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Emily Simpson has kept us in the loop on her healthy lifestyle journey since the very beginning, sharing everything fromher workout regimentodiet tips. However, what we appreciate the most about Emily's experiencehas to be her refreshing honesty. Not only has The Real Housewives of Orange County mom shared her milestones with us (which includeslosing 16 pounds), but she's alsoopened up about the struggles of her journey like falling into a "quarantine funk."

Now,Emily continues to be very candidabout her experience, even if itinvolvesrevealing a part of her journey she "never wanted to share."

On November 10, Emily posted a fresh look at her weight loss transformation with new before-and-after photos. The Instagram post included an older image of Emily lifting her shirt and exposing her tummy alongside a more current image of Emily showing off her fit physique in a high-cut bodysuit.

"I never wanted to show these photos publicly because [I'm] ashamed of where I let myself get, but here I am showing my transformation because I want to be transparent with you all," she wrote. "I worked my butt off to get here and [I'm] so proud of how far [I've] come and continue to go! I lost myself and my confidence through gaining 30 lbs. in one year in front of millions of people on a Reality TV Show. Here I am a year and a half later feeling sexy, confident in my own skin, and like the EMILY I am meant to be!"

Emily shared the post a day before launching her new website, which includes access to more never-before-seen transformation photos, recipes, and a new workout video series from Emily and her personal trainer, Paulina Taylor Hefferan.

In October, Emily went under the knife for a reverse tummy tuck and breast implant removal surgery, and shared a full look at her procedure live on Instagram. Prior to the surgery, she explained she was getting thereverse tummy tuck "to tighten the [loose skin] on my stomach from my weight loss.

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Liver disease is a broad term that can describe any issue that damages the liver and affects its function. Possible causes include infections, genetic conditions, autoimmune disorders, and cancer.

As liver disease progresses, the livers ability to function may diminish to the extent that it will no longer be able to keep the person alive.

A person with liver disease symptoms should talk with a doctor to determine the best treatment. Early treatment can often stop or slow the progression of liver disease and improve a persons quality of life.

This article discusses the symptoms of liver disease, as well as its diagnosis and the treatment options.

Liver disease describes several different medical conditions that damage the liver and lead to reduced functioning.

There are many different types of liver disease, which can occur as a result of viruses, genetic conditions, and cancer, among other causes.

Treatments can cure some diseases that affect the liver and prevent them from potentially leading to life threatening liver failure.

Liver disease can be acute or chronic. Acute liver disease occurs when something suddenly damages the liver.

Chronic liver disease occurs when a condition continues to affect the liver for 6 or more months.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, acute liver disease may have several symptoms, including:

In some cases, depending on the cause of liver disease, these symptoms may come on suddenly. It is also possible that about 50% of people with acute liver disease will have no symptoms.

People living with chronic liver disease may not experience any symptoms until the disease has progressed for many years.

Hepatitis refers to inflammation of the liver.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the most common types of viral hepatitis are A, B, and C.

A person may also develop hepatitis from medications, toxins, or heavy alcohol use.

The CDC note that the symptoms of acute disease can occur anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months after exposure. The symptoms of chronic hepatitis can take decades to show up. Some common symptoms include:

However, some individuals living with hepatitis may not experience any symptoms at all.

Fatty liver disease occurs when fat develops in the liver. The accumulated fat can damage a persons liver over time, impairing its function.

As with other liver conditions, fatty liver disease may not produce any symptoms. When symptoms do occur, they can include:

There are many different types of genetic liver disease, many of which are not well-known. According to the American Liver Foundation, two of the most common are alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency and Alagille syndrome.

The symptoms of these conditions vary but can include:

There are a few types of autoimmune liver disease, one of the most common being autoimmune hepatitis. A person living with this condition may experience symptoms such as:

As the disease progresses, more severe symptoms may appear. These may include loss of brain function, swelling in the legs, and fluid in the abdomen.

Liver cancer shares several symptoms with other liver diseases.

A person should talk with their doctor as soon as possible if they notice these symptoms. Early diagnosis can help improve the likelihood of successful treatment.

Common symptoms of liver cancer include:

Cirrhosis occurs when the liver becomes permanently scarred and damaged.

Cirrhosis often develops due to other conditions, such as hepatitis or alcohol-related liver disease. It can cause several symptoms early on, including:

As time goes on, the symptoms can become more severe. Other symptoms that may develop include:

Liver failure occurs when the liver slows or stops its normal functioning. This condition is life threatening and requires care.

The symptoms can be mild initially and increase in severity as the condition worsens. Some common early symptoms include:

As the condition progresses, symptoms can become worse and include:

Liver failure can be fatal.

