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We're only a few days into 2021, but we already have the official best diet to follow in the year ahead. For the fourth year in a row, the Mediterranean diet has been awarded the #1 spot among the best diets to follow for optimal health by the U.S. News & World Report.

While fad diets come and go, there's a consensus among the scientific community about what kinds of foods are most beneficial for our longevity and wellness. To that end, the publication consulted a panel of experts in the areas of heart disease and diabetes, nutrition, diet, food psychology, and obesity who reviewed the latest research to come up with the best diet currently known to man. (Related: The One Vitamin Doctors Are Urging Everyone to Take Right Now.)

The most highly rated diets ended up being ones that advocate a level of flexibility and emphasize meals filled with fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils, whole grains, nuts, and seeds. While the Mediterranean diet came in first due to its sensibility and diversity, it was followed by the DASH and flexitarian diets, both of which similarly prioritize plant-based proteins and whole foods and discourage the consumption of processed foods.

According to Angela Haupt, managing editor of health at U.S. News & World Report, each diet was rated on several criteria, including how easy it is to follow, how likely it is to lead to long-term weight loss, how safe and healthy it is, and how likely it is to help with chronic illnesses.

The Mediterranean diet received an almost perfect score in the health category, but its moderate score in the weight loss category shows that this isn't a crash diet meant for extreme weight loss. Instead, the diet's main goal is to slowly shed pounds and keep the weight off long-term while also avoiding chronic diseases.

"It's generally accepted that the folks in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans from cancer and cardiovascular ailments," said the report.

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Medication for certain diseases and disorders such as cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems and blood pressure can also lead to hair loss. Certain skin diseases, like lichen plannus and lupus that lead to scarring also lead to a loss of hair.

Other causes include menopause, discontinuation of birth control pills, trichotillomania (pulling out of own hair), extreme weight loss, traction, bad diet and, most importantly, an unhealthy lifestyle.

Taking care of certain dos and donts will help. Dos- Change your hairstyle to loosen the grip on your hair.- Maintain a balanced, healthy diet with lots of proteins and keep yourself well hydrated.

- Wash your hair every alternate day with a gentle shampoo and do not rub it dry.- Avoid smoking, excessive alcoholic beverages, fried and junk food.- Have multivitamins, folic acid, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids and essential oils. - Consult a specialist for treatment if the hair loss is due to an underlying medical condition. - Most importantly, live a healthy lifestyle, adequate sleep, de-stress with meditation and yoga.

Direct Hair Transplant or DHT can be helpful if a person wants to opt for it. It is an advanced version in which the hair from the donor area of the person is implanted simultaneously and almost immediately on the pre-made slits on the bald patches. The extracted hair does not remain out of the body for a long period and hence the post- operative recovery is faster, and the results are far superior that previously done processes. Needless to say, this should be done in consultation with an expert taking all care as advised.

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Sultan Al Qassimi is one of the top-level pro drifters that have emerged from the Middle East in the past ten years. He's got an extreme passion for fast cars, and he's basically driven anything cool on four wheels. When he first made an appearance in Europe, he was driving a Nissan S-chassis, which was still making use of a good old SR20DET turbocharged 2.0-liter engine.

But back home, he was building a monster of a 180SX, fitted with a turbocharged V8 engine. Although he has experienced multiple engine layouts, the torque figures of V8s have always appealed to him, as it just provides so much more driveability to a drift car.

Sultan has got a whole collection of drift cars, including a bridge-ported Mazda RX-7 FC3S, but the most spectacular of his builds is something you might have never expected to see in real life. He actually took a working Aston Martin V8 Vantage and converted it for active drifting.

So as with any other professional drift car build, things started off with an extreme weight loss; all the creature comforts and any other unnecessary features were ditched, and carbon fiber was used in as many places as possible.

Of course, the stock engine wouldn't cut it either, as 400 or so horsepower is just not enough these days, with most top-level drifters aiming for the 1,000 horsepower mark or even higher. Sure enough, Sultan decided to swap in one of the most popular choices, a Chevrolet-built LS engine. While at it, he also slapped two turbos for added power and torque - as well as lower decibel levels, due to noise restrictions around tracks in Europe.

