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Diet culture has led to some dangerous ways to supposedly help people to lose weight, and this one is one of more extreme examples of that: researchers in New Zealand and the United Kingdom say they are fighting the obesity epidemic by locking peoples jaws shut.

Theyve come up with a magnetic contraption that is installed in the mouth; the goal of the device is to restrict its wearers to a liquid-only diet. In case the user has a panic attack or chokes, rest easy because there is an emergency key to unlock it.

Paul Brunton, lead researcher of New Zealands University of Otagos study said ina news release Monday (June 28) that the device helps kick-start the dieting process.

It is a non-invasive, reversible, economical and attractive alternative to surgical procedures, Brunton said. The fact is, there are no adverse consequences with this device.

Per the Washington Post, nutrition and eating disorder experts disagree with these claims. Deanne Jade, founder and principal of the U.K.s National Centre for Eating Disorders, said the device is like a return to the Dark Ages.

This is very, very dangerous, Jade said. Any extreme weight loss device any of these strategies run the risk of harm unless youre working with someone who is fully trained to deal with all these issues that can arise from it.

Tom Quinn, director of external affairs for eating disorder charity Beat, said in a statement that the lockjaw device is incredibly concerning.

It also completely oversimplifies the issue of obesity, reduces the process of weight loss to a question of compliance and willpower and ignores the many complex factors involved, which may include eating disorders, Quinn said.

Chelsea Kronengold, associate director of communications for the National Eating Disorders Association, called the apparatus, which is cemented to wearers molars, barbaric.

What did these people gain from this? asked Joan Salge Blake, a nutrition professor at Boston University. Salge Blake said her gut reaction was that this was a fat-shaming tactic.

The study compared the device to the practice of jaw-wiring, which was popular in the 80s but fell out of favor as patients developed gum disease and psychiatric conditions. The researchers said this new implement avoided several of jaw-wirings pitfalls.

Participants reported occasional discomfort and feeling that life in general was less satisfying during the study. This is literally saying that people would rather live a less satisfying life in a smaller body than have a full and satisfying life in a larger or fat body, Kronengold said. And that is weight stigma in a summary.

Folks on Twitter were also against the use of the device, with many calling it a torture device:

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This Device Locks Your Jaw Shut In The Name Of Weight Loss -

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Angela Deem has lost a significant amount of weight Pic credit: TLC

Angela Deems weight loss journey has been a huge part of this latest season of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? and while the 55-year-old meemaw is looking better than she ever has, many want to know just how much weight shes lost.

And while the exact number still isnt known, a recent share from an official 90 Day Fiance account gave us a good idea of how huge of a kickstart she got through surgery and even gave us an up-close look at her after body.

90 Day Fiance fans who arent completely over Angela Deem yet have been watching her shrink literally in front of our eyes. Each week that we tune in, she seemingly gets smaller and in real-time, we know shes even smaller yet.

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But this journey hasnt been an easy one for the reality star, who had weight loss surgery and a breast reduction all at the same time and then continued to get work done, having an apparent facelift and even lip injections.

And Id have to say yup Repost from @morebiggyAnyone else spacey today? #tlc #happilyeverafter #90dayfiance #petty #pettymemes #beforethe90days #tlc #tlcnetwork #tlcmemes # #memequeen #90dayfiance #90daysfiance #90dayfiancememes #90dayfiancebeforethe90days #90dayfiancetheotherway #realitytv #realitytvmemes #memes #dailymemes ...

Angelas makeover has been extreme. In fact, shes downright unrecognizable in the photo below.

The official 90 Day Fiance TikTok account shared a new video of Angela Deem. In it, shes showing off her weight loss, telling viewers that she managed to drop 40 pounds in the first five weeks.

With her bare belly showing, Angela turns and poses in the mirror, checking out her much slimmer figure. Here comes sexy meemaw, she tells the camera after pulling on a bright pink hoodie.

Based on what we saw in the video, its clear that Angela has lost even more weight than that. After all, this was just a 5-week update and now, its been months since the 90 Day Fiance stars surgery took place.

At this point, Angela has lost closer to 100 pounds since having her first surgery and she is looking very slim, as you can see in this other TikTok video where she dances along to a Sia song with her granddaughter.

One person who doesnt seem to be a fan of Angela Deems extreme weight loss would be her husband Michael Ilesanmi. He begged Angela not to have the work done, worried about finances and her well-being.

Now, hes been blasted by Angela for not being supportive and shes even threatened to divorce him. Only time will tell if she stays with her Nigerian husband or if the two do end up calling it quits.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem shows off results of weight loss surgery How much did she really lose? - Monsters and Critics

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DUBLIN--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For Graves Disease Awareness Month in July, Horizon Therapeutics plc (Nasdaq: HZNP) is teaming up with world-renowned track star and three-time Olympic gold medalist Gail Devers, who has been living with Graves disease and symptoms of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED) for more than 30 years. Horizon and Devers are collaborating with The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, the Graves Disease and Thyroid Foundation and Prevent Blindness to help people living with Graves disease FOCUS on their eye health.

