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By Sophie Haslett For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 21:33 EST, 1 March 2023 | Updated: 23:42 EST, 1 March 2023

If you're looking to shed weight this year, then you should avoid two popular diets that might do more harm than good, dietitians have claimed.

Susie Burrell and Leanne Ward - who are the co-hosts of the popular nutrition podcast The Nutrition Couch - highlighted extreme low calorie and detox diets as the 'worst' options you can follow if you want to lose weight long-term.

'On any given day, there are a number of different diets trending on social media or being aggressively advertised on TV, but when you're a dietitian, there are a couple that do more harm than good and drive us crazy,' Susie said.

Susie Burrell and Leanne Ward - who are the co-hosts of the popular nutrition podcast The Nutrition Couch - highlighted extreme low calorie and detox diets as the 'worst' out there


The first you should steer clear of at all costs, the dietitians said, is an extreme low calorie diet - or one where you consume 500 or 800 calories per day.

'I have most disdain for diets that promote severe calorie restriction, or anything less than 1,000 calories,' Susie said.

'I'm thinking diets like the HCG diet or fasting approaches. I cannot tell you how frustrated I get when I see a 90 or 100kg female who has been religiously following an 800 calorie diet.'

The reason why she hates this diet is because while it might initially give you a one or two kilo weight loss quickly, this will immediately plateau as soon as you inevitably fall off the wagon and eat more - and it can even lead to weight gain.

'Remember, 800 calories is less than half what the average female requires on a day to day basis to get their nutrition,' Susie said.

'In the case of what it looks like, it's a couple of boiled eggs and a slice of toast, a tuna salad at lunch and a piece of boiled fish and veggies for dinner, with maybe a piece of fruit as a snack - every single day.'

She said that it is 'obvious' it will give immediate returns, but then as soon as you stop the weight goes back on and quickly:

'Metabolically, it does so much damage,' Susie added.

The reason why is because you're teaching your body to make do with less, so it goes into starvation mode and then clings on to any excess fat it can when you start eating normally again.

They said you need to avoid both as while they might produce results over the short term, the results never last - as you will always fall off the wagon and end up re-gaining the weight


The second diet the dietitians absolutely hate is anything that involves the word detox.

'The lemon water diet, the green juice detox diet - any kind of detox is an absolute no go,' Leanne said.

'The main reason why I hate them is because the weight loss is often just water weight or even muscle weight.'

Even if you follow a cold-pressed juice diet or lemon detox diet for a short period of time like two weeks, she said, you will lose a 'lot of muscle mass' - which isn't good for either the look or feel of your body.

'By all means, drink green juices if you want, but focus on great quality food and think about your nutrition,' Leanne said.

The dietitians are instead fans of balanced, 80/20 approaches - whereby they eat healthily 80 per cent of the time and allow themselves a little of what they love for the remaining 20 per cent.

Both Leanne and Susie try to fill their plates with a variety of protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit and good fats like extra Virgin olive oil and avocado.

Then, if they want a piece of dark chocolate or a glass of red wine, they allow themselves 20 per cent of the time.

Susie Burrell has been in the headlines recently after her husband Chris Smith was sacked by Sky News and radio station 2GB in December, before checking himself in to a mental health facility.

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The two worst diets you can follow for your health revealed - Daily Mail

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TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Last updated on - Feb 20, 2023, 13:00 IST

You might have seen diets like quick weight loss diet, fastest weight loss diet, Lose 5 kgs in 1 week and more such diets on the web. These diets are often followed by those who are in desperate need of weight loss and wish to see quick results. But following such diets without consulting a doctor or a dietician can spell trouble for you, especially if you already have underlying health conditions. Read on to know the benefits and drawbacks of Fad Diets and how you can lose weight in the healthiest way possible. (all image credits-istock)


Diets that promote quick weight loss by resorting to extreme diet plans are known as Fad Diets. Atkins Diet, which promotes high-fat, low-carbohydrate meals, South Beach Diet, which restricts carbohydrates and promotes high-protein foods, Juice Cleanse revolves around consuming only fruit and vegetable juices for several days, Soup Diet, which includes only vegetable soups in diet, HCG Diet that involves taking the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) while consuming a limited amount of food and more such diets are examples of Fad Diets.

One and only benefit of Fad Diet is that it helps in losing weight, if followed religiously. Since these diets typically restrict certain foods or food groups, it leads to an extreme calorie restriction which finally results in fast weight loss. These diets do lead to weight loss and the quick weight loss that you see in the initial days of following such a diet is usually due to water loss that happens after bringing significant changes in eating habits that give a type of shock to the body.

Mostly, these diets come without any scientific evidence and this misinformation or incomplete research, and may even be harmful to health in the long term. Following Fad Diets, in the long run, can make you fall prey to extreme nutrient deficiencies and even health problems like kidney damage, heart problems, diabetes and even gallstones.

Since the quick weight loss done with Fad Diets is mostly water weight rather than actual fat loss, the weight you lose is often quickly regained when normal eating patterns are resumed, thus making you come back to square one.

Wondering how to lose weight in a healthy manner then? Well, losing weight needs to be a part of your lifestyle rather than just a few weeks diet that you have to follow and then turn back to your unhealthy eating patterns. You can easily lose weight by combining a calorie deficit diet with a workout. Make sure that you always consult a nutritionist or a certified dietician rather than plan weight loss diets on your own. In order to lose weight in a healthy manner and keep it away permanently, you must understand that weight loss is a slow process and be ready to devote enough time to healthy eating and exercising. Consistently eating balanced healthy meals with regular workouts can spell wonders for your body by not just making it lose weight but also by making it healthier.

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Benefits and drawbacks of Fad Diets -

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Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is sometimes called the pregnancy hormone because of its important role in maintaining pregnancy.

Pregnancy tests check hCG levels in the urine or blood to determine if a person is pregnant or not.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also approved hCG injections to treat specific medical conditions in both women and men.

In women, hCG injections are FDA approved to help treat infertility.

In men, hCG injections are FDA approved for a type of hypogonadism in which the body doesnt adequately stimulate the gonads to produce the sex hormone testosterone.

There are a variety of reasons why a doctor might prescribe hCG to a man.

