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The first time I was congratulated for losing weight, I had just gotten my wisdom teeth out. For the past week, the only thing I had been able to stomach was chocolate pudding, plain yogurt, and lukewarm soup, but my doctor didn't know that. All she saw were the numbers on the scale ticking downwards - a cause for celebration, not concern.

I liked what my doctor was saying. For once, I felt like I had done something important - like I might actually have a shot at looking like the models I loved to compare myself to. I felt powerful, in control, and enjoyed being praised for what could only be my newfound commitment to health and fitness. In the moment, I didn't feel like acknowledging that my weight loss was by no means the result of a healthy lifestyle.

I had always been a healthy weight, but was never traditionally thin, so this kind of admiration was new to me. In years past, I would try to suck in my gut during dance class, shrinking my profile in the mirror as much as I could, and becoming frustrated when I couldn't make my backside look completely flat like the other girls. I became obsessed with my size and thought that if I could just lose a few more pounds, I would look the way I was "supposed to." I didn't know how, but I knew that getting thinner was my ultimate goal.

As I went through high school, I placed more and more value on superficial measures of skinniness that (spoiler alert) I was never able to fully achieve. Thigh gaps, flat stomachs, and, most importantly, the numbers on the scale, were the determining factors in how I felt about myself. What I heard that day in the doctor's office only confirmed my own toxic ideas about weight loss: skinniness meant health, and fitness wasn't anything without it.

A few years later I was off to college, and most of the exercise I attempted there continued to center around weight loss. I'd have a great workout and still find myself discouraged if I felt like I was gaining weight. Likewise, I'd pick up terrible eating habits and become delighted once I found that they were helping me become closer to a skinnier ideal.

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When social distancing became the new normal, however, my goals were temporarily derailed. I was home, hungry, and didn't have anyone around me to impress - not even my doctor. Without a gym or any motivation to do anything other than skim through social media and watch Tiger King, I turned to home workouts. Not as a means to lose weight, but as a way to pass the time and keep myself moving during a long period of isolation.

I started off half heartedly with a few videos that promised to target my abs and arms, and they delivered. The next morning my muscles were sore in a new way - a good way - and although I didn't initially believe that the various sets of crunches and planks would ever become easier, I was interested in the idea that a workout could mean more than just a smaller dress size.

I was finally working out because I wanted to feel like my best self no matter what my body looked like externally.

For the next month, I worked my way through different home workouts, even attempting intense HIIT exercises I used to avoid at all costs. In those four weeks, I grew stronger than I ever had when all I cared about was losing weight. My body was changing in a way I liked, but I was more excited about my ability to fly through the workouts I had initially struggled with, challenging myself in new ways and genuinely enjoying myself in the process. Workouts were now something I looked forward to instead of something I dreaded, and I noticed real progress that had nothing to do with my weight.

It took a few weeks of social distancing and some chaotic circumstances, but I was finally working out because I wanted to feel like my best self no matter what my body looked like externally. Going into my second month of home workouts, I'm continuing to view my health in terms of strength and nutrition, not weight loss and quick diets. Now when I approach my fitness, I remember to be mindful about what it is I actually want to achieve and whether or not I'm being honest with myself about my goals. Home workouts were my unexpected saving grace, but even when the gyms open back up and social gatherings resume, these are habits I'll want to keep forever.

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I Finally Care More About Being Strong Than Skinny, and It's Because I'm Working Out at Home - Yahoo Lifestyle

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Its said that acupuncture can alleviate stress, physical pain, allergies, addictions, and even PMS, but can it really aid weight loss too?

Obviously, we have a huge obesity epidemic and were trying to find any way to help people lose weight, says Reshmi Srinath, MD, assistant professor of medicine, endocrinology, diabetes, and bone disease at Mount Sinai. Unfortunately, she notes that there arent enough controlled, randomized studies proving a direct link between weight loss and acupuncture.

Dr. Srinath notes that theres data showing a direct correlation between pain alleviation and lowered stress levels, and, as weve pointed out in the past, stress is linked to weight gain .

One of the few studies done on this subject, published in The Scientific World Journal in 2012, found that 196 obese subjects who received acupuncture, the majority did lose weight over the six-week trial period, but only when treatment was coupled with diet restriction.

