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Purists in strength sports may sometimes shun weightlifting belts and opt to lift raw, but when used in the right circumstances and with the right intentions, they are undeniably beneficial for lifting. Belts are a simple way to help create a little extra intra-abdominal and thoracic pressure, helping you stay more stable throughout the lift. There is a reason why equipped powerlifting totals are higher than raw totals.

Like many pieces of equipment, lifting belts were less available in the past than they are now. However, as lifting of all kinds has grown in popularity, so have the options available to consumers. There are now speciality belts for almost every discipline; powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, strongman and more. Weve sifted through the top weightlifting belts on the market and picked out the best ones for the different requirements you might have.

Lever belts blend the security of buckle belts with the greater convenience of the lever system for fastening. The Gymreapers 10mm is our favorite in this category. Normally leather belts are not as comfortable as man made material belts to begin with, but the smoothed edges mean that while the belt molds to your body youll still lift in comfort.

At 4 inches wide and with a 10mm thickness, you can expect this belt to be very stable. Made from high quality leather, it also has reinforced stitching and comes with a one year warranty. Whats more, this belt is USPA approved, so if you plan on competing in powerlifting, you wont need to change your equipment for competition.

Gymreapers 10MM Lever Belt

This lever lifting belt has been rigorously tested forform, fit, and function and is manufactured with premium leather. The design incorporates smooth edges, reinforced stitching, and an adjustable lever buckle attachment.

Made from very high quality materials and with some nice design touches for comfort, the Gymreapers is a great choice for a life long belt.

If theres any lift that you want to make sure your spine is fully braced on, the deadlift is top of the list. Our favorite belt for deadlifting is the Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt. At 4 inches high and 10mm thick, this is a chunky belt and wont leave you wanting for stability. There is plenty of support for your core.

We love the quality buckle which is made with thick metal for durability and the vegetable tanning process gives the leather some water resistance whilst also helping with firmness and durability. With a little cleaning every now and then, this belt should last you a long time.

Rogue Ohio Lifting Belt

The Rogue Ohio leather weightlifting belt has a quality finish and stainless steel buckle to ensure durability and trunk stability. It's a top pick for powerlifters and those who need to maximize core support for big lifts.

The 10mm thickness on this belt makes for a really solid structure. If youre going to be deadlifting heavy regularly and want to keep your trunk set in place, look no further.

Read our full review of the Rogue Fitness Ohio Lifting Belt

Olympic lifting is tricky with belts as they can easily interfere with the bar movement. Thats why we recommend the Rogue Oly Ohio Lifting Belt if the snatch and the clean and jerk are your main focus. A 4 inch wide belt that tapers down to 2 inches on the front, it minimizes the chances of the bar catching and causing problems with your lift.

The 10mm thickness gives great core support and the vegetable tanned leather is held together with reinforced stitching, so you wont need to worry about durability. You will need to keep the leather clean and conditioned, but it will last a lifetime if you do. It is relatively expensive compared to other belts on this list, but if Olympic lifting is your focus then its worth the money.

Rogue Oly Ohio Lifting Belt

The Rogue Oly Ohio lifting belt is made of leather and designed to be less intrusive while performing olympic weightlifting movements like the clean and jerk and the snatch. It's tapered in the front while still offering solid core support.

Designed with Olympic Lifting in mind, this belt is supportive but sleek and wont cause you to miss lifts unnecessarily.

Of all the lifts, aside from the deadlift, the squat is probably the one you would most associate with belts. Keeping your spine aligned is vital if you want to squat heavy and avoid issues in the long run. We think the Rogue 4 Faded Belt is just the ticket if your training plan involves plenty of squats and you want a bit of added stability.

At 4 inches wide and 8.5mm thick, this leather belt is going to be very stable. It is the most expensive belt on this list, but with tanned leather and a black suede lining, youre getting a belt that will last a lifetime with proper care. On top of that the patent pending Pioneer Cut means that youll probably get a better fit than virtually any other buckle belt out there.

Rogue 4

The Rogue 4" Faded Belt is the perfect option for the serious lifter that wants a belt that is going to last and provide a lot of support. It's very stable and will last a lifetime if cared for properly.

A beautiful piece of craftsmanship with a smart innovation on the classic buckle, this belt will provide excellent core support that is a great aid to anyone out there squatting heavy.

For people just getting started lifting, or those wishing to start using a belt for the first time, the Rogue Harbinger is our pick. Incredibly easy to use with a velcro strap and just as easy on the wallet, there is a very low barrier to entry here.

The 5 inch width and 3 inch velcro strap provide great coverage of the midsection. There is somewhat of a trade off with regards stability at higher weights thanks to the foam core that is less rigid than other belts, but this wont be much of an issue for beginners. Finally, we like the fact that the nylon doesnt require any breaking in and will be comfortable to train in from day one.

Rogue Harbinger 5 Lifting Belt

The Rogue Harbinger lifting belt is made of flexible ultra-light foam core with breathable plush tricot lining. It includes a three-inch wide support strap and a heavy-gauge steel-roller buckle for custom fit.

Great value for the money, very easy to use and surprisingly comfortable, this belt is your go to if youre just getting started.

Read our full review of the Rogue Harbinger 5 Foam Core Belt

One of the hallmarks of CrossFit is varied movement. If youre moving from a heavy squat clean, straight into rowing or box jumps, you need a belt that is easy to adjust or remove. This is why the Schiek 2004 is our pick for CrossFitters. With a stainless steel buckle and Slide N Grip VELCRO brand fasteners, you can quickly and easily tighten or loosen this belt as needed.

Aside from its easily fastened straps, the 2004 also features a patented cone shaped design that maximizes core support while keeping the belt lighter and less bulky than similar brands. Ideal for WODs that are going to involve a lot of heavy lifting and breathing, the two year warranty on this belt doesnt hurt either.

Schiek Model 2004 Lifting Belt

The Schiek Model 2004 lifting belt is designed for versatility and to contour to the body's natural shape to provide support. It's ideal for functional fitness workouts as it's easy to strap on and remove in-between movements.

The Schiek 2004 is a great choice for anyone who wants support when lifting, but also wants to avoid spending minutes trying to fasten their belt before each attempt.

Read our full review of the Schiek 2004 Lifting Belt

There has been some innovation in weightlifting belts in recent years, but in reality, belts are still a quite straightforward proposition support the core under heavy weight. Here are the main factors to think about when choosing your belt.

The type of lifting you do is going to have a big impact on the belts you will want to consider. Powerlifters and strongmen are going to want belts that prioritize security above all else. The last thing you want is your belt coming loose in the middle of a heavy deadlift. For everyone else, ease of adjustment, comfort and other factors will come more into play.

In CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting or bodybuilding youre unlikely to be hitting quite such high numbers and are more likely to have to transition between a variety of exercises. Here, youre less likely to want to spend a few minutes tightening and then unfastening your belt after each attempt. The mechanisms and materials are going to be other things youll want to pay attention to as well.

There is a big price range in this market. There is also a good reason for this price range. Some of these belts are handmade with very high quality materials, and some are designed to be more mass market. At the upper end you can be spending nearly $150 on a belt, but if you take care of it, it should last you a lifetime. On the lower end, you can get down to $20, but we wouldnt expect the same lifespan or security out of those.

The design of a lifting belt usually isnt going to be a deal breaker. Belts tend to be functional rather than aesthetic choices, but at the same time you may have a preference for a more or less traditional design.

There are multiple types of belt designs, but from our tests and reviews every belt tends to technically fall into three major categories: cylinder, tapered, and cone. Each belt has different design attributes to benefit certain types of strength athletes.

This style belt is the same width at every part and covers the torso equally. They are designed to support the back, abdomen, and sides evenly with the same amount of material. Powerlifters and strongman athletes typically sway towards these belts.

This belt is often favored by Olympic lifters and recreational athletes because it provides the posterior with extra width, but thins out towards the abdomen. The skinnier portion over the abdomen allows the torso to remain mobile while providing support without being to obtrusive.

This design is possibly the most rarely seen. These belts are contoured on the sides, but offer a thicker posterior and anterior section. In theory, their design is supposed to follow the natural curvature of the torso. The Schiek Model 2004 Lifting Belt utilizes this type of belt design to create a versatile, yet supportive belt.

Different belts have different locking mechanisms and each has its strengths and weaknesses. When deciding which is best for an athlete, there are some factors that will be decided by training, but mostly it comes down to personal preference. Below are the main types of fastening mechanisms and the main advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

The classic mechanism gives a very secure fit once locked and easy to adjust the fit. However it can be difficult to get the buckle locked when you need the belt very tight and many a lifter has needed assistance to close their buckle belt before a big lift. You are also usually stuck with 1 inch increments with the adjustments.

Gives just as secure a fit as a buckle, but is more customizable to the user. The downside is that it generally restricts the belt to use by just one person as changing the fit takes time.

Easy to adjust and to take on and off, this type of mechanism is great for sports like CrossFit, but is usually a little less secure than a buckle or lever belt. The lifespan may also be shorter unless the velcro is replaced once it wears down.

Less common, this type of mechanism is great for a super tight fit, but the quality of the ratchet component will be key. If it is cheaper, then usually it will be a weak point.

Generally weightlifting belts are made from two primary materials: leather or a man made material, usually nylon. Leather is hard wearing and will give you a belt that will mold to your body over time, but it will usually require a breaking-in period. These belts will also require a little TLC like any leather product. Youll want to clean them and apply leather conditioner every 3-to-6 months to avoid them drying and cracking.

Nylon belts wont require the same breaking in period, but also wont end up fitting you quite the same as a well used leather belt. They are on the other hand a little easier to care for and just need the occasional brushing to remove chalk and a hand wash every now and then depending on how sweaty you are when training.

We test belts on a variety of criteria and each category receives special attention to decide which belt deserves the top pick.

To test a belts ability to perform well in WODs and metcon styled workouts, we utilize power and strength movements. Some of the lifts we utilized are the power clean, deadlift, front squat, back squat, and overhead press.

We look for three different things when testing a belts ability to perform in a functional fitness setting. First and most importantly, the stability a belt provides. A belt is worn for its stability, so we consider how the torso is supported through the variety of movements we perform. Second, a belts versatility. We watch for mobility issues and times when a belt limits someones mobility. Third, comfort and ease of use. This point is essential for testing how quickly you can adjust a belt in-between sets and how it leaves your torso feeling after a workout.

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A belt is a useful piece of equipmentto keep in your supportive strength arsenal. Belts are primarily used to prevent injury and support the torso during heavier movements by support proprioception and the creation of intra-abdominal pressure. The use of a belt can provide a strength athlete with extra support around the torso to increase a lifts safety.

Every strength athlete can benefit from choosing a belt thats catered specifically for their sport. A powerlifter and strongman athlete often want a cylinder styled belt, which is a weight lifting belt that wraps around the torso equally. This type of athlete will typically want a stiffer, or more rigid belt for strength movements, as theyre often pressing, squatting, and deadlifting.

An Olympic lifter needs a weightlifting belt that provides support, but also versatility. The typical Olympic weightlifting belt usually comes tapered, so the posterior is thicker in width than the front of the belt. The stiffness and material of this athletes weightlifting belt usually comes down to personal preference, as this athlete is performing power movements often.

The recreational and functional fitness athlete will often want a weight lifting belt that provides support, comfort, and versatility. Since these athletes perform multiple movements during a single workout, then they need a belt that holds up well with power and strength exercises.

Weightlifting belts have been studied quite extensively over the years as they have been a feature of weightlifting for a long time. There have been investigations into many of the theorized benefits of wearing a belt during training with mixed results.

The first thing to note is that the use of belts seems to be only marginally effective at reducing injuries(1, 2), but we must take into account that this research was conducted on people at work, not training in the gym. Participants in the study were wearing a belt for their entire day of work. Something that none of you reading this are likely to do.

Where we can be more certain is that in a training environment there do seem to be some concrete benefits. Performance of exercises such as the squat and deadlift while wearing the weight belt resulted in greater peak and average intra-abdominal pressure(3, 4) and other studies found that lifting belt use resulted in reduced spinal compression(5). But while some research notes the benefit of weightlifting belts, others have suggested that the use of a belt does seem to reduce the range of motion available during movements(6).

Much of this research has been done on working populations and revolves around trying to find ways to reduce injuries. In this area at least, belts seem to lack effectiveness. However within the gym, there are reasons for cautious optimism. Increased intra-abdominal pressure when lifting and reduced spinal compression are two things I think many would highlight as unambiguous benefits. At the same time, reducing your range of motion in the gym isnt necessarily a good thing, so you have to be careful when selecting a belt for the task at hand.

Dont view the belt as a cure all. It doesnt excuse you from doing core work, it doesnt excuse you from lifting with good technique and it certainly doesnt mean you cant get injured. Learn to use your belt properly it can help or hinder.

Check out our in-depth Guide to wearing Weightlifting Belts

There are coaches out there who decry ever using lifting belts, but tools used for the right job can be effective. Lifting belts are a tool just like weightlifting shoes, foam rollers or supplements.

Stating that you should never use belts is akin to a carpenter saying he would never use a flat head screwdriver. They have their place, but you have to make sure you know why youre using them, and practice using them beforehand. On the other end of the spectrum, you shouldnt be wearing a belt for every single exercise in your training plan.