The rear end also comes with the highly coveted Winters quick-change differential, which allows for fast setup changes at the track. We asked Sultan what kind of parts the car tends to break the most, and he said: "So far, mostly cosmetics and nothing mechanical". Well, that just goes to show that a high-quality build will withstand any kind of abuse, and we're sure those custom solid chromoly shafts might just never break down on him.

The car has been brought to Europe, where it even competed at Gatebil, where Sultan managed to initiate drifting at ridiculous speeds, all the way up in 5th gear. That definitely sounds like 120+ mph (193 kph) from where we're standing. Although no one has ever experimented with this chassis before, it seems like he even managed to get a second-place finish at one of the Emirates Drift Championship events this year, just before the pandemic-caused lockdown.

Given the whole project was very well thought from the very beginning, this gives the car the upper edge against other builds when switching race tracks. That's because it is capable of quickly changing in between setups to be perfectly adjusted to the given layout.

While this drift spec V8 Vantage does seem to be a bit of a handful when the tarmac is wet, we asked Sultan what the most interesting fact about his project is: "James Bond has one haha. But in all seriousness, the car is one of a kind and is a joy to drive. With the factory mid-engine setup and aluminium chassis, this thing has got racing in its DNA, so it was meant to be good on the track!"

As far as we know, this just might be the only pro drift spec Aston Martin in the world, which does make it quite a special project. Most likely, we'll be seeing some more impressive builds coming from the Middle East in the next few years.

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Cachexia is a condition that causes extreme weight loss and muscle wasting. It is a symptom of many chronic conditions, such as cancer, chronic renal failure, HIV, and multiple sclerosis.

A recent estimate suggested that over 160,000 people in the United States who stay in hospital with a cachexia diagnosis every year.

There are other conditions that cause a person to lose weight, but people with cachexia lose weight even if they are still eating.

Usually, a person who does not eat enough food will lose only fat. A person with cachexia will lose both fat and muscle mass.

The interaction of many different factors causes cachexia. People with cachexia have abnormal levels of certain substances in their body. These imbalances cause weight loss and muscle wasting.

A number of factors contribute to cachexia, including the levels of these substances, the conditions that cause them, and the reaction they provoke from the body.

These substances interact with each other and lead to cachexia through several pathways, including:

Researchers are still studying the many links and other potential causes that can lead to cachexia.

There are certain chronic conditions linked to cachexia, usually in the end-stages of the disease.

A person with one of the following conditions should talk to their doctor about steps to prevent the development of cachexia and how to improve quality of life.

Examples of these conditions include:

Symptoms of cachexia include:

As cachexia is sometimes difficult to recognize, doctors use a variety of criteria for diagnosis. In the most common system, the person must meet the following criteria for a cachexia diagnosis:

The fat and muscle wasting in cachexia is serious and can potentially speed up death. Cachexia is a significant factor in around one-fifth of deaths due to cancer, according to a study from 2017.

Complications of cachexia include:

There is no single medicine or treatment plan that has been shown to be effective for treating cachexia.

Many factors contribute to its cause, so a treatment plan incorporating several types of therapy will most likely be necessary. Simply increasing the number of calories or changing the diet will not show results.

Some helpful steps include:

Focusing on the social aspects of eating: People get pleasure from sitting together over a meal even when they are not in the mood to eat. Emphasizing the social importance of eating instead of the amount of food may help a person reposition their emotional and psychological relationship to eating.

Eat frequent small, meals: People with cachexia are more likely to tolerate eating high-calorie meals in small portions throughout the day rather than three set meals. Drinks containing nutritional supplement drinks are available to increase calorie intake between the small meals.

Emotional support: The family of a person with cachexia should understand that as an underlying disease progresses to its end stage, people will sometimes not want to eat. Once they reach this stage, friends and family should not force the person with cachexia to eat. Muscle wasting and weight loss will continue whether a person with the condition eats or not.

