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When 31-year-old Aiswarya Pandiyan realised that she was inching towards the overweight category, she felt really dejected. Her weight loss journey is a living proof that lifestyle along with a rock-solid determination can contribute to tremendous health benefits. Read on.Name: Aiswarya Pandiyan

Occupation: Team lead

Age: 31 yearsHeight: 5 feet 4 inch

City: Chennai

Highest weight recorded: 71 kgs

Weight lost: 21 kgsDuration it took me to lose weight: 10 months

The turning point: Even though I had gradually gained quite a lot of weight post my marriage, the day I realised that none of my dresses fit me any longer was a huge shocker! I weighed 71 kilos and the fat percentage parameter had put me in the obese category. Even my clothing size had jumped from M to XL! Once, I realised that I needed to lose weight, I tried several diets to get back in shape which really impacted my immune system. Hence, I decided to stick Intermittent fasting and that is when the magic started happening!

My breakfast: I wanted to follow something which I could continue doing in the long run. So, being a South Indian I stuck to eating regular South Indian breakfast like idly, dosa, upma, ragi porridge in portion control.

My lunch: Curry, 1 chapati, a portion of vegetables, boiled legumes, 1-2 eggs, and buttermilk. I switched between chicken and prawns as well.My dinner: I made it a point to have a big, balanced meal for my dinner

Pre-workout meal: I worked out during my fasting window of IF (Intermittent Fasting), so I did not eat anything before my workout.

Post-workout meal: Almonds and 2 boiled eggs

I indulge in: Since I did not go for any diet, I enjoyed regular home-cooked meals. All my meals were balanced with carbs, proteins and fat and I also made it a point to drink a lot of water. Once a week, I would indulge in my favourite Dominos choco lava cake with white sauce pasta

My workout: Initially, I was not very comfortable with extensive work out sessions, so I chose to stick to walking and climbing stairs. Gradually, as I started to lose weight, I balanced my workout routine with cardio and strength training at home. I absolutely vouch on mountain climbers squat variations. I can proudly say that I never step a foot inside any gym and did all my workout at home! And by doing so, I have reduced my fat percentage and toned my physique.

Low-calorie recipes I swear by: Unfortunately, I have realised that I am not a low-carb person. I tried Keto, got sick and my immune system was wrecked.

Fitness secrets I unveiled: Intermittent fasting worked really well for me! Additionally, I ensured to stay consistent with my efforts, eat healthily and stay hydrated.

How do I stay motivated? Even though I received unconditional support from my friends and family in my weight loss journey, there is no bigger motivation than seeing yourself transform. Once, I could see visible results, there was no looking back. Every day felt like a new learning experience on my journey to lose weight.

How do you ensure you dont lose focus? One of the simplest ways of keeping yourself motivated is to take a look at your old photographs and see how far you have come in life. For me, it works as my greatest source of motivation and helps me to keep moving forward in life. I decided to create a Facebook page India Intermittent Fasting for Women to support women of all age groups who wish to lose weight and get back in shape, in a healthy manner. The page has more than 12 thousand members as of now, who motivate and constantly challenge each other to do better.What shape do you see yourself 10 years down the line? I see myself as a very healthy and active individual who is helping others to achieve their weight loss goals.

What are the lifestyle changes you made? I made a lot of lifestyle changes to reach my weight loss goal. Some of them included:1. Eating balanced meals

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Weight loss story: I lost 21 kilos without going to gym and by simply following Intermittent Fasting! - Times of India

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LIFE in lockdown hasn't been without its challenges but for many people it's been a time to reflect and reassess goals, priorities and, not surprisingly, health.

Gyms might've been closed for several months but that didn't stop plenty of fitness fanatics working out at home with the help of online body coach Joe Wicks, Zoom classes or daily walks, cycles and runs.

For some, it's been a time to clean up their diet and cook healthier meals, resulting in lockdown weight loss. But for others, too much free time on their hands, a bit of boredom and a slippery slope into bad habits like snacking on sweets or drinking wine or beer on 'school nights' has led to the pounds piling on.

The reopening of gyms in the north next week cannot come soon enough for Dunmurry dad-of-two Niall Jackson. For the last few weeks, the 31-year-old commercial sales manager has been back training outdoors at the side of Magee Health and Fitness in west Belfast but is looking forward to July 10, when it can throw open its doors to its members again.

A regular gym-goer, who trained five times a week; sometimes twice a day, Niall lost two and a half stone between September and Christmas last year. He put on a few pounds around the festive season and had been working out with a personal trainer to shift the slight weight gain, when Covid-19 hit the north and lockdown restrictions were implemented.

Furloughed from his job and living alone, Niall's motivation took a knock and he stopped training. As quickly as he'd lost the weight, dropping from 17 to 14.5 stone before Christmas, he began to put it back on in lockdown. A combination of lack of training, beer several nights of the week and frozen food and takeaways saw a stone and a half go back on.

I really went hard at it from last August/September, doing spin and circuits in the morning and boxing at night, says Niall.

I was very disciplined and lost two and a half stone, mostly through training. I'd just started with a PT from the gym when lockdown happened. To begin with, I did try and do a bit at home with dumbbells.

But training at home, indoors, on your own, just isn't the same and I lost motivation.

