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When looking for a weight loss diet plan, looking to those who have recently slimmed down can be a good way to get inspired. One woman has used social media to share snaps of her impressive weight loss transformation. As well as sharing pictures of her slim frame, the Reddit user guesstalt posted her diet and fitness tips. She combined intermittent fasting with exercise to make the huge transformation.

In the post, the slimmer revealed she had slimmed down from 19st 4lb to a trim 12st 7lb.

Speaking of her incredible change, guesstalt revealed she followed an intermittent fasting plan.

On this diet, slimmers will restrict when they eat to certain times of the day and fast for the remaining hours.

Some will choose to do this by eating within a four or eight hour window during each day, such as between 12pm and 8pm.

Others will choose to eat all their daily calories in one meal of the day, also referred to as OMAD.

The slimmer said: I started doing 16:8 - six days a week, one free day - about two years ago, and Ive been doing OMAD five days a week with weekends only 16:8 for all of 2019.

gesstal told other Reddit users she would eat one meal a day an give herself a one hour window to do so.

She posted: My meal Mon-Fri is dinner. I usually break my fast around 6pm to 7pm and give myself an hour or so to eat what I need.

I try to eat lots of vegetables and get my protein, but other than that, I eat what I want within my calorie goal. IF has been a game changer for sure.

The dieter explained she continued the diet plan through the entire duration of her weight loss journey.

Whats more, she sped up her results by adding in exercise and has focused on combining weight training with cardio.

I lift or do circuit training five days a week Mon-Fri in the morning and 20 to 30 minutes of cardio several days a week in the afternoon, she added.

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There are many different routes slimmers can go down when they are trying to shape up. Some may focus on their diet while others will choose to ramp up their exercise regime. If trying to exercise more, not all sports are equal with some activities promising to help you burn nearly 1000 calories in just one hour, according to research by What are the top ten exercises to burn calories?

READ MORE: Shayne Ward used this diet trick to shed an incredible 3st 7lb

With most people willing to dedicate one hour to a gym class, the research looked at over 30 different sports and how many calories they could burn in that time.

1. Squash - 886 calories

2. Running - 738 calories

3. Rugby - 738 calories

4. Martial Arts - 738 calories

5. Skipping - 738 calories

6. Boxing - 664 calories

7. BMX or Mountain Biking - 627 calories

8. Swimming - 591 calories

9. Rock Climbing - 591 calories

10. Football - 591 calories

Comparing the various sports, playing squash came out on top with players burning around 886 calories in just one hour.

Running, martial arts and playing rugby came out as a close second with gym goers able to burn off around 738 calories from the activity.

The research also revealed the sporting activities which are less likely to burn extra calories.

1. Yoga - 185 calories

2. Surfing - 221 calories

3. Pilates - 221 calories

4. Sailing / Windsurfing - 221 calories

5. Weightlifting - 221 calories

6. Walking - 244 calories

7. Table Tennis - 295 calories

8. Gymnastics - 295 calories

9. Horse Riding - 295 calories

10. Golf - 332 calories

Those who prefer a more tame gym session will need to work harder to shift the weight with yoga burning the lowest amount of calories per hour.

Weightlifting, pilates and surfing were also among some of the lowest burners and fitness fanatics would only lose about 221 calories through the activities.

Sports including table tennis, gymnastics and golf will also leave slimmers struggling to feel the burn.

When losing weight, combining an exercise plan with a weight loss diet can give the quickest results.

Surprisingly, adding more high carb foods into the diet could be a good way to get into shape.

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The top ten exercises to help you lose weight revealed - which burns the most calories? - Express

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Slimmers may want to lose weight for a number of different reasons, whether to lose fat or improve health. When doing this, changing diet habits and exercising more can be the best way to get results. Apple cider vinegar is a drink which is thought to speed up fat loss and help slimmers get into shape. How does it work? An expert issued an important warning.

When adding apple cider vinegar into the diet plan, studies have shown even a small amount can speed up the fat burning process.

One study of 175 obese people showed having the condiment daily lead to reduced belly fat and weight loss.

Those who had just one tablespoon lost an extra 2.6 pounds during the three month test and those who had two tablespoons lost 3.7 pounds.

Research has shown having the drink helped slimmers feel fuller which meant they were less likely to overeat later in the day.