Appetite stimulants: Medications, such as dronabinol, megestrol, and glucocorticoids, may improve appetite. However, eating more will not stop the progression of symptoms or improve muscle wasting. An increased appetite may help a person participate in family and social meals and feel a little less isolated, which has benefits for mental health.

Light exercise: As long as the person can tolerate it, exercise might help build some muscle mass. However, evidence is not available as to the effectiveness of exercise as a measure against cachexia.

Cachexia is usually a side effect of an underlying medical condition, so the focus for prevention lies in keeping the underlying chronic condition at bay.

Some conditions, such as COPD or HIV, are potentially preventable. However, other conditions that cause cachexia are largely unavoidable, such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, or Crohns disease.

An active lifestyle with balanced nutrition may reduce the risk of a chronic condition that could lead to cachexia.

People who have cancer sometimes experience a condition known as cancer anorexia-cachexia syndrome (CACS). It is cachexia, but with anorexia as part of the syndrome. Like cachexia, increasing calorie intake does not reverse the severe muscle wasting CACS causes.

The characteristics of CACS include:

The diagnosis is made by meeting the following three criteria:

As with cachexia, there is no effective treatment for CACS. The steps that can help people with only cachexia might also work for people with CACS.

Cachexia is an often irreversible side effect of diseases including cancer and HIV. It causes severe weight loss and muscle wastage.

An approach to treatment incorporating a range of therapies can help, but cachexia is normally a condition that accompanies the end stage of an underlying medical issue. It is responsible for one-fifth of deaths from cancer.

The best way to prevent cachexia is taking action to reduce the risk of underlying conditions, such as cancer and kidney failure.

What foods are best if I have cachexia?

There are many opinions about the best foods for people who have cachexia. Everyone is different, and foods that might be better for one person may not be the best foods in another case, especially if you do not already enjoy eating this food.

The truth is that, currently, no evidence exists that any diet can reverse muscle wasting and prolong life in a person with cachexia as a result of advanced cancer. However, some researchers believe that eating a high-calorie diet may slow the muscle wasting.

A nutritionist or dietitian can help figure out the best foods and diet for you and your situation. They can assess your usual dietary habits and use that information to determine which of the foods you like to eat will provide the nutrition and calories you need.

You are much more likely to follow a nutritional plan if it consists of foods you enjoy.

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Cachexia: Symptoms, treatment, and outlook

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We have some of the most extreme weight loss methods that people use for reducing their weight. Some of the methods are scary and shocking.

When people start using the most extreme weight loss methods, they must have been desperate or want something extremely fast.

How do these methods work on the human body?

Losing weight has become an everyday struggle for most people.

To the extent that many people go for any method that can help them lose weight without minding the consequences.

We do not recommend any of these methods, and there is no shortcut to lose weight. A balanced diet coupled with an exercise regime can help you reduce weight.

Here are some of themost extreme weight loss methods:

Tapeworm tablets

If you do not like exercise or healthy foods, you may have to ingest a worm to help you lose weight.

How does this work? In the early 1900s, some people took tapeworm eggs to reduce weight.

The tapeworm when hatched ends up stealing your nutrients and leaving you with a dramatic weight loss.

The tapeworm tablet was controversial and most people did not understand how it worked. Tapeworm infestation is extremely dangerous to the human body.

It can cause blindness, paralysis, seizures, headaches, and even death.

The cotton ball diet

The cotton ball diet is among the most extreme weight loss methods. The diet involves dipping your cotton balls into juice or smoothies and swallowing them.

The work of the cotton is to make you feel full and help you stay away from hunger pangs.

The claim that cotton balls contain some density and kilojoules is not enough to help you lose weight.

Cotton balls are not safe; they contain harmful chemicals such as bleach and obstruct or block your digestive system.

The vinegar diet

Thinking of using the most extreme weight loss methods, you should go for the vinegar diet. Lord Byron made the vinegar diet popular in the 1820s.