Dunmurry father-of-two Niall Jackson is looking forward to gyms reopening

Not wanting to join the long queues outside supermarkets, Niall stocked up on frozen food including pizza, burgers and sweet potato chips, something he'd never done before. He also indulged in takeaway food a few times a week. Unable to see his young son and daughter, he was also somewhat bored and started to drink more beer than was normal for him.

Because I was training five days a week and had the kids either Friday or Saturday, I'd only ever have a few beers on Sunday, while watching the football, Niall says. When I realised I was getting a bit bloated from the beer, I switched to gin and tonic but I didn't like feeling sluggish.

It's very easy to fall into bad habits, once the motivation is gone, and the weight just started piling on. But now I'm back at it and giving it 100 per cent, the pounds will fall off me as quickly as they went on.

Unlike Niall, west Belfast mum-of-two Eimear McKenna has never been a fan of the gym. As a child she carried extra weight and even when she played camogie and was healthy and fit, she still felt bigger than the girls in her team. After having her children, her weight steadily increased and she lost a lot of confidence. She joined a gym but felt too self-conscious and it wasn't an experience she enjoyed nor wished to repeat.

But lockdown has been a game changer for the 48-year-old, who works for the Housing Executive. When she heard that her sister-in-law Fiona Shannon, a PT who runs her own company, Shannon World Fitness, was launching a Zoom initiative Tribe 40, she signed up. Tribe 40 is an online boot camp aimed at women aged 40-plus and it ran from early May to June, over 40 days. In that time-frame, Eimear has lost a stone and a half, is feeling fitter, happier and healthier and is intent on continuing her home workouts and food plan when lockdown is over.

My 86-year-old mum moved in with us and I was looking after her, the family, working from home and I got into a bit of a rut at the start of lockdown, says Eimear. I was eating and drinking a bit more and not feeling great about that, when Seamus, my husband, told me about Fiona's online fitness venture for women in lockdown.

She had talked to other women who had put on weight over lockdown but there are those in the group who just wanted to stay active and fit when the gyms were closed.

For four mornings a week, at 7am, we all did a Zoom workout with Fiona. At the start we used tins of beans then moved on to proper weights. It was tough, she really pushed us, but it was great. And the beauty of it was that no one else could see me huffing and puffing about my own kitchen.

It didn't matter how I looked. I had it set so I could see Fiona but no-one could see me. That way, I didn't feel self-conscious.

During a weekly Zoom catch-up, the ladies in the group discussed other issues such as nutrition and calorie counting and Eimear began to cut back on portion sizes and cut out the starch and sugary snacks. As the weight started to drop off, she felt her mood lifting too. Her sleep was improved, her skin glowed and with a stone and a half off, the people around her began to notice a difference.

I know I still have a long way to go and I'd love to shift another five stone but honestly, I'm buzzing with excitement now. I'm up at 6.15 every morning, sometimes even before the alarm goes off.

I walk every day too to make up the 10,000 steps. The Fitbit's on the moment I get up.

The whole group went for a walk up Black Mountain last week and yes, I'm the heaviest among us all but it doesn't matter to me now. We're all on our own journey. For me it's about losing weight and getting my confidence back and I'm getting there.

As well as shifting a stone and a half, Eimear has lost 27 inches all over and dropped a dress size. But it's the impact on her mental health and wellbeing that her loved ones are commenting on too. While working out, she forgot to take medication prescribed for anxiety but her mood was so chilled, she didn't even notice at the time.

When Tribe 40 finished, Fiona sent me my own workouts to do because I didn't want to lose the momentum, Eimear says. She's starting up the Zoom group again on July 13 and I can't wait to get back at it.

We're off to Donegal for a break and usually, we'd be eating and drinking all round us but I'm sticking to the plan and bringing my weights with me.

I feel better than I have in such a long time. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to start working on myself and for me, fortunately, it's been such a positive experience.

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Weight watchers keen for gyms to reopen as lockdown has had its ups and downs - The Irish News

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Good news, carb-lovers you may not have to cut back on bread even if you're trying to lose weight, according to experts.

"People have demonized carbs as one of the main things behind gaining weight when that's not proven by evidence," nutrition coach and author Graeme Tomlinson told Insider. "It's 'calories in' versus 'calories out' [that] are going to determine whether you gain or lose weight."

Tomlinson, also known as "The Fitness Chef," recently posted on Instagram to illustrate how a humble slice of bread is often blamed for weight gain, when it is, in fact, what's on the bread that can tip dieters into a calorie surplus.

That's because, no matter how much you enjoy bread, it's rare to just snack on a slice alone. Typically, bread is eaten with toppings, Tomlinson said, such as toast with butter, peanut butter and/or jam, or as a sandwich.

Those toppings, particularly when they're calorie-dense foods like cheese or nut butter, can end up being double or quadruple the calories of the bread itself, he explained.

