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He's been teaching us how to diet and ditch the fat for over three decades.

Dr Michael Mosley is a pioneer of the weight loss industry and regarded as one of the world's most trusted health presenters.

Watch the full story above.

First, it was his famous 5:2 diet - feasting for five days and fasting for two - that had the whole world talking, and now it's the Fast 800 that has people counting calories in a whole new way.

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Mosley's new book suggests people should restrict themselves to only 800 calories a day, seven days a week.

"You'd lose an average of one to two kilos a week," Mosley said.

"And in the clinical studies, they found that people not only lose weight, but they keep it off."

"If you eat the right stuff, it's amazing how much you can get with 800 calories," Mosley said.

"What you want is stuff that is really nutrient-rich - food designed to give you all the nutrients you need as well as keep you full.

"You can do it as two meals or three meals - so for example, breakfast can be scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, which comes to roughly 250 calories.

"For lunch, I'll have vegetables with a bit of meat - maybe some soup - which is normally a couple hundred calories, and then 300 calories in the evening, which is a big pile of vegetables with fish or meat or something like that."

"The reality is losing weight is really hard, and if it was easy people would do it," Mosley said.

"People do say, just cut your calories and do your exercise, that's it. But that advice has been out there for a hundred years, and we're getting fatter and fatter. It clearly doesn't work.

"You need precise advice - it's all about how you do it."

Dr Michael Mosley is in Australia for a new national tour in September. Find out more here.

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Dr Michael Mosley explains why 800 calories a day is the key to losing weight - 7NEWS

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Losing weight is an uphill battle, especially when you have a desk job. A 2018 study published in the Journal PLoS One[1] said that individuals who are on-the-job standing or those who are field workers tend to lose weight fast as compared to those who are in a sitting job. Given that most of us have desk jobs, it becomes imperative to come up with tips and tricks that can go well with our lifestyle and aid in weight loss. As we know we cannot change our jobs, but we can definitely indulge in a healthy lifestyle in order to lose those extra kilos and maintain our weight. So here we list a few of the simple tips that can not only help you to lose weight but also help you to get on track of a healthy and active lifestyle.7 easy ways to lose weight at your workplaceFor how long have you been sitting on your desk?

When was the last time you go up from your chair?

Do you even leave your desk during lunch hours?

These are some of the reasons why we end up putting a lot of weight. Sitting in front of a computer and then driving all the way home, we hardly spend time in walking and exercising. So to break the monotony of your daily routine and help you get up from your place quite often than not, here are a few tips you must follow. Remember, these are simple tips which might not show quick results but show a difference only when done consistently. Get started with these seven helpful weight-loss tips that you can follow at your workplace:

Opt for walk-and-talk meetingsMost of us prefer to book a meeting room and have a one-on-one conversation with a team member or a colleague. But if you are planning to lose weight and want to break your hours of sitting, then instead of sitting on a seat and having a conversation, walk with your colleague. With this, youll be able to digest your recent meals and can also burn some calories. If you are talking on the phone, then instead of sitting, walk as you talk. You can book a room or stroll through your office open spaces as you talk. You can even take the stairs as you do so to burn more calories. This can act as a simple workout and help you stay active throughout the day.

Eat a healthy breakfastBreakfast is considered the most important meal of the day, as that is when you can have a good amount of calories to stay active throughout the day. Even if you are getting late for office, never skip your breakfast. Also, eat a healthy and stomach-filling breakfast instead of eating chips on your way to office or just drinking a glass of milk. Moreover, a healthy breakfast can not only fill you up but also prevent you from hunger pangs and snacking on unhealthy food. Always remember, your diet plays a key role in maintaining your weight under control.

Cut back on unhealthy munchingSitting and working, working, and working eventually makes you munch those fried chips, chocolates, biscuits and pakoras. Avoid making it a habit to snack as you read a mail or type on your laptop. If you feel like eating something, eat fruits or vegetables. You can pack tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and beet to munch in the evening. If you are a tea person, then enjoy you tea-break by having a cup of green tea as it boosts your metabolism and helps you to lose weight.

