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The spider bites got to me the most I had one on my face that was pretty scary and the one on my butt was the worst. Now I definitely have a good side back there.In the final challenge with Brooke, I dislocated my knee cap which led to me rupturing my ACL. And the weirdest thing [that happened to my body] was, because I lost so much weight, I didnt have any fat caps on the bottom of my feet, so I was walking around on just bone. I was feeling it in that final challengewhen I had to balance on the rocks, he recalled.

I also had to get stitches on day one when [former NRL player] Matt Rogers unintentionally caught me with a stick on the shin. Id never had stitches before and there I was bleeding out in the first challenge, my shoe was soaked with blood and I felt like I wanted to give up. I genuinely nearly quit the game, I didnt think I could handle another 50 days of that crap.

LISTEN: Mamamias entertainment podcast The Spill spoke to Dave about what playing Survivor was like the first time around. Get it in your ears below, post continues after audio.

Thankfully for all of us watching at home, the idea of leaving Survivor over a couple of stitches was enough to keep Dave (and his ego) in the game, which he went on to win. But this year, the finale looked a bit different.

Because of guidelines set out by the Australian Government to slow the spread of COVID-19, Dave and Sharn had to wait three long months to find out who would become the Sole Survivor. Host Jonathan LaPaglia announced the winner during Monday nights finale live via satellite video as he was unable to travel to Australia due to the coronavirus, and the finale was filmed without the energy of a live studio audience.

Dave said, yes, his finale moment was a little anticlimactic under the circumstances, but hes just glad they were able to film a finale at all.

I think were in a time when people are going through so much horrible stuff, so even the fact we were able to film a finale, I was so happy with. We felt pretty fortunate we even got to do that just before the non-essential travel ban came in. At the end of the day, I have the title and I win. It was a little bit of a deflation to not have a live audience I love being in front of a live audience it was a little bit disappointing but compared to what people are going through, I felt like I was happy with the result.

It was tough though because there was a huge time gap this time between the final tribal council and the finale. It was three months of waiting to find out if Id won. I didnt 100 per cent know if Id win but I felt confident enough, but there were a lot of sleepless nights. Id wake up at 3am thinking, did I do this?, have I won?, did that really go how I thought it did?. Then after I won, I sat on the finale result for a week.

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Bum pus and extreme weight loss: David Genat told me exactly what happens to your body after Survivor. - Mamamia

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1 Extreme Weight Loss Summary

Changes in body weight, with slight increase or decrease, is common over time. Weight loss can be intentional or involuntary. Involuntary weight loss refers to a loss of weight without diet or any other efforts to lose it.

Involuntary weight loss is of concern when a person loses more than 10 pounds. For people with a comparatively smaller structure, this criteria is more than 5% of their body weight.

This extreme, involuntary weight loss may be an indication of an underlying physical or mental disorder. In such cases, people may have other symptoms like loss of appetite, fever, night sweats, or pain.

Symptoms of weight loss may vary with the underlying condition. The most common ways by which somebody notices a change in weight is through fitting of clothes or by the shape of the face.

Extreme weight loss is very obvious. In children, involuntary loss of body weight is associated with a change in appetite, fussiness over certain food, abdominal pain, and fever.

An unintentional loss of body weight is very distressing, particularly when there is a significant loss. It may be caused by multiple factors ranging from a stomach virus to a serious underlying disease.

It is most commonly seen in people who have some medical conditions including cancer, depression, or even AIDS.

Some of the common causes of unintentional weight loss are diarrhea, depression, mouth ulcers and viral infections. Some less common causes are hyperthyroidism, abdominal infection, depression, celiac disease, gastroenteritis, and dementia.

In addition to physical examination and medical history, the doctor may look at the recent changes in lifestyle and also other symptoms, to diagnose the underlying cause of extreme weight loss.

Information on changes in diet, recent illnesses, recent travels, digestive problems, and new medications may all be helpful in finding the most probable cause of the loss in weight.

Nutritional assessment helps to evaluate the diet or digestive disorder if any. Blood tests are also suggested to check out deficiencies of minerals and vitamins, and also anemia. Hormonal disorders can also be detected using blood tests.

Unintentional weight loss caused by nutritional deficiency is treated with the help of a dietician who will be of help to chart out a diet plan for correcting the deficiencies.

Digestive disorders like inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is treated with the help of medications and specialized diet that provides the additional nutrients. Hormonal disorders are corrected by medications.

Increasing fluid intake, adequate bed rest, and medications are helpful in managing during general illnesses like influenza and the common cold. If left untreated, weight loss may lead to complications. The risk of infections and depression increase with extreme weight loss.

Stressful events in life often result in involuntary weight loss. This includes bereavement, divorce or mental trauma of some kind. Significant loss of body weight may also occur due to eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia.

In some cases, it is difficult to pinpoint an underlying cause for the loss of weight. Some of the most common causes of the disease are depression, hyperthyroidism, and cancer.

Nutritional deficiency deficiency results when the body fails to absorb nutrients from food. Malnutrition results in unintentional weight loss. This is one of the most common causes of extreme weight loss.

Cancer lung cancer remains undetected in the early stages. This cancer also results in extreme weight loss, one of the symptoms of the condition. Cancer originating in the liver also leads to a loss in body weight.

Cancer of esophagus inhibits the movement of food through the food pipe, affecting the digestion and absorption of food. Stomach cancer originates in the cells lining the stomach. It remains undetected until the cancer is more advanced and leads to loss of body weight.