When trying to reduce or maintain body weight, many continue to assume that bread must be abolished from their diet. In terms of energy, there is no difference between white or brown bread. And whilst the latter contains more fibre [which may increase satiety], one would be better placed to evaluate total ingredients consumed with bread in order to determine a more holistic perspective. Not least because bread is rarely consumed alone. These additional ingredients equate to additional calories. In this example, smearing on a few of generous knifes of peanut butter and jam (components of a hearty PB & jelly sandwich) more than quadruples the total calorie content of the consumed food. Consequently, all of a sudden the debate is not about consumption of bread in the first instance, or its colour in the second. Adding an often invisible 10g of butter to a warm slice of bread will result in the calorie value of the bread increasing from 95 calories to 169. Thus, though its visibility is dormant, it is the butter that nearly doubles the calorie value of what we often perceive as the consequence of eating bread. Standing alone, bread is merely one calorie variable. Using the examples shown in my graphic, there can be multiple additional calorie variables. The quantity of additional variables will influence the overall calorie value of that eating episode. Bread may not be the problem after all. This principle can be applied to ones rationale when assessing and addressing their overall diet. In doing so, one can move away from unwarranted demonisation of a food which can be utilized as energy like any other. Of course, one may over consume bread. But unless their diet comprises of only bread, this is a mere contribution to a bigger sequence of variables. To catastrophize bread as a nutritional problem is to catastrophize a minuscule variable out of many. A calorie surplus over time results in weight gain, not bread. - - #portioncontrol #bread #toast #snacks #peanutbutter #jam #carbs #snackfood #fatlosstips #fatlosshelp #caloriecontrol #losefat #caloriesincaloriesout #losingfat

A post shared by Graeme Tomlinson (@thefitnesschef_) on Jun 17, 2020 at 10:38am PDTJun 17, 2020 at 10:38am PDT

This is true not only of bread, but other carb-heavy staples like potatoes,according to Bonnie Taub-Dix, registered dietitian nutritionist, creator of, author of Read It Before You Eat It - Taking You from Label to Table, and @bonnietaubdix on Instagram.

"It's not about the carbs, it's about the company they keep," Taub-Dix told Insider. Condiments and spread can quickly and surreptitiously raise the total calorie of your meal or snack and make it harder to keep track, she said.

However, cutting out the carbs themselves could actually backfire, Taub-Dix added, since there's some evidence that carbs, especially high fiber versions like whole grains, are linked to feeling fuller and more satisfied after eating. Carbs could even boost mood, according to some research.

"It's not just about what bread is providing nutritionally speaking but emotionally speaking," Taub-Dix said."If you're having turkey rolled up in cheese and lettuce, you can have 20 of them and not feel satisfied. If youwould have just put that on a sandwich, you would have feel like you had a decent meal."

As such, carbs can potentially be a useful tool for weight loss if they can help stave off snacking later in the day, she added.

Taub-Dix recommends trying to include some of each macronutrient carbs, fat, and protein when you sit down to eat so your meal or snack is nutritionally balanced but also enjoyable.

"That combination is satisfying for your body but also for your mouth and your mind," she said.

Mariana L/Shutterstock

Cutting out bread, or carbs, entirely can also backfire if it makes you crave those foods intensely, leading to overindulgence later.

"If you're cutting things out, those are the foods that come back with a vengeance when you're off the diet and you'll gain back any weight you lost," Taub-Dix said.

If weight-loss is a goal for you, Tomlinson advises focusing on the total meal, including any toppings on your bread. This means using a kitchen scale or other tools to measure out serving sizes and see exactly what it looks like compared to how much you typically use.

"It can be a bit of an eye opener to see how many calories you were eating vs how many you want to meet your target," Tomlinson said."You can eat a lot of the foods you enjoy, you just have to understand portion sizes so you can eat those things and still meet your goals."

You don't have to constantly measure out everything you eat, though just try it a few times so you can get better at estimating a portion size, and how it fits into your own nutritional goals, he suggests.

With that in mind, including some bread in your diet can actually help with weight loss goals, Tomlinson said, since a diet of foods you enjoy is more likely to be a diet you can stick to.

"If you enjoy a type of food, you should include it. People will end up depriving themselves can end up over-consuming enjoyed food," Tomlinson said. "If you can take the diet you have and make the smallest change with the biggest impact, that's sustainable. It's about a lot of small little tweaks."

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Bread won't make you gain weight. It's the toppings, nutritionists say - Insider - INSIDER

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The best thing about making shakes is that you can use any fruit as per your taste preference, but at the same time adding fruits that can blend well without causing any reaction are the ones you should add to your shakes and smoothies. If you want to give your body the much needed boost of energy post workout, then this Papaya Banana Pomegranate shake is perfect for you.

To make this easy shake, take a juicer, add 400 gm pomegranate seeds and extract the juice. Next, cut papaya and banana, take a blender, add the fresh fruits along with pomegranate juice, blend all this into a smooth blend.

Next, add in chopped almonds and cashew nuts, then add 3 tablespoon condensed milk. If you want to make it a bit more healthy, then replace condensed milk with unsweetened fat milk and to add some sweetness you can add some honey. Blend it all again with some crushed ice and serve chilled. This heavy shake can be a perfect healthy meal replacement.

Both pomegranate and papaya are a good source of fiber, folate, magnesium and other vitamins, which will give your body the right amount of nutrition to stay energized and hydrated throughout the day. Moreover, the addition of nuts will add a tasty twist and amp up the health quotient of your shake.

