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For decades, carbs have been considered the "enemy" of weight loss. While it's true that you're probably not going to lose weight or belly fat if you load up on candy and bagels, carbohydrates are essential in the functioning of our bodies. And in some cases, they can actually help you lose belly fat.

Losing belly fat is important not just because it's annoying to deal with. Excess belly fat is linked with cardiovascular and metabolic issues and Type 2 diabetes. With that in mind, we talked with registered dietitians to find out if they recommend carbs for belly fat lossand the answer is yes.

If oatmeal is part of your regular breakfast rotation, we have great news for you: this carby meal can help you lose belly fat, and you might want to eat more of it. "Oatmeal has so much fiberthat it helps keep us full, which prevents us from overeating," says Vanessa Dyer, RDN. "The fiber also helps slow digestion of the carb so there is no rapid increase of blood sugar levels."

As for other carbs you should every day (or most days) if you want to lose belly fat, Dyer also recommends fruit and quinoa. While fruit has natural sugar in it, the amount of fiber and vitamins it contains makes up for that.Edibel Quintero, a registered dietitian with HealthInsider, adds that quinoa isa complete protein as it contains all the essential amino acids, making it different from other grains. "Quinoa'shigh protein content keeps you fuller for an extended period of time and curbs hunger, helping you lose belly fat," she explains.

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Of course, we don't only come bearing good news. There are many, many carby foods that will contribute to belly fat. The first one to steer clear of, Quintero says, is baked goods. "Baked goods are loaded with refined sugar and preservatives with low nutritional value that quickly add up to tons of calories and contribute to fat around your abdominal region," she says.

Fried foods and sugar-sweetened beverages are a no-go as well. "Fried foods contain a lot of calories and a heavy amount of oil," Quintero says. "Sodas and sweetened beverages quickly raise and decrease your blood sugar levels, making you feel hungry quickly and compelling you to eat more, which disrupts weight loss goals."

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So, we know which carbs can contribute to belly fat loss, and which ones can help you lose it. But what other foods should you eat if you want to lose belly fat? Quintero suggests avocados. "When you're going for a diet that focuses on losing weight, particularly belly fat, you'll want to make sure to incorporate avocados," she says. "They contain mono-saturated fats that prevent blood sugar spikes that further instruct your body not to store fat around the belly."

Salmon is another great pick, she says. "Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids in abundance, which can help you to lose belly fat faster as these compounds speed up the metabolism."

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Chia seeds can help too. "Chia seeds are packed with high fiber that keeps you fuller for longer and can help curb unhealthy snacking," Quintero says. "Chia seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids that aid in weight loss. The best thing about chia seeds? You can add them to just about anything, from water to oatmeal and yogurt."

Dyer adds that when you're trying to lose belly fat, protein and vegetables are your best friend. "Protein and fiber keep you full," she says. "Assuming someone isnt eating fried zucchini or fried chicken every day, that is."

Long story short: If oatmeal isn't part of your diet, it's time to load up on the overnight oats and steaming bowls of oatmeal with chia seeds. You might be surprised by what an impact this simple tweak has on your efforts to lose belly fat.

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1000-LB. SISTERS star Tammy Slaton has been spotted standing and walking unassisted as she entered and exited an Indiana gas station on a day trip to the state.

Tammy, 36, struggled to move without her walker as she had to lean on the front of the car parked in a gas station to catch her breath before taking a step down from the sidewalk.



On Thursday, Tammy took a day trip to Indiana with her brother Chris Combs, 42, according to an eyewitness who reported to The U.S. Sun.

Chris picked Tammy up at her two-bedroom Kentucky home where she used her walker to get from her front door to her seat in the front passenger side of the car.

The two 1000-Lb. Sisters stars were accompanied by a younger female who rode in the back.

Tammy, Chris, and the third party traveled to Indiana to stock up on groceries, but along the way they took a coffee run and stopped at a few gas stations.

During their second gas station stop, Tammy got out of the car and walked unassisted into the general store.

A few moments later she emerged empty-handed and walked back to the passenger seat of the car.

She stood up and moved entirely on her own, but appeared to struggle and had to pause to catch her breath.

According to The U.S. Sun eyewitness, Tammy stopped to lean on the hood of the car.

Most read in Entertainment

She appeared to be slightly out of breath and struggled to step down from the sidewalk and raise herself back into the passenger car seat.

The U.S. Sun previously obtained exclusive photos ofTammy returning to her homeafter taking a fast food run on Easter Sunday, April 9.

She wore a black zip-up hoodie and a black skirt that hugged her frame, which has shrunk from700 lbs. to just over 400 lbs.

Tammy showed off her achievement as she was able to stand on her own and walk from the car to the front door, with just the assistance of a walker.

Previously on the show, Tammy was not able to execute these basic tasks independently because of complications with her health.

The U.S. Sun previously revealedTammy weighed just over 400 pounds at the end of her 14-month rehab stay - and is nearly half her former size.

As show fans know,Tammyadmitted herself to rehabback in 2021 for a second time to get her life back on track.

A friend previously told The U.S. Sun exclusively: "When Tammy was first in rehab, she needed to reach her goal weight of 550 pounds from around 700 pounds in order to beapproved for her bariatric surgery."

Bariatric surgery is an operation on the digestive system to help a patient loseweight quickly in extreme situations.

On a season four episode of1000-Lb. Sistersairing on TLC, shereached her goal weight.

As The U.S. Sun first reported,Tammysuccessfully underwent the life-changing procedurein the summer of 2022- and the friend claimed she has dropped another 150 pounds since then.

Since exiting the weight rehab clinic in Ohio, it appears Tammy has also left her ex Caleb Willingham, 40, behind.

