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If you work out on a treadmill at 10 miles an hour, youll burn 1,228 calories on average.

Thats a brisk pace and one of the top speeds on the treadmill, so you probably wont be able to manage this speed the whole time.

If you run at half the speed for the same amount of time youre still burning 614 calories. And if you did that every day, five days a week youre burning enough to lose a pound a week (and maybe more if youre doing more exercise and eating well).

You could also burn 930 calories if you run at 7.5 miles per hour for an hour.

To burn one pound in weight quicker, youd need to run for two hours and 48 minutes at 10 miles per hour but this may not be manageable.

Running is also pretty cheap, with the Ocean Finance experts suggesting the activity will set you back 10 per pound (including the cost of supportive trainers and a gym membership).

They said: While its good to change up which type of exercise you do per session to target different areas of the body in the longer term, our research found that straightforward cardio is the most cost-effective way to shift pounds.

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New year, new health and fitness goals. If you're kicking off 2022 with the desire to achieve the toned, fit body of your dreams, lose weight, and/or establish a self-care routine you love, there are countless places to seek inspiration. Actively listening to what your body needs, celebrating your emotional wellbeing, and motivating yourself to get up and exercise are all key players in the game. But, we have to admit, it really helps when you have relatable role models on your side who are striving to crush the mind and body game right along with you.

If you've been keeping up with Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk on your Apple Watch, then the "audio walking experience" may have changed the way you think about going for a daily walkin a good way, of course. This refreshing episode series inspires users to work a simple exerciseaka walkinginto their regular routines. And even though they aren't physically walking right next to you, each Time to Walk episode shines a spotlight on a special someone (like a celeb or musician) who discusses important stories, music, and pictures while also taking a walk.

The premiere of Time to Walk season three featured Pitch Perfect fave Rebel Wilson, and it's a must-listen. So grab your walking shoes, and be sure to tune in as Wilson shines a spotlight on the road she took to losing weight. In the meantime, we'll give you some of the highlights, including how she dropped 75 pounds.

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During Wilson's Time to Walk episode, she revealed how much walking on the daily can make a real difference in living your best, healthiest life. "My goal was to get healthier and lose the bodyweight I didn't want. I knew deep down that I wasn't the healthiest version of myself because of work commitments," Wilson said, according to reporting by Men's Health.

She shared that an Austrian health retreat she took part in gave her a fresh outlook on achieving her health goals. "An Austrian doctor said 'Rebel, the best way for you to lose unwanted body fat is by just simply walking, it doesn't have to be high intensity or uphill just simply walk an hour a day," the actress noted.

Wilson kicked off 2020 like many of us do: with a new health and fitness plan. But the key here is she did things slow and steady, and she really reaped the results.

"It just made me think: OK I should take it a bit easier on myself, and just do it gently and do it lightly. So in 2020, I lost weight but very, very gradually. Sometimes I kicked up things a notch with some workouts and went hard. But, the majority of the work for the year was just doing things like walking for an hour," she said. This "simple solution," as Wilson dubbed it, is exactly thata simple, healthy activity you can work into your life that can make an actual difference in your overall wellbeing.

Fast-forward to 2022, and Wilson is blessing us all with inspiration on her Instagram account, with her latest post being a photo of herself posing in a turquoise-colored workout 'fit by an infinity pool. The caption reads: "Rebel Rising #2022." (We support that vibe, Wilson!)

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It can't be stressed enough: Carving time out of your day for a walk works wonders for your mental and physical health. According to a recent study, taking a quick 10-minute stroll can enhance your mood. Plus, nothing beats breathing in the fresh air and taking a scenic route!

In addition, researchers at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada concluded in a study that walking at the right pace for you helps you lose fat effectively.

To be in the know about even more ways walking and exercise can improve your health and fitness goals, check out Secret Side Effects of Walking Just 30 Minutes Per Day, Says Science and 5 Best Health Benefits of Walking, Says Science.

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TV Presenter Ruth Langsford and Dr Amir Khan put 10 diets to the test to discover which weight loss methods achieve the most impressive results in just one month.