There are several potential risk factors for developing liver disease.

According to Johns Hopkins Medicine, some of those factors include:

If a person suspects that they have liver disease or damage, they should schedule an appointment with a doctor.

A doctor will likely ask the person about their symptoms, as well as their medical history. They will also conduct a physical examination.

In addition, the doctor may order one or more tests.

Some common tests to diagnose liver disease or damage include:

The best treatment for liver disease will depend on several factors, including the type of liver disease and the persons age and other medical conditions.

For some types of liver disease, a doctor may prescribe medications to help ease symptoms or treat the condition directly.

A person with a diagnosis of liver cancer is likely to need different cancer treatments to remove or fight the disease.

In some cases of liver failure, it may be possible to save part of the liver. If this is not an option, a person may need to undergo liver transplant surgery.

The outcome for people living with liver disease will vary depending on their age and overall health, the severity of the condition, and the effectiveness of treatment.

A person should talk with a doctor about the treatments available. The doctor can explain whether the treatment is likely to cure the disease or whether there are other ways to manage the disease better.

They should be able to provide the person with a good idea of how well they might respond to treatment.

Liver disease describes many different conditions that affect the liver and its functioning.

A person may not experience any symptoms of their condition until they have lived with it for years.

It is important to talk to a doctor about any symptoms that may indicate a problem with the liver. Many types of liver disease produce similar symptoms, so a doctor may need to order tests to help them make a diagnosis and determine the best treatment options.

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Liver disease symptoms: What to look out for, diagnosis, and treatment - Medical News Today

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Finally on track to reaching your goal weight?

Catherine Clark, owner and founder of The Harvest Table advised not to waste all your hard work this festive season by throwing caution to the wind and eating everything that comes your way.

She said, Many of us see the holidays as an opportunity to let loose and overindulge, but come January we are riddled with guilt and regret.

She added that whilst December isnt necessarily the time to lose weight, you dont have to put on weight either. The fact is that you will be tempted to overeat and do less exercise, so key is not to deprive yourself, but rather to navigate the festive season so that you can indulge without the bulge, she said.

Catherine offered these five healthy habits to adopt this festive season:

1. Dont drink your calories: Most alcohol, juice and carbonated drinks are high in sugar and can significantly contribute to your calorie intake. What tends to happen is that you dont realise you are on your third drink and by then, youve consumed empty calories that can lead to weight gain. Choose low-calorie alcohol alternatives or non-alcoholic options like water or soda water, flavoured with fruits, herbs and extracts which will help quench your thirst without the added sugar.

2. Steer clear of the snack table: The best way to navigate the snack table is not to socialise around it as this will lead to mindless eating. Also, instead of finger-picking, dish up your snacks (even crisps!) on a small plate. According to Harvard Health Publishing, being distracted or not paying attention to a meal tends to make people eat more. As such, you can also adopt mindful eating habits and ask yourself simple questions like, Am I hungry or am I just eating because there is food?

3. Eat your greens first: Reach for the green leafy vegetables before you pile on foods with a high fat and sugar content. Fill half your plate with healthy vegetables and eat those first as this will prevent overindulging because there will be less room for the rich food items. One way to achieve this is by using the 60/40 rule, which is an extension of the 80/20 rule. While at a gathering, you can eat 60 per cent nutritious food and 40 per cent of your favourite things to help you stay on track with your goals.

4. Watch your eating in the day so that you dont have to overeat at night: Most festive season activities go into the evening, so if you know that you are going to an afternoon/ evening event, eat low-energy dense foods for breakfast and lunch, and watch your portions. This way, you can space out your energy intake, ensure that youre full throughout the day, and you will have a chance to enjoy supper with no guilt.

5. Drink lots of water: Water has zero calories and many benefits like helping you stay hydrated, maintaining the balance of body fluids and easing constipation. Plus, it keeps you fuller for longer! Your body is comprised of 60 per cent water which is necessary for functions such as digestion, transportation of nutrients, the creation of saliva and more, so its good to drink it throughout the day. Always carry a water bottle with you, and if youre entertaining at home, make sure to place a jug of water where you can see it as it will be easier for you to drink.

The festive season doesnt have to result in extra kilos by January. The important thing is to be mindful and adequately prepared to ensure that you dont regret your food choices and the consequences thereof, Catherine concluded.