In men, doctors prescribe hCG to help address the symptoms of hypogonadism, such as low testosterone and infertility. hCG can help the body increase its production of testosterone and sperm, which can help reduce infertility.

Injections of hCG are also sometimes used as an alternative to testosterone products in men with testosterone deficiency.

Testosterone deficiency is defined as testosterone blood levels less than 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) along with symptoms of low testosterone. These include:

According to the American Urological Association, hCG is appropriate for those men with testosterone deficiency who also desire to maintain fertility.

Testosterone products boost levels of the hormone in the body but can have the side effects of shrinking the gonads, altering sexual function, and causing infertility.

hCG can help increase:

Some doctors believe that using testosterone along with hCG may help improve symptoms of testosterone deficiency while preventing some of testosterones side effects.

hCG may also help improve sexual function in men who dont experience improvement while on testosterone.

Bodybuilders who take anabolic steroids such as testosterone also sometimes use hCG to help prevent or reverse some of the side effects steroids cause, such as gonad shrinkage and infertility.

In men, hCG acts like luteinizing hormone (LH). LH stimulates Leydig cells in the testicles, which results in the production of testosterone.

LH also stimulates production of sperm within structures in the testicles called seminiferous tubules.

As hCG stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone and sperm, the testicles grow in size over time.

Very little clinical research has evaluated hCG in men with low testosterone levels.

In a small 2002 study of older men with partial hypogonadism, hCG increased testosterone levels compared to a placebo control. However, hCG had no effect on sexual function.

In one 2005 study, men taking testosterone along with hCG were able to maintain testosterone production in the testicles.

In a 2013 study, men taking testosterone along with hCG were able to maintain adequate sperm production.

According to a 2018 study, hCG can help men with hypogonadism preserve their fertility, whether its used alone or in combination with testosterone. It can help restore sperm production as well.

A small 2019 study concluded that hCG was safe and effective for men who experience the symptoms of hypogonadism but have testosterone levels above 300 ng/dL. Testosterone levels above 300 ng/dL are widely considered normal.

hCG is sometimes used for weight loss. Several products are available that are marketed as over-the-counter (OTC) homeopathic hCG products for weight loss.

However, the FDA has warned that it hasnt approved hCG products for the purpose of weight loss. Any OTC products claiming to contain hCG arent legally authorized, either.

The FDA has also advised consumers that theres no substantial evidence that hCG works for weight loss.

These products are often used as part of an hCG diet. This typically involves taking hCG supplements while following a low calorie diet of 500 calories per day.

Although this low calorie diet can help reduce weight, theres no evidence that using hCG products helps.

Additionally, this extremely low calorie diet can be unsafe for many people. Possible side effects of extremely restrictive diets include:

When used appropriately with the guidance of your doctor, hCG is safe.

It shouldnt be used by men with prostate cancer, certain brain cancers, or uncontrolled thyroid disease.

Talk with your doctor about other medical conditions you may have before using hCG.

hCG is produced from hamster ovary cells. People with an allergy to hamster protein shouldnt take hCG.

You should avoid all OTC hCG products, since none of them have been FDA approved. The FDA warns against using these products or following the hCG diet.

hCG is an FDA-approved medication for treating specific conditions in both women and men.

In men, it seems to have an important role as an alternative to testosterone for boosting testosterone levels and maintaining fertility.

Some doctors are prescribing it in conjunction with testosterone products for testosterone deficiency to help maintain fertility and sexual function.

Some people are also using hCG for weight loss, often as a component of the hCG diet. However, theres no reliable evidence that hCG works for this purpose. Due to concerns about its safety, it should be avoided as a weight loss aid.

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hCG for Men: Testosterone, Weight Loss, Side Effects & More - Healthline