Cancer of endometrium, the uterine lining, also results in severe weight loss. Laryngeal cancer affects the throat and inhibits the easy movement of food into the esophagus, leading to loss of body weight.

Stomach ulcer painful ulcers in the stomach affects digestion and absorption and is a common cause of weight loss. Peptic ulcers in the lining of the intestine is also a common health problem that leads to malabsorption and weight loss.

Tuberculosis or TB is an infectious disease caused by bacteria and mainly affects lungs. Fatigue, fever, night sweats and involuntary weight loss are the main symptoms of the condition.

Cirrhosis inflammation and scarring of liver tissue due to toxins, alcohol or viral infections is known as liver cirrhosis. Extreme weight loss is one of the symptoms of the condition.

Crohns disease this disease is characterized by chronic inflammation of digestive tract. It is associated with symptoms like abdominal pain and diarrhea, in addition to weight loss.

Colitis as the name indicates, it relates to inflammation of the colon. In addition to the many symptoms that lead to malabsorption of nutrients, weight loss is also seen as a symptom.

Hormonal disorders hyperthyroidism is a condition in which thyroid gland produces excess hormones. Increased metabolic rate and weight loss are symptoms of this disorder. Addisons disease is characterized by abnormal functioning of adrenal glands resulting in reduced production of steroid hormones.

Achalasia abnormal functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter is referred to as achalasia. It often leads to extreme weight loss.

Parasitic infections infection by hookworms that affect the lungs and small intestine often lead to significant weight loss. Amebiasis is a parasitic infection common in tropical regions caused by a protozoan. Diarrhea and weight loss are characteristic symptoms of this infection.

AIDS AIDS is an infectious disease characterized by severe weight loss, night sweats, persistent skin rashes, and mouth sores.

Depression this mood disorder is characterized by sadness and extreme hopelessness. People suffering from depression often have severe weight loss.

Gastroenteritis viral gastroenteritis, also known as the viral flu, has weight loss as a major symptom.

Symptoms and medical history of the patient are important in identifying the probable causes of weight loss.

Information on changes in diet and food intake, difficulty in swallowing, changes in bowel movements, other accompanying symptoms, the onset of symptoms, history of weight loss, other medications were taken, and recent changes in the living situation or life will all help in identifying the cause of the sudden and involuntary weight loss.

Physical examination also reveals clues regarding the cause of loss. Vital signs are checked for fever, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate. The condition of organs like lungs and heart, liver, joints, and skin are all evaluated during a physical examination.

Body weight and height are measured to calculate the body mass index (BMI). Other investigations are based on the suspected cause of the condition.

Blood tests are conducted to look for probable causes like fungal infection, giant cell arteritis, HIV/AIDS, kidney disease, liver function abnormalities, infections, adrenal gland underactive, diabetes mellitus, and thyroid function.

A biopsy is suggested if alcoholism or fungal infection are the probable cause of the condition. Stool testing is suggested when malabsorption or worm infection are implicated in the development of the symptom. Imaging studies like CT are used for checking specific diseases. Organ-specific tests are recommended for different types of cancer.

Treatment depends on the underlying disorder that causes weight loss. Nutritional deficiency is treated with the help of a dietician who helps in devising a healthy diet plan to compensate the deficiency.

Specialized diet is suggested for digestive disorders like IBD, so as to obtain all the nutrients from food. Over-the-counter supplements are suggested in some cases. Behavioral measures are suggested in some conditions so that the patient is encouraged to have a healthy and balanced diet.

When behavioral therapy is not effective, food rich in nutrition or supplements is suggested. In some eating disorders, feeding with the help of a tube inserted into the stomach is suggested.

Hormonal disorders are treated with the help of medications. Many general illnesses like influenza, common cold, and food poisoning also cause weight loss. In these conditions, adequate bed rest, enough fluid intake, and medications are the best methods to control the symptom.

One can get back to a normal diet once the condition is resolved. If unintentional weight loss is caused by more serious conditions like cancer, appropriate treatment methods are suggested. This may include surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

Depression and dementia are treated with psychotherapy and medications. Nutritional supplements are suggested for elderly people. The supplements are given after nutritional assessment and given between meals. It may also be given at bedtime so that it does not affect the appetite of the person.

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Extreme Weight Loss: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment ...

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Most likely, overwhelmed. But for Chris Powell, the trainer who has helped hundreds of overweight people lose up to half their body weight on ABC's reality series Extreme Weight Loss, this is an everyday challengeand one at which he excels. Thanks to his vast arsenal of smart weight loss tricks, Powell helped the 15 participants who completed last season's show shed a total of 2,476 pounds.

Though anyone can tune into the show and take away some of Powell's slim down tips, not every aspect of the transformation process is shown on TV. That means some of his best tactics are only known by a select fewuntil now. We checked in with Powell and asked him to spill some behind-the-scene slim down secrets that have helped contestants lose hundreds of pounds and how the rest of us can use them at home. Read on to see how to to incorporate some Powell's tips into your own effortsand then check out 42 Ways to Lose 5 Inches of Belly Fat!

