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VANCOUVER, British Columbia Do you want fries with that? Its age-old question anyone buying fast food knows well. However, is the relentless advertising for sugary drinks and high-fat junk food something that people can overcome? Researchers with the University of British Columbia and the Piti-Salptrire Hospital in Paris say marketing schemes really do tempt some people more than others, but losing weight can change all that.

According to lead study author Dr. Yann Cornil, an assistant professor at UBCs School of Business, people with weight issues have a weakness to the almost constant bombardment of advertising campaigns designed to make us scrounge around for something to satisfy our sweet and salty cravings.

Canadian and French researchers found, however, that this tendency to fall for the psychological sales pitch can change. When people simply lose a substantial amount of weight through diet, exercise, or surgery it can alter their vulnerability to marketing strategies.

For the study, researchers collected data on three groups of people over the course of 12 months. Two of the three groups included people with severe obesity. One of these two groups planned to have bariatric surgery, either gastric bypass or another type of weight-loss surgery. The second group of obese patients had no plans for surgery. A third (control) group consisted of normal-weight individuals.

Researchers gathered information on the study participants at three different intervals, based on the timetable of the surgery group. Those times include before the surgeries, three months after, and 12 months post-op.

Researchers designed the study to measure reactions to the marketing tactics that influence food choices. These framing effects include how food is branded, advertised, and labeled.

Study participants were first asked to estimate the number of calories in typical snacks and drinks marketers often frame as healthy (such as apple juice and granola bars) and others not usually framed as healthy (such as soft drinks and chocolate bars).

Researchers found that every single participant underestimated the calorie content of healthy snacks, but the estimate was particularly off for people with obesity.

Taking the framing effect to the next level, researchers provided nutritional information for some hypothetical portions of fast food fries. The three size options were constant71 grams, 117 grams, and 154 grams. What changed was the wording. In one instance, the team labeled the portions as small, medium, or large. In another case, they labeled the portions mini, small, and medium a marketing scheme designed to fool consumers into believing larger portions are not all that large.

We measured how likely people were sensitive to that framing and whether it would change their choice of fries quantity depending on how the portions are labeled, Dr. Cornil explains in a university release.

He points out that people with obesity tend to allow labeling to influence their decisions, and would be likely to select a medium order of fries when the portion size is actually large.

Although researchers confirm that people with obesity are more vulnerable to food marketing, when these same people lose a great deal of weight following bariatric surgery, marketing strategies become less tempting to the patients.

People with obesity going through bariatric surgery will become less responsive to marketing over time, says Cornil. And after 12 months, their responsiveness to marketing reaches the level of people with more medically-recommended weight.

Researchers do not know whether the changes are a result of physiological alterations resulting from surgery hormonal, neurological, or gut microbiota or because of different lifestyle choices made after surgery. Cornil says another possible reason is that tastes can change after bariatric surgery.

The results clearly suggest a bidirectional influence between peoples weight status, psychology and responsiveness to the environmentincluding marketing, contemplates Cornil. So, its a complex relationship.

The research team believes the study results indicate some cause for optimism in the fight against obesity. Had the results been different and shown no changes after weight loss, researchers say this would mean the cause for obesity probably lies in some deep-rooted predisposition.

That would mean people are endowed with unchangeable psychological characteristics that would always make them more responsive to marketingwhich would make it very difficult to sustain a medically-recommended weight, Cornil suggests. But one of the positive things is that after significant weight loss, people become less responsive to marketing, such that it is more sustainable to remain at a lower body mass index.

Researchers say the study findings are significant because for years, it has been assumed that ads for junk food were at least partly to blame for the obesity epidemic. But there was insufficient data to confirm this.

Our results provide important insights for policy-makers in charge of regulating food marketing in order to curb obesity, concludes Cornil.

The findings appear in the Journal of Consumer Psychology.

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People often look for the quickest fixes and easy solutions when it comes to weight loss. And the amount of diets out there makes that obvious. It feels like there are endless regimens, nutrition programs, and supplements that claim to make the pounds melt off. And they are enticingwhen you see before and after shots of people who sing the praises of these programs as the reason for their own success stories, it makes you eager to try it, and you go into it with optimism and determination. However, after a few days in, you get exhausted by the extreme restriction, and by the time the weekend rolls around, you give up. The real key to weight loss is making sustainable lifestyle changes, which is often difficult with diets that promise quick results through all or nothing programs. Lisa Young, PhD, RDN, a nutritionist and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, is giving us the lowdown on five diets that she doesnt recommend if you want to see sustainable change.