The first diet put to the test was The Fast 800, which saw Alicia, who weighed 17 stone two pounds, losing one stone four pounds.

She knocked four inches from her waist line by only consuming 800 calories per day for a month, and eating them all within 12 hours.

The documentary explained that this kind of diet makes the body enter into a "ketogenic state".

The self-confessed sugar addict, who could only cut out sugar for one day before getting "sugar angry", showed that The Fast 800 is an effective method for quick weight loss.

Jen adopted the Huel diet, which limited her diet to three vegan shakes and one snack bar per day.

It was a difficult diet to maintain, and Jen founded herself indulging in "a whole packet of Jaffa Cakes" three weeks in.

However, following the Huel diet most of the time meant she lost a whole stone, dropping from 11 stone eight pounds to 10 stone eight pounds.

Stoil put the raw food diet to the test, meaning everything he ate for a whole month had to be uncooked.

Dr Amir Khan explained that cooking vegetables "gets rids of a lot of their vitamins and minerals and some of their enzymes.

"When you eat them in their raw form, they stay in your gut for longer, the enzymes slow down your metabolism so you stay fuller for longer and you end up eating less."

Stoil managed to lose an impressive one stone two pounds from 13 stone one pound.

Dr Amir Khan and Ruth Langsford gave sugar addict Lucy a sugar detox.

Eating four and a half times the recommended sugar intake per day, she admitted she though about sugar "every single day".

Dr Amir explained: "Sugar is really addictive. When we eat sugary foods we release chemicals in our bodies called opioids, they bind your receptors in our brain and release feel good hormones. It gives you an almost euphoric feeling and you crave more sugary foods."

This diet, which saw Lucy lose 13 pounds from 13 stone, contained whole foods and foods with natural sugars such as fruit.

Simon, who would eat two packets of biscuits per day, tried the Keto diet. This diet cuts carbs to five percent of a person's daily intake and ups natural fats to 70 percent.

This "carb king" went from 13 stone three pounds to 12 stone two pounds and embarked on a health journey to combat his "high high high blood pressure" according to Dr Amir.

Explaining the keto diet, Dr Amir stated: "Your body starts to break down those fats, releasing something called ketones, encouraging more fat breakdown and rapid weight loss."

His diet consisted of good natural fats such as seafood, meat, dairy and eggs. Meanwhile, he had to shun pastries and fried food.

Slim Fast 3,2,1 saw Alex, who blamed her heavy weight on "snaccidents", lose one stone two pounds.

She previously consumed 9,300 calories at the weekends, with one third of them coming from alcohol.

She stripped her diet right back to one evening meal, two shakes and three snacks.

Olivia tried the Boombod diet, which consisted of a strict calorie controlled diet plus a sachet of glucomannan before each meal.

Glucomannan is a water-soluble polysaccharide that is considered a dietary fibre, and according to Healthline, "takes up space in your stomach and promotes a feeling of fullness".

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Olivia did not quite lose a stone but instead lost 13 pounds from 11 stone 13 pounds.

Out of the ten diets, the "most extreme" was the liquid master cleanse, which saw Emma lose a staggering one stone eight pounds.

At the start, she weighed 13 stone three pounds. However, she swapped greasy cafe food and and too much coffee, which blocked the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals from her gut, for a drink of lemon juice, pepper, syrup and water.

Emma drank this healthy concoction two days each week. For four days, she enjoyed 800 calories worth of soups and juices, and on only one day she could consume solid food.

In this liquid diet, the lemon juice cleanses the body of toxins, cayenne pepper speeds up the metabolism and fat burning, and maple syrup provides vitamins, minerals and energy.

Despite her huge weight loss, Emma branded the diet "not sustainable", as she put back on one stone three pounds after the experiment ended.

A vegan only diet keeps dieters "fuller for longer" according to Dr Amir, and this is what salt lover Lynne tried.

She admitted that she used to put salt on "everything", and even felt "really sad" thinking about a Chinese takeaway without it.