Up to half of people living with Graves disease may develop TED a serious, progressive and vision-threatening rare autoimmune disease that causes symptoms including eye bulging, double vision and debilitating pain behind the eyes.1,2 Although TED is related to Graves disease, it requires specialized treatment separate from Graves. Spotting the signs and symptoms of TED early can help decrease the chances of serious damage to vision and appearance of the eyes.3

I struggled with life-changing symptoms for more than two years before I got answers which is why Im passionate about raising awareness today, so others dont have to put their dreams on hold like I did, said Devers. But even since my Graves disease diagnosis thirty years ago, it wasnt until recently that I found out that my eye bulging, pain and constant irritation may be caused by a separate disease. I now know they could be associated with Thyroid Eye Disease and I hope my story will inspire others to know their risk and take action.

This initiative was created to bring attention, education and resources to people who are at risk for TED, including:

Gails perseverance throughout her health struggles is amazing, and a tremendous example to anyone who is facing what may seem like unsurmountable odds, said Matt Flesch, vice president, communications and patient advocacy, Horizon. Her story is a testament to the power of being your own advocate and we hope that together, we can empower others with the education and support they need when navigating the life-changing challenges caused by Thyroid Eye Disease.

People who are living with Graves disease are encouraged to pay attention to changes in their eyes and visit a TED specialist such as a neuro-ophthalmologist or an oculoplastic surgeon to get a comprehensive eye exam. To find a nearby TED specialist, visit

About Gail Devers

Gail Devers is a world-renowned track star and three-time Olympic gold medalist who has been living with Graves disease and symptoms of TED for more than 30 years. After a harrowing two-and-a-half-year quest for answers, she was diagnosed with Graves disease in 1990, just two years before winning her first Olympic gold medal. Her journey back to the track was nothing short of remarkable as she suffered near career-ending symptoms, including extreme weight loss, fatigue, and insomnia. She also had symptoms of TED including eye pain, dryness, irritation and bulging eyes. In her decorated 25-year track career that followed, Gail has been recognized as a five-time Olympian, back-to-back 100m Olympic champion, three-time 100m hurdles world champion, and inductee of both the National Track and Field and the United States Olympic Halls of Fame.

About Graves Disease

Graves disease is an autoimmune disease that causes the thyroid gland to produce excess thyroid hormones.2 These hormones control a variety of bodily functions, from metabolism and breathing, to heart rate, body temperature and cognitive emotions.5 Common symptoms of Graves disease include anxiety, tremors, heat sensitivity, weight loss, hair loss, change in menstrual cycle and irregular heartbeat.2,6

About Thyroid Eye Disease

TED is a serious, progressive and vision-threatening rare autoimmune disease.4 While TED often occurs in people living with hyperthyroidism or Graves disease, it is a distinct disease that is caused by autoantibodies activating an IGF-1R-mediated signaling complex on cells within the retro-orbital space.7.8 This leads to a cascade of negative effects, which may cause long-term damage to the eyes. As TED progresses, the serious damage it can cause includes proptosis (eye bulging), strabismus (misalignment of the eyes) and diplopia (double vision) and in some cases can lead to blindness.9,10 Additional information on TED can be found on

About The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association

The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association is the nations only nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing a national focus to autoimmunity as a category of disease and a major womens health issue, promoting public awareness, patient education and support, advocacy, and collaborative research efforts to promote better treatments and a cure for all autoimmune diseases. For more information, visit Follow us on social media: Facebook (, Twitter (@AARDATweets), Instagram (@autoimmune_diseases), and YouTube (

About The Graves Disease and Thyroid Foundation

The Graves Disease and Thyroid Foundation (GDATF) is the leading source of help and hope for people with Graves disease and other thyroid related disorders. The organization provides education and support for patients, family members, caregivers, friends and healthcare professionals. GDATF has helped thousands of patients better understand the symptoms and treatment programs for Graves' disease. The Foundation is a 501 C(3) tax-exempt non-profit international charitable organization. For more information, visit and find us on Twitter (@GDATF), Facebook and Instagram.

About Prevent Blindness

Founded in 1908, Prevent Blindness is the nation's leading volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight. Focused on promoting a continuum of vision care, Prevent Blindness touches the lives of millions of people each year through public and professional education, advocacy, certified vision screening and training, community and patient service programs and research. These services are made possible through the generous support of the American public. Together with a network of affiliates, Prevent Blindness is committed to eliminating preventable blindness in America. For more information, visit us at, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Horizon

Horizon is focused on the discovery, development and commercialization of medicines that address critical needs for people impacted by rare, autoimmune and severe inflammatory diseases. Our pipeline is purposeful: we apply scientific expertise and courage to bring clinically meaningful therapies to patients. We believe science and compassion must work together to transform lives. For more information on how we go to incredible lengths to impact lives, please visit and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.



