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Weight Loss Tips : While eating your meals at a reasonable hour is a good practice, it is not always practical. A lot of people end up skipping dinner entirely and go to their bed hungry. While they believe this will help them lose weight, it actually does more harm than good in the long run. Late-night eating is frequently linked to weight gain. Because afraid of gaining those extra kilos, some people set a time limit to stop eating after 7 p.m. This, however, is a myth. In fact, your body is a machine that is constantly burning calories. The notion that eating after 7 p.m will cause you to gain weight or become fat.Also Read - Monsoon Hair Care Tips: 5 Foods You Should Consume to Keep Hair Fall at Bay

Consume your most caloric meals first thing in the morning, what you eat is more important than when you eat it. Make sure you have prefer to have carbs in the morning or in the evening. Also. try to eat in moderation. Also Read - Facing Unexpected Weight Gain? Here Are 6 Reasons Behind Those Extra Kilos

Make sure your plate is well-balanced, with plenty of fiber, vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. Try to have a well balanced diet so that you feel full through out the day. Try to add more protein in your diet and less of carbohydrates. Also Read - Cranberry Juice Health Benefits: From Reducing The Risk of Urine Infection to Preventing Hair Loss And More!

It is recommended going for a short 10-15 minute walk after dinner to help with digestion and metabolism. Eat at least 3 hours before going to bed to give your body enough time to digest the food.

Avoid high-calorie, sugary foods such as ice cream and cookies. Fruit and whole grain cereals are high in fibre and contain more vitamins and nutrients than sugary snacks. Wait no more than five hours between meals to avoid nighttime hunger.

Some people arent as hungry in the morning and prefer to eat larger meals later in the day. Allowing yourself to eat a light meal later in the evening may be a better, more sustainable tactic to help keep you on track if you prefer going to bed feeling satisfied.

Please keep in mind that the goal is NOT to eat late, but rather to eat at a time that works for you and adhere to the following principles.

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Gemma Collins has been living her best life in Tenerife with a group of her girl pals - showing off her continuous weight loss

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Gemma dances in a blue swimsuit as she lives up on girls holiday

Gemma Collins has shed so much weight recently - and she looks amazing.

The former TOWIE star, 41, jetted off to Spain this week with her pals as they remembered their late friend Rhys Alan Smith.

The self-proclaimed diva was filmed dancing with her pals during their sunny getaway to Tenerife - where she looked slimmer than ever in a bold blue swimsuit.

Gemma was spotted laughing and joking on with her pals as music played in the background.

The exciting girls' trip was documented on Instagram by Gem, who who was all smiles.

"Party for our Rhys, celebration of his time on earth," Gemma wrote of the event held to remember



Rhys - who was the ex-boyfriend of fellow TOWIE star Harry Derbidge - was tragically found dead in Tenerife in April 2021.

Gemma said they flew out to celebrate him - and she has been doing just that.

The reality star looked slimmer than ever as she danced around in the skimpy swimsuit, showing off her tiny frame in the eye-popping outfit.

Later on, Gemma posed for some makeup-free snaps with her group of girl pals.

Recently, Gemma has been hard at work on her physique.



She provided fans with some morning workout motivation, wearing a sports bra and leggings as she lifted weights.

Wearing her blonde hair loose and rocking a black sports bra, leggings decorated with a cloud design and flip-flops, Gemma said she hoped the video would inspire her fans.

She said: "Guys I am back at it again this morning. I am going to work in a bit but nothing is going to stop me from doing my exercise today, so if you want some motivation today I am going to show you how to do hammer curls."

Gemma then started lifting her red weights and continuing to speak, she said: "It's great, being somebody that suffers with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), an under- active thyroid, looking at a bit of bread and gaining a stone, this is great muscle work, walking swimming.


"I am going to give you a little introduction of how easy it can be. If you get out to the shops and get some of these, you can do this with me."

As she finished her reps, Gemma walked towards the camera and said: "And that's your motivation for today. I have got to get ready and go to work now, I have got a bit more exercise to do, but I am just sending the motivation your way guys."

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Gemma Collins shows off weight loss in swimsuit as she lives it up on girls' holiday - The Mirror

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3. Exercise

Some women may find it harder to engage in physical activity because of the discomfort from aches or hot flushes.

"We all know that exercise can contribute both directly and indirectly to weight loss and health," Tamara said.

"But exercise doesn't need to be done for long periods to be effective."