Dr Amir stated: "Her BMI is off the scale and her blood pressure is high as well."

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He even called it a "deadly combination".

The vegan trend, which has quadrupled in the UK over the past five years, saw Lynne lose one stone two pounds, although she did reveal she slipped up once and ate a pie.

She said of the banned food: "It was quite frankly the best thing I've ever eaten in my whole life."

Finally, Andy sampled the paleo diet, which included such as eggs, soups, salads, grilled meat and vegetables, fruit and yoghurt.

He cut out social drinking and the subsequent post drinking kebab and swapped it for clean eating, dropping one stone five pounds from his 16 stone two pound frame.

Andy did admit that he had fallen off the wagon "big style" with a Chinese takeaway, complete with egg-fried rice.

Overall, the dieters lost an incredible amount of weight between them, and used their "really impressive results" to transform themselves further longterm.

Many of the participants lost even more weight, and while some of them packed on the pounds, one year on everyone was lighter than they were at the start of the experiment.As for the diets, the master cleanse was the most effective, followed closely by the paleo diet.

Ruth concluded that the most successful diets were the ones that made people "rethink their relationship with food".

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Paul Sinha decided to lose weight in 2018 after he was unexpectedly diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. He even took part in the ITV documentary, Diabetes: The Fast Fix, where he survived off of 800 calories a day for one month.

The aim of the show was to see if Paul could "fast himself better".

It is possible that those living with Type 2 Diabetes can put this condition into remission by losing weight. "If you have obesity, your diabetes is more likely to go into remission if you lose a substantial amount of weight 15kg (or 2st 5lb) as quickly and safely as possible following diagnosis."

Paul lost a stone on the show, and celebrated his achievement by taking to Twitter.

At the time, he tweeted: "I've lost a stone in weight. If I lose another I have a shout of getting an invite to a gay awards night."

His weight loss didn't stop there, however, and he has confirmed that he has continued to shed fat.

The Chase fans took to social media to congratulate Paul on his healthier lifestyle and appearance.

After a slender appearance at the National television Awards in 2019,@cb_038tweeted: "Paul Sinha has lost so much weight #NTAs #NTAAwards."His weight loss was also acknowledged after he appeared on Taskmaster in May 2019.

@TJ_SpentForce20 stated: "Loving #TASKMASTER so glad it's back! Paul Sinha looks amazing! Lost so much weight - inspiration. Well done Paul."

But like many people, Paul admitted that maintaining a healthy weight is a struggle for him, particularly over the festive period.

In a tweet to his 205,600 followers on December 27 2021: "Wasnt even a particularly gluttonous Christmas period and yet I put on 4lbs."

Referencing his yo-yoing weight and efforts to stay slim, he announced: And so the fightback begins for the 718th time."

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Mark "The Beast" Labbett has lost an astonishing 10 stone, telling Loose Women: "I am gradually dropping Xs off my size. I've gone from 5XL to 4XL and it looks like the next time I go shopping I'll be able to squeeze into XL underpants."

Like his co-star, he too was diagnosed with diabetes in 2017.

Their female counterpart, Anne Hegerty, also lost a noticeable amount of weight on I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here.

She stated: "The trouble is really there is no salt."

The simple diet of rice and beans also didn't agree with Anne, and she forced herself to cut out rice, which saw the star drop a stone in just three weeks.

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With minimal prep (and even less cleanup), sheet pan dinners are where it's at for simple, convenient meals. If you haven't jumped on this one-dish meal trend, now's the time, especially if you're working toward a weight loss goal. Baking lean proteins with high-fiber veggies on a single sheet pan is an easy-peasy way to load up on nutrients proven to accelerate weight loss.

Specifically, research has shown that people who eat more protein often have more success with shedding pounds. A 2021 meta-analysis of 37 studies found that increasing protein in the diet was more effective for weight loss than upping other nutrients. Including plenty of fiber also paves the way for weight loss by keeping you full long past dinnertime. And leaving ingredients high in simple carbs (like white bread, white pasta, and sweeteners) off your panand, therefore, off your platehelps you steer clear of empty calories.