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022 3:12

The final weeks of a midterm campaign is when everyone, from political operatives to media outlets, drops their worst oppo. Thats when voters are paying the most attention and when a competitive race can break a certain way. Thats especially true with this falls Senate races, where a single battleground state may determine whether Mitch McConnell becomes majority leader again. The contest in Georgia just got rocked by a new round of accusations against Herschel Walker, which he denies. The former football star, challenging Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, has already survived a negative onslaught that would sink almost any other candidate. These range from an ex-wife charging threats and abuse to the emergence of previously unannounced children by a man whos crusaded for black fathers to do their duty. Hes tried to lighten this baggage by admitting to past mistakes and mental health problems, and at times has been in a statistical tie with Warnock. Now comes an allegation that is very difficult to explain away. TRUMP, MCCONNELL, EXTREME INSULTS AND A CLIMATE VIOLENCE Walker is 100% pro-life and would ban abortion in his state, likening it to murder, with no exceptions. So charges of hypocrisy took center stage when the Daily Beast reported an accusation by an ex-girlfriend that Walker paid for her abortion in 2009. He denies, this, calling it a flat-out lie. Heres the evidence involving the woman, who was not named: She supported these claims with a $575 receipt from the abortion clinic, a get well card from Walker, and a bank deposit receipt that included an image of a signed $700 personal check from Walker. The woman said there was a $125 difference because she ball-parked the cost of an abortion after Googling the procedure and added on expenses such as travel and recovery costs. Additionally, The Daily Beast independently corroborated details of the womans claims with a close friend she told at the time and who, according to the woman and the friend, took care of her in the days after the procedure. The woman said Walker, who was not married at the time, told her it would be more convenient to terminate the pregnancy, saying it was not the right time for him to have a child. Asked about the check by Fox News Sean Hannity, Walker said: I send money to a lot of people. I believe in being generous. Sorry, but thats a really weak response. What are the odds that a woman that Walker chose to be generous with just happens to be the one saying he paid for her abortion, and has a receipt from the clinic? And there is a one-two punch here, with Walkers 23-year-old son Christian, who has defended his father and campaigned with him, suddenly turning on him. Youre not a family man when you left us to bang a bunch of women, threatened to kill us, and had us move over 6 times in 6 months running from your violence, he tweeted. Herschel Walker responded: I LOVE my son no matter what. That brought even stronger language from Christian, with a tweet he later deleted: You have 4 kids that we know of and you werent in the house raising ONE of them, you were out cheating and lying. If you loved your kids youd be raising them instead of running for a senate race to boost your ego. Whats more, Christian said family members had discouraged his dad from running for the Senate because we all knew (some of) his past. There is something about a son turning on a father that feels more dramatic and persuasive than allegations from an ex-wife, which might be written off as the product of a bitter divorce. Christians mother, Cindy Grossman, has spoken of the time that Herschel held the gun to my temple and said he was going to blow my brains out. Grossman, who was married to him for two decades, has made an ad with such graphic allegations. Football legend or not, Walkers going to have a hard time outrunning the abortion allegation. In the Senate race in another battleground state, Pennsylvania, Dr. Oz trails Democrat and stroke victim John Fetterman by a half-dozen points in most polls. Oz isnow being hit with one allegation I view as totally fair game and another that decidedly is not. WHEN A MAJOR HURRICANE COLLIDES WITH OTHER NEWS, THE STORM PREVAILS The Washington Post leads off its piece this way: Mehmet Oz looked directly into the camera and introduced his daytime television viewers to a controversial weight loss approach: taking a hormone that women produce during pregnancy combined with a diet of 500 calories a day. Does it really work? Is it safe? Is it a miracle? Or is it hype? he asked in a 2011 episode of The Dr. Oz Show before introducing his audience to human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, and to a weight loss doctor who promoted it. In fact, there was little uncertain about the HCG Diet. Numerous studies conducted years before Ozs show had shown that the fertility drug does not cause weight loss, redistribute fat or suppress hunger. Ten months later, the Food and Drug Administration warned seven companies marketing HCG products they were violating the law by making such claims, and the agency issued additional warnings to consumers in subsequent years. Nevertheless, Oz revisited the topic in 2012, providing a platform for the same weight loss doctor, who claimed that HCG worked. There are other examples, and the reason this is legitimate is that Ozs controversial promotions were debated for years when he was just a television celebrity. And that role, of course, formed the basis of his candidacy, that he was a successful entrepreneur who could be trusted. An Oz spokesman said the show was designed to present all kinds of views, and its idiotic and preposterous to imply that the doctor shared those beliefs. Which brings us to yesterday, when NBC used its website to promote anti-Oz piece that is, quite simply, outrageous: From 1989 to 2010, research by Dr. Mehmet Oz the television personality and Republican Senate candidate in Pennsylvania inflicted suffering on and killed over 300 dogs, 31 pigs and 661 rabbits and rodents. It was during Ozs time as a principal investigator at a Columbia University lab. The report was attributed to the website Jezebel. This is a ridiculous cheap shot, written by a professor with an obvious agenda, that implies Oz was some ghoulish dog-killer. The truth is that all doctors, scientists and researchers rely on animal testing when it comes to new drugs. Actually, its even worse: They are required by law to perform animal testing. SUBSCRIBE TO HOWIES MEDIA BUZZMETER PODCAST, A RIFF ON THE DAYS HOTTEST STORIES Oz is no different than all of his colleagues in the field. Now the deaths of these animals is of course regrettable, but the alternative testing potentially harmful drugs on humans is unthinkable. The activist professor, Brian Kateman, heads a foundation dedicated to reducing consumption of animal products. He sees irony in the Senate last week passing a new FDA law updated from 1938 that would eliminate the animal testing requirement. Thats a separate debate. But you cant turn around and demonize a doctor who was following a decades-old law just like everyone else in his field. This is just the beginning of the hit pieces and oppo research dumps and well see whether theyre mainly aimed at one political party.

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HCG Diet InformationWhat is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG?HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin & is a very safe & mild hormone present in both males & females. This glycoprotein is composed of 244 amino acids.

Welcome to HCG Near Me, where access to a quality HCG Diet is always near you! If you do not live near the lovely Miami, FL area, no worries, we can ship your entire HCG Diet kit to you after a simple 10 to 15-minute telemedicine phone consultation. HCG Near Me is owned and operated by a licensed Health Care Clinic Establishment in Miami, Florida, and employs certified health professionals to ensure a quality medical weight loss program for all to benefit from.

The use of HCG for weight loss is not a new fly by night fad diet. This diet dates to the 1950s and has helped millions of people since then. It was created by a British endocrinologist named Albert Simeons. Dr. Simeons was studying pregnant women in third world countries and was absolutely fascinated at how these women, who were often malnourished, would give birth to regular sized babies. These women also had to work to survive and often walked everywhere burning plenty of calories.

Therefore, Dr. Simeons wanted to research how these women, who burned high calories and ate fewer calories, would still give birth to regular sized babies that Dr. Simeons assumed would be born malnourished. His research and observations led to the discovery of high levels of HCG in the bloodstream of pregnant women. Further research then led to the discovery of how the HCG helps the body to release adipose fatty acid into the bloodstream for immediate use and consumption. This means the fetus was being nourished by the mothers adipose body fat.

Dr. Simeons then tried using HCG injections with obese or overweight boys in India to see if the HCG injections together with a very low-calorie diet would help the boys lose adipose body fat. His studies concluded that while taking HCG injections and undergoing a low-calorie diet, specifically low in fats, his patients would lose high amounts of unwanted body fat and maintain lean muscle mass.

After many years of research and trial and error with many users of the HCG Diet, this magnificent diet has evolved. The internet is loaded with plenty of good information, but unfortunately, its also filled with plenty of bad and misleading information. The main things wed like to address briefly here is that this diet originally called for 500 calories per day. Our modern program advocates for higher calories that are consistent with a persons body mass index and body metabolic rate. We customize each persons daily caloric allowance!

Also, you may read online that the FDA does not approve or has made the HCG Diet illegal. This is not true; the FDA has made the sale of FAKE homeopathic HCG drops illegal. Yes, there are people out there selling fake drops of HCG and trying to claim its the real hormone. So, remember, the fake HCG drops are illegal, not the real prescription injections or oral tablets you can get through a licensed Health Care Clinic with certified physicians like the ones youll find at HCG Near Me.