You've likely heard that you should drink eight cups of water daily, which is a whopping half-gallon. If you thought downing that much fluid would send you running to the bathroom far too often, consider this: Extreme Weight Loss contestants drink more than double that amount every day. "You don't see it on the show, but our contestants drink a lot of waterat least a gallon every day as a baseline. Then, they drink an extra 32 ounces for every hour they exercise," says Powell. "Not only does this slightly increase their metabolism, but it also keeps them full between meals and wards off bouts of overeating. This strategy plays a key role in their extraordinary success!" he explains. Bored with plain ol' water? Check out these detox water ideas.

Though starchy and sugary carbslike quinoa, potatoes and fruit aren't totally off limits, participants never consume them after dark. "For dinner, contestants always have a high-protein, high-fat meal with plenty of fibrous veggies," Powell tells us. "If they have a post-dinner snack, they stick to protein-rich, high-fat foods like almonds or 2% milk-fat string cheese," he explains. This is because, he adds, axing carbs at night flips the fat burning switch by increasing the amount of fat burning hormones released while we're asleep. Bedtime can be a critical part of your weight loss journey; don't miss these Things to Do 30 Minutes Before Bed to Lose Weight.

"When people are in the middle of the grindworking out hard and dietingthey often forget why they're doing it and just focus on the sacrifices they're making. This makes it hard to keep going," explains Powell. "To counteract that, we revisit each person's motivation to lose weight throughout their weight loss journey and put a visual to it. We'll pull pictures their kids, an aspirational body type, even copies of their medical records," says Powell.

To employ this tactic at home, put visuals reminder of your weight loss motivator on the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, car dashboard or set the image as your cell phone background. Doing so will remind you that you're working toward something that will improve your happiness and quality of life, according to Powell.

We asked Chris to tell us his number one diet tip. His response: Basically, meal prep is everything. "Prep your meals in advance, and always have ready-to-eat healthy snack foods with you," he suggests. Chris and his Extreme Weight Loss participants bulk-prep their proteins (chicken, turkey, fish) and starches (potatoes, whole-wheat rice and noodles) every four days and store them in plastic containers. This prep allows them to grab healthy eats quickly before they leave the house. "We always carry protein powder with us," he says about snacks, adding, "You'll never catch us without almonds in our bags! They're filled with healthy, satiating fats and protein and don't need to be refrigerated, so they're really easy."

You should complete at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a weekthat's long been The Department of Health and Human Services's recommendation for total health, at least. Chris, however, tells his clients to stop watching the clockespecially those who are new to exercise. "When it comes to cardio, maximizing weight loss is not about a set duration or intensity. It's about slowlybut surelymaking progress. Every two weeks increase the duration and intensity by just a little bit," Powell suggests. "Month after month you slowly improve, and soon will be insanely fit and see incredible weight loss results!" To maximize results, make time to weight train at least twice a week. The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn at rest, he adds.

"Participants find it challenging to stay on track with their diet when they're eating outespecially when they're with friends who don't share their newly adopted healthy lifestyle," says Powell. There are few different ways Powell helps his clients stay on track when facing this obstacle. For starters, he suggests drinking a big glass of water before the meal starts. This tames hunger, making it easier to order a smart entree. "Steer clear of anything fried, sauted, crusted, or breaded, and order all dressing and sauces on the side," he advises. "When you order, let the waiter know you would like a to-go box when the food arrives. Cut your meal in half immediately and place half in the box to go," he suggests. Out of sight, out of mindand don't forget, similar rules apply to take out food, too.

"Whether you have ten pounds to lose or 100, the first thing you should do is create an environment for success," says Powell. That requires removing all temptation from your kitchen. "Collect all of the processed, sugary and fatty foods from your house, and bring them to a local food bank for donation. Then restock your kitchen with healthy groceriesreal, natural, whole foodslike fresh fruits and vegetables, almonds and lean proteins like turkey, chicken, fish and eggs," he suggests.

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Chris Powell Reveals Behind-the-Scenes Weight Loss Tips ...

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The Biggest Loser, hosted by Bob Harper, awards $100,000 to the contestant who loses the most weight. Pic credit: John Britt/USA Network

The Biggest Loser debuted in 2004, quickly attracting a growing audience with its then-unique premise of defining the winner as the person who shed the most weight.

Set to become stars in their own right, trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels urged the obese contestants to spend their days on the show dieting and exercising to take home the big prize.

However, despite high ratings, The Biggest Loser came under criticism from experts who expressed concern that the rapid weight loss made possible only by devoting days to intense exercise and rigid diets was not realistic.

The criticism grew when, during season 15, ultimate winner Rachel Frederickson began her time on the show at 260 pounds and ended at 105 pounds.

Even the trainers couldnt hide their shock at what turned into a controversy about whether The Biggest Loser had caused Rachel to develop an eating disorder, noted the Today show.

Despite all the controversy of the past, The Biggest Loser returned this year to the small screen. This time around, Bob Harper has taken on the role of host rather than a trainer.

But does the show still have the potential to endanger contestants with its message that you win by losing weight as fast as possible?

Kati Morton, a licensed therapist who is a licensed marriage and family therapist, recently authored, Are u ok?: A Guide to Caring for Your Mental Health.

In an exclusive interview, Kati discussed the pros and cons of The Biggest Loser when it comes to permanent, healthy weight loss.

Reflecting on how The Biggest Loser is based on the concept that youre a winner only if you achieve the most weight loss, Morton acknowledged that there are some positives to the reality TV show.