"Acupuncture isn't magic," says Daniel Hsu , licensed acupuncturist and founder of New York AcuHealth Acupuncture practice. "It doesn't make fat melt off of your body, but studies show it can affect the part of the brain that feels hunger."

In addition to reducing hunger, Hsu says that acupuncture activates your "feel-good" neurotransmitters, which can reduce stress, and possibly help you lose weight as a result of that lowered stress. The exact process differs from patient to patient, but a lot of points on the ears are related to curbing hunger, he says.

And if you're wondering if one acupuncture session is enough to see results, think of it this way: You wouldn't see results from going to the gym one time either. Generally, Hsu recommends that patients seeking weight loss of around 10 to 15 pounds should receive treatment for six to eight weeks, several times a week in the beginning, and taper off visits as time passes. In order to see success, he emphasizes that you have to be in the correct mindset.

In general, if someone feels that acupuncture improves their quality of life, then that might lead them to make better choices regarding diet and exercise , which ultimately, could help them lose weight. However, weve yet to see any substantial data that proves receiving acupuncture treatment alone correlates to weight loss. According to the experts, it's best to seek acupuncture in order to alleviate other ailments that might be standing in your way.

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Full-body home workouts for weight loss: 4 effective exercises that will help you burn belly fat  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: Regular exercise will help you lose weight, support healthy immune function, improve mood and reduce your risk of diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc. The novel coronavirus pandemic has already changed the way how we eat and exercise, butits important to find ways to stay active while we are stuck at home during the lockdown period. This will help you prevent gaining belly fat and help you stay fit - physically and mentally.

As gyms, fitness centres shutter amid the COVID-19 crisis, most of us may be trying to cope with changes to our routine. If youre struggling to stick to your exercise routine or having trouble beginning a workout plan at home, youre not alone. To help you start exercising and actually stick to it, we spoke to a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist, who reveals a full-body home workout routine that will boost your weight loss and help you get rid of unhealthy belly fat.

In this routine, we will target the entire body with some intense and compound movements. When you target multiple muscle groups in one exercise it is called compound movement and when more compound movements are present in your routine, better fat loss results can be expected, said Diksha Chhabra,who was also the winner of Mrs Body Fit crown at Mrs India Earth beauty pageant. This routine which includes burpees, squat jumps, plank jacks and lunge with twist will give you some amazing results in a very short time.

Burpees is an explosive movement that works on your entire body from the chest, abs, triceps and quads, etc, sending your heart rate through the roof for an awesome calorie burn.

To do Burpees:

Now let's start the next movement which is squat jumps. Squat jumps is an addition to conventional squats with an inclusion of jump.

To do Squat Jumps:

Plank jacks are a great workout that works on your entire body. Adding plank jacks to your routine helps in burning more calories and fat.

To do Plank Jacks:

The last exercise is lunges, whichwork on your lower body, core and stability. Well add an oblique twist with each lunge which will further challenge your core and stability. If you find lunging difficult, you can take support while lunging without a twist.

To do lunges with an oblique twist:

Pro Tip: Electrolytes play a very important role in maintaining balance in your body. So, make sure that you keep yourself hydrated with water, buttermilk, coconut milk, salted nimbu pani, etc to balance the electrolytes in your body for smooth functioning.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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Full-body home workouts for weight loss: 4 effective exercises that will help you burn belly fat - Times Now

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Living close to restaurants may not necessarily lead to obesity.

For someone living in close proximity to fast food restaurants, it may be ridiculously difficult to resist their food. On the other hand, someone who lives close to their gym, must be easily able to visit it and lose some weight. We have been living with such notions all our life, but it may not be really true. A new study suggests that living close to fast food joint or gyms has nothing to do with your weight gain or gain loss!

Researchers at the Lund University in Sweden claim there is no correlation between obesity and how close you live to fast food restaurants or gyms. It has come as a shock since many other previous studies from other countries suggested that location and distance of restaurants and gyms from our house may act as major factors in adult obesity.

Kenta Okuyama, PhD student at Center for Primary Health Care Research at Lund University, said, "Our large-scale study in Sweden, using longitudinal national registry data of more than 1,5 million adults, did not find a statistically significant association between these two types of facilities and obesity,"

However, the researchers admitted that the kind of area we live in still plays a role in dictating our overall health, including obesity. For example, urban areas with educated and informed people might be aware of the consequences of obesity and may take preventive measures. While deprived regions with low-income level may suffer from high obesity cases.

