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Dieting is the number one biggest method people use when trying to lose weight. Many people are now going the intermittent fasting route, but what exactly is it?

Intermittent fasting is not really a diet, but more of an eating pattern/cycle. In the past, it is a method that was exclusive to bodybuilders. When the bodybuilders wanted to lose fat quickly while maintaining muscle, they would do the fast. While diets tell you WHAT to eat, intermittent fasting tells you WHEN to eat. You eat only during specific hours of the day and fast during the rest.

Schedules for doing the fast vary. You may opt to eat for only 8 hours in the day and fast for the remaining 16 or eat only one meal a day for two days of the week. What happens during the fast is that the body exhausts its sugar and fat reserves and burns fat, eventually helping you cut some weight.

Further, a couple more things happen when you fast intermittently. For example, your body becomes more insulin-sensitive, making your insulin levels drop. Your blood pressure and resting heart ratesare improved, causing improved heart health. During the fast, your body cells initiate cellular repair processes; cells digest and remove old and dysfunctional proteins that build up inside cells. Not only is intermittent fasting good for weight loss, it assists in managing other health factors.

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Not everyone should try the fast. Children under 18 years, pregnant women, people with diabetes and those with a history of eating disorders should not participate. Intermittent fasting may have different effects on different people/ Talk to a doctor if you begin to experience unusual and uncomfortable symptoms.

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Britons have revealed their motivations for wanting to get in shape including getting a good nights sleep, keeping up with the kids and reducing their chances of getting Covid-19.

Research of 2,000 adults found two thirds are eager to improve their physical health so they can get more out of life.

And four in 10 adults believe a healthier lifestyle could limit the chances of them developing underlying health conditions.

But a quarter hope changes to how they live will mean they are less at risk of catching Covid-19.

However, the study, commissioned by Bupa Health Clinics, found half of those polled have 'always' struggled to motivate themselves.

Dr Arun Thiyagarajan, medical director, said: The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown our health and wellbeing into the spotlight, and its no surprise that people are looking to make long-term positive changes to their overall lifestyle.

Despite being motivated, it can still be hard to actually take the steps towards making these changes.

Everyones health and wellbeing is unique and what works for one person doesnt necessarily work for another, so its important to find what works for you help and advice is available for those who need it.

The study also found a quarter of adults have attempted a plan of some sort such as a diet or exercise regime in the past three months.

And of the 60 per cent whove ever attempted a new regime, 79 per cent admitted they found it hard to stick to it.

A lack of drive (47 per cent), losing interest (34 per cent) and not seeing the results quickly enough (31 per cent) were among the reasons why they found it tricky.

But 45 per cent also felt overwhelmed by the information available about improving health.

It also emerged 41 per cent tend to go online for information, 29 per cent turn to their doctor and 18 per cent ask their friends and worryingly, 16 per cent will simply rely on guesswork.

Dr Thiyagarajan added: When it comes to making these changes, knowing where to get the right information can be difficult and sometimes overwhelming, which is completely understandable.

In our health clinics, we see many people who take up fad diets or extreme exercise programmes that are difficult to stick to.

We want to encourage people to adopt a healthier approach that they can maintain all year round with ongoing support and advice of our lifestyle and health advisors.

Researchers also found more than half of adults are currently struggling with their mental health, with 55 per cent looking for ways to improve their mental wellbeing.

And over the last six months, 36 per cent of those polled via OnePoll said their mental health has worsened, with 85 per cent taking steps to address this aspect of their health.

Exercise (46 per cent), eating healthily (40 per cent) and spending time with family (39 per cent) are the most popular ways for looking after their mental health

Dr Thiyagarajan added: Looking after our mental health is equally as important as our physical health, so we need to take steps to ensure were looking after both.

Usually these come hand in hand, for example if youre eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly you tend to feel better mentally.

But there are other things you can do such as practicing mindfulness and speaking to loved ones about how youre feeling which can boost your mood."

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Adults want to lose weight to keep up with their kids, study finds - The Independent

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Instagram: @rosemaryferguson_

Weight loss isnt something I normally talk about as I think it can breed a negative relationship around food. As a mother of three girls and having had a career as a model (models do eat please dont think we dont!) I am very aware of the pressures to be a certain size, fit certain styles of clothes and have a similar weight and build to the majority of women we see in films or magazines. I too, even now am mindful, aware and careful of what I eat but with freedom to enjoy a little of what I fancy every now and then.