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Homemade weight loss shakes to help stay in shape - Times of India

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So here you are on the Internet again, trying to solve one of life's nagging but important questions.

You're an adult. You eat lunch. Often, you pack a lunch and take that lunch somewhere to store and, eventually, eat that lunch. You like eating that lunch. You sort of like packing that lunch, because, hey, look at you go, entrusting one of the meals you eat during the course of your day to yourselfnot to some fast-food grease house.

But it's that middle part that's been bugging you: What the heck kind of lunch box does an adult carry?

When you were a kid, this was easy. The answer was clear: You carried a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box and only a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box. And if one of your parents bought you, by mistake, say, a Street Sharks lunch box, well then you let them have it.

But you can't carry a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lunch box as an adult. Or, you could, but that's not really an adult look.

Don't worry. You're in good hands. Because like a good parenta parent that actually listens to you for oncehere are 15 lunch boxes (and bags!) designed to help you carry that lunch you so lovingly prepared for yourself until its time to relish in all its glory.

In your desperate search for answers, you may find other lists like this on the Internet. But this list is more like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and those lists are more like the Street Sharks.

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15 Best Lunch Boxes and Bags for Work - Men's Health

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In a world where we are rushing from meeting to meeting, running errands, driving kids around and exercising, preparing a healthy, nutritious meal for lunch or dinner is not always the highest on our priority list.

To lose weight, we might also consider meal replacements as they're quick and easy. However, the number of products on the market makes it difficult to decide which one to choose.

What is a meal replacement (MR)?

Meal replacements are pre-packaged bars or powders that can be mixed and consumed as a shake to replace a meal. Some of the replacements are energy (kilojoule) controlled and are successfully used for weight loss and management.

A protein-enriched and energy-controlled MR can assist with preserving lean muscle mass, as well as reducing visceral fat (the dangerous fat that sits around our organs).

Do meal replacements have benefits?

In terms of weight loss, both the types and quantity of foods we consume are important, and many of us find it difficult to control portion sizes. In addition, we easily consume foods high in energy with a low nutrient content, such as fast foods and refined starches (white rice, pasta etc.).

We should, however, consume nutrient-dense foods that provide a high level of nutrients with relatively low caloric value. The benefit of MRs is that they are portion-controlled with a limited number of kilojoules, added essential nutrients (vitamins, minerals and fibre) and are therefore considered to be a nutrient-dense food. They are also an easy and convenient way of preparing a meal, which limits the possibility of making an unhealthy food choice.

What should I be checking when shopping?

Be sure to check the label and ingredients list thoroughly. Make sure the MR has a balanced combination of the three macronutrients and not only protein but carbohydrates and fats as well. It should provide a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and fibre.


The value should vary between 800 and 1200kJ per serving. When calculating meals for a weight loss diet from foods, the values are generally around 1 000 to 1 400kJ per meal.

Therefore, you want the MR to have a similar energy value as it is a "meal replacement".


The source of carbohydrate should have a low glycaemic value. This means that the release of sugar (glucose) into the bloodstream should be slow, to avoid a rapid spike and drop in blood sugar levels. Rather avoid MRs that contain "added sugar" (e.g. sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose and corn syrup) as these have a less desirable effect on blood sugar levels.

A guideline for carbohydrate content would be around 15 to 30g per serving (which would again be the equivalent of a real meal carbohydrate serving).

3.Dietary fibre

When recommending fibre in real food items, we consider 6g per 100g as adequate. Therefore, when selecting an MR, the value should be around 4 to 6g per serving as well.

Fibre assists with lowering the blood glucose response after the meal and keeps you fuller for longer (vital when drinking a meal). Fibre is essential for maintaining regular bowel movements and can even, depending on the type of fibre, assist with lowering blood cholesterol levels.


Protein assists with the feeling of satiety, reducing hunger and ensuring that muscle mass is maintained. Aim for 15 to 21g per serving (which would be the equivalent of a protein serving for lunch or dinner). The meal replacement should be at least 15g of protein per serving. It is important to note that protein powder products are not considered an MR.


Your fats of choice should be monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Check that the saturated, trans and hydrogenated fats are minimal. The quantity of fats should be 5g to 10g fatper serving. Not all MRs contain essential fatty acids (such as Omega-3). If they do, it is a bonus, as these have huge health benefits.


Choose an MR that contains a wide variety of nutrients added, such as your vitamins and minerals. The quantity of these nutrients should meet at least 25% of the daily reference value. The bigger the variety, the better.

So, should I be buying a meal replacement?

Taking an MR is an easy practice to maintain good nutrition or to lose weight should your lifestyle not allow for preparing and packing three nutritionally balanced meals a day. It is also convenient when travelling when the availability of healthy meals is compromised.

On the other hand, the same objectives can be met selecting, preparing and packing real food such as a variety of wholegrain carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. Getting your nutrients from a food source is also more "bioavailable" (how well your body can absorb the nutrients from the food) to the body.

Should you decide to choose an MR to lose weight, it is recommended to do this with the assistance and guidance of a registered dietitian. They can assist you with strategies to keep the weight off once you have decided to include real food back in your diet. You can contact Nutritional Solutions if you wish to schedule a consultation.