After being married for five months, a source previously told The U.S. Sun Tammy called it quits on the union because Caleb "refuses to stick to his diet."

"Tammy has her legal team lined up and is ready to file for divorce," a source close to thestar claimed.

"They split up because Caleb hasn't been following his diet in rehab," the insider alleged, adding: "He has gained 30 lbs and hasn't been working his program."

The insider gushed: "They got into a big fight over it and he told herhe wanted a divorce, but then he tried to backtrack."

The family insider said they believed Tammy's decision to end it with Caleb was the right thing for her and divulged: "Tammy's sisters Amy and Amanda were already encouraging her to just move on."

Tammy's friend claimed: "She wants someone who can be there for her and his health keeps declining."

"She would have to take care of him once he's out of rehab, and that is her taking on the care of a whole other person when shecan barely take care of herself, so the relationship is pointless," the insider added.

"Shedidn't want a long-distance relationshipand certainly isn't able to care for someone else at this point in her recovery," the source claimed.

"They got married after just knowing each other over the course of weeks, in rehab, and he's still there," the insider concluded.

Tammy's rep and Caleb did not respond to requests for comment.




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As the old adage goes, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" - and there is some truth to it, backed by science. Since our body is most active during the morning hours, a heavy breakfast can be digested quickly. However, it is crucial to follow it up with a light lunch and an even lighter dinner. Unfortunately, many of us follow this routine in the completely opposite direction. We tend to skip breakfast and overindulge at night due to our hectic routines, unhealthy eating habits, or social events. Unsurprisingly, this leads to excessive calorie intake and unwanted weight gain.

To promote weight loss, try to finish eating two to three hours before bedtime, recommends consultant nutritionist Rupali Datta. This allows your body time to digest food and prevents calories from being stored as fat during sleep. Eating late disrupts your circadian rhythm and can lead to weight gain. By creating a longer fasting period overnight, known as intermittent fasting, your body can tap into fat stores for energy, explains Datta. Additionally, this habit improves sleep quality, supporting weight loss efforts.

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Eating too much at night causes weight gain. Image Credit: iStock

If you find yourself overeating at night, there are some simple tips to help you avoid it, regardless of where you are or what you are eating:

Skipping breakfast can make you feel famished throughout the day, and tired by the end of it, leading to overeating during dinnertime. Having a nutritious breakfast can keep you energised during the entire day and help you eat normally at night.

Eating smaller meals at regular intervals throughout the day can help you feel fuller, making it easier to eat less at night. Plus eating small meals is good for your waistline too. A great trick is to pick a smaller plate which makes your small portion look like a full meal.

Drinking water throughout the day will keep you full and hydrated. Having a glass or two of water sometime before your last meal of the day can help you feel satiated and prevent overeating. Avoid drinking water during your meal as it may interfere with digestion.

Protein has the incredible ability to induce satiety. Eating protein-rich foods throughout the day can help you feel fuller, give your body lots of energy to ward off fatigue and curb your hunger at night.

Eating slowly and chewing your food properly can give your brain time to signal when you are full, preventing overeating. When we eat fast, we go beyond our capacity before we realise that our stomach is full.

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It is important to remember that our digestion system is weakest at night, and eating more than required for dinner is a major cause of weight gain. So, if you want to lose weight and lead a healthy life, adopt healthy eating habits and eat according to your stomach's capacity.

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In todays fast-paced lifestyle, losing weight has become a daunting task for many people. People often resort to various methods such as dieting, hitting the gym, skipping meals or consuming salads to achieve their weight loss goals. However, it is crucial to understand the right approach to losing weight to make it a sustainable and successful journey.

Many individuals find shedding the extra kilos to be a challenging task because they do not adopt the correct methods. Their efforts often prove to be unsuccessful. To help individuals achieve their weight loss goals, News 18 has initiated a weight loss series that offers expert tips from renowned dietitian Kamini Kumari. She offers her services in reputed hospitals such as Manas, Satya and Fortis, and runs her clinic.

In the first article of the weight loss series, Kumari provides valuable insights for individuals who rely on skipping meals to lose weight. By adopting the right approach and following expert tips, individuals can achieve their weight loss goals efficiently and effectively.

Dont skip meals

Many people skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner to lose weight. They think that in this way they can lose weight quickly, but this is a huge myth. It is not necessary to starve to lose weight because the longer you starve, the more you will experience bloating. It is advisable to avoid keeping your stomach empty for extended periods if you wish to lose weight.

Keep eating your meals in intervals

Starving yourself to lose weight can have adverse effects on your body. Rather than depriving yourself of food, it is better to consume small meals at regular intervals. This approach helps boost your metabolism and prevents bloating and toxic elements in your body, making your weight loss journey much easier.

Include fibre-rich foods in the diet

If you wish to lose weight, then you must include those things in your diet which are rich in fibre. This will absorb the toxic elements of your body and will also help in increasing your metabolism. For this, you can incorporate things like cucumber, carrot, fruits and salad as part of your diet.

Dont rely only on salad

Many individuals believe that consuming salads and fruits alone can result in rapid weight loss. Consequently, they tend to exclude essential carbohydrates like rice, lentils and roti from their diets. However, relying only on salads can lead to weakness in the body due to a lack of essential nutrients. To maintain a balanced and healthy diet, it is essential to include carbohydrates in your meals. However, instead of consuming foods high in starch, one must opt for complex carbohydrates found in whole grains and cereals like oats, quinoa, millet and oatmeal. These foods not only provide the body with energy but also contain essential fibre for digestive health.

