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The ladies of the real housewives franchises have never been afraid to talk about plastic surgery. For many of the housewives, theres nothing wrong with a little nip or tuck to achieve the ultimate body or dream face. The latest to go under the knife are two stars from RHONJ and both are happy with the results.

Catania has been showing off her new figure on Instagram and fans have taken notice. The former police officer turned Jersey housewife has been flaunting her midriff. Catania typically shies away from showing off her stomach, but, thats changed since her plastic surgery procedure.

The 49-year-old told Page Six that after months of feeling insecure about her weight, she decided to get a tummy tuck.

I had lost 25 pounds from dieting and still wasnt completely comfortable with my body, Catania said. I found myself still wanting to cover up. Once I hit my goal weight and I knew that my stomach wouldnt be the way I wanted it to even if I worked out, I knew it was time.

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Catania owns a fitness center with her ex-husband and business partner, Frank. Though she believes in the power of diet and exercise, she felt she needed an extra push and the tummy tuck worked in her favor. Ahead of her 50th birthday, Catania is happy with the outcome.

Im turning 50 this year, she explained. And I said, This is the year where Im going to do anything Ive thought about or held off on. Im ready to do it. And Ive thought about a tummy tuck for a while.

Catania has been an advocate for healthy eating and continues to live a relatively clean eating life, with wine of course. RHONJ viewers have watched Catania struggle to get her mother, who Catania says is overweight with health issues, get on a diet and exercise regime. Catania hopes her story will inspire others.

Gia, daughter of firecracker and RHONJ OG Teresa, recently admitted to going under the knife. The 19-year-old opened up about her nose job. Fans of the show noticed a slight change in Gia from recent photos. Gia addressed the speculation on her Instagram account.

Yes, I got a nose job. yes, Im swollen. Thank you so much @drtobiasnyc Im absolutely in love with it I am an adult now, this has been an insecurity of mine for a while and Ive never been happier and so comfortable in my own skin!!

Gias mother is no stranger to plastic surgery. Teresa had breast implants in season 1 of the show and is rumored to have also done a number of other procedures, including lip fillers and botox. But Teresa is a fitness buff whos competed in bikini competitions and worked hard to get hardcore abs. She had a second breast augmentation in January 2020, 10 years after her first.

Teresa previously revealed that she was against her four daughters having plastic surgery but now that Gia is an adult, it appears the decision was based on Gias merit.

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To lose weight without exhausting diets and sport is realistic if you follow certain rules. One of them is the mandatory use of the protein.

Experts told, what changes in daily life can lose weight without using diets and sports. Specialists advised to make protein one of the main foods in the diet is to increase your usual amount of protein by approximately 15-30%. Protein requires a long digestion, prevents the growth of sugar in the blood and the excess of insulin, leading to fat deposition.

Experts also believe it is important to thoroughly chew food, so the brain gets the signals of saturation of the digestive system with a small amount of food. The hasty ingestion of food, only contributes to excess weight.

In addition, specialists said that anyone wishing to lose weight without dieting is to drink more water for example, before each meal drink a glass. This technique allows to reduce the number of calories consumed without much effort.

Even for weight loss important healthy sleep is for a minimum of 7 hours. Lack of rest has an effect on hormones, stimulates the production those that provoke an unhealthy appetite.

Additionally, you need to stop snacking on some food especially starchy and sweet. Apple, Cup of yogurt, cheese with tomato or a few nuts: these snacks will help you faster become slimmer.

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The routine on its own is brutal, not to mention the fact that shes pulling a sweat twice a day

Given that a rumored breakup recently took place with Aaron Rodgers, were afraid that her workout intensity might pick up as if thats even possible. Her fitness book is rightfully called Pretty Intense given some of Danica Patrick's workouts, fans are starting to believe that she might be going a little too hard. Nonetheless, her goal with the workout structure and book is to give trainees different alternatives, which keeps things loose and fun;

My Pretty Intense program was born from a place of being stuck in a predictable routine with food and exercise, Patrick explains. I knew I needed to shake things up, and this is the plan that really worked for me. In my book, I dont just tell readers what type of exercises to do, but I also offer them the tools and techniques, she explains. Your exercise goals should be long range and go beyond just losing weight. For me, exercise isnt just about looking good, its also about but feeling good, and enjoying both the physical and mental challenges that exercise brings.