These Probiotic Pills Are The Easiest Way To Improve Gut Health & Get More Energy



If youve looked into weight loss or fitness regimens in any way recently, odds are youve seen the keto diet online. This high fat, low carb diet is marketed as a way to lose weight fast. However, the results dont last long term, and it has even been connected to muscle loss if followed for too long.

Sirtfood Diet

The sirtfood diet is a 21 day diet that involves extreme calorie restriction and exclusively eating foods rich in sirtuins, like parsley, blueberries, apples, and green tea. Sirtuins are believed to regulate inflammation, slow the aging process, and speed up the metabolism. However, at some points in the diet you are limited to as little as 1000 calories, which is not only hard to maintain, but dangerous for the body.


Optavia is a program where you eat half lean protein and greens and half fuelings, or pre-made processed meal replacements made by the company that include bars, cereals, shakes, and soup. Much like the sirtfood diet, Optavia relies on extreme calorie restriction, so it isnt sustainable long term.


Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is a system in which meals are timed around extended periods of voluntary fasting. While there are many methods, a more popular option is daily time restricted fasting, where a persons non fasting time is compressed within a 24 hour period. While the restrictive nature will lead to weight loss, the extreme hunger and cravings that come with not eating for long periods of time may force you to break the diet before you make any progress.

Whole 30

Described as a nutritional reset, Whole30 promises to detox your body while addressing issues with cravings, blood sugar management, and inflammation. However, it requires extreme and sudden restriction for an extended period of time, which may be hard to maintain long enough to see results.

Ultimately, all these diets are rigid diets that omit food groups or specific foods and thereby prevent permanent weight loss. Young says, People who go on a diet and get into that headset, generally end up failing, because they cant wait to get off the diet. She says that its best to allow all foods but practice portion control, which allows you to cultivate healthy habits and soter a positive mindset.

I like to approach weight-loss from a positive angle. Enjoy foods you love, and think about healthy foods you can add to your diet. She also encourages healthy food swaps, which is easier to manage than rigid rules and restrictions. For example, instead of a bagel with cream cheese, try avocado toast on whole grain toast. Also, rather than focus on the scale, focus on the lifestyle.

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Protein is well known as one of the most valuable nutrients for boosting your metabolism, increasing satiety, and feeding your muscles to improve your strength and achieve healthy weight loss with ease. As you grow older your metabolism naturally begins to slow, so its important to continue including foods within your diet that will maintain the speed of your metabolism so you can eat an adequate amount of calories each day without gaining weight.

Protein can come from a number of sources, but as with most food groups there are some options which are better for your body than others, providing more vitamins and maximizing the benefits of your diet. We checked in with Dr. Daryl Gioffre, certified nutritionist and author of Get Off Your SugarandGet Off Your Acid to explain the extensive benefits of a fast metabolism and the best protein options for your bodyand this is what he had to say.

These Probiotic Pills Are The Easiest Way To Improve Gut Health & Get More Energy


Your metabolism is dictated by the thermic effect of food which determines how much energy it will take your body to burn through whichever food item you consumed. Protein has a higher thermic effect compared with fats and carbohydrates because it takes longer for your body to metabolize the protein, explains Gioffre.

Protein will also slow down the metabolization of sugar and carbs, ultimately preventing an insulin spike, which helps prevent your body from storing fat, he says. With this, consuming more protein within your diet will ultimately increase the speed of your metabolism over time, allowing you to burn more calories even at rest, and making it easier to maintain a deficit without depriving yourself.

One of the most commonly consumed forms of protein is meat, but Gioffre warns that when animal protein is consumed in excess, it is then converted to sugar which can have inverse effects on your overall health. Any protein you consume above the amount that your body needs for maintenance and repair gets converted into glucose by the liver in a process known as gluconeogenesis, he explains.

This means that when you load up on animal protein, anything that isnt used elevates your blood sugar, which raises your insulin, which triggers fat storage, which explains why high protein consumption is linked to increased body weight.

Unfortunately, animal protein can also be highly inflammatory to the body depending on what the animal has been fed, so plant based protein may actually be your best bet for a faster metabolism, as well as healthy weight loss. In addition to being loaded with protein (contrary to popular belief), plant-based options also double as a great way to get more necessary nutrients, such as fiber, antioxidants, and minerals. Animal proteins, on the other hand, often lack these and can also be filled with health-robbing nitrates, sodium, and antibiotics, says Gioffre.