Lazarus JH. Epidemiology of Graves orbitopathy (GO) and relationship with thyroid disease. Best Pract Res Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2012;26(3):273-279.


Smith TJ, Hegeds L. Graves disease. N Engl J Med. 2016;375(16):1552-1565.


Bothun ED, Scheurer RA, Harrison AR, Lee MS. Update on thyroid eye disease and management. Clin Ophthalmol. 2009;3:543-51.


Barrio-Barrio J, Sabater AL, Bonet-Farriol E, Velazquez-Villoria A, Galofre JC. Graves Ophthalmopathy: VISA versus EUGOGO Classification, Assessment, and Management. Journal of Ophthalmology. 2015:1-16.


About Graves Disease. Graves Disease & Thyroid Foundation. Accessed June 17, 2020.


Graves Disease. National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases. Accessed June 17, 2020.


Weightman DR, et al. Autoantibodies to IGF-1 Binding Sites in Thyroid Associated Ophthalmopathy. Autoimmunity. 1993;16(4):251-257.


Pritchard J, et al. Immunoglobulin Activation of T Cell Chemoattractant Expression in Fibroblasts from Patients with Graves Disease Is Mediated Through the Insulin-Like Growth Factor 1 Receptor Pathway. J Immunol. 2003;170:6348-6354.


Bartalena L, et al. The 2016 European Thyroid Association/European Group on Graves' Orbitopathy Guidelines for the Management of Graves' Orbitopathy. Eur Thyroid J. 2016;5(1):9-26.


McKeag D, et al. Clinical Features of Dysthyroid Optic Neuropathy: a European Group on Graves' Orbitopathy (EUGOGO) survey. Br J Ophthalmol. 2007;91:455-458.

Gail Devers, Three-Time Olympic Gold Medalist, Partners with the Graves' Community to FOCUS on Thyroid Eye Disease - Business Wire

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Facebook is allowing businesses to advertise to children as young as 13 who express an interest in smoking, extreme weight loss and gambling for as little as $3, research by the lobby group Reset Australia has found.

The organisation, which is critical of digital platforms, set up a Facebook page and advertising account under the name Ozzie news network to see what ad options Facebook would provide through its Ads Manager platform.

While Facebook will not allow the advertising of alcohol and other age-inappropriate content to people under 18, it does not prevent advertisers from targeting children determined by Facebooks profile to have an interest in alcohol, for advertising that might not appear explicitly to be about those topics.

Facebook offered the page the ability to advertise to approximately 740,000 Australian children aged between 13 and 17, but then when the group refined the advertising by interest, found that, just as for those aged over 18, they were able to advertise to teens under 18 with interests in alcohol, smoking and vaping, gambling, extreme weight loss, fast foods and online dating services.

To advertise to 52,000 teenagers interested in alcohol would cost $3.03, while getting to 14,000 teens interested in gambling would cost $11.24, or to fewer than 1,000 teens interested in cigarettes or electronic cigarettes would cost between $138.50 and $210.97.

The organisation then tested it out by getting a number of ads mentioning winning prizes, or cocktails, or asking teens if they were summer ready approved for advertising to those targeted demographics. The ads were ultimately never sent out.

Reset Australia has called on the federal government to develop a code regulating how data about young people can be collected and used, saying there should be express consent from children and parents, and full transparency over how the data is used, with only necessary data collected.

Facebook appears to use teenagers data in the same way as adults, said Chris Cooper, executive director of Reset Australia. This opens a can of worms about just how Facebook profits from underage data, and exactly what protection they have against inappropriate targeting.

Should a 13-year-old who lists their single status be getting targeted ads for a sugar daddy dating service? Should a 15-year-old profiled as interested in alcohol see ads that suggest cocktail recipes based on their parents alcohol cabinet? Do we want 16-year-olds to have ads about gambling or political extremism targeted at them?

Facebook reviews every ad before it goes live but a spokesperson said in a statement ads could also be reviewed after they run, and would need to be compliant with local laws.

Keeping young people safe across Facebook and Instagram is vital, the spokesperson said. We have significant measures in place to review all ads before and after they run, including automated systems and human reviewers.

Anyone advertising on our platforms must comply with our policies along with all local laws and codes, such as those restricting the advertising of alcohol to minors in Australia. To support this, we also have age restriction tools that all businesses can implement on their accounts themselves to control who sees their content.

On Tuesday Apple rolled out the latest update to its iOS software for iPhones and iPads, which allows users to opt out of apps like Facebook tracking people across the internet, limiting the data the company can collect for the purpose of developing profiles for advertising.