Replace carbonated beverages with healthy drinks

During the summer season, many individuals tend to consume carbonated beverages and other cold drinks to beat the heat. However, if youre on a weight loss journey, you can still enjoy refreshing drinks while shedding those extra pounds. Consider incorporating healthier alternatives like buttermilk, lemon water, watermelon mojito, shikanji and coconut water into your diet. Not only will these options help you meet your daily hydration needs, but they will also promote a healthy and balanced diet, which is crucial for successful weight loss. By choosing these healthier drink options, you can boost your weight loss efforts and maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout the summer season.

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Did you know that kickstarting your day with just the right, healthy beverage can help speed up your weight loss efforts? We spoke with the experts who share some of their favorite morning drinks for rapid weight loss. If you're looking to burn fat in a timely manner, turning healthy eating and drinking habits into a lifestyle is key. The below beverages make weight loss less of a grueling, challenging processthey're quick to whip up, easy to work into your mornings, and taste great!

Keep reading to learn more about the best morning drinks for rapid weight loss. And next, be sure to check out You'll Never Lose Weight if You're Still Eating These 11 Things.

Research shows that green tea can speed up your metabolism, which is crucial if you're looking to lose weight, says Lisa Young, Ph.D., RDN, the author of Finally Full, Finally Slim, a nutritionist in private practice, and a member of our Medical Expert Board. In addition, green tea contains catechins, which are antioxidants proven to be effective in burning fat. "Research indicates that green tea extract, which is essentially concentrated catechins, has been shown to lower weight and decrease body fat percentage," Young adds.

While we're on the subject of green tea, let's chat about matcha. "While matcha tea has been shown to promote fat burning, this skinny iced matcha green tea latte may have an additional advantage for your waistline since it also doubles as an ultra-satisfying weight loss secret weapon," The Nutrition Twins, Tammy Lakatos Shames, RD, CDN, CFT, and Lyssie Lakatos, RD, CDN, CFT, tell Eat This, Not That!

Kicking off your mornings with this delicious tea drink will provide you with antioxidants and keep you full for several hours so you won't feel inclined to snack. Plus, it's only 20 calories! And the benefits don't stop there. The Nutrition Twins add, "Matcha green tea has been shown to enhance exercise-induced fat burning, so if that inspires you to move your body more and drink it, too, the fat-burning potential can be quite impactful."

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Something as simple as warm water with lemon is a stellar detox drink. Young explains, "Lemon has a plethora of benefits due to its antioxidant content and pectin fibers. The pectin fibers in lemon are soluble fibers that are most commonly found in fruits and vegetables. The reason this drink is great for weight loss is because it is hydrating, calorie-free, and may help eliminate toxins in the body."6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

"While morning sweet drinks are notorious for being calorie bombs and packing on the pounds, sipping this soothing, slightly sweet, satisfying golden milk can help avert cravings in just 40 calories," The Nutrition Twins reveal. Plus, it takes just five minutes to prepare, making it a seamless addition to any busy morning.

This delicious chai-like sip features turmeric, cinnamon, and gingerthree very potent spices that help combat inflammation (which is something that can derail your weight loss efforts). In addition, cinnamon helps you kick sugar cravings to the curb by regulating blood sugar. "Plus, the calm mood and steady blood sugar set you up for a healthy dayand nothing is more critical for preventing overeating than being on an even keel," The Nutrition Twins say.

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If you're a tea drinker, ginger tea is another one of the best morning drinks for rapid weight loss you can sip. According to Young, this warm, comforting beverage can help relieve an upset stomach, and it doesn't contain any calories! Plus, your waistline will thank you. "A study done on the effects of ginger tea and what it can do for the body found that ginger intake can reduce body weight and waist-to-hip ratio," she adds.

Not only is a refreshing glass of cucumber mint water reminiscent of a relaxing spa experience, but it can also help you lose weight and keep you hydrated. "Infusing water with mint and cucumber has a bunch of healthful benefits, two of them being supporting weight loss and improving digestion," Young explains.

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Fenugreek water can help you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and helping you feel full. For instance, one study revealed that having fenugreek fiber at breakfast promoted satiety and lowered caloric intake when lunchtime rolled around.

"If you want to make fenugreek water, try soaking one to two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight," The Nutrition Twins suggest. "It's often sipped first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. More research is needed, and if you're pregnant or trying to become pregnant, you're best off avoiding it."

So long as you take your coffee black (or with minimal plant-based or skim milk), you won't pack on the calories, and this beloved morning beverage can help you achieve faster weight loss. "Research has found that caffeinated coffee can reduce caloric intake and boost metabolism," The Nutrition Twins explain. "One study showed that people who drank caffeinated coffee consumed significantly fewer calories than those that drank less caffeine or those that drank no caffeine."

In addition, caffeine gives your metabolism a boost and gets your bowels moving, which can help the scale move in your favor.

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Give yourself an instant hydration boost in the AM with this rejuvenating sip. The Nutrition Twins' raspberry ginger lime water infusion will help you kick any unhealthy cravings to the curb and prevent you from mistaking feeling thirsty for feeling hungry.

"You'll prevent excess calorie consumption that packs on the pounds, and as you hydrate with this potassium-packed drink, you'll counteract sodium and the puffiness and bloat from any salty or sugary indulgence from the day before, and you'll quickly restore normal fluid balance, releasing excess water you're holding in the tissues for a quick weight loss," they explain. "Antioxidant-packed ginger, lime, mint, and raspberry help fight chronic inflammation that's been shown to stimulate weight gain. Raspberries' phytochemical C3G increases the production of both adiponectin (which enhances fat metabolism) and leptin (which suppresses appetite), assisting in weight loss."

Olipop is another morning beverage The Nutrition Twins recommend for shedding weight fast. "Olipop quenches morning sweet drink cravings with only 35 to 45 calories and just four to five grams of sugar. Plus, it offers a big weight loss bonus by providing nine grams of prebiotic fiber to promote regularity, helping to push waste out of the colon so you can quickly drop a few pounds while bringing on a flat belly. The prebiotic fiber also supports gut health and reduces the risk of obesity by promoting satiety and weight loss," they explain.