Find fitness buddies and a gym near your officeWant to hit the gym, but lack motivation? Find a fitness buddy. If your friend works close by, then leaving at the same time and hitting a gym can be fun and rewarding at the same time. You can even go for a brisk walk with your colleague after lunch time. If not your friends or colleagues, then get a family member to workout with you or go for a morning or evening walk. If you have a gym near your workplace, then enrol to get your daily dose of physical activity after your office hours.

Disclaimer: "This article is authored and provided by The Times of India Healthy India Fit India partner, 1mg."

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7 easy ways to lose weight at your workplace - Times of India

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As you grow older, health and fitness take a backseat in your life, as you are too focussed on either your job or taking care of your family and kids. And while both these things may bring immense joy to you, it is important to carve out some time for yourself because after all health is wealth. If youre not in the best shape of your life now, you will most definitely miss out on making some very precious memories with your family and kids. 38-year-old Amit Bhatnagar tells us that he became a father in 2010, and it was the happiest day of life. In 2011, our family went for a pilgrimage and we had to actually search for a pram or help on hire to carry our one-year-old son as I, weighing 100 kgs, wasnt able to carry him myself and walk 500 meters."

"Soon after this incident, I was diagnosed with an enlarged liver problem and this was a major cause of concern for me. I was never bothered about being overweight before, but now, I thought about how issues related to my weight could come in between spending time with my son. And thus began my weight loss journey.

"When I commenced my weight loss journey, I weighed 100 kgs but after following two different diet approaches and also getting over a weight loss plateau, I was able to lose 27 kgs. Presently, I weigh only 73 kgs, and this is how I lost weight:

I followed a slow and steady approach to lose weight, which began by going on daily 1 km walks. Following which, I took to the Internet to learn American personal trainer, author, and former actor Tony Hortons famous P90X or Power 90 Extreme workout routine (a commercial home exercise regimen that includes 12 intense workouts focussing on resistance and body-weight training, cardio, plyometrics, ab work, martial arts and yoga, along with a nutrition plan, fitness guide and workout calendar) and the basics of cardio. I also started taking daily pictures of myself to track my progress. I also cut out sugar and reduced oil from my meals and added salads to my daily diet along with an increased water intake.

QUICK READ: Here's how drinking water at regular intervals can help you lose weight and increase your metabolism

These little changes helped me lose 15 kgs but then I hit a weight loss plateau.

"At 85 kgs, I was hitting the gym regularly, but I saw no further improvement in my physique. I spoke to my gym trainer about being in this rut and he told me that following in an intense workout is good for weight loss but what you do and eat for the rest of the day is also very important." This is when I realised that more than reducing my weight, I have to focus on burning fat. I resorted to a Keto diet and intermittent fasting pattern to lose fat."

A Keto diet (also known as the Ketogenic diet) is a special diet plan that ensures you are eating foods that are high in fat, moderate in protein and extremely low in carbohydrates. The main purpose of this diet is to help your body achieve the state of ketosis. When in ketosis, your body is constantly burning fat, and at a rate higher than any other diet plan will be able to help you achieve. You can read more about the Keto diet's merits and demerits here.

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. It doesnt specify which foods you can or cannot eat. It only focuses on when you should eat them. There are multiple IF approaches that you can follow, read about them here.

While combining the Keto diet with IF can help one reach the ketosis state faster, it is not a recommended approach for everyone as different body types may react differently to this combination.

While Bhatnagar followed a Keto diet for the second coming of his weight loss, he was able to lose weight the first time around with this diet:

Breakfast: An omelette made from 3 egg whites with a variety of veggies such as spinach, mushroom, capsicum and kale with a cup of black coffee

Lunch: Cottage Cheese or Fish or Chicken or Prawns with lots of salad

Dinner: Cooked Chicken breast or Fish or Prawns with steamed veggies

In between meals, I would snack on nuts and fruits and also drink a protein shake and black coffee or tea.