For example, doing squats while waiting for the kettle to boil or push-ups while food is heating in the microwave can be a great way to add in an extra workout throughout the day.

Exercise is also an excellent stress-reliever, and Tamara reassured that if women are finding it more difficult to exercise than before they began the menopause, they may experience increased stress levels.

If a woman finds they can't exercise due to a hectic work schedule or their symptoms make it unbearable to do so, Tamara laid to a few methods to relieve stress a different way.

"Stress is something we often dont think about when were trying to make healthy changes, but it can be one of the most impactful factors," she said.

Consider these techniques for managing our stress levels:

Meditation or deep breathing

Gentle exercise, like walking or yoga

Journaling daily gratitudes

Joining a programme

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Menopause weight loss: Five ways to make weight gain 'more manageable' - Express

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The Conservative MP for Mansfield said a man with pepper spray "got arrested pretty quickly" and said MPs are repeatedly targeted with a "constant flow of negativity" on social media

Tory MP Ben Bradley has revealed how police foiled an attack by man brandishing pepper spray at his constituency office.

The Mansfield MP, who was first elected in 2017, said it was during his first ever surgery when a man "jumped up and started waving his spray can around".

Speaking to GB News presenter Gloria De Piero, he also said one online troll threatened to kidnap his wife and that MPs face a "constant torrent of negativity" on social media.

He said: During my first surgery I ever had in 2017, we had a guy come and wave mace around and he had pepper spray stuff.

"So yeah, it was perfectly calm and then all of a sudden [he] just jumped up and started waving his spray can around. He got arrested pretty quickly.

You get a handful, five to ten people who are just at you all the time. Usually they have got pretty serious mental health issues and probably are at every other agency around the place as well.

The MP said police dealt with the incident swiftly but that MPs are repeatedly targeted for abuse online.

He said: Sometimes you say dumb things that get you a lot of interest that you didnt mean or you get yourself into trouble. But theres this constant flow of it I find, and there are some days where you are left thinking: 'Why do I bother.'

I blocked somebody this week on Facebook, not because they were particularly abusive, but just because it was a constant torrent of negativity on everythingthen you get abuse for blocking people.

He added: They (trolls) also threatened to kidnap my wife once, which was nice.

"Social media is ridiculous, but you never know how seriously to take these things because on the one hand it's probably some kid praying about some keyboard warrior who will never do it but then if you ignore it and then something does happen youd never forgive yourself.

The police ended up at his door and it turned out it was some teenager who burst into tears as soon as they walked through the door.

People don't understand the impact of their words today when it comes to Twitter in particular.

Meanwhile, Mr Bradley said he backed Boris Johnson to lead the Tories into the next General Election : I mean, who else is there? Nobody engages with people in the way that he does, and for every email I get that says he's awful and should go get another one that says he's brilliant, don't ever get rid of him.

Like everything at the minute, politics is so divided, isn't it? And so kind of bitter in many ways.

So I think unless somebody comes forward with some brilliant, you know some Messiah-like vision as to what they're going to do, that's better or different than he's the best chance we've got as far as I can see.

And that agenda for areas like Mansfield, the levelling up, stuffthat comes from him.

So if he clears off, there's no guarantee that Jeremy Hunt would have the same focus on Mansfield.

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Tory MP Ben Bradley reveals cops foiled attack at his constituency office - The Mirror

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Tom Hanks shocked fans when he began shaking while speaking at one of the premieres of his new movie Elvis, and his slender frame has sparked concern among his devoted fanbase

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Tom Hanks discusses 'chit chat' he had with the Queen at dinner

Tom Hanks, 65, has sparked concern among his fans as he revealed a gaunt new look after shedding the pounds.

Video emerged of the Oscar-winning actor speaking at the premiere of his latest movie, the musical biopic Elvis, and his arm began to visibly shake while he was talking to the audience in Brisbane, Australia.

His slender frame was showcased in a light-coloured suit, and Tom grabbed his arm while holding the microphone in an attempt to steady the shaking.

The Saving Private Ryan star is well known for gaining and losing weight for his roles, but since he and wife Rita Wilson battled Covid in 2020, hes maintained a very slim figure.



He was recently spotted walking around New York in loose fitting clothes, but his weight loss was emphasised as his face looked gaunt, despite trying to hide under a baseball cap as he ran errands in the city.

Tom wore a fat suit and prosthetics to play Elvis's overweight manager Colonel Tom Parker in the Baz Luhrmann biopic, but in the past, hes famously gained and shed incredible amounts of weight for Hollywood projects.


