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When was the last time you heard: Eat more carbs to lose weight? Like, never, right? But it turns out you can enjoy your favorite potatoes, lentil pasta, whole wheat breadif you do it right. The trick to making itwork, and getting your body to incinerate fat, is in the timing. There's new diet method sweeping the nation called "carb cycling" and essentially it uses the timing of your food groups to lose weight. Essentially you'll eat two days "on" carbs and two days "off"ofcarbs, and 2 "medium carb" days, and this combination prompts your insulin response to kick in and burn fat like your body was a gas-guzzling semi-truck.

Until you get the hang of it, carb cycling is a little bit complicated since you have to hone in on exactly when to pile on the pasta and when to pull in the reigns. And since athletes are the ones who get this right most often, combining their carb intake with their most intense workout days, The BeetaskedKim Bowman, the nutritionist forhigh-intensity training communityF45, to be our guide to doing it right. Bowman gave us the full "how-to" of carb cycling for effective weight loss. Plus she sharedasample meal plan to guide you through thefirst week. The best news: Carb cycling works perfectly with a plant-based approach.

"If you're already vegan, you're halfway there," Bowman says since you will fill up on healthy carbs such as potatoes, squash, beans, and legumes and avoid unhealthy animal fat when you need more protein on low-carb days. Bowman notes that the carb cycling diet approach is "beneficial for vegans since it helps you stay on track with what you eat throughout the day." And, if you already try to intermittent fast, Carb Cyclingis a walk in the park since both methodsrequire you to be mindful of when to eat.

When you follow carb cycling, your carbohydrate intake will vary between a high-carb day, where 45 to 50 percent of your daily intake will be carbs, followed by moderate-carb days, where 30 to 35 percent of your daily intake is made up of carbs, and very low-carb days, where 20 to 25 percent of your daily intake is made up of carbs. These ratios will help your body burn fat for energy on the very low and moderate days. Think of the high carb days as maintenance, since the extra calories will help your body recover from tough workouts and the carbs will be used to rebuild muscles that get worn down byall that exertion in the gym.

When you start to do it, carb cyclingis easier than you think it will be, and because you get to eat carbs fully two days a week, many people who follow this weight loss strategy think that it makes it easier to stay on track, feel energized, and lose weightfast, in less than a month.

"Carbohydrate cycling is a protocol whereby carbohydrate consumption varies from high, moderate, or low on a daily or weekly basis" Bowman explains. "Depending on your body composition goals, the daily ratio of healthy carbs may be lower than usual before cycling back to a higher ratio. The aim of carbohydrate cycling is to fill the glycogen storage in the muscles and liver without storing excess glucose as fat. However, its important to note that not all carbs provide the same nutritional benefit."

KB: "It's the concept of being more mindful and regulating your cravings. iI you can time your carbs and be mindful you can really regulate how hungry you are, you're stabilizing your blood sugars. if you're not mindful you'regoing to be eating foods all over the place. Cravings are stimulated by changes in blood sugar. Carb cycling helps monitor that so you don'thave really highdays."

KB: "On high carb days, focuson consuming quality complex carbs like oatmeal, quinoa, and beans. On low carb days eat non-starchy vegetables and avoid simple carbs like white rice, baked goods, cookies, store-bought products that drive up blood sugars. Simple short-chain carbs make you feel hungry quicker than if you eat complex carbs, because they're full of dietary fiber and break down more slowly. More people should eat this way anyway."

How you use carbohydrate cycling depends on a variety of factors, including your current body composition, weight loss goals, training routine, andusual eating habits. For example, an athlete may be going through a leanphasefor fat lossby lowering his or her carb intake for a couple of weeks before reintroducing carbs back during a building phase. While there is variation between approaches, a typical weekly carbohydrate cycling protocol may look like this:2 High Days:Sunday and Monday, eat your highestintake of carbs,45 to 50 percent2Moderate Days:Tuesday and Wednesday, eat moderate carbs,30 to 35 percent3Low Days: Thursday to Saturday, eat your lowest percentage of carbs: 20 to 25 percent

The meal plan for a high-carb day will fall on Sunday and Monday. Forty-five to 50% of your daily intake is carbs this is approximately 175 to180 grams of carbs per day. Here is the exact meal plan with recipes.

Breakfast: Oatmeal and Fruit



The sample menu is based on a total daily caloric intake of 1,500 calories. Note that macronutrient distribution will vary depending on body weight, age, and gender.

KB: "Yes and it's actually easier. If you're macro heavy on carbs such as a plant-based diet, you're more than halfway there. Your body is cyclingthrough periods of high moderate to low carbohydrates intake so it's good for someone who's plant-based to have a steady flow of carbs. And, if you're macro heavy on carbsand you eat lots of beans and legumesyou're more than halfway there."

KB:"Carb Cycling is something that has been used by a lot of athletes and they normally follow a modified version:45%-50% carbs on moderation days and 20-25% carbs on low days."For example, an athlete engaging in carbohydrate cycling may be going through a cutting phase with the goal of fat loss. Therefore, this individual may lower his or her carbohydrate intake for a couple of weeks before reintroducing carbs back during a muscle building phase.