We appreciate the thought behind the book though most of us just wouldnt be able to keep up. The routine on its own is brutal, not to mention the fact that shes pulling a sweat twice a day

If you want something above average youre going to have to put in an above-average effort. In an effort to look my best, I lean Into the fitness part pretty hard. A perfect diet/in a calorie deficit/being friggen hungry..NOT my thing. But 2-a-days, Ill see you there. Today I did almost a 40 min abs/interval/no weights lower body workout early this morning. Then this afternoon I decided, my cakes need some weights.

The workouts themselves are no walk in the park and sound pretty outrageous. Hitting up a back squat and leg press as a super-set is enough to even slow down Dwayne Johnson However, for Patrick, thats only the start, as she stacks seven other bodyweight exercises together in a huge circuit. Shes not cheating on the volume either, each set entails at least 50 reps how she walks after the workout, were not entirely sure.

And oh, the real kicker pertaining to this workout, it is done on a Sunday, the day most of us choose to rest and take an off day. Clearly, for Patrick, no such thing exists!

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Most would think given how brutal the workout routine is, cardio would not be necessary. Thats not the case, not at all Patrick is all about intervals when it comes to her cardio. Not only that but the biggest key for her is staying active throughout the day, whether that would be going cycling up a hill with a group or going for a hike in the mountains.

The hikes get so intense that even her dog gives up;

Were all just walking each other home. -Ram Dass Sometimes we get carried, because walking can be too much. Literally and figuratively in life. (Poor Ella was limping, and my love weights a lot more than her.

Were not sure if she has rest days however, at the very least, her eating structure seems to be a lot less strict, as she follows a flexible dieting plan one that isnt limited to cutting out carbohydrates.

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Lets not get this misconstrued, shes still stable with her meal plan, intaking healthy spinach smoothies on the norm along with other healthy meal preps. Shes a huge advocate for not only prepping meals but creating fresh and exciting healthy recipes as well. Heck, she made her own almond milk in the past!

As weve seen on IG, she isnt afraid to deviate which is a relief. She made a mean waffle with steak, one that us all salivating;

One original @doubledosebakery waffle with steak and a fried egg; a chocolate chip @doubledosebakery waffle with a mix of cashew butter with pure pumpkin, some extra chocolate chips and a few banana slices! Hea-ven!!!!!

As they say, work hard and play hard. The hardest working gym-goers tend to indulge when it comes to cheat meals though again, Patrick isnt going overboard, and she keeps things controlled someone like Dwayne Johnson nears 6,000 calories per cheat! Given her intense workouts, Danica can probably get away with that herself! She'll keep pushing the gas moving forward, especially workout-wise.

NEXT Yoga And Other Ways Danica Patrick Is Staying In Shape These Days

Sources 24 Life, The Spun, IG & Delish

This Is How Much John And Kate Plus 8's Kate Gosselin Is Worth Today

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Fans Think Danica Patrick Might Be Overdoing It In The Gym - TheThings

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Image Source: Courtesy of Lauren Cadillac

Lauren Cadillac, RD, CPT, calls herself the "Feel Good Dietitian" because she helps her clients break the cycle of diet culture and shift the way they view food from "shame" to sustenance. But, she knows how hard it is to change your mindset when it comes to body image and daily meals, especially if you've consistently had a negative relationship with both. That's why she's offering decks of affirmation cards to aid in that journey.

Cadillac's Feel Good Flash Cards ($30) are set to launch on August 20, and in the deck of 54 phrases you'll see words like "I treat my body with kindness," "I give my body permission to change," "eating is an act of self-care," and more. She describes the color-splashed and inspiring cards as being for food freedom and body acceptance. "Food freedom means living free from the stress and rules of dieting," she explained to POPSUGAR. She uses it synonymously with eating intuitively though another RD we've spoken to in the past maintains that intuitive eating is a tool to achieve food freedom.

Cadillac also says food freedom is defined as "eating in a way that honors your body," or "listening to the cues it is giving you in order to make decisions about what, when, and how much to eat or not eat. It means finding a style of eating that nourishes your body, honors your palate, and allows you the freedom to live a life where you are no longer consumed by thoughts of food or weight."

Cadillac recommends these cards are for anyone recovering from an eating disorder, wanting to improve their body image or outlook on food, and wishing to reject diet culture. However, she notes that the cards are not a substitute for individualized care that qualified health professionals can give.

"The affirmations are essentially the antithesis of the lies we've been sold by diet culture," Cadillac said. "We've been sold harmful and negative messaging our entire lives so that someone can sell us the solution, and because of this, most of our automatic thoughts tend to be negative." Our thoughts influence our belief system, which impacts our emotions and our behaviors, she noted. Her cards will help "create new neural pathways so they can shift the automatic thoughts from negative ones to more positive ones." This will, in turn, guide people to have a more supportive belief system.