I think the pros of this concept are that they help people better understand how to feed themselves, and how our emotional eating habits can be, said Kati, who runs a private practice in Santa Monica, California and also has a popular YouTube channel about mental health.

But Morton also sees multiple negative aspects to the premise of The Biggest Loser.

Although the show has offered more support for the emotions involved in weight loss, Kati feels that The Biggest Loser should use the term eating disorder and explore why these contestants struggle so much with overeating.

Moreover, Kati expressed concern that The Biggest Loser limits potential contestants to those who have large amounts of weight to lose.

Because of that restriction, The Biggest Loser puts the focus solely on being thin and using that as the goal, instead of supporting different shapes and sizes.

Viewers of The Biggest Loser have seen how the weight loss competition show takes contestants and puts them in an isolated environment, where they focus only on diet and exercise rather than experience the outside world challenges such as family and career.

That isolated environment results in another concern from Morton.

The [Biggest Loser] is so intensive and isolated it can be hard for people to continue on this healthier path after that get home, pointed out the licensed therapist.

Kati, who specializes in working with individuals experiencing eating disorders and self-harming behaviors as well as all other aspects of mental health, also discussed the distinction between The Biggest Loser campus and the contestants real-world lives.

Does weight loss on the show necessarily translate to continued slim-down success when the contestants return to their everyday lives?

[The show] doesnt take into consideration what our real life is like. In real life we dont have someone making all our meals, telling us what to eat and when to work out. Most of us struggle to fit everything we need to do into our days, and adding in these changes can be hard. Its like when my patients come out of a treatment facility, the slow step down in support and care is pivotal for their long term recovery.

What if you have struggled to lose weight for years, watching the scale go up and down, going on seemingly endless fad diets, and heading to the gym faithfully, but arent obese enough to qualify for the show?

Kati has some tips.

I recommend seeing an eating disorder specialist (this could be a therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist) and making time to see a dietitian, suggested Morton.

Types of therapy that have been shown to be the most successful are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy).

The specialists you choose depends on your issues, added Kati.

However, if we have other issues like addiction or a traumatic past you will want to seek out a specialist in those areas, explained Morton.

This will help us deal with all of the emotional problems that led to our eating issues while also helping us manage our food choices, portions, etc, with meal plans.

Ultimately, Kati feels that having a professional who specializes in emotional health as well as a specialist who focuses on nutrition can provide well-rounded support and guidance.

The Biggest Loser, which recently shifted from NBC to the USA Network, began its 2020 season with 12 individuals who had battled their weight for years.

The contestant who loses the most weight is the winner of $100,000.

In addition to host Bob Harper, trainers Erica Lugo and Steve Cook work with the contestants to push them to diet and exercise to win the prizes of the most weight loss and the money.

Watch The Biggest Loser on the USA network Tuesday at 9/8c.

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The Biggest Loser exclusive: Kati Morton weighs in on show where extreme weight loss wins - Monsters and Critics

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This is a story of two Jupiters, both heavingly bodies of sorts, one a non-human and the other a non-human species.

Both made headlines last month in Colombia given the humanitarian subject matter of the news, beginning with Jpiter, a Boeing-767 aircraft that traversed the world to repatriate 15 nationals and foreigners from Wuhan, China, epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic.

Having departed Bogot at 3:00 am Saturday, February 22, Jpiter headed north to Anchorage, Alaska, with a refueling stop at Scott AFP in Illinois. Commandeering the rescue operation with a cargo of medical supplies and cabin re-equipped with flatbeds was Coronel Eduardo Restrepo, accompanied by three other Air Force pilots. From a remote airfield facing the Baring Sea, the plane then departed on a 9-hour flight across the Pacific Ocean to Seoul, South Korea, where on arrival, the first images of the Colombian team surfaced on social media, holding a large tricolor in the main airport terminal.

Anticipation mounted in Colombia as the crew clearly were on the verge of reaching Wuhan, a city restricted to commercial air traffic and under civilian quarantine. Then, the waiting began with the start of a new week and no sign of passengers. As the saying goes: No news is good news. The Colombian Government did state previous to departure that Jpiter was authorized by China to land in Wuhan, sometime between Wednesday or Thursday, but with precise instructions that during the four-hour stop, the pilots were not allowed to disembark. Airplane tracking went blank and Jupiter vanished from the radar.

With no updates on Operacin Wuhan seeping through the media grapevine, the possibility that there could be a diplomatic obstacle in the repatriation process began sinking in, and journalists hounded colleagues: Where is Jpiter?

Then on Thursday, February 27, a thin yellow line appeared on FlightRadar 24, showing Jpiter approaching the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm El Sheik. The Colombian wide-bodied troop carrier had completed half of its mission and was on course to Madrid. Several hours later (after passing over Sicily and Sardegna), Jpiter landed at Torrejn de Ardoz airfield near the Spanish capital, and one official picture was handed-out to the press, none showing, however, what the plane looked inside, nor the faces of passengers.

As the nation welcomed the safe landing of Jpiter, that same Thursday at 10:00 pm, touching down at El Dorado, another Jupiter was about to take to the skies, paws furled around the bars of his metal cage.