KB:"You will not gain weight if you follow the meal plan properly, and pay attention to the ratios. Bloating only depends on the types of carbs you're eating and if they are high in fiber."

KB: "No, because you will still have a good amount of protein and healthy fats that will make you feel full on low-carb days. Some foods I recommend eating are avocados, nuts, seeds, beans, nutrient-dense salads, and fatty fish if you're not vegan."

KB: "Weight loss will take about 3-4 weeks depending on your diet and body. But, in terms of feeling good and having more energy, you'll start to notice the difference after the first week."

KB: "Yes, but don't restrict your calorie intake at all. If you're not noticing weight loss results look at the carbs you're eating and aim to eat lower calorie carbs like starchy vegetables."

KB:Don't get discouraged, just try it. Focus on cutting out refined and process carbs and if you do that already you're already on the right track.

KB:"More cardio-based workouts, like a light jog, lower HIIT session, and pilates"

KB: "You should do a lot of weight trainingto utilize that fuel."

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Southern Charm viewers have noticed that Kathryn has lost weight, so we explored her before and after transformation pictures.

The Bravo series follows Charleston singles as they pursue their personal and professional lives while trying to preserve their family names.

Amongst them is cast member Kathryn Dennis, and viewers have recently noticed her rapid body transformation.

So heres Kathryns weight loss explored with before and after pics!

Although fans were worried about how Kathryn lost weight, others seemed to idolize her for the body transformation.

After a brief scroll on Twitter, it looks like the majority cannot believe how the Southern Charm star has done it so fast.

They first noticed the stars weight loss when she brought out her confessional look on the recent episode.

Kathryns recent weight loss was most evident when she wore a bandeau dress, which exposed her shoulders to viewers.

Looking back, Southern Charm star responded to people body-shaming her on Instagram, after they accused her of being pregnant over 2 years ago.

In November 2018, Kathryn revealed that she had gained weight, shutting down any pregnancy rumours that were circulating.

Fans noticed that Kathryn appeared extremely different the new year began. One person said that she looks like a different person.

When someone questioned whether her body had been photoshopped, Kathryns boyfriend Chleb responded: No photoshop you trippin.

Many of her fans commented on how she has lost a lot of weight, with one defending her by saying shes on a better herself diet.



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Celine is a journalist who feels passionate about reality TV and celebrity culture. She spends most of her down time in front of the TV with a big bar of chocolate, or looking up her next holiday destination.

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Every New Years Eve, people worldwide are hopeful and excited for a chance at a do-over in the new year. For many people, part of this do-over includes making New Year resolutions. According to a recent Finder survey, 73.76% of men and 74.26% of women in the United States plan on making New Years resolutions for 2021.

But on average, 80% of people end up ditching their resolutions. That means nearly four out of every five people will not reach their goals by the end of the year. Its normal to have trouble making New Years resolutions stick. It doesnt have to feel impossible, and burnout is avoidable.

Many people give up on their resolutions because they are too big to achieve. A staggering 45.59% of people make health-related resolutions, whether gaining or losing weight, starting a proper diet or exercise routine. Unrealistic expectations like losing 10 pounds in a week, long term fasting diets and detox diets are an easy way to get discouraged quickly.

Without consistent planning to make these dreams a reality, people may fall short of their goals within the first couple of months into the year. Junior Kyra Sheppard spoke about her previous health-related resolutions.

For years, my only goal was to lose weight. And honestly, Ive stayed within the same 10 to 15 pounds in the last few years, so it just seems silly, Sheppard said. Instead, Im saying specific goals, like I want to exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

To attain a weight-related goal for the new year, set realistic boundaries. According to the CDC, its healthy for the average person to lose between four and eight pounds a month.

A way to stick with a weight loss challenge is to start small instead of losing weight fast and getting discouraged when it rises again. With health-related goals, slow and steady wins the race. There is no way of losing a lot of weight in a short amount of time, and recognizing that is the first step towards progress.

Another reason why resolutions fail is a lack of accountability. When there is a goal that someone wants to achieve, it is important to share it with people close to them. Its easy to give up when there is a lack of encouragement and accountability.

Keeping resolutions quiet, particularly if someone hasnt achieved it in the past, is a recipe for disaster. Examples of accountability can include phone reminders, telling friends or family or joining a group of others trying to achieve the same goals.

For sophomore Ashton Miller, accountability in her relationships motivates her to be successful.

I get busy with school and work and dont make things like eating right or working out a priority, Miller said. I like having someone to keep me accountable because it motivates me when reminding them of what their goal is so that we can both be successful at the end of the year.

Understanding the reasoning behind a goal is essential to a goals success. Instead of only stating an intention, its imperative to choose a valuable purpose.

For example, choose to save $1000 because of vacation purposes, choose to spend more time with family or apply for more scholarships. Picture that goal and focus on the why every time frustration hits along the way. Sophomore Sierra Evans discusses how her why impacts her new year resolution this year.