"Although reducing fast food outlets or introducing physical activity facilities might in theory promote healthy eating and exercise, it may not be very effective in all countries and regions, because the contexts vary by its culture and lifestyle that may affect how often people utilize these facilities in their daily lives," said Kenta Okuyama.

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Weight Loss Or Weight Gain Or Obesity Is Not Affected By Proximity Of Your House To Restaurants Or Gym; Says Study - NDTV Food

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The singer Adele he left his followers shocked by her drastic loss of weight with a post to celebrate his 32 birthday at the beginning of this month. As revealed to a fan, the british would have lost more than 45 kilos (about 100 pounds) since she was separated from her husband, Simon Koneckiafter three years of marriage and a child in common, Angelo, who is now 7 years old.

Much has been said about that techniques of thinning would have used the artist for your metamorphosis physical, but now it has been confirmed dr. Dominique Fradin-Readthat has tried and has led to Adele in this new phase of healthy living and weight loss.

Recommended the mediterranean diet and the method of cuisine for weight loss of the chef, Michel Gurard

Start by telling my patients that when it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise alone will not be sufficient in the majority of cases, he explained, the medical Us Weekly. Fradin-Read speaks of the imperfection of the diets without control by an expert for the so-called rebound effect, which makes you recover all the lost or even more.

I try to make it visual and make all of them imagine a plate divided into several parts: green vegetables should occupy approximately two-thirds of the plate, protein of good source one-third and the last part is reserved to the carb, he has told. You can also add some good fats, such as olive oil, avocado or nuts.

For successful weight loss, according to the doctor, we must look at the whole person and not just address the weight in advance. For this account, which analyzes in his patients things as diverse as the metabolic function, insulin, hormones, thyroid, cortisol, stress, sleep, mental health and food habits. When you deal with all these elements, we can then begin a personalized diet.

It had previously been pointed out from some british tabloids that the artist used Pilates and diet Sirtfoood to show off your new figure, but the doctor that has tried it has commented that she recommends the mediterranean diet along with the method of cuisine for weight loss of the chef, Michel Gurard.

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Dr. Adele reveals the advice he gives to his patients to lose weight - Play Crazy Game

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Most people today want to lose weight. But there are some who are just as desperate to gain weight. There are many skinny people who try everything from overeating to taking supplements that promise weight gain. But, in most cases, they are unable to gain the required amount of weight that they want to gain. This is because, just as there are specific exercises that can help you lose weight, you need to follow a specific workout regime to gain weight too. Eating and taking supplements is fine but do understand that this can also lead to adverse health complications. So, a better way to try and gain weight is to do some exercises. That is why, here, we reveal a few weight gain exercises that will help you attain your goal in a healthy manner. Also Read - When sugar craving hits you, eat these fruits

But you need to perform these exercises every day for best results. This will help you build up healthy body mass. Also Read - Top 10 weight loss tips to follow in 2020

These are simple weight gain exercises that you can perform without the use of any equipment. It will help you build muscle in your arms and shoulders. Also Read - Why you gain more weight in winters? Here are tips to avoid stocking up calories


Lie down on the ground on your stomach.

Your palms must be flat on the ground and your arms by your sides.

Now slowly push your body up exerting pressure on your arms until your arms are fully extended.

Your back and legs must be straight and your body must form a straight line.

Lower yourself back down until your nose nearly touches the floor.

Repeat 10 times.

You need a sturdy overhead bar for this weight gain exercise. This will help you build the muscles of your arms and shoulder.


Grip the overhead bar firmly with both hands.

Your palms must face away from you and your arms must be shoulder-width apart.

Now, putting pressure on your arms pull yourself up so that your feet are hanging in air.

Keep your arms straight.

Pull yourself up till your chin is above the bar and then gently lower yourself down so that your arms are straight again.

Repeat 10 times.

You need a bend and a weighted bar to perform this workout. It helps build your shoulder, triceps, and chest muscles.


Lie on the bench facing up with the bar in your hands.

Extend your arms and lift the bar up.

