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Weight loss is not an easy task, even when you are unprofessional. While doing exercise its very important for you to avoid mistakes, that can affect your body miserably.

Avoid Some Common Mistakes

To lose weight successfully, it is important to plan your workout carefully. A well-planned workout routine can even speed up the fat-burning process and tone your loose skin. Right from the types of exercises you choose to perform to correct your form, every small thing matters when your objective is to reduce kilos.

Protein is the building block of life and gym trainers recommend consuming it after the workout session, as it can help the body repair and recover muscles. But loading up on protein drinks will not help you reach your goals faster. In general, a person involved in rigorous physical activity is recommended to have 1.2 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. Excess protein is actually stored in the body as fat, while the surplus of amino acids is excreted and this can lead to weight gain over time.

In order to burn maximum calories and lose fat from the body, you have to push your limit. Only when you will challenge your body, you will be able to shed calories. For this, you need to be consistent and perform exercises for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day. This rule applies to all the exercises that you perform, whether it is gymming, walking or running.

It is obvious that cardio exercises can help you burn more calories. But, the truth is strength training exercises can help you torch calories even at rest. Focusing only on cardio might not be right when the objective is to shed kilos. So, in order to shed kilos, you need to Maintain a balance between both kinds of exercises.

Every weight watcher must remember that number on the scale is not the only way to measure your progress. Our weight can fluctuate by up to 2 kilos in a day, depending on how much food and liquid we consume in a day. You can feel the progress when your clothes may start to feel looser or you may feel lighter and healthier.

You are all set to shed kilos now while avoiding these 5 mistakes.

Want to get rid of stress belly? 6 things you can do to reduce abdominal fat, boost weight loss

Novel way for weight loss in patients with obesity, diabetes

Weight loss tips: Try 6 home remedies including fenugreek seeds, celery and cumin to lose weight

Weight loss tips: Heres how to lose weight without giving up rice

Weight Loss: Heres quick and easy Besan ka Cheela recipe to make your breakfast healthy

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This week we will mostly be concerning ourselves with the impossible dream of making rucks safe, fair and conducive to entertaining rugby

Another croc roll that injures and damages. What does it take to get them banned????

Thus quoth Ben Ryan on Saturday, not long after Jack Willis screams had caused your correspondent to turn down his laptop and ITVs aghast producers to turn down the opportunity to replay the incident.

Sebastian Negri, whose crocodile roll clean on Willis was the catalyst for the injury, apologised on social media (always the classy way to go about it these days) but was not censured at the time and, considering his actions were well within the laws of the game, is unlikely to be so and he did not set out to injure Willis, merely to make a clean out as the laws permit.

Three hours or so later, Zander Fagerson piled into a ruck with his arm partly tucked behind his body, essentially making his shoulder and upper arm a blunt hammering instrument. The blow to the head of Wyn Jones was only glancing, but it was enough. Listening to the dialogue between Matt Carley and Karl Dickson, you got the impression that once Carley had seen Fagerson rumble in and tuck his arm, the former would be unlikely to be swayed from a red card.

That was also Gregor Townsends opinion, and given that Wyn Jones was not even afforded the magic sponge, let alone an HIA, you can argue he has a point.

Yet the message here is unequivocal: you cant charge into a ruck from distance, tuck your arm behind your body and make any kind of contact with the head of an opponent, simply because of the potential danger involved. Given the background of what we have learned about dementia, concussions and neck injuries and so forth, it has to be so.

The referees go through their process on this, which is their sole benchmark for judging actions and which Carley went through pretty thoroughly. And as a result of which, Fagerson had to go, harsh or not. Because it is not the outcome, it is the danger for a catastrophic outcome that World Rugby is trying to eliminate.

So if the danger of a catastrophic outcome is the correct benchmark for outlawing a certain action, Ryan HAS to be right: when will the crocodile roll be outlawed? Do we have to have a knee injury epidemic before there is action?

As a part-time coach, Ive seen first-hand many times, even in training, how the knee is bent on peculiar angles during the roll by dint of rolling the player sideways while he attempts to keep his planted knee straight. It never looks healthy; unless the player being cleaned out stops offering resistance, it always looks perilous. Given that when that resistance stops, said player is generally flung around somewhere in a manner fully out of his control, that usually looks perilous as well.