An African lion rescued as a cub from an impoverished circus required medical intervention by a team of veterinarians after showing signs of extreme weight loss and fatigue. Housed at the Villa Lorena animal shelter in a suburb of Cali, department of Valle del Cauca, for most of its adult life, Jupiter in 2019 was handed over to a zoo near Monteria, Corboda, because according to conservationists back then, Colombias coastal weather seemed more in keeping with the natural habitat of the animal. Sadly, as often happens with species trafficked in captivity, Jupiter fell into depression, and even though a legal case of neglect is being studied by animal rights groups, the now 19-year lion was flown to Cali to be looked after by Ana Julia Torres of Villa Lorena, his first caregiver.

Even though Jpiter appears to be recovering slowly from stress-related pathology, veterinarians at the Dagma recovery center have stated that the animal is suffering from terminal cancer. We have obtained blood and urine samples, showing that the animal has hemolytic anemia in addition to a serious infection and liver failure, said Delio Orejuela of Dagma.

During one week in which Colombians received loved ones from Wuhan and who have spend the last two weeks in quarantine even the pilots at the Villa Olimpica sporting complex in Bogot, Jupiter, the lion, has his days numbered, but can at least enjoy much-needed compassion from humans.

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The week Colombia saw two "Jpiters" in the sky - The City Paper Bogot

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Staff Writer

Collegecan be stressful and challenging, but being physically active can help studentsprioritize their mental health, academic life and overall well being.

Takingthe stairs to class, riding a bike around Laramie and enlisting a friend formutual workout encouragement are easy, helpful ways to stay active. UW alsooffers opportunities for students to get active, even in the winter. Intramuralsports like billiards, curling, tennis doubles, wrestling, table tennis andeven innertube waterpolo are good options for students.

Exercisingallows our muscles, and our ligaments and our tendons to do some work, and haveour brain focus on the work thats being done Some physical work createsclarity in our mental state, said Jennifer Knerr, a certified athletic trainerwho works in Half Acre.

Shealso recommended the Universitys outdoor program through campus recreation.Students can sign up for fun weekend trips, and those looking for their ownadventures can rent outdoor gear like sleeping bags, bikes or cross countryskis at a discounted rate.

Choosingwhat kind of physical activity depends on personal goals. Knerr encouragedstudents to see a personal trainer in Half Acre to get a better sense of theirgoals or to have a private space to exercise.

TheCenter of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health andHuman Services 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans maintains twogeneral exercise recommendations for adults, including cardio andmuscle-strengthening.

Forcardio, the guidelines suggest getting ones heart rate up with moderate andvigorous intensity aerobic exercise, which will increase the strength of theheart and lungs and increase endurance. Cardio can also help improvecholesterol levels, control blood sugar and maintain weight. A mood boost, anenergy boost and a decrease in stress and anxiety is another benefit of fittingin cardio. The guidelines suggest 150-300 minutes of moderate intensity perweek, and 75-150 minutes of vigorous intensity aerobic activity per week.

Whenit comes to muscle-strengthening, benefits include strengthening bones,managing chronic pain and improving balance. The CDC and Department of Healthand Human Services suggest working all major muscle groups at least twice aweek, by doing weight training for resistance and strength, enduranceexercises, push ups, sit ups or yoga.

DanielleBruns, an assistant professor in the College of Health Sciences, mentioned howphysical activity often drops when students come to college, especiallystudents who were athletes in high school but did not continue to pursue thatin college. Fighting that decline in activity level and making an effort to bephysically healthy can lead to lower depression, higher cognitive ability, amore positive body image and improved self esteem.

Physicalactivity in excess can be dangerous, though. Exercising safely to reduce riskof injury or extreme weight loss, and using it as a healthy coping mechanism isimportant. The US Department of Health and Human Services recommends choosingtypes of physical activity that are appropriate for a persons current fitnesslevel and health goals because some activities are safer than others.

TheDepartment of Health and Human Services also recommends protecting yourself byusing appropriate gear and sports equipment, following rules and policies,choosing safe environments and making sensible choices about when, where andhow to be active. People with chronic conditions and symptoms can consult ahealth care professional or physical activity specialist about the types andamounts of activity appropriate for them.

Adultswith chronic conditions or disabilities, who are able, can also do muscle-strengtheningactivities two or more days a week and avoid inactivity, after consulting ahealthcare professional or physical activity specialist about the types andamounts of activity appropriate for their abilities.

Ultimately,physical activity, in any form, can help busy college students to stay focused,maintain good mental health and have a more positive body image.

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Physical health: The benefits of exercise - The Branding Iron

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The American story hangs on the image of a nation that, when faced by disaster, rolls up its sleeves, rises up, and faces whatever challenges and obstacles destiny serves head-on and together.

But the truth is we'd rather retreat inside our homes. Directly in the wake of 9/11 stories of cocooning abounded, painting America as a country obsessed with home and hearth. Profits for home furnishing chains such as Bed Bath & Beyond rose in the wake of the disaster, and people began equating HGTV with comfort viewing.

This was not some temporary fancy, either. HGTV's ratings ascendance in the early Aughts is a direct result of this visceral desire to feather our nests, paired with a subprime mortgage lending spree that would cause to the 2007 financial crisis.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" debuted on ABC between those formative cataclysms, airing its first episode at the end of 2003 and riding a 10-season wave of popularity that crested in its second, slowly sailing to its ratings nadir in 2013, when it aired its last episode on broadcast television.

At its zenith, during the 2004-2005 TV season, the show was watched by an average of 15.75 million viewers each week, making it the 15th most popular series on television. It also served as family-friendly counterprogramming to disheartening evening news reports about the swelling insurgency in Iraq, an escape hatch from the world's anxieties.