My new year resolution is to put myself first more often. I think I have put my heart and soul in relationships that havent been what is best for me, Evans said. I have a drive to actually fulfill this new resolution because my mental health has suffered in the past.

A great way to grow passion about completing a goal is to leave notes around the house all year in places frequented the most. Take an expo marker and write on the bathroom mirror, or put a sticky note on the TV stand.

For example, if someone burns out from working hard to get extra money, coming home and reading a motivating note while opening the fridge can help them feel like it is all worth it. The key is to add multiple notes to reinforce the passion behind the goal.

Habits take from 18 to 254 days to break, and even beyond that, there are still temptations to fall back into previous patterns. Embrace small setbacks, and dont give in to discouragement. To expect that completing a resolution is going to be done perfectly can lead to disappointment.

Discovering and continually remembering the passion behind a resolution is the way to succeed by the end of the year.

Another way to make the completion of resolution goals easier is to be aware of and expect temptations. For example, if the resolution goal is to have better time management, it could be tempting to sleep through the day. If thats a habit that is hard to break, it would be a great idea to expect that challenge and face it head-on.

A good way to change that pattern would be to go to bed earlier, so the urge to sleep through alarms is smaller. Setting a schedule of everything that needs to be done throughout each day, cutting out caffeine and lowering screen time are some examples of how to face and overcome temptations.

Sometimes one bites off more than they can chew, which can be another roadblock preventing someone from achieving their resolutions. It is better to finish one or a small number of resolutions properly than to try several different ones and do them all badly or not complete them. Focusing on what is most important leads to higher chances of success.

Setting specific goals is good for self-esteem. Checking off smaller successes throughout the year can make the bigger goals feel even more possible. Dont forget to celebrate the successes no matter how little they are because that is a great motivation to keep going.

For the people that want to have a simple resolution to be proud of this year, try creating a happiness jar. When anything great happens, such as a special day or an individual accomplishment, write it down with the date and put it in the jar.

Materials needed to make a happiness jar are a mason jar, scraps of paper and decorations to make it look unique. Then, watch the jar fill up throughout the year and read through all of the notes before the next New Year party. Not only is it a little time capsule of memories, but it can also help someone feel grateful for what the previous year brought while looking forward to the future.

Sticking to resolutions is tough, but anyone can achieve it with the proper tools and goal-setting skills. Changing life patterns is worth it in the long run, and if discouragement comes knocking at the door, remember some of these tips and power through the upcoming year.

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But as the unsustainability of these diets shows, they can rarely be a healthy lifestyle for anyone. According to Dr Andrew Jenkinson, a bariatric surgery consultant, everyone has a weight set-point that their metabolism will work to bring them back to. If you over- or under-eat, he says that your body will adjust how many calories it burns to keep you at your set weight. And if you crash diet and manage to lose weight, its unlikely to provide results that last. The moment you can no longer sustain the eating habits the diet asks of you, your body will begin to move back to your set-point. And the more extreme the shift from your set-point, the more sharply your body will snap you back. This is why, as reported by Hobbes, "Since 1959, research has shown that 95 to 98 percent of attempts to lose weight fail and that two-thirds of dieters gain back more than they lost."

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Did any of you set a New Years resolution around the idea of weight loss, or improving your nutrition? Its a common goal -- to tone up or kick some of those holiday pounds, come January.

Heres why we ask: On Monday, Live in the D kicked off the New Year, New You contest.

To help start the year off right, five Live in the D viewers will have the chance to win $500 in cash.

Theres also a nutritional program from Dr. Keith Guthrie -- who wants to help people lose weight fast and easily in 2021 -- that helps to change the boys chemistry to keep you healthy, he said.

The program focuses on the 3 Ps: Physical, physiology and psychological. Its sustainable because its a lifestyle change, and it helps you take away the emotional connection to food.

To learn more, click or tap here.

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Weight Loss: We all try losing weight at some point in life. But let's admit it, weight loss journey is no bed of roses. It needs time, patience, dedication and a strict and healthy lifestyle to achieve the goal. But what if we say, now you can lose weight while sleeping! Yes, you read that right. According to a new study by the University of Tsukaba, oolong tea might help you do just that.

Oolong tea is known to combine the benefits characteristics of both black and green tea. Hence, it is often touted to have positive effects on our metabolism. Through this study, the researchers wanted to find out the results of drinking oolong tea on energy and fat metabolism in human body. The findings were published in the journal, Nutrients.

It was a 2-week study, conducted on 12 adults aged between 20 and 56. They were divided into 3 groups and were given 3 types of experimental beverages - oolong tea, caffeine and placebo. The effects were closely monitored for 14 days.

The results showed that both oolong tea and pure caffeine increased fat breakdown by about 20 percent, as compared to placebo. However, the oolong tea continued its effects even when the participants were fast asleep.

It was also deduced that the caffeine-content in oolong tea does not disrupt your sleep at night.