For years now my philosophy with weight loss and food has been a healthy one and I share this with my clients who may come to see me for help on their weight loss journey. Food should be enjoyed but it should also nourish us and feed us on different levels. Im very anti-restricting but I am extremely pro nutrient dense meals, in addition to the less snacking and implementing a nourishing liquid day to support ones body with weight loss.

Establishing a good relationship with food can take time and many women battle daily. It takes patience, strength, and consistency to develop a sustainable healthy eating pattern. There is no quick fix or magic pill. What we do, the choices we make and how we act day in and day out is what is going to give us long lasting results and peace with our food.

There are so many do's and donts when it comes to weight loss and while Im definitely not a fan of any fad quick fixes or gruelling diets I am a big supporter in intuitive and mindful eating and there are ways that we can safely lose weight and most importantly keep it off.

The key to a healthy and successful weight loss journey begins with the following rules:

1. No snacking - Try making a warming herbal tea or drinking a big glass of water. You may be mistaking hunger for dehydration.

2. Eat your carbs in the AM - Carbohydrates are fuel for your body because they contain glucose, which is your bodys number one source of energy. Protein and fat work, too, but carbs are definitely number one. They also help your brain function properly. If you dont have enough of them, your ability to think, learn, and remember stuff will decrease because neurotransmitters in your brain will not have enough glucose to synthesise properly. Two things we need in the morning energy and brain power! Avocado on sourdough toast and a poached egg is a brilliant choice in the morning, sprinkle with some extra sunflower or pumpkin seeds for added nutrients.

3. Ensure your other two meals include protein and fat - Protein and fats are essential macronutrients that are crucial for your body. A good protein and fat meal would be organic roasted chicken on a bed of colourful veggie filled salad (lots of leafy greens), a crumble of organic feta cheese and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

4. Incorporate one liquid day a week - Liquid days when done correctly are hugely beneficial. A day of liquids can do wonders for resting the digestive system, liver and kidneys, and flooding your body with an extra dose of needed nutrients. It is also a great one for slightly reducing calories without skipping meals or restricting and keeping you in a calorie deficit during the rest of the week. (Great!)

Your liquid day will include 1 smoothie in the AM, 1 juice midmorning, 1 bowl of soup at lunchtime, 1 smoothie mid-afternoon and another soup or broth for dinner.

5. Watch your portions - Portion size is so important when it comes to weight loss and while I dont recommend weighing or measuring food if weight loss is on your agenda then its a good idea to be aware. For instance we may be making porridge and free pour in our oats leading to over a cup full at 350 ish calories (thats without your milk and toppings) however just measuring out cup which is plenty a portion can enable us to keep our calories in check and still enjoy a filling and satisfying breakfast.

Portion size example:

Meat, fish, poultry (1 serving, 3 oz) - size of your palm

Fats (1 serving) size of your thumb

Potato, squash (1 serving) - size of your fist

Beans, peas, brown rice, pasta (1 serving) - size of your fist

6. Fat doesnt make you fat - Dont be afraid of good fats. They can help support our metabolisms and keep us full and satisfied for longer (leading to less or no snacking and smaller portion sizes). Incorporate a little into all of your meals this could be some nut butter in your porridge, some avocado mashed onto oat cakes or with cucumber sticks, or a drizzle of olive oil on your fish.

7. Eat earlier - By having your last meal slightly earlier say 6pm instead of 8pm you really allow your digestion to work before bed and also leave a nice amount of time where your digestive system can rest (an overnight fast). This can lead to better sleep and a better wake up in the AM.

8. Practice intermittent fasting - By allowing time for your digestive system to have a break from food you can allow your body to reset. Short-term 16 hours fast leads to several changes in the body that make fat burning and weight loss easier. This includes reduced insulin, increased growth hormone, enhanced epinephrine signalling and a small boost in metabolism. To make it easier you can fast overnight, for example 7pm until 11am or 5pm till 9am.