Even the action at the ruck; players are taught to clean through at rucks in a straight line and keep rucks tidy, officials instructed to keep players from going in at the side and go over and/or past the ball or at least stay on their feet. Yet the crocodile roll achieves none of these things, resulting in heaps of flesh and flailing limbs (and studs) flying in anything but a straight line around the contact area.

Crocodile rolls are dangerous, untidy and lazy. The quicker they are outlawed, the better.

There were a few penalties blown for it at the weekend, but not nearly enough.

Currently the law requires players to carry their body weight on their feet, but with the added bonus that the cleaner from the attacking side is allowed to bind onto the player on the ground, leaving it a very, very tight judgement call as to whether that player is truly carrying his weight or leaning onto the player on the ground or not effectively sealing the ball off either way.

That sealing-off aspect is irritating, as it avoids the actual ruck contest, while the current fashion of reticent defences (why would they be otherwise in this scenario) ensures that rucking teams frequently end up with their hands on the ground past the ball, sealing off the ball even more.

This not only ensures that the ball is hidden, but virtually guarantees that any defender who might be inclined to counter ruck is going to fall foul of making contact to the head of the opponent and receive his marching orders.

Were the game to outlaw any form of binding onto the player on the ground, as well as being draconian on players putting hands on the ground or ball (and outlawing crocodile rolls), there would potentially be a lot more care taken about angle of body entry, and potentially an actual ruck where players stayed on their feet and pushed against each other over the ball to see who could win it.


The ruck, so often the bane of a good game down the years, badly needs another rethink. Right now it is both dangerous and a mess, and this is not the fault of the officials.

Loose Pass compiled by Lawrence Nolan

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Loose Pass: The impossible dream of making rucks safe -

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Mark Labbett has been sharing his weight loss journey with his fans. Photo / Mark Labbett / Instagram

Mark Labbett has shown off his weight loss on social media.

The Chase quiz master posted a mirror selfie to his Instagram account, comparing his figure to an old red carpet photo.

"Very proud of my progress," he said, promoting a food delivery service aimed at people wanting to lose weight.

Fans of the quiz show star congratulated him on his progress in the comments. Some also pointed out they admired him at any size.

"Proud of you at any size. The measure of a man is not his weight," one user commented.

Another said: "Looking good, well done for inspiring others."

In January Labbett posted another comparison photo on his profile: "At this rate I'll be the skinniest chaser," he captioned the post.

Last year, Labbett began sharing progress photos on his Instagram account, showing off his weight loss journey.

He used the hashtag #skinnybeast in the photos, poking fun at his nickname on The Chase.

He spent much of 2020 focusing on weight loss and his overall health after a suspected case of Covid-19 saw him suffer from a "complete loss of appetite, no sense of smell, a temperature, exhaustion and the worst fever of my life", he told the Sun on Sunday at the time.

In October, the star shared his health journey on Twitter, posting that he "lost four inches off my chest and six inches of my belly in the last six months".

The quiz master revealed he weighed in at 171kg at his heaviest, Hello! reported.

In 2017, Labbett appeared on UK panel show Loose Women as part of their male Body Stories campaign, where he opened up about his type 2 diabetes diagnosis.

He confessed to eating up to 10 bars of chocolate a day, he said: "I'm not going to complain. I've done the crime so I'll do the time."

However, he also spoke about maintaining a good relationship with his body, simply stating: "I am what I am."

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The Chase: The Beast Mark Labbett 'very proud' of continued weight loss - New Zealand Herald

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Video: Cow loose on I-16 in SavannahThe Savannah Police Department has released an update on the cow that got loose on I-16 in late January.Police say no owner has come forward for the cow yet. Investigators say it appears the cow, now being called "LEOnora Penelope," has been on the loose since at least November.Chatham County Animal Services has since taken over the adoption process for the cow.We're told several people have offered to take the cow, and Animal Services is going down the list. Once they are finished with the process, police say they will update the public on where LEOnora Penelope is off to.In the meantime, the cow is safe with the Sheriff's Office. They say she is being spoiled by her new friends. She's gained some weight and can often be seen jumping around and bucking, according to police.The cow has been given some treats, and was introduced to a new pink halter Saturday (see below).Police say she is still a bit skeptical of people, but is getting better.

Video: Cow loose on I-16 in Savannah

The Savannah Police Department has released an update on the cow that got loose on I-16 in late January.