Some wonderful plant-based protein options that you may already be eating are chia seeds, avocado and lentils, but even broccoli, quinoa, and other forms of beans can be great choices to include in a variety of meals for a sneaky serving of protein without the potential side effects of eating meat.

If you are, however, partial to your carnivorous ways, you can still include animal protein in your diet for a natural boost to your metabolism as well. However, Gioffre notes that moderation is key, suggesting that for red meat and chicken you should be consuming about 2-4 ounces per serving, or the size of your fist.

When it comes to fish, measuring around the size of a checkbook is the ideal serving so that you can still get your fatty acids and protein without overdoing it. Additionally, grass-fed, cage-free meat that is free of antibiotics and added hormones are going to be the safest for your body so that you can avoid consuming any dangerous additives as you work to improve your health.

Not only will plant-based protein improve your metabolism, but it can also help to lower your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, increasing your quality of life and longevity. Protein in general is essential to your well being, so whether its coming from nuts, beans and veggies, or if you choose to opt for meat, either way your body will benefit from a faster metabolism, burning through calories effectively to allow you to maintain or lose weight without fighting against your diet every step of the way.

Ideally, a balance of both forms of protein will be most effective and maintainable, and a healthy diet for weight loss is one which you can stick to over an extended period of time without feeling like youre depriving yourself.

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The deadlift is an incredibly powerful exercise. It builds real-world strength and is also one of the best posterior chain developers around. If you want to look strong and be strong, the deadlift deserves to be part of your workouts. A BIG part!

However, the deadlift could also help you reach your body composition and weight loss goals.

In this article, we reveal why and how to use the mighty deadlift to lose weight and keep it off.

When it comes to weight loss, most people tend to gravitate toward cardio. That makes a lot of sense, given that things like running, cycling, and rowing are renowned calorie and fat burners.

However, strength training exercises are helpful for weight loss too, and the deadlift is one of the best. The six main weight-loss benefits of deadlifts are:

Deadlifts are a compound exercise. That means they involve lots of muscles and several joints working together.

Doing deadlifts works your:

Its safe to say that the deadlift is pretty much a full-body exercise. Using all these muscles simultaneously requires a lot of energy, and we measure energy expenditure using units called calories.

While your actual calorie expenditure will depend on how hard and how long you work out, your age, weight, and gender, deadlifts are definitely an excellent exercise for burning calories.

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Losing weight invariably means eating less. While this will force your body to use more fat for fuel, most people also lose muscle mass during a diet. Losing muscle mass will cause your metabolic rate to decrease, leading to slower weight loss and even a progress plateau.

Your body operates on the principle of use it or lose it, and if you stress your muscles, your body is more likely to retain muscle mass.

By working virtually every muscle in your body, deadlifts tell your body, Hey I need these muscles! so they are less likely to be catabolized or broken down. More muscle mass means a faster metabolic rate, which should help you lose weight faster (1).

Also, maintaining your muscle mass with deadlifts could stop you from becoming skinny-fat, which is where you look slim but are actually soft and weak.

When you eat, your body produces insulin. Insulin is a hormone made in your pancreas which transports nutrients into your liver and muscle cells. Unfortunately, a lot of people are insulin resistant, which means the nutrients that should be taken into your liver and muscles end up going to your fat stores instead.

Intense strength training exercises like deadlifts increase insulin sensitivity, so this critical storage hormone can do its job better. Increased insulin sensitivity also helps lower and stabilize your blood glucose, creating the ideal environment for fat burning and weight loss (2).

Because deadlifts work so many muscles at once, they are among the best exercises for increasing insulin sensitivity.

Resistance training exercises like deadlifts trigger a significant increase in the production of several important hormones, including testosterone and human growth hormone (3). Testosterone and human growth hormone are anabolic substances, which means they increase protein synthesis and muscle growth.

However, these two substances are also potent fat burners that can help you lose weight.

Most people lose muscle mass as they age, and that leads to weight gain. Its no coincidence that levels of testosterone and human growth hormone decline at the same time. Optimizing anabolic production with deadlifts will help your body burn fat faster, leading to more weight loss.

Deadlifts dont just burn calories while you are doing them; they also speed up your metabolism for hours after youve finished training, increasing your daily calorie expenditure. This is called EPOC, which is short for excess post-exercise oxygen consumption and is also known as the afterburn effect (4).

In simple terms, deadlifts are such a strenuous exercise that they rev up your metabolism as you are doing them, and it takes many hours for it to return to normal. During this time, your body burns calories at an accelerated rate, which should help you lose weight faster.