According to senior author of the study Professor Kumpei Tokuyama, "The stimulatory effects of oolong tea on fat breakdown during sleep could have real clinical relevance for controlling body weight. However, we need to determine whether the effects we observed in the 2-week study translate into actual body fat loss over a prolonged period."

Manages Diabetes

A study, published in the British Journal of Nutrition, suggested that drinking certain portion of oolong tea daily may help reduce diabetes risk by 16 percent.

Improves Heart Health

It may also have a positive effect on heart health. A study, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found that drinking oolong tea may lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and deaths due to it.

Prevents Breast Cancer:

A study by researchers at St. Louis University in Missouri further suggested that much like green tea, oolong tea also plays a role in inhibiting breast cancer cell growth.


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Erie Times-News

As always, the new Year brings resolutions to lose weight, and one of the fads that has been aroundis the ketogenic diet.

The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carbohydrate eating pattern that severely restricts carbohydrates from all sources.

The program aims at keeping carbs below 50 grams per day, which means no breads, grains or cereals. Even nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables are limited because they, too, contain carbs.

Carbs are the main source of energy for our bodies and without enough carbs for energy, the body breaks down fat into ketones. The ketones then become the primary source of fuel for the body.

Ketones provide energy for the heart, kidneys and other muscles. The body also uses ketones as an alternative energy source for the brain.

A ketogenic diet is actually a partial fast. During a total fast or starvation state, the body has no source of energy. Thus, it breaks down lean muscle mass for fuel.

With the keto diet, the ketones provide an alternative source of energy, burning calories. Unlike a full fast, the keto diet helps to maintain lean muscle mass.

The keto diet is definitely not recommended for those with:

Pancreatic disease

Liver conditions

Thyroid problems

Eating disorders or a history of eating disorders

Gallbladder disease or those who have had their gallbladders removed

It is also important to recognize that the keto diet can cause both short-term and long-term health risks for all people, including upset stomach, headache, fatigue and dizzy spells. This is called the keto flu.

The diet can also lead to difficulty sleeping, constipation from lack of fruits or veggies, kidney stones, liver disease, and vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Studies are currently underway into whether or not the high-fat nature of the keto diet may also increase the risk for heart disease and other chronic health problems.

Because the keto diet is another variation of a fad diet, which is severely restrictive, it is difficult to follow and long-term compliance is poor. You will have more long-term success by decreasing empty carb calories such as sugary soft drinks, candy, cakes, pies and chips.

Instead, choose the nutritionally powerful complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, beans and fresh fruit.

Discuss any serious changes in your diet with your family doctor. For a personalized weight management plan that meets your individual needs, consult a registered dietitian.

Renee Slabic is a registered dietitian at Saint Vincent Hospital.

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Mando, 33, shares the lifestyle changes that helped him stay motivated in his fitness journey.

I struggled with my weight throughout my twenties. I tried pretty much every fitness program out there, but each time, I struggled to stay motivated. At my heaviest, I weighed about 180 pounds. I would always tell myself that I needed to do something about it, but continued to find excuses to keep waiting, whether there was a holiday on the horizon, upcoming trip, or the infamous "diet starts on Monday" mentality.

Since diabetes runs in my family, deciding to start taking care of my physical health was a priority for me. While I am not diabetic, I have seen the effects it takes on one's body, so I've been doing everything I can to prevent it including starting to take care of myself physically, quit smoking, and limiting alcohol intake.

In February 2020, I gave F45 Fitness a try, at a location near me in West Hollywood, and really began to enjoy the class format. Then bam, COVID hit a week or so later. I was so bummed, because I had just found my motivation to get healthy. A real wake-up moment for me came in the middle of quarantine, where I looked back and realized three months had already passed and I had done nothing to stay physically or mentally healthy. I remember thinking if I had committed myself three months prior to that moment, I would have already been in a different place than I was in. That is when I decided to begin my journey.

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I was thrilled to get back into my workouts when gyms reopened in June 2020, but just two weeks later, it was back to square one with gyms closing down again. This time, however, I decided that I was going to keep up my momentum,with no excuses. I restarted my F45 journey by participating in the virtual classes and soon enough, my location had created an outdoor facility so it was back to in-person classes. I was going about five times a week, and found a community there like I never experienced anywhere else I had ever tried. The trainers at my location are incredible, and motivate and coach me in a unique and personal way that makes me feel so valued.

On August 14th, I participated in my first F45 Challenge. I worked out six times a week for 45 days, cut out alcohol, and changed my diet, which led to me losing 18.5 pounds.

Giving up alcohol to partake in the 45-day challenge at first felt like it would definitely be difficult as I love to unwind with a glass of wine or spend time with friends over drinks. But I began to realize after a few weeks of being alcohol-free that I was sleeping much deeper, focusing on my work without feeling sluggish, and overall enjoying activities that I wouldnt normally have the energy to engage in. Since I was getting better sleep, I was waking up early with a ton of energy which helped me to keep focused to my commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

My biggest vice was eating fast food, so I completely cut out any and all fast food. I avoided unhealthy carbs and bread, and tried to stick as close to the Keto diet as I could. I never had the most success with a strict diet, so I really made an effort to make conscious decisions in everything I was eating with a focus on vegetables and proteins as priority. During the 45-day challenge, I had one cheat meal but after the challenge, I gave myself more freedom and wasnt as strict. Understanding my relationship with food and eating was the most important thing to come out of this experience.