Returning "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" to television in 2020, this time on HGTV, makes sense for a laundry list of reasons.

None matter as much as the series' promise of honest, feel-good, apolitical entertainment at a time when Americans can't agree on anything; when the concept of coming together for a noble cause seems all but dead, and when the looming threat of a coronavirus pandemic changes the concept of hygge into a survival mechanism as opposed to a self-care indulgence.

This reboot, hosted by "Modern Family" star Jesse Tyler Ferguson, is decidedly less ostentatious than the original series that made former host Tyler Pennington a household name and a sex symbol. In some ways, it'smore down to Earth. I'm also guessing the series' current producers are a lot savvier about seeking out certain types of health-related hard-luck stories to exploit for ratings.

In other respects it's the same show that it ever was, presenting the kind of tragic, "there but for the grace of God goI" personal story as currency to be traded in for upgraded floorplans, new furniture, and an array of electronic doodads for the kids. Lest this sound flippant, in this round of the series, the level of each family's need is not in question.

The March 1 episode features Jeff Holtzclaw, a beloved schoolteacher who works with at-risk kids, and his wife Emily. Jeff was hit by a car while riding his motorcycle and nearly died. Although he recovered, doctors had to amputate his leg.

The Holtzclaws and their three daughters are barely making ends meet. The family home is falling apart around them and they don't have the money for accessibility upgrades. The "Extreme Makeover" teams sails to the rescue on its big blue bus, stripping the place down the studs and transforming the entire homeinto a spacious and easily navigable retreat. Tears flow before and after the signature "MOVE! THAT! BUS!" reveal.

Next up on the show, on the March 8 episode, we receive the vicarious swelling of the heart at watching a cancer survivor's childhood home receive a facelift.

Brand promotions still abound in these transformations of rundown domiciles into airy spaces worthy of a House Beautiful spread. Where previously hindered parents can raise their children and spend quality time without feeling cramped.

For the Holtzclaws, the interior expansion was necessary for Jeff's physical well-being and the family's psychological stability. However, once the build is done and the reveal is complete and the cameras leave, we cannot know that this family or other beneficiaries of the show's largesse will enjoy a happily ever after.

And maybe that's the problem with reboots of shows like this one or the returns of its mid-2000s contemporaries "The Biggest Loser" (which returned in January on USA), "Wife Swap" (now in its second season of cable's Paramount) and "Supernanny" (also back, but now on Lifetime). Their recognizable titles guarantee some level of tune in, even though in the years since "The Biggest Loser" left NBC there have been follow-up stories showing how the program's extreme weight loss measures had a negative impact on their contestants' health in the long run.

"Wife Swap" and "Supernanny" are only as detrimental as a viewer finds unscripted conflict to be, and actually, the most recent episodes of each prove that the shows have changed with the times, and for the better. A "Wife Swap" episode featured an anti-feminist biker wife trading places with a fitness influencer who runs her own businesses while her manager husband cares for the house and their two daughters, ends on an unexpectedly uplifting note.

The woman who begins the episode declaring that women should be seen and not heard realizes that in the long run a more equal partnership with her husband may benefit both of them. The biker, a man named Tombstone, concludes that helping with household chores and cooking once in a while might strengthen his bond with his son. (The influencer, meanwhile, launches another business.)

These are intimate, fly-on-the-wall stories dangling the possibility of bridging giant divides that look impassable from a distance. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" answers a real need with a fantasy solution.

But this, too, speaks to the top worries of 2020, that of substandard and unaffordable housing and having a family's finances annihilated by unforeseen health-related disasters.

Stories like that of the Holtzclaw family also makes "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" a counterweight to the rest of HGTV's schedule, a repository of real estate overkill inspired by the success of "House Hunters" another series that was only a couple of years old when September 11, 2001 changed how we see ourselves.

The flood of real estate fantasy shows that "House Hunters" begat transformed the notion of home ownership from an entitlement of the America work ethic to an aspiration fewer people feel they will ever realize. (Case in point: One of the celebrity helpers in Sunday's episode is David Bromstad, host of the channel's "My Lottery Dream Home." )

At the height of the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"popularity on ABC, Americans enjoyed record rates of homeownership, to the tune of 68% of Americans owning their own homes, or 73 million families, according to the Census Bureau. Today's ownership rate is only slightly lower, with the latest Census Bureau data placing it at 65.1%.

But as we're being reminded right now, a lot can happen during a season of television and the "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" model of celebrating of community, philanthropy, and its focus on rewarding good people stuck in a tough patch speaks to that American story that highlights the best in us when the world feels closed and meaner.

The ABC version of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" lasted through Hurricane Katrina, through the worst of the recession and a spiteful presidential election in 2012. Near the end of its run, the ABC property was contending with its own sinkholes as former beneficiaries of the program's inspirational largesse were unable to afford the soaring utility costs, stark increases in their property taxes and other issues that crop up as a result of living in a dream palace shown off to the world on television.

As it turns out, rewarding folks like one kind-hearted, down-on-his-luck chiropractor by transforming his 1,212 square foot home into 4,337-square foot mini-mansion that includes a 10-person capacity jacuzzi creates more financial problems down the road.

Most people don't contemplate such matters. Outwardly, though, the HGTV version appears to have learned from previous mistakes . . . somewhat. Recently the network's senior vice president of program and development Loren Ruch explained to TV reporters that this go-round emphasizes renovating existing properties, creating functionally improved homes on the same footprint.