High-intensity interval training, or HIIT for short, is an intense form of cardio recognized for its ability to burn a lot of calories and trigger weight loss. In studies, HIIT has been shown to burn 25-50% more calories than other types of exercise (5).

For HIIT, most people turn to things like jump rope, sprinting, and other traditional cardio exercises. However, a high rep set of deadlifts will also increase your heart and breathing rate like those cardio activities, which means you can use deadlifts as HIIT. With deadlifts in your workouts, you may not need to do traditional cardio exercises to lose weight.

Also read: Build Strength and Size with the 15 Best Deadlift Variations.

While deadlifts can help you get stronger, build muscle, and lose weight, they are not an exercise to be taken lightly (pun intended!). While theyre a safe exercise when done correctly, using poor technique or too much weight too soon could cause serious injury.

Maximize your results while minimizing the risk following this step-by-step guide to deadlifting:

Step 1 Set your barbell up so that its about nine inches above the floor. If youre using standard-sized bumper plates, the bar should already be at the correct height. If it isnt, use whatever means necessary to achieve the right level.

Step 2 Stand in the middle of the bar. Position your feet so that they are around hip-width apart. Keep your feet parallel or, if preferred, turn them very slightly outward. The bar should be directly over the middle of your feet and around two inches from your shins.

Step 3 Lean forward and grasp the bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip, with your palms facing your legs. Wrap your hands tightly around your bar and put your thumb on top of your first two fingers to reinforce your grip and prevent slippage.

Step 4 With straight arms, lift your chest, arch your lower back, and pull your shoulders down and back. Your hips should be below shoulder height. Angle your head so that you are looking at the floor around three meters (10 feet) in front of you.

Step 5 Take a big lung full of air, brace your abs, and get ready for blast-off. Take the slack out of the bar so that your entire body feels coiled like a spring, ready to explode.

Step 6 Without bending your arms, press your feet into the floor and extend your knees and hips simultaneously. As you break the bar away from the floor, drive your hips forwards, continue extending your knees and stand up.

DO NOT let your hips rise faster than your shoulders. This increases the distance between the weight and your base of support and puts more stress on your lower back than necessary. Your shoulders (and therefore the bar) should rise at the same speed as your hips.

At the top of the movement, make sure your knees are locked out and your hips are extended. Do NOT lean back. Pause for a second and admire the view!

Now its time to put the bar back down. Lowering the weight is easier as gravity is now your friend. However, you must put the weight down with good technique to minimize your risk of injury.

Step 7 With your arms still straight, chest lifted, and shoulders pulled down and back, push your hips backward and then bend your knees. Moving your hips first means that the bar will miss your knees as you lower it to the ground.

Step 8 Lower the bar down the front of your legs. Control your descent, but there is no need to go super-slow. However, dont drop it either. When the bar touches the floor, allow it to settle so you can reset your grip and back position before doing another rep.

Tip: Deadlift Form 101: How to Lift More Weight Safely.

No barbell? No problem! You can also do deadlifts with dumbbells, a sandbag, kettlebells, and even a medicine or slam ball.

While simply adding deadlifts to your workouts could help you lose weight, youll get better results if you follow a more structured approach. Here are three deadlift-based workouts designed to help you lose weight.

This is a self-regulating workout which means you can adapt it to your current level of fitness. As before, load up your barbell with about 70% of your 1RM.

Continue adding one rep per set until you are unable to continue. Rest a minute and then start back at one rep. Repeat the entire sequence three times in total. Dont worry if you cant reach the same number of reps each time thats entirely normal. Just do your best!

EMOM stands for every minute on the minute. With this training method, you begin your set at the top of each minute and whatever time is left until the start of the next minute is your rest period. So, if your set takes you 35 seconds, you get 25 seconds rest before you go again.

To do this workout, load up the bar with about 70% of your 1RM, or a weight you can lift 8-10 times. Use this online calculator to estimate your 1RM.

Then, on the minute every minute, do five reps. Continue for 10, 15, or 20 minutes. Stop your workout if you are unable to do your reps with perfect form.

Try these 10 Best EMOM Workouts to Burn Fat and Get Fit.

The one muscle group that deadlifts dont really work is your chest. This workout fixes that oversight and also burns a whole lot of calories. Simply alternate between these two exercises until you have done ten sets/100 reps of each. Rest if and when you need to but try and complete the workout as fast as you can.

When it comes to weight loss, many people overlook the benefits of strength training and, instead, try and sweat off their unwanted pounds with hour after hour of cardio. While cardio DOES burn calories, it can also lead to muscle loss, and cardio workouts are often lengthy and boring.