You can preorder the cards right now on Cadillac's website. She suggests reading and repeating these affirmations for five to 10 minutes, one to two times per day consistency is key in order to see a shift from negative to positive self-talk.

"Because we are changing the way we talk to ourselves and the way we perceive ourselves, I truly believe doing this work has the power to impact so many other areas outside of eating, from career to relationships," Cadillac said. "If we talk to ourselves in a more positive way, the stronger our sense of self-worth will be, and we'll be able to show up more confidently for all parts of life."

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This Dietitian's "Feel Good" Cards Will Help Heal Your Relationship With Food and Your Body - POPSUGAR

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Has Prince Harry joined a cult? It certainly sounds like it.

According to the National Enquirer he is forced to follow . . . orders, is "homesick & cut off from family and friends, and fears losing son in brutal divorce.

Evidently hes not following an exploitative New Age guru, though The Enquirer reveals a more sinister explanation for the royal hostage situation: Harry Trapped In Marriage From Hell! screams this weeks cover story.

Diva Duchess Meghan is destroying Prince Harry, trapping her homesick hubby in a nightmare marriage he cant escape.

Painting Prince Harry as if he was a battered bride locked behind closed doors in some nightmare third world ghetto may be a little extreme for the millionaire prince living in movie mogul Tyler Perrys $18 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Its also grotesquely unfair to Meghan, especially after several sources close to the Prince have stated that he was the instigator behind the couples move to America and step back from Royal duties and titles.

The Enquirer vilifies Meghan for her haughty attitude and constant demands, claiming that she resented [sister-in-law] Kates popularity and hated playing second fiddle to her.

Its a theme echoed in the Globe, which claims: Jealous Meghan Hates Living In Kates Shadow. Meghan allegedly threw fits over not getting the respect and adoration she felt she was due, according to unnamed palace insiders.

The rag exhausts its stock of insults branding Meghan bratty, snotty, snooty, rude, high-handed, high-maintenance, arrogant, cold, selfish, spoiled, a commoner and a witch. Not a bad tally for one article.

The allegations derive from anecdotes told anonymously in a pair of supposedly non-fiction books about Harry and Meghan, though its impossible to corroborate accusations of Meghan giving anyone the cold shoulder. These personal snubs allegedly occurred at a wedding in August 2018, when Meghan could conceivably have already been pregnant with son Archie, and may have been suffering the first signs of morning sickness when she walked away from wedding guests. Palace insiders always appear so quick to judge.

Its summer, so naturally the tabloids are making readers and celebrities feel guilty about their weight, no matter what that might be.

Somethings Gone Weigh Wrong With Sandler & Denzel! reports the Enquirer about tubby Adam Sandler and dumpy Denzel Washington. The duo may be digging their own graves with a fork and spoon! claims the rag. Thats clearly an improvement on past stars who have been digging their own graves with just a spoon. Adding a fork to the excavation will make grave-digging twice as fast. And that will teach Sandler and Washington not to wear shapeless baggy clothes when stepping out of the house in future.

Songbird Mariah Carey is excoriated by the Enquirer for having the audacity to try to get in shape.

60 lbs Lighter Mariah Facing Yo-Yo Diet Danger! claims the magazine, though its a medically proven fact that nine out of ten yo-yo dieters prefer eating food to yo-yos, just like nine out of ten chain-smokers prefer cigarettes. Carey is allegedly dicing with death after losing excess weight, apparently. because in the tabloid world youre either eating yourself to death, or skeletally thin, or youve lost weight to be healthy so youre in danger of dying.

The writing is evidently on the wall for country singing couple Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood, as the Globe reports: Garth & Trisha Last-Ditch Diet! 300-lb cowboy king & 200-lb wife trying to slim by Labor Day. Thats less than two months distant, yet in that short time the Globe claims the couple are vowing to peel off a whopping 200 pounds. And then the Globe can gleefully warn them they are about to die from yo-yo dieting.

Talking of over-feeding, the Globe reports on George Clooneys marriage: Fed-Up Clooney Stuns Amal: I Want Out!

Even if that were true, which seems highly questionable, how can that be a surprise to Amal? The tabloids have been writing about her $500 million divorce for the past two years. Shes taken the twins and left him repeatedly, according to past tabloid reports, and its simply bad form for them to keep staying together. Doesnt she read the tabloids? Why are Hollywood wives always the last to know? Or maybe this story is as fact-challenged as every other story reporting their split.

The Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal continues to obsess the tabloids, perhaps because it offers such broad scope for salacious speculation, with Epstein too dead and his former lover Ghislaine Maxwell too incarcerated to complain about any inaccuracies.

Epstein Galpals Arrest Has Big Shots Shaking! claims the Enquirer, repeating the same allegations it has been making for years, that a host of powerful and famous public figures could be implicated in the growing scandal. Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak are among high-powered pals of Epstein who will try to quash evidence claims the Enquirer. Theyll stop at nothing to bury evidence tying them to perv kingpin.

Can we expect Clinton and Prince Andrew to mount a Mission Impossible-style raid on Maxwells cell at the Metropolitan Detention Center in New York? I anticipate the duo coming to blows over which one of them will be playing the Tom Cruise role.

The Globe dedicates its cover to the scandal, claiming: "Ghislaine Maxwell Turns Snitch! Epstein Madams Explosive Tell-All Plea Deal! But its way too early for Maxwell to have negotiated a plea deal, and a careful reading of the story reveals that she has not made any such bargain, which is merely the speculation of a rent-a-quote source very tenuously related to the case.

The Globe cover promises to tell readers What she knows about these powerful men alongside photos of Bill Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew and Ehud Barak.

So, what does she know? The Globe isnt saying, because it hasnt the faintest idea what Ghislaine is actually telling her attorney behind jail doors. Naturally, the rag claims that she has videotapes of the rich and powerful. But wait - another source tells the Globe; that Ghislaine doesnt have any incriminating tapes, but Im sure she has access to the videos. Or maybe she doesnt. And since the FBI raided Epsteins several homes and seized numerous computers and the contents of safes, theres a high likelihood that they have any incriminating evidence that might exist, and dont need to cut any plea deal with Maxwell to obtain video recordings.

Ellen Aint Dead - Yet! screams the headline above a Globe story that will come as something of a relief to Ellen DeGeneres. Of course, the headline could accurately be altered to include the name of any celebrity who is still alive, and the story would still be surprisingly accurate. All it took is one fan tweeting: Is Ellen dead or not? and social media madness ensued, followed by the tabloids. This is what qualifies as news in the tabloids these days.

Halle Berry Nixes Sex Swap! reports the Globe, though the story explains that the actress never planned a sex change, but was merely contemplating playing a transgender role. Pota-to, Poh-tah-to.

Both People and Us are in agreement on this weeks cover story: the sad loss of John Travoltas actress wife Kelly Preston to breast cancer.

Gone Too Soon . . . Tragic Final Days reports Us, while People opts for: Travolta Family Heartbreak.

But its clear that Us magazines gossip-forward formula has it struggling: in this slender 52-page issue it devotes only two inside pages to its cover story, and one of those is a full-page photograph of Preston.

People magazine meanwhile gives up six inside pages to Prestons demise, not that they manage to do much more with it.

Fortunately we have the crack investigative squad at Us mag to tell us that Emmanuelle Chriqui wore it best, that former Wonder Years star Danica McKellar co-authored a mathematical physics theorem now called the Chayes-McKellar-Winn theorem, and that the stars are just like us: they shop for groceries, buy fresh fruit, hike, pump gas and drop off mail. If not for Us mag how would we ever know?

Onwards and downwards . . .

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The marriage from hell, Epsteins sex tapes, and overweight celebrities in this weeks fact-challenged tabloids - Boing Boing

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BOURNEMOUTH will have a new-look Rob Pack spearheading their spin attack when they open their Southern Premier League campaign against St Cross on Saturday.

The left-arm spinner has lost a staggering five stone and more in weight since he last played for Lions 15 months ago.

I was tipping the scales at 22 stone 13 pounds last summer, but am now down to 17-and-a-half, he said. I cant wait to bowl on Saturday.

Packs amazing weight loss is down to sheer hard work, with stacks of gym work and road running over the past 18 months or so, writes Mike Vimpany.

A lot of in between snacking and eating large portioned meals was the main reason why I was overweight and then, when I turned 18 years of age, I started drinking cider, which is high in calories, he explained.

Training to be a chef probably didnt help either, but Ive always been very active, playing cricket, football and rugby so it wasnt down to a lack of exercise. It was all to do with a bad diet.

But all that is in the past for the talented left-armer, who has taken around 140 first team wickets for Bournemouth in the past five seasons.

