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An appetite-suppressant pill being developed by scientists could help thousands lose weight safely with no obvious side effects, scientists say.

Experts have created a new protein that has safely reduced the weight of obese mice, rats and monkeys by up to 12 per cent in eight weeks.

The protein works by stimulating hormones that make you feel fuller and less hungry. It also boosts healthy gut bacteria that fight obesity by reducing the amount of fat absorbed by the body.

Developers hope to start testing the tablet in clinical human trials as early as next year.

Scientists say the protein, which is known as D3, although it has no relation to vitamin D3, can be turned into cheap tablets that could safely help thousands of obese people lose weight.

It is derived from human defensins proteins, or antibiotics, that protect against bacteria, funghi and viruses and can be produced in large quantities.

We are very excited about D3. Our research shows it has a great potential to be developed as an oral weight-loss drug, which will undoubtedly benefit society, said Professor Fangqing Zhao, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing.

We are going to conduct clinical studies after some essential pre-clinical tests [on toxicity and finding a suitable material for the protein to bind with in the drug] perhaps with small-scale clinical results in one or two years.

The main advantage of D3 is that it can be taken orally, which can greatly improve the patient compliance. There are currently no appetite suppressants in a tablet form on the market. We hope to develop D3 as the safest and cheapest weight-loss drug.

D3 can not only suppress appetite, but also increase the abundance of the weight-loss bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila, a star bacterium that is thought to be strongly associated with lean body mass.

The study found the number of Akkermansia muciniphila increased about 100 times during the D3 treatment. It is unclear exactly how this bacteria helps a person lose weight.

However, a 2020 study in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism, that Professor Zhao was also involved in, concluded that it may play a decisive role in reducing the burden of obesity, via modulation of glucose metabolism and low-grade inflammation both of which are factors in obesity.

Experts in the field, who were not involved in the D3 project, welcomed the findings as extremely promising, while cautioning that the benefits have yet to be proved in humans.

This is an exciting novel study showing D3 acts to reduce obesity by stimulating the gut microbiome targeting healthy microbes like Akkermansia muciniphila, said Professor Tim Spector, of Kings College London, who runs the ZOE app, the worlds largest nutrition study and the worlds largest Covid study.

It may also work to reduce fat absorption and appetite. So far, it has only been shown to work in mice, rats and small monkeys but is a potentially very useful therapeutic if it also works in humans, as it doesnt need to be injected.

Professor Ted Dinan, an expert in the brain-gut-microbe axis at University College Cork, added: This is indeed an interesting series of studies. The weight reduction in the various animal models is impressive.

The fact that the gut microbiota is altered with increases in Akkermansia muciniphila strengthens the view that D3 has significant positive metabolic effects.

The weight-loss area is full of false positive findings in animals that fail to translate. The results are promising but require human replication.

If all goes well, however, Professor Dinan says D3 pills could be available for people to use in seven to 10 years.

The development puts its scientists at the forefront of fledgling field weight-loss pills and injections.

In the UK, just two anti-obesity medicine have been approved, neither of which is an appetite-suppressing pill.

They are orlistat, a weight loss pill that works by reducing fat absorption and liraglutide, an appetite-suppressing injection.

The US Food and Drugs Administration has approved three additional anti-obesity drugs but none of those are in tablet form while there are a handful of other promising trials of anti-obesity drugs that, as with D3, are at the animal-testing stage.

Among the drugs currently approved by the FDA for clinical use in the treatment of obesity, it seems that most of them have side effects. Common adverse reactions to these weight-loss drugs include gastrointestinal reactions, such as nausea and vomiting, Professor Zhao said.

Notably, no obvious side effects were observed in our study in mice, rats or macaques. But considering that our experiment was conducted only for 10 to 12 weeks, a longer experimentation period is needed for verification of the results, he added.

The study is published in the BMJ journal Gut microbiota.

Having demonstrated the safety and effectiveness of D3 in mice, rats and small monkeys, Professor Zhao and his fellow researchers are busy preparing a series of pre-clinical trials ahead of tests in people to see if it works as well in them.

These include tests to determine whether the new protein they have developed could be poisonous to humans and to work out what would constitute a safe, yet effective, dose.

The pre-clinical studies for drug registration require a long period of time, including druggability, pharmacological toxicology and pharmacokinetics, said Professor Zhao who is nonetheless hopeful of beginning small-scale human tests in the next year or two.