When having the drink, dieters can choose to take the tablespoon neat or soften the taste by mixing it with water and lemon.

Speaking to, personal trainer and nutritionalist, Harry Smith, explained the possible benefits of the drink.

He said: There is a line of thought that apple cider vinegar can improve health by reducing insulin response after meals, reducing body fat and improving blood triglyceride profiles.

However, he issued an important warning to those hoping to have the tipple and explained it may not be all it seems.

None of these claims are backed by any substantial scientific evidence, there is some weak evidence at best, he explained.

It has a largely insignificant effect on health like a single raindrop in the sea. It just isnt noticeable.

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The quest to lose weight is immensely exhausting, to say the least. Something similar happened with 34-year-old Mangesh Singh who tried gymming for 7 years but to no avail. He even tried swimming and several other diets to lose weight, but he did not find anything even remotely sustainable. This is his incredibly motivating journey of losing 20 kilos in just 2 months. Here is how he did this.Name: Mangesh SinghOccupation: IT Head

Age: 34 years

Height: 5 feet 5 inches

Highest weight recorded: 103 kgs

Weight lost: 20 kgs

Duration it took me to lose weight: 2 months

The turning point: There wasnt any particular moment that led to the realisation that I needed to lose weight but actually a series of events. For example, I am the youngest in my family but because of all the excess weight, I used to look overweight. I also tried to go for a morning walk daily but I could not continue it.

In addition to several diets, I also tried working out in a gym for seven straight years but to no avail. Those diets were not sustainable and I gained double the weight after stopping them. While looking for a sustainable diet plan, I stumbled upon the intermittent fasting which is the 16/8 plan.

While I was very sceptical about following it initially, I witnessed incredible weight loss after following this diet. The best part? I felt extra energetic throughout the day and my focus also improved.My breakfast: I do not eat anything in the morning.My lunch: 2 boiled eggs with fruits

My dinner: 1 bowl of dal, a portion of brown rice, one chapati and a portion of chicken/fish

Pre-workout meal: I do not eat anything before working outPost-workout meal: I vouch on chana sattu drinkI indulge in: I have an eating window of eight hours, so I dont really avoid eating any specific food during that time.

My workout: I go for a walk in the evening.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: I have realised that contrary to popular notions, it is very crucial to eat on time to lose weight. However, at the same time, it is important to cut down all the junk and processed food items.

How do I stay motivated? Once I began to see the change in my energy levels, it was enough to keep me motivated to continue my journey to lose weight and stay fit.

Weight loss story: I followed THIS simple diet to lose 20 kilos in just 2 months! - Times of India

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If we ask you, whats that one thing you want to change about yourself without making any efforts, and we are sure that the answer would be -- losing weight and looking beautiful. Well, staying in shape is undeniably a universal desire, and why not as a healthy body and a sane mind is all we need to survive the stressful and fast-paced world. However, the desire to lose weight and work towards it are two different things. Ironically, most people want to lose weight, but the mere thought of all that exertion often leads to procrastinating the idea of working towards losing weight. No wonder as they say- no pain, no gain. Interestingly, theres a plethora of health care and weight loss advice floating all around the internet. Right from quick fad diets to meal replacement solutions to several fat reduction treatments, the internet is flooded with ideas, but the question arises whether these ideas are worth trying and sustainable over a long period of time.

Well, the answer is simple, quick weight loss plans and fad diets can help you lose weight quickly, but arent sustainable over a longer period of time. Hence, going for simple ways can make life far better and help you lose weight gradually in a sustainable way. Losing weight is a struggle, but going for natural ingredients to lose weight along with some exercise is the best way to manage weight.

Off late, a fruit extract from the Southern part of India has gained a lot of popularity among the world of fitness enthusiasts for its amazing weight loss properties-- Malabar Tamarind also known as Kudam Puli. However, it has been used an active ingredient in many health supplements used for reducing fat, across the world this fruit extract is also known as Garcinia Cambogia.

Traditionally, in South India kudampuli was used to add a tangy flavour to the pickles and curries. The extracts of kudampuli have ample amount of phytochemical, which blocks the production of fat in the body. The rind of this fruit was majorly used for making foods and drinks, but with its increasing popularity, it has turned out to be the main ingredient in most weight loss meal solutions.