Belts can be an excellent option for competitions, or if you are looking to push yourself in a hard training session. Make sure you do your research before buying, train to be familiar with the belt before the day of reckoning and use it as a tool rather than a crutch.

If youre a powerlifter moving very heavy weight, a thicker, supportive belt will be best. Olympic weightlifters will want a belt that is less intrusive, and CrossFitters will want a belt that works well for functional fitness and is easy to strap on or remove.

If youre a recreational lifter, then you dont need a lifting belt for success, however, that doesnt mean it cant be useful. For example, if you plan to push your limits and train heavy consistently, then a belt can be a useful tool based on your goals and needs to ensure your torso is receiving enough support.

Nope. You can lift very, very heavy weights without any supportive equipment whatsoever. Belts are very helpful if you want to go incredibly heavy, say over 1000lbs.

It depends. If youre a true beginner, then you should conquer form and mechanics first before reaching for a belt. At times, lifters can reach for a belt a bit too soon in their career before they nail their mechanics. On the flip side there are occasions when a beginner might need a belt. For example, if youre a beginner strength athlete and youre working with a coach and they advise you to grab a belt, then doing so can help with the specificity of your sport.

A lifting belt can be worn during maximal lifts, heavy sets, and strength sport specific movements. While its certainly not a must in these occasions, these are the times when athletes will reach for a belt to support performance with the creation of additional intra-abdominal pressure.

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Before COVID-19, heart disease was the number one cause of death in America, and it will soon take its place atop that ignominious list again. How to avoid it? The Mayo Clinicthe nonprofit medical center focused on integrated health care, education, and researchsays Heart failure can be ongoing (chronic), or your condition may start suddenly (acute). Heart failure signs and symptoms may include the following. Read onand to ensure your health and the health of others, don't miss these Sure Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus.

Known as dyspnea, shortness of breath may occur when you exert yourself or when you lie down, says the Mayo Clinic. Few sensations are as frightening as not being able to get enough air. Its often described as an intense tightening in the chest, air hunger, difficulty breathing, breathlessness or a feeling of suffocation. If you have unexplained shortness of breath, especially if it comes on suddenly and is severe, see your doctor as soon as possible.

Fatigue can be caused by many illnesses and by medicines. But a constant, new fatigue also can sometimes signal heart failure (a condition in which the heart fails to pump well) or coronary artery disease, says Harvard Health.

Known as edema, swelling in your legs, ankles and feet may be a sign of a heart issue. Edema is swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in your body's tissues, says the Mayo Clinic. Although edema can affect any part of your body, you may notice it more in your hands, arms, feet, ankles and legs. Edema can be the result of medication, pregnancy or an underlying disease often congestive heart failure, kidney disease or cirrhosis of the liver.

Heart rhythm problems (heart arrhythmias) occur when the electrical impulses that coordinate your heartbeats don't work properly, causing your heart to beat too fast, too slow or irregularly, says the Mayo Clinic. Heart arrhythmias (uh-RITH-me-uhs) may feel like a fluttering or racing heart and may be harmless. However, some heart arrhythmias may cause bothersome sometimes even life-threatening signs and symptoms.

A persistent cough or wheezing may be accompanied by white or pink blood-tinged phlegm, says the Mayo Clinic.

Up to 50% of patients with heart failure suffer from urinary incontinence (UI) and an overactive bladder (OAB), says one study. Adds the Cleveland Clinic: Frequent urination also can be a sign of several more serious conditions, including a bladder infection, prostate problems, a heart condition, leg swelling, or interstitial cystitis (also called painful bladder syndrome), which is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the bladder.

Ascites is a condition in which fluid collects in spaces within your abdomen. If severe, ascites may be painful, reports Johns Hopkins. The problem may keep you from moving around comfortably. Ascites can set the stage for an infection in your abdomen. Fluid may also move into your chest and surround your lungs. This makes it hard to breathe.

Weight change is the earliest sign of a problem with fluid balance. Most people will retain 8 to 15 pounds of excess fluid before they see leg and belly swelling. However, symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath, loose stools, nausea and feeling full when without eating much may develop at the 5-to-7 pound mark" Dr. Eldrin Lewis, a heart failure specialist at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital, tells Harvard Health. Call a doctor. "Don't wait until you don't feel well, you may have gained 5 or more pounds by then and could be well on your way to a serious problem."

Loss of appetite is a prevalent problem among patients with heart failure that may lead to undernutrition, says one study. Health care professionals should routinely assess appetite and discuss patients' experiences of appetite, nutrition intake and body weight and give appropriate nutritional advice with respect to individual needs.

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The Mayo Clinic says: See your doctor if you think you might be experiencing signs or symptoms of heart failure. Seek emergency treatment if you experience any of the following:

And to protect your life and the lives of others, don't visit any of these 35 Places You're Most Likely to Catch COVID.

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Signs Your Heart's Not Working Properly, According to the Mayo Clinic | Eat This Not That - Eat This, Not That

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A mum-of-three has had 80 per cent of her stomach surgically removed through a hole in her belly button after she was asked to get off a ride at Alton Towers because she was too big.

At her heaviest Ruth Hayzen-Smith weighed more than 23 stone but was always a happy and confident person.

However, she was left feeling embarrassed after being asked to get off a rollercoaster because the barriers and seatbelt would not fit around her, Staffordshire Live reported.

The experience left her determined to do something about her weight, which she has now got down to 11.5 stone.

She said: "I've always tried to come across as happy and confident and always thought I needed to make my personality amazing to make up for my size.

"But during a trip with work to Alton Towers, we went on Nemesis and I sat down on the seat.

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"The poor guy running the ride couldn't get the barrier down on me. He pushed really hard but the seatbelt wouldn't click into place.

"He said 'I'm really sorry, but you'll have to get off.

"I could feel my face burning. I prised myself out of the seat and stood to the side, trying to laugh and smile, even though I could feel tears pricking my eyes.

"I kept the smile plastered on my face and waved until the ride finally pulled away. Only then I let it slip.

"When my friends all leapt off after enjoying the rollercoaster, how we laughed and joked and blamed my big boobs. But we all avoided the truth - I was literally the elephant in the room."

Having tried and failed to lose weight over years of diets, Ruth made the drastic decision to have 80 per cent of her stomach surgically removed.

In the last year Ruth, who lives in Swadlincote, South Derbyshire, has lost around half her body weight thanks to the procedure.

Now she can only eat tiny portions at mealtimes and has to order children's meals in restaurants.

Ruth's Christmas dinner last year was "a bit of turkey and some gravy on a side-plate".

Some foods are completely off limits because they make her physically sick, including carbs like potatoes, pasta and rice, and she can never enjoy fizzy drinks again.

As well as feeling shame at Alton Towers, there were other reasons Ruth asked for help with her weight.