Looking for recipes you can arrange in gorgeous rainbow layers on a sheet pan? Here are five delicious, colorful combos to add to your weight loss-friendly repertoire. Then, for even more healthy recipe ideas, check out our list of20+ Easy Dinner Recipes That Will Keep Your Health Goals on Track.

Committing to a weight loss plan doesn't mean you have to opt-out of Taco Tuesdaythank goodness! Let the Mexican-themed good times roll with sheet pan tilapia tacos. Tilapia is one of the lowest-calorie fish around, making it a solid choice for a low-cal dinner, while bell peppers, onions, and tomatoes amplify the fiesta without overloading you on calories or carbs.

How to make it: Start by mixing up a DIY taco seasoning of one tablespoon chili powder, 1/2 tablespoon cumin, 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon pepper, and 1/4 teaspoon paprika. Cut one red pepper and one orange pepper into strips and half a red onion into 1/2-inch slices. Place on a sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with half the spice mixture. Bake at 400 degrees for 15 minutes.

While the veggies bake, cut 1 pound tilapia fillets into one-inch strips and season with the other half of the spice mixture. Add to the sheet pan and bake an additional 10 to 12 minutes. Assemble tacos with corn tortillas and any fixings you like. Serves four.

If you've decided to go plant-based for weight loss, you're onto something. Vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based diets can be an excellent path toward eating better for your waistline (not to mention the planet). A 2020 review, for example, looked at 19 studies on people who adhered to a low-fat vegan diet. In every study, people on this diet lost weight, and in seven of the studies, the weight loss was considered significant.

Reap the benefits of going veg with our vegan sausage and vegetable sheet pan meal. It combines the spicy bite of seitan-based Italian sausage with low-carb veggies like red bell pepper, broccoli, and red onion. A generous helping of cubed butternut squash adds extra heartiness. Save leftovers to enjoy at breakfast!

Get our recipe for Vegan Sausage and Vegetables.

The plant-based goodness continues with this Indian-inspired weeknight sheet pan dinner. Crunchy roasted chickpeas are the protein centerpiece of this spicy dish (and their high fiber content is a definite weight loss-friendly bonus). Sweet potato chunks and crispy kale chips round things out with plenty of satiating complex carbs and micronutrients like vitamin A, vitamin K, and potassium.

How to make it: Place 1 1/2 cups cubed sweet potatoes, one sliced red onion, and 2 cups rinsed, drained chickpeas on a sheet pan. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with one teaspoon garlic powder, 3/4 teaspoon ground ginger, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1 1/2 tablespoons curry powder. Stir to coat the chickpeas and veggies with oil and spices.

Bake in a 400-degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes. Stir, then add two cups chopped kale to the pan. Drizzle the kale with olive oil and bake the whole thing for another 10 minutes. Serves two.

This sheet pan recipe really is a spring chicken. Here, you'll soak up the fresh flavors of spring alongside everyone's favorite weight loss-friendly meat: boneless, skinless chicken breast. It'll load you up with protein galore at a whopping 56 grams per piece. Meanwhile, fresh herbs and lemon juice add zippy flavor for just a smidge of calories.

How to make it: Whip up this springy meal by slicing two chicken breasts in half and chopping one bunch asparagus, one bunch radishes, and three large carrots into 1-inch pieces. Place all on a sheet pan. In a medium bowl, whisk together 6 tablespoons olive oil, 1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice, 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley, 1/2 cup chopped fresh basil, three diced scallions, 1/2 teaspoon salt, and 1/4 teaspoon pepper. Pour over the chicken and vegetables, then bake for 30 minutes in a 425-degree oven, stirring halfway through cooking.

Trying out keto for weight loss? Our butter-baked salmon and asparagus will help you stick to your prescribed macros with high levels of healthy polyunsaturated fat (and, okay, a bit of butter for extra flavor and fat). Even if you're not on keto, adding fish to your diet could aid weight loss, since it's a complete protein that helps decrease inflammation. Check out six ways eating fish can help you lose weight here!