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(Bloomberg) -- Gold dropped to the lowest since July as a combination of positive vaccine news, strong economic data and the start of U.S. President-elect Joe Bidens formal transition undermines the metals haven appeal.Prices tumbled for a second day to just above $1,800 an ounce as equity markets rallied. Gold had been trading in a tight range for weeks before the U.S. election, and looked set to break upward immediately after the poll. Then Pfizer Inc. announced its Covid-19 vaccine was 95% effective at preventing the disease, sparking a rotation into risk assets thats put gold on a downwards trajectory.Traders will now have their eyes on the $1,800-an-ounce mark, which represents a key support for gold, according to Ole Hansen, head of commodity strategy at Saxo Bank A/S.In the short term, short sellers may look for additional stops down toward support at $1,800, the 200-day moving average, he said. With vaccine news occupying the headlines, gold is likely to struggle.The metal is under additional pressure as political uncertainty eases. Following weeks of inaction, the General Services Administration acknowledged Biden as the apparent winner of the presidential election, and President Donald Trump called on his agencies and departments to cooperate. Global stocks advanced for a second day and the dollar weakened.Funds Sell OffMeanwhile, a selloff in gold exchange traded funds resumed on Monday after pausing at the end of last week. The funds, which were crucial to gold reaching its August record, have dropped 64 tons of metal since Pfizer Inc announced its vaccine was effective.Spot gold declined as much as 1.8% to $1,804.53 an ounce, the lowest level since July. Silver dropped 1.5% and palladium also declined.However, Bitcoin, -- which like gold can be viewed as a store of value -- extended its surge, surpassing $19,000 for the first time since 2017.Still, some market observers remain optimistic about the longer-term outlook for gold.Biden plans to nominate former Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to serve as his Treasury secretary, people familiar with the matter said. That should boost prospects for fiscal stimulus going forward, which along with protracted low interest rates will provide a supportive environment for gold, according to Carsten Fritsch, an analyst at Commerzbank AG.After its current losing streak, gold should therefore begin climbing again, even if this may well take some time yet, and is likely to start from a lower level, he wrote in a note.For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.2020 Bloomberg L.P.

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Rider: Greg Heil. Photo: Marcel Slootheer

Progress and continued innovation are dependent on individuals and companies who refuse to accept the status quo, and who decide that they want to try to make something better. These unique individuals bring their own genius and determination to bear as they attempt to solve new problems or find even better solutions to old ones.

The Jamis Hardline was born from the determination of individuals and brands such as these. Specifically, mountain bike businessman and marketer Chris Currie spent over a decade working in his spare time to develop a totally new, innovative suspension design. Jamis Bikes has partnered with him to turn this design into a reality, with two of their lines of full-suspension mountain bikes utilizing the design.

Attempting to analyze a new mountain bike and an all-new suspension design simultaneously, while parsing out how the various component and geometry choices impact the other variables, was a formidable challenge, but I spent over two months putting my mind and body to the task.

The Hardline commands the most aggressive position in Jamiss 2020 bike lineup. With 160mm of suspension front and rear, this 27.5 enduro bike is designed to be an aggressive downhill shredder that fears no obstacle. The frame is crafted from beefy tubes of Dyad Pro High Modulus Carbon Fiber and sports an all-new 3VO suspension design.

The Hardlines geometry largely falls in line with most enduro mountain bikes on the market today. Were not pushing the boundaries with geometry, said Bryan Dubuc, Demo and Event Coordinator for Jamis Bikes. Instead, theyre focusing on the brand-new, revolutionary suspension design.

The Hardline sports a 65.5 head tube angle and a 74 seat tube angle. All Hardlines have 429mm chainstays and 13.5mm bottom bracket drops. The size-medium Hardline I have in for test features an effective top tube of 610mm, a 439mm reach, 745mm standover height, a 595mm stack, and a total wheelbase of 1182mm.

The brainchild of industry veteran Chris Currie, Jamis and Currie have been working closely together for over three years to bring the 3VO suspension design to the brands long-travel bikes.

What exactly is different about the suspension design? Jamis dives into a very technical analysis on their website, which you can read in detail. Singletracks also recently ran a podcast interview with Currie, which provides insightful backstory to the suspension design. But here are some of the highlights.

According to Jamis, with the 3VO systems unique virtual pivot characteristics, were able to combine the efficiency of a hardtail with the proper support of precisely-controlled active suspension.

Currie explains that the instant center is the point around which the swingarm pivots. The instant center is the foundational reference point for a lot of the kinematics of the bicycle, the anti-squat in particular, and a lot of the characteristics of how the bike rides. But unlike a single pivot, if you have a multi-link suspension system, that instant center occurs at a point in space where imaginary lines drawn through the pivots intersect. That instant center moves throughout the stroke of the shock and controlling and designing the path of the instant center allowed Currie and Jamis to create specific suspension characteristics that they wanted.