Her late dad, Dave, was overweight, a drinker and a smoker and has had several heart attacks.

The first happened when he was just 40 and Ruth was 12.

"I turned 40 myself in December," said Ruth.

"I always said to myself 'I don't want to put my kids through what I went through with dad.

"I wanted to be able to chase after my boys without having a heart attack. I needed to be there for them.

"At the doctor's surgery, I said 'I've done my research and I want bariatric surgery', but from that point it took another five years before it happened.

"Royal Derby Hospital assessed me and accepted me onto the list, but then I had appointments with nutritionists and psychologists to make sure I was aware of the scale of the operation and to work on my relationship with food."

After recovering from the procedure in 2019, Ruth felt able to start exercising - although she admits she was "wheezing like a pug" after 30 seconds of her first run.

Now physically fit, she has set her sights on reaching a healthy BMI, which, according to NHS guidelines means 5ft 2in Ruth needs to get down to about 9.5 stone.

"I always joke about how it's all because I was born too short; if I was 8ft tall I'd have no problem whatsoever," says Ruth - mum to Reuben, nine, Joseph, six, and Isaac, three.

"Some people thought I was making a crazy decision by having the surgery, but I don't think everyone realises how hard being big really is.

"Being the fat friend is so tough - not being able to go in a hot tub on holiday or go on a plane because you know you'll need to ask for extra room.

"I wouldn't want to go to barbecues in case I sat down on a chair and it broke. People don't realise how it was stopping me enjoying my life."

Since her transformation, Ruth has been left with a significant amount of loose skin that droops from her body.

She is currently raising money to pay for surgery to have it removed in Lithuania and is aiming to hit a 12,000 target.

Ruth is taking on a series of intense physical challenges to raise the cash including a 30-mile walk, as well as a skydive with her Army major brother, Steve, when Covid regulations allow.

Most likely her toughest challenge of all will be a half-marathon in Windsor in September.

"Inevitably dramatic weight loss like mine has left scars from my old life," she said.

"I have skin hanging from my thighs, stomach and arms. And the big boobs that we laughed about at Alton Towers - empty bags.

"Not only does it make me look remarkably like ET when I am naked, the loose skin also causes real discomfort.

"I have to tuck the skin into clothing and when exercising or running, have to wear compression clothing to stop it from rubbing, chafing and ultimately tearing and bleeding.

"I have literally ended up in blood, sweat and tears."

Anyone who wishes to contribute to her cause can do so by clicking here.

Mum has 80 per cent of stomach removed after being asked to get off Alton Towers ride - Mirror Online

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The visiting locker room at FedEx Forum in Memphis is just big enough to accommodate a traveling NBA team and just small enough for the tangy aroma of Buffalo wings to creep into every inch of space.

In the jubilant aftermath of Denvers 25-point comeback win in January of 2019, that scent emanated from the stalls of most Nuggets players as they devoured dozens of juicy wings a postgame tradition that accompanies every visit to Memphis.

While his teammates inhaled the messy, well-earned indulgence, Nikola Jokic sat content, cross-legged at his locker room stall, picking away at his own postgame meal: chicken and rice.

To understand Nikolas mind, hes the kind of guy if he tells you, Im gonna do something, and he looks in your eyes like, Im gonna do this, he will, said Felipe Eichenberger, the Nuggets head strength-and-conditioning coach.

Jokics unbending discipline has fueled his rise, from late second-round pick to three-time All-Star and, this season, to MVP candidate. It took years of dedication in the weight room, commitment to recovery and adherence to a strict diet to get to this point.

And at the heart of his motivation is a unique bond between Jokic and Eichenberger a burly Serbian and a brawny Brazilian who formed a partnership that also blossomed into a deeply personal friendship.

I dont want to eat bad just because I know its not just me, Jokic told The Denver Post. Its him, too. I dont want to disappoint him.


Eichenberger vividly remembers the first time he got Jokic in the weight room.

Then the Nuggets assistant strength coach in 2015, Eichenberger was assigned to Jokic, Denvers unheralded second-round pick from the year before, and tasked with getting him loose.

That was a very interesting moment, said Eichenberger, evaluating Jokics fitness level and gauging expectations.

When Jokic first arrived in Denver, his core planks at best lasted 30 seconds, Eichenberger recalled.

This is a guy thats coming to the NBA, Eichenberger said. He cant do this. Its scary, right? But then I explained to him, This is personal. Heres what you need to do. Lets work on it. And he was all about it.

Over the first few years of Jokics career, he deferred to Eichenbergers expertise at restaurants, letting his strength coach order the food. Now six seasons in, visibly leaner, inarguably bouncier and able to do core planks forever, Jokic knows exactly what foods Eichenberger approves of.

After kicking his Coca Cola habit a gallon a day before making it to the NBA Eichenberger said Jokic hasnt touched a soda in five or six years. It was a draft day resolution Jokic made to himself, Eichenberger said.

To transform his body into where he is, to prove everybody quietly, thats just amazing to me, Eichenberger said. If I could show people how hard working this guy is, its mind-blowing.

AAron Ontiveroz, The Denver Post

Nobody has been closer to the process than Eichenberger, which starts to explain the depths of their relationship.

The reason both refer to each other as brothers, extending an open-door policy to one anothers family, is because of the mutual trust theyve established.

Hes my family, Jokic said. Im really honest with him. He understands me. He knows when Im lying. Its funny. Were not hiding nothing from each other.

There were the simple moments where Eichenberger delivered healthy food options to Jokics apartment or taught him how to make protein shakes or explained the science behind a particular exercise. Jokic said he appreciated Eichenbergers curiosity and how it always extended into their conversations. But there were other conversations, too, on the hundreds of carpools together to DIA, where Eichenberger gradually convinced Jokic of the dedication necessary to be great.

He gives 100% of himself to help me, Jokic said. Its something that I can see, I can feel, he really cares about me. Thats why I think I will never be able to thank him (enough).

Both defer credit to the other for Jokics fitness gains, but theres a refreshing honesty when the two communicate.

When you get to a point where he is, hes an All-Star, people just (think) hes untouchable, Eichenberger said. Im not that way. Since Day 1, Im like, Hey man, you gotta step up on your workouts, or, Hey, man, your diet is (crap), we gotta change. Even if he was mad, I told him, Im not here to be your friend. Im here to make you better. We can be friends after.

And Jokic, dissatisfied when not extracting every ounce of his potential, embraced the challenge.


About three years ago, at the start of Jokics All-Star run, he and Eichenberger adopted a practice of lifting after games.

Eichenberger explained that as Jokics role within the team grew, he needed to account for the increased workload. It didnt matter the exertion over the prior four quarters or in one notable playoff game, four overtimes they would lift.