So if you're craving something sweet first thing when you wake up, don't reach for fruit juice or other calorie-packed beverages. Try Olipop instead to save yourself unnecessary calories and promote a healthy gut and metabolism.

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Sushi is a dish originating in Japan. It typically consists of vinegar-flavored rice, raw or cooked fish, and vegetables, all wrapped in seaweed. The individual ingredients have many nutritional benefits, meaning sushi can be a weight-loss-friendly option.

Sushi often contains nutritious ingredients, including fish, vegetables, seaweed, and rice. These ingredients contain a good balance of macronutrients protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Sushi also tends to be relatively low in calories, making it a suitable option for people looking to lose weight.

This article provides an overview of sushi, its ingredients, health benefits, potential drawbacks, and whether or not sushi is a weight-loss-friendly option.

Sushi is a classic dish and a significant part of Japanese culture and diet. It originated in the 7th century as a way to preserve fish through rice fermentation, and in the 17th century, people began to add vinegar to the rice to improve the taste. In the 19th century, people began using raw fish, and the fermentation process was later discontinued.

Traditionally, sushi consists of a roll of vinegar-flavored rice and a mix of seasonings, vegetables, cooked or raw fish, and seaweed (nori). Soy sauce and wasabi a spicy paste made from Japanese horseradish usually come as a side.

Sushi is relatively low in calories, which makes it a suitable option for those looking to lose weight. A 2021 review found that a low calorie diet with a low fat or carbohydrate content is optimal for weight loss.

Additionally, a 2015 study found that combining protein with resistant starch, as with sushi, increased the fat that participants burned and contributed to their feelings of satiety (fullness).

Weight loss occurs when the body is in a calorie deficit. To lose weight, the amount of calories a person consumes through food and drink must be less than the amount they burn throughout the day.

To maintain a steady weight loss, being in a calorie deficit and incorporating exercise into a daily routine are essential factors.

Depending on the specific ingredients and method of preparation, sushi can be a great low calorie dish with nutritional benefits. The individual ingredients each have their own potential health benefits.

The fish that sushi contains is usually a lean source of protein. Protein takes longer to digest, which means it can help make a person feel full for longer.

Fish contains high levels of omega-3 fatty acids. Research associates omega-3s with essential brain and body function. Additionally, these fats help fight medical conditions such as heart disease and stroke.

Further, fish is one of the very few foods that naturally contain vitamin D.

White rice is rich in certain B vitamins such as niacin and thiamin. B vitamins are important for cell metabolism and red blood cell synthesis.

Cooked white rice is high in resistant starch, and research associates this with lowered blood sugar spikes after a meal and improving the gut microbiome.

Rice contains several vitamins and minerals important to body functions, such as phosphorus, potassium, and folate.

Nori is a type of seaweed that wraps around the outside of sushi in traditional Maki or roll form.

Seaweed contains a variety of nutrients, including calcium, magnesium, thiamine, vitamins A, C, and E, phosphorus, iron, sodium, and iodine.

Additionally, seaweed is a high protein food, with nearly half of its dry weight being protein. This is a comparable level to high protein plant foods, such as chickpeas.

As with most foods, sushi may have potential drawbacks depending on the ingredients, the preparation, and how much a person consumes.

Fish can contain traces of mercury from oceanic pollution, which can be dangerous if someone consumes it accidentally. Other types of toxins found in fish can lead to ciguatera or scombroid poisoning.

Sushi containing raw fish may carry a risk of infection from various bacteria and parasites. Some of the species typically found in sushi include Salmonella, Vibrio bacteria, and parasites such as Anisakis and Diphyllobothrium.

Since rice is a source of refined carbohydrates, if consumed in large amounts, it can increase blood sugar levels, promote inflammation and increase the risk of diabetes and heart disease.

Furthermore, sushi rice is typically made with sugar. The additional sugar and low fiber content of sushi means that the bodys digestive system breaks it down quickly.

Sushi typically contains a high salt content. This comes from the soy sauce, pickled vegetables, and fish, which may be cooked or prepared with salt. The high salt content can contribute to high blood pressure and increase the risk of stomach cancer.

Sushi comes in many forms, including:

The healthiest types of sushi are those with simple, nutritious ingredients with minimal additives. These include:

Things that can make sushi less healthy include deep-fried ingredients and extra sauces that may be calorie-dense, high in fat, or high in sugar, such as wasabi mayonnaise or sriracha hot sauce.

The following are questions people frequently ask about sushi.

Sushi can be challenging for people with diabetes due to the added sugar and refined carbs. Both these are best to avoid if a person has diabetes.

California rolls are generally healthy as long as a person avoids high amounts of calorie-dense sauces, such as mayonnaise, or consumes them in moderation.

Sushi is a nutritious dish with many health benefits due to its ingredients. It incorporates carbohydrates, lean protein, and fat. Sushis low calorie count makes it suitable as a weight-loss-friendly dish.

There are many types of sushi, some with more additives that may be unhealthy, such as deep-fried ingredients. Additionally, there can be dangers with eating raw fish if producers have not prepared it correctly.

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While I generally recommend a slow and steady method to lose weight, we all understand that sometimes, you'd like the scale to move down quicker. (This, of course, is without sacrificing losing weight in a healthy manner, which trumps any fitness goal you may have.) Whether you're prepping for a high school reunion that crept up on you or a summer beach getaway you want to get toned for, you're on a bit of a time crunch to lose weight. The following routine is a hardcore HIIT workout to help you lose 10 pounds or less in 30 days, so lace up those sneakers, and gear up.