In particular, Jamis claims that their instant center provides complete efficiency, with the most efficient propulsion, with no loss of pedal energy due to suspension movement, regardless of the gear combination, wheel travel, terrain, and rider power output. The suspension is supposed to react instantly to hits both large and small. Finally, the suspension isolates braking forces for a consistent response.

Axle path is another key component of suspension design. In Jeffs podcast interview, Currie tried to break it down for us, explaining that generally, a more rearward axle path is an advantage for [] square-edged hits and things like that, where your wheel naturally wants to move rearward in order to offer minimum resistance to the terrain. However, when the axle path is at its most rearward makes a big difference, he concludes.

Jamis claims that the key advantages of the 3VO axle path are reactivity to square-edge and small bump impacts, additional pedaling stability, no pedal kickback, and an overall vertical path.

Suspension kinematics only get more complicated as we dive into leverage ratios, but suffice it to say that Jamis claims the 3VO offers one of the best designs on the market today.

The C3 build kit of the Hardline retails for $4,699 and occupies the middle price point of all five Hardline models currently for sale. Below the C3, the C4 retails for $4,199, and the A2 with an aluminum frame retails for $3,199. Above the C3, the MSRP (and build kit) jumps dramatically to the $6,499 C2, and the top-tier C1 retails for $8,499.

The C3 model I tested is specced with a Fox Rhythm 36 Float fork and Fox Float DPX2 Performance Series EVOL rear shock. The wheels consist of Race Face ARC 30 27.5 rims laced to Shimano SLX M7110 hubs, and those were mounted with Vittoria Martello 27.5 x 2.35 trail tires. However, Jamis lists the Hardline as compatible with 27.5+ and 26+ wheel and tire combos. The drivetrain consists mostly of Shimano 12-speed SLX components, but the crankset and bottom bracket come from Race Face, along with the handlebar and Aeffect R dropper post. Braking duties are handled by Shimano SLX M7120 brakes, with 180mm rotors front and rear.

Claimed weight for the Hardline is 30.75lbs, but I found a real-life riding weight, including usable tires and a pair of XT pedals mounted up, to hit the scales at 33.25lbs. More on the tires below.

Over two months of testing, Ive railed the Hardline on hundreds of miles of brutal singletrack. The Hardline and I have traveled to the High Rockies of Colorado and blasted down Durangos most famous trails, from high alpine mountains to low elevation tech riding. From there, we stopped off in Park City, Utah for two weeks of pedaling and shuttling on world-class singletrack in IMBAs first gold-level ride center.

After leaving the Rockies, we journeyed to Oregon and have been exploring as many trails as possible before the snow finally falls. From enduro shuttles in Ashland dropping over a vertical mile in elevation, to backcountry pedals in the shadow of Cascade volcanoes, flow trails and jump lines in the Coast Range, and the gnarly backcountry shuttles deep in the Cascades in the renowned destination of Oakridge, Oregon has proven itself to be a diverse testing ground. The Hardline has been tested and challenged on a diverse selection of terrain from across the country. Throughout this extensive testing, Ive found a few places where the Hardline truly excels.

This slack, overbuilt enduro rig has been superbly designed for downhill shredding. Point this bike down the mountain, and it is ready to send! One of my favorite ways to ride the Hardline is fast and wide-open. When blasting down wide-open trails with long sightlines filled with boulder fields, the Hardline truly excels. The suspension is supple and forgiving, soaking up the obstacles and keeping the bike firmly planted. While Jamis claims that the 3VO suspension works perfectly in all situations, I found that I still had to make a decision on which I would optimize for: smoothing high-speed chatter, or soaking up big hits. Unless you have a truly top-tier shock like a Cane Creek Double Barrel, you generally have to make a bit of a compromise on this point, and the Hardline was no exception.

The bikes slack geometry only gets more and more stable at speed, providing a confident, balanced demeanor even when the trail seemed to indicate that I should feel anything but relaxed. The 65.5 head tube angle combined with the well-tuned reach and wheelbase creates a very comfortable, centered feeling at speed. This natural, centered rider position shouldnt be taken for granted some bikes ride better with a forward weight bias, and a few ride a bit better with a rearward weight bias. Sometimes it can take a while to find where exactly you should position your weight on a new bike, but right out of the box the Hardline felt natural and intuitive.