HCG mobilizes the bad fat which we all know as adipose fatty tissue (abnormal fat). Basically, mobilizing bad fat is when the body releases fatty acid into the bloodstream as a mechanism to protect from starvation. There are 3 types of fat:

As mentioned earlier, pregnant females produce extremely high amounts of HCG, over 1 million IUs (International Units) to be exact. Note: this is way higher than the amount of HCG you receive for a 30-day weight loss program (6,000 IU). Everyone, male or female, will receive safe doses for their weight loss program. What the HCG actually does is mobilize the abnormal fat full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to nourish the unborn fetus.

Dr. Simeons states, In pregnancy, it would be most undesirable if the fetus was offered ample food only when there is a high influx from the intestinal tract. Ideal nutritional conditions for the fetus can only be achieved when the mothers blood is continually saturated with food, regardless of whether she eats or not, as otherwise, a period of starvation might hamper the steady growth of the embryo.

So how does the HCG work for someone taking injections? Basically, a person taking HCG injections and undergoing a low-calorie diet will lose weight because the presence of HCG in their system will cause the body to mobilize adipose body fat and release fatty acid into the bloodstream. HCG does this in a pregnant female to protect the fetus. If you were to do the HCG Diet, since you are now eating a low-calorie diet, you become like the fetus that the HCG is protecting. The HCG ensures you do not starve while you are undergoing a low caloric daily intake. It is for this reason HCG also controls hunger for those taking the injections. Even though you are eating much less, the release of this adipose body tissue into the bloodstream helps keep you nourished and not feeling starved.

When you give yourself the HCG injections, you will also incorporate a specific very low-calorie diet (VLCD) with detailed phases and rules. The actual diet and allowed foods will really reshape your body and provide tremendous health benefits. Your body does need good fats such as reserve and structural to survive but can function without the abnormal adipose fat. Therefore, HCG shots or injections coupled with our 4 phase VLCD will trigger rapid weight loss that is primarily comprised of bad fat.

Absolutely! In fact, men perform better on the HCG Diet than women, sorry ladies. HCG injections have been used in men for years to help treat low testosterone. Physicians have prescribed HCG to men while taking testosterone therapy because HCG helps men to not shut down their own natural testosterone production. If a man took HCG injections alone without testosterone, they would likely increase their own testosterone naturally and gradually with the HCG injection alone. So aside from the benefits of weight loss, HCG injections in men would also help increase natural testosterone levels safely. HCG has also been used in treatments for men who are no longer fertile due to long term drug or steroid abuse. The HCG helps these men produce sperm again after long periods of being shut down.

Dr. Simeons stated years ago, When a male patient hears that he is about to be put into a condition which in some respects resembles pregnancy, he is usually shocked and horrified. The physician must therefore carefully explain that this does not mean that he will be feminized and that HCG in no way interferes with his sex. He must be made to understand that in the interest of the propagation of the species, nature provides for perfect functioning of the regulatory headquarters in the diencephalon during pregnancy and that we are merely using this natural safeguard as a means of correcting the diencephalic disorder which is responsible for his being overweight.

If you undergo a very low-calorie diet long term you will definitely lose weight. The problem is that you will undoubtedly lose high amounts of muscle mass in the process and this spells bad news for your metabolism. If just reducing calories were the simple solution, then why has it not worked in the past? If you landed on our website and are researching the HCG Diet, wed say youve tried other diets with poor or no success at all. The two most obvious reasons one should avoid just reducing calories to lose weight are:

These two simple and straightforward reasons are why so many people fail at weight loss attempts. A combination of HCG injections and the modern VLCD can mobilize and reduce your abnormal fat without hurting your metabolic rate.

The HCG Diet is the hottest medical weight loss program in existence today. If this is your first time learning about it, congratulations, your life is about to change. The original HCG Diet by Dr. Simeons dates back to the 1950s. The original rules called for 500 calories per day for everyone on the diet! This simply does not work for todays society. Everyone has a different engine and motor.

At HCG Near Me, we will customize your daily caloric need and you will be on a Very Low-Calorie Diet thats right for you. Another thing to keep in mind is the evolution of the human body, we are bigger, faster, and stronger than we were almost 70 years ago. We simply all need more calories! We also process foods much different today than foods were processed 70 years ago. Foods were way more organic back then. For these reasons, we have modernized and perfected the HCG Diet for todays patient.

For anyone researching the best way to lose weight with HCG injections, two fantastic sources of updated information as of 2020, are HCG Near Me and HCG Diet Miami. Both these licensed health care clinics are owned and operated by the same weight loss consulting group. They employ only licensed health professionals to bring you the very best weight loss information and medications necessary for a successful HCG Diet program.

Located in Miami, FL, these two clinics can serve both the local Miami population and anyone located in the United States. With the use of telemedicine, our clinics can ship your HCG kit with all supplies to you after a simple and legal 10 to 15-minute Telemed or Telehealth consultation. If you searched HCG Diet Near Me and landed on our page, you should be glad you did. HCG Near Me is Near You!

Many clinics in the United States offering the HCG Diet are completely overpriced. For this reason, we get many patients from all around the United States. The HCG Diet is our niche. We have very low costs compared to other spas or clinics that offer other treatments with expensive machinery and other high-cost items. These other spas or clinics must factor in these high expenses when deciding what to charge for their services.

Our clinic has the very best medications from some of the top compounding pharmacies in the country. We provide all of our patients with information on the pharmacies we use. If you are considering working with us, ask us about our FDA approved compounding pharmacies.

We encourage you to navigate our site further to learn about doing the HCG Diet, starting the program, and learning how to effectively keep the weight off after the diet. A detailed diet plan is provided with information about every phase of the program and our customer service is the best youll find around.

Follow this link:
HCG Near Me. #1 Online or Local U.S. HCG Diet Clinic.

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Important note : Not everybody will react to in the same way to hCG (Human Chorionic Gonaditropin) in other words what is true for one person might not work for another- as such do not get discourage if you dont see the same pronounced results as in others on the same hCG diet all the information provided here is based on peoples testimony and documentation gather from reputable sources online - the before and after pictures are submitted from our most successful customers and they were offered 20% discount incentive to show the very positive results not everyone will achieve this This being said the hCG diet works well , give it a try and see for yourself.

Statement from the FDA : HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or normal distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.