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Image credit: VisionPic from Pexels

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I need a meal replacement - what should I check before buying? - Health24

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Welcome to the best kettlebell workout we have seen this year. With lockdown easing it suddenly looks like summer is back on. If you gave up on getting a summer beach body cos it looked like there wouldn't be any beaches or any summer, come to that don't worry, there's still time. That's courtesy of this full body kettlebell workout, which takes only 10 minutes.

Simply grab the best kettlebell in your arsenal, pump up your portable air conditioner unless you really enjoy sweating, and possibly heat stroke and meet senior kettlebell specialist Eric Leija. Yes, he is quite ripped, isn't he? Nobody's gonna be kicking sand in this dude's face at the beach.

Your first steps to lose weight and and get a six pack may be under way, but this kettlebell workout will turbo-charge your progress and help you get a beach body. There's no need to buy all the home gym equipment in the world.Just one little or not-so-little kettlebell is all you need.

Since this is a kettlebell workout, get ready for some functional muscle training with a lot of joint movement. Eric devised this 10-minute full-body single kettlebell home workout so it works ALL the muscles in the body as well as being downstairs neighbour-friendly. You won't do any jumping jacks, burpees or tuck jumps here.

No kettlebell? No worries: try this home workout with NO weights

And consider this: the best time of day to workout for maximum weight loss

If you are new to working out, please make sure you do a full warmup and pay extra attention to your lower back: you will need a strong core for kettlebell cleans and deadlifts. If your core needs more training, check out the best core workout we put together. Please be mindful of your surroundings and make sure there is enough space around you so you can swing that kettlebell freely without knocking your new TV off its stand.

If you are at all concerned about doing this 10-minute full-body single kettlebell home workout, had issues with obesity previously or are recovering from an injury, please consult a medical professional first and get a training buddy to keep an eye on you as you work out. When it comes to working with weights, it's better to be safe than sorry.

For more kettlebell and bodyweight workouts, check out Eric's Instagram (@primal.swoledier) and Youtube accounts. He and his team also have a new app coming soon with structured workouts; keep your eyes peeled!

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Amazon UK has some kettlebells at least

Amazon USA does too!

Generally speaking, kettlebells are selling out as if they are toilet roll in the early days of lockdown. However Mirafit UK has a selection that will probably suit most people.

Shop kettlebells at Mirafit

Argos may have kettlebells in your local area

Fitness Superstore has a few kettlebells

JTXFitness, basically has no kettlebells, but they'll come back in stock at some point.

(Image credit: The Protein Works)

If you are after those sweet gains, eating the right amount of protein is as essential as the training itself. Only training would not be enough to build a strong frame, you also need to aid muscle repair and regeneration by providing your body with protein throughout the day. An average adult need anything in between 1.6-2 grams of protein per body kilo per day if they work out actively.

The most convenient way to consume protein is to mix protein powder with water or milk/substitute and have it as an on-the-go snack after the workout. For the best results, use a protein shake blender to mix the ingredients. Alternatively, you can also snack on protein bars or the best jerky instead of chocolate or biscuits.

It you have a fast metabolism, consider taking weight gainer protein: these meal replacement powders have loads of carbs as well as protein, helping you gain weight easier as you bulk up.

FitBit Aria 2 smart bathroom scale | On sale for 105 | Was 119.95 | You save 14.95 at AmazonThis clever scaletells you your weight, body fat percentage, lean mass and BMI which is all a lot of people want. It then reports this to your Fitbit account, so you can monitor your weight trends and use it alongside your Fitbit wearable's daily calorie-burn estimates. Add MyFitnessPal or Fitbit's own dietary features and you can then sync your meal-plans, daily calories consumed and weight goals, if you want.View Deal

The workout consists of 10 sets where you perform the following kettlebell flow:

Each set is 60 seconds long with 40 seconds work and 20 seconds rest. Go as hard as you can for 40 seconds without compromising your lower back and the integrity of your wrist bones. Controlled movement is essential, pay attention to where the kettlebell is and how you will move it from one exercise to the other.

SIXPAD Electric Muscle Stimulation Training Gear | Prices from 175 at Amazon UKSIXPAD training gear won't replace hard work but it can make it more effective. These cordless pads can effectively enhance muscle stimulation and can "help users achieve a 8% improvement in abdominal muscle size after 4 weeks alongside a balanced diet and exercise" or so does SIXPAD claim. A great alternative to midday runs, using the SIXPAD won't make you sweat but will still provide some degree of muscle stimulation.View Deal

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

Go down on the floor in a high plank position with one arm resting on the kettlebell. Do a push up and as you return to the starting position, pull the arm up that's not on a kettlebell in a rowing movement. Keeping your core engaged will prevent your hips from twisting. Place the hand back down on the floor and return to the staring position yet again.

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

Jump up and grab the handle of the kettlebell with the same arm that was resting on the kettlebell in the previous exercise. Your back should be straight, knees bent, glutes and quads engaged. Lift the kettlebell up using your glutes and quads until your are standing tall, then release it back down using one smooth controlled movement.

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

From here, you want to pull the kettlebell up using your biceps and back muscles. You want to pull the kettlebell up and back a bit in order to fully activate the biceps and the upper back muscles. Once there, release the kettlebell back onto the floor and return to the starting position.