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Is Kudam Puli the next big thing for weight loss? - Times of India

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This being said, nuts aren't the first thing that come to a weight watcher's mind. Most people think that nuts, although healthy, contain a lot of bad calories which make you pile on weight. However, this is not completely true. Infact, adding certain types of nuts to your diet can actually help you lose weight just a little bit faster!

Studies have found out that eating nuts regularly may even help people from putting on extra kilos in the long run and prevent the risk of obesity. Here are five nuts you should definitely be eating which are great for your waistline.

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We might invest in expensive facial creams and treatments for an acne free, clear skin, but you would be surprised to know that something completely unrelated might be contributing to our acne problem! When our grandmoms told us to eat right, we hardly paid any heed, but now scientists have linked acne to the foods that we consume.In India, Ayurveda always links most of the external ailments to gut health and for a clear, acne free skin it has portions and medicines that help clean the toxins from the intestines, ultimately leading to pimple free skin. Bad food habits, taking too much stress and even the skincare routine that routines that we follow may be behind acne eruptions, says a new study.

This research about the possible cause of acne was presented at the 28th European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology Congress in Madrid evaluated the exposure to different worsening factors on acne on more than 6,700 participants across six countries.

"For the first time, this study allows us to identify the most important exposome factors relating to acne from patient questioning prior to any treatment prescription," said the study's lead researcher Brigitte Dreno from the University Hospital of Nantes in France.

The results showed that significantly more individuals with acne (48.2 per cent) consumed dairy products daily compared to individuals who did not (38.8 per cent).

The difference was also statistically significant for soda juices or syrups (35.6 per cent vs 31 per cent), pastries and chocolate (37 per cent vs 27.8 per cent) and sweets (29.7 per cent vs 19.1 per cent).

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Is your acne linked to your food habits? - Times of India

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Kevin Gates looks a lot different now than he did a couple years ago, and thats thanks to his impressive weight loss: Mens Health notes that in about two years, Gates went from weighing 310 pounds to his current weight of 215 pounds. In a new video from Mens Health, Gates reveals the initial motivation behind his near-100-pound weight loss, and it was apparently an incident that hurt [his] f*cking feelings.

In the video, Gates responds to tweets about him. One tweeter asked Gates how he lost weight so quickly, and he reveals: One word: commitment. But what really did it for me: I had my shirt off and I was holding my patnas baby, and his baby tried to suck my breast. [] I just was like, I am too f*cking fat, Im a fat slob, I need to lose weight. That was the most embarrassing sh*t. I mean, sh*t, even though Im a big gorilla, I still got I got feelings too. Man, that sh*t hurt my f*cking feelings. I said, I gotta lose some weight!'

Lately, it looks like Gates has been addressing multiple aspects of his overall health. He recently teamed up with suicide prevention organization on a new video for his song Walls Talking. Gates said upon releasing the video, Music has always been therapy for me. Anyone who is struggling out there should know they arent alone. I got you.

Watch Gates respond to tweets in the video above.

Kevin Gates is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.

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Kevin Gates Was Motivated To Lose Weight After A Baby Tried To Suck His Chest - UPROXX

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As a glut of celebrity men slim down, Gavin Newsham reveals his own weighty issues

Itwas on a Normandy beach this summer when it finally dawned on me that I had to lose some weight. Take your top off, said my wife, as she pointed to the sun disappearing behind a dirty grey cloud.

I made my excuses something about not wanting to get burnt on such a gloriously overcast day but the truth is I was both embarrassed and scared; embarrassed as to how I could get to nearly 50 and look the way I do and scared that if I did remove my shirt there was every chance a group of concerned onlookers might just join forces and try to roll me back into the sea. Good job we didnt take a holiday in the...

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Individuals with type 2 diabetes who maintain weight loss after an intensive lifestyle intervention have sustained improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors, and those who regain weight not only miss out on the benefits but may have a worsening of their metabolic profile, say US researchers.

In a new analysis of data from the Look AHEAD (Action for Health in Diabetes) trial, Samantha E. Berger, PhD, of Tufts University, Boston, Massachusetts, and colleagues studied almost 1600 individuals who followed an intensive lifestyle intervention.

Particularly among participants who initially lost at least 10% of their body weight, maintaining the weight loss over 4 years led to significant improvements in cholesterol levels, blood glucose, and blood pressure, among other parameters, compared with those who regained weight.