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Buy HCG Injections Online: Pharmaceutical Grade Freeze Dry HCG

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The HCG Institute serves patients nationwide with hCG Injections. We are available to help people lose weight with prescription-grade hCG injections and vitamin B12 shots. Our doctors are committed to your health, well-being and our informative staff of patient care coordinators are here to answer your questions. Medical weight loss with HCG has proven to be a safe and effective method for shedding pounds and inches when used together with a low-calorie diet. With our modified Dr. Simeons hCG injection regimen, our patients are averaging one pound per day with our hCG injections, Lipotropic, and B12 shots. The unique menu plan will make dieting fast, effective, and losing weight is easy with The HCG Institute.

Once you begin your weight loss journey each patient will have a telemedicine video consultation with a board-certified functional medicine physician who will review your blood testing results and medical history. All compounded hCG is made at partner 503B FDA Certified pharmacies located in the United States. To learn more about hCG weight loss just reference our hCG Diet Information.To read success stories from people just like you, take a look at our HCG Diet Reviewsand decide on your hcg weight loss journey.

When you are ready to start create your health profile in our Patient Portal and calla patient care coordinator at 877.228.2158today. We customize your hCG injections, pellet or sublingual program designed to suit your needs and weight loss goals. Now is the time to be in the best shape of your life and The HCG Institute will help you achieve your goals.

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For years, Nicole Gibson always dreaded the moment when she would need to buckle her airplane seatbelt.

The frequent fliers fear was not of an impending crash, but of the humiliating possibility that she might not be able to strap herself in due to her obesity.

After losing 150 pounds with the help of bariatric surgery, this is no longer a worry. Gibson can easily buckle a belt across her slim, 55, 120-pound frame.

When I got my weight downand I got in a plane and put my seatbelt on, that was my non-scale victory, Gibson said. I thought, Holy cow, I dont have to struggle to put my seatbelt on now.

The 52-year-old Milford resident recently celebrated the third anniversary of her surgery and only wishes she had done it sooner.

Gibson waged a battle against excessive poundsthat began in her late teens and continued throughout her entire adult life with little success in diet programs including Weight Watchers and Atkins, no-carb and low-carb, and even a horrible HCG diet that restricted her to 500 calories a day.

Despite all her attempts at nearly every diet, nothing worked at decreasing the pounds, and meanwhile, her health problems were increasing along with her weight. Gibson endured sleep apnea, joint pain, pre-diabetes, and low energy.

Her weight took a toll on her mental health, too, as she suffered low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.

In her job as a Novi manufacturing companys training facility coordinator, she felt she had to work harder to prove herself.

In the world we live in, you are judged immediately by your appearance, Gibson said, adding she could never find nice things to wear.

At her heaviest, her clothing size was a 22and she weighed 273 pounds in fall2018. She had just been diagnosed with hypothyroidism when her family physician recommended bariatric surgery.

It certainly wasnt going to be a cheap and painless fix to a years-long battle.

It is a tough thing to go through, its not the easy way out for sure, Gibson said.

However, Dr. Wendy Miller has seen an increasing number of patients over the years at the Beaumont Health Weight Control Centerwhere she is medical director, as they seek the surgery to finally conquer their obesity.

Unfortunately, it has gotten worse over the years, Miller said. The percentage of people with obesity has increased and a lot of people have gained weight during the pandemic, too.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 73.6 % of Americans over the age of 20 are overweight, including 42.4% who are considered obesewith a body mass index of 30 or greater. Obesity prevalence hasincreased from 30.5% in 1999-2000 to 42.4% in 2017-2018.

COVID has exacerbated sedentary lifestyles that were already on the rise. Miller points to increased use of devices including cell phones and social media and in addition to more sitting, more consumption of processed, high-sugar foods and beverages.

All of this has definitely led to an increase in the number of bariatric surgery patients, both locally and nationally. There is a larger percentage who qualify for the surgery as well, but who choose not to have it, or arent aware they are a candidate for the surgery which is commonly covered by medical insurance.

The patients Miller and the Beaumont Health team sees are ones just like Gibson they have tried diets, exercise, medications, and lost, but still regained the weight. Surgery was not their first resort, but the one that they hope ultimately will turn their weight, and their lives, around.

Its really rewarding to see the transformation in people, their whole outlook changes, very positive environment and fun for our whole staff to see improvement in quality of life for people, Miller said. Several different clinical trials show bariatric surgery is the most effective treatment for people with severe weight problems, more effective than diet and exercise."

To qualify for surgery, a patients body mass index (weight in relation to height) must be 40 or above, or greater than 35 with at least one weight-related medical issue, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, sleep apnea or high cholesterol. They must also undergo a psychological evaluation to ensure they are in a good mental state for a positive outcome post-surgery, since a drastic change starts, but doesnt end, on the operating table.

Gibson had the most common bariatric procedure offered by Beaumont Health, the gastric bypass surgery, in which the stomach is divided into two sections, resulting in a one-ounce pouch about the size of an egg and a reduced appetite.

Millersaid the surgery is considered very safe, with a low risk that is comparable to gall bladder surgery, and minimally invasive. Patients typically return to work within two weeks.

Gibson was nervous pre-surgery,but also excited and well-preparedwith six months of meetings pre-surgery on diet, exercise and what would be expected of her in the future.

You are signing up for a lot when you get the surgery, she said. You dont just get this and are done, they retrain your brain and start you on the path of being more mindful of eating.

Gibson lost 30 pounds in preparation for her March 18, 2019, surgeryand on the operating table weighed about 250 pounds. She left the hospital the following day and in the days that followed, consumed a lot of soup and yogurt, mashed potatoes and soft foods in general.

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What she had to give up entirely was carbonated beverages. Because she had previously drank Diet Coke every day, all day long, she thought this might be tough, but it wasnt. She now drinks coffee and iced tea and a lot of water.She avoids fried foods. She was never a meat eater, but she focuses on her protein intake by continuing to eat fish, cheese, and eggs.

The body cant process high levels of sugar after gastric bypass. While she was never big on sweets, she has cut down on carbohydrates including pasta, rice, and bread. She eats smaller meals, more frequently. In the morning she might have a cheese stickor a hard-boiled egg. A few hours later, a yogurt, then two hours after that, some almonds. Dinner consists of maybe a piece of fish and a small salad. She eats a lot of beans black, kidney, pinto, or refried for the protein.