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Facebook allows advertisers to target children interested in smoking, alcohol and weight loss - The Guardian

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Karam Prakash

Tribune News Service

Patiala, April 27

The two ETT teachers, who have been protesting atop a mobile tower for about 38 days, have developed a skin condition. The health of both teachers is said to have been deteriorating. The teachers, in a video message, said their skin had turned dead due to the lack of proper food.

Talking to The Tribune over the phone, Surinder Pal, one of the protesting teachers, said: Our health is deteriorating. Come what may, we will not climb down until the government hands us appointment letters.

Another teacher, Harjeet Mansa, said: We will not come down until our demands are met. The teachers said they (teachers) had eaten food provided by the district administration last week. Since then, they had not eaten anything, they said.

Meanwhile, experts said changes in the skin of the two teachers might be a result of emaciation (extreme weight loss and unnatural thinness due to a loss of subcutaneous fat). The doctors said it could also be due to a lack of nutrients.

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ETT teachers atop mobile tower develop skin condition - The Tribune

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Lets get one thing straight; trying to lose weight fast is not usually a good idea. With that said, there are times when it is necessary. If you have the time, it is better to develop a meal plan for extreme weight loss and focus on long term sustainability.

The reason is simple. Do it slower, and youll stand more chance of keeping the weight off, which must be your long term aim.

Dont forget that as with any type of weight loss or even a muscle-building program, youll do much better if you have the support of a friend or partner.

But, if you adopt a meal plan for extreme weight loss, you'll need to spend a little time thinking about what and how much youre going to eat. You should at least have a good idea of the types of foods you should be eating and how many calories they have per serving.

Having a meal plan for extreme weight loss allows you to control the rate of loss without the weight reduction taking over your life. Of course, that wont stop you wanting to shout about it as the weight starts to disappear!

Losing weight too fast can also mean having to deal with excess skin, as it hasn't had the opportunity to shrink with you.

The health issues that come with being overweight far outweigh the risks associated with extreme weight loss.

The good news is that extreme weight loss doesn't even have to present a risk, providing youre happy to do it at a healthy pace. This will also allow you to create healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

The first step in developing a meal plan for extreme weight loss is to understand what foods you should be eating and which you need to avoid.

Here are some of the best foods to be eating if youre hoping to lose weight:

This isn't the complete list of best foods to eat to lose weight, but its enough to show you that your diet can be varied and food can still be enjoyable.

Intermittent fasting is the practice of not eating. The idea is to only eat within a planned period of time, extending the period of the day you don't eat.

Instead, your body will burn fat inside your fat cells, boosting your weight loss achievements. However, it should be noted that starving your body for too long will encourage it to store fat.

Check out this guide to intermittent fasting before you get started.

But, one burger will not offer all the nutrition you need. If you dont get the right nutrients, then your body will stop working so efficiently.It is important to be aware of your daily nutrition requirements. Being aware will help to ensure your meals are balanced and healthy. Of course, you can use supplements for specific vitamins or minerals. But, this should not be seen as a way of getting all the nutrition you need.

There are several extra things you can do to help ensure you stick to your meal plan for extreme weight loss and really achieve your goals:

It doesn't matter how overweight you are; you can start exercising. Simply push the limits of what your body can currently do. If a walk to the end of your garden path leaves you exhausted, then do it every day, and youll soon be going further.

The key is to commit 30 minutes a day in your diary and then do as much exercise as you can in that time; you should feel exhausted afterward! At least youll know youre giving it 100%; youll be surprised at how quickly you feel the benefits.

Dont forget to enlist a friend. Its much easier to stick to an exercise schedule if there are two or more of you doing it!

Dont forget, variety and support are key. You can try out the free 1-day meal plan to help show you the other food options available. You should also join the FF30X program; it will give you the support and the accountability youre going to need to succeed.

Losing weight is possible. Adopting the meal plan for extreme weight loss just makes it easier to stick to a plan and achieve your goal. It doesn't matter if it takes you a month, or a year; you can be the man you want to be.

Your new friend & health coach,

Stuart gained his Diploma in Personal Training & Sports Medicine through Premier Global, back in 2001. In 2018, he completed his Level 1 Precision Nutrition qualification.

Throughout his career in Fitness, Stuart has trained hundreds of clients, worked in almost every position in the industry, and ran his own successful training studio.

After a hiatus away from the Fitness industry, working in Corporate Management and Finance, Stuart returned to what he loves Fitness! This return led to a chance meeting with Dr. Balduzzi, and a place in the Fit Father Project team.

Brotherhood Nickname: The Fit Brit

Bragging Rights: 18 Years in the fitness industry, Author of The Easy Fitness Guide', Father of 4 boys and Husband to a Venezuelan beauty.

*Please know that weight loss results & health changes/improvements vary from individual to individual; you may not achieve similar results. Always consult with your doctor before making health decisions. This is not medical advice simply very well-researched info on creating a meal plan for extreme weight loss.

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What is the Best Meal Plan for Extreme Weight Loss?