Hold this position for a few seconds and the slowly lower your arms to bring the bar down to your chest.

Repeat 10 times.

This weight gain exercise will build the muscle in your butt and legs. It is also good for building strength and endurance.


Stand straight with your feet at hips-width distance apart.

Put your hands on your hips and tighten your core.

Bend your legs and lower yourself down as if youre about to sit down.

Let your thighs be parallel to the ground.

Keep your upper body straight.

Hold this position for a few seconds and raise yourself back up to your original position.

Repeat 10 times.

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Minimum exercise, daily takeaways and a craving for sugary drinks three of the habits Lee Stewart had to kick to improve both his mental and physical well-being.

After losing his parents Lee spiralled into a depression that affected his confidence and self-motivation; earlier this year, a very anxious and despondent Lee made the brave step to join the Foundation of Lights FIT BLACK CATS programme.

Inspired by the idea of improving his health in a positive environment, he signed up to the free health programme, based in and around the Stadium of Light.

The 12-week programme provides those aged 35-65 with an opportunity to make a life-style changes, to help lose weight, get fitter and lead a more active life.

Struggling to deal with the death of his parents, Lee knew he needed to make changes for the good of his health Lee engaged with the group straight away and over the weeks went from doing no exercise at all to gradually enjoying 5-mile runs every other day!

He ditched the daily fast-food and learnt how to manage his cravings for his favourite Dr Pepper drink and began changing his eating habits; all of this progress led to him achieving the biggest weight-loss of over 6kg a feat he never thought hed reach.

I honestly dont know where Id be without the programme. Its made me have a much more positive outlook and feel more in control of my life Lee explained.

Training and learning inside of the Stadium of Light was a fantastic experience and so inspiring.

I hadnt done any running in almost 12 years now Ive bought a FitBit and Im doing 3-4 5-mile runs a week!


FIT FANS has helped thousands of people to achieve long-term improvements in weight loss, physical activity, diet and general well-being.

The main aims of the programme are to:

Written By Kate Smith

21 May 2020

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News - Foundation of Light

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NewsHealthAbout 1 per cent of the population appear to be blessed with an advantageous variant of so-called ALK gene

Thursday, 21st May 2020, 4:00 pm

A pill that cures obesity could be on the horizon after scientists discovered that there really is such a thing as a thin gene that can control our weight.

They have identified the gene and say it could potentially be suppressed to help overweight people shed pounds or boosted to enable others to gain weight.

We all know about these people who can eat what they want and remain skinny. This is a great advance. To open the Pandoras box on the genetics of being thin is pretty cool, said Josef Penninger, of the University of British Columbia.

About one per cent of the population appear to be blessed with an advantageous variant of the so-called ALK gene, which enables them to stay thin even without exercise, researchers say.

Existing drugs could be repurposed

The ALK gene can play a role in cancer tumour growth and scientists are hopeful that cancer treatments already being used to suppress its activity could be repurposed to manage peoples weight - while new drugs could also be developed.

There is no indication that people who have the thin mutation of the ALK gene are any more susceptible to cancer.

Experiments on mice and flies showed that deleting the gene helped them lose weight.

These suggested that ALK plays a part by instructing the fat tissues to burn more fat from food.

Shutting down the ALK gene

"If you think about it, it's realistic that we could shut down ALK and reduce ALK function to see if we did stay skinny," said Dr Penninger.

"ALK inhibitors are used in cancer treatments already. It's targetable. We could possibly inhibit ALK, and we actually will try to do this in the future," he said.

However, the researchers said there was no guarantee that the treatment would be effective in people and cautioned that any drugs for humans were were some way off, even if it was.

The researchers looked at data from the Estonian Biobank, which includes 47,102 people aged 20 to 44 years old. The team compared the DNA samples and clinical data of healthy thin individuals with normal-weight individuals and discovered genetic variants unique to thin individuals in the ALK gene.

The study is published in the journal Cell.

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Thin gene that controls weight could help cure obesity - inews

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Body fat scales are devices that a person can use to measure their weight and body composition at home. The term body composition refers to the relative percentages of fat, muscle, and water inside the body.

Understanding how much fat and muscle make up the body can be an important tool for people looking to track their overall health.

In this article, we provide information on how body fat scales work and whether they give an accurate estimate of a persons body fat percentage (BFP). We also outline alternative methods for estimating BPF.