QUICK READ: Heres how dry fruits and nuts can help you lose weight

"I have been able to maintain my current weight by following a healthy diet plan and the below workout routine."

My exercise regime begins with stretching, followed by intense weight training and often also HIIT and cardio. I hit the gym at 5:30 am in morning, four times a week. I also love being outdoors, so on the days I cant make it to the gym, I go for run.

Incline dumbbell bench press

Incline dumbbell flys

Cable crossover

Tricep pushdown

Cable overhead tricep extension

One arm dumbbell rows

Wide grip pull down

Straight arm pull down

Seated cable rows

Barbell curls

Incline dumbbell curls



Side lateral raise

One arm front cable raise

Cable rear delt flys

Dumbbell shrugs



Barbell squats

Leg press

Leg extensions


Leg curls


"Dont lose hope, weight loss takes some time. Stay focused and dedicated. The results will eventually show.

Disclaimer: The diet and workout routines shared by the respondents may or may not be approved by diet and fitness experts. GQ India doesn't encourage or endorse the weight loss tips & tricks shared by the person in the article. Please consult an authorised medical professional before following any specific diet or workout routine mentioned above.


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How to lose weight like this guy who lost 27 kgs by Intermittent Fasting and following the Keto diet - GQ India - What a man's got to do

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While are there many fun (yet challenging) ways to lose weight fast, picking up a new sport is the wisest option for someone who hates working out to loud dance music (thats constantly blaring in a gym) or reusing sweaty gym equipment. Sport activities such as swimming, tennis, football and running can help burn up to 600 calories in an hour. 38-year-old Nikunj Dhawan tells us that walking, running and playing tennis helped him lose 20 kgs weight. Two years ago, I weighed close to a 100 kgs and would get out of breath while partaking in absolutely basic tasks of tying my own shoe laces, climbing more than one a flight of stairs and running 50 metres. All while his physical appearance was becoming duller. At this point, he just knew that something had to be done about the excess body weight that was holding him down. And what's better than picking up a new sport!

I commenced my weight loss journey by going on regular half-an-hour walks in the neighbourhood and playing tennis.

Walking is the best form of free physical exercise that burns calories and belly fat. It also helps preserve lean body muscle.

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Tennis is a high-intensity sport activity that involves a lot of cardio. It simultaneously works on different muscle groups of the body and also improves your hand-eye coordination, bone density and flexibility. Cardio Tennis an exercise program that incorporates tennis with calisthenics, running and fitness drills is a great alternative to the game as well.

Coming back to Dhawan's weight loss journey, Dhawan says, I would go for small 30-minute walks in the neighbourhood and then after a couple of days, I started playing tennis. During my first day on the tennis court, I could play for only 5 minutes as I ran out of breath. I had to take a 15-minute break to recuperate and then start playing again. But I didnt give up. Over time, my stamina and endurance started improving and weight kept dropping."

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In just a couple of months, I lost around 5 kgs and then I hit a weight loss plateau. So I decided to change my diet. This, for me was a very big deal as I used to eat lot of junk food.

"I cut-off my junk food intake significantly and also reduced my food portions. I would eat 8 chapatis for dinner. I reduced this number to just two. The change in my eating habits led to a significant weight loss."

Early morning: A glass of warm water followed by green tea with dry fruits

Pre-workout: 1 banana or 2 dates with almonds

Post-workout: Oats

Pre-Lunch: Tea and roasted peanuts

Lunch: One bowl of rice + one bowl of dal + one bowl of vegetable preparation

Evening snack: Banana shake

Dinner: Boiled chickpeas and sweet corn

Post-dinner: 1 glass of milk and almonds

"This was stage one of my weight loss plan. Post setting my new diet routine and workout plan, I decided to start prepping for a half marathon something I never imagined I would be able to do."

"To begin with, I would only run one kilometre every day. I gradually increased my pace and also increased the distance from just one kms to 4-5 kms/day. This, coupled with a planned training program of 12 weeks, I was able to run and complete my first half marathon."