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Global Medically Supervised Weight Loss Service Market: Overview

Obesity has reached concerning levels around the world, with an increasing number of people tipping the scales. 69% of Americans are estimated to be overweight or obese at this point in time. Excess weight is increasingly linked with a number of chronic diseases that figure as the top causes of mortality worldwide. Also, popular human aesthetics are pushing people towards a fitter body image, increasing social pressure to shed excess weight.In such a scenario, the medically supervised weight loss market offers a variety of treatments that can help achieve this objective. From non invasive techniques such as special diets and exercise to invasive surgery, these treatment strategies help the individual lose weight when conventional methods have failed them.Growing awareness regarding the same is set to contribute to growth in the global medically supervised weight loss services market over the forecast period of 2020 to 2030, notes Transparency Market Research.

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Global Medically Supervised Weight Loss Service Market: Competitive Landscape

The global medically supervised weight loss service market is dominated by few players which makes the vendor landscape concentrated. Numerous top players are concentrated in the North American region. Some of the distinguished players in the market are-

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Global Medically Supervised Weight Loss Service Market: Key Trends and Drivers

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Global Medically Supervised Weight Loss Service Market: Regional Analysis

North America and Europe are currently global leaders in the market owing to a robust healthcare infrastructure and growing awareness among the population about the ill effects of weight gain. Healthcare insurance exchanges here give impetus to the growth of medically supervised weight loss.

The Asia Pacific region (APAC) is fast growing in this market scenario as the regional population adopts sedentary lifestyle. A departure from healthy regional diets to fast food cultures is set to have the region witness a surge in obese people, requiring medically supervised weight loss services.

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This study by TMR is all-encompassing framework of the dynamics of the market. It mainly comprises critical assessment of consumers' or customers' journeys, current and emerging avenues, and strategic framework to enable CXOs take effective decisions.

Our key underpinning is the 4-Quadrant Framework EIRS that offers detailed visualization of four elements:

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Transparency Market Research is a next-generation market intelligence provider, offering fact-based solutions to business leaders, consultants, and strategy professionals.

Our reports are single-point solutions for businesses to grow, evolve, and mature. Our real-time data collection methods along with ability to track more than one million high growth niche products are aligned with your aims. The detailed and proprietary statistical models used by our analysts offer insights for making right decision in the shortest span of time. For organizations that require specific but comprehensive information we offer customized solutions through ad hoc reports. These requests are delivered with the perfect combination of right sense of fact-oriented problem solving methodologies and leveraging existing data repositories.

TMR believes that unison of solutions for clients-specific problems with right methodology of research is the key to help enterprises reach right decision.


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Intermittent fasting can reduce appetite if you don't do it the right way

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern which involves regular periods of fasting and eating. In this diet plan, one needs to fast for 10, 12, 14 or 16 hours, depending how the body responds to fasting. Whenever you feel hungry, it is important that you feed yourself and not starve. It is when you do the latter that it may show negative side effects like slow metabolism and lost appetite. Every diet plan comes with a set of pros and cons. It is only when you follow them with the right pattern that the likes of intermittent fasting and keto diet show effective results.

When you follow this diet plan diligently and do not starve your body when hungry, it may offer health benefits like weight loss, better digestion, detoxification and even reversal of type 2 diabetes. However, drinking coffee or tea during the fasting period, and fasting for as long as 16 hours can lead to loss of appetite.

1. Loss of appetite: Studies have found that intermittent fasting may reduce appetite over time, and this may help with weight loss too. But, nutritional deficiencies, fatigue, headache and lack of energy are likely to follow. The body needs good food and nutrition to function effectively throughout the day, and lack of it will simply do way more harm than good.

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2. Disturbed sleep: For some people, sleeping on an empty stomach may be difficult. One is quite likely to feel hungry at 11 pm or 12 in the midnight, if the dinner was done at 7 pm or 8 pm. During the initial few days or weeks of intermittent fasting, it may get difficult to adapt to the change in eating pattern. And since one is simply not allowed to eat food in fasting phase, sleep may be disturbed.

3. Increased cravings, mood swings and irritability: Even though intermittent fasting is liberal in terms of carbs, fats and protein, the fasting period of it works just like calorie restriction. So, practicing portion control and eating healthy, preferably low-calories foods is what you need to effectively lose weight. Increased cravings, mood swings and irritability are some of the top side effects of calorie-restrictive diets.