Police say no owner has come forward for the cow yet. Investigators say it appears the cow, now being called "LEOnora Penelope," has been on the loose since at least November.

Chatham County Animal Services has since taken over the adoption process for the cow.

We're told several people have offered to take the cow, and Animal Services is going down the list. Once they are finished with the process, police say they will update the public on where LEOnora Penelope is off to.

In the meantime, the cow is safe with the Sheriff's Office. They say she is being spoiled by her new friends. She's gained some weight and can often be seen jumping around and bucking, according to police.

The cow has been given some treats, and was introduced to a new pink halter Saturday (see below).

Police say she is still a bit skeptical of people, but is getting better.

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Police give update on cow that was found on I-16 - WJCL News

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Josh Duggar was the first of the Duggar siblings to tie the knot. He wed Anna Duggar back in 2008, and the two have since welcomed six kids. Josh and Anna have gone through their share of hard times, with Josh previously admitting that he had inappropriately touched his younger sisters years ago, along with accusations of cheating while married to Anna.

Now, those who follow the family are in a heated debate about whether Anna is hiding a baby bump.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar wed back in the 1980s, and they now have one of the largest families in the United States. The couple share 19 kids, plus they adopted one of Michelles relatives for a total of 20 children.

These days, nearly half of the Duggar children are either married or engaged, with eight of them having started families of their own. And when it comes to having kids, they havent slowed down. Josh and Anna Duggar have six children, and many viewers are convinced they arent done growing their family. Jessa and Ben Seewald welcomed three kids in five years, though the two havent announced a pregnancy in a while. Joe and Kendra Duggar wed in 2018 and are expecting their third child.

RELATED: Counting On: Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar Didnt Go on a Date Until They Were Engaged

Recently, Counting On viewers took to Reddit to discuss the possibility that Anna is hiding a seventh pregnancy. But the curiosity received mixed reviews from other viewers. The original post, which has been removed by the DuggarSnark moderator, suggested that Anna looked pregnant in Jessas recent YouTube video. However, some viewers saw the post as offensive.

She may have just put on weight, after 6 pregnancies her stomach muscles will be loose and she could look pregnant though shes not, one user wrote.

Annas had six kids and shes not young anymore. Shes going to start having issues losing the baby weight Its rude to assume Annas six months pregnant just because of an unflattering angle, another user wrote.

Another user felt Anna could be pregnant, but there was no way to know through just one small glimpse. I wouldnt be surprised if shes pregnant But I agree that people can absolutely look super pregnant when they arent.

Josh and Annas relationship had taken heat from fans after Josh was accused of having intercourse with a woman at a strip club in 2015. He also admitted to having a pornography addiction and reportedly had several accounts on the website Ashley Madison, which is a site for finding extramarital affairs.

Still, after attending counseling for two years, Josh and Annas relationship appears to be back on solid ground. They announced their fifth pregnancy in 2017 and have since welcomed baby no. 6. Time will tell if Josh and Anna are indeed expecting a new addition to the family.

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'Counting On' Viewers Are In a Heated Debate About Whether Anna Duggar Is Hiding a Pregnancy: 'It's Rude to Assume' - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

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A married couple embarked on a weight loss journey after a health warning from doctors.

Ian and Gail Edrupt, from Wisbech, who have been married over eight years, described themselves as 'foodies' who enjoyed eating out, as well as take away nights in.

With no children the couple and stressful, full-times jobs, the couple said food played a big part in their lives with Ian enjoying doing the cooking.

However, all that changed in September 2019 when they decided to join Slimming World because of Ian's health.

Gail said: "Ian had been under the specialist for some months due to a potential family hereditary heart disease and had been suffering with headaches and some chest pains.

"After multiple tests and wearing of a heart monitor he was advised that he had extremely elevated levels of triglycerids which could potentially cause a stroke or heart attack and that loosing weight would significantly help improve his health.

"We discussed the advice given and options and no way was he going to take tablets for the rest of his life. Ian had recently seen an advertisement at Leverington Sports Club as we passed for Slimming World with Rachel Bingham and we decided to go along and see what it was about.

"I had done Slimming World before and lost over two stone for our wedding (which I had since put back on) so I knew it worked and was not prepared to sit back and loose my husband, I wanted to actively encourage and support Ian to loose weight and regain his health which was critical as his father, uncle and grandfather all passed due to heart disease at a young age - an age which Ian was approaching."