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Lisa and Paul did not realise how much the weight they had put on until they saw themselves on camera.

Security supervisor Paul, 47, said: We watched ourselves on TV and were shocked. We said some of the timber needed to go, and we werent talking about the house we had just bought!

Macmillan nurse Lisa, 49, battled breast cancer prior to filming the show in 2019. She said: I knew I had struggled with my weight since the chemotherapy but seeing us both looking like that on screen made me know we had to do something.

The mum of three told the Daily Star: We both looked at each other and said, Oh my word, something has to change here.

On the show, the Barnsley couple were searching for a holiday home in Spain to visit with their three children and seven grandchildren.

Presenter Jasmine Harman was overwhelmed with the emotional reason behind the couples property search when Lisa revealed her cancer battle. Paul said on the show: This means everything to us. Before Lisa got cancer I used to worry about the trivial things, but, what is the point. If we have been through that we can get through anything cant we.

READ MORE:Weight loss: One woman lost 12 stone with diet plan change

Lisa continued: We didnt think when I was having my treatment, that we would ever get to a point like this. This is everything that we have been dreaming about.

They found themselves a stunning 72,500, three-bedroom bungalow on the Costa Blanca and were excited to watch the episode they were starring in three months later. However, the excitement turned to shock when they were disheartened by the way they looked.

After the show aired, the couple were motivated to join Weight Watchers. They cut junk food out of their diet and incorporated exercise into their lifestyle.

It comes as one woman lost a staggering 12 stone following a healthy diet plan.

Donna Griffiths, from Cardigan Bay, revealed that she dropped the weight after joining her local slimming club and educating herself on healthy eating.

She also used Spicentice spice kits to recreate healthier versions of her favourite takeaway meals.

Now, she has gone from a size 22 to comfortably fitting in a size 10.

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A Place In The Sun couples extreme weight loss after seeing themselves on camera - Express

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Posted on February 8, 2021 at 2:42 pm

Kathryn Dennis admittedly made a mistake when she got into a DM argument with a Black radio host while reportedly defending a friend, last summer.

The Southern Charmstar made headlines after she sent a monkey emoji to the radio personality during the online back and forth, and only dug herself in deeper when she commented about the woman using her minority platform. Kathryn recently spoke to ET about how she plans to go forward, amid a commitment to change.

I think it would be really cool to see someone who did have to realize that they very much had white privilege and then turn that into the other side,Kathryn told the outlet in a phone interview. Once you realize that, what do you do with it? Thats where Im at, and Im working on it.

This is not me saying what I did was OK, or any of that,she noted. Its just acknowledgingI made a mistakeand, yeah, I didnt really have to grow up thinking about these types of things or having difficult conversations like this. I know that speaks to my privilege, but thats why I say this was a wakeup call for me.

The Season 8 cast of Southern Charm has not yet been confirmed, but Kathrynshared that she felt good about where she left things at the conclusion of Season 7.

Things are bigger than you and sometimes you just have to accept the humility that you have to learn, Kathryn told reunion host, Andy Cohen, during Thursdays reunion episode.

Kathryn Dennis has committed to following up her words with action. Kathryn got a lesson on white privilege during filming season, as the Black Lives Movement surged, after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Kathryn shared that her relationship with her boyfriend, Chleb Ravenell, who is black, has allowed her to view the world past her bubble. The duo began their relationship after the scandal broke, but had previously spent time together. They became official after the social media drama went down.

Being around Chleb and his friends and his family that are, honestly, mostly Black, Ive learned the way they do things and move [in the world], and the conversations they have amongst each other, and the struggle,Kathryn explained. Theres really no class you can take about this matter, you know? Just experience.

Kathryn shared that while her learning curve has been difficult, she wouldnt go back and change anything.

Itsbeen a long road, but I wouldnt go back on anything,the reality star said. Not just in the last year, but in the last eight years. Everything led me to the place Im at now, which is really good, and moving forward, I feel like Im a better person, so I cant be anything but thankful.

Id like people to know that Im truly sorry for what happened, she added. Im obviously very ashamed of what happened and what went down. I know better. I know better, now I do.

Kathryn addressed the common fan belief that the old Kathryn had returned during Season 7, after two years of supposed growth.

Theres no such thing as the old Kathryn or the new Kathryn,'she declared. Im learning just who Kathryn is and, unfortunately, friends and the people around you dont always stick around whenever youre growing, you know,? Instead, they want to jump on your mistakes and say that youre returning to old behaviors, but Im never going to ever let that get me down.

Kathryn confirmed that she remains close with Danni Baird, and friendly with Leva Bonaparte, but admitted that she had lost friends along the way. She shared that she hoped to face conflict head on in the future, amid a focus forward.

It made me realize I needed to speak up for myself and I needed to face controversy, and its not an option in life,she confessed. Its not always an option of whether or not you want to do something, Ive realized. Its the right thing to do, for my life. Not just for my emotional stability.