Strength training exercises like deadlifts can be every bit as effective for weight loss and come with fewer disadvantages and drawbacks. They arent the obvious weight loss choice, yet studies show that they work as well and even better than cardio.

Use the deadlift and our tried and tested workouts to lose weight and keep it off!

1. PubMed: Effect of resistance training on resting metabolic rate and its estimation by a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry metabolic map

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Carbohydrates have traditionally gotten a bad rap for being the underlying cause for weight gain, and its not uncommon when people begin dieting that carbs are cut out altogether in a misguided attempt to lose weight fast. Carbs are ultimately higher in calories than other macronutrients like protein, but just because theyre more calorically dense does not mean that theyre intrinsically bad. In fact, quite the opposite.

Just as with any other food group there are healthy options of carbs and some which provide significantly less nutritional value. Unhealthy carbs are often refined and processed, such as white pasta and bread, sweets, and a variety of baked goods. That being said, there are plenty of carbs that are rich in vitamins and minerals and can actually contribute to healthy weight loss, fueling your body with long lasting energy to get you through the day without leaving you starving. Still not sold? We asked registered dietitian Trista Best and Lisa Young, PhD, RDN and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim to give us the rundown on the top benefits of carbs, and this is what they had to say.

The Billabong x Wrangler Collab Is Finally Here And We Are *Obsessed*


First and foremost, when building your diet for healthy weight loss you want to include foods that will help to keep you full for hours, limiting overeating so you can maintain a reasonable calorie deficit. Carbs, depending on the options you choose, are great for keeping you full and increasing satiety, ultimately allowing you to feel clear headed and well fueled throughout your day. This is in large part due to the fiber content that carbs can provide.

You need to eat carbs to get fiber. Fiber helps you feel full as well as lower cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar. It is also important for digestion, notes Young. Having food which will keep you full is important for the function of your body and your brain, and carbs can offer ample fiber which has been known to satiate you longer than protein or fatty foods.


Not only can carbs keep you full for longer, but depending on which source you opt for, they can also give you an added boost of energy to help fuel your workouts and your day as a whole. Carbs are the preferred source of energy. They break down easily and are readily available to the body. They also help to fuel your brain and nervous system which is so vital to health, explains Young.

A powerful source of fuel, carbs are burned through easily for energy, so consuming complex carbs such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables will be useful in allowing your body to feel nourished and awake throughout the duration of the day without experiencing a crash of energy.


Speaking of healthy carbs, this macronutrient is an excellent source of whole grains which are one of the most valuable energy sources you could feed your body. Rather than looking at carbs as the enemy, swap out your white bread and pasta with whole grains to add more value to the calories youre consuming. We promise, it wont make you gain weight so long as you continue to eat in moderation.

Carbohydrates from whole grain sources provide the consumer with carbs that won't be used rapidly by the body and stored as fat, but will provide a balanced form of fuel, explains Best. The best carbs are those that are from either whole food or whole grain sources. These are carbs that are not refined and minimally processed like oats, whole grain breads, pastas, and cereals. Fruits and vegetables also fall under the category of carbs, making them a valuable addition to your diet for energy.


Above all else, carbs can actually help you to achieve healthy weight loss when consumed in moderation. While they are higher in calories, they also help to keep you full for longer which will naturally temper overeating and reduce the chance of consuming an excess of calories. The right carbsfruits and veggies are rich in fiber without contributing too many calories, says Young.

Additionally, carbs can help promote healthy weight loss if you opt for foods which come from natural sources such as potatoes, corn, and squash, according to Best. These can be beneficial in a weight loss diet, especially a diet that is whole foods and plant based, devoid of oils, sugar, and convenience foods.

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Ever noticed that when youre close to your fridge, you tend to find yourself snacking for no reason? A major downside to working from home is that food is in constant reach. And that means more snacking, and more snacking equals more calories, and more calories usually equals weight gain. So it comes as no surprise thatone in threeAustralians have gained weight during the pandemic! But fear not, in this article well look at ways to combat lockdown weight gain, and actually reverse it!

Ill start by saying that anything worth having in life requires some sort of sacrifice. If you want to lose weight and get fit, then you need to be prepared to get uncomfortable.

This is how I got fit in lockdown and actually lost weight. Remember, this is my personal story and not intended to be medical advice. Always seek out medical advice if concerned!