Druggability refers to finding the right molecules or drug material to successful bind to the D3 protein to produce a tablet that can hold together outside the body and break down inside it.

Pharmacokinetics, meanwhile, is concerned with the movement of drugs within the body.

If things go well, the scientists will conduct a series of human trials of various sizes in the next few years to demonstrate safety and effectiveness.

After that, they will seek approval from a regulatory probably the FDA in the US, which would typically be followed shortly after by the UK approval by the The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

If all continues to go well, a table could be available in seven to 10 years most likely on prescription for people with obesity.

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Squats is one of the easy-to-do exercise you can try at home

Going to the gym can seem overwhelmingandconfusing for a beginner. The settings and different pieces of machinery may seem too complicated. Although they are easy to learn, one might prefer working outside the gym.If you wish to lose or maintain weight, it is important to recognise the importance of a proper diet, workout, and lifestyle. In this article, we discuss some easy ways to help you lose or maintain weight without going to the gym.

How to workout?

If you are someone who wants to lose weight without going to the gym. Here are some easy-to-follow activities that can help you lose weight.

1. Walk

Walking is one of the easiest ways to introduce physical activities to your routine. You can increase the intensity by incorporating jogging and running.

2. Skipping rope

Skipping rope is a very effective way to lose weight and introduce physical activity in the body while staying at home. You can increase the intensity by increasing the number of sets.

3. Exercise at home

You can indulge in exercises at home if you wish to not go to the gym. Exercises such as squats, mountain climbers, crunches, jumping jacks, lunges, and so on can be easily practiced at home.

4. Yoga

Yoga is another effective way to lose weight if you don't like gyms. You can practice it at home and the intensity can be modified as per your convenience.

5. Take stairs

Making small changes in your routine can also help you lose weight. Taking stairs instead of elevators is another great way to squeeze in a little workout.

6. Dance

Dancing is another very fun way to lose weight if you don't like to go to the gyms. Exercising in the gym can be monotonous and boring. Dancing is a great workout when incorporated with the music of your choice. It also helps you burn calories very quickly.

7. Pick up house chores

Helping cleaning around the house is another great way to add some physical movement to your routine.

What to eat?

Other things to keep in mind:

Besides your diet and workout routine, there are various other factors that influence your weight. If you wish to lose weight, make sure to avoid habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse. These habits not only slow down weight loss but also deteriorate the body. You must also make sure you are getting enough sleep daily. Sleep has a great influence on our weight.

In conclusion, you can easily lose weight without having to go to the gym. Although as you lose more and more weight, your body takes longer to burn fat. In this case, you are encouraged to try more extensive workout exercises. All of this can be easily achieved without going to the gym.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for a qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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Based on the several clashing studies, there is no particular eating pattern which is definitely better than the other one. Both of these can work for you, if your primary focus is calorie deficit and healthy and mindful eating. Once you improve your relationship with food, you will understand how often you really need to eat and what works best for you.

Avoid eating food along with television or scrolling social media. These distractions will not let you eat mindfully and you'll lose track of how much you have eaten or at what point your hunger is satiated.

For a healthy diet, focus on eating natural foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. Eat a protein-rich diet with foods such as lean meat, eggs, nuts, seeds and legumes. Lastly, avoid junk food with added sugars, trans fats, and saturated fats.

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Weight loss: Should you eat 3 big meals a day or several small meals? - Times of India

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While I didnt expect to go straight into a dream state, I also didnt expect steel drum sounds to start emanating through the room. (Getty Images)

Picture a candle flame flickering, the man on the other side of the room tells me. Were in a small office just off a busy street. The blinds are drawn and I am relaxed into a therapist-style chair. My eyes are closed. I am desperately trying to picture that flame. As hard as I try to see the flicker, though, it just isnt happening.

Hypnotherapy was never something I had considered for weight loss. I have been overweight most of my life, and Ive tried time and again to embrace body positivity. But with my wedding coming up later this year, I wanted to feel like the best version of myself on the day which for me would be a stone or two lighter than I currently am.

Calorie counting had worked to a point. I was exercising more than ever before. But nothing seemed to be shifting. Panicked, I was willing to try anything. Maybe a change in mindset would help? I found a hypnotherapist on Google who had several five-star reviews and promised results that you could feel immediately. Some previous patients claimed that he had completely changed their lives. Others said that the pounds fell off after a single session. Maybe this could be the magic cure-all I had been waiting for?