She takes vitamin supplementsand her exercise routine simply is walking.

The weight began falling off instantaneously and continued for a full year and a half. In her support group, people told her dont go and buy a new wardrobe frequently. But it was fun for Gibson, a thrift store shopper who in addition to her full-time job also works at the Clothing Cove in Milford.

She found a lot of encouragement from her friends there, too, as well as from her parents and best friend Cathy, and said she lucked out in that way, as she couldnt imagine going through such a major life change without all the support she had.

In total, Gibson lost 150 pounds and 70 inches in the course of about 18 months. She now maintains her weight between 121 to 124 pounds, and alternates between a size 2 and size 4. Besides her improved weight and size, her complexion is better, her hair is better, and her overall health and outlook is better. She is looking forward to living a longer, healthier life and leaving the burden of weight she carried behind.

I think everyones point to go forward with surgery might be different, Gibson said. I wish I would have done it many years prior, but the right time was when it was and that is what I did. I absolutely feel like a new person, with more energy and increased self-confidence. It was life-changing.

Contact reporter Susan Bromley at or 517-281-2412. Follow her on Twitter @SusanBromley10.

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Before diving into the process of HCG treatment, the various phases, and how the diet works, it is important to understand the warnings and guidelines to keep dieters safe. Simeons outlines these warnings in his protocol, and ensures that careful steps are outlined on how to successfully use the drops and injections, and how to follow the approved meal plan. He clearly lays out that the HCG is not simply something you can take-up without research and that any patient who thinks he can reduce by taking a few shots and eating less is not only sure to be disappointed but may be heading for serious trouble. While the hormone can provide incredible benefits and results in just a few weeks, the way in which it should be done is strict, but easy to follow. The most important thing, is to follow a physicians instructions when thinking about joining the HCG diet.

While developing the HCG diet, Dr. Simeons was examining the diencephalon, a part of the brain and central nervous system that controls most automatic animal functions of the body, including breathing, heartbeat, digestion, sleep, sex and the urinary system. Historically, from an evolutionary view, the diencephalon is one of the oldest organs in the body, dating back to more than 500 million years ago. It is one of the main reasons that we have been able to evolve as a species. The diencephalon is balanced perfectly in the body, and any alterations to it must be done carefully, while taking other parts of the digestive and nervous system into account. When a patient is obese, the balance of the diencephalon is off and can only be restored, as Simeons puts it, by following the technique laid out in his protocol. He continues to stress the little details and ensuring that his teachings are followed carefully and exactly. Dieters who raise their caloric intake to 600 or 800 from the requested 500, will fail to see the results outlined through this program. Similarly, the dosage of the HCG hormone must not be exceeded, which can often reverse results.

The first step of the HCG diet is to meet with a physician and start to discuss the process of introducing the HCG hormone to the body. When a patient first comes in, a general history will be taken, including questions about when the first signs of excess weight or obesity seemed to occur. Doctors will also look to record the highest weight that the patient has been at in their life and if they have tried any previous dieting or nutritional programs. Simeons observed that patients who had been taking thyroid preparations, on average see less weight lost while on the HCG diet after prolonged use. Other questions the doctors may ask include: Do you suffer from headaches? Rheumatic pains? Menstrual disorders? Constipation? Breathlessness or exertion? Swollen ankles? Do you consider yourself greedy? Do you feel the need to eat snacks between meals? Once all questions are asked by the doctor, the patient strips down and is weighed and measured to attain a starting weight. Statistical averages and charts are consulted to find out the normal weight and height for someone of their stature and age. From this consultation, the degree of overweight is then calculated, so the duration of treatment can be decided on. This is roughly based on an average weight loss of one pound per day. Simeons also notes that regardless of sex, age and degree of overweight, the 300-400 grams-per injection, per day is relatively consistent across all sizes and demographics.

Many first time HCG dieters ask about the difference between the 26 and 40 day kits, and the reasons behind choosing each. Patients who are looking to lose 15 pounds or less, should use the 26 day treatment, with 23 daily injections. The 3 days where there are no injections, is due to the extra 3 days in which the 500-calorie diet should be followed after treatment. More information about this post-injection phase will be discussed later. It is important to note that there is no treatment lasting less than 26 days for patients who only want to lose a few pounds. Simeons states that the diencephalon needs at least 3 weeks of treatment in order to make a difference, and anything less will yield little results. Something else to keep in mind is the careful planning of the treatment, and the fact that an early stop in HCG hormone drops can lead to weight being put back on right away. When patients have gotten rid of their abnormal fat, they will soon feel hungry without continued drops. This is due to the fact that abnormal fat is the only thing being put into circulation, with normal fat deposits remaining untouched. If patients reach a normal weight faster than the 26 days, they are given a diet of 800 1000 calories for the rest of treatment. This ensures that their weight remains constant throughout the remaining days on the HCG hormone. These early cases of weight loss are rare, and are mostly seen among film actresses and models who generally weigh less than normal. However, as Simeons puts it, we undertake to cure a disorder, not to create a new one. The HCG method is self limiting and becomes completely ineffective when all abnormal fat stores are used up.

The 40 day kits are meant for patients who are looking to lose more than 15 pounds during treatment, which takes a longer amount of time and 40 treatments. Patients can lose a large amount of weight on the HCG diet, but anything more than 34 pounds in one course is not recommended. Treatment is stopped when either 34 pounds are lost or 40 injections/drops have been given. The only exception to this rule is for grotesquely obese patients who are allowed an extra 5-6 pounds of weight loss before the limit of 40 cycles of drops has been reached.

Building off the 40 day treatment section of his manuscript, Dr. Simeons explains that the reason for stopping at 40 days is due to the fact that certain patients can show an immunity to the HCG hormone. Simeons states that it is relatively unknown why this might occur, but the breakdown of HCG in the body might occur faster, with less overall effects. After the 40 days of treatment, Simeons observed that it takes around six weeks for this immunity to resolve itself and the HCG hormone can become effective again. Signs of this immunity can be a sudden feeling of hunger in the final days of treatment, something that was absent in previous days. Patients should continue to monitor their hunger and fatigue levels during the full 40 days of treatment to ensure that the hormone is working correctly. If they begin to look weak, tired and fatigued, treatment should stop immediately, due to the fact that any further weight loss can begin to eat away at normal fat, which is then regained after treatment has ceased.