Do not starve yourself to fast in intermittent fastingPhoto Credit: iStock

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4. Slow metabolism: Elongated fasting periods and lack of sufficient nutrition during the eating phase can slow down body's metabolism in case of intermittent fasting. Experts suggest that this kind of diet plan must be avoided by people with diabetes, those with history of eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia, and pregnant or breastfeeding women.

5. Too much reliance on caffeine: Some health experts recommend drinking tea or coffee during eating phase of intermittent fasting. Over a period of time, these stimulants can make you go for hours without feeling the need to eat. Too much reliance on coffee during the fasting phase may become an inevitable side effect of intermittent fasting.

To make intermittent fasting work for you, it is important that you eat healthy, filling and nutritious foods during eating phase. Cut down on the duration of fasting phase if your body craves food. Avoid unhealthy snacking and be physically active; regular exercise is a must.

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Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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Intermittent Fasting: Increased Cravings And Other Side Effects You Cannot Ignore - NDTV

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Sep 21, 2020 5:41 AM ET iCrowd Newswire Sep 21, 2020

When it comes to the forms of exercise and exercise that bring weight loss effectiveness, you can find for yourself many different options. One of them, running is the most familiar solution. If you do not know how many minutes to jog to lose weight , the following sharing tracking will be essential. Buy a treadmill at: May chay bo.

How much jogging is enough to lose weight

Jogging is a very good form of calorie burning. How many minutes of jogging each day to lose weight depends on the condition of each person as well as the goal of losing weight that each person is currently aiming for. In general, however, you should spend about 30 minutes a day practicing. If you are in good health, you can adjust it gradually for more results. This is because running 40-50 minutes will help the body burn calories at a higher rate.

Regarding the weekly training schedule, if you only train 1-2 sessions / week, surely the weight loss effect will not be achieved as you expected. Instead, try to run as often as possible throughout the week. If it is difficult to schedule time, you still need to try to set aside at least 4-5 sessions / week for your body to adapt and burn calories best.

Refer to the correct weight loss jogging guide

After knowing how much you jog to lose weight , the next thing you need to pay attention to is the correct jogging instructions to burn calories effectively leading to highly effective weight loss. Lets get started together.

A warm-up to warm the body is essential not only for running, but for all popular sports today. The startup is also quite simple, not too fussy. You can rotate the joints of the ankles, hands, feet or run small steps in place

After about 5-10 minutes, you should be able to start jogging.

Running in the wrong posture not only makes weight loss ineffective, but also carries the risk of injury while you run. As recommended by the coaches, correct posture is that the back and head are straight, eyes forward while the body is completely relaxed.

For those who are in the habit of leaning forward or backwards, you should modify it today because this will make your running efficiency not high.

Do not pay too much attention to the time factor because after a period of running you will be able to balance running as much as you need . Instead, pay more attention to running parts, especially how to swing your arms while running.

Specifically, the hands need to follow the running steps of the legs, elbows forming a 90-degree angle at the waist. This position helps you feel comfortable when running as well as easily accelerate faster while moving. Buy a massage chair at: Ghe Massage.

It is not recommended to run evenly every day. Instead, you need to change the intensity of your exercise regularly during each training session. For example, you can run gently at the first 100m, accelerate at 300m later or alternate between jogging, walking, speed running, etc.

In terms of training terrain, this also greatly affects the endurance of the legs and improves the quality of the training session. Therefore, you should also change the terrain from easy to difficult. After a few days running on a flat track, you can practice climbing uphill or climbing stairs.

Do not be too rushed because this inherent a lot of risks. After about 30-40 minutes of running, a sudden stop can cause joints in your body to be injured. So, at the last 100m, you should gradually slow down and move on to walking. You can also spend about the last 10 minutes on gentle exercises, helping your body relax as well as the joints to gradually return to normal.

In addition to the above notes, one important thing you can not ignore is to bring water when jogging to avoid dehydration. This is because exercising will make your body sweat a lot, making the amount of water in the body lose water quickly. Hydration is indispensable for the body to be healthy during long runs.

You have just consulted some information about how much jogging is enough or how much jogging is good for losing weight. Do not worry too much because just after a few days of getting used to, you will find running extremely simple, easy with high efficiency. Wish you all success with your training plan.