The pair signed up for Slimming World with Rachel with Ian tipping the scales at 15st 10lb and Gail at 11st 13lb.

Gail said: "Being a couple and doing it together really helped, we were always on the same page and we found good ways of working together with Ian re-creating the delicious recipes and me taking control of breakfast/pack up lunches and keeping the food diaries and monitoring our syns.

We came up with creative ideas to help ensure we fitted Slimming World in with our busy lives and we did not sabotage ourselves and drop off the weight loss wagon. We bulk cooked and used disposable cups and stockpiled the freezer for easy lunches and quick meals and the weight loss was steady for both of us."

As a result to date Ian has lost two-and-a-half stone and Gail has lost two stone.

Gail added: "We still have more to do but we know this one lifestyle change that is here for good."

The rest is here:
'Foodie' Wisbech couple shed the pounds thanks to Slimming World - Fenland Citizen

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JAMES Argent worked up a sweat today ahead of his 10,000 lifesaving gastric band surgery

The Towie star made the most of his local park as he continued to try to lose weight before his looming surgery.


Arg, 33, refused to let the UK's freezing temperatures slow him down and headed to the outdoor gym facility after recently admitting he had ballooned to 26st in lockdown.

Dressed in a woolly hat, a black hoodie and grey tracksuit bottoms, a waterproof jacket and leather gloves, Arg ploughed through a variety of exercises including sit ups, pull ups, leg crunches and weights.

He even took a turn on the vertical climbing wall which was emblazoned with the inspiring slogan, 'impossible is nothing'.

Gemma Collins' boyfriend recently told how he is now so big that only three of his outfits fit him.








He spoke about his battle to lose weight on ITV show Loose Women last month.

He admitted he was in "danger territory" saying: "If I catch Covid, I could be one of the people in serious trouble."

Arg continued: "I spoke to my doctor on the phone numerous amounts of time and even though I had lost a lot of weight at the start of the year I was always considering weight loss surgery.

"My doctor said the weight I am right now, 26 stone, that is danger territory. My mum and my dad both suffer from heart problems.





"My dad has got a pacemaker so there could be serious implications for my heart.

"People even say to me, with my weight as it is at the moment, if I catch Covid, I could be one of the people that could be in serious trouble."

His remarks come after Arg told The Sun that heneeded as gastric op- saying it was the "only way" he would lose weight.


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MONEY MAKERClaire Byrne viewers' mixed reaction to Irish dad who makes 50k on Only Fans

The star added that hisbest friend and Towie co-star Mark Wrightwas helping him with his weight-loss battle, saying they speak on the phone constantly.

He said: "I speak to Mark every day. He's seriously concerned about my weight and he wants to help me."

Arg added that he was undertaking weight loss surgery as a long-term solution rather than a "quick fix".

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James Argent works up a sweat in the park ahead of 10,000 lifesaving gastric band surgery - The Irish Sun

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Request Download SampleCompany Profile

New Jersey, United States,- The Market Research Intellect report predicts that the Gravimetric Feeder (loss-in-weight) Market will find players focused on new product development in order to secure a solid position in terms of revenue distribution. Strategic partnerships can be a powerful way to bring new products to market. The level of competition in the market can increase.

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Gravimetric Feeder (loss-in-weight) Market Size and Forecast (2021-2027) | By Top Leading Players Motan-colortronic, Hapman, Novatec, FLSmidth,...

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Eamonn Holmes has been accused of "fat-shaming" his wife Ruth Langsford while presenting ITV's This Morning show.

The 61 year old and his other half, 60, were playing It's Behind You with members of the public when he made a brutal jibe about Ruth's weight.

During the game, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, 39, flashed up onto the screen as Eamonn and Ruth had to guess who the caller was describing.

Figuring out who it is, the TV presenter Eamonn turned to his wife and said: "She's very thin... Well it's not you darling." However, Ruth was quick to ignore his comments, focusing on getting the answer right as she said: "Are we allowed to get that? Married to Prince William. Kate Middleton!"

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Eamonn, who recently shared the heartbreaking way his mum marked Valentine's Day 30 years after her husband's death, then laughed as he said: "He wouldn't say she's very thin and married to Eamonn Holmes, would he? No, wouldn't have done that!"

Outraged viewers flocked to Twitter to voice their anger over the remarks as one person wrote: "Imagine body shaming your wife on national telly".