It isnt my first rodeo with alternative practices. Last year I spoke to a psychic just after my grandmother had passed away, and the experience gave me and my family the closure we so desperately needed. Hypnotherapy had worked for my father, too. It made him kick a 20-year smoking habit, so I thought: why not? Perhaps it will work for me, too. The several hundred pound price was the thing that stopped me booking it immediately. It was more than my monthly rent, and more than I could feasibly afford. Especially with the wedding on the horizon. But desperate times call for desperate measures, so after re-reading the glowing reviews I went ahead and booked.

Its a blustery Monday afternoon in March when I arrive at the hypnotherapists offices. He greets me with a megawatt smile that wouldnt look out of place on a toothpaste advert. As the session gets underway, my hopes are high. For the first hour, at least. We speak about my childhood. My relationship with food. My relationship with myself. Hardly surface level stuff. He promises we will tap into these subjects further when we get to the crux of the session.

Story continues

I explain to him that what Im hoping to get out of this is a shift in mindset. I feel like something isnt wired properly in my brain (a feeling backed by countless studies that have found that overweight or obese people have hormones that can rewire the part of their brain that regulates appetite). So maybe, I think, hell be able to tinker with this in a metaphorical sense and sort it out for me.

My first red flag should be how he speaks to me. He has the tone of a car salesman. It feels like hes selling me something instead of genuinely caring about my reasons for being here. This feeling of uncertainty is compounded when he finds out that Im a journalist and wants to know whether Id review the session. Not exactly the best start for someone who is supposedly about to change my life.

Before the session, the only experience Id had with hypnotherapy was what Id seen on TV. I imagined him clicking his fingers and making me drop into a deep sleep. On a call with him prior to meeting in person, he told me this would not happen. Instead, he said that some people close their eyes and wake up an hour and a half later, feeling completely transformed. Others, he said, go into a deep state somewhere between consciousness and unconsciousness.

The experience felt like nothing more than the 10 minutes at the end of a yoga class (Getty Images/Vetta)

The second red flag came as the hypnotherapy session began. While I didnt expect to go straight into a dream state, I also didnt expect steel drum sounds to start emanating through the room. The therapists voice drops four octaves. I instantly feel both ridiculous and uncomfortable. He begins to get me to picture everything from flames to a bright white light. I knew hypnotherapy would be a bit woo-woo, but perhaps the word clinical made me think there would be some sort of certified method attached. Forty minutes in and I realise I am just a woman in a dark room, listening to a man spew nonsense in my general direction.

So I do the only thing I can think of. I open my eyes and ask if I could be excused to go to the loo. I need to get out of this room and take a minute. Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror, I have to laugh. Have I just been scammed? Or, more pertinently, am I in the middle of being scammed? I think back on whats just happened. It felt like nothing more than the end of a yoga class. You know the bit where you lie down and listen to the calming music while your teacher chants over it?

I dont think this is working for me, I say when I return to the room. I entertain the thought of doing a runner, but ghosting my weight loss hypnotherapist isnt high on my list of life achievements, unfortunately. I explain to him that Im not feeling anything, and that focusing on the flame or the bright white light is going to do nothing to stop me eating that extra piece of cake.

We try a different approach. He gets me to imagine myself as a child, and think about what I would say to her and what she would say to me. Its sweet, but again not exactly what I had signed up for.

Ghosting my weight loss hypnotherapist isnt high on my list of life achievements, unfortunately

Perhaps Im expecting too much, perhaps Im expecting a miracle even. After trying to lose weight consistently for two decades I was first taken to a dietician at eight years old I just wanted someone that could help make the process easier. Its a shortcut I was willing to gamble on, but one that, ultimately, didnt pay off. The session ends abruptly. He promises to send me follow-up notes (that I would later discover were more or less a rip off of The Secret). I try to avoid eye contact, out of fear that daggers (or worse, tears) might come bursting out.

I think Ive just been scammed, I message my partner as I leave the office, eager to tell him about the ridiculous afternoon Id just experienced. As I rattle off a voice note and walk towards my train, I decide to pick up a chocolate bar from M&S that Ive been craving. As I eat it, with no guilt at all hey, its delicious I realise I dont need a miracle or some man in a dark office to tell me what to do. All I need is more belief in myself, and I was never going to find it there.

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If you are looking to lose fat faster, you will want to increase your calorie expenditure and cardio is a great way to do that. Learn how to combine HIIT and LISS to accelerate how much fat you will burn.

HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training and LISS is low-intensity steady-state:

When people decide they want to lose weight, the word cardio comes to play to burn more calories and, in the end, achieve a caloric deficit. Some coaches will advocate for HIIT while others believe LISS to be more sustainable. We have actually covered which is best in this article previously.

However, if you dont mind what kind of cardio you do, know that a combination of HIIT and LISS is the best approach you can do to lose fat faster, according to studies presented by Jeremy Ethier.

Jeremy Ethier is a kinesiologist and fitness trainer, co-founder ofBuilt With Science. HisYouTube channel has over 4 million subscribersand he delivers clear information with sound background research.

Ethier talked about in one of his videos how to combine HIIT and LISS to lose fat faster. But remember, you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight and should tune in your diet accordingly

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According to studies, HIIT is superior to LISS in three instances: VO2 max, various cardiovascular health markers, and insulin sensitivity.

HIIT also burns more calories in a shorter period of time, but it is because of having less interference with muscle gains that you should incorporate some HIIT during your training schedule.

According to Ethier, you should start with cycling because it minimises muscle soreness and damage after a session, making it easier to recover from especially if you are a beginner when it comes to high-intensity interval training. Rowing and running have shown to be effective when it comes to maintaining your muscles while dieting.

Since HIIT is very taxing on the body, you should combine it with LISS and here the options of which low-intensity steady-state exercise to choose is almost endless as long as you are working at a perceived effort of around 4 on a scale up to 10 (10 being all-out effort).

When it comes to LISS, choose an exercise you enjoy most because you must be consistent as this form of cardio will take over most of your training.

Putting it all together, check down below how to combine HIIT and LISS to lose fat faster.

Ideally you want to do HIIT and LISS on rest days, or at least after your weightlifting workouts as opposed to before.

For example:

Just like with gaining muscle, you should progressively take training harder and harder. If you feel like you hit a plateau in losing fat, consider progressing to:

You can check out more information about Jeremy Ethiers argument on how to combine HIIT and LISS to lose fat faster below.

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Americans are always searching for ways to lose weight and get healthy, but what if the key to success isnt challenging your body, but relaxing your mind.

Here is more on how to exercise your inner fitness.

Running, biking, and lifting are all great ways to stay in shape. Research shows that inner fitness also may be an important part of good health.

It involves focusing energy on your emotional well-being rather than performing a physical exercise or following a diet.

Simply monitoring how you talk to yourself is one way to improve your inner fitness.

Negative self-talk is a problem every day, and on a daily basis because it shapes our identity. It becomes who we are, said David Baker, PHD, LLC/Psychotherapist.

If you struggle with negative self-talk, try replacing negative thoughts with reasonable ones, but first identify the harmful voice that is speaking to you.

We dont just want to replace it, we want to ask why are you here?' said Dr. Baker.

Mindfulness meditation is another way to improve your inner fitness.

Studies show that this can lower blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce chronic pain, and lower the risk of anxiety.

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Mindful eating, which involves tracking your feelings and habits around food, can help you lose weight and keep it off.

You can also try yoga which uses movement, breathing and mediation. Yoga has been shown to reduce stress, improve flexibility, boost immunity, and lessen anxiety.

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Being overweight or obese, by itself is harmful and has a definite negative impact on the overall health. The direct correlation between weight and the prevalence of hypertension (high blood pressure) diabetes (Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus), cholesterol disorders, and heart-related ailments (cardio-vascular disease) is well documented and understood. But what has missed the attention and is rarely discussed in public spaces is the effect of overweight or obesity on male fertility. On World IVF Day, lets talk about it.

Obese couples who consider themselves to be healthy, actually do not believe that their inability to conceive may be due to their weight. Only after the doctors explain to them the relationship between obesity and infertility, that they are convinced and start to repair the damage. Published studies have shown that obese men were more likely to have a low sperm count and nearly 40 percent more likely to have no sperm in their ejaculate.

The need for an ethnic Indian definition of obesity and being overweight stems from our genetic construct, which will have some differences from the other parts of the western world. The definition of obesity in India, arrived after a thorough consensus development process involving over a hundred medical experts, has three measures:

A BMI between 18.0-22.9 kg/m2 is classified as normal, between 23.0 and 24.9 kg/m2 as overweight, and a BMI >25 kg/m2 is classified as obese. Learn whether BMI or body weight is a better indicator of health.

The consensus for Waist Circumference at 78 cm for men and 72 cm for women is classified as Action 1 and 90 cm for men and 80 cm for women is classified as Action 2.