Its not like youre a point guard or a fifth guy, Eichenberger said. Youre gonna be fighting underneath the basket every single day, you need this. And the only way to do this is if we work out after the game, we can load you more and you can get a lot more done than just lifting the day after.

He wanted in. It was about three years ago. He really hasnt missed a scheduled workout since.

(Jokic wont take credit, but following his lead, there are now a handful of Nuggets players who lift after games with Eichenberger and Claus Souza, Denvers assistant strength coach the Brazilian mafia, as theyre affectionately known).

Over the course of three separate trips to Serbia, Eichenberger built equity with Jokic. The first time he went with Nuggets coach Michael Malone, he was struck by how friendly the people of Sombor were, how walkable the city was. He also couldnt help but sense how eager Jokic was to please his guests, ushering them from hearty meal to hearty meal.

But from a trainers perspective, he took note of how woefully inadequate Jokics exercise equipment was.

This is a lot of talent here, and how can we make this happen? Eichenberger asked. The main thing that he tells me is, I love home. Im gonna be home for the summer We gotta make it work where I am. I was like, Cool. So that first trip, the first year, was like, We gotta change a lot of stuff here otherwise youre not going to be able to perform.

Subsequent trips, with adequate equipment, were more seamless. And on each occasion, though ostensibly work colleagues, they grew closer.

Hes someone, not because of basketball, but because of how human and genuine he is, I love having him around my kids, Eichenberger said.

If you want to ride with someone, hes the guy, Jokic said. If you want to accomplish something, hes the guy.

Following a slow start last season, Jokic told ESPN hed lost 20-25 pounds adhering to a workout regimen Eichenberger devised for him. The actual amount Jokic lost in-season was far greater, according to Eichenberger, respecting Jokics privacy.

We know what (the number) is, Eichenberger said.

As Jokic pummels the rest of the league, racking up triple-doubles, dropping 40-point games and leaping into categories alongside NBA luminaries, hes quick to dole credit to the man behind his development.

Maybe if it was someone else, I would not be there and work out after games, Jokic said. Maybe I will not go hard every time in the weight room. I will not take care of my body that much. He deserves a lot of credit, just to motivate me every day. Its something that I really appreciate.


Jokic doesnt do social media. Its another quirk and one more reason the Joker is unlike any other superstar in the NBA.

Yet recently Eichenberger sent Jokic a screenshot of seven-time Super Bowl winner Tom Brady. A few years ago, Brady shared a picture on Instagram wearing his NFL combine shirt. The caption included, This is what they said about me then, rattling off negatives about his body, strength and athleticism.

That same image wound up on Jokics phone.

I said, Man, listen, just a reminder, Eichenberger said. A guy that cant jump or cant do this, theyre saying all these things about this guy, and look at where he is now, just like you.

A sixth-round pick in the NFL (like Brady) is roughly equivalent to a second-rounder in the NBA. Jokic went 41st in 2014.

To be honest, hes saying the last three, four years, Lets do it, lets win the MVP, lets win a championship, Jokic said of Eichenbergers Brady message. Hes the guy who really thinks that we can do it. He just likes to see the big things happen.

We were talking together, like, my body is not built to be athletic, whatever, but my coordination is so good that I put aside all the bad things that I cannot jump, I cannot run fast, Jokic said. But my coordination is really good. He really likes the big things. He thinks that I or we are really capable of doing big things.

Jokics pronoun usage was important. Its never one mans journey to the top.

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Over two-thirds of digging at the Ayodhya Ram temple construction site have been completed, while laying work of pillars is expected to start by the first week of April, temples chief architect Ashish Sompura said Wednesday.

This comes close on the heels of the conclusion of the widespread donation campaign for the temple construction.

The development was confirmed by the authorities concerned after experts reached a consensus over different aspects of the construction, including type of filling and construction methods that will be used to ensure structure stability amid presence of water and loose sand at the site.

The digging at the site is almost over and the soil is being tested. We are also preparing the filling sample that will be used in the ground. There will be stone pillars, which will run 12 metres deep under the ground. Most of the technical things have been completed and we expect that the filling can start by March-end or first week of April. The basic construction of the temple is expected to take around three years, after which the finishing work and interior decoration will start, Sompura told The Indian Express.

He said earlier this week they had a meeting in Lucknow with those involved in the construction and a part of the construction committee. All these points were discussed in the meeting.

On Saturday, Shri Ram Janambhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust general secretary Champat Rai had said the final donation amount collected under the Shri Ram Mandir Nidhi Samarpan Abhiyanare was yet to be calculated. However, based on bank receipts, the amount collected till March 4 has crossed Rs 2,500 crore. He also announced that nearly 60 per cent of the foundation digging and earth removal works were complete. It is expected that the foundation filling work will start in the first week of April, he said.

The excavation work started in the second half of January. A decision to dig around 12-metre deep slope was made to ensure stability of the structure. The experts will remove the debris and bad soil. In December last year, the initial test piles failed to bear the weight and handle earthquake-like situations during examination. Following that the experts were looking for alternative ways to ensure that foundation and pillars can withstand the weight amid loose sand found under the construction site.

Experts from several renowned organisations, including IITs, NITs, Roorkees Central Building Research Institute, L&T and TCE, were also facing an additional hurdle of water flow of Sarayu on the west side of the Garbhgrih (sanctum sanctorum), making it harder for them to build a concrete structure that can last for generations.

Even though this is not my field of expertise, the options discussed for the foundation include construction of underground walls instead of normal piles. But, the experts are yet to decide which system will be the best to ensure the life of the temple for a millennium, he said.

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A coyote infected with mange has been seen wandering around a neighborhood in Arvada, raising health concerns among residents regarding the spread of the disease.

The coyote is believed to be sick with mange, a skin disease caused by parasitic mites, resulting in intense itchiness, scabbing, and hair and weight loss. The disease, is contagious to both humans and animals, making it important to keep pets leashed and away from wild animals.

"Similar to naming a hurricane," a Facebook post from the Arvada Police Department reads, "s/he has been named Marcus to help officers keep track of its health/whereabouts."

The department says animal management has fielded calls daily for the past several weeks regarding the coyote described by a resident as "very emaciated and extremely mangy." Sightings include areas of Gray Street, 58th Avenue, and Kipling Parkway.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife urge residents to haze coyotes that come into yards or close to homes.

Anyone who sees the mangy coyote, or other wildlife that appears sick or injured, is urged to report sightings to the dispatch at 303-980-7300.

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Mange-infected coyote on the loose in Colorado neighborhood - OutThere Colorado

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Mercer County, as always, will be well represented at the annual PIAA Class 2A Wrestling Championships, set for Friday at Giant Center, Hershey.

Unlike years past, however, Hickory will lead the county contingent with a quartet of Coach Nick Cleppers grapplers sophomore Connor Saylor (126), frosh Louie Gill (106), senior Justin ONeill (113) and junior Carter Gill (145).