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How many minutes of jogging a day is enough to lose weight? - Reported Times

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If there is one major ailment that has taken the world of women by storm, it has to be Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD which strikes mostly at an early age and makes a substantial number of young adults suffer including fashion designer Masaba Gupta. Currently making heads turn with her stellar performance in Netflix series Masaba Masaba, the ace designer shared health tips with fans on how to make PCOD vanish.

Taking to her Instagram handle, the diva answered on a question answer round with fans about how her daily 16-hour fast not only makes her feel great but also gives her more energy, more clarity and no acidity. My pcod etc has nearly vanished! (sic), she replied to a fan who had asked Are you doing the 16 hour fast everyday? How do you feel? (sic).

When another fan asked, How do you deal with PCOD? I have PCOD for 7 years now and it just gets worse, Masaba spilled some handy tips that also included the cons of Keto diet. She shared, Lose weight!! Its the best way! But pls do it in a safe & slow way. She added, Do not get on some crap fad diet especially Keto it messed my body up.

She concluded by advising, Speak to a nutritionist- eat ghar ka khaana. Workout 6 days a week. Stay happy. Bas (sic) and punctuated it with a red heart emoji.

Three main symptoms of PCOD in women include high androgen levels, irregular periods, and cysts in the ovaries. To confirm the diagnosis, doctors conduct a pelvic exam, blood tests and ultrasound as it is a condition developed by the imbalance of hormones.

While there is no permanent cure for PCOD, the symptoms can be managed with the intake of right diet of limiting carbohydrates, maintaining a healthy weight and with adequate exercise. Blood sugar levels can be lowered with exercise and since weight loss can reduce insulin and androgen levels, it may restore ovulation and can even help with infertility. However, as Masaba warned no Keto and weight loss only in a safe slow way.

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Masaba Gupta reveals the pros of 16-hour fast and cons of Keto diet in dealing with PCOD - Hindustan Times

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Ayesha Curry is giving fans a glimpse at her daily diet.

The 31-year-old actor and cookbook author, who is married to NBA star Stephen Curry, recently revealed that she lost 35 pounds, and now she's breaking down the healthy foods that help her stay in shape.

In a new video for Harper's Bazaar, Curry opens up about her approach to nutrition and reveals that working out has become more important to her over time.

"Fitness wasn't really a part of my lifestyle and I'd say the past year and a half post having all of my kids, it's really become a staple for me and it helps me have mental clarity," she said. "I feel like I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel happier when I work out. So I do try to work out at least five days a week."

Curious what Curry eats on an average day? Here's her typical daily diet:

Curry's day begins with a fresh cup of coffee, and she prepares the caffeinated drink a few different ways depending on whether or not she's been fasting.

"If I'm intermittent fasting, I'll do it with a little bit of coconut oil, grass-fed butter and some MCT oil, which is for your brain fuel and so that you can function," she explained.

On days where she's not fasting, the 31-year-old prefers to pour a touch of Coffee-mate's French vanilla creamer into a super strong brew.

The mother of three usually only eats breakfast on the weekends and has a tried-and-true meal she loves to prepare.

"I love a good smoked salmon scramble. It's something that I put in my first cookbook 'The Seasoned Life' and I still eat it to this day," she said, adding that she slow cooks the scrambled eggs and adds in a bit of dill, salt and pepper before tossing the smoked salmon in at the very end.

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To stay hydrated throughout the day, Curry loves to sip on hot water. "I'm not a huge fan of ice water. I don't know why," she said.

Like many busy moms, Curry often finds it hard to sneak in the time to eat a midday meal. When she does have a few moments to eat lunch, the author typically likes to work out first and opts for a salad (arugula or spinach) with a seared protein on the side like shrimp, salmon or tuna.

"I love a good poppyseed dressing on my salad, a little bit of red onions in there, dash of salt and pepper, alongside some sort of chocolate protein shake," she said.

The TV personality doesn't snack all that much, but when she does get the munchies she usually opts for banana chips, cucumbers or carrot sticks.

"My family is probably laughing watching this right now because I go through banana chips like crazy," she said.

Dinnertime in the Curry household takes place around 7 p.m., right before the kids go to bed, and that's the meal the 31-year-old puts the most effort into.