If you stick to the program and couple it with a healthy diet for fat loss, solid lifestyle habits, and make sure you don't take a single cheat day, you can drop weight quickly and be set for whatever big plans you have in store. Perform each exercise for 30 seconds at maximal intensity, followed by 30 seconds of slow walking/pacing. Then, move on to the next exercise and repeat. Complete this workout three times per week. On non-workout days, perform 30 to 60 minutes of slower cardio to keep your caloric burn as high as possible while recovering from the workouts. Repeat for four to five weeks, and watch the weight melt right off!

As with any new exercise routine, it's always important to check in with a healthcare professional or certified fitness expert to ensure it's the right route for you.

Keep reading for a fitness routine that will help you lose 10 pounds or less in 30 days. And next, be sure to check out 7 Simple Dumbbell Exercises To Lose Weight in 30 Days.

The goblet squat is a functional lower-body exercise that hits your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and core for a serious calorie burn.

To perform a dumbbell goblet squat, stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width distance apart, holding a dumbbell vertically with both hands at chest level. Brace your core and squat down, pushing your hips back and keeping your chest up. Push through your feet to return to the starting position, squeezing your glutes at the top. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Sprints are a high-intensity cardiovascular exercise that helps burn calories quickly by seriously revving your metabolic furnace. Focus on maximizing your stride rate by driving your knee explosively upward with each repetition, then slamming your foot straight toward the ground as you take each step at maximal intensity.6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

To perform sprints, find a flat, open area with enough space to run. Start in a standing position with your feet hip-width apart and your arms relaxed at your sides. Begin running, gradually increasing your speed until you reach your maximum effort. Maintain your top speed for the target distance or time. Slow down gradually, and return to a standing or walking position. Aim to be at a maximal sprint for 30 seconds.

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Pushups are a compound upper-body exercise that helps to build strength in the chest, shoulders, and triceps while demanding full-body stabilization. They also burn serious calories when performed as part of a HIIT circuit. Plus, pushups don't require any equipment setup.

To perform a pushup, begin in a pushup plank position with hands under your shoulders. Engage your core, and keep your spine in a braced neutral position. Lower toward the ground by bending at the elbows and shoulders. When your chest is just above the ground, push evenly through both hands to return to the starting position. Do not allow your hips to sag throughout the movement Repeat for 30 seconds.

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The burpee is a full-body, explosive high-intensity exercise that seriously kicks up your metabolism and helps the fat melt right off.

To perform a burpee, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides. Squat down, and place your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs back into a plank position. (Optional: Do a pushup.) Jump your feet back to your hands, returning to the squat position. Jump straight up, reaching your hands overhead. Absorb your landing with a squat, and drop immediately into the next repetition. Repeat for 30 seconds.

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The last exercise in this workout to lose 10 pounds in a month is the bicycle crunch. Bicycle crunches are an effective abdominal exercise that targets the rectus abdominis and obliques, giving you a two-for-one ab exercise that maximizes your time and calorie burn compared to other core exercises.

To perform bicycle crunches, lie on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees bent. Engage your core, and lift your head, shoulders, and feet off the ground. Bring your right elbow toward your left knee as you extend your right leg as if pedaling a bicycle. Continue alternating sides in a controlled, fluid motion, maintaining tension in your core throughout the exercise. Repeat for 30 seconds.

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Welcome back to theLearning Curve, a monthly column where we unpack the complicated experience of accepting your own body in a world that doesn't seem to want you to. This month, Nicola ponders the unease she feels when a plus-size celebrity suddenly becomes thinner despite their body being none of her business.

I cant look at Mindy Kaling anymore. Or Rebel Wilson. Or Adele.

Yes, its only because theyre significantly thinner. A wave of unease crashes over me every time I lay eyes upon a formerly plus-size famous person despite the fact that neither they nor their body have anything to do with me. Seeing a woman above a size 8 on a red carpet was nearly unheard of until the early 2010s, when Melissa McCarthy got promoted from dowdy sidekick to leading lady andOrange Is the New Black became the most talked-about show in the country. Still, comparatively few plus-size women have been allowed past the exclusive gates of fame, but when they thrive in that traditionally thin space anyway, it makes my own successes feel possible and my own body feel worthy.

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But every now and then, Ive woken up and one of the people I once felt proudly represented by onscreen suddenly felt like a stranger with more chiseled cheekbones, a flatter stomach, and a thigh gap.Theres something wrong here, my subconscious nags every time it happens,not with them with you.

Celebrities and weight loss itself arent my enemies here. People lose (and gain) weight for a wide variety of reasons and its not always under a persons control whether or not they do. Sometimes its healthy, sometimes its not, and sometimes its neither. Regardless, those reasons or the fact that it happens are none of my business usually.

They become my business when headlines and social media posts refuse to let me gloss over Wilsons year of health, during which she reportedly lost more than 80 pounds by eating high-protein meals, or how Kaling managed to become unrecognizable by losing weight allegedlywithout any dietary restrictions. Adele apparentlylost 100 pounds just by lifting weights and doing circuit training, according to what my phone tells me. Sure.

These are conversations, by the way, that the celebrities actively participated in by posting about weight loss on social media and/or allowing journalists to interview them about the topic. But whether or not the celebrity participates in it, the mainstream narrative surrounding any bigger, famous person who has lost a significant amount of weight is that they lookso much better now, dont they? And theyrehealthy now!

If influencers or different people are sending a message that we can modify our bodies simply through exercise and diet, the science simply doesnt support that.