His 37 victims in 2018 helped the Lions lift the Southern Premier League Division One title.

I started the gym slowly at first doing an hours workout three times a week but after two months had lost a stone and felt so good, I just wanted to keep going. I soon became a gym junkie, he laughed.

After six months I was going to gym five times a week and dieting, which is the hardest thing to do.

The only downside is that Ive had to buy a new clothing wardrobe.

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Spinner Pack prepared to begin Bournemouth's campaign having lost more than FIVE stone - Bournemouth Echo

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Dear Doctor: I saw my doctor because my heart was beating funny and I was losing weight even though I wasn't dieting. She did a blood test, and it turns out to be Graves' disease. Why did I get that? Is there a cure?

Dear Reader: When someone has Graves' disease, it means a malfunction of their immune system has caused their thyroid gland to become too active. Known as hyperthyroidism, it's a condition that causes the overproduction of thyroid hormones. Since these hormones play an important regulatory role in many parts of the body, the symptoms of Graves' disease can be quite varied.

The thyroid is part of the collection of glands located throughout the body known as the endocrine system. Their job is to produce hormones, which are chemical messengers. They regulate bodily processes such as metabolism, sleep, mood, growth and development, reproduction, tissue function and sexual function, to name just a few.

The thyroid itself is a small gland. It weighs less than an ounce and is shaped roughly like a butterfly. It's located at the base of the throat, just below the larynx, and consists of a pair of matching lobes that sit on either side of the windpipe. The thyroid takes the iodine in our diet and manufactures two main hormones, which help regulate vital functions throughout the body. These include heart rate, body weight, body temperature, muscle strength, breathing, cholesterol levels, the central and peripheral nervous systems, and in women, menstrual cycles. So you can see how any malfunction of the thyroid can have a wide-ranging effect on general health.

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Graves' disease causes hyperthyroidism | | - The Times and Democrat

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Priyanka Chopra turns 38 years old on July 18, 2020. The Indian actress is indeed a role model for many youngsters in India. Priyanka has made her country proud by flourishing in Hollywood where she has featured in movies like Baywatch and Isn't It Romantic. Priyanka Chopra Jonaswas honoured with thePadma Shri in the year 2016 by the Government of India. Kaminey,7 Khoon Maaf, Barfi, Mary Kom and Bajirao Mastaniare some of her blockbuster movies in Bollywood. The actress has never been seen out of shape on the big screen and her fitness is quite appreciative. On the occasion of Priyanka Chopra's birthday, let us take a look at the workout and diet of Bollywood actress that have helped her maintain her fitness.Priyanka Chopra Reveals the First Thing Nick Jonas Said to Her During His Proposal Was How Much He Loved Her Ambitious Nature.

Priyanka Chopra's Workout

Priyanka Chopra does weight training and cardio exercises regularly. The actress is very disciplined about her fitness and no matter how busy her schedule is, she never misses out on her workout session. Priyanka does everything with perfection while playing the role of Mary Kom. She trained very hard to look like a professional boxer. As per a report by Zoom,Priyanka Chopra incorporates functional training in her fitness regime and ensures that she does 30 mins of cardio at least four times a week. Quanticoactress credits yoga for her flexibility and well-toned abs. Priyanka Chopra also does meditation to get relief from the daily hustle-bustle of her work.Priyanka Chopra Says 'I Stand For Love' As She Shares a Powerful Post Celebrating Pride Month 2020 (View Pic)

A glimpse of Priyanka Chopra's Training For Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra's Diet

Priyanka Chopra loves to have homemade foods. As per Zoom, the actress does not believe in crash dieting. Fruits and vegetables are regularly part of her meals. Priyanka has at least 10 glasses of water in a day, as hydration helps in proper detoxification. Priyanka Chopra avoids oily food. However, once in a while, she does have her cheat meals. Apart from this, the actress never skips any meal.

Priyanka Chopra was last seen in The Sky is Pink movieopposite Farhan Akhtar which released last year. Her fitness and well-toned body can give a tough competition to any young female model or actress. We at LatestLY wish Priyanka Chopra a very Happy Birthday.

(The above story first appeared on LatestLY on Jul 17, 2020 12:21 PM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website

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Priyanka Chopra Birthday Special: Workout And Diet That Helps The Diva Maintain Her Fitness (Watch Video) - LatestLY

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By: Luke Kerr-Dineen July 16, 2020

Did you notice the change in Phil Mickelson's putting stroke?