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"Post this achievement, I started weight training to define my muscles."

"I have been able to maintain my new weight by eliminating all junk food and exercising 4 days a week. I play cricket over the weekend and during the week I indulge in 45 minutes of weight training, followed by 15 minutes of cardio at the gym."

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"Avoid supplements all together, stay natural. Eat home-cooked food. Remember that diet and workout go hand and hand. But diet forms 90 per cent of it. So ensure you are eating healthy."

Disclaimer: The diet and workout routines shared by the respondents may or may not be approved by diet and fitness experts. GQ India doesn't encourage or endorse the weight loss tips & tricks shared by the person in the article. Please consult an authorised medical professional before following any specific diet or workout routine mentioned above.


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How to lose weight according to a 38-year-old, who lost 20 kgs by walking and playing tennis - GQ India - What a man's got to do

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OBESE kids should eat more yoghurt in order to boost their weight loss, doctors have revealed.

They say the probiotics, may also reduce their risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes.


A new study found eating yoghurt is "an effective strategy" when it comes to preventing obesity in kids - and it's all down to the gut microbiome, scientists believe.

The research, conducted at Fuzhou Children's Hospital of Fujian, China looked at how probiotics affect the health of obese kids, aged 6-14 years old.

All 54 of the children involved were following a reduced-calorie diet combined with an exercise regime.

Their body weight and markers of metabolic health such as blood sugar levels and insulin levels were measured before and at the end of the 12-week study.

The results showed that the kids treated with probiotic supplements, which is found in some yoghurts, lost significantly more weight and had lower levels of markers that indicate poor metabolic health.

Scientists believe the probiotics help boost levels of good bacteria in the gut - which helps maintain a healthy weight.

Professor Rui-Min Chen, who led the study, said: "Our findings suggest that probiotic supplementation may help with weight loss and improve metabolic health in obese children, and that this may be an effective strategy for the prevention and treatment of obesity in the future."

Despite this, Professor Chen cautioned that there are still more studies needed to confirm the benefits.

He added: "More work is needed to confirm these findings, our number of participants was small and limited to the Fuijan area.

"Other studies have also reported no benefits from probiotic treatment in obese children but these were much shorter in duration.

"So, further investigation is needed before any medical recommendations can be made."

His team now plan to conduct larger trials examining the effect of probiotics on the metabolic health of obese children, and to extend their investigations to analyse how they alter the gut, with the aim of better understanding the link between gut bacteria and obesity risk.

Prof Chen said: "Childhood obesity is a growing problem that needs early intervention to prevent long-term health problems; microbiome-based treatments could be a new and more effective strategy for tackling this serious epidemic."

The revelation comes after Meghan Markle's nutritionist said you can lose weight by eating a spoonful of yoghurt before every meal.

Gabriela Peacock, who shaped Meghan's pre-wedding diet, claims the dairy dish will help blitz body fat by tricking your body into reducing insulin and blood sugar spikes.

She said: "I tell my clients to eat some spoonfuls of yoghurt before a meal.

"By starting your meal with protein as opposed to carbohydrate, you reduce the insulin and blood sugar spikes that come from releasing carbs into your blood stream.

"So having a bit of yoghurt or some cheese or ham is a useful trick."

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Similarly, a recent study undertaken at the University of Tennessee revealed just how good yoghurt is for blitzing belly fat.

The results revealed that participants who ate 18 ounces of yoghurt per day (as well as reducing their overall calorie intake) lost, on average, 81 per cent more belly fat compared to those who opted to diet without eating yoghurt.

It's also a great source for vitamins and minerals too, with zinc, iodine, potassium and vitamin B5 all active within yoghurt.

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Key to fast weight loss could be yoghurts it could tackle childhood obesity, docs say - The Sun

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David Davis, 70, is an English politician who is a member of the Conservative Party. He has recently slimmed down and opened up about the diet plan he used to help him slim down. Speaking on Good Morning Britain today, the politician explained he has struggled with losing weight in the past. By following a low carb diet plan, he managed to slim down by 25lb.