Another said: "As if Eamonn Holmes just said to Ruth well its not you then when the clue was shes very thin .... how bloody rude!! #ThisMorning @thismorning," followed by two pouting face emojis.

"@thismorning not particularly great entertainment...fat shaming your wife on TV Eamonn. #ThisMorning," a third commented.

While a fourth added: "@EamonnHolmes that wasn't very nice what you said to Ruth about her weight #thismorning she's beautiful".

Although some were left unimpressed by Eamonn's behaviour on the show, many were delighted to see the pair back on their screens.

Eamonn and Ruth, who recently received her coronavirus jab, are filling in for regular hosts Phillip Schofield, 58, and Holly Willoughby, 40, for the half term break.

The married couple used to present the hit ITV morning show every Friday, but were replaced by Alison Hammond, 46, and Dermot O'Leary, 47, earlier this year.

Fans of the show were quick to rush to social media to reveal their happiness at seeing the pair back on screens.

One viewer tweeted: "Looking forward to having @RuthieeL and @EamonnHolmes back on our tv this morning! Fridays arent the same without them!"

A second added: "Yes! Yes! Yes! @EamonnHolmes & @RuthieeL back on @thismorning. Gonna enjoy watching #thismorning this week."

While a third told the duo: "Welcome back, we've missed you! Looking forward to watching this week...," alongside a thumbs up emoji.

Continued here:
Eamonn Holmes leaves This Morning viewers in outrage as he makes dig over wife Ruth Langsford's weight - OK! magazine

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So, youve decided to get a tummy tuck.

But you still have some questions about the procedure including about what happens to your belly button after a tummy tuck.

Many people wonder this exact thing, as a botched belly button can make the tummy tuck not worth it at all. Rest assured that in most cases, the belly button wont be altered or moved, instead the skin and muscle around it will be tightened.

If you opt for a mini tummy tuck, the whole procedure will take place below the belly button, which is a good option for those who are just concerned about a small pooch in the lower belly.

During the tummy tuck procedure, an incision will be made in the low abdomen through which fat and stretched skin will be removed, and any loose muscles will be sewn together. Another incision will usually be made around the belly button.

The remaining upper skin is lifted up as high as the rib cage and pulled down like a window shade to the lower skin near the pubic bone. The skin is now stretched tight and the surgeon then chooses the new ideal position to place the stalk of the belly button.

Your belly button is actually attached to the muscles below. During the procedure, itll stay attached to its stalk. In most cases, the surgeon will create a new opening for the belly button, especially if its shape has become distorted after weight gain or pregnancy.

If this isnt done well, the belly button may end up looking distorted either too flat, too deep, or the wrong shape. So, its important to ask your surgeon to see their portfolio and ask about their ideas for your naval.

If youre healed from a tummy tuck and still dissatisfied with your belly button, you may consider an umbilicoplasty, which is a surgery to change the appearance of the belly button.

It can be helpful to see before and after photos of the belly button after a tummy tuck when deciding if the procedure is right for you. Check out the gallery of real patients below:

The recovery timeline after your tummy tuck will vary depending on several factors including your age, weight, and general health.

You may or may not have to spend the night in the hospital. Your drainage tubes, which pull fluid away from the abdomen, will likely remain in place for several days.

Youll also need to wear an abdominal binder for about 6 weeks. This is basically a very tight band around the belly that supports the tummy and helps to avoid fluid buildup.

Its especially important that you wear your binder and avoid strenuous activity so the belly button heals properly.

Your doctor should give instructions on how to care for your belly button after a tummy tuck. This may include cleaning the area with warm water or a saltwater solution.

Its normal for the area to look swollen and even a bit crusty after surgery, and it may take as long as 6 months for the belly button to heal.

Call your doctor right away if you notice signs of infection in the belly button after a tummy tuck. These signs include:

A tummy tuck can be a good way to flatten the stomach and tighten muscles in the abdomen that may have gotten loose from pregnancy, weight gain, or just general aging, but many people wonder whatll happen to the belly button as a result of the procedure.

Normally, an incision will be made around the naval and itll be lifted and put back in the appropriate place to fit the new shape of the stomach. Other times it may be necessary to make a new opening.

Its always a good idea to see before and after pictures from your surgeon and pay close attention to the belly button area when viewing them.

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Tummy Tucks and the Belly Button: What Happens to It? - Healthline

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