He lost 50lbs to play the survivor of a plane crash who lands on a remote island in the 2000 drama Castaway, and in 1993, he won an Oscar for his portrayal of a gay lawyer battling AIDS in the critically-acclaimed drama Philadelphia.

Tom put on weight to play a baseball coach in the 1992 film A League of Their Own, gaining 30lbs and then losing it shortly after filming finished.

Back in 2013, he revealed he had been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and would not be losing or gaining weight for film roles anymore, for the sake of his health.



I think that's more or less a young man's game, he quipped.

At the time, he told Radio Times that he was an idiot for neglecting his health over the years.

I'm part of the lazy American generation that has blindly kept dancing through the party and now finds ourselves with a malady, Tom explained.

His next project is the upcoming drama Here, which will reunite Tom with his Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis.

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Tom Hanks, 65, leaves fans concerned as he looks gaunt after shedding the pounds - The Mirror

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The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) reported that nearly 1 in 3 US adults are overweight. More than 2 in 5 adults have obesity. Meanwhile, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost half (49.1 percent) of adults have made an effort to lose weight.

If you have been struggling with weight and its management, you know how frustrating the journey can be. For many people, it feels like a path where one step forward is two steps backwards. And dont even mention these articles with "10 tricks" that will help bust your belly fat or promises about magic diet pills and potions. Anyone whos been there seriously will tell you it's a lie.

The real challenge of weight loss lies within yourself. The people who have successfully done it showcased an incredible inner strength and the most powerful will one can imagine.

So to celebrate them for changing their lives and showing us all that everythings possible, we wrapped up a selection of the most astonishing before and after weight loss pics. After youre done, more inspiration awaits here and here.

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50 People Who Decided To Drastically Change Their Lives And Are Now Motivating The Internet (New Pics) - Bored Panda

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JINGER Duggar has shocked fans after flaunting her curvy figure in distressed jean shorts and a tight black top.

The reality star posed with her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, while the pair were at a shopping mall.



Jinger deviated from her usual conservative attire and rocked short bottoms and a t-shirt during the outing.

She wore her long brunette hair in loose waves with one side pulled away from her face.

She also accessorized with a black heart-shaped cross-body bag.

Jinger, 29, huddled close to Jeremy, 34, who sported brown shorts, a white t-shirt, sneakers, and a Dodgers baseball cap.

The couple smiled for the shot while the former athlete made a peace sign with his fingers.

The Counting On alum shared a second snap on Instagram of the lovebirds huddled together for a selfie.

Jinger's outfit was surprising to fans who are used to the TV star wearing long skirts and dresses.

The Duggar familyobserved a strict dress code that usually only permitted women to dress modestly and wear long dresses.

Most read in Entertainment

However, Jinger and her sisters have continuously defied their parents, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's rules by wearing short dresses, shorts, and pants.

Over the weekend, the mom of two ignored the dress code again as she donned a short, sexy blue dress to a friend's wedding.

She attended the nuptials with her husband and their two children: Felicity, three, and Evangeline, one, who they chose to keep their faces off social media.

Jeremy wore a blue suit with a white shirt and a green patterned tie.

Meanwhile,Jingerwore a blue dress that came up to her neck but was sleeveless.

Their daughters matched in blue as they were the flower girls at the wedding.

Jeremy shared arare photo of the entire familyat the ceremony showing the four of them with their backs to the camera.

"Summer is wedding season. Its also swimming season. Heres me andJingerat our friends wedding last night making sure the flower girls didnt swan dive into the fountain," the ex-soccer star captioned the photo.

Aside from Jinger's sexier wardrobe, fans have grown concerned over the star's well-being as she's flaunted a seemingly thinner frame.

Several of Jinger's recent posts have sparked worry as she's looked skinnier than usual.

In comments on a photo posted in April, one social media user said: "She looks so frail and pale compared to some pictures from this time last year.

"I know having two young children and a childish husband will drain you, but I hope this poor girl is getting a break somewhere."

Another person agreed, adding: "She looks scary thin too. I am officially concerned her eating disorder is back."

A third remarked: "Oh my god. I hope shes ok. I cant even snark on this, she looks like shes wasting away."

The former TLC star previouslyadmitted to extreme dietingand has been open about her struggles with an eating disorder.