The MP explained he tried different methods of losing weight before he found the plan which worked for him.

He spoke to Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain, and the broadcaster has recently given a look into his own fitness routine.

Speaking on the show, David said: I tried running, I went 40 miles a week but I just got hungry.

Then I tried cutting the drink, I lost six pounds and then it stopped.

After struggling to lose weight, the politician told presenters turning to a low carb diet helped him drop a staggering 25lb.

He said: I went to the science You can do something about it, if you go away from carb it becomes easier.

David explained he removed high carb foods such as potatoes and rice from his diet and he stopped having sugar in his tea.

When asked by presenters if he has cut carbs completely, David explained he will still occasionally eat them.

He said: Im not ridiculous about it but it's a lot less, about a fifth of what I used to eat.

The politician explained he is not good at following a strict diet plan and found cutting high carb foods from his diet meant he did not have to focus on what else he ate.

So, by following a low-carb diet plan, the MP slimmed down without using a restrictive diet.

David is not the only MP to have turned heads with a huge weight loss transformation recently.

Labour MP, Tom Watson, has lost a staggering eight stone over the last two years.

The politician said he started to gain weight because of his addiction to sugar but managed to get control of his diet.

To beat the bulge, he also followed a low carb plan and opted for the high fat and moderate protein keto diet.

As well as this, he upped his fitness regime and was eventually fit enough to climb Mount Snowdon.

Celebrity Masterchef host and judge, Gregg Wallace, has recently slimmed down by three stone.

He did this by cutting foods high in fat from his diet plan and adding in regular exercise.

David Davis weight loss: Conservative MP used diet to shed 2st - what plan did he follow? - Express

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This month we explain How Your Body works.

What is Chrono Nutrition?

Please note that Chrono-nutrition is not a diet (with the yo-yo effects that often result from it), but a way of food rebalancing. It is not restrictive and does not involve deprivation.

You can eat all food you can continue to eat french fries, chocolate, cheese, butter only if you respect the times and quantities! This program will also be adapted if you have cholesterol, diabetes.

It will allow you to lose or gain weight and to reach a well-balanced body shape.

All foods are allowed, provided they are eaten in the right quantity at the right time!

Eating well and ensuring to provide the right quantities of all the essential elements necessary for your body will reduce the appearance of a large number of diseases.


Our French Chrono-nutrition program is based on your biorhythms, so if we give to your organs the right portion of food they really need at the right moment of the day: you will start losing weight! You must know that your body is regulated like a clock so if you listen to this internal clock, your organs will work well and your body will have all the elements to lose weight.

Do you know what biorhythms means?

Howto domore,and better,without feelingwiped outat the end oftheday? Its easy;all you need to dois listen toyourbodya little bit. Hourby hour,heres howto followyour biorhythmsto eatbetter,sleepand havemore energy.

5:00 am 7:00 am

Were stillsleeping,butourbody is already working. After going down toitslowest levelat around4am,whichexplains nightshivers,thebodytemperaturegoes up slowly. Thesuprarenalglands start manufacturing cortisol,thehormonefor stressandvigilance,andmake it possiblefor the bodyto haveastockready to meet all aggressions which it will facein the course of the day.

7:00 am 8:00 pm

Cortisolhas reached its peak;adrenalingoes up, involvinganaccelerationofthe heart rateanda rise in blood pressure. Its the time when weopenoureyes. However, for some of us, waking up can be difficult. Afterafastof more than six hours, a hearty breakfastis essential. The mainmealoftheday,its composedofagoodamount of carbohydrate,whichthe brainwill needinthemorning,ofproteinsand lipidsto holdon untillunch. Start to drink: 1 or 2 big glass of water with fresh lemon.