Body fat scales use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to estimate the relative percentages of different tissues and substances within the body.

BIA sends a weak electrical impulse through the body. The impulse encounters varying levels of resistance or impedance from the different tissues and substances.

The scales then use a mathematical formula that incorporates the value for electrical resistance with information about a persons age, height, and gender. People typically supply this information via a smartphone or other electronic device.

The mathematical formula then estimates the relative percentages of the following:

Fat offers more resistance than either muscle or water. As such, higher resistance values tend to result in calculations of a greater percentage of body fat.

Body fat scales provide a rough estimate of a persons BFP. However, they are not very accurate.

A 2016 study found that the BIA method of measuring body composition is accurate when using standard, published mathematical formulas. However, the body fat scale that the researchers tested did not use accurate formulas to estimate BFP. Therefore, it produced inaccurate estimates.

Also in 2016, Consumer Reports conducted a test of six different body fat scales. First, the researchers used a lab-based machine called a Bod Pod to take accurate body fat measurements. They then compared these results with the data that they retrieved from the home-use BIA body fat scales.

In this study, the home-use body fat scales either overestimated or underestimated BFPs. The most accurate readings were off by about 21%, while the least accurate were off by about 34%.

The primary advantage of using body fat scales at home is convenience. The scales are easy and safe to use. Also, as long as the scales are consistent in their measurements even if these are inaccurate they can help the person roughly track the effectiveness of their exercise regimen or diet over time.

However, body fat scales are not an accurate method for estimating BFP. According to doctors, they typically overestimate or underestimate BFP by a large amount.

Home body fat scales also cannot show where a persons body fat is stored. The location of body fat is an important consideration when assessing a persons susceptibility to disease. For instance, a 2016 study found an association between increased abdominal fat and a higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Body mass index (BMI) uses a persons height and weight to get a general idea of whether their weight is likely to affect their health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), BMI is a good tool for screening whether a person is underweight or overweight. However, it does not measure body fat directly.

BMI also does not take into account a persons muscle mass. Exercise can help a person lose fat and gain muscle. As muscle is denser than fat, a persons body weight may actually increase as a result of exercise.

A person could use both BFP values and BMI values to help guide their dietary and exercise choices. If either value is higher than average, a person should see their doctor. Higher values could indicate an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Having a BMI or BFP below the recommended range also has health risks.

A person can use several different methods to estimate their BFP. Some are suitable for use at home or in a doctors office, but others must take place under tightly controlled laboratory conditions. Typically, the most expensive options provide the most accurate estimates.

Some methods that people can use to estimate their body fat at home include:

Calipers are tools that measure the distance between two sides of an object. A person can use calipers to measure the thickness of skin folds on different parts of the body. The accuracy of caliper measurements depends on the experience of the person using them.

Handheld BIA devices use electrical impulses to estimate BFP. As with step-on body fat scales, they are not very accurate.

The following body fat measurement tools require special machinery and provide much more accurate results:

A Bod Pod is a machine that calculates a persons body density. It does this by combining two measures: a persons mass or weight and their volume.

A person sits inside the Bod Pod, which uses highly accurate scales to measure their weight. Meanwhile, special sensors detect the volume of air that the persons body displaces based on air pressure changes that occur in the Bod Pod. This value represents the persons body volume.

The Bod Pod uses the weight and volume values to calculate the persons body density. A technician can then use a mathematical formula to estimate the persons BFP.

A Bod Pod requires specially trained operators, who tend only to use it in research laboratories.

Hydrostatic underwater weighing (HUW) calculates a persons body density and body volume to estimate their body composition.

HUW works by comparing a persons weight on dry land with their weight underwater. It also measures the volume of water that a persons body displaces when they sit inside a tank of water.

The above values make it possible to determine the persons body composition, including their BFP, based on the principle that fat is less dense than muscle.

As with the Bod Pod, HUW is typically only available in research laboratories and university settings.

Body fat scales are not very accurate at estimating a persons body fat percentage. However, they may provide a rough idea of how much fat a person has in their body.

Together, body fat scales and BMI can give a general indication of a persons health. If either value is high, a person should see their doctor for a health check. The doctor can also provide advice on diet and exercise.