My second favorite place to find myself astride the Hardline is in mid-air. More than any bike in recent memory, I found the Hardline extremely confidence-inspiring when getting the wheels off the ground. Im by no means the best jumper, but I found myself throwing mini whips over moderately-sized tabletops, boosting off booters, and launching off drops that I generally tend to just ride around and leave for another day. On multiple occasions, I stumbled across a drop on a trail, rode by it, then looked back up the track and thought, hmm, I bet I could air that out on this bike and then promptly sent it to the absolute best of my ability. The 3VO suspension brought me back down to the ground safely and in control every time, which only encouraged me to continue pushing my boundaries. The Hardline makes me feel like an absolute rockstar when getting airborne, and it forgives me even if my balance isnt perfect.

When the descents got tight and twisty, the Hardline and I didnt get on quite as well. While I have piloted it through steep old school switchbacks and spent weeks riding the tight, twisty tracks of Park City, the Hardline really prefers to go fast. I particularly felt like acceleration out of tight corners was lacking. This isnt to say the bike performs horribly in these situations, but rather, that its best-suited for other terrain.

I attribute some of the slow acceleration to the 7 of engagement in Shimanos SLX hub. Compare the SLX hubs engagement to the 3.5 degrees of engagement in Spanks Hex Drive hub, which hits a very reasonable price point, or the industry-leading 0.52 degrees of engagement found in Industry Nines Hydra hubs.

Overall, I found the wheelset to be a weak spot in the C3s build kit. In addition to slow engagement at the rear hub, I destroyed the rear Race Face Arc 30 rim due to poor spoke tension from the factory, and seating tubeless tires (regardless of the brand) is borderline impossible with a floor pump.

Part of the poor acceleration out of the corners could be attributed to the pedaling characteristics of this bike. While Ive tackled several-thousand-foot-climbs aboard the Hardline, I havent enjoyed pedaling this rig uphill. In large part, I attribute this to the 74 seat tube angle.

While I know that Jamis wasnt trying to push the geometry envelope, a 74 seat tube angle is way too slack for 2020. When enduro bikes like the Privateer 161, also in for review on Singletracks, are being sold with 80 seat tube angles, 74 looks downright antiquated. As a personal note of comparison, the Niner RIP 9 that I spent the last two seasons riding sported a 75.2 seat tube angle, and I wished it was steeper. Losing over a degree when moving to the Jamis Hardline was quite frustrating.

Im not alone in my opinions, either. In a recent op-ed published here on Singletracks, Features Editor Matt Miller argued that weight is the last thing we should care about when it comes to mountain bikes, and specifically highlighted seat tube angles as a more important consideration. In that article, he wrote, weight is generally considered a negative attribute because it takes away from climbing capability, but I for one will probably never buy a trail bike with a seat tube angle slacker than 75, because hanging off the back end of a bike and putting more weight and energy into the rear suspension is just an awful feeling. I concur.

My analysis here is in stark contrast to the marketing materials published on Jamiss website. Jamis claims that they provide a comfortable, natural seat tube angle which promotes neutral weighting when a rider is seated and pedaling. I disagree on this point.

Dubuc told me to try the Hardline with about 30-33% sag in the rear shock, and to try climbing with the suspension full-open to see how it performs. While the suspension is very active over obstacles and doesnt bob much while pedaling, dropping 30% into the travel only slacks out the seat tube even more, effectively creating an even slacker ST angle while climbing. Consequently, Ive taken to locking out the rear shock simply to keep the bike higher in its travel and the seat tube as steep as possible while climbing.

While I dont want to belabor this point, I will note that the stock trail tires specced on the Hardline are an abysmal choice. The block spacing on the tread was too tight, and the narrow 2.35 tires squared off dramatically on the 30mm internal rims, causing me to almost run a hiker off the trail due to poor braking performance and lack of grip in loose soil. In addition, the sidewalls are paper-thin, which doesnt bode well for this wrecking ball of a bike tester, or mesh with the Hardlines aggressive characteristics.

So, I switched to a tried-and-true tire combination with much greater volume, better tread, and thicker sidewalls, which have worked perfectly. But as noted, total weight for this bike with real tires and a pair of pedals is 2.5 pounds heavier than the claimed stock build. That definitely impacts climbing performance as well but tire quality cannot be sacrificed on a bike that descends this fast.

One final nit to pick on the stock build: as a shorter rider, I couldnt use the stock seatpost on the size-medium frame. Due to the interrupted seat tube and a relatively long lower assembly on the Race Face post, the dropper wouldnt go far enough into the frame for me to fit on it. So, I had to spend $200 on the shortest-insertion seat post on the market, and even in a 120mm drop package it barely fit.

I checked with Dubuc on this, and he said that they change the length of the seatpost based on the size of the bike. The stock seatpost lengths are:

Youll note the only two bike sizes that share the same length post are medium and large. So if you just so happen to fall on the short end of the medium spectrum, that 125mm post may cause some problems for you. If purchasing the bike from a dealer, Id recommend haggling for a different dropper post to save you an immediate $200 part swap.