Perennial power Reynolds led by Super Region-West gold-medalist Kaeden Berger (145) and runner-up Gary Steen (120) will take two to state, as will Greenville with Cole Karpsinski (189) and Chase McLaughlin (145). Also, Mercers Carson Filer (138).

Saylor (29-7) improved his already impressive record from last year (24-5). He will grapple with Mifflinburg senior Gabe Gramly (32-5), a 4-time state qualifier. Also, Louie Gill (27-5) will face Notre Dame-Green Pond freshman Ayden Smith (12-1); ONeill (27-7) will square off against Wyoming sophomore Jaden Pepe (16-1), and Carter Gill (27-7) will take on unbeatenBiglerville junior Levi Haines (27-0)

Every kid that is down here (Hershey) is good, Clepper emphasized. Every match is gonna be contested, and weve gotta bring our A game if we want to get higher up on that (awards) podium.

Berger (26-1) will battle with Brandywine Heights senior Noah Frack (24-4), while Steen (26-1) seeking a 3rd PIAA crown has drawn Parker Davidson (20-5), a Hamburg senior.

Both Kaeden and Casey have had tremendous careers, said Reynolds Coach Casey Taylor. The whole team is working really hard. Kaeden had a very impressive win in the Super Region finals. He was wrestling a mirror same body build and technique. Kaeden gutted it out and got the win. I was very happy for him.

This year the biggest thing is who has had the most matches and faced good competition, who is in shape and who has the mental edge when it comes to wrestling three tough matches in one day. Its going to be tough and theres a lot that plays into it.

Gary has worked as hard as anybody could possibly ask him to. What a dynamic weight hes doing it at too. Three of the top six kids in the 8-man bracket are ranked in the top 10. They all have their work cut out for them. And the other guys in the bracket could knock someone off too.

If Gary had won last weekend, there might be more pressure. But hes ready to let it loose, the pressure is off. He knows whats expected. Ill be more than thrilled for him if he can get that third title.

Id also like to say good luck to the other area wrestlers. I hope they do well and place high on the podium.

At the inaugural Super Region-West, Burrell bettered Reynolds, 56-52, while Hickory harvested 3rd (48.5).

I wouldnt say surprised, Clepper confided, continuing this seasons success was in the making, especially with how young they are. These kids do everything the right way. Theyre doin the workouts all summer long, all spring, all fall. Theyre goin to weight-lifting, theyre goin to extra wrestling clubs, either in the (Shenango) valley or outside the valley. Theyre doing everything right.

Would I be surprised if youd told me at the beginning of the year that we were gonna have four state medalists? Ah ... I wouldve been able to say, It could happen, but we would have to wrestle really well. And they wrestled really well, especially (last) weekend, Clepper continued. Im just so proud of these kids. They deserve it, especially with everything thats gone on this year with COVID stoppages and everything else.

Perseverance. These kids were goin forward the whole time, and I think theyve got something to prove this weekend, Clepper confidently added.

Just a junior, Karpinski (27-2) is the 6th-best wrestler in his weight class, according to the recent PA Power Rankings. He is a returning state qualifier and is approaching the century mark for career wins. Karpinski will encounter Southern Columbia sophomore Wesley Barnes (21-3), who finished 4th at state last season.

Cole Karpinski had a phenomenal (Super Region) tournament navigating through some very strong competition, assessed veteran Greenville Head Coach John Reynolds Cole had three overtime matches and a one-point decision. Needless to say, he was totally spent at the end of the day.He defeated a four-time state qualifier and sixth-place PIAA finisher from last year in his consy semifinal bout (Burgettstowns Shane Kemper) to punch his ticket to Hershey this week.

Its important to recognize, the Trojans taskmaster continued, that the weight classes were reduced from fourteen to thirteen this year. When they eliminated the 182-pound class that really made 189 pounds a very strong weight. Karp was gritty and aggressive throughout the weekend and showed some excellent match-management strategies during those battles.

McLaughlin (25-2), a senior, is now a 3-time state qualifier. McLaughlin will meet Benton senior Gable Strickland (30-2), who is heading to Hershey for the 4th time. Both have won more than 120 career bouts.

Chase demonstrated real resolve by becoming a state placer after surrendering a takedown in the final seconds of his semifinal loss to the boy from Hickory (Saylor), Coach Reynolds assessed. He re-grouped after that setback and went on to win in convincing fashion during his last two bouts.

Chase is a tough kid. Hes really dialed up his training during the postseason, so we are excited to see him compete this weekend. Earning a state medal after winning sections, districts, and regionals is a pretty nice body of work, Reynolds added.

A senior, Filer (29-5) will face Faith Christians Eric Alderfer (21-3), a junior.

Regarding his quartet a program record for state qualifiers in a single season confidently, Clepper claimed, Everybodys really wrestling at a high level right now. Theres no one guy thats standing out. ... Were gonna be fightin to get to the top of that podium. And I think everybody has the potential to get near the top or at the top, so were just gonna continue wrestling, puttin up points, and wrestling aggressive the whole time.

Clepper chuckled when asked for his reaction of having his Hornets hoist hardware in Hershey in the form of a commonwealth crown.

Thats what every coach wishes for to be able to come home with some gold. Could it be in the cards? Clepper rhetorically asked. Most certainly. Like I said, these kids are doin everything right.

It takes a lot of hard work, a little bit of luck somebody gets upset, or maybe we get lucky on something that happens in a match, a scramble or a flurry. But anything can happen down there, Clepper continued. Theres only eight guys (per weight class), so youve just gotta put your best day ahead. Weve seen it all year long youve just gotta put your best day in front of you, Clepper concluded.

Note: Visit FloArenaWrestling or for brackets, tournament information.

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Nine is Fine: Led by Hickory, Mercer County's mat contingent headed to Hershey for PIAA Class 2A Championships - Sharonherald

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Take your yoga practice to another level with a new pair of extra comfy yoga pants. Theres a range of styles available for men, from performance-enhancing compression tights to super-soft joggers that youll never want to take off. Look for technical fabrics that wick away your sweat, keeping you feeling fresh and cool the whole way through your workout. The best part about many yoga pants styles for men is that you can wear them straight from the mat through the rest of your day running errands or lounging around the house.

Nikes Dri-FIT Mens Yoga Trousers let you move through your workout with ease and comfort. The fit features tapered legs, a roomy gusset, and an elastic waistband, which gives you plenty of space for unrestricted movement without the distraction of excess fabric. These yoga pants also make use of Nikes Dri-FIT technology. This innovative and high-performance microfiber construction wicks away sweat, directing it to the surface for quick evaporation. It keeps you cool and dry. Finally, enjoy the convenience of two slash pockets, plus an internal media pocket to store your phone.