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Body fat scale accuracy: How they work and alternative methods - Medical News Today

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Listen to this post:

Fitness programs are meant to encourage people to have a healthy lifestyle, especially for those who struggle to lose weight. But not everyone can afford it as these programs can be quite pricey.

Malaysian Sofia Cholan messaged a local gym on Instagram inquiring if they were willing to assign a personal trainer to her for a minimal fee. She mentioned that she could not afford the programmes that they were offering but expressed her desire to lose weight.

I DM-ed this gym because I saw that they had a weight loss challenge that was completely free (upon interviews and what not) and also they had classes that are well over what I can spend a month on fitness, she wrote in an Instagram post.

So I inquired if there was any program or willingness on their side to train me with a minimal fee or less than their usual classes. (Mind you, this is considering the fact that they cant even be operational at this time).

Responded with sarcasm and snarky comments

However, the gym responded rudely with no regards to professionalism at all.

They replied, If you can afford to go overseas Im sure you can afford our RM880 fees, honey.

Shocked at such a response, Sofia shared in her post that she has been struggling with weight loss for a long time and that it took a lot of courage to ask for help.

All I hoped for was a way to help me train and hopefully lose weight since Ive been struggling for so long and they seemed like a great place to start but I guessed wrong, Sofia said.

Ive been bullied before, but Ive never been bullied by an organisation that claims to be for women by women. How can you attest to that statement if this is how you respond to people?

Posted Sofias personal photos on their Instagram

But the bullying did not stop there. The gym took it a step further and posted the conversation they had with Sofia and even her personal photos on their Instagram account to prove that she had money.

The caption wrote: Hmm what do you think? Should we help?

In another post promoting their weight lost programme, they wrote: Remember, we dont want someone that is rude, not taking this seriously, hard headed and no manners.

While some may argue that fitness programs are expensive because of the equipment they use and the professional training services they provide and that youll be getting your moneys worth, many pointed out that an organisation should never respond to a customer this way!

Sofia also clarified in the comments section that her travels had been a graduation gift from her parents and that she never claimed she wasnt able to afford any fitness programs.

The conversation continued and the gym responded that they are featured in JD Malaysia and Nike and even threatened to see Sofia in court.

Gyms should not respond to customers this way

After receiving such a response from the gym, Sofia felt she needed to speak up about it and to tell the public that sarcasm and snarky comments should not be used to respond to customers or potential customers.

Speaking to WORLD OF BUZZ, she said she felt shocked, hurt, but most of all vulnerable.

When I found that they posted my private convo and photos, I decided to take back control of the narrative.

It is NOT okay to cyberbully people, anyone, let alone potential customers. My point for posting this incident up was not to say oh look guys this gym isnt giving me X because XYZ.

No, it was to show people that there are businesses running merely based on putting other people down yet pride themselves of being an empowering and safe space for women.

Not all gyms are the same, and this one could certainly use some customer service training or idk a class in kindness? A workshop in compassion? Haha.

Sofia then encourages people to be brave enough to speak about it if this were to happen to them, and to be strong enough to say I will find something better for me and this is not gonna stop the journey to lose weight and be healthier.

It is important to be okay first with whats happened before you can create awareness because the information that was shared (in my situation) was very personal from my current weight to my struggles, goals I want to achieve to even my personal photos shared (without permission), she told WORLD OF BUZZ.

For Gym owners or fitness companies, Id say, always have compassion and empathy. It is not easy for people to buck up the courage to ask for help and when they do, they almost always feel a tint of shame or weakness.

So having put myself in a vulnerable position and then having such a response from them, it was horrifying. No business should have such a mindset or approach to getting customers this way.

The gym has since switched their Instagram account to private.

That was really horrible, how the gym responded to Sofia, who was just inquiring about their prices. If the gym was not willing to take Sofia as a customer, they could have turned her away kindly and professionally instead of being rude and sarcastic to her.

Spread this message so that others will know that this is not how gyms or any organisation for that matter should ever respond to a customer!

Also read: Meet Jansen: Once an Obese Boy, Now a Successful Coach to National Athletes With His Own Gym

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M'sian Girl Asks Local Gym About Their Prices But They Respond Rudely & Post Her Pics On Instagram - WORLD OF BUZZ

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