8:00 am 10:00 am

Lets go,but,carefully,please! Thislongday is barelystarting you drop off thechildren to the nurseryorschool,you runto work,youenjoyacup of coffeeon aterraceandyou enjoy thefirstsunraysoftheday, you chitchat with your colleagues around the coffee machine In fact,thesefirstsocial contactsstart stimulatingyourcortex,thepart ofthebrainwhichmakes it possibleto think. There is no point in attacking big files: your warming upperiod is not completely finished! Itis the timeto updateyourmeeting schedule,to read youre-mails,to doallthesesmalldaily tasks, which whilst necessary,do not ask for a lot of thinkingand concentration and drink water with lemon and mint if you like!

2) At lunch, do a break!

11:00 am 3:00 pm

Here is the favorite moment of relaxation for most of you!It is important to note that during your lunch, you will need to absorb animal or vegetable proteins in order to federate a carbohydrate reserve to self-manage the rest of your day.

Carbohydrates are essential to our body! Carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients essential to the functioning of our body. Their primary role is to provide energy to the cells. When ingested, they turn into glucose, a real fuel for our body. This molecule is the preferred food for neurons and the only food for red blood cells. Note that our brain consumes about 140 grams of glucose every day.Then, you will have the pleasure to eat for example white meat + potatoes a real meal based on Chrono-nutrition !!

3:00 pm6:00 pm

Withanincreaseofglycaemia,the hormonesforvigilance,and of temperature,were going through a new phaseofoptimal effectiveness. The perfectmomentto get througha tonofwork,withoutforgettingto takeabreak every 90 minutes. Notonlyourcapacityforassimilationandmemorizingis at its highest level,butwearealsoatthe maximumofourphysical shape. For example: Many sportsrecordswere beatenbetween3and 6 pm.

Its time to eat your snack: to conserve your energy to the maximum, think about eating almonds or any other oilseeds and fresh fruit or fruit juice; The afternoon is the only time your body will accept sugar while eliminating it.

7:00 pm9:00 pmAround6:30 pm,thetemperaturestartsto dropto preparethebodyforsleep. This is good because its dinner time! The ideal,afteralightmeal or a little bitfatty,is to goout for a quickfifteen-minute walk andthengo on and relax. You will eat for example vegetables and fish without dessert!

10:00 pm 11:30 pm

Youyawnandshiver. Itisbecauseyourtension decreases,becauseyourtemperaturestillgoes down,when your melatonin rate,the hormoneresponsible forsleep,starts going upto reach itspeakin the middle ofthenight. Theearly risers will be thefirstinbed.

Be careful,at night, yourbronchinarrowdown because theproductionofadrenalinandnoradrenalingoes into sleep mode until the following morning. Therefore if you can, try to put on your pillows a few drops of lavender or fig to help you sleep well and breathe well.

Theolder you get,themore necessary it becomes for you to listen toandrespectanysignsyourbody gives you. However, I am convinced that by already putting into practice my advice on your daily biorhythm, you will live much better days, full of energy but with less stress!

If you want to lose weight or simply understand the secrets of a balanced diet, ENJOY MY DIET team will receive you in their office in Bird Road and will take care of you for a complete nutritional assessment.

To schedule your complimentary appointment contact Clinic Libessart (305) 663 4499 Laurence Marmet (954) 477 9623 or email or visit

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With Enjoy My Diet, Lose Weight SAFELY Without Being Deprived - Miami's Community Newspapers

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In a time where celebrities and fitness influencers alike are discussing their diets and workout routines to lose weight and look amazing, normal people can often fall down a rabbit hole of fad diets and products. Many may seem like a quick fix to lose a few pounds or build more muscle, but some can do more harm than good.

The Keto diet produces fast results with little sustainability long term. Many have become avid followers of the ketogenic or keto diet for its ability to allow people to shed pounds fast but this diet is not sustainable or healthy in the long run. It is true that this diet will help someone drop pounds quickly, but doctors and fans agree it should not be followed for more than a couple of months.