The Waist to Hip ratio cut-offs for men and women are 0.88 and 0.81 respectively.

The negative impact of high BMI or WC on male fertility is generally overlooked. Obesity has a definitive impact on male fertility as obese men tend to have;

* Lower testosterone* Lower sperm count* Poor sperm morphology* Lower sperm motility.

Each of these is an independent contributor towards infertility. When fertility experts take the weight, they do it with intent. Weight is a helpful surrogate marker and can be a starting point for the treatment of infertility, even before we start the patient on medication.

Patients are counselled to lose weight, and suggested not to go for crash diets. Instead, they are urged to work towards gradual weight loss, under the supervision of a treating physician and a qualified dietitian.

It is much easier to manage weight through a combination of diet, exercise, sleep, and stress reduction. Weight and its relationship with infertility is not just a womans problem, it affects mens reproductive health too.

Also read: Planning for pregnancy? Take these 7 steps to boost your partners fertility

Lifestyle modification may be the key to health and healthy living. The need is to break the vicious cycle of poor diet, stress, weight gain and low self-esteem leading to further weight gain.

Unsupervised use of body-building anabolic steroids or consumption of drugs also negatively affects fertility.

Alcohol and smoking are independent contributors to weight gain and infertility. Men need to control their consumption of alcohol and if possible quit smoking.

Our body function is kept stable by carefully and precisely balancing and complementing the various demands put on it throughout the day. Weight is one such demand put on our bodies daily. Maintaining a healthy weight is essential to leading a wholesome life. Balance is the key.

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Watch your partners weight, ladies! It may be a cause for infertility - Health shots

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With summer here and no time left to work on our summer bodies, were struggling to find ways to shed those extra pounds. Weve tried everything from counting our macros to Mediterranean diets to intermittent fasting. However, the keto diet has taken the world by storm.

A diet rich in fatty food but low in carbohydrates is all the rage; home cooks are offering meal prep recipes, and restaurants are making keto food a part of their menus. The idea behind the ketogenic diet is to ensure your bodys reliance on carbohydrates decreases, and excess ketone production promotes fat breakdown for energy usage.

The reality, however, is that the keto diet is hard to sustain. From the ingredients being harder to procure to suffering from vitamin and mineral deficiencies are just a few of the hurdles you would come across. So we bring you a shortcut to the keto diet: Keto gummies. These gummies claim to boost your energy, repress your hunger, burn fat, and improve your metabolism and digestion.

The gummies are sure to help you shed those excess pounds without needing to be on a strict keto diet. Here is a list of the best keto gummies you should try this summer.

The ViaKeto Keto Gummies are one of the best fat-burning edibles which show their magic instantaneously. The gummies are made up of all-natural things such as apple cider vinegar, turmeric, silicon dioxide, magnesium, and Beta-Hydroxybutyrate, which help you achieve ketosis. It is supposed to drastically reduce your body weight up to 20lbs in a month, which is very quick, and the silicon dioxide should prevent the skin from losing its texture and elasticity.

The famous wrestler Mandy Rose has also endorsed the chewable, soft, and apple flavor supplements. These gummies reduce fat and give stamina and fast metabolism, which helps with energy, and keeps the immune system in check; the magnesium content keeps the cholesterol levels healthy under excessive weight loss.

Although the gummies are tested and safe, kids under 18 and women who are either pregnant or breastfeeding must not consume these.

With the approvals from the FDA and endorsements of Good Manufacturing Practices, the Regal Keto has proved itself worthy of this rank on the list of the best keto gummies of 2022. It has the best reviews all over the US. The Regal Keto is a trusted brand name that ensures fat burning and guarantees weight loss effective right away. There is a long list of ingredients containing organic and inorganic compounds that trigger weight loss, boost stamina, give mental clarity, and increase metabolism and blood circulation in the body.

Some of the ingredients worth mentioning for weight loss that is found in Regal Keto Gummies are:

A third party has run the trials on the gummies, making them reliable supplements in your weight loss journey. Like other keto gummies, these are not to be given to under 18s and only be taken in an adequate amount every day, i.e., not more than two capsules.

The list of ingredients is typically the same for Gemini Keto gummies as other gummies on the list. However, two secret ingredients make them exceptionally effective in the weight loss journey of a person; pomegranate powder and beetroot extract.

There are multiple benefits of adding pomegranate to your diet. It contains antioxidants, fiber, and a range of polyphenols like gallic acid, flavonols, and punicalagin A&B. These enable the extract of pomegranate to speed up the mechanism of fat burning, gives you mental clarity, and fast metabolism. While beetroot works simultaneously to keep you hydrated and eases the digestion mechanism.

