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Wellness Wins is an original Yahoo series that shares the inspiring stories of people who have shed pounds healthfully.

Corey Hyland is 55 tall and currently weighs 160 pounds. After a lifetime of obesity, she made gradual changes to her lifestyle that resulted in a whole new body and outlook on health. This is her weight-loss story, in her own words.

The Turning Point

I wasoverweightfor as long as I could remember. In kindergarten, my concern was that I would break the small chairs. I was a secret eater; I would sneak food under the bunk bed I shared with my sister. I would eat an entire loaf of bread in one sitting, then eat some more, then vomit this while I was still under 10 years old.

I was mortified that I had to shop in the then-called husky section of department stores for clothes. In middle school and high school the internet came of age, and I increasingly spent more time sitting. I ballooned to well over 400 pounds by high school graduation and into my college years.

A lot of people have asked me over the years what my turning point was, but unlike most, I dont have a specific moment. It was a gradual change in behavior. What I do remember is the conscious decision in my early 20s to stop eating pork and beef and to stop drinking soda.

I would go for walks in the park near my apartment after every meal. When youre that heavy, you can still eat a large amount of food but also keep a decent calorie deficit. I realized the computer chair I was sitting in where I normally could barely fit between the two arms at the sides was more comfortable and my pants were getting bigger, but it never occurred to me that I was actuallylosing weight. It wasnt until I went to visit family when my sister laughed and said, I cant believe how much weight you lost!

Turns out I went down four pant sizes, but the concept of not being a fat person was such a foreign concept to me that I didnt think it even possible that I did so.

A young Corey Hyland before her weight-loss journey. (Photo: Corey Hyland)

The Changes

Dropping pork and beef andsodawas good, but after a while I gained more knowledge regarding nutrition. I learned about calories and deficits. Ive been working at Starbucks for 12 years now, and spend a lot of time on my feet there. I downloaded a meal-tracking app, bought a food scale and started counting calories. Counting calories and having a caloric deficit goal has been the number one thing that helped me lose the weight.

As I said, the changes have been gradual. Ive been running this marathon for a while. I went down to 185 pounds and got back up to 245. I started working with a personal trainer at this point and have been with the same one for the past four years. The past 18 months have been the most dramatic. I dropped down to 151 pounds. My body-fat percentage, which I have tested at a hospital yearly, is 23.5 percent. Adding weight training has completely changed the shape of my body. Im more toned and lean, and I absolutely love it.

My trainer has helped me strengthen areas of my body that were weak due to years of obesity, and my posture and balance is so much better. I have osteoarthritis of the spine and used to be in great pain almost daily, and now I dont remember the last time my arthritis has bothered me.

Hyland before and after losing 240 pounds through calorie-counting and exercise. (Photo: Corey Hyland)

The After

The physical and emotional changes have been a challenge. Physically, it was difficult for me to tell when I was done losing because the loose skin masks it. Emotionally I suffer frombody dysmorphia. I buy size 6 pants and mostly XS tops, but I still think the clothes are lying to me. Im extremely self-conscious of my loose skin, and it keeps me from romantically connecting with anyone.

But people are nicer to me. They treat you with so much more respect. Even my own family members are nicer to me now.

Hyland, shown after her weight-loss journey, still struggles with her body image. (Photo: Corey Hyland)

The Maintenance

Currently, I am focusing on strength training and adding some muscle. Ive gained a few pounds back, but have also reduced my pant size. I strength train three to five days a week, sprinkle in some cardio and still work with my trainer weekly.

Those behavioral issues I had when I was a child will always be there. When I find myself slipping, I go back to calorie counting and setting a caloric goal. I keep processed foods to a minimum and focus on eating a lot of protein and vegetables. I keep a loose tally of calories in my head most days, although Ive mostly stopped using the food scale.

Knowing that I can make such dramatic changes to my body through hard work has kept me motivated to keep it off. I have succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and so Im always asking myself, whats next? What further improvements can I make to my body? Safely, of course!

In the beginning of October, I will be having loose skin on my abdomen, arms, and breasts removed, and I could not be any more excited. Im ready for my new body!

The Struggles

I will always have the mentality of a fat person. My entire world view has been shaped as someone who wasobese. I feel as if Ive lost my identity and have to shape a new one, and sometimes I just feel enormous pressure. When youre obese, youre invisible, even if you take up more space. Now more people are paying attention. Guys are paying attention, and I spent my formative years so overweight that I have a difficult time connecting romantically.


Consistency is key. Everyone falls off the wagon at some point when theyre on this journey everyone. You have to learn to pull yourself up and get back on. And dont ever think for one second that obesity is your fate and weight loss in unachievable because Im solid proof that it can be done. Its a marathon, not a sprint!

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Wellness Wins is authored by Andie Mitchell, who underwent a transformative, 135-pound weight loss of her own.

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Using fasts to lose weight is your choice, but it is important to remember that when you break the fast, you must eat the right thing. Intermittent fasting means that you could not eat for a specific amount of time. That time can span from 10 hours to 16 hours. Most people dontrealisethat this technique was not made for weight loss but for detoxing. Fasting meansa deficiencyof essential nutrients. So it is best to start with 10 hours and