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

You want to swing the kettlebell back in between your legs to gather some momentum and then swing it up and onto your shoulder. Make sure you have a firm grip on the handle and that you swing it around the wrist and not over the hand as you rest it on your shoulder. You don't want to injure your wrist by banging the kettlebell against it all the time.

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

Once the kettlebell is up at shoulder height, perform a deep squat, bending the knees and keeping the upper body tall. Push from the glutes and the quads as you stand back up, using your core to stabilise yourself.

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

Once you're standing tall again, you want to push that kettlebell up until your arm is fully extended. Keep that shoulder engaged and your body and arm straight, especially when your arm is fully extended. You wouldn't want to be unbalanced when you dangle a kettlebell over your head. Then, lower the kettlebell back down to the ground.

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

(Image credit: Eric Leija)

The final exercise in this flow is the most complex one too, the snatch. You want to use explosive yet controlled power all the way through the movement as you lift the kettlebell off the ground and raise it high above the head. Just like when doing the clean, you would like to rotate the kettlebell around gently so it doesn't slam into your wrist every time you do a snatch. Finally, lower the kettlebell down onto the floor.

Once done with the flow on one side, repeat the same flow using the other hand. Keep alternating sides until the 40-second set is up.

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This is the best kettlebell workout we've seen: a full body workout to get you summer beach ready in 10 minutes - T3

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Learn how to lose weight fast in my legs at home

Anna Kovpak

the editor of the Psychology/Wellness

How to lose weight in legs and thighs? And even on the priest and a little on my stomach? This question confronts many women literally shortly after a heated and lengthy feasts, celebrating Christmas and new year holidays, Hiking on the property, eating candy and Goodies. And now to this list we could add the quarantine-isolation, during which many have tried to gain weight but have managed not all.

And to replace the important question, what to cook, comes no less vital problem how to quickly lose weight in the legs? Read our article with helpful tips, do the exercises, follow the diet and lose weight on health!

How to lose weight in legs

Before you start to lose weight in the legs, you must understand a simple truth: fail to lose weight purely locally, in a single place legs, or hips. Will have to drop the weight and regain a slender entire body.

For starters, lets introduce the rules that will help in General to lose weight and not gain weight even more than you already are. About them told the fitness coach Anita Lutsenko in his Instagram.

Now lets talk about tricks that will help you to lose weight in legs and thighs.

If you are aiming to lose weight in the legs, it is important to focus on the combustion of subcutaneous fat and combating cellulite, which attacks the legs, thighs and ass.

To do this, select either a high protein diet, for example, the Dukan diet, the Kremlin or the paleo diet. This way of eating well nourishes the body, helps fight sweet tooth and also compensates for the consumption of muscle protein during exercise and promotes the formation of new muscles.

A healthy diet is important to comply with all

But dont overdo it, eating a diet solely low carb diet, because it carries serious health risks associated with violation of metabolism, as well as deficit of nutritional resources for the brain and nervous system.

Your diet should be balanced. Thus, refrain from sweet, flour, baking based on refined products oil, sugar, and cereals, fast food, popcorn, chips and other sources of hydrogenated fats and high-calorie convenience foods.

Trick how to lose weight in legs and butt. Make it a rule, as soon as your hand reached for a harmful product, for example, bread or biscuits, do 20 sit-UPS. So you can work off the excess calories and become attuned to the discipline and sport.

So we are off the diet gradually moved to the physical education lessons. For the entire body in General and legs in particular very useful to walk. This is the most simple and feasible load, which will help to keep your muscles toned thighs and legs.

Very useful and effective for weight loss is swimming in the pool this activity is well stimulates the muscles of the legs.

Swimming and walking is an aerobic exercise, during which the body gets energy from oxygen: glucose is oxidised, fat is burned faster, the mood is markedly improved, the effect of regular training repeatedly grows.

How to lose weight in legs

In just a week, the second active walking in the fresh air will allow you to feel a noticeable effect and slimming the legs and thighs.

Also useful for losing weight in legs daily fitness workout in 15-30 minutes: squats, leg swings, jumping rope, running in place, Cycling etc. However, doing sports, do not overdo it with the load, because then your legs will pump up the muscle, but to look lean will not be.

The extra weight that has accumulated in the thighs and legs in women, is manifested in the form of cellulite. Tissue dehydration can cause orange peel effect becomes more noticeable. Therefore, it is important to adjust your drinking regime.

How to lose weight in the legs above the knees and to get rid of cellulite? Daily drink about 1.5 liters of pure non-carbonated water, optimally in small portions at 20 to 30 ml several times per hour.

How to lose weight in legs

If you have a sedentary lifestyle, and most of the time you spend in a sedentary position behind a Desk in the office, the muscles in your legs gradually weaken, lose their shape and appeal.

The conclusion is simple: try to spend more time not sitting and standing, make history, change your posture and engage in at least short term exercises- squats, leg swings. Also a good tool for diversity in the work Desk with adjustable height.

A good tool to temporarily create the appearance of skinny legs can act as shapewear and slimming clothing. Such clothes not only shapes a feminine silhouette, creating a more slender hips, but also has antivarikozny effect, rescuing from the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle. Although the problem of thick legs, it is not clear.