Phil Mickelson is a tinkerer. Its one of my favorite things about him, truth be told. No matter how good he is, or how well hes been playing, hes always looking to push himself and get a little bit better. In recent years, dieting aside, most of his tinkering has come with his putter. Gone are the days of Phils heavy forward-press with a blade putter. Now, hes using a graphite-shafted Odyssey Versa blade putter and holding it with a claw grip.

Phil hasnt been putting great recently, finishing 139th in SG: Putting in 2019 and 126th so far in 2020, so hes tinkering again. In what appears to be a new addition this week, and as you can see for yourself below, he takes the putter back, makes a pronounced stop, holds it for a second or two, then resumes once again.

As you can see, its not something he used to do

The exact reason why hes doing this is unclear. Likely its tempo-related; making an emphasized break between the backstroke and through-stroke to avoid rushing the transition between the two and therefore preventing the unwanted manipulation of the putter face during the stroke.

But for the all-important question: Is it working? It seems so, interestingly. Through 12 holes at the time of writing, hes already gained 1.701 strokes on the green and ranks 15th in the field.

Luke Kerr-Dineen is an English-American who oversees the brands service journalism content across all of GOLFs multimedia platforms. An alumni of the International Junior Golf Academy and the University of South CarolinaBeaufort golf team, where he helped them to No. 1 in the national NAIA rankings, Luke moved to New York in 2012 to pursue his Masters degree in Journalism from Columbia University. Following graduation, he spent two years as a digital editor atGolf Digestbefore spending three years as a Senior Editor atUSA Today.

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Phil Mickelson is trying something strange with his putting stroke (but its working) -

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HIDDEN ingredients lurking in your favourite dishes are hampering your weight loss efforts by adding hundreds of calories to your diet, experts have claimed.

When it comes to dieting it can be hard to give up the dishes you love and most people tend to opt for healthy alternatives.


One expert however said that the healthy-looking dishes arent always good for your waistline.

Founder of Australian weight loss programme The Healthy Mummy, Rhian Allen says often we dont know that we are making unhealthy choices.

Rhian said you can change just a few things to make your dishes healthier.

Small changes can really change the nutritional details and calories in the meals youre eating, and can give you more of an opportunity to enable you to reach your weight loss goals.

She highlighted several ingredients to swap for others which will cut calories.

Looking at several recipes, ingredients such as potatoes were swapped for sweet potatoes.


This is while full fat options of cheese, creams and yogurts were also swapped to low fat options

Milk chocolate was swapped to dark chocolate and meat consumption in general was halved for most recipes.

White bread was also swapped for wholemeal options.

This is while ingredients such feta cheese were also kept in the recipes, showing that flavour does not have to fall by the way side if you want to eat healthy.

Rhian said sweet treats can be made more diet-friendly with just a few changes.

She gave an example of a cherry chocolate slice recipe, where the original was 314 calories.

By changing the ingredients she managed to get the treat down to 131 calories.

The main swap was using dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate, she also increased shredded coconut.


Everyone loves a pasta dish, but it's easy to get carried away with adding ingredients.

Rhian managed to cut a 797 calorie portion of creamy mushroom and bacon ravioli down to just 328.

For this recipe Rhian cut down on the amount of beef and bacon used and also swapped full fat cream for a low fat option.


Every one loves chicken and chips and Rhian managed to create a version of the favourite for under 400 calories.

To make the 356 calorie version she swapped white potatoes for sweet potatoes and also reduced the amount of chicken in the dish.

Using wholemeal options for bread dishes - like the breadcrumbs used will also slash calories.


Burgers are a great treat but Rhian demonstrated how they can also be a healthy meal by swapping 690 calories for 387.

To do this she removed the cheddar cheese slice completely.

She did however keep the feta cheese, but did reduce the portion size.

She also swapped a Turkish bread roll for a whole grain roll and cut the amount of beef in the patty.


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SECRET BARGAINSHow high street shops sell leftover stock on eBay with 80% discounts

For a Latin American twist on lasagne Rhian swapped a 932 dish to 505 calories.

For this she used half the amount of mince but kept the full amount of kidney beans.

She also used reduced fat cheese instead of full fat.

As well as this she used light sour cream and not full fat.


Rhian added: "When it comes to making meals and youre trying your best to make everyone in the family happy, sometimes you may not realise the portions are too large or you use ingredients that could be swapped with healthier options."

She said the small changes to recipes will make a big difference on your weight loss journey.

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Healthy-looking dishes scuppering weight loss by adding HUNDREDS of stealth calories to your diet - The Irish Sun

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