During menstruation, drops should not be taken, but the diet can be continued. Once menstruation has ended, drops should be continued right away, as to not leave the patient feeling extremely hungry without the hormone. However, if patients find themselves to be hungry, there are a few ways to curb hunger while on the HCG Diet. Simeons also makes note that with teenaged girls, their periods may in rare cases, be delayed or sometimes stop altogether while taking the HCG hormone.

Once the patients data is collected, and the various warnings discussed, the probable duration of HCG treatment can be calculated and explained to the patient. When a plan is set up and all treatment processes understood, the patient is usually examined by a doctor. Various parts of the body are measured and recorded. These include the size of the first upper incisor, a pad of fat on the nape of the neck and various other measurements. Blood-count, estimated uric acid, cholesterol and blood sugar can also be recorded to have on record. Once all this information is collected, it is time to start the process of the HCG diet.

The first step of the HCG diet, laid out in Simeons protocol, is the stage of gain before loss. This is a period of anywhere from 3 days, to one week before treatment, where patients are asked to force feed to maximum capacity. If a patients condition is very low, they are asked to eat to capacity for a full week. If a patient is in a satisfactory general condition, they begin force feeding on the day of their first drops. There are many reasons for this feasting, one of which is to stock the normal fat reserves before cutting the diet down to 500 calories per day. They are asked to eat the most fattening foods possible, up until the day of the fourth drops. Patients are not asked to begin eating the limit of 500 calories until three drops have been taken, since it takes that amount of time for the hormone to start circulating fat in the body and making the abnormal fat deposits available. The first three drops can often be referred to as non-effective, since they are preparing the body for the subsequent effective drops which aim to deplete the abnormal fat reserves that have become available on day three. Some patients may be afraid of eating so many calories in the days leading up to the drops, but all weight gained (which can often be 4-6 pounds in 24 hours), is lost in the first 48 hours of dieting. The feasting re-stocks depleted normal fat reserves in obese patients, and the hormone draws on abnormal fat deposits only, leading to an overall healthier body. Foods that should be eaten during this period of full-capacity eating include milk chocolate, pastries with whipped cream, fried meats (especially pork), eggs and bacon, mayonnaise, bread with butter or jar, and any other fattening foods. Simeons emphasizes that concerns about this kind of eating are unfounded, and patients who follow this protocol will be rewarded with results later on. He also points out that during the two days of forced feeding between the first and third cycles of drops, some patients have noticed that they do not actually gain much weight, and in some cases have even lost weight. This can be due to proper hydration during the diet, and the release of excess water from the body, or the increased protein intake, which can also limit retained water.

For women, the best time to start taking the HCG hormone is immediately after her period. If needed, treatment can start later, but should be done within 10 days of a period. Also to note, at least three cycles of drops should be given after the period, followed by the normal three days of dieting. Simeons also shares in his protocol, the most common experiences of dieters starting the HCG diet. On the first few days, some patients claim that they feel a difference, others feel very little. Check out more information on what to expect on your first week of HCG treatment here. Some common symptoms such as mild headaches or increased hunger can occur when first starting treatment, but generally subside. As patients move into the second and third day of the 500 calorie diet, which coincides with the fifth and sixth cycles of drops, patients should start seeing a weight loss of around two pounds per day. At around the third day, different experiences can begin to develop depending on how the forced feeding, also known as the loading days went. Patients who ate at their full capacity often feel much better, lighter and clear-headed. Those who have ignored the instructions of loading days, can instead feel minor discomforts for the first week. When patients reach the fourth and fifth day of dieting, the weight loss amounts begin to drop down and settle at an average of around 1 pound per day. Men often lose weight more consistently over the 23 or 40 days, whereas women can go through fluctuations when it comes to average weight loss per day.

When it comes to daily weight loss, there are four factors that can cause inconsistent numbers and interruptions of weight loss. The first factor is during the first few days of taking the hormone, in which the body is still working to lose the weight from the loading days. Patients may not see consistent numbers until the fourth or fifth day of dieting. The second type of interruption is known as the plateau which can occur during the second half of a full 40 day course. Patients who have lost more than the average of one pound per day, can see a 4-6 day stall in which their weight remains relatively the same. However, plateaus always correct themselves, and should not be of concern. Even though plateauing will correct itself, there are a few ways, for pure psychological benefits, to break up a plateau. One solution is to do what Dr. Simeons calls an apple day. An apple day starts at lunchtime and continues for 24 hours until the next days lunch. Patients can only eat six large apples, and are told to eat one each time they feel hungry, but should not eat more than six apples in the 24 hour period. During this apple day, no other foods or drinks are allowed, except for plain water. The apple-day should produce a gratifying weight loss the next day, which can help patients mentally. The third interruption can last ten days to two weeks, which can often be avoided due to the fact that it is most often found in patients that for some period of time in their lives, maintained a fixed degree of obesity for ten or more years. When this previous weight is reached once again, it can stall the weight loss for up to two weeks, despite taking the HCG hormone and following the diet. The final interruption is a menstrual interruption, in which weight loss is stopped a few days before and during the menstrual period. Simeons also notes that if a woman becomes pregnant while following the HCG diet, weight loss will most likely cease.

The process of taking the HCG drops is specific, but easy to follow. The HCG drops or Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin most often come in one ounce bottles for the 26 day course and two ounce bottles for the 40 day plan. 8-10 drops should be placed under the tongue 3 times per day, allowing 5 minutes for the drops to absorb. Holding the drops under your tongue for approximately 60 seconds before swallowing is best. It is recommended that you should not eat or drink 10 to 15 minutes before or after taking the drops. This should be done for the full course, according to Dr. Simeons manuscript.