The19 Kids and Countingalum once toldUs Weeklyabout herbody issuesand said: "For me, the wrestling was with my weight and my body image, even though I was very in shape and I didnt need to lose weight.

I felt like I needed to; as a 14-year-old girl, I was really wrestling with that.

I think in this culture around us, there is so much talk about what true beauty is and what were defined by if its by how we look, how we were raised or how popular we are, whatever those things may be.

The Arkansas native also told the outlet that her husband knows of her struggles, and so does her mom,Michelle.

She explained: I talked to Jeremy. He knows about that, of course, from day one and my mom, but I think just those [issues] that I had, I wanted others to be able to see that theyre not alone and that there are answers for that.

And you dont have to feel like you have to measure up to a certain standard of beauty or personality or whatever it may be, but [its about] just accepting who you were made to be.




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Duggar fans shocked as Jinger shows off curves in ripped jean shorts as she continues to spark concern... - The US Sun

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Coleen Nolan revealed her wedding outfit live on Loose Women today, which she will wear when she's mother of the groom for her son Shane Richie Jr.'s big day

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Loose Women: Coleen shows off her wedding outfit

Coleen Nolan showed off her wedding outfit - live on Loose Women today.

The panellist will be performing mother of the groom duties soon when her son Shane Richie Jr. - who she has with ex Shane Richie - ties the knot with Maddie Wahdan after the pair got engaged back in 2020.

And on today's shortened episode of the ITV show, Coleen admitted she wasn't sure what she should wear to the couple's big day and asked her fellow panellists - Janet Street Porter, Jane Moore and Brenda Edwards - for advice.

After the advice, Coleen settled on a beautiful black and white dress and a matching hat.


Asked how she feels about it, she shared: "It's really comfortable as well, which is nice. With the right underwear holding my bits in. I feel really nice in it. I feel like the mother of the groom."

In her own love life, Coleen is dating Michael - who she met on dating app Tinder.

"It was a bit of a dilemma. You think, 'Am I just swiping because I recognise her?' So I had to think about it and do it for the right reasons not even for one minute thinking she'd reply anyway," Michael shared previously.


"The surprising thing for me was that once I'd swiped we were a match straight away, which meant that she'd already liked me."

Coleen explained that a wedding with Michael was something they spoke about "all the time", whilst he insisted that tying the knot with the Nolans star was "inevitable" and would happen eventually.

She had previously exclusively told The Mirror how solid her relationship is with Michael.


"This was probably the most secure and confident Ive ever felt going into a relationship. It means that seven months in, things are going brilliantly. Weve not even had our first row," she explained.

"I was literally about to come off the app when I spotted Michael and swiped right. Id been on there for a while and after a string of dates with guys that just hadnt worked out I was fed up with the whole thing. The men were all very nice, but one told me he couldnt deal with the fact I was in the public eye, so obviously that wasnt going to work."

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Loose Women's Coleen Nolan dazzles in wedding outfit as she shows it off live on air - The Mirror

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Lorraine Kelly has admitted fooling other dieters as she used the WW, formerly Weight Watchers, app for support as she lost weight.

The TV personality transformed her lifestyle earlier this year and has now lost two stone and dropped two dress sizes. The presenter said she was eating more during lockdown, and drinking more wine.

But Lorraine said she is now more focused on eating well and living well, and says her zest for life has returned. She has previously said there is "nothing wrong" with gaining weight, but she was "not happy" at a size 14.

READ MORE: Lorraine Kelly 'fits into wedding dress' from 30 years ago after huge weight loss

During an Instagram Live in April, the 62-year-old said: "I'm feeling more confident and wearing clothes not to disguise anymore wearing clothes that fit me properly and getting into a size 10!

"It does feel so much better, and I am supposed to be a 10 but I was a 14 heading towards a 16 - now there's nothing wrong with that if that's what you're supposed to be but I'm not I'm supposed to be a 10 and when I'm not, I'm just not happy."

She credits WW for her success, and even told the Metro how she went largely unnoticed while speaking with other members for support. When asked if other WW members knew who they were talking to, Lorraine said: "Some of them know but on WW my user name is Lorraine and a few numbers and my profile photo is Angus my dog, so many people didnt realise."