Tuesdays ARMS/BACK & ABS plus morning cardio

Wednesdays ABS & LEGS/BOOTY BODYWEIGHT WORKOUT plus morning cardio

Thursdays ABS AND ARMS WITH LIGHT DUMBBELLS plus morning cardio


Saturdays INTENSE ABS WORKOUT plus morning cardio

Keep in mind that each body workout lasts about 10-20 minutes, I do all of my workouts off YouTube. This means I do about 1 hour of exercise per day. Check outPamela Reifs channelfor some great bodyweight workouts.I bought my dumbbells and exercise equipment from Kmart.

So, these are the steps I implemented to establish an exercise routine during lockdown. I made a promise to myself that I would take this time to look after myself, and in the process, I lost weight and got fitter in the process!

During this time, dont put extra pressure on yourself to lose weight, just make a promise that you will look after yourself. Prioritise eating whole foods, getting good sleep, drinking water and daily exercise and the weight will come off naturally!

Note: the advice in this article is not intended to provide medical, nutritional or fitness advice, please seek a medical professionals advice if this article raises any questions for you.

Despina Karpathiou is an experienced freelance lifestyle journalist, accredited makeup artist and certified beautician based in Sydney, Australia. She is currently studying a Double Bachelor of Communications and Business and is passionate about glam makeovers, healing yourself with food, diagnosing and correcting skin conditions naturally, and living your best life from the inside out. Follow her here for all things skin, health and beauty.

Live in L0ckdown: ft. FiloXenia A Brotherhood Like No Other

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Real-Life Weight Loss Journey: Losing weight is definitely not an easy task, it requires consistency, discipline, patience, and hard work. For some, it can take a few months to reach their fitness goals, but for many, it can take years. When you struggle with weight, you often hear comments from people. It can be wordless or loud and clear but comments about weight surely stay in the memory. Tired of all the taunts and comments about her weight gain post her pregnancy, Soumya B Hegde, a nutritionist and fitness expert decided to take on the challenge of weight loss. She shared her weight loss story with us and how she lost 22 kilos in a span of eight months. Heres her real story:Also Read - Arjun Kapoor's Body Transformation: Kickboxing Champion Drew Neal Helps 'Villain 2' Actor Get Into Shape With Diet And Training

Weight Loss And Transformation Story: Harsh comments from the people pushed me to work towards my weight loss goals. I took it as a challenge, I wanted to prove them wrong at any cost. I took their hurtful comments as a motivation to work on myself without answering them back through words but only through actions. I know action speaks louder than words. Also Read - Weight Loss Soup: Desi Lauki or Bottle Gourd Soup is The Best, Here's Why

I just wanted to lose weight at any cost. I constantly used to remember my goals day and night. Esp every morning I wake up, and before I go to bed, I always used to visualise myself as very fit, and people asking me for advice. I used to believe it as reality. I also knew results take time, so I was very much consistent with my goals. I knew sometimes I might see fast results, sometimes it gets slower. But I should not lose sight of my goals, never be discouraged. I believed in myself, I never gave up. I knew with continued efforts I will reach my goal any day. I made my mindset like that. Also Read - Bloating: Causes, Treatment And Foods to Eat For Prevention

I maintained a balanced diet and relied on weight training.

Weight Loss and Diet: My diet was a mix of a balanced diet, low to moderate carb diet, or intermittent fasting. I used to change my diet very often to prevent my body from getting used to it and to prevent a plateau. But most of the time, I stuck to a balanced diet. I used to drink lots of water daily.

Soumya B Hegde Then and Now

Workout regime for weight loss: My Workout is more of weight training. Its a kind of resistance training. I usually mix LISS (Low-intensity steady-state) Cardio and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training).

Soumya B Hegde Then and Now

There are no shortcuts for weight loss. We have to stay consistent with our efforts to lose weight. Extreme or starvation diets dont work in the long term. There are high chances of giving up. So, we should follow a diet that is most sustainable for us than to blindly follow what others do. My mantra was not to give up at any cost, I should keep on doing till I reach my final goal by believing in myself.

If you have got an incredible weight loss story that inspires people to stay healthy, write to us on our social media handles to get featured and well get in touch with you!

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Having a well-balanced diet is easier for some than others, but even with a pandemic in progress, several area business are helping local residents with their nutrition efforts.

A healthy diet plays a crucial role in well-being and chronic disease prevention. It supports normal growth, helps to maintain a healthy body weight, promotes healthy pregnancy outcomes, and much more.

Since RiverHawk Nutrition was established in downtown Tahlequah, its become a frequent destination for people looking for the right balance of nutrition. Regulars and first-time visitors can find a medley of Herbalife Nutrition shakes that can help people manage their weight.