If youre looking for yoga pants made from more sustainable materials, then Nikes Yoga Trousers are a great option. Each product contains at least 75% recycled polyester fibers from used plastic bottles. They also feature Dri-FIT technology for its moisture-wicking and cooling features. Additional cooling comes from mesh panels at the back of the knees and calves for increased air-flow throughout your session. The fabric is lightweight and stretchy, so it doesnt inhibit any movement or stretches. Lastly, youll enjoy the benefit of pockets to hold your phone or other essentials.


Enjoy comfort and coverage with this pant and short combo from Alo Yoga. It features four-way stretch fabric for the ultimate movement and ribbed paneling for fit and comfort. The moisture-wicking technology will keep you feeling cool and fresh, no matter how rigorous your workout gets. Practical elements include an elastic and drawcord waist, so you can adjust as you need. There are also invisible zip pockets to keep your essentials safe. Lastly, you can choose from a range of colors. Opt for classic black, crisp white, black and grey, navy and grey, or blue and white.


The skin-friendly cotton blend in the Willit Mens Cotton Yoga Sweatpants wicks away moisture to keep you dry on the mat. It also uses Flatrock stitching, which reduces chafing and sits smoothly against your skin. The wide legs and four-way stretch maximizes the range of movement and ensures high levels of comfort. These pants are ideal for yoga and other exercises, as well as just lounging around the house on lazy days. Youll also appreciate the convenience of deep side pockets, giving you the ability to keep your essentials close by.


Keep it loose and casual with these yoga sweatpants from BALEAF. While theyre designed for yoga workouts, theyre also perfect for recovery after intense cardio or weight sessions. The cotton-blend jersey fabric is exceptionally soft and low-friction. Meanwhile, the wide legs provide ease of movement for different stretches and poses. Keep your phone or wallet close by in the deep side pockets, and never worry about the weight of your belongings pulling down too much, thanks to the drawcord waistband. Lastly, select from a range of colors, including black, grey, charcoal, and navy.


Compression tights are an excellent option for yoga, as they can help promote blood flow and muscle recovery. Theyre ideal for releasing heat, wicking moisture, and controlling your body temperature. The firm fit is also suitable for avoiding uncomfortable chafing. Four-way stretch in the fabric lets you move and extend your body how you want, without your clothing getting in the way. If youre self-conscious about working out in just the tights, they also make a great base layer for wearing shorts over the top.


Move naturally and with ease in a pair of compression pants from DRSKIN. The lightweight, non-abrasive fabric is made with polyester and spandex for the ultimate stretch and durability. It wicks sweat away from your skin to the surface, drying quickly. Theres also two-way air circulation to keep you cool in summer but warm in winter. Plus, these pants provide UV protection if youre working out outside. Youll also enjoy the benefits of improved blood circulation, muscle recovery, and reduced fatigue thanks to the firm but comfortable compression fit. Finally, theres a range of colors to choose from, and you can get multi-packs if you really love them.


Enjoy the soft, comfortable fit of these loose yoga pants from AvaCostume. While they are designed for your yoga sessions, theyre so comfy youll want to do nothing but lounge about in them! The blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex gives an outstanding balance of natural breathability and flexible stretch. A soft elastic waistband ensures a good fit around your midsection. Choose options with or without pockets, depending on your needs. Theres also a large range of shades to pick from, making it perfect if you want to inject some color into your yoga wardrobe.


Select yoga pants that can easily transition from your mat to everyday life. These cropped yoga joggers are a perfect choice. The relaxed fit and cotton-spandex blend make them super comfortable for all-day wear with maximum movement. It also features functional elements such as an adjustable drawstring, two side pockets, and ribbed cuffs to keep the legs in place. Youll enjoy the benefits of quick-dry moisture-wicking, ensuring your mat doesnt get too wet with sweat from an intense workout. Theyre also great for other activities such as running, soccer, or the gym.


Amazon Essentials offer excellent, budget-friendly mens yoga pants. This design uses sweat-wicking, high stretch fabric, which keeps you comfortable throughout your workout, letting you hit peak performance. The interior drawstring keeps the waistband secure, yet the aesthetic minimal and unfussy. There are also side pockets and a back pocket, meaning you can easily wear these pants while running errands. Every detail has been fine-tuned based on customer feedback. Lastly, you can also choose from black, grey, and blue options to best fit your look.


The Kuhl Freeflex Pant is the ideal choice for yoga, as well as warm-ups and exploring the great outdoors. The Freeflex fabric is specially designed to wick moisture away from the skin, driving it to the surface where it dries quickly. It also has stretch for comfortable mobility, which is further supported by a gusseted fit that allows better movement. The pants also come with zippered pockets, a stealth phone pocket, and even a back pocket. This makes them great for daily casual wear.


Indulge in a pair of luxuriously soft performance sweatpants from Vuori. Theyre made with Vuoris signature DreamKnit fabric; a lightweight brushed jersey that boasts four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties. Its also buttery soft, and ever-so comfortable. While theyre perfect for the big stretches and dynamic poses of yoga, theyre also brilliant for air travel and lounging around at home on lazy weekends. The tapered legs keep them looking stylish, and pockets add to the practicality of the design.


The Vaha Pant from Prana is the latest addition to the hemp collection. It uses Sutra, a hemp/recycled polyester blend thats woven for stretch and movement. The benefits of this fabric, other than being planet friendly, are that its naturally quick-drying, helps to prevent odors, and protects from UV rays. Its a relaxed yet stylish fit with plenty of room in the wide legs for a full range of movement. Its also great for other activities like bouldering, Tabata, or just relaxing at home. Make use of the handy pockets, while the knitted waistband has a drawcord for the perfect fit.


Choose a classic option for your next pair of yoga pants. The Base Sweatpants from Alo Yoga are so insanely soft, youll never want to take them off. Theyre made from super plush fleece and are designed to take you straight from the studio through the rest of your day. Its slim fit is flattering, while the ribbed cuffs and waist are comfortable. Pockets also make it simple to keep your belongings on you. These pants are the ideal investment for practicing a yoga flow, hitting the gym, or just chilling in serenity.


The incredible softness of these yoga pants from Marine Layer will have you saying namaste-in-these-all-day! Theyre made from the brands heavyweight active fabric, a technical material thats perfect for cooler temperatures. It features four-way stretch, moisture-wicking, and cationic dye for a textured look. Plus, theyre carbon peached on both sides for extra softness that feels wonderful against your skin. You can wear them practicing yoga or simply going about your day. The slim profile looks stylish, while two side pockets and one rear pocket make them practical for running errands and hanging out with friends.