Will the abandonment of sugar to lose weight watch the video:

Meanwhile we figured out how to run in the heat.

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How to lose weight in legs quickly and effectively: TOP 5 tips - The Times Hub

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Miami, Florida, United States, June 22 2020 (Wiredrelease) Health Spotlight Is the inner voice thats nagging you to stop eating disappointing you? Have all dietary control tactics and exercises you promise to follow end up being a complete failure?

Its time to finally smile and breathe a sigh of relief as LeptoConnect is a weight loss solution you had been waiting for.

This supplement triggers a Fat Blaster brain molecule that acts as the key to speed up the bodys metabolism and target the underlying cause of stubborn body fat and uncontrolled eating habits.

LeptoConnect uses only a hundred percent natural ingredients in its effective formula that will help you achieve your target weight, without having any side-effects on your performance. In addition to blasting fat, this supplement also exerts overwhelming background benefits on the body that also make it a comprehensive multivitamin for fulfilling nutrient deficiencies that you might be facing.

This review on LeptoConnect covers every aspect of the supplement including its working mechanism, ingredients used in its recipe, price and availability, and the expected benefits that are projected to follow its use. It is recommended that you read this entire review till the end to make a more enlightened decision as to why LeptoConnect is the ultimate weight loss solution.

=> Get LeptoConnect and Start Losing Weight in First Week Try 100% Risk-Free

How does LeptoConnect work inside the body?

The research team behind the development of LeptoConnect has designed this supplement to target the root cause of persistent body fat. It is specially formulated for those individuals who have failed in achieving their weight loss targets despite taking all precautions in their diets and following a healthy exercise regimen.

The working mechanism behind LeptoConnect is its ability to address Leptin Resistance, an increasingly common health condition that slows down metabolism and deposits ugly fat in the body.

Leptin resistance is a medical condition in which the body fails to detect appropriate levels of leptin in the bloodstream. Leptin is a vital hormone that performs the crucial function of appetite regulation in the body. With higher levels of this hormone, the body feels satisfied with the portion size of the meal that is eaten, moderating an individuals dietary intake.

When disruptions occur in the production and detection of this hormone, the brain falsely assumes that the bodys cells are starving and not getting enough nutrients. In response to this wrong assumption, the breakdown of fat and carbohydrates is slowed down to conserve as much energy as possible to enable the body to carry out vital functions for performing daily activities.

LeptoConnect addresses this failure of information transmission within the body. The ingredients used in it not only enhance the functioning of the communication networks of the brain but also enhance metabolism and boost energy levels in the body. The combined effect of all these changes brought about by LeptoConnect is a drastic reduction in the weight of individuals combating stubborn body fat.

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What are Ingredients used in the formula of LeptoConnect?

The research team behind the formulation of LeptoConnect handpicked 29 natural ingredients with a distinctive set of benefits that work to dismantle leptin resistance, the underlying cause of uncontrolled weight gain in the body.

Each of these ingredients is derived from natural sources, is bioavailable and potent in nature. Due to this property, the ingredients are absorbed quickly and efficiently by the body to start showing immediate results. This happens mainly due to the fact that nature has programmed the human body to naturally absorb every nutrient that is beneficial for its survival quickly like a sponge.

The following is a list of ingredients used in the formula of LeptoConnect that make it a suitable weight loss supplement for every age group hoping to shed away excess pounds packed on their bodies:

Shitake, Maitake and Reishi Mushrooms

A powerful combination and carefully determined ratio of these three sacred mushrooms is incorporated in the recipe of LeptoConnect.

For centuries, these medicinal mushrooms have been used as food for the brain and body and are widely recognized for their immunomodulatory, antiviral, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial properties.

Found in Maitake, D-Fraction is a vital component that improves the immune system of the body. Its properties enable it to combat other health conditions like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and hepatitis.

With its carefully determining ratios, maitake mushrooms enable LeptoConnect to burn more fat for energy, speeding up the metabolic breakdown of fat deposits in the body, bringing about a fast weight loss in individuals.

Shitake is packed with vitamin B and promotes tissue growth for improving the transmission and reception of leptin signals in the body. In addition, these mushrooms also have anti-inflammatory properties which enable them to combat joint pain, neuropathy, blood sugar as well as aid them to moderate high cholesterol levels in the body.

These appetite-regulating mushrooms promote a state of satiety in the body, a physiological response that helps in moderating food intake.

Additional benefits of these mushrooms include their ability to enhance brain function and reduce the discomfort caused by degenerative health conditions like dementia, brain fog and memory loss.

Reishi encourages a healthier immune function in the body. These mushrooms also inhibit fat storage in the body, making weight loss an easier process for the users of LeptoConnect.

=> Top Weight Loss Formula on the Market now available on SALE

Graviola Leaves

This ingredient of LeptoConnect is packed with anti-oxidative properties and enhances gastrointestinal health. It helps to keep the body feeling fuller for a longer period, allowing the users of LeptoConnect to avoid unnecessary snack munching and overeating.

The additional background benefits of this ingredient include blood sugar regulation, immunity enhancement, pain relief and much more.

Pygeum Africanum

Also known as African Cherry, this ingredient helps in improving inter-cellular communication in the body, by strengthening brain networks. This allows for better leptin detection by the brain, leading to a moderated diet for weight reduction.

