Bilek says.

This story was adapted from interviews aired on ABC Radio Sydney.

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Is it safe to microwave food? Does radiation leak? Safety tips and myths for using a microwave - ABC Life

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If you have or are considering Botox or dermal fillers, you may have some extra questions about the COVID-19 vaccine. These questions are most likely the result of a side effect reported specifically from the Moderna vaccine.

During the phase 3 trial for the Moderna vaccine, 15,184 trial participants were given the vaccine. Out of those participants, three subjects who had had dermal fillers experienced mild facial swelling within 2 days of their vaccine dose.

Two of the subjects experienced swelling in the general area of their face, while one experienced lip swelling. None of the subjects with dermal fillers who were given the placebo experienced this side effect. The swelling went away completely with treatment at home for all three participants.

Before we go further, remember that Botox and dermal fillers are not the same things. Botox is an injectable muscle relaxer, while dermal fillers are synthetic materials meant to add volume and structure to your face. The people in the Moderna vaccine trial had dermal fillers.

Based on what we know so far, doctors still strongly recommend everyone who can get the COVID-19 vaccine should do so. A history of getting Botox and dermal fillers is not considered a reason to opt out. The protection offered from the vaccine is still believed to far outweigh the slight risk of swelling for people with dermal fillers.

The American Academy of Plastic Surgeons says that people with dermal fillers should not be discouraged from getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Thats because these side effects are considered rare. Even in the cases where these side effects were reported, they resolved quickly and didnt have long-term health complications.

With that being said, the Moderna trial cases are not the only examples of swelling associated with dermal fillers and the COVID-19 vaccine.

A study published in February 2021 mentions isolated, rare cases of swelling that seemed to have occurred in connection to the Moderna vaccine as well as the Pfizer vaccine. The study theorizes that this is the result of how the unique spike proteins in COVID-19 behave within your body.

These case studies let us know that these side effects are possible, but not at all likely. All of the cases of swelling were connected to dermal fillers that contained hyaluronic acid, and each of them resolved on their own, just like the Moderna trial participants.

Finally, keep in mind that contracting the coronavirus itself has been connected to facial swelling in people with dermal fillers in at least one case. You may choose to avoid the COVID-19 vaccine because of its connection to swelling side effects, but that would mean that you are more vulnerable to contracting the virus, which can carry the same rare side effect.

There is no official guideline that recommends avoiding fillers or Botox after your COVID-19 vaccine.

That doesnt mean that we wont find out more about this in the future. There may be clearer guidelines to come from plastic surgeons and dermatologists about when you should get fillers or Botox after the COVID-19 vaccine.

For now, you can play it safe and wait until the vaccine has taken full effect until you get your next round of dermal fillers or Botox. It takes about 2 weeks after your second dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines in order for the vaccine to take its full effect.

This is not the first time that a link between dermal fillers, exposure to a virus, and symptoms of temporary facial swelling have been linked.

During the Moderna trial, the same participant with dermal fillers who experienced swelling in the lip area reported that they had experienced a similar reaction after getting the flu shot. In the past, people receiving other types of vaccines were seen to have an increased risk of swelling side effects from dermal fillers. This has to do with how these vaccines activate your immune system.

A 2019 paper noted increasing evidence that showed people who recently had the flu had a higher risk of delayed side effects, including swelling, from dermal fillers that contain hyaluronic acid. Its possible that vaccines and recent virus exposure can cause your immune system to see the fillers as a pathogen, triggering an attack response on the filler material from your T cells.

Finally, its important to remember that temporary facial swelling is not an uncommon reaction for people that have had any type of fillers.

There have been some reports of people with dermal fillers experiencing facial swelling as a side effect of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. So far, reports of this side effect are extremely rare, and they are not long term. As of now, doctors and medical experts emphasize that the low risk of temporary swelling is far outweighed by the benefits of protection from COVID-19 vaccines.

Before you get your COVID-19 vaccine, speak to a medical professional about any concerns or questions that you have. Your primary physician should be able to evaluate your health history and give you the most up-to-date information on how the COVID-19 vaccines may affect you.

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