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV and the ITV Hub

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Lorraine Kelly admits fooling Weight Watchers members on the app - Liverpool Echo

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Fight forever is a popular chant in professional wrestling arenas, but no competitor has ever managed that feat. 64-year-old Dan The Beast Severn a two-time U.S. Olympic alternate in freestyle wrestling, a two-time NWA World Champion in pro wrestling, a three-time UFC champion, and almost certainly a top contender for the title of Mustache GOAT has come about as close as anyone. Severn has won 101 sanctioned mixed martial arts fights, dozens of amateur wrestling tournaments, and hundreds of professional wrestling matches over the course of a five-decade career in combat sports that began in high school. He recounted this story in The Realest Guy in the Room, published in 2016, and says he has more than enough material to warrant a second volume.

Severn fought his last MMA match in 2012 at the age of 53 and was competing in the wrestling ring for major independent promotions such as Game Changer Wrestling and Major League Wrestling as recently as 2019. Still packing 235 pounds on a 62 frame, Severn travels incessantly, coaching wrestling and MMA seminars and making personal appearances between recording sessions of the podcast he co-hosts with his good friend and wrestling/MMA protege Don Frye.

En route to his latest gig, Severn took the time to share some of the insights acquired during a sports and fitness journey that now spans half a century.

Of course. Thats my calling card. Let me just say that this mustache has gotten me into a lot of trouble. But its not just the mustache. I dont look my age, and even though age is catching up with me, I still dont feel as old as I am.

Well, I do want to say two things here. The first is that in the past few years, Ive worked to bring my weight down to 230-235 pounds. I was competing at 250 to 255 pounds during a lot of my MMA and pro wrestling career, and while I was always well conditioned at that weight relative to other heavyweights, there are now 100,000+ miles on these tires, and Im reducing the weight of the load a bit.

And the other is that during my amateur wrestling career, I moved up and down between 220 pounds and heavyweight [eds note: today this class is capped at 285 pounds, but up until 1987, it was called unlimited and had no weight limit. There were pluses and minuses to both classes, and I had my share of success in each, but the cut to 220 could be difficult at times.

There are many secrets. The first secret isnt a secret at all so much as genetic luckI came from a high-achieving family. My father was a big, strong farm boy, and all five of his sons went to college to wrestle. All three of his daughters went to college on academic scholarships. So when I realized wrestling was going to be my sport, I had a deep pool of natural talent I could draw upon.

No, absolutely not. Thats the first lesson for people reading this. I wanted to be the first freshman to make the varsity wrestling team at my high school. I weighed 165 pounds as a freshman, and I challenged starters at different weight classes to win a spot on the team. When I went up against our heavyweight, a 300 pounder, he fell down and I got on top of him and pinned him, so suddenly I was the starting heavyweight.

Back then, you didnt weigh in without clothes so your skin could be examined the way kids do today. I needed to weigh a minimum of 175 pounds to compete at heavyweight, so Id weigh in with cans of Coca-Cola in my jacket pockets to ensure I made weight. And then I found myself matched against some kids who were 63 and 285 pounds, sometimes without any bad or loose weight on them.

The lesson is that this kind of handicap, early in your training career, forces you to improve your psychology and technique. The mindset I developed there is something Ive relied on for decades. I was getting beaten up, thrown aroundI was a lamb being led to the slaughter. But because I had the right mindset, this overriding drive to win, I finished 13-14 my freshman yearand I got my wins because I learned how to deal with these behemoths. I mastered the far side roll, which led to a lot of wins over immobile, unsteady heavyweights.

You can develop a good deal of natural strength if youre competing in your chosen sport against stronger people, especially if youre growing into your body. I also discovered a copy of Amateur Wrestling News at my high school, and that opened my eyes to the entire world of wrestling there was so much to learn about, from the history of the sport to techniques I was unaware of.

The Internet has made it much easier to learn about your chosen sport or hobby, but I think it can also prevent you from digging in and learning everything you can learn from the limited materials at hand. The information in that magazine was like gold, and I treasured whatever I found there. For any younger people reading this, if you dont choose to go into the military, go into amateur wrestling. Amateur wrestling has paid me so little Ive made most of my money in other sports but it gave me the tools to succeed everywhere else. By the end of high school, I was winning national and world tournaments in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling.

I had some great pinning streaks in college and was twice an All-American, but I also had some injuries and some matches that didnt go my way. I was still very successful, but Ill tell you something else about me: I do not remember the wins. A win is expected. Someone might mention to me that I beat [future UFC Light Heavyweight champion] Forrest Griffin back in 2001, but I dont remember that fight all that well. The losses stick. I replay them in my mind all the time.