Get our recipe for Keto Butter-Baked Salmon and Asparagus.

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Visceral fat, also known as belly fat, is stored within the abdominal cavity, which houses important organs such as the liver and intestines. A build-up of visceral fat can therefore imperil vital functions, hiking your risk of chronic complications, such as heart disease. Fortunately, you can reduce the accumulation of visceral fat by making healthy dietary decisions.

A study published in the Journal of Functional Foods suggests supplementing with apple cider vinegar can get at the stubborn belly fat.

Just as with other types of vinegar, the key ingredient in apple cider vinegar is acetic acid, which is produced when the sugars from apples are fermented.

"When apple cider vinegar is filtered, it looks like a clear liquid. If its left unfiltered, it has a cloudy appearance because it contains a combination of yeast and bacteria that forms during fermentation, known as the mother," explains Holland and Barrett.

A randomised, clinical trial was performed to examine whether apple cider vinegar can result in dietary modifications that provides beneficial effects on the management of body weight in overweight or obese individuals.

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The findings are not entirely surprising. Mounting evidence has pointed to the anti-obesity effects of apple cider vinegar.

Researchers think apple cider may work by helping to reduce appetite it contains acetic acid, which has been shown to reduce the absorption of starches in food and slow digestion, keeping you feeling fuller for longer.

"Protein can be a helpful way to lose weight because it makes you feel fuller than carbs and fat do," explains Bupa.

"So if you include a lean source of protein in your meals you may find that youre not as hungry, and so eat less."

Make sure you include protein with each meal. Good sources include:

"Go for foods that are rich in protein and low in fat (known as lean protein sources) as some sources of protein can be high in saturated fat," advises Bupa.

The health body adds: "Alternatively, there are lots of protein products on the market, such as supplements and powders, but if you decide to use these make sure you have a trained sports dietitian or nutritionist supervising your diet."

Combining healthier eating with a regular exercise regime will also help you to successfully lose belly fat.

"You should try to take part in at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise, at least five days a week," advises Holland and Barrett.

The key here is to do what interests you.

"So you might fancy a brisk walk to work up a sweat, breathe harder and quicken your heart rate. Or perhaps cycling to work rather than taking the car. Not everyone needs to rush to the gym," explains Holland and Barrett.

According to the health body, by raising your heart rate for 30 minutes at least three times per week, you are effectively slowing down how much visceral fat you gain.

"If going to the gym is not your thing, then have a look at some alternative ways of keeping fit and healthy."

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Tom Kerridge will host Tom Kerridges Fresh Start on the BBC tonight, January 10, at 7pm. Viewers of the show will be reminded of the chefs recent weight loss journey and transformation.

Tom Kerridge, 48, has opened up about his weight in the past, having struggled with his appearance.

Fans of the chef will have noticed his transformation over the years, but some people may be surprised to know that Tom has reportedly lost a whopping 12 stone since the beginning of his journey.

When he was 40 years old, Tom was diagnosed as obese, weighing 30 stone at the time.

He decided he needed to do something about it.

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How did he do it?

Tom began to cut alcohol from his diet and started to do more exercise.

He told the Mirror in 2020: I stopped drinking all by myself.

I knew what I wanted to do and then I got on with it. It was all about mental strength. I have an addictive personality.

There are many foods that can increase dopamine, some of which are dairy foods like milk, cheese, and yoghurt, unprocessed meats like beef, chicken, and turkey, fatty fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and dark chocolate.

Most versions of the diet recommend avoiding alcohol, caffeine, and processed sugar.

For Tom, enjoying what he ate was a huge help when losing weight.

Speaking to the Mirror in 2017, he said: Its impossible to lose weight and keep the weight off for good if you dont enjoy what youre eating.

The NHS offers really sound advice about how to lose weight so Ive taken this as the starting point for creating delicious low-calorie dishes people will want to eat every day.

The cooking techniques mean theres no compromise on flavour and youre promised a generous plate of food! Im hoping this will help more people to lose weight and still love what they eat.