The company guarantees weight loss of 1lbs in a day, which some might think is unsafe. However, according to third-party tests and trials, it has proven to be an average amount of weight shed in a day with all-natural sources to jump-start ketosis. The gummies also help with depression and keep your mental health intact.

Reminder: People with drinking issues, smokers, people under 18, or pregnant women must not use keto gummies.

Although these gummies were not manufactured especially for people on a keto diet, they are one of the most trusted supplements if you plan to trigger ketosis in your body artificially. Each gummy in the supplement bottle contains a mixture of Vitamin A, D, and K, essential vitamins in our body. All the products by BulletProof are tested and clinically approved.

Meant to use for strong bones, healthy cardiovascular support, and increased immune system, the gummies also effectively provide energy to exercise and physically create ketosis. Also, the sugar-free orange flavor reduces the sugar intake in the body.

The name of this keto supplement suggests the essential ingredient, which will be present in the gummies to burn fat and gain energy instead of carbohydrates, is Apple Cider Vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is an efficient source of burning fat and combined with BHB, they are the most powerful supplement to support your keto journey. ACV Keto Gummies contain pomegranate and beetroot extracts like Gemini gummies for safe weight loss.

Additional ingredients such as apple pectin for effective digestion and repressing hunger, sodium citrate to ensure regular blood flow, and green tea for a fast metabolism increase the processs speed. At the same time, it is providing visible results in just 30 days. It is optimal to consume two gummies per day for at least two months while cutting down the amount by half after you have attained the desirable weight, ultimately getting off them.

These apple-flavored gummies are on the list of the best keto gummies of 2022 because they claim to have 100% BHB ketone salt, enabling the process of ketosis. Adding calcium and magnesium to the list of ingredients has made these gummies an all-in-one supplement that can be taken regularly to burn fat into energy.

These gummies work as energy boosters that you should take if you workout daily to have a safe weight loss journey. By safe, we mean no developing disorders in the body or harmful side effects of rigorous exercises.

The creators of the formula in Apple Keto gummies claim to reduce at least 20lbs by using their product.

Lets start with the first benefit of the Goodness Keto Gummies, which is the 30-day money-back guarantee by the creators. The innovatively designed gummies contain the basics like BHB and all-natural extracts that can significantly reduce your weight with a regular intake of pills.

The label claims a 225% boost of energy that will help burn fat in areas like the neck, chin, or thighs. It also helps control hunger pangs and maintains a long-term weight.

The ketosis-inducing ingredients that attack fat are found in true KetoGenics ACV Gummies. Apple cider vinegar, an organic compound, helps burn fat quickly, while ketone salts induce ketosis in the body without us doing any exercise.

There are many other advantages that True KetoGenic ACV gummies provide, such as decreased hunger pangs, skin rejuvenation, and internal body cleansing.

In addition to the apple cider vinegar, calcium, sodium, and magnesium, ketone salts aid the function of ketosis in our body. The ACV+ Keto gummies by SimpliHealth are multipurpose supplements that create artificial ketosis and keep the number of vitamins and other minerals in our body balanced.

Since each gummy contains a 500mg dosage, only one per day is recommended to lose weight safely.

The last on our list of best keto gummies are the GoKeto. The GoKeto has the same essentials found in every gummy above. It has an active ingredient of apple cider vinegar and necessary ketone salts to process ketosis. Consuming two gummies daily can show you significant results within days of usage.

The label promises the patients an instant boost in energy, high stamina, and mental clarity.

Whenever you are considering the option of a Keto diet and want to add Keto supplements to your diet to boost the process of weight loss, there are some key questions to tick off on your checklist of the best keto gummies. Here is a list we used to choose the products mentioned earlier, which you can use before investing in something thats not right for your body.

There are two types of gummies one that has single salt of BHB, while others have a range of different BHB ketones known as the full spectrum. Usually, the full spectrums also contain salts of calcium, magnesium, or sodium.

Some brands make fake promises about weight loss with the gummies they manufacture, such as time taken to reduce the body fat or the fact that no additional input is required after taking a gummy every day.

So, by now, you must have guessed what would be the effective active ingredients in any keto gummies. According to the research conducted over the years on the keto mechanism, it was established that a higher number of ketone salts makes weight loss way easier and faster.