Red Raspberries

Raspberries have high fiber content which makes them effective in keeping the body feel full for longer. With the elevated ketones present in this ingredient, they reduce appetite efficiently helping in reducing weight. They are particularly effective in melting fat from the belly area.

Cats Claw

Cats Claw promotes the health of the nervous system and strengthens its communication networks. This allows ineffective leptin production and detection, regulating diet and reducing are related to mental degeneration. This shields the body from dangerous health conditions like dementia and Alzheimers.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is an extract of the berries in the saw palmetto trees. It has been used as a popular supplement to treat health conditions like BPH, hair loss, and neuropathy. This ingredient makes an essential part of the blend in LeptoConnect.

In addition to these ingredients, the formula of LeptoConnect also incorporates some essential vitamins like B6 and E, also Zinc and copper that provide support to the body and fulfil any nutritional deficiencies that may arise in the rapid weight loss process.

For more details on these packages, visit their official website now.

Pros of choosing LeptoConnect as a weight loss solution

LeptoConnect has helped thousands of people get back their confidence by finally eradicating the embarrassing excess pounds that stuck with them for ages.

The following is a small list of only some of the most reported benefits that were registered by the users of this supplement:

Works fast- in just 30 days users were able to lose a significant amount of weight There are no side-effects Their brain function and mental focus improved Belly fat was removed completely Cholesterol, blood sugar and hormonal balance markers were improved

Are there any risks?

Expected shortage due to high demand Only available online Consultation with healthcare experts recommended for people suffering from severe health conditions


LeptoConnect is available in three attractive price bundles, allowing users more freedom to choose their most preferred option.

Basic- 1 bottle

Buy 1 bottle, for $59 each

Total: $59

Best Value- 6 bottles

buy 6 bottles for $39 each

total: $234

2 bottles of LeptoConnect Colon Cleanse

Absolutely Free Limited Time Offer

Most Popular- 3 bottles

buy 3 bottles for $49 each

total: $147

1 bottle of LeptoConnect Colon Cleanse

Absolutely Free Limited Time Offer

Final Words

With the growing exposure to pollutants and stressors, normal bodily functions like hormonal balance, brain function, and endurance are getting increasingly disrupted. LeptoConnect is designed after taking all of these factors into consideration and is found to be very efficient in soothing all of these physiological conditions.

Coupled with a healthy diet and regular exercise, LeptoConnect will help you to melt away the stubborn fat so you can finally enjoy the confidence of a sexy and healthy body. Its appetite-regulating characteristic is a great help in maintaining the fat loss process and remain fit and healthy for years to come.

Visit the official website of LeptoConnect for more information, success stories and ordering details.

This content has been published by Health Spotlight company. The WiredRelease News Department was not involved in the creation of this content. For press release service enquiry, please reach us at

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LeptoConnect Reviews Can it really speed up the weight loss process? -

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Jun 22nd, 2020 | Filed under How to Lose Weight Quickly

Many of us are turning to food for companionship (Shutterstock)

With the ongoing social distancing rules as a result of Coronavirus, many of us are unknowingly turning to food for companionship.

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You'll find yourself binge eating and reaching towards the food plates even in the middle of the night. This is especially worsened by the minimal physical activity we are doing when stuck in the house.

If you don't want to get out of this self-quarantine with everyone congratulating you for a growing baby bump, avoid these food mistakes.

1. Not planning your meals

Here's what happens when you fail to plan your meals. You'll be eating at any time of the day. Imagine finding a packet of chips and downing it, followed by eggs and the yogurt you just saw on top of the fridge.

If you are trying to lose weight, such a habit is going to work against you. Plan your meals into portions and have specific times when you eat. It will guide you, preventing you from eating when you should not.

2. Eating in your bedroom

Don't we all love the comfort of eating when under a warm blanket, with our favorite movie playing? This may sound and feel cozy, but it's a habit that you don't want to adapt into your lifestyle.

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As you stay home, it's understandable that getting from your bed can be meaningless. Heck, even the work Zoom meetings are being done at the comfort of our beds.

Try and be deliberate when it comes to eating. Walk and sit upright in your dining area, so as to chew well and eat your portions well. It will also prevent you from sleeping immediately after eating just because you're on the bed.You need to adopt a slow eating method (Shutterstock)

3. Fast eating

With losing weight, you need to adopt a slow eating method. During this social distancing season, if you're eating in a rush so as to catch up with your movie or work emails, you'll be doing yourself more harm than good.

It's best when you sit and eat slowly so that the food can be digested well. Slow eating is also beneficial as you'll actually be chewing food well and are more likely to know when you are full.

4. Junk food indulgence

Indeed, junk food is sweet. Packed with sugars and others fatty juices all over, it can get hard to say no. It's also fast food and involves less preparation time.

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Try as much as possible this season to limit their intake. This is to lower your increased high cholesterol risk and excess weight gain. Take the time to make your whole foods, taking lots of fruits, vegetables and water.

Much as losing weight this social isolation season sounds hard to achieve, especially with all the social media pressure of people cooking this and that, purpose to stick to your diet.

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Food mistakes to avoid during the lockdown if you are trying to lose weight - The Standard

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