According to Maria Petzel, a senior clinical dietitian at MD Anderson, weight loss from the keto diet is similar to any other diet. What you first lose is water weight which explains why people can rapidly drop pounds in a short amount of time. After that water weight is lost, Petzel states that it is fat loss like any other diet that restricts the amount of calories that you are consuming, regardless of where those calories are coming from. Petzel states, Because of the loss of water weight, when they return to a regular diet, people find that they quickly gain back some of the weight they lost during a low-carb diet. If they dont continue to avoid excess calorie intake they can ultimately gain all of the weight back.

There seems to be a yo-yo effect that frequently occurs with followers of the keto diet. They will lose weight rapidly and then gain it all back, and then try to lose it once again. This cycle repeats itself over and over. This type of unsustainable diet makes it difficult for people to maintain their results and make lifelong changes to their diet and lifestyle.

Even with these temporary results, many are still firm believers that this is the ticket to better health, when in reality there is no shortcut or magic diet that will completely change their life. This type of diet will produce temporary results at the cost of someones overall health. An interview by Insider from dietitian Cathy Posey stated that a low carb and high fat diet can lead to vitamin deficiencies because of the low intake of fresh fruits, legumes, vegetables and other unprocessed whole foods. Meat and dairy has also been proven to increase inflammation and cause cancerous tumors to grow.

Posey also stated that because many people who follow the keto diet arent aware of the bad types of fats that they are consuming, like saturated and trans fat, this diet may actually increase the risk of cardiovascular problems or cause high cholesterol.

Petzel also talked about the Keto Flu. Many people have flu-like symptoms after starting the keto diet which can include nausea, fatigue, and gastrointestinal discomfort. This is happening because the body is starving for nutrients from a high fat diet of bacon and butter. Many are trying to manipulate how the body turns food into fuel and burns fat in the quest of a slim figure but we already know the recipe for a better life.

Study after study has shown that those who have a balanced plant based diet of carbs, protein, and fat will live a healthier lifestyle and are able to stay healthy over a long period of time. We have seen people fall victim to unrealistic diets and the keto diet is no different. Dont blindly follow and drink the keto kool aid, do research and talk to a doctor or dietician to see what type of diet is right for you and your lifestyle.

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The Keto diet not as healthy as people think Sonoma State Star - The university's student-run newspaper - Sonoma State Star

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Courtesy of Dallin Craven

Name: Dallin CravenAge: 29Occupation: Ad operations specialistHometown: Salt Lake City, Utah

Start Weight: 265 poundsEnd Weight: 180 poundsTime Running: Year and a half

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2017. It scared the crap out of me, and I was really mad and disappointed in myself. I thought that I had been given an early death sentence.

For the first time, I didnt want to lose weight to look good. I wanted to lose weight to improve my quality of life and longevity. My initial plan was just to move more, try to go for walks during breaks at work, hit the gym when I found the time, and change the way I ate.

Before, I never really thought about what was going into my body or how it could affect the way I feel throughout the day. I had a general idea of what was good and bad, but I ultimately ate whatever I wanted. Fried foods, fatty cuts of meat, and sugary treats were the biggest staples in that diet, so I assumed cutting that stuff out would help a lot.

With eating better and cutting out sweets and sugar, I started feeling better and had more energy during the day. I then started to shift my focus to mostly fruits and vegetables while cutting down on my meat consumption.

That only aided me when I hit the gym. There, I made friends with lifting weights, riding the exercise bike, and using the elliptical. After eight months of consistency, I had dropped 40 pounds. It felt like an amazing accomplishment: I thought it was only going to get better, but then I plateaued for two months.

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Then I overheard a conversation between some of my friends. They were talking about a half marathon they had just run and how cool of an experience it was. They talked about how hard yet rewarding it was.

I liked the idea of doing something hard and having the satisfaction of crossing a finish line to symbolize the completion of a goal. Instead of just going to the gym day-in and day-out, I would have a goal to work toward. Also, the idea of not being the guy who was diabetic, but the guy who runs marathons was a pleasant thought.

At first, I was just runningwell, mostly walkingfor weight loss. Yet, I felt like I was able to run faster and farther with each passing week, which built up my confidence.