Jonathan Gammill, who established RiverHawk and helped other clubs open before recently moving to Arizona, said the shake shop offers more than the average smoothie.

There are a lot of places that are awesome and do smoothies and things like that, and thats great, but our smoothies are actually meal replacements, he said. We dont put any extras in our shakes, so less sugar than an apple and theyve got 24 grams of protein to give you a nice, good meal under 220 calories. So its just a really healthy and good meal supplement. I think thats one thing that sets us apart from others.

Healthy teas for a boost of energy can also be found at RiverHawk. The nutrition club, and others like it, also have wellness coaches who work behind the bar.

So if someone comes in, our person can actually meal plan for them, Gammill said. They can get them on a scale, do a wellness evaluation, do a meal plan with them, and help coach them to their results. So its not just buy the products and figure it out at home.

Getting into an Herbalife routine is convenient for locals, as the area is home to multiple locations, making it easy for customers to stop in to their nearest nutrition club. Heritage Nutrition and Energy, Amped Nutrition, Wild Turtle Nutrition, and Lakeside Nutrition all offer the same or similar products.

Customers at Wild Turtle Nutrition, for instance, will be able to order shakes with either a vanilla or chocolate base. From there, flavors like strawberry banana, pina colada, cinnamon roll, wedding cake, butterfinger, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and more.

When sticking to a regimen, such products along with good support from friends and family can help people lose weight the right way, said Kay Terrapin, of Wild Turtle.

Fast weight loss can sometimes be detrimental to someones physical well-being, she said. Having someone to talk to and get support that we provide will kind of mitigate the negative feelings from not losing as fast as someone else. I think its important that people understand that weight loss is weight loss, but doing it the healthy way is important.

Attempting to lose weight can be difficult for those with little motivation to do so. Thats why Wild Turtle offers body transformation challenges every month, too. It provides people with a goal and a reason to shed some pounds. But the products can be helpful even for people who are OK with the way they look now.

If someone is fairly active and not really looking to lose weight, they can add things they might not normally get in their everyday diet with our protein shakes, which have tons of protein plus vitamins and minerals that they provide, Terrapin said.

Portion control is another hurdle for many of those attempting to get healthier. Meal prep is one way for people to do this, whether at home, or through a business like Feathers Fit Foods. A new menu is released every Tuesday and customers have until Thursday to place their orders, which are prepared on Sundays and delivered on Mondays.

Lunch and dinner options available through Feathers Fit Foods released this week include: spicy sriracha tuna wraps, pulled pork sweet potato mash with pineapple salsa, zucchini pasta with lemon garlic shrimp, pesto pasta salad with peppers and peas, sloppy joe bowl with sweet potatoes and broccoli, and supreme crustless pizza bake. Breakfast options and snacks are also available.

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Fasting is a widely debated topic in nutrition, with some professionals suggesting it supports weight loss, while others call out the practice for its alleged health hazards. Now, a new study suggests that fasting may help calm your tummy when it's perhaps most necessary, totally apart from any desire to lose weight.

A team of scientists at Canada's University of British Columbia have discovered that fasting prevented serious symptoms of food poisoning (specifically, Salmonella enterica) in mice. When Salmonella was administered orally to mice that had fasted for 48 hours prior to and during the exposure to the bacteria, they were less likely to experience "full-blown infection," the scientists say, when compared to mice that had been fed.

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The scientists say that fasting nearly eliminated "all intestinal tissue damage and inflammation," which can be prime causes for gastrointestinal discomfort when an individual is suffering from food poisoning.

The research team explains their finding by stating: "When food is limited, the microbiome appears to sequester the nutrients that remain, preventing pathogens from acquiring the energy they need to infect the host."

A few "buts": The team acknowledges that to fast or not to fast to prevent food poisoning symptoms is itself a hotly debated topic in nutrition and G.I. medicine. It's rare that any one study is entirely conclusive.

Plus, animal studies don't always parlay directly to similar human effects and, since you can't usually anticipate when you'll be faced with food poisoning, how would you know when to fast in advance?

Still, perhaps this study offers a solution when you're feeling a little stomach upset. It's always a good idea to talk to your doctor about a medical situationbut this research suggests in some cases, giving the tummy a rest (while staying hydrated in the meantime, we might add) may be good medicine.

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Before the pandemic Dafydd Hudd didn't really think about his food, never taking a packed lunch to work and instead just grabbing a McDonald's while he was out and about.

And the dad-of-two's unhealthy lifestyle had a huge impact on his health, weighing 23st 3lb at his heaviest and wearing XXXL.