The research, published October 9 in the Journal of the American Heart Association, also suggests that people who regain weight could still experience cardiometabolic benefits, as long as they regain no more than 25% of the original weight loss.

Hence, "maintaining 75% of weight loss was generally beneficial," the researchers conclude.

"These findings emphasize the dual importance of not only achieving a heathy body weight but maintaining a healthy body weight," said senior author Alice H. Lichtenstein, DSc, director of the Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory at the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, in a press release by the AHA.

And although she acknowledged that keeping off the pounds can be "challenging," she cautioned: "If you lose weight and don't maintain it, the benefits are diminished or disappear."

Lichtenstein told Medscape Medical News that, in general, "People understand that they need to lose weight."

However, they "frequently go on extreme diets and are successful in losing the weight, but we don't seem to be putting as much emphasis on how crucial it is to keep the weight off," she asserted.

"It may feel terrific" when people lose weight quickly, but "you don't get the metabolic benefits unless you make sustainable changes to daily food intake or the way you moderate your energy intake."

This means maintaining lifestyle changes "essentially over a lifetime" for individuals to be able to "get back in balance."

Weight loss programs, Lichtenstein added, will therefore "have to put a lot more emphasis on what happens after someone successfully loses weight and not just celebrate that point."

In the new article, researchers say few studies have directly compared individuals with successful weight loss maintenance (maintainers) and individuals who regained weight (regainers).

In addition, the impact of weight regain after weight loss on cardiometabolic risk factors "is not well established."

In part of the Look AHEAD randomized controlled trial, individuals diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who had a body mass index (BMI) of over 25 kg/m2, or 27 kg/m2 if taking insulin, were assigned to an intensive weight loss lifestyle intervention or standard care.

The intervention lasted for 1 year and involved group support sessions, calorie and fat gram restrictions, and meal replacement and physical activity recommendations, with the aim of losing approximately 7% of body weight.

The participants, who were recruited from 16 sites across the United States, then entered a 3-year maintenance phase.

For the current analysis, researchers focused on 1561 individuals from the trial who were assigned to the intervention group, had initially lost at least 3% of body weight, and had follow-up data to the end of year four.

Within these groups, participants were classified based on how much weight they regained after the initial weight loss.

Those who gained none (0%) were termed "maintainers" and the rest were termed "regainers." The degree of weight regained was divided into four increments: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% of percentage weight-loss regained (weight change from years 1 to 4 as a percentage of the first year of weight loss).

Change in cardiometabolic risk factors after initial weight loss was compared in maintainers and regainers, after controlling for demographics, medications, and baseline and year 1 change in BMI.

The effect was also assessed separately in participants with < 10% weight loss and 10% initial weight loss.

As expected, individuals who lost more weight initially were significantly more likely to have improvements in cardiometabolic risk factors at year one than other participants. And those who initially lost more weight were significantly less likely to have started on diabetes and antihypertensive medications, and were significantly more likely to have stopped them during follow-up.

Among those who lost 10% initial weight, the results across most risk factors indicated maximal risk factor reduction among maintainers who successfully maintained 100% of the lost weight.

Successfully maintaining most ( 75%) of the weight loss (25% regain cut-point) was also associated with significant maintenance of improved risk factors.

In contrast, regainers showed significant deterioration in some cardiometabolic risk factors from years one to four.

Meanwhile, "For those who lost < 10% initial weight, keeping it off is better than regaining, but it appears the degree of maintaining the weight loss has little impact on cardiometabolic risk factors," the researchers say.

Overall, the findings emphasize the importance of intervention programs focusing not only on weight loss but weight loss maintenance, "given the adverse consequences of the latter," the authors reiterate.

"The important thing is, once you successfully lose weight, to really put a lot of emphasis on keeping it off," Lichtenstein told Medscape Medical News.

Finally, the researchers also say more work in this area is sorely needed.

"The findings from this study emphasize the need to further investigate long-term impact of partial weight regain after a weight loss intervention given the challenge of keeping off all of weight lost," they write.

The Look AHEAD trial was conducted by the Look AHEAD Research Group and supported by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases; National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute; National Institute of Nursing Research; National Institute of Minority Health and Health Disparities; Office of Research on Women's Health; and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The authors have reported no relevant financial relationships.

J Am Heart Assoc. 2019;8: e010951. Full text

For more diabetes and endocrinology news, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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