This is where the problem starts, especially when the stories are presented with pictures of celebrities before and after their transformations, as many of them are. I think [before-and-after imagery] offers people an opportunity to think that achieving weight loss is something thats worthwhile, saysPhillippa Diedrichs, PhD, a research psychologist who specializes in media and body image. The issue really lies in the fact that it is often suggested the after image is the better of the two. It sends the message that a larger body type is not ideal and could and should be changed.

If youve ever tried to lose weight the old-fashioned way (diet and exercise), you know how impossible it can feel simply because you dont have time to hit the gym every day before or after the commute to your nine-to-five job. You might not have the budget to buy food that hasnt been processed. You dont even know where to begin with working outor eating because theres an endless sea of information about weight loss on the internet and little of it is realistic or trustworthy. You have these struggles because youre a normal person, one who probably has not sold hundreds of millions of records or written half a dozen hit television shows.

Thats reality. Celebrities dont live in reality. Imagine how much easier losing weight would be if you had a full gym at home or access to a private fitness center where the machines are clean, functioning, and always free to use, where men dont openly leer at you, and where you have your very own instructor telling you exactly what to do not to mention a work schedule that allows you to indulge in all of these things several times a day (or perhaps even a job that literally pays you to do so). At home, your personal nutritionist prepares post-workout smoothies and perfectly proportioned meals. You might even have an appointment with a doctor to discreetly discussliposuction or going onOzempic.

My imaginary scenario isnt stone-cold fact (though I will presentthis interview with Rob McElhenney as evidence), but theseare very rich people were talking about and rich people can afford a lifestyle that just makes things easier and that includes weight loss by any means necessary. But when the celebrity or the media outlets covering said celebrity depict drastic weight loss as something that can be achieved simply and quickly, you feel like a failure when you cant lose weight after you ate nothing but chicken breast for a week and bought a treadmill desk.

Just because young people know most media images are retouched doesnt change the fact that they feel impacted by their presence.

Those feelings of failure can cause a cycle that impacts ones overall well-being in the long run, according to Dr. Diedrichs. People can have unrealistic expectations about what they can achieve with weight loss, particularly if it is being marketed as a result of managing diet as well as exercise. That presents a very simplistic view of how a persons weight is determined. And she notes, a persons weight often comes down to a variety of factors such as genetics, biology, and socioeconomics, things that are perpetually glossed over in marketing and other online conversations about weight. If influencers or different people are sending a message that we can modify our bodies simply through exercise and diet, Dr. Deidrichs adds, the science simply doesnt support that.

The science proves that most dieting practices do not result in sustainable weight loss (if any weight is lost at all), so those of us who see a celebrity lose weight and try their reported regimens for ourselves are immediately buckled into a roller coaster of self-hatred we cant get off of. The basic diet response can be restricting what youre eating, setting up unrealistic rules that are impossible to follow, that dont lead to the result that you want, Dr. Diedrichs elaborates. That leads you to feeling lazy and undisciplined, or feeling like these standards are impossible to maintain and that your body is not good enough. From that point, she adds, dieters are more likely to overeat out of frustration, which leads to more feelings of self-loathing, which leads back to square one with food restriction. In the most extreme cases, that can mimic or be a symptom of having an eating disorder.

And seeing someone who once looked like you suddenly adhere to thin beauty standardsdoes subconsciously encourage you to try to lose weight, whether or not that was ever of interest to you. Just by having images [featuring unattainable beauty standards] there, even if we dont think that its achievable, still sends a message that thats something to aspire to. And if we fall short of that, we dont measure up, Dr. Diedrichs explains, citing image retouching as a common instance in which an understanding of reality isn't enough to combat the effects of an unattainable beauty standard. Just because young people know most media images are retouched, she explains, doesnt change the fact that they can feel impacted by their presence.

Ive spent much of my life training myself to notice the way these things negatively impactmy own body image, and yet they still do hence, why I had to leave the room when I recently caught my roommate watching reruns ofThe Office. Just involuntarily picturing Kalings before and after in my head felt like a message that I need to lose weight. I could do it just as easily as she did and therefore Im supposed to, right?

In a fucked-up way, it kind of feels like Im losing teammates with the loss of certain plus-size celebrities. Those of us who do not meet that thinner-than-average beauty standard already struggle with a lack of fair representation in the media we consume. When some of our main pillars of representation fall, that, too, can negatively impact the way we see ourselves. By having a lack of representation, youre sending a message that those people arent welcome or theyre not aspirational or theyre not attractive, Dr. Diedrichs explains. The more likely we are to internalize those ideas, the worse our body image is.

And I do, indeed, internalize that, even though I don't want to. So, yeah. I hate it when celebrities lose weight, especially those who are or once were plus-size. It has nothing to do with who they are or why and how they did it but has everything to do with the ways our society and subconsciouses trick us into believing the fairy tale that everyone can and should be gorgeous and skinny. And it's certainly not that people in the spotlight should feel morally obligated to remain plus-size. It's that media as a whole should continue to highlight people of all sizes without commenting on their weight or asking for their dieting secrets.

If, somehow, there are any celebrities (or their publicists) reading this, I'm not asking you to abandon dieting or exercising or posting photos of yourself at any size. I'm asking you to consider refraining from sharing how you lost the weight the next time a magazine asks (or, as McElhenney did in that aforementioned interview, be brutally honest about how unattainable your results may be for the average person). Because, as Dr. Deidrichs explained, our brains are impacted by the false narrative that anyone can lose weight quickly and easily, regardless of whether or not we understand that its false.

While I believe the responsibility to stop this narrative lies mostly with the media, one also has to consider how the people seeking out and reading weight-loss content at home play into the equation. Media outlets (includingAllure, mind you) determine much of their content based on what their audience is naturally drawn to and what people en masse are typing into their search engines. If celebrity weight-loss content is what brings traffic to a publication, theyll keep making it. If this is a narrative you, too, would like to stop, then simply ignoring this type of content is a good place to start. Even hate-clicking a story about weight loss signifies your interest in it to a media company, and media companies are corporations that rely on that interest to make profits. It all feeds into one viscous cycle of clicks and content creation that wont break until one or both parties make a choice to quit cold turkey.