Kathryn revealed that she was depressed for 6-8 months in the wake of the turmoil, and blames stress for her extreme weight loss. She now works out with her beau, with a focus on health and structure. She labeled the scandal kick in the butt I needed, and wants to further the discussion on white privilege, if shes asked to return to the series.

The shows just been a great platform to do a lot of growth on, and if I come back it would be to just show positivity and moving in the right direction,she said. This whole thing really opened my eyes to how much growth I did have left to do. I really think its easy for people to say, or assume in their life, that they know everything they need to know and theyre fine and they got it, but this really opened my eyes to the reality of no, we dont all understand every single thing and thats OK, and life is all about continuing to learn.

Fans would get a peek into Kathryns romance with Chleb, if shes in the mix when Southern Charm picks back up.

Chlebis just real,Kathryn said. He knows Im not the person who sent that text. He plays everything really cool, which helped me get my confidence back to come back into the public eye and be able to apologize and face it head on, honestly. Hes going through a lot, too he gets a lot of mean messages, too, so weve had to really lean on each other throughout all of this, but luckily hes been helping me and Ive been helping him, with having it through the lens of reality TV on top of that.

He was thrown out there, and its unfortunate that it had to be watched by the world, but at the same time it was good for us,she added, noting that she quit reading feedback on her social media, after some followers fired racist venom in her comment sections.

Kathryn confirmed that she definitely sees a future with Chleb, who is best pals with the two young children she shares with Thomas Ravenel, Kensie and Saint.

We fight like a normal couple, but with every fight theres a lot more understanding that comes from it, you know?she said. And I feel that Ive become much more of an adult through this experience and so has he. I definitely feel like were building a really great future together. Not just a future, were building a great one.

Watch bonus episode, Southern Charm: Secrets Revealed, on Thursday, at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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Kathryn Dennis Acknowledges Her White Privilege & Plans to Use It! - All About The Tea

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The government has accepted its medicine advisory bodys recommendation that the diet pill 2,4-Dinitrophenol (DNP) be classified as a regulated poison.

There have beengrowing concerns over deaths related to the diet pill with healthcare professionals, including pharmacists, being called on to play their part in raising awareness and preventing DNP-related harm.

In a letter to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs, the Home Office wrote that it will consult this year on possible amendments to the Poisons Act 1972 aiming to add DNP to the list of regulated poisons.

This would mean that DNP could only be sold legitimately to a member of the public by a registered pharmacist, and then only to someone with a licence issued by the Home Office.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has welcomed the move of the Home Office on adding DNP to the list of regulated poisons.

RPS chief scientist Gino Martini said: We welcome the Governments recognition of the threat of inappropriate supply via online market places and hope that given their acceptance of the ACMDs recommendations, they take immediate steps to delist DNP products rather than wait for legislative change.

DNP is an industrial chemical, unfit for human consumption and individuals who sell it as a weight loss aid have already caused far too many deaths, harm and heartache for families across the country. Their only aim is to exploit and profit from people with weight loss issues.

We will respond to this consultation and hope to see DNP included as a poison under the 1972 Act as quickly as possible to help prevent further harm to vulnerable individuals.

DNP is an industrial chemical unfit for human consumption which is marketed illegally online to often vulnerable people to promote extreme weight loss. There have been at least 21 deaths related to DNP since 2013.

It is a yellow powder usually made into tablet or capsule form before being sold via websites, social media accounts, and via people at the gym.

The Home Office has said that it has worked with departments across government to tackle the use of DNP.

If you want to share your stories and/or experiences with us, please send an email to [emailprotected]

See the rest here:
Diet pill DNP to be classified as regulated poison - Latest Pharmacy News | Business | Magazine - Pharmacy Business

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The worst thing about owning a dog is knowing that he will likely die before you. If you love an old or ill dog, you have likely worried about when it will be "time" and how you will know. There are many signs that you can watch for that signal that your dog's body is wearing out, and you can evaluate his quality of life from the comfort of home.

Many of these signs are also symptoms of treatable illnesses. If your dog is showing even one troubling change, a veterinary visit is in order to have him examined, especially if he had been doing well up to that point. Based on the exam and any diagnostics that are performed, your veterinarian can help guide you as to whether your dog's condition is treatable or if he has more significant challenges.

Conditions such as diabetes mellitus, kidney failure, liver failure, cancer, and heart failure often plague senior dogs. These diseases can often be treated when caught early, but as your dog ages and his illness progresses his condition may worsen. Multiple diseases occurring at the same time can cause increased discomfort and make treatment more difficult.

Weight loss is very common in senior dogs and will start well before the end of life. Part of this is a normal aspect of the aging process: as the dog gets older, his body becomes less efficient at digesting protein, which causes him to lose muscle mass. Feeding a diet with higher levels of easily digestible protein can help to slow this process.