As of today, in total I have lost 21.1 pounds and 5.5 percent body fat. I feel so much more confident in all aspects of my life; physically, mentally, and emotionally! Most importantly, I proved to myself that I could reach my goals by making a promise to myself and staying true to it, and to me, that is what makes me feel the most confident. It also feels great that my pants and sweaters finally fit me.

While I dont necessarily want to lose more weight, my next fitness goals are to continue working out six times a week, increase the weight I am lifting, and work on perfecting my technique. I also have never been able to touch my toes, so maybe that will be my next goal for 2021.

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You've resolved to eat a healthy plant-based diet in 2021. That's a great decision for your health and wellbeing. Eating a plant-based diet will make it even easier to lose weight and feel great. If you have joinedthe Beet's 28 Day Plant-Based Plan, great! Otherwise, sign up now! To help you stay on track and reach your goals, we've gathered the best tips from experts, doctors, nutritionists, and wellness studies, to make it easy to stick with the plant-based plan.

Try these 28 simple strategies to eat healthier, feel better, and achieve your healthy eating goals! Add just one a day and in no time you'll be forging healthy, long-lasting habits.

Your 28 Day Plant-Based Plan Sign-Up

Here's where to sign up for the e-Book that has the entire plan all in one place. For $9.95 you can buy the 77-page e-Book and download it, print it out and keep it handy all month long.

Get The 77 Page e-Book For $9.95

If the idea of going fully plant-based all at once is too ambitious, start by doing something simple like committing to one vegan meal per day or cooking up a batch of vegan snacks like roast chickpeas to eat through the week, suggests Shena Jaramillo MS, RD. Whether you start by practicing Meatless Mondays or making a plant-based smoothie each morning, adding in one simple, attainable, healthy goal per day is a way to start, and as you add more every day your diet will evolve.

For more on ways to start on your plant-based diet, click here.

Sleep is the unsung hero of your diet, according to Nicole Osinga RD, the co-creator of The VegStart Diet for The Beet. When you sleep your body releases leptin which signals that you're fed, full and satisfied. Lack of sleep drives up ghrelin, the hormone that tells your brain "feed me." When you stay up late, your body is sleep-deprived and ghrelin spikes, while leptin levels dip, so you feel hungrier the next day. Move your bedtime to before midnight, even if it means waking up earlier for a few days as you reset your clock. Enjoy a pre-sleep routine like a warm bath or reading to help you unwind.

For more tips to live a healthy long life, click here

Drinking hot water with lemon in the morning is a popular health ritual among celebrities and models alike, and there is mounting evidence that it is beneficial for digestive health and immunity, and even helps spark weight loss. New research shows that this habit can help flush out the digestive system, jumpstart metabolism, and give your body a dose of immunity-boosting vitamin C first thing in the morning. You can get 1/3 of your vitamin C for the day!

For more on hot water and lemon, click here.

Many people only think about fiber for digestive health, but it does so much more. Fiber helps you feel full, banish bloat, and turn on your body's natural ability to lose weight. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that is found in plants.

Whereas most carbohydrates are broken down into sugar molecules, fiber passes through the body largely undigested. As it does, it takes with it bile acids and other byproducts, which helps to decrease your cholesterol levels and helps you lose weight. Fiber takes a while to digest, which helps you feel full longer and regulates hunger.

For more on fiber, click here.

All exercise is worth doing, but to improve your heart, burn the most calories and force your body to dip into fat stores for energy, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the way to go. To get fitter fast, you have to do something to make your heart work hard, and studies show that HIIT does that most effectively.

For a simple HIIT workout, on a spin bike or running (on a treadmill or outside) try sprinting for 10 to 20 seconds, and then walk for 1 to 2 minutes, to let your heartbeat recover. Then repeat this sprinting/rest interval 20 times.

For a great HIIT workout work, click here.

The Japanese have a saying: Eat up to 80 percent full, according to Dr. Satjit Bhusri, Founder of Upper East Side Cardiology in NYC. If you eat to 80 percent of your total fullness and then stop you will never overeat, he adds. Keeping your calories and weight under control is heart-healthy. Try this whenever you are in a situation where you know you are likely to overeat, such as a birthday or other occasion. Always stop before you feel full.

For more ways to stay heart-healthy, click here.

To help keep your blood sugar steady, fill half your plate with non-starchy vegetables and avoid insulin spikes that can lead to weight gain. Fill up at least half of your plate with greens or other vegetables, and then add only a few thumbnails of healthy fats, eating 20 to 40 grams of high-quality protein and one serving of complex or starch carbohydrates, according to Brigid Titgemeier, a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian. The more fiber-filled foods you add to your plate, the more steadily your body will process the carbs you eat, avoiding insulin spikes that tell the body to store the extra energy as fat. So load up on those vegetables!