Parsing out the various implications of the Jamis Hardlines geometry, the product managers component choices, and the unique design and kinematics of the 3VO suspension is a tall order. Hopefully, Ive successfully outlined above where I see the various aspects of the geometry, componentry, and suspension design affecting various parts of the Hardlines performance.

Overall, I found the 3VO suspension to ride confidently and predictably, with no untoward surprises. Does it fully live up to the brands marketing hype? Of course not but nothing ever does. The suspension is nowhere close to riding like a hardtail on the climbs. Also, while Jamis claims that the suspensions performance isnt dependent on sag, I actually found that tweaking the sag a few percentage points in different directions created very different ride characteristics, allowing me to optimize for the specific type of performance I was looking for.

Ultimately, 3VO isnt the perfect mountain bike suspension design that the world has been waiting for with bated breath. It doesnt radically outperform any of the key competitors at the top of the game today.

But can 3VO play competitively in the same arena? I say emphatically YES. Most of the quibbles I have with this bike are related more to geometry and a few component choices than they are to the design of the suspension linkage, so who knows what could happen if these challenges were addressed in future incarnations of the Hardline?

One of my all-time favorite ways to spend a day is to load up my hydration pack and pedal deep into the backcountry, climbing many thousands of vertical feet to access a technical, rowdy, backcountry descent. And unfortunately, I just cant sign off on the Hardline for that application.

However, I would love to keep the Hardline in my stable of mountain bikes for a very specific application: downhill ripping. Im a lover of shuttle runs, and living near Ashland has only helped feed this obsession. Twenty bucks for over a vertical mile of downhill shredding? Yes please! Ive started making the 30-minute drive to ride the Ashland shuttle at least once a week.

For burly downhill runs filled with rock gardens, jumps, and high-speed shredding, the Hardline excels. I would hang on to this rig solely for shuttle days and the occasional lift-served bike park day. When the going gets fast and rough, or you have the urge to get sendy, turn to the Hardline!

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The Real co-host Loni Love took to Instagram to share a snazzy picture of her dressed comfortably. The TV personalitylooked pretty good with her new look.

Loni Love posted a cute snapshot of herself in a gold and black jogger set that showed her weight loss. The Weight Watchers ambassador had her braids tied up while wearing big hoop earrings and smiling at the camera.

Love's two-piece jogger set consisted of a jacket-like top made almost entirely of gold sequins and loose-fitting black pants with sequined lines by the sides. The television hostadvertised what turned out to be her new collection in the caption.

While posing for the camera, Love stood with one leg slightly in front of the other and both hands raised as shematched her outfit with black, pointy-toed leatherboots.

Instagram users took to the comments section to compliment Love in her gold and black activewear. Dripping in gold, she captioned her post. I love your outfit; you look so beautiful, commented one user while another said, Looking fabulous, Loni."


According to BET, the TV host burst into tears while recording an ad segment on The Real where she reflected on the type of foodshe used to eat while growing up. The comedian revealed that growing up in the projects influenced her eating habits, which resulted in her gaining weight:

Let me tell yall, I did not know how to eat. Growing up in the projects, we just had to eat what we could. I know it sounds funny, but a lot of women in the African-American community, we dont know how to eat because we grew up that way.

The 49-year-old creates healthy eating awareness through her Weight Watchers program. Love emphasized that one can still balance their eating habits while avoiding starvation and still losing weight.

She added that their main goal with the program is to make the community aware that being healthy is importanta great initiative that is relevant to the people.Way to go, Love.


Known for her great sense of humor on the show, Love had to say goodbye to her longtime co-worker, Tamera Mowry. In July, E! Online reported that Mowry announced her departure from the show.

Mowry has presented alongside Love for the past seven years since the inception of the daytime talk show. Love told E! Online how she felt about the news: "Its bittersweet. But the thing is that Tamera wants to move on and do other things." She further stated that when Mowry broke the news to her, she assured her that she supported her choice 100%.


The TV star wrote a book called I Tried to Change So You Dont Have To, in which she told the story of her life before fame came into the picture.

The comedian collaborated with Jeannine Amber on the memoir and told NBC News that she wanted people to know her background. Love further stated that she wanted to share her lifelong lessons and how she became an Emmy Award-winning talk show host.


USA Today featured the actress on their Quarantine Diaries to keep tabs on what celebrities are getting up to amid the stay-at-home order. Love is currently cooped up with her boyfriend, James Welsh, at home.