The diet ensures that you consume more of vinegar and pair it with a raw egg and one cup of tea. This combination forces you to vomit and lose appetite.

The most extreme weight loss methods like using vinegar cause the user to suffer from potassium imbalance, erosion of tooth enamel, and irritation of the stomach lining.

The slimming soap

When you decide to go for the most extreme weight loss methods, you should be ready for anything.

You can forget weight fad-products, firming creams, or weight loss teas when you use the slimming soap.

How can the slimming soap help you lose weight? This soap was marketed as containing magical fat-dissolving properties.

Unfortunately, this is a waste of money and time.

We know how desperate people are when it comes to losing weight. Some people who have tried virtually most regimes are often designed to do anything to lose weight.

In their desperation, they can use harmful weight loss regimes or plans to achieve their weight goals.

Often, the side effects of some of these most extreme weight loss methods do not manifest immediately.

It might take time or no time before it affects the body of the person who used them. Take, for example, the tapeworm tablet.

If you end up with a massive tapeworm infestation, the medical situation is not something hospitals play with it.

When you spend your time and money to lose weight and realize that what you worked for was a fad, you would not be happy.

Unfortunately, fat accumulation can affect the human body. Whether you use the most extreme weight loss methods, or not, those fat need to be removed.

The cigarette diet

The most extreme weight loss methods included the cigarette diet in the 1920s. Some doctors encouraged their patients to smoke in order to suppress their appetites.

The ration behind this, was when you consume more food, it can kill you. However, when you smoke, you suffer only from lung cancer.

Smoking is dangerous to human health. This diet is extremely dangerous.

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Being an appropriate weight can be extremely beneficial for our health. The link between being overweight and a number of health conditions is well known. From higher risk of developing diabetes, to cardiovascular disease and even cancer, obesity can have very negative impact on our lives. It's safe to say that carrying around extra weight is usually not good for us.

When done in a healthy and sustainable way, weight loss can be life-changing. We feel better and healthier overall!However while many people do have weight to lose, some lose it way too fast andin anunhealthyway. As a result, they suffer the consequences.

While most of us are aware of the dangers of being overweight and the benefits of shedding those extra pounds, there are some side effects that should also be considered when the process is too fast and the transformation is too drastic.

Click through the gallery and get to know the dark side of weight loss.

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The dark side of extreme weight loss

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George Clooney says he ended up in hospital after losing almost two stone for his role in his latest film.

Clooney went on a weight loss drive in preparation to play scientist Augustine Lofthouse in post-apocalyptic sci-fi film The Midnight Sky, but then experienced excruciating stomach pains.

He was diagnosed with pancreatitis and believes his diet may have played a part.

Clooney told the Mirror: "I think I was trying too hard to lose the weight quickly and probably wasn't taking care of myself."

The 59-year-old both directs and stars in the Netflix movie about an Arctic scientist living on a deserted observatory station, and trying to warn a group of astronauts not to return to Earth after a mysterious global catastrophe.

It is the actor's first film role since crime drama Money Monster in 2016.

Clooney admitted that getting ill was a challenge amid an already testing shoot, telling the newspaper: "It took a few weeks to get better and as a director it's not so easy because you need energy.

"We were out on this glacier in Finland, which made it a lot harder work. But it certainly helped with the character. This is bigger than anything I've done before and it was like herding cats to get it done. But, you know, it was fun."

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The Midnight Sky - which also stars Felicity Jones, David Oyelowo and Kyle Chandler - is based on Lily Brooks-Dalton's acclaimed 2016 novel Good Morning, Midnight.

Jones, who gave birth to her first baby several months ago, shot the film while pregnant.

It will be in in select UK cinemas and on Netflix from 23 December.

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Julia Roberts is said to be having a difficult marriage with Danny Moder, and as her stress level builds up because of this, she is slowly wasting away. The actress is also said to be getting sickly, and it will be in no time when she will be unrecognizable with her gaunt looks.

Marriage to Danny badly affected Julias health?