For more on keeping blood sugar balanced, click here.

The number one food that causes inflammation is processed foods. Sorry chip lovers, but a new study finds that your body's insulin response is triggered by inflammation. So when you eat junk food, inflammation, and insulin both spike, and that causes your body to store fat. This process is triggered by various types of chemicals and foreign molecules called "disruptors" that enter the body and cause your cells to react. These chemicals exist in most processed foods.

For more on processed foods, click here.

As a weight-loss strategy, intermittent fasting works by lowering your insulin levels and forces your body to burn fat as fuel. But IF is not only the fastest way to lose weight, burn fat, and lose weight, according to Dr. Jason Fung, co-author of Life in the Fasting Lane, but also an effective way to help your body fight off infections.

"Fasting is part of a natural reaction to viral infections that is likely beneficial." Not eating allows your body to focus on the cellular cleanup work called autophagy, where your immune cells identify and sweep out any broken, dead, or unrecognized cells, and creates antibodies to neutralize virus cells that it identifies as foreign.

For more on Intermittent Fasting, click here.

Adaptogens have been used in Chinese medicine for over 10,000 years, since they are known to help the body normalize and balance the bodys functions, particularly in the face of stress. From immune function to sleep, to weight loss and more, adaptogens have the ability to help the body to maintain optimal homeostasis. Adaptogens work at the cellular level to improve the function and vitality of every cell in the body, thereby increasing the health of the entire organism.

For more on adaptogens, click here.

There are so many reasons to bring ginger into your daily diet, ranging from quelling an upset stomach to helping fight off infections, chronic disease, and even snuff out sneaky cancer cells growing somewhere in your body. The strong, bitter taste (from the active compound gingerol) is an all-in-one natural remedy that is easy to buy, and may just have super-powers against every type of infection according to studies. Scientists have written extensively on the miracle root's properties, used as a "nutraceutical" or food as medicine, for centuries.

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You may not realize that certain foods are causing inflammation in your body and this can wreak havoc on your long-term health. Dairy, red meat, and especially processed meat like bacon, have all been linked to higher levels of inflammation and higher incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure (as well as some cancers).

Avoid inflammatory foods and make sure to eat foods that fight inflammation such as legumes, green vegetables, and whole foods that are rich in nutrients. Studies have shown that a whole-food plant-based diet is healthiest to lower inflammation and reduce your lifetime risk of heart disease, and all major lifestyle ailments. The key to lowering inflammation is to eat high-fiber foods and keep your gut microbiome healthy.

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If youre crashing after treating yourself to a sugary treat, make your next snack or meal is high in fiber, whole foods, and protein-rich. Keep a container of almond butter handy and spread it on an apple slice for a healthy high-fiber, protein-packed snack. No amount of sugar can bolster your energy like protein and fiber can. So avoid simple carbs and choose foods you could grow or pick from a tree!

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If you're looking for optimal health, it may be time to lower your consumption of olive oil. Because vegetable oils come from plants, its logical to assume theyre healthy. Not true. Oil is the most refined, calorie-dense food in the grocery store, says Cyrus Khambatta, Ph.D. and co-founder of Mastering Diabetes.

For cooking, saute vegetables dry (put the onions in first so they naturally sweat their juices) or use low sodium vegetable broth (or water) instead of oil. For salad dressings blend seeds or nuts to make a creamy dressing. In other sauces, use a base of flavored vinegar or juice. For baking, use applesauce, mashed bananas, or ground flax seeds as oil substitutes.

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15. Get creative replicating your favorite non-vegan meals. Pizza? Tacos? Yes!

To make your diet overhaul to a plant-based approach more fun, turn dinner into a cooking challenge by researching and executing a beloved meal vegan. Try updating one of your favorite meals by changing out key ingredients, like meatless tacos instead of beef, or make your favorite omelet using JUST Egg. Some of our favorite vegan spins on a non-veg fare? Vegan French Toast, Harvest Kale Caesar Salad, and Vegan Mac and Cheese.

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Whether it's jackfruit in your BBQ burger recipe, or delicious oat-milk ice cream, or pili nut snacks (not necessarily together), turning your vegan journey into a fun opportunity to try new foods will keep things interesting. Some you might not like, but youll be surprised at what a world of foods opens up to you when you go plant-based. Another cool side effect of this quest: As you cook with new foods like tempeh and tofu your cooking skills will get a serious boost.

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The next time you contemplate paying extra for guac, think about the positive effects avocado has on your body, instead of the negative effect on your wallet. You could even consider avocado as nature's keto starter since studies show it helps your body burn fat for fuel.

Studies have shown that avocados may help you lose weight by keeping you fuller longer, but the weight loss benefit goes well beyond satiety, according to the research. Eat some avocado at breakfast or lunchtime, since it will prevent you from feeling hungry for six hours afterward, according to a nutritionist who has researched the benefits of this unique fruit (yes, avocados are in fact fruit, so go win a bet with that tidbit).