"That's where my focus is when it comes to preparing a meal for my family. It's not breakfast, it's not lunch, it's definitely dinner because that's the time I know we're going to get to sit around the table together," she said.

The cookbook author's latest book, "The Full Plate," focuses on quick dinner recipes like 20-minute, sheet-pan dinners, pasta dishes and simple steak dinners. And Curry says she's always looking for "fast, simple and easy" meal options.

"(The cookbook) is really a very good reflection of how my life is right now," she said.

Whenever she can, Curry likes to honor her Jamaican roots in her cooking and she especially enjoys whipping up one traditional dish.

"My absolute favorite meal to cook is oxtail rice and peas and fried plantain," she said. "Again, I'm Jamaican, that is my heritage, that is the food that I grew up with. It just brings me so much comfort and joy when I make it."

While she's been trying to eat healthy whenever she can, Curry admits that she's only human and likes to indulge every now and then. For instance, ketchup chips and donuts are two of her guilty pleasures, and she also digs mezcal margaritas with maple syrup and cocktails like whiskey sours.

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Ayesha Curry weight loss: Diet that helped her lose 35 lbs - TODAY

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Former Girls Next Door star Holly Madison showed off another dramatic transformation photo on Instagram Friday. The reality television star told fans she finally hit her goal weight four years after she welcomed son Forest in August 2016. Holly and her ex-husband, Pasquale Rotella, are also parents to daughter Rainbow Aurora, who was born in March 2013.

Madison, 40, shared a mirror selfie, alongside another selfie taken during her pregnancy. In the caption, she said she was "excited" to finally reach her goal weight, but she pointed out that it was not an easy journey. After Forest was born, she said losing weight was not her "first priority." While it was easy to lose weight after Rainbow was born, the same could not be said after her second pregnancy, Madison wrote.

"I was working on a novel and I was terrified that if I went on a diet I would be hungry, cranky, lightheaded, and unable to concentrate," the former Playboy model wrote. "I tried to lose weight just by working out and moderately watching what I eat at first, but even though I was doing really challenging workouts almost every day, nothing was budging." She finally decided to go to a nutritionist last year, who helped her make real progress.

"Only recently was I able to incorporate both a diet and exercise into my day. For a while, it was a struggle because it seemed I only had time for one: [work out] OR make sure I had all the foods I need to stick to my diet," Madison wrote. She said she wanted to share this long "disclaimer" next to the photo "because I know there are so many moms out there who feel bad because [they] dont always lose the weight quickly. The same methods dont necessarily work for everyone. Just remember, if you havent made it to your physical goal yet, its because youre a boss with a million things going on and you are probably killing it more than you think you are."

Madison rarely shares pictures of her children on Instagram, but she did post a photo with Forest on Aug. 7 to celebrate his birthday, as well as a gallery of photos of her children. "Were celebrating tomorrow, but today is my Little Man Forests birthday! I love him so much," she wrote. Rainbow appeared on Madison's Instagram page on March 15 for her birthday as well.

Madison and Rotella married in September 2013. They broke up five years later and finalized their divorce in February 2019. Their split was amicable, Rotella said in a statement in 2018. "We remain the best of friends while co-parenting and continuing to support one another in our respective passions in life," he said at the time. "Though it was not a decision we made hastily or take lightly."

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Holly Madison, 'Girls Next Door' Star, Shows off Dramatic Transformation 4 Years After Giving Birth to Second Child -

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As per Rujuta, the first sign of an unsustainable diet is that it promises quick weight loss. We all know that weight loss is a time taking process and you have to have a realistic goal when aiming to lose weight.

She said that in an unsustainable diet, you can surely lose weight quickly in the beginning, but it will cost your health. Moreover, the weight loss is for the short-term. After a while you tend to gain the lost weight again.

The second common thing about unsustainable diet trends is that it always revolves around carbs, protein, fat, calories and mostly suggests eliminating a food group entirely from the diet. Rujuta added that the easy way to distinguish these diets is by their names. She said that these diets always come with fancy names like Keto, LCHF, Paleo, IF, Atkins and others.

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Weight loss: Rujuta Diwekar shares tips on choosing the right diet plan - Times of India

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Weight Loss Solutions