NW magazine reported that Julia Roberts may be married to Danny Moder for nearly two decades, but that does not mean that everything is well at home. In fact, their marriage is said to be crumbling down, and in her bid to keep their relationship intact, the Pretty Woman actress badly suffered as it resulted in extreme weight loss and illnesses.

A source told the magazine that Julia Roberts friends were shocked to see her so thin and frail while she was out in Los Angeles. The actress weight loss was said to be really shocking because it happened within just a few months.

The tipster claimed that the A-list star has always been slim, but this time, it was extreme. It seems that her eyes would pop out when someone pokes her cheekbones, and thats how bad she looks.

Julias skinny frame was so plain to see and she cant hide it behind her puffy jacket, the insider revealed. Shes a 175-cm. tall woman but only weighs 39 kgs.!

This is why most of her friends are really concerned about her well-being. All the pressure to have this perfect marriage is relentless and it was all on her while Danny couldnt care as much.

The truth about Julias marriage and health

Gossip Cop claimed that everything that was written in the article sound ridiculous. Thus, it immediately declared the story as false and mere phony report.

Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are still happily married and she is not ill either. The actress is slim but in a healthy way.

The truth is - she has no issues with her husband that will make her lose a lot of weight or make her sick. Rather, Julia Roberts previously said in an interview that she has always been happy and proud about her marriage with Danny Moder.

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Have you ever stopped for a second and wondered: what country has the most insane drivers out there? If you watch a few videos from Polish hill climb or drift events, you might just get your answers. Most of the time their driving might make some think these guys are on a suicide run!

Going up the hill as fast as possible does require a few things, besides a very skilled driver. Horsepower is good, but you need to find the sweet spot, because too much of it can actually get in the way if tracks are too technical. Also, more horsepower will mean you'll have to deep digger into your pockets.

An alternative way of making your car fast without a lot of power is to make it as lightweight as possible. And that's what Gabriel Kubit did with his Honda Integra Type-R. After tweaking the infamous K20 engine-the car is now capable of roughly 300 horsepower at 9,000 rpm, and around 190 lb-ft (257 Nm) - the weight loss process began.

Now, your average Honda Integra Type-R DC2, which was marketed in the U.S. as an Acura only weighed around 2,500 lbs (1,136 kg), and it managed to set the U.S. record at 108 horsepower per liter, only to be surpassed by the Honda S2000 some years later.

By watching the video you'll see this hill climb spec Integra Type-R sliding around through the corners in a rather strange way, which can hint at the extreme weight loss process this car has been through. After all the modifications, it's now down to just 1,720 lbs (780kg), which will make even the Mazda MX-5 look heavy! Onboard footage is included as well, just be sure to watch your speaker volume while you're at it!

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Watch This Screaming 9000 RPM Hill Climb-Spec Integra Type-R Being Driven Hard - autoevolution

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"I've been overweight my whole life, ever since I was a kid," says Cameron Salois. "In my early teenage years, it started to become a problem because everyone around me was starting to worry about me, which I never understood because I never really knew how big I was... You don't even realize what you're doing to yourself while you're doing it."

In a recent episode of the Brand New Me webseries, Cameron, 29, shares the story of his transformation, which began when he got a job at a gym "I was feeling good about myself, but I was still a big guy," he says.

Cameron knew things had to change when one day he couldn't actually get into his car as somebody had parked right next to it, and had to ask a neighbor to move it for him. "It was the most embarrassing thing I've ever felt in my life," he says. "That was it; the next week I started the program."

At his heaviest, Cameron weighed 494 pounds. Over the course of 13 months, he lost a staggering 289 pounds, and improved his personal fitness. He's far happier and healthier now than he was just one year ago, but admits that the excess skin caused by his extreme weight loss does sometimes get him down: "It feels like a battle scar, in a sense, but it also kind of messes with my mentality."

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"I'm proud of myself," he says. "I feel like I'm a lot more confident than I used to be. I do things that I never thought were possible, and I take tremendous pride in that. Monday is always going to be there, and you have to start today. That's the biggest thing that you can do, right now, for yourself, is start."

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