Overall, there are three official phases of the HCG diet laid out by Dr. Simeon. The first being the loading phase or phase 1 of the HCG diet. This is when patients are asked to consume heavy, dense, high fat and high calorie foods for a few days. The HCG injection, pill, and drop phase, also known as phase 2 is when patients follow a 500 calorie diet and take drops for either 26 or 40 days. The final phase is referred to as the stabilization phase, maintenance phase or simply, phase 3. In this phase, patients have completed their injections or drops and follow the 500 calorie diet for 3 more days as they finish out the program. After that, the daily caloric intake will begin to rise once again to a normal amount of calories, and patients can go on with their regular eating routine. After treatment, Simeons outlines two common problems that some patients run into. The first, having been mentioned before, is the body creating a tolerance to the HCG hormone, and as a result, the lack of calories will leave them weak and malnourished.The second problem is that of being over-enthusiastic following treatment. Patients begin to realize that they can eat fairly normally without regaining any of the weight. Simeons protocol states that during this time, however, they should avoid sugar and starch for a while. Small amounts of foods such as egg, cheese or milk should be introduced slowly and carefully, not all at once. Easing the body back into consuming more calories should be done in small increments to help it better adjust. When it comes to protein, the opposite should occur. Patients are encouraged to consume a large amount of protein in order to make up for any deficiency while on the HCG diet. Foods such as eggs, steak, and cheese can all be consumed in large quantities during the days following treatment.

While 60-70% of patients experience little or no difficulty in holding their weight off permanently, some relapses can still occur. It is important to know that without carefully watching the body in the days and weeks following treatment, weight can quickly be put back on. For women, pregnancy or menopause can often cause a reverse of previous treatment as weight is put back on. Teenage girls often suffer from compulsive eating, and are likely to relapse if not managed carefully. While relapses do occur, Simeons emphasizes that patients can come back for multiple treatments, and he observed that multiple courses can often prove to be even more satisfactory than a single course. At the end of his manuscript, Simeons states that the HCG method involves a highly complex bodily mechanism and emphasizes that it is useless to hand the patient a diet-sheet and let the nurse give him a shot. In order for patients to see the full effect of what the HCG diet can do for them, they must research, learn and understand what is going on in their bodies and the various steps it takes to see results. Dr. Simeons worked for hundreds of hours to develop a program that is repeatable, sustainable and gets results consistently. Following the plan closely and researching as much as possible before treatment is the best way to enjoy the pleasures of weight loss through the HCG diet.

HCG 26-kit: HCG hormone bottle that lasts for 26 days of treatment.

HCG 40-Kit: HCG hormone bottle that lasts for 40 days of treatment.

100 grams: 3.5 ounces, the common serving size of protein, vegetables or fruit eaten on the HCG diet.

Apple Day: Common practice to break a stall in the HCG Diet, in which patients eat only apples for 24 hours. See section on Interruptions to Losing Weight.

Diencephalon: A part of the brain and central nervous system that controls most automatic animal functions of the body, including breathing, heartbeat, digestion, sleep, sex and the urinary system.

Grissini: Pencil-sized breadsticks, originally from Italy.

HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin): A hormone produced by the placenta after implantation.

Loading (Phase 1): 2-3 days of eating high fat, high sugar, and high calorie foods, usually preceding HCG treatment or in the first few days of taking injections/drops.

Melba Toast: Dry, crispy and thinly sliced toast made of wheat flour, salt, yeast, molasses and vinegar.

Phase: Various periods of time on the HCG diet, in which a new process or plan should be followed.

Phase 2: Part of HCG diet in which the 500 calorie plan is followed and drops have begun.

Phase 3: Part of HCG diet following phase 2, where caloric intake is increased, while still avoiding sugars and starches.

Pounds and Inches: Dr. Simeons manuscript explaining his theory and protocol of using the HCG hormone, and following a 500 calorie diet.

Stall: Not losing weight for a sustained period of time. See section on Interruptions to Losing Weight.

VLCD: Stands for Very Low Calorie Diet.

The Ultimate HCG Diet Plan2017-05-252020-03-06 Diet

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Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows there are sensible ways to lose weight, including eating a balanced diet and exercising.

There are also reckless ways to shed pounds, such as fads and diet aids that promise rapid weight loss but often recommend potentially dangerous practices. Those include HCG weight-loss products that are marketed along with advice for users to follow a severely restrictive diet.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is advising consumers to avoid human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) weight-loss products. These products are typically sold in the form of oral drops, pellets and sprays, and can be found online, at weight loss clinics and in some retail stores.

HCG is a hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy.

Products marketed for weight loss that claim to contain HCG are typically marketed in connection with a very low-calorie diet, usually one that limits calories to 500 per day. Many of these popular HCG products claim to reset your metabolism, change abnormal eating patterns, and shave 20 to 30 pounds in 30 to 40 days.

These products are marketed with incredible claims, and people think that if they're losing weight, HCG must be working, said Carolyn Becker, director of the Office of Unapproved Drugs and Labeling Compliance in the FDAs Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. But the data simply do not support this; any loss is from severe calorie restriction. Not from the HCG.

The FDA has approved HCG as a prescription drug for the treatment of female infertility and for other medical conditions. HCG is not approved for use without a prescription for any purpose. It is not approved for weight loss.

In fact, the prescription drug label notes there is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or normal distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.

Living on 500 calories a day is not only unhealthy but also dangerous. People on such restrictive diets are at increased risk for side effects, including gallstone formation, an imbalance of the electrolytes that keep the bodys muscles and nerves functioning properly, and an irregular heartbeat. Such restrictive diets can be dangerous, even potentially fatal.

Very low-calorie diets are sometimes prescribed by health care professionals for people who are moderately to extremely obese as part of medical treatment to lessen health conditions caused by obesity, such as high blood pressure. But even then, strict and constant medical supervision is needed to ensure that side effects are not life-threatening.Without medical oversight, people on very low-calorie diets may not be getting enough vitamins, minerals and most important protein. If you want to lose weight, do it gradually and reduce the calories you eat every day.

If you have HCG products for weight loss, quit using it, throw it out, and stop following the dieting instructions. Talk to your health care professional about a safe and healthy weight loss plan for you.

Health care professionals and patients should report adverse events or side effects related to the use of these products to the FDAs MedWatch Safety Information and Adverse Event Reporting Program:


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