Tom decided to cut down on snacks too to shed the pounds. He told GQ magazine in 2017: As a chef, I was grazing and snacking throughout service.

Or Id be eating cheese on toast and packets of crisps because they were quick and there and ready to go.

I was a big one to skip breakfast. I didnt have any.

Tom added foods that are high in protein to his diet and stuck to healthy ingredients such as vegetables, tinned beans, and eggs.

He also cut sugar from his diet, but stressed that one can enjoy some treats once in a while.

There is nothing wrong with a flapjack in the afternoon when you get that 4pm lull if everything else is in place, Tom added.

The chef has also continued to use full-fat cheese, milk, yoghurt, and double cream while cooking, calling these foods his dopamine heroes.

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ORLANDO, FLA. (Ivanhoe Newswire) No meat, no carbs, no dairy, no gluten. Did you know that it may be damaging to your health if you deprive your body of foods? A new way of honoring your body and fueling it without guilt is rising in popularity. Its called intuitive eating. But what is this new anti-diet and does it work?

Ashley Hinds RDN, LDN, CEDRD and Registered Dietitian explains that Intuitive eating teaches us to listen to our internal cues and listen to our hunger fullness cues.

Intuitive eating is based on ten principles; first, reject the diet mentality, which can offer you false hope to lose weight fast. Honor your hunger instead by adequately eating carbs.

Hinds says, Our body is always trying to reach homeostasis and its anticipating Oh you put me through a famine, a diet, a few times now, I need to anticipate for the next famine. And thats actually what leads to weight cycling.

Make peace with your food, give yourself permission to eat what society deems as bad food, if not it can lead to binging. Challenge the food police, the societal voice in your head that monitors the unreasonable rules diet culture has set. Discover the satisfaction factor, make eating food pleasurable. Feel your fullness, listen to the signals that your body is full. And cope with your emotions around food with kindness.

Dieting can put a huge strain on our mental health because if we have famine then were also increasing our anxiety and it all comes to that full circle. Hinds further explains.

Respect your body and feel the difference. Focus on how working out makes you feel mentally and not look physically. And honor your health with gentle nutrition.

Hinds says, My recommendation is typically to have about three meals a day and two to three snacks.

There have been at least 97 studies looking into intuitive eating. A study of those found people who practice intuitive eating were more likely to accept their bodies, be more mindful, and reported higher self-esteem. They also had lower levels of depression and anxiety.


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Speaking about his life when he was 25-and-a-half stone, James, who is a teacher and lives in East London said he was living an unhealthy lifestyle and drinking too much beer, which would result in him snoring throughout the night, and waking up with a hangover at the weekend.

James said: My weight ballooned at secondary school. I grew to 5ft 11ins, but went up and outwards at the same time.

In 2011, aged 26, I weighed 20 stone, so I decided to count calories. I have an obsessive all-or-nothing nature, so it suited me at the time.

I would log everything on an app, restricting myself to 2,000 calories in the beginning, then down to 1,500 over six months.

When my weight hit 15 stone, I was happy, so I started eating normally again for about a year to 18 months, and, of course, the weight piled on.

That was the first big attempt to lose weight. And every attempt since there have been four over the past 10 years, has involved calorie counting, losing a couple of stone, and then putting on all the weight Id lost and more.

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We usually have better control of our diets most days of the year. However, whenever the holidayscome around, we tend to be more lenient and allow ourselves to indulge.

As a result, many of us end up gaining a few extra pounds before the new year, prompting us to make weight loss one of our New Years resolutions. Easier said than done as we've becomeused to lounging around and just being chillduring theholidays.

Luckily, there are tried-and-tested ways to loseweight. So, if youre wondering how to lose weight fast after Christmas, heres what you should do.

If you went above thelimit ofhow much you can indulge during theholidays, the best thing tostart with is to go back to having abalanced diet. Not only will a balanced diet help you shed off theextra pounds, but it'll also keep you protected against diseases, improve your moodand let you enjoya better quality of life.