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Set yourself up for success. Instead of waiting until you are starving to start to think about dinner, plan something plant-based that's delicious and healthy and full of fresh vegetables and whole grains. The best way to do this is to plan out the week ahead and then prepare: Chop the vegetables and keep them ready in the fridge, the way a restaurant has a sous chef prep for the main chef, who then can whip up the menu items quickly, suggests Suzannah Gerber, author of Plant-Based Gourmet.

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Start the day with whole foodseven if it's a piece of fruit, like an apple, or a pear. You will benefit from the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit without experiencing a blood sugar spike, because of the fiber, which will keep your blood sugar steady (a pear has 6 grams!). The point is to avoid these sugar spikes caused by added sugar in cereal or bread because they send you on a sugar roller coaster, and for every spike, you experience a dip. That dip is when you feel low energy and reach for more sugar in what becomes an unhealthy cycle. Instead, curb your sugar intake from the start and eat more fruit, vegetables, and plant-based protein, and avoid added sugareven from hidden sources and when you do that you will crave it less.

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Goals can change from hour to hour, but if you try to think of the larger definition of success you may be overwhelmed. Instead of thinking that success is defined by weight loss, which may be overwhelming try to make the healthiest choice you can in the moment. If you aim for reaching small attainable goals and achieve them, that will lead you to your larger idea of success, says chef Suzannah Gerber, author of Plant-Based Gourmet. "When I think of a healthy diet vs. an optimal diet, a healthy diet is better for you and allows you to aim for a certain set of goals. An optimal diet may be too hard to attain, and you may feel you are not able to enjoy life. Make your goals attainable, to reach your success."

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The new goal for optimal hydration: Try to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces That means if you weigh 135 pounds you need to drink 67 or 70 ounces of water a day. So knock back 7 glasses of ten ounces each. It seems so obvious, but few people are properly hydrated and often you may mistake hunger with thirst. If you're not a fan of water, put a lemon in your water bottle for flavor and alkalizing properties suggests fitness trainer Todd Durkin, who helps his 40K followers stay healthy and fit during these uncertain times.

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The "anti-diabetes diet" is getting a lot of attention because even for people without diabetes, it's the best way to eat. In the US, 34 million people have diabetes and another 88 million have pre-diabetes and may not know it, since there are few obvious symptoms. To stay healthy, slim down, and shed unwanted pounds the best strategy is to work out daily and eat a diet high in fiber, full of plant-based foods that have the lowest glycemic index. This is also known as the anti-diabetes diet.

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Scary truth: The artificial sweetener aspartame found in most diet soft drinks is terrible for you. In your body aspartame is broken down and converted into formaldehyde, which the American Cancer Society states "has been shown to cause cancer in laboratory test animals." Not only that, but drinking these sweeteners is known to drive up your craving for sweets, and may confuse your brain into believing that sugar has been eaten, which not only drives up craving for sweets but prompts an insulin response, so the next calories you eat may get stored as fat. Swap out diet sodas for another bubbly beverage: Kombucha is a naturally fermented tea loaded with gut-friendly bacteria.

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Protein is known for its role in regulating hunger and controlling appetite. Research suggests that eating protein may tell the gastrointestinal tract that it should release appetite-regulating hormones. This is especially true at breakfast and snack time, which are generally full of carb-heavy foods, like cereal, toast, chips, or crackers. Eat protein at every opportunity by adding soy foods, beans, and lentils, nuts, and seeds, says Ginger Hultin, MS, RDN, Spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. At breakfast, add oat milk and chia seeds to your cereal or make roasted chickpeas or mixed nuts as a snack.

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Got a sweet craving? Two-ingredient frozen treats are enough to seriously hit the spot around 3 pm. This will keep you from seeking the chocolate hidden at the back of the snack cabinet. Simply blend 1 cups frozen berries and can of coconut cream with ice in a blender and serve half now and half tomorrow. Top each smoothie with a sprinkle of flaxseed or hemp hearts or chia seeds for added fiber and protein.

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Contrary to popular belief, alcohol has no health benefits, according to a study published in The Lancet. While red wine has heart health benefits, the effects on cancer risk and mortality from accidents far outweigh those benefits, the study found. Brooke Goldner, M.D., plant-based autoimmune disease specialist, with a certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University adds: Alcohol is inflammatory and suppresses immunity."

While you need to weigh the decision to drink carefully, a few alcoholic beverages a week wont hurt but the calories are metabolized the same way simple carbs are, so if weight loss is the goal, skip it. Instead, try practicing a Dry January, both for detoxing and optimal health.

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According to a new study, it only takes 11 minutes of walking to undo the effects of sitting for long stints The 11-minute mark is a much shorter amount of activity than previously required to be healthy. A 2016 study led us to believe that we had to crush that Bootcamp for workout hard or an hour a day to get the benefits of activity. A simple walk in the park is enough to help you live a long healthy life. Of course, to get stronger, a longer or harder session works, but if the goal is longevity, just walk!

For more about the perks of walking for 11 minutes a day here.