During my first few years there, Arizona State had a 420-pounder on the roster named James Mitchell, so yes, I got to keep training with really huge men. I also learned a lot about nutrition, including how to eat right on a budget which was important because I wouldnt ever be making big money during my amateur wrestling days. And these are simple tips that anyone can apply. If youre a bigger guy and you need to stay big and strong for the type of training youre doing, you can go to a Chinese buffet and eat strategically.

There will be lots of fried and unhealthy stuff on the menu, but youll also find steamed vegetables, baked salmon, raw fish, and grilled chickenand the prices at these places, even now, are incredibly cheap. Getting the basic nutritional fill on a budget is probably critical for any kid reading this. Its not about how much you spend, its about what you consume.I still use this shortcut when Im driving my beater car from event to event. I must know every halfway decent buffet from Coldwater, Michigan to Phoenix, Arizona.

I do have my vices, like downing a half-gallon of ice cream whenever I allow myself a cheat meal, but in general Ive focused on fish, chicken, lean beef, and vegetables since college. Basic vitamin supplementation, too B, D, a multivitamin, pills you can get at Wal-Mart. Simple stuff, but I didnt understand any of that when I was in high school, and Ive seen the benefits of following these general guidelines over the decades.

My amateur wrestling career, and later my MMA career, was built around explosiveness. I wanted to take out your knees when I shot. From 1984 to 1986, when I was competing internationally, I liked to think I was performing exorcisms at the expense of my opponents bodies. Heavy barbell lifting helped me build some of that explosiveness, but I got stronger and faster at wrestling by wrestling nonstop as I grew into my body. Thats a really important point people should think about.

You have only so much time in a day. If youre trying to get better at this activity, whether its wrestling or cycling, you are going to need to do the activity itself. Even today, I stay fit by coaching. Ive stayed fit all these years by coaching. When youre a wrestling coach, youre wrestling with the people youre coaching. Youre moving with them. If you can maintain your weight and your conditioning, and youre a healthy 250 pounds as I was, youre going to be very strong.

I was in the mix for a long time [serving as an Olympic alternate in 1984 and 1988], but my best shot at the gold medal in freestyle came in 1984. The Soviet Union wasnt competing that year, and they were arguably the best wrestling country in the world at that time, so the U.S. was going to rack up medals. Bruce Baumgartner got the first of the two gold medals hed win at heavyweight, and everyone he beat in 1984 was someone I had beaten already. And the guy I lost to at trials at 220 pounds, [two-time NCAA champion] Lou Banacheveryone he beat on the way to the gold medal was someone Id beaten, too.

Our match came down to some weird refereeing, and I formally protested the result. If Im remembering correctly, 37 of the 38 matches that wrestlers protested at the trials led to some kind of correctionmine was the one that didnt. Lous coach [at the University of Iowa] Dan Gable was running the U.S. team, and Lou was his guy. Ive said it before, but Ill tell you, too: if Id have won that match and then won the gold medal in Los Angeles, I couldve called it quits. Id have had my endorsements and business deals. Its one of those losses I think about all the time. But I wouldnt be talking to you right now. And I wouldnt be talking about the interesting stuff Ive spent the past three decades doing.

Well, the way I wound up doing pro wrestling and then MMA is interesting. In 1992, the Olympic eligibility rules were changed so you could compete as a pro wrestler without compromising your amateur status. Imagine that, as late as 1992, professional wrestling [an exhibition sport with predetermined outcomes] disqualified you for amateur wrestling! But professional wrestling is definitely the most damaging sport in which I competed, at least in terms of the toll it took on my body.

Youre going to definitely fall down and get hurt in pro wrestling, so you need to know how to fall. You cant avoid falling. Freestyle and Greco-Roman were second, because of the high-amplitude throws and the elite quality of the competition. You could take out a guys knees in freestyle, just obliterate him. In Greco, some of the throws were incredible. MMA would be down the list in terms of damage to the body, especially if you approached it like I did, with a wrestling-heavy style that ensured you rarely ever got knocked out or even hit all that hard. And folkstyle wrestling [eds note: the style of wrestling in which American high school and collegiate athletes compete] is quite safe because of the stricter rules and refereeing, which is part of why I said I think its a good idea young people should consider participating in that sport.