Illness can also cause weight loss, either due to a poor appetite from not feeling well or due to increased strain on the body. Cachexia is the extreme weight loss experienced by cancer patients. Cancer cells use a lot of energy as they endlessly reproduce and spread, and this demand for energy can lead to the breakdown of your dog's fat stores and muscles.

Weight loss often accelerates as the dog ages or becomes more ill, even if he is still eating full meals.

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Senior dogs sleep a lot. As your dog nears the end of his life, he will sleep more and more and will tire more easily. He may also opt to stay home on his dog bed instead of going on walks and outings like he used to.

As your dog's body ages his muscles and nerves stop functioning as well as they used to. Between the loss of muscle mass and the malfunction of proprioceptive nerves, his coordination will decline. He may struggle with steps and navigating obstacles, or slip on non-carpeted surfaces. Some dogs stumble or have trouble placing their feet correctly when walking. These signs are usually progressive, with only mild periodic bumbles at first that slowly become more frequent and more severe. Some dogs may also experience involuntary muscle twitching.

You can help your dog by providing non-slip surfaces for him to walk on and using a harness or sling to support him when walking and going outside to eliminate. Ramps can be helpful for navigating stairs and getting on and off furniture, but act as a spotter in case he loses his balance and falls off a narrow ramp.

Incontinence, or loss of control of the bladder and/or bowels, is a fairly common occurrence in senior dogs. This can occur for a variety of reasons that may be completely treatable (for example, urinary incontinence due to a urinary tract infection).

Some dogs may pee or poop in their sleep, while others may dribble urine or even defecate as they walk without seeming to notice. Incontinence can be upsetting for our dogs because they naturally don't want to soil the house. Be compassionate and never scold your dog for these accidents, as that will only increase his distress. More frequent trips outside and some medications can help. Incontinence will often worsen as your dog nears the end of his life.

Decreased mobility is a common symptom of aging and will steadily get worse. This may be due to pain from arthritis or other old injuries, loss of muscle mass causing a decrease in strength, or unsureness because of declining vision. Changes in mobility often start off subtly, with the dog trotting after a ball instead of running, then gradually progress to not being able to jump on furniture or into the car, struggling with stairs, and having trouble getting up after a nap.

You can help your dog by making sure food and water bowls are easily accessible and using a sling or harness to help him in and out of the house. He may need a boost to help get up. Eventually, he may be unable to maintain a standing position at all and may struggle to walk.

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD) is very similar to dementia in humans. Early signs of CCD include pacing at night, fussiness, and irritability. As it progresses, your dog may seem to get lost in the house and yard or not to know who you are. Be especially careful when waking a sleeping dog with CCD, as they may nip or snap when distrubed if they don't know where they are or what is happening.

Dogs can show a variety of behavioral changes when they are dying. The exact changes will vary from dog to dog, but the key is that they are changes.

Some dogs will become restless, wandering the house and seeming unable to settle or get comfortable. Others will be abnormally still and may even be unresponsive. Your dog's sleeping patterns may change. He may become cranky and difficult to handle, either due to pain or disorientation.

Some dogs seek out the comfort and company of their humans to the point of clinginess, while others become more solitary and seek quiet corners to be alone. Some dogs seem to know when they are about to die and wander off to a secluded location in the house or yard for their final moments.

Water is extremely important for your dog's health. As he ages or becomes more ill he may lose interest in his water bowl. Try adding water to his food or feeding a canned diet to increase his moisture intake.

Giving water via an oral syringe or squirt bottle (always use a fresh bottle that has never had cleaning products in it) may be appropriate in some cases, but do so carefully. Aim your dog's muzzle downward and only squirt a small amount of water into his mouth at a time. Forcing too much water into his mouth can cause the water to go down his trachea and into his lungs, causing choking and even aspiration pneumonia. Your dog should swallow automatically in response to the water on his tongue. Loss of the swallow reflex is a very bad sign.

As your dog's body wears out, he may stop responding to treatments and medications that had previously kept him happy and healthy. A dog with arthritis may require additional pain medications, or a dog with diabetes may require seemingly endless insulin dose changes. A dog with cancer may continue to lose weight and deteriorate despite treatment and appetite stimulants to keep him eating well.

Dogs near the end of their life often have a change in their eyes. You may notice that your dog's eyes seem glassy or dull. A change in the appearance of the eye(s) alone is often simply a sign of an eye problem, but these changes in conjunction with other signs can indicate the end of life.

A dying dog's body is no longer functioning properly. Malfunctioning metabolism can cause changes in body odor that will vary depending on the exact cause.

Aging and sick dogs often have trouble regulating their body temperature, and will become hot or cold very easily. If you live in a warm climate, provide your dog with a shady, well-ventilated place to rest. For colder areas, make sure your dog has access to a warm cozy bed to curl up in or a nice warm spot in the sun or by a radiator to nap.