There are so many brands of keto supplements that it is difficult to differentiate between the best keto gummies brands and the shady ones. Many start-up companies can produce good stuff, and some companies have a long history of giving high-quality products. So, it depends on the transparency they show for the product, such as the complete list of ingredients, certificate numbers of the approvals, name and location of the third party which ran clinical trials, and posts about the researchers who were behind its formation.

Doing a little research on the brand before buying the supplements is essential. You can check the reviews about the keto gummies online or ask people at your gym who are into keto diets about their preferred brands and experience with them. Several influencers and celebrities post about their weight loss transformation on social media platforms; you can always follow them or ask why they endorse a particular brand.

Several brands claim to give you flavored gummies to make the process tastier. However, the added sugar in the gummy cancels the real purpose of taking it in the first place. So, always check if there are any cheap and unhealthy sweeteners.

To give the gummy its jelly texture, animal-based gelatin or other plant-based compounds are used. The best keto gummies are always plant-based, or we can call them vegan keto gummies. Plant-based sources are more efficient for the body than regular cheap gelatin.

Since you and the gummies will be best friends for some months, you at least need ones that taste good. Some companies add such ingredients that make them taste like medicines or worse. There are always high-end premium quality flavors that can enhance the experience for the end-user. So, keep looking for that type of keto gummies.

According to you, if the gummies are overpriced, find the reason behind it, and do they need to market them at that price? Do a little research about the ingredients used by the companies, whether they are high-quality or not. Look for the side effects and additional benefits like energy boosters, mental strength, and stamina the keto gummies offer.

Several people are not affected by the gummies, or their weight loss does not happen as the label claims. So, before buying the stock of keto gummies, always check if they offer a money-back guarantee. If they do, and the other points on this checklist are checked, you are in the right direction to officially buy the best keto gummies.

These are some advantages of popping gummies every day during your keto routine, which almost all labels claim to provide:

The biggest reason for using gummies is to reduce weight by burning fat. Raising levels of ketones in the body can only trigger ketosis, and the gummies contain BHB ketone salts that induce ketosis to accelerate weight loss. Usually, our body is wired in a way to burn carbs to fulfill the energy reservoir. However, the gummies trigger a mechanism that uses fat to produce energy.

The ingredients like apple pectin and green tea extracts ensure that your metabolism works fast to match the weight loss routine, and there are no constipation or stomach aches.

Keto gummies are instant energy boosters; you have different energy and stamina seeping into the body that helps with the daily exercises and activities.

Whenever you start a diet, a sudden resistance develops in your body that is in the form of hunger pangs to stop the body from continuing a diet. However, gummies have the ingredients which aim to repress these random cravings. You also gain mental clarity while using keto gummies.

The whole work behind Keto Gummies is to use exogenous ketones, which are added to the body in the form of ketone salts of sodium, or potassium which increase the levels of ketone salts and ketone esters in the body to produce BHB through ketosis. Ketosis is the process of making ketones out of which BHB is in the highest amount when the fat is converted into energy instead of carbs. This is unnatural because ketosis occurs if we fast or exercise to burn those extra calories.

This energy carrier ketone for our body is found in the bloodstream. Our body is already accustomed to BHB because the liver produces itself; however, not in this amount. BHB results from ketosis, produced when fatty foods are broken down. When ketone salts are taken from an external source, artificial ketosis is triggered, and the fat burn is faster than usual.

The keto diet was invented in 1920 when it was used as a treatment procedure for patients with epilepsy. However, when they resurfaced as a low carb diet, keto pills, there were talks about supplements for the diet.

In 2014, there was evidence of external ketones that worked similarly to internal ketones. These were earlier prototypes of keto pills in the synthesis phase. It was clear by 2018 that these ketones increased ketone levels in the body, but there was no certainty about if they could induce processes such as ketosis or weight loss.

An experimental study was conducted to estimate the rate of ketosis using 12g of ketone salt. The results were mind-boggling; they showed an increase of 300%. The study confirmed that exogenous ketone salts could trigger the ketosis and production of BHB in the body, which helps with fat burning.

According to the research conducted by Harvard, the keto diet helps by decreasing food cravings and lowering the production of hormones that increase the appetite that is produced due to carbs in our body. It is overall a better option for immediate weight loss. However, higher ketone levels can disrupt liver function, and it would be difficult to function after you stop using them correctly.

Usually, people with robust immunity feel no side effects. However, some common symptoms may occur due to raised ketone levels:

The recommended dosage of keto gummies is 2 per day if each is in 250mg packaging or 1 per day for gummies that are 500mg.