But when Covid-19 hit and threw the UK into lockdown, Dafydd couldn't just pop in for a quick Big Mac whenever he was hungry and he realised he had to start planning his meals.

Researching ways to battle his bulges, he came across a weight loss app called Noom, which focussed on behavioural changes and called itself a lifestyle, rather than a diet, so he decided to give it a go.

The 41-year-old, who is married to Melissia, 46, and dad to, Dylan, 17, and Rhiannon, 15, said: "After a trial period, I bought it for six months to see if it would work, but I still wasn't all that serious until the first lockdown.



"I never left home with a packed lunch. I usually just popped to McDonald's or something, but with everything shutting down, I had to think about what I had to eat.

"Instead of just sitting in the van and stuffing my face, I started using Noom and thinking about calories.

"In just two weeks I lost about half a stone. Then I began to lose a few pounds a week quite steadily.

"I did have plateaus, or two weeks where nothing happened, but then I'd have three or four weeks of constant weight loss.

"There was definitely a decent chunk coming off."

A year-and-a-half later, geotechnical engineer Dafydd has lost an incredible 9st, weighing a much healthier 14st 2lb.

He looked so different that one of his friends literally didn't recognise him when they were reunited after lockdown.

Dafydd, of Buntingford, Herts, said: "The funniest thing happened at the local rugby club on one of my daughter's training nights in April 2021.

"It wasn't far off 18 months since I'd been up there and it was a nice, summery evening, so I had a T-shirt on.


"I stood next to one of my friends and started talking to him. He was just being polite and then turned around and asked who I was!

"I said, 'It's Daf!' He said, 'F*** off! Pardon the French!'

'It was quite funny. He honestly didn't recognise me.'

Overweight throughout adult life, spending a lot of time in the van driving to jobs, Dafydd said his diet really suffered.

He said: "I'd tried things like Slimming World in the past, but they didn't work for me. I didn't like the meetings or anything."

His tipping point came at Christmas three years ago when he started suffering with back pain.

Seeing a chiropractor, he was told his spine had a slight kink in it and the muscles either side were trying to straighten it out.

"Obviously, it was wear and tear, exacerbated by sitting down, driving up and down the country," he said.

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"But I realised that all the excess weight I was carrying wasn't helping things."

At his 23st 3lb heaviest, Dafydd had a body mass index (BMI) used to gauge a healthy weight of 43 - compared to the NHS healthy range of 18.5 to 24.9, meaning he was obese.

Now with a BMI of 26.2 and wearing clothes in a medium, rather than an XXXL, he is delighted with the change.

He said: "Everyone has been a bit gobsmacked when they've seen me for the first time.

"Obviously, my mum's seen the progress photos on Facebook.

"But she still can't believe it.

"It was a lovely feeling when I went to visit her in Wales, after not seeing her for over a year and she was taken aback."

While his wife and children grew used to his progress, as they were with him every day, Dafydd says that the weight loss really started to show at Christmas and they could not stop commenting.

He said: "All my clothes seemed to be too big around Christmas when I suddenly went from a very large person to more of a medium person and my kids noticed.

"In January this year everything was too big, so I just chucked my entire wardrobe out and started again.

"I bought all new stuff, so it was expensive, but it felt great."

Now maintaining his weight, Dafydd has changed his diet again, to make sure he does not end up flabby.

He said: "When you lose weight, you lose a lot of muscle, so I'm following a high protein diet now, to try and bulk some muscle back up in my upper body and lower body."

Delighted with his new, healthier appearance, Dafydd looks better, his back hurts less and he feels more able to interact with his children.

He said: "Ironically, I have Covid to thank for a lot of it, but I was also finally ready to do something about my weight.

"I said to someone one day, 'You've got to be in the right mindset to do it and the right situation.'

"Luckily, I had both at the same time and the result was my transformation!"

Breakfast - No food. Maybe full fat Coke

Lunch - Tesco meal deal or a McDonalds burger. A share bag of wine gums and a full fat Coke

Dinner - Family meal like big portions of homemade Chinese, spaghetti Bolognese or chicken and chips

Snacks - Cakes, sweets, chocolate

Breakfast - Fat free yogurts, with fresh raspberries, strawberries or blueberries and a protein drink with less than 100 calories

Snacks - Small packet of nuts

Lunch - Chicken and rice, or spiced noodles, or beef chilli and water

Snacks - Fruit

Dinner - Grilled steak and vegetables, or homemade curry or Chinese, followed by yogurt or grapes

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