The pair started dating in March, and being quarantined together has not been overwhelming like other couples, according to Love. It seems Love and her partner know how to accommodate each other very well, and that is good companionship.

The information in this article is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, and images contained on, or available through this NEWS.AMOMAMA.COM is for general information purposes only. NEWS.AMOMAMA.COM does not take responsibility for any action taken as a result of reading this article. Before undertaking any course of treatment please consult with your healthcare provider.

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Shane Whalley Shane Whalley

Shane Whalley weighed 530 lbs. in January and then he broke his bed.

It was a huge push to be honest with myself about dropping the weight, Whalley, 30, tells PEOPLE. I didnt ever want to feel like that again.

Whalley had been using TikTok as a creative outlet since August 2019 and wondered if the transparency and accountability to his new connections could motivate him to finally commit to his health.

It had long been a struggle.

I was bullied for 21 years of my life, so I found coping mechanisms through food and eating disorders, says the hotel event operations manager from Guelph, Ontario. My weight drastically climbed in college when I was in culinary school. I eventually developed an addiction to food, which I am still successfully battling.

He first tried to lose weight in 2012 after losing his breath while struggling to grab something just out of reach. My weight was crushing me, he recalls. I had this flash of hatred for myself. I had to ask, Do I want to keep living or do I want to just stop? I chose to keep going.

Although Whalley joined a gym that very day, it wasnt until this year, when he got more candid on TikTok, that he was able to kick off what has become a successful 100-lb. weight loss.

I told myself from Day 1, Im just going to be myself and hope that people enjoy that, Walley says.

Through this emotional vulnerability this rawness Whalley has gained 2M followers who cheer him on whether hes giddily explaining how it feels to sit at a restaurant table instead of a booth, or crying tears of disbelief when he tries on clothes that were once too tight.

The first time I put up one of the videos in which I bore my heart I wore one of my purple shirts, and I was like, oh my gosh, its loose! And I looked at my mom and said, its loose! I got really, really excited and my emotions just blew out of proportion. I didnt know how to contain the joy.

Story continues

I had that moment that exhilaration of self-love that Ive always wanted and it was so good to feel it.

He started radiating this new joy, and people loved it. And he felt like he had a new purpose. I realized, someone else feels this way," he says. "Someone else out there should know this is possible.

In addition to dropping 100 lbs., Whalley has gone down 10 pants sizes, as well as 2 to 3 shirt sizes.

He was able to do it by finally taking control of his nutrition, increasing his water intake, eating as many greens as I could possibly fit inside of me and including healthy proteins and fats in every meal. But the real key, he says, was confronting his weakness head-on.

My major weakness, and where I failed in the past, was restricting myself. I felt that by saying no, my body wanted it more, he explains. So I compromised by using moderation. I still allowed myself to have fast food or chips once in a while because I knew I was going to succeed eventually.

And he refused to give himself a deadline. I removed the race, and made it into a journey," he says.

Whalley also started exercising more. Before COVID he was able to work out at the gym of the hotel where he worked, but since moving home to save on rent, he walks around his neighborhood, sometimes with his mom or his dog.

I've gone through a lot, but I've never given up and there were so many times that I could have, says Whalley, who calls himself the CEO of Positive Vibes on Instagram.

Shane Whalley

He was even able to maintain his positive attitude after an atrial fibrillation in June. My cardiologist believes that my weight is a huge factor, he admits. Even though he had to lighten up on exercise for a while, he focused even more seriously on nutrition and was able to keep losing weight.

I knew I couldnt stop. In the past, life always threw something to stop me from my weight loss and I knew it wasnt going to let it happen this time."

Plus, he adds, Knowing I was on display on social media made me feel like, I cant fail.

Whats next for Whalley? He is on the hunt for romantic love, which he says he has "never experienced" because of his size. Also, after running his first 1km ever, his followers are asking him to run 2km for reaching 2M followers.

Nicole Walker

And hes seriously considering it. But mostly Whalley wants people to know that obesity like his is a mental health issue and not about putting down a sandwich.

I just hope that the people will realize its not always our fault. Sometimes it can be, but there can also be a lot of underlying issues. For me it was addiction stemming from bullying and abuse. Most of us try our best.

Utimately, he wants to inspire others.

To any person out there who is struggling with weight loss: Its okay if you dont start today. You can start tomorrow but definitely start.

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In 2017, a disastrous Valentine's Day dinner with his partner forced Darnell Settles to wake up to some harsh truths. He was overweight, and the people in his life were worried about his health. In a recent episode of transformation webseries Brand New Me, Darnell, now 38, shares how he struggled with his weight for much of his adult life.