Keto gummies are all the rage right now in the weight loss community. Every day new companies are jumping on the bandwagon and creating their gummy formulation, but not all of them live up to their label claims. So, to help you navigate the sea of options available, weve made this list of the best keto gummies. Just two gummies a day will help you shave off a few pounds to make you feel like your best self.

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Eid-ul-Azha typically brings with it feasts of beef and mutton, and all that go with it. The various types of curry and kebabs and delicious sides like breads and pulao means that we find ourselves in a foodie's paradise throughout Eid holidays.

Unfortunately, like all good things, Eid breaks end as well. If you suddenly feel a bit heavier or bloated, or the scales scares you a little, here are some easy ways to get back your healthy self in no time.

Remember, the target here is not to lose a lot of weight at once but shed the few extra pounds. The good news is the 'holiday weight' oftentimes results from more water retention in the body (otherwise known as water weight) due to high sodium and carbs intake and can be shed easily but working on it for only two weeks.

First, you can start with a calorie-deficit diet. Where usually the upper limit set for adult male and female are 2500 and 2000 calories per day, experts recommend cutting those to 1800-1500 calories per day when targeting a weight loss.

One way of doing this is to stop, or at least drastically reduce, the intake of food with artificial sugars, like soft drinks, sugary juice and smoothies, desserts, powdered drink mixes, etc.

In case of carbohydrates, all you need to do is steer clear of the bad carbs for two weeks. Replace the red meat, fried food, rice, and sugar with green fruits and vegetables, white meat, fish, nuts and seeds. Nutritionists recommend chickpeas as a part of almost any good diet as the pack protein while being low in carbs.

It is also high time to add different types of salads in your daily food intake.

Gone are the days when 'diet' consisted of chewing unhappily on carrots and cucumbers. Now, there are countless alternatives and well as delicious recipes online that keep you full for longer while maintaining your energy level.

Once you have completed the first fifteen days with full dedication, you can choose to lighten up a bit. Calorie intake can go up to the normal 2000, and a cheat meal every few days will be acceptable.

No fancy equipment or bone-crushing workout regime for this one; all it asks for is your time. Walking regularly for 45-60 minutes at a moderate pace helps tremendously when you are trying to get in shape. YouTube has a rich collection of videos in this area that help you achieve the step-count within a short time and in the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can make a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs to make it more fun.

Walking is one of the lighter workouts and there is really no excuse for skipping it.

Thanks to the rise of F-commerce, if you cannot go to the gym, it will come to you.

Online workout classes are rather popular these days where trainers conduct sessions with small groups of people through virtual platforms like Google Meet and Zoom. The live session essentially replicate the gym experience within the comfort of your room.

In today's world, there are a million options when you are looking for a healthy lifestyle. Choose wisely, shed the weight.

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Weight Loss Hacks: If youre trying to lose weight, you may be tempted to cut calories, but doing so can adversely effect your health. So, rather than restricting your caloric intake, focus on feeding your body healthier foodsthis is a more effective weight loss strategy. Its also beneficial to understand which foods to eat more of in order to actively burn fat and calories. Here are some foods that can help you lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way.Also Read - 5 Food Items You Are Not Supposed to Eat After 8 pm Even if Getting For Free

Papaya: Papayas are high in fiber, which has a variety of health benefits such as helping you maintain a healthy weight, increasing satiety, and lowering the risk of overeating. Because papayas are high in water and low in calories, they can be satisfying without being too high in calories. Also Read - Weight Loss Mistakes: 5 Habits That Can Ruin Your Fat Loss Journey

Also Read - Paneer VS Tofu: Which is Beneficial For Weight Loss?

Amla: Amla helps in increasing metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more quickly you will lose weight. The presence of fiber in amla makes bowel movement easier and helps in the elimination of constipation, digestion, and gut health.

Chia Seeds: Chia seeds can help with weight loss in two ways. For starters, theyre high in fibre, which can help you feel full and prevent overeating. Second, because they expand in water, if you eat them unsoaked, they will grow in your stomach, taking up more space and acting as a natural appetite suppressant.

Vegetables: Vegetables of all kinds can help you lose weight. Cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage, are high in fibre and vitamins and can help with digestive issues.

Coconut Water: Coconut water is natures energy drink and one of the most effective home weight loss drinks. It is high in bioactive enzymes, which are known to aid digestion and metabolism. The faster your metabolism, the more fat you burn.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information.

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