The finish-line aspect didnt hit me until I signed up for my first 5K with my wife. It was there that I found the running community. The atmosphere, the friendly people, and the medal at the end was so cool. I was so excited I went straight from that 5K to training for a marathon.

The marathon I signed up for was really close to the one-year anniversary of my diabetes diagnosis. So to me, it was a way of proving to myself that anything can happen if you work for it and have the right attitude.

I fell in love with the process of training for a marathon. It changes your life for the better and teaches you a lot about yourself. I can tell you that from experience, because I am now training for my third marathon next month. I am shooting to go under four hours for the first time.

I feel like a brand new person. I can do things that I was never able to do. I also feel capable of doing anything, because weight loss and running has reframed my mindset to believe in myself. Who would have thought Id be 85 pounds lighter and on a mostly plant-based diet less than two years after being diagnosed as a diabetic?

For anyone wanting to make a similar change, my best advice would be to be consistent. If you slip up every now and then, its fine. But be on top of it. Its okay to be obsessive about the sport. Follow runners on social media, join running groups on Facebook, watch running videos on YouTube, and do whatever you need to do for inspiration. Because youll also need consistent motivation along the way, and I know runners can help there.

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A Diabetes Diagnosis Scared Me Into Better Health. Running Helped Me Love the Process -

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Are you addicted to your phone and not getting enough sleep? If yes then you may gain weight. A recent study says that girls who do not get enough sleep at night are more to gain weight. Here is what the research says and also know other poor habits which can lead to weight gain.

Improper sleeping pattern can cause weight gain in teenage girls

Weight gain can be extremely stressful for many people. Most girls dream of a toned body. They starve themselves to reduce weight. But not many focus on the bad habits which can contribute to weight gain unintentionally. From poor lifestyle to sleeping habits there can be many factors which can contribute to weight gain. Researchers have extended the ill-effects of inadequate sleep on one's weight. According to a study, teenage girls who prefer to go to bed late are more likely to gain weight, compared to same-age girls who go to bed earlier. For the study published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics, a total of 804 adolescents, 418 girls and 386 boys aged between 11 to 16 years were analysed.

The children responded to questionnaires on their sleep habits and wore an actigraph - a wrist device that tracks movement, said researchers from the Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare company in the US. During the study, the research team measured the participants' waist size and calculated their proportion of body fat using a technique called dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry.

They also estimated the children's social jet lag- the difference between their weeknight and weekend bed-times. Those who stayed up far later on weekends than weeknights were considered to have high social jet lag.

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According to the study, for girls, staying up late was associated with an average 0.58 cm increase in waist size and a 0.16 kg/m2 increase in body fat. Each hour of social jet lag was associated with a 1.19 cm larger waist size and a 0.45 kg/m2 increase in body fat. These associations were reduced but still remained, after the researchers statistically adjusted for other factors known to influence weight, such as sleep duration, diet, physical activity and television viewing.

Although the researchers found slight associations between these measures and waist size and body fat in boys, they were not statistically significant. The researchers concluded that improving sleep schedules may help prevent obesity in childhood and adolescence, especially in girls.

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Control your calorie intake to lose weightPhoto Credit: iStock

Some poor lifestyle habits can cause weight gain. Some of these habits may go unnoticed and make it difficult for you to lose weight. Here are some things which you should consider to maintain a healthy weight.

1. Choose your calories well- make sure that you are eating healthy calories and also keep a check on the number of calories you are consuming in a day.

2. Skip sugar- If you are a dessert lover it might be difficult for you to quit sugar. But cutting sugar might help you reduce weight. Sugar is hidden in many foods, check all the sources of sugar.

3. Stay active throughout the day- If you are spending hours at the gym and sitting all day then it may not give you the desired results. Skip laziness and keep moving throughout the day.

4. Do not skip breakfast- Consuming a healthy and heavy breakfast can help you eat a limited amount of calories. Eat a healthy and heavy breakfast for a better weight.

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