He also mentioned other financial offsets, such as energy efficient appliances and design or "scholarships to help the children go to school." The HGTV version debuted on Feb. 16, recent enough that any rolling effects these participants might experience may not be immediately apparently or even hit their mailboxes yet. That means we can only take these heartwarming renovation stories inviting neighbors to give neighbors a hand up and out of a crisis at their present face value.

"You deserve this," Ferguson assures a weeping recipient overwhelmed by the community's kindness, and the "Extreme Makeover" corporate-sponsored generosity pitched in to make their homes, be they ever so humble and ramshackle, a little dreamier and easy to live in.

That assurance may not solve these families' problems in the long term. But perhaps for the time being it makes ours feel slightly more manageable.

"Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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We cant just have a lovely season of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days where no one is getting played. There always has to be one unsuspecting person who thinks they have hit the relationship jackpot when really, theyve just been scammed. Last season, it was Ceasar Mack who was being scammed by his foreign lover Maria. And now fans think Yolanda might be headed for a similar fate.

Yolanda wasnt looking for love when she started talking to Williams online. After losing her husband of 30 years, she began an extreme weight loss journey. She was documenting her progress on Instagram when he slid in her dms. At first, Yolanda didnt think that the British man wanted anything romantic with her, but after a while, it became clear that it was more than just a friendship between them.

Yolanda was immediately attracted to Williams good looks.

My boyfriend Williams is from Manchester, England, and hes 40 years old, she said on the season premiere. Hes a restaurant manager, and hes just simply gorgeous.

But despite talking to him four or five times a day, Yolanda has never seen Williams face.

He told me, Yolanda, I dont have a camera, Yolanda said.

Williams does communicate with me with his phone, she told the cameras. But he said the cameras broken, so he can see me, but I cant see him.

One of the things that Yolanda liked most about Williams was his British accent. But when she called him on the phone, fans had some doubts about just how British the accent actually was.

OMGGGG!! Did yall hear Williamss fake a*s British accent??? She really cant believe this sh*t!!!! one fan wrote.

Miss Yolanda that dont even sound like a British accent, one person pointed out.

Yolanda was so genuine from the moment she appeared onscreen that people just wanted to protect her from impending heartbreak.

We must protect Auntie Yolanda at all costs, a viewer wrote. We see you, Williams.

Mostly, people were just concerned with finding Yolanda a real man.

Can Twitter find Yolanda a man??? one fan tweeted. Because I agree she needs a man, and deserves a good man because she seems like a sweet lady. I just hope this catfish thing will be quick and over.

But some still held out hope for Yolanda and Williams relationship.

Ughhhhhh, I feel so bad for Yolanda! another person tweeted. She has gone through a lot and shes looking love and this guy is probably taking advantage of her. I want it to be real, but.

Last season, everyone was convinced that Maria was a catfish after she refused to meet up with Mack. But eventually, TLC was able to catch up with the Ukranian beauty who had been receiving monthly payments from Mack. Though she didnt actually seem to love Mack, she did turn out to be a real person. So, hope is not completely lost when it comes to Yolanda and Williams. She is set to head to England to meet him, so we will have to see how that pans out.

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Celine Dion is often criticized for being too thin. Its been a barb thats been thrown at the star by the tabloids for years. Dion has responded to the attacks with a simple message. There is nothing wrong with her body.

Scary Skinny! Celine Dion Struggling To Keep Going After Extreme Weight Loss, wrote RadarOnline in 2016. It was less than a year after the death of Dions husband, Ren Anglil, and the My Heart Will Go On singer was back on stage and wowing audiences. It was really a moment of triumph for the singer, having to overcome not only Anglils death but the passing of her brother just days after her husband.

The tabloids havent let up, and recently, in an interview with ET, Celine Dion answered her critics. What is wrong with my body? she asked, flexing her bicep. When I was 12 years old, my face was rounder because you have more fat, youre younger, but Ive always been very thin. Still, the singer implies that she takes criticism in stride. If you dont want to be criticized, you are in the wrong place, she says, acknowledging that certain media will take shots at celebrities no matter what.

In an earlier inter with CNN, Dion addressed the same subject. She told the outlet, If I like it, I dont want to talk about it. She said it was about what she wanted, not what others think about her physique. Dion continued, Im doing this for me, I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy. She fires off a final shot, by saying, If you like it, Ill be there, If you dont, leave me alone.

2019 and 2020 have been huge years for the French-Canadian Dion. In January, Celine Dion released her first English-language album since Anglils death, appropriately called Courage. Shes also been on tour supporting the album since late last summer, a tour that extends well into 2020. That doesnt mean the tabloids have backed off, of course.

Around the same time as the ET interview, Dion canceled four concerts due to throat issues. The gossip media, never missing an opportunity to invent a dramatic story, pounced. The Globe published a phony report alleging that Celine Dion was having a titanic breakdown and health crisis. The unreliable outlet quoted what it called pals as saying Dion has been, burning the candle at both ends with flirty calls with rapper Drake and heavy nightclubbing with gay backup dancer Pepe Muoz.

Of course, there were also false claims made about Dions weight as well. The tabloids so-called source said, Shes scarily thin and barely eats. Many fear shes going to come to a crashing halt. None of the allegations were true, as Gossip Cop reported at the time. After vocal rest, Dion was back on tour, and she is still on tour now. There has been no breakdown, even though she tragically lost her mother last month. The show, like her heart, has gone on.