A study at Oxford University found that feelings of shame around not meeting particular targets were linked to giving up. "Feelings of shame were linked with the abandonment of efforts," the authors wrote. Use your own progress log (or weighing yourself) as a way of tracking positive actions, not another way to get down on yourself. Your fitness tracking is meant to be evidence of your efforts, even if your expectations are high.

Watch the progress you're making and tell yourself you are inching toward your goal. The upshot: Viewing self-monitoring as a tool to help maintain your healthy eating and steady weight loss is more effective than using it to re-criminate when you slip up.

Be optimistic and tell yourself: I am going to succeed because I am committed to my healthy body goals. My efforts are working!

For more on holding yourself accountable, click here.

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The Best 28 Expert Tips to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Feel Great - The Beet

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While most people focus primarily on losing weight, losing weight fast or foods to eat to lose 10 kilos in a week, theres another aspect that is equally important and deserves attention. That is how to gain weight. Losing weight is tough, but so is gaining weight. And gorging on junk and unhealthy food in hopes of gaining weight, is not a solution. Since most of our health choices and life problems boil down to our nutrition, its important to take care of that if you are underweight and even more important to do it correctly. Here are 10 healthy foods that will help you gain weight fast and naturally.

When youre trying to lose weight, the first thing people are told is to either cut down on rice or remove it from their diet completely. So, it doesnt take a genius to figure out that this rich in calories and carbs food with actually help you gain weight faster. A bowl of cooked rice contains between 130 to 250 calories. And there are so many ways to enjoy rice - be it as biryani or a simple fried rice. Here are some biryani and fried rice recipes to get you started.

Whether you consume almonds, cashews, walnuts or peanut butter and almond butter, all nuts and nut butters help in gaining weight as they contain healthy sources of fat, minerals, vitamins and increase muscle mass. And these calorie-dense foods go perfectly well with almost anything you can enjoy it in a sandwich, in a smoothie or just scoop out a spoonful and lick it. Both nuts and nut butters make for perfect snacks to satiate your post-lunch or midnight cravings.

No, we dont mean going for an extra box of French fries, just because potatoes help you gain weight. Potatoes and other vegetables and foods like corn, sweet potatoes, beans, pasta, whole-grain breads that contain high amounts of starch and carbs, can help you add some extra kilos. Here are some delicious ways (recipes) to include potatoes into your diet.

Red meat and steaks are rich source of protein, fat and help in building muscle. Instead of going for leaner portions, you can pick fattier cuts of the meat to add more calories into your diet, in order to gain weight. Additionally, fatty fish like salmon, rohu, pomfret or surmai also help in gaining weight. These fish are high source of protein and contain omega-3 fatty acids that are good for your health.

Another superfood that can help you gain weight are avocados. Avocados contain fatty acids, are high in minerals and vitamins and packed with fats that are good for your heart. Whats more, as per NDTV, a 100gm serving of avocado contains around 160 calories, whereas a whole avocado contains over 320 calories. Eat in a salad, sandwich or as guacamole or dip, the choice is yours.

In case you wanted another reason to go for that extra bar of dark chocolate, you have one now. Dark chocolates are high in fats, calories and contain antioxidants like flavanols and polyphenols. Dark chocolates improves blood flow, lowers blood pressure, improves your brain function and protects bad cholesterol from oxidation. But overall, it also helps you gain weight as the same article suggests that a 42-gram chocolate bar contains 235 calories. So, go ahead and make yourself a hot cup of dark hot chocolate.

Granola is one of the tastiest cereals ever made. It contains the goodness of fibre and antioxidant-rich oats. And it also contains dried fruits and nuts that makes this calorie-dense food a perfect meal to kickstart your day with. You can enjoy it as granola bars, with milk or yogurt.

Eggs are one of the most versatile and healthiest foods in the world. You can eat as many eggs as you want and whichever way you want to. While working out, most gym trainers recommend eating eggs post workout since its high in protein and contains healthy fats, particularly the egg yolk. If you want to lose weight, its advised to not consume the egg yolks. But if you want to gain weight, consuming whole eggs are one of the best ways to do it. Especially when you have some really amazing egg recipes waiting for you to try out.

Full-fat yogurt and milk are other healthy food options to gain weight fast and naturally. Both milk and yogurt are rich sources of protein, cabs and fats. Yogurt is rich in probiotics and also builds immunity. And being a great source of calcium, milk also strengthen your bones and helps gain muscle mass. However, avoid going for packaged or flavoured yogurt that are loaded with unnecessary calories. You can enjoy yogurt with granola or fruits.

Protein smoothie or shake

Homemade protein smoothies or shakes are the best and most nutritious foods as it packs nutritional value of multiple foods into one. Its also one of the quickest ways to gain weight. Literally a blender away. From strawberry avocado smoothie, dark chocolate and banana shake to peanut butter smoothie, there are countless recipes and ways to enjoy smoothie. Have it in a glass or a bowl with your favourite choice of toppings.


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10 healthy foods that will help you gain weight fast - GQ India

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