When it comes to effective diets thatarent overly complicated, there are two you can follow: the keto diet and intermittent fasting.

When it comes to dieting, keto and intermittent fasting are very effective solutions. Photo: Unsplash (CC0)

Keto diet is short for the ketogenic diet and requires you to minimize your dailycarb intakewhileincreasing thefats you consumesoyour body is encouragedto burn it forenergy througha process called ketosis. Once your body enters this state, it starts using your fat stores for energy, helping you lose weight.

Compared to other diets, the keto diet is significantly faster, as long as you know whichfoods to eat andwill give you allyour nutritional needs.

Meanwhile, intermittent fasting is a diet that requires you to follow a specificschedulethat cycles between non-fasting (eating) and voluntary fasting over a given period.The good thing about intermittent fasting is research has linked it to numerous health benefits, including improving your heart health, balancing your blood sugar and much more.

Intermittent fasting has the added benefit of helping you become healthier compared to popular diets.

So if youre wondering if theres an easy way to start these diets in time for New Years, we recommend checking outDiet-to-Go and DoFasting.

Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service focused on providing healthy chef-prepared meals. Photo:

If you want to get started withthe keto diet, the easiest way is to try Diet-to-Go. Focused on providing clients with healthy food choices, Diet-to-Go delivers gourmet-quality meals made with healthy and fresh ingredients right to your doorstep so you can start eating better at home.

Working with top chefs in its USDA-certified kitchen, Diet-to-Go offers a variety of healthy and yummy menus that will cater to your diet needs, one of which is theKeto-Carb30 Menu. Carb-restricted and chef-prepared, each meal from this menu is varied but keto-friendlyand even limits your carb intaketo only 30 net carbs a day on average.

Diet-to-Go also offers other diet planslike theBalance Menu, Balance-Diabetes Menuand Vegetarian Menu. You also have the option to mix and match your mealsbased on your food preferences. This way, healthy eating and sticking to aketo dietbecomes more accessible, without sacrificing the pleasureof good food.

DoFasting is a subscription-based app focused on helping you fast effectively. Photo:

If intermittent fasting is moredoable for you, thenyou should tryDoFasting. It isa subscription-based intermittent fasting application that guides you to achieve your desired weight loss goal. After signing up, the app will present you with a basic weight loss timeline, as well as a schedule based on your profile.

From there, it will constantly informyou of your eating and fasting timelineand you can alsomonitor your progress. All you have to do is follow and commit to achieving your goal.

Aside from its meal delivery service, Diet-to-Go also provides you access to a community of like-minded individuals, plus your own professional health care instructor. This way, you willbe inspired to push yourself to meet your weight loss goal,while meeting new people and being more engaged.

Diet-to-Go offers different menus to suit your specific needs. Photo:

As for DoFasting, the app aims to be a 3-in-1 solution, offering not justan intermittent fasting tracker, but also exercise routines and meal suggestions/recipes. The meal suggestions focus on delicious and healthy options, while the exercise routines offera great balance ofeasy workouts and more intensive ones.

Theres also a wide variety of articles dedicated to learning more about intermittent fasting and its health benefits. DoFasting offers a variety of weight loss supplements that can help you on your journey.

When it comes to pricing, youllbe pleased to know that both are extremely affordable.

For Diet-to-Go, pricing starts at only $6.80 per meal, with a weekly flatfee of $19.98 for all meal plans. New customers can enjoy free delivery for the first two weeks and a $20 discount on the first order.

Theres also a Holiday Mega Sale where you can get as much as 50% off for your curated meals.

Asfor DoFasting, you can avail any of these plans:

Some of DoFasting's other features. Photo:

With many of us tending to overindulge through the holiday season, it can be easy to lose track of our health goals. After all, Christmas only comes once a year, so why not enjoy it as much as we can?

Luckily, getting back on trackis more accessible,with apps and services like Diet-to-Go and DoFasting guiding you through.

So, if youre looking for ways onhow to lose weight after Christmas, you may learn more about Diet-to-Go by clicking here and DoFasting by clicking here.

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