"There was a time when I'd get out of bed at night, like in the middle of the night, and go to Taco Bell, because I just didn't have control," he says. "If I ordered a pizza, I'd eat the whole pizza... I ate whatever I wanted to eat, whenever I wanted to. It was very much compulsive. I was addicted to food."

At his heaviest, Darnell weighed 560 pounds. But after his wake-up call, he decided he needed to make some changes. "The first step in my weight loss journey was going through my kitchen, looking at nutrition labels, and throwing away anything that I considered bad," he said. "That same day, I also went to the gym."

Over the next two years, he lost a staggering 250 pounds, and now weighs 309 pounds.

"I feel very comfortable in my body now," he says. "I am physically fit, there's not a lot of situations I'm going to get myself into where I can't manoeuver. When I was at my heaviest, I was not able to bike ride at all. Now that I weigh 309 pounds, riding a bike is so much easier."

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"I used to pray to not be this super-duper overweight, but I felt stuck and I felt trapped," he says. "So now, when I wake up in this body, it's like a dream come true. It's like, this is me."

One visible side effect of such dramatic weight loss is Darnell's loose skin, but he is unfazed by that. "I don't really feel uncomfortable with my loose skin. It's my body, right?" He says. "I would for sure rather have loose skin than be overweight."

Darnell's advice for anybody who is at the start of their own weight loss journey is simple and practical. "Understand protein, fat, carbohydrates," he says. "Learn how to read nutrition labels. Buy a food scale. And then figure out some kind of target for yourself."

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This years Dubai Fitness Challenge may have been completely differently this year, but that doesnt mean we havent been doing any fewer movements. App-based workouts, shipping in a home exercise bike or simply skipping in the lounge, weve dedicated a lot of energy to both building up our stamina and apologising to the downstairs neighbours.

As with every year, however, when the end of the 30-day experiment looms into view, the last few days seem to somehow stretch and the motivation to give it our all begins to fade. This is where UAE personal trainer and fitness brand ambassador Jade Palmer comes in. Shes going to share a few words on how we can push on through to completion.

Often the difficult part is not beginning a new exercise regime, but sticking to it. How do you convince your clients to keep going when they want to give up?

It's all about keeping the programme fresh and exciting. There will be some days that are harder than others, but when there is a clear goal or your "why" is strong, it'll fuel your journey. Remember your why. Its often to loose weight and you will. The aim is to avoid fatigue and create a safe space for people to have fun while hitting their fitness goals.

Now we're almost through DFC do you think people should be altering their approach in any way to keep it fresh or dialing up the intensity?

This month is a great time to reignite the flame if you slipped off your wellness game. The amount of classes and programmes that are out there, some free of charge, is amazing and people should jump on the opportunity to get access to places they may not have otherwise considered before. Individually we know our bodies best, so mixing up your training schedule this month might be of benefit to you and your fitness goals now and for future.

Is there any tech you can recommend to keep us on track?

I love seeing what my body is doing, so seeing the numbers and trying to improve those each week is get whether its pre, during, and post-session. The fact that I can check my blood oxygen levels on my Apple watch series 6 for example is insane. Getting to link up to my communitys watches also adds some healthy competition in session. Its such a motivation. Sleep tracking also helps me stick to a certain sleeping window through reminders.

How does Dubai rate in terms of facilities and help for people to get in shape? Is it a healthy city?

Dubai in general is a clean and healthy city. It has been like that throughout my time here but to ensure this continues it is up to everyone to play their part to keep it evolving in the right direction. I'm a big believer in the saying 'sharing is caring', so if you're living well/eating well, or have access to information to improve your well-being then you have the responsibility from your platforms to share and help others live well too.

Who are your fitness inspirations and why these particular individuals?

The WORKOUTWENTVIRAL community this year has been the biggest inspiration. During such uncertain times, these guys made it a priority to move, stay healthy, all whilst supporting each other from their homes. These guys take on anything we throw at them, even 12 hours of burpees for charity.

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Stay the DFC 2020 course with UAE trainer Jade Palmer - wknd.

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Nutricosmetics market report examines the short-and medium-term economic and profitability outlook for Nutricosmetics industry. The Nutricosmetics market accounted for $XX million in 2018, and is expected to reach $XX million by 2024, registering a CAGR of XX% from 2019 to 2026.

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Attributes such as new development in Nutricosmetics market, Total Revenue, sales, annual production, government norm, and trade barriers in some countries are also mentioned in detail in the report. Nutricosmetics Report discusses about recent product innovations and gives an overview of potential regional market shares.

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Nutricosmetics Market 2020: Potential Growth, Challenges, and Know the Companies List Could Potentially Benefit or Loose out From the Impact of...

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