Being triggered into body shame is not something we can avoid, nor is it something can we expect celebrities or the media to manage for us.

Regardless of how media outlets change or dont change, Dr. Diedrichs says increased media literacy is the solution for people struggling with these unrealistic standards on a personal level. We know from research that if we increase peoples knowledge and understanding of what goes into creating a media image, that can sometimes disrupt the process of comparing ourselves to other people because youve dismissed that as a relevant target thats actually achievable, she says. In other words, keep in mind all that stuff I said earlier about the private gyms and personal chefs and Ozempic.

Many of these conversations about celebrity weight loss are simply another means by which women are objectified en masse, their value reduced to the appearance of their body. (Celebrity weight loss in men ignites similar harmful narratives, but lets be honest in acknowledging that their perceived worthiness is not as closely tied to their weight.) Just by writing this story, I risk objectifying these women even further, but when we collectively fail to address the reality at hand, I think it warrants a conversation. Dr. Diedrichs agrees, so long as that conversation challenges beauty standards in a way that does not reinforce the importance of appearance, to begin with.

So the next time youre confronted with the image of someone who meets a beauty standard you dont, and when that shaky, barely audible voice within you starts nagging at you to be skinnier, please pause for a second and ask yourself a few things: Why is weight the first thing that set me off about this image? Am I dissatisfied with my body or am I trying to control my body as a means of trying to control other problems in my life? What are those other problems? Is forcing my body to change a realistic or healthy way to get rid of them?

I cant answer those questions for you, but I can tell you this: Being triggered into body shame is not something we can avoid, nor is it something can we expect celebrities or the media to manage for us. But it is something we can learn to discuss and dissect to a greater degree than she/he/they look better/worse. Maybe if we do that more often, well feel less pressured to follow in the footsteps of the rich, famous, and increasingly thin.

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From keto to GOLO, popular diet trends are nothing new, and one of the latest quick-fix weight loss fads that is making the rounds is the egg diet. While there are a few interpretations of this protein-rich, low-calorie eating pattern, the basic concept is the sameconsuming more eggs will help shed more fat. Heres the skinny on this short-term program with insights from registered dietitians.

In short, the egg diet is a plan where eggs are mixed into at least one meal per day. It is touted as a weight loss plan because its low in carbohydrates and high in protein and designed to help you shed pounds while preserving muscle mass, says Lisa R. Young, Ph.D, R.D.N., adjunct professor of nutrition at New York University and author of Finally Full, Finally Slim.

There are a variety of versions where each plan focuses on three meals a day, no snacks and zero sugary beverages, she adds. And while there isnt an official egg diet program, the most common egg diet is the 14-day egg diet (which is sometimes referred to as the boiled egg diet). Otherand stricterplans include the egg and grapefruit diet, the egg fast diet and the egg-only diet.

Keep in mind there are a limited number of books written on this weight loss strategy (weve tracked down three), yet two of the books claim that a total of 25 pounds can be lost after following the diet for two weeks.

Here is a sample week on the egg diet taken from the book Boiled Egg Diet by Joseph Lavin:

Day 11 fruit and 2 boiled eggs for breakfastChicken and a salad for lunchSalad, 2 boiled eggs, and 1 orange for dinner

Day 21 fruit and 2 boiled eggs for breakfast1 fruit and 2 slices of bread for lunchChicken and salad for dinner

Day 31 fruit and 2 boiled eggs for breakfastChicken and salad for lunchSalad, orange, and 2 boiled eggs for dinner

Day 41 fruit and 2 boiled eggs for breakfastSteamed vegetables, cheese and 2 boiled eggs for lunchSteamed chicken and salad for dinner

Day 51 fruit and 2 boiled eggs for breakfastTuna salad for lunchSalad and 2 boiled eggs for dinner

Day 61 fruit and 2 boiled eggs for breakfastTuna salad for lunchA lean protein and salad for dinner

Day 72 boiled eggs for breakfastVeggies and steamed chicken for lunchA lean protein and a salad for dinner

Well, for starters, eggs, eggs and more eggs! Then, depending on the specific plan, lean proteins (such as chicken, turkey, pork tenderloin, sirloin and fish, including tuna, cod and salmon) are permitted. Leafy green vegetables (like kale, spinach and arugula) and other non-starchy veggies (mushrooms, peppers, broccoli and zucchini, for example) are allowed, along with fruits that are low in natural sugar, such as berries, grapefruit, oranges and lemons.

On the 14-day egg diet/boiled egg diet and the egg-only diet, only hard-boiled eggs are acceptable. Eggs can be boiled, scrambled, poached and fried on the egg and grapefruit diet, as well as on the egg fast diet.

In most versions of the egg diet, dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt), grains (bread, pasta, oatmeal, cereal), foods and drinks with added sugar (juice, soda, alcohol, desserts), highly processed meats (sausage, pepperoni, bacon, hot dogs) and starchy veggies (corn, peas, potatoes, legumes) are off-limits. Fruits that contain higher amounts of natural sugar, such as mangoes, grapes, cherries and bananas, are also banned.

However, dairy foods are a staple in the egg fast diet, which is a short-term (between three and five days) form of the keto diet designed to jumpstart a sluggish metabolism.

Also, all fruits except for grapefruit are forbidden on the egg and grapefruit diet.

In general, eggs are a nutrient-dense, versatile food that promotes satiety, states Young. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin D, lutein, choline, and vitamin E, along with the fact that they contain all nine essential amino acids [which makes this animal-based food a complete protein].