It's absolutely ok for guys to wear yoga pants. They're designed to be stretchy, soft, and comfortable to facilitate the big, dynamic stretches and movements of yoga. They're also designed to stay in place when moving, and many have moisture-wicking technology to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

The key difference between yoga pants and leggings is the material. Yoga pants are often designed using technical fabrics that support sweat-wicking and quick-drying so you stay fresh throughout your workout. Leggings, on the other hand, are often just made of soft, comfortable material. For men, yoga pant designs can also vary greatly, from compression leggings to jogger styles or wide-leg trousers.

You can just wear regular underwear under your yoga pants. It might be advisable to opt for sports designs that also use sweat-wicking fabrics to keep you comfortable. If you're wearing compression tights, you can opt to go commando, as, by design, they're already reasonably supportive.

Joggers would generally be considered the male equivalent of yoga pants. They're just as versatile you can do yoga in them (obviously), and they're a little more modest for the male anatomy than tights. They're also often made with similar technical fabrics that wick away sweat, dry quickly, and keep you at a comfortable temperature.

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Weight loss is not an easy task, even when you are unprofessional. While doing exercise its very important for you to avoid mistakes, that can affect your body miserably.

Avoid Some Common Mistakes

To lose weight successfully, it is important to plan your workout carefully. A well-planned workout routine can even speed up the fat-burning process and tone your loose skin. Right from the types of exercises you choose to perform to correct your form, every small thing matters when your objective is to reduce kilos.

Protein is the building block of life and gym trainers recommend consuming it after the workout session, as it can help the body repair and recover muscles. But loading up on protein drinks will not help you reach your goals faster. In general, a person involved in rigorous physical activity is recommended to have 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Excess protein is actually stored in the body as fat, while the surplus of amino acids is excreted and this can lead to weight gain over time.

In order to burn maximum calories and lose fat from the body, you have to push your limit. Only when you will challenge your body, you will be able to shed calories. For this, you need to be consistent and perform exercises for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day. This rule applies to all the exercises that you perform, whether it is gymming, walking or running.

It is obvious that cardio exercises can help you burn more calories. But, the truth is strength training exercises can help you torch calories even at rest. Focusing only on cardio might not be right when the objective is to shed kilos. So, in order to shed kilos, you need to Maintain a balance between both kinds of exercises.

Every weight watcher must remember that number on the scale is not the only way to measure your progress. Our weight can fluctuate by up to 2 kilos in a day, depending on how much food and liquid we consume in a day. You can feel the progress when your clothes may start to feel looser or you may feel lighter and healthier.

You are all set to shed kilos now while avoiding these 5 mistakes.

Want to get rid of stress belly? 6 things you can do to reduce abdominal fat, boost weight loss

Novel way for weight loss in patients with obesity, diabetes

Weight loss tips: Try 6 home remedies including fenugreek seeds, celery and cumin to lose weight

Weight loss tips: Heres how to lose weight without giving up rice

Weight Loss: Heres quick and easy Besan ka Cheela recipe to make your breakfast healthy

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This week we will mostly be concerning ourselves with the impossible dream of making rucks safe, fair and conducive to entertaining rugby

Another croc roll that injures and damages. What does it take to get them banned????

Thus quoth Ben Ryan on Saturday, not long after Jack Willis screams had caused your correspondent to turn down his laptop and ITVs aghast producers to turn down the opportunity to replay the incident.

Sebastian Negri, whose crocodile roll clean on Willis was the catalyst for the injury, apologised on social media (always the classy way to go about it these days) but was not censured at the time and, considering his actions were well within the laws of the game, is unlikely to be so and he did not set out to injure Willis, merely to make a clean out as the laws permit.

Three hours or so later, Zander Fagerson piled into a ruck with his arm partly tucked behind his body, essentially making his shoulder and upper arm a blunt hammering instrument. The blow to the head of Wyn Jones was only glancing, but it was enough. Listening to the dialogue between Matt Carley and Karl Dickson, you got the impression that once Carley had seen Fagerson rumble in and tuck his arm, the former would be unlikely to be swayed from a red card.

That was also Gregor Townsends opinion, and given that Wyn Jones was not even afforded the magic sponge, let alone an HIA, you can argue he has a point.

Yet the message here is unequivocal: you cant charge into a ruck from distance, tuck your arm behind your body and make any kind of contact with the head of an opponent, simply because of the potential danger involved. Given the background of what we have learned about dementia, concussions and neck injuries and so forth, it has to be so.

The referees go through their process on this, which is their sole benchmark for judging actions and which Carley went through pretty thoroughly. And as a result of which, Fagerson had to go, harsh or not. Because it is not the outcome, it is the danger for a catastrophic outcome that World Rugby is trying to eliminate.

So if the danger of a catastrophic outcome is the correct benchmark for outlawing a certain action, Ryan HAS to be right: when will the crocodile roll be outlawed? Do we have to have a knee injury epidemic before there is action?

As a part-time coach, Ive seen first-hand many times, even in training, how the knee is bent on peculiar angles during the roll by dint of rolling the player sideways while he attempts to keep his planted knee straight. It never looks healthy; unless the player being cleaned out stops offering resistance, it always looks perilous. Given that when that resistance stops, said player is generally flung around somewhere in a manner fully out of his control, that usually looks perilous as well.

Even the action at the ruck; players are taught to clean through at rucks in a straight line and keep rucks tidy, officials instructed to keep players from going in at the side and go over and/or past the ball or at least stay on their feet. Yet the crocodile roll achieves none of these things, resulting in heaps of flesh and flailing limbs (and studs) flying in anything but a straight line around the contact area.

Crocodile rolls are dangerous, untidy and lazy. The quicker they are outlawed, the better.

There were a few penalties blown for it at the weekend, but not nearly enough.

Currently the law requires players to carry their body weight on their feet, but with the added bonus that the cleaner from the attacking side is allowed to bind onto the player on the ground, leaving it a very, very tight judgement call as to whether that player is truly carrying his weight or leaning onto the player on the ground or not effectively sealing the ball off either way.

That sealing-off aspect is irritating, as it avoids the actual ruck contest, while the current fashion of reticent defences (why would they be otherwise in this scenario) ensures that rucking teams frequently end up with their hands on the ground past the ball, sealing off the ball even more.

This not only ensures that the ball is hidden, but virtually guarantees that any defender who might be inclined to counter ruck is going to fall foul of making contact to the head of the opponent and receive his marching orders.

Were the game to outlaw any form of binding onto the player on the ground, as well as being draconian on players putting hands on the ground or ball (and outlawing crocodile rolls), there would potentially be a lot more care taken about angle of body entry, and potentially an actual ruck where players stayed on their feet and pushed against each other over the ball to see who could win it.


The ruck, so often the bane of a good game down the years, badly needs another rethink. Right now it is both dangerous and a mess, and this is not the fault of the officials.

Loose Pass compiled by Lawrence Nolan

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Weight Loss Solutions