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In recent years, a portion of Friends viewers has argued that the series hasn't aged well, and although some of the evidence is valid, there are even more reasons why Friends is timeless. Friends originally debuted in the mid-'90s, butthe show has since found new life from syndication and streaming services. Many of those who watched the show during its first run still watch reruns while the next generation jumped on the bandwagon thanks to its binge-watching popularity.

Friends primarily focused on six people - Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston), Monica Geller (Courtney Cox), Ross Geller (David Schwimmer), Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow), and Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc) - as they tackled life as twenty-somethings in New York City. Each character had ample screentime over the course of the decade-long sitcom while the group went on to enter their thirties. Even though some characters were more well-liked than others, as a group, they instantly won over the public.

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Friends debuted in 1994 and ran for 10 seasons before concluding in 2004. The NBC sitcom, created by Marta Kauffman andDavid Crane,has since made its way on several lists highlighting the best TV shows of all-time. It's no question that Friends has succeeded in longevity, which explains why so many loyal fans continue to have interest in a reboot. That may never happen, but the cast is returning for a reunion special on HBO Max in the near future. The question remains, however, if Friends' legacy is tarnished because of certain aspects having aged poorly.

It's not a secret that elements from Friends haven't aged too well in the years since the sitcom ended. There's no arguing that certain episodes and overall themes feature some cringeworthy moments. This has led many newcomers or those who may have revisited the comedy to question the quality of Friends and whether it's still relevant to today's world. When looking back on the 10-season sitcom, viewers seem to point out a handful of problematic storylines.

The mostfrequently cited factor when discussing whether or not Friends has aged badly is the running gag of "Fat Monica." Throughout the series, Monica's extreme weight loss and how she turned her life around after her physical transformation has been a focal point to show. During flashbacks to when Monica was a teen, actress Courtney Cox would wear a "fat suit" as a comedic portrayal of the overweight version of her past self. She would then be the target of jokes until she got the last laugh after losing the weight.

Similar to the Monica situation, Friends seemed to have underlying tones of homophobia and being anti-trans, especially when it came to Chandler's cross-dressing father. Gay characters and other members of the LGBT community were often presented as taboo or another tool used to stir up jokes when interacting with the main cast. Speaking of the main cast, there was a lack of diversity among the key six that still doesn't sit well with viewers. New York City is one of the most diverse cities in the world, so it brings up the argument of whythe writers developed characters who were strictly white and straight.

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While all of the poorly aged factors in Friendsare compelling, it's also important to remember that the series was a product of the early '90s. With the case of many shows, specifically when it comes to sitcoms, not every detail within the plot will be politically correct. A lot has changed on a cultural level since Friends premiered in 1994, and the same can be said from the time the series ended in 2004. Thankfully, as a whole, society has progressed on many levels, and even though the '90s don't seem too long ago, it can be a lifetime in the age of TV.

Many discussions involving sexuality, gender, or race may seem commonplace today, but in the '90s, a lot of topics were still considered taboo. A gay kiss between two males wasn't even featured on primetime TV until 1998 with That '70s Show. TV still had a lot of work to do to normalize differences in representation, but a lot of it had to do with what networks allowed at the time. Sadly, it took time for inclusivity.

Even Friends creators,Kauffman and Crane, regret several storylines that were featured in their series, including the representation of Chandler's transgender father. The creators have been outspoken about never taking into account that Friends would have such a long-lasting legacy. They never expected people to still be watching and talking about 15 or even 20 years later. There are certainly a lot of elements and jokes they would have liked to take back or adapt to today's expectations.

Although it's easy to look at what hasn't aged well on Friends, in several ways, the sitcom was ahead of its time. The most significant example stems from how the series portrayed the female characters. The lives of Rachel, Phoebe, and Monica were major focal points of the sitcom, but it was the latter's development in the early stages that proved the show had the power to be progressive. In the pilot episode, Monica slept with a man on their first date. Thehead of NBC at the time, Don Meyer, worried that fans would be turned off by Monica's promiscuous behavior. Instead, the audience members responded that they liked Monica even more and the network shouldn't slut-shame a main cast member.

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It wasn't common for female characters to be portrayed as having casual sex in the world of '90s sitcom TV. Shows used men to face the dating world with that type of comfortable sexuality, so it was refreshing for viewers to see a gender-reversal of that trope. Each female character also had hopes and dreams when it came to their respective careers rather than just focusing on settling down with a family. Friends also proved that women could have strong friendships and not just be rivals vying for a man.

On the surface, there are still many themes within Friends that remain relatable. Viewers could probably admit that they've struggled with life after college or entering adulthood when it comes to dating, friendships, and careers. Those trialsand tribulations were primary storylines within the series and something that a large portion of society can relate to. The comedy in the series was meant to lighten the hardshipsor to show that even the worst of situations wasn't the end of the world.

Due to this relatability, Friends can still be considered timeless. For this reason, the series continues to be influential to the world of sitcoms and storytelling. Several shows that came after used the Friends formula as a starting pointincludingHow I Met Your Mother. An ensemble of pals living in an exciting place while facing certain struggles is a vague plot to countless series and movies. It's certainly okay to question what no longer works for Friends, but it's impossible to deny why it stillresonates for many.

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Dragon Ball Super May Have Set Up Cell's Return

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