Robin Foroutan, M.S., R.D.N., an integrative dietitian and faculty member of the Integrative and Functional Nutrition Academy, explains that most versions of the egg diet emphasize meals that combine low-calorie, high-quality proteins with non-starchy vegetables and low-glycemic fruit. Eggs provide protein and healthy fat to anchor blood sugar, and adding fiber-rich veggies and fruit offers a blood sugar balancing, high-fiber, high-antioxidant meal, she continues. If youre looking to lose weight, eating in this way can certainly be helpful.

Even though the great egg debate continues, a 2022 study published in the peer-reviewed journal eLife suggests that moderate egg consumption (defined as one egg each day) may help lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The reason: Volunteers showed higher levels of a protein in their blood called apolipoprotein A1a building block of high-density lipoprotein (HDL), a.k.a. the good cholesterol.

Even though the four versions of the egg diet14-day egg diet/boiled egg diet, the egg and grapefruit diet, the egg fast diet and the egg-only dietare designed to be followed on a temporary basis (three to five days for the egg fast diet, two weeks for the others), restrictive plans, especially ones that eliminate entire food groups, tend to lack valuable nutrients.

For example, all of the egg diets are low-carb, which is not a good fit for everyone, states Foroutan. In fact, a systematic review of 10 studies published in the journal Obesity Reviews discovered that carbohydrate-restricted diets were associated with significantly decreased amounts of thiamine, folate, magnesium, calcium, iron and iodine. Plus, an eating plan that is low in carbs may leave you feeling hungry over time, adds Young.

Furthermore, consuming the same, limited number of foods on a daily basis could lead to more than vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In general, a healthy eating pattern includes variety, so very restrictive versions of the egg dietlike the egg-only diet and the keto egg fastare red flags, says Foroutan.

She explains that the egg fast diet emphasizes eating only eggs, cheese, butter, and diet soda. There are much more balanced ways of getting into and staying in ketosis, if thats your strategy. The egg and grapefruit diet eliminates all antioxidant-rich, non-citrus fruits, while the egg-only diet is the most extreme version since only one food is consumed (also known as a mono diet). Along with being concerning, Foroutan adds that these ultra-restrictive egg diets can result in egg fatigue.

Someone may lose weight from eating less food overall, but under eating over time can slow metabolism, stress the body and make it harder to keep the weight off.

Lastly, theres the cholesterol factor, which Young states could be an issue for anyone whos been diagnosed with heart disease or high cholesterol.

While the egg diet may be helpful in achieving weight loss goals in the short run, Foroutan emphasizes that this diet fad is not sustainable for most people. Its also important to point out that incorporating starchy vegetables and whole grains into a meal plan are key to keeping gut microbiome [the trillions of microorganisms that play a vital role in digestion] balanced, she adds.

Young suggests skipping this trend entirely. I dont recommend any fill-in-the-blank diet, she states. This leads to a diet mentality where your weight is often dependent on eating (or not eating) a certain food. There is nothing magical in eggsor any other food for that matterthat requires you to eat it in order to lose weight.

Amy Capetta has been writing health and lifestyle articles for over 15 years. Her work has appeared in Weight Watchers, Womans Day and Prevention, as well as on AOL,, and Yahoo Health. When shes not on deadline or speaking with a nutritionist, doctor or wellness guru, shes more than likely tweeting, power walking or creating a fruit and veggie smoothie.

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Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, has had an amazing Hollywood journey that has taken him from being a professional wrestler to becoming one of the most bankable movie stars in the world. Johnson started his entertainment career as a professional wrestler, becoming one of the biggest stars in the WWE. He quickly gained a reputation for his charisma and athleticism, becoming a fan favorite.

Johnsons Hollywood journey has not been without its challenges. Despite his success in wrestling, he initially struggled to find his footing in Hollywood. He faced criticism for his acting ability and was often typecast as a muscle-bound action hero. However, he persevered and continued to take on diverse roles that showcased his range as an actor.

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During an interview with Mens Health in 2022, Dwayne Johnson was asked about losing weight for his roles. The actor shared how he was compared to other actors and was criticized for his weight and size.

You cant call yourself the Rock. You cant talk about pro wrestling. You cant be this big. You cant work out as much. Change your diet. Lose weight. If you want to be like Will Smith, Johnny Depp, and George Clooney, who were the stars at that time, this is how you have to be. Well, I tried that on for a few years, and then finally, I said, Man, fuck this. I cant be like that. Im not those guys. I could never be those guys. Im not in a box. Dont tell me how to be. Im going to be myself.

Johnson also reflected on his training for his role in Black Adam. He said his goal was to attain his career-best physique, surpassing even his years as a football player and pro wrestler. He collaborated with his trainer, Dave Rienzi, for over a decade and faced the challenge of sustaining his peak physical condition for several months. It was not a matter of simply pushing through with sheer willpower and endurance, as this approach would lead to physical breakdowns regardless of age.

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Dwayne Johnson shared that his approach to nutrition centers around consuming wholesome foods that align with his goals, which remain unchanged throughout the year. The actor said he prioritizes maintaining his physique over working to get back into shape.

I usually eat the same thing every day for days and weeks and months. Its very consistent. Its very boring. Its also extremely disciplined. Thats something I picked up from my old man, who was a hardcore gym fanatic. He taught me very early on not to eat to please the tongue but to eat to nourish the body. He taught me that when I was five. Thats probably why I need therapy.

While this may seem tedious, it reflects the actors discipline and commitment to his health goals. He learned the importance of nourishing the body rather than simply pleasing taste buds.

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Source: Mens Health

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"Don't tell me how to be": Dwayne Johnson Lost His Cool After He ... - FandomWire

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