Lack of appetite is common at the end of life. Dogs who feel sick often don't want to eat, and some medications may cause your dog to lose his sense of smell or taste, making food less appealing. To increase your dog's interest in food, try offering foods with a strong aroma so he can smell them better. You can also warm his food to increase the scent.

Your veterinarian can also prescribe an appetite stimulant to improve your dog's desire to eat. If it is suspected that your dog might be nauseous, an antiemetic such as Cerenia may be prescribed to help him feel better.

Dogs at the end of their lives frequently lose interest in their favorite things, from walks and toys to treats and even their beloved owners. At first it might just appear that your dog is sleeping more, but as you pay more attention you will notice that he is no longer doing things like greeting you at the door or wagging his tail when you tease him with a favorite toy.

Dogs with mobility challenges may become frustrated by no longer being able to do the things they enjoyed, which can lead to depression.

Breathing is controlled by muscles and nerves, and is not immune to the slow breakdown of your dog's body. Your dog may start showing abnormal breathing patterns, with his respiratory rate fluctuating up and down even when he is at rest. He may stop breathing periodically and then resume again.

Signs of difficulty breathing include open-mouthed breathing, stretching his head and neck out straight while the rest of his body is still, or moving his abdomen in and out as he breathes. This is an emergency and should be treated immediately.

Some dogs may begin to experience seizures at the end of their lives. This can be due to metabolic imbalances from conditions such as kidney failure or due to problems with the brain itself. Depending on the cause and its severity, these seizures may or may not respond to treatment. A seizure that lasts more than 10 minutes or seizures that occur in clusters one after another are emergencies.

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It can be so difficult to say goodbye to your dog, but there are things you can do as a loving pet parent to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible and show them continuous acts of care and compassion near the end of their life.

Keep him warm. Provide a comfortable bed and a cozy resting spot.

Make sure he has palatable food, such as canned food or some plain cooked chicken mixed in with his kibble. If he is supposed to be on a prescription diet but hates it, this is the time to let him eat whatever he wants.

Keep him company or leave him alone depending on his preferences.

Stick to your usual routines as much as possible so your dog has a schedule that he is familiar with and enjoys. If long walks are no longer an option, spend that time sitting together instead.

Consult with your veterinarian about medications to alleviate your dogs symptoms. These could range from pain medications to appetite stimulants and beyond. Since you are thinking in the short term, maximum comfort is more important than the risk of long-term side effects.

Make a plan for your dogs end-of-life care. If you opt for euthanasia, discuss with your vet the logistics of making an appointment (most hospitals try to schedule euthanasia appointments at the beginning or end of the day so you can have more privacy). If your dog hates going to the vet, look into at-home pet euthanasia services or ask about an oral sedative to give beforehand to make the process less stressful. Decide whether you want to bury him or have him cremated.

Tell your dog it is okay to go. Let him know that he is loved and that he has been your best friend, and that he can go when he is ready.

Most owners know in their gut when their dogs are ready to pass on, but it can be an extremely difficult realization.

Keep track of your dogs good days and bad days. Occasional bad days are a part of life, but there will come a point when the bad days outnumber the happy, comfortable ones.

Note whether or not your dog still enjoys his favorite things. Does he wag his tail when you rub his face? Does he try to play with his toys or sniff the grass on walks? Does he gulp down his favorite treats?

Talk over what you are seeing with your friends, family, and veterinarian. These people are your support system and can act as a sounding-board for you as you evaluate your dog's comfort. And talk to your dog too. While it may sound silly at first, we know our dogs and our dogs know us. Hold him and pet him and talk it over. Your dog just might tell you when he is ready.

While some dogs do pass away peacefully in their sleep, many are not so lucky. As a pet owner you can choose whether you want your dog to have a natural death or to ease his suffering by putting him to sleep. Choose what feels right for you and your dog.

Euthanasia is when a veterinarian gives an overdose of a sedative, usually the injectable pentobarbital. The process is painless and quick, usually over in 10 to 20 seconds. The dog goes quickly to sleep and then his heart stops.

Choosing euthanasia can be very difficult for owners, but ending suffering and pain is also the most compassionate gift we can give. If you are unsure about whether or not your dog is suffering or if euthanasia is appropriate for your dog, talk to your veterinarian. He or she will answer any of your questions about the process and your dog's current condition and likelihood of returning to a healthy and comfortable life.

Grieving the loss of your dog is natural and completely normal. Our dogs are part of our familyour constant companions and closest confidants. Take that personal day from work if you need to, and talk to your friends and family about your feelings.

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If you have other pets, let the routine of caring for them be a source of normalcy, and let them comfort you as well. No other pet can ever replace your dog in your heart, but they are each special in their own way and bring their own gifts to our lives. Look through photos and videos of your dog and remember him at his best, doing the things he loved with you by his side.

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