Practicing was a big part of it. In pro wrestling, you have a match that has to be laid out, and specific ways to perform or absorb all the moves for that match. The match could be ten minutes or it could be an hour, but in any case, you need to be in good cardiovascular shape. In MMA, I was initially working with no time limits, and even when time limits came into play, the matches were still longer than the six or seven minutes of an entire amateur wrestling match. With MMA in particular, I had a lot to learn about striking and submission grappling, so that took up the bulk of my time.

As far as conditioning went, I was in my mid-30s by 1992, so I was already past the heavy barbell training stage. I replaced heavy lifting with weight training that would increase my muscular endurance and let me function for a long period of time. Ill do something I call the dirty dozen, working through twelve exercises, doing each for two minutes with as little stopping as possible and a 30-second break between exercises. A typical exercise in the dirty dozen might consist of doing torso twists with a 45-pound plate for two minutes, or holding that same plate at a ninety-degree angle for two minutes. Your arms will start to smoke, just like they will when you spend 30 seconds trying to choke someone on the mat. That kind of squeeze can wear you out, and this training prepares you to squeeze, bend, or hold someone over an extended period of time.

Ive said some of this before, so it shouldnt come as a surprise. I knew about steroids in high school. If youve trained your body up to an elite level, where youre starting to hit the wall in terms of what youre capable of, you have a decent sense of what other people are capable of. You can feel natural strength you know what that is, because you can recognize it. Heres this guy with huge joints, big farm boy, you know what to expect. But take someone like my [two-time UFC opponent] Ken Shamrock.

Ken has the frame of a 170 pounder, a welterweight. When we fought, this 170-pound guy was blown up to heavyweight size. Ken had unnatural strength and speed. He has admitted he was on all kinds of steroids, so Im not exposing him or anything. And if you look at his career, over time he got smaller and smaller. He wasnt even a light heavyweight by the end. He couldnt keep the weight on.

Ive wrestled people in high school and college who were on steroids. You can still beat anybody if your technique and mindset are right, but the unnatural strength helps a steroid user muscle through things they shouldnt be able to overcome with the level of skill they have. Its a shortcut. You can look at my record and see when Ive lost to people who either failed a drug test, like Josh Barnett, or admitted they used steroids, like Mark Coleman. Mark won a national championship in college at 190 pounds, but when I fought him, he was more than 250 pounds.

He was in the Olympics, so he had skill, but he was unnaturally strong by the time I fought him. Personally, I believe in a level playing field, but in the mid-1980s, it typically didnt matter if the guy I was wrestling was on steroids or not. It probably helped him recover if he was, because I was going out there to hurt him. But in the long run, steroids help athletes with recovery, they keep guys strong well past their prime, they extend careers. I had people approach me at different points in my career to talk about using steroids. If Id taken them, Im sure I couldve blown up well to over 300 pounds. I couldve been a real freakazoid. I dont regret my decision, though. It comes down to personal responsibility.

I was certainly opposed to using them myself. The risks in terms of heart disease are real, and my dad had heart issues. I believe not using steroids extended my career. My joints and muscles werent pushed beyond what they could handle. I had to work within my limits at all times. My recovery periods were what my body required. I didnt have six-pack abdominals in my fifties, but how many 50-year-olds who weigh 250 pounds have a six pack? How many need one?

I was able to compete in the MMA cage for fifteen minutes, something few guys that age have ever done steroids or not. And Im not necessarily against all forms of performance enhancement. I recently got a stem cell treatment, and Im seeing some improvement in my joints. I dont have any problem with people using CBD oil and medical marijuana. But the risks of steroid use outweighed the rewards for me, and I was an experienced professional athlete who had a lot of money on the line. Readers who might be thinking of using steroids should consider my decision before making theirs.

Well, let me put it this way I was never a big fan of my nickname. The Beast is a label that was given to me by Jim Brown, a famous old NFL player who did commentary for the early UFC cards. I have lots of relatives who are devout Christians, and a moniker like The Beast carries negative connotations for folks like that. So I turned it into an acronym, with B-E-A-S-T meaning believe in yourself, educate yourself, adjust your attitude, study hard, and teach others.

If you want to understand my training methodology, its as simple as that. Youve got to believe you can do this stuff, learn about what youre trying to do, get your mindset squared away, practice and study constantly, and share the knowledge you acquire with others. The best way to succeed at any sport is by doing that sport. Your training needs to be specific to that sport. The exercises need to make sense for what youre doing on the mat or in the field. Your conditioning will always be there if youre practicing, because practice will condition you in a way running laps or some unrelated activity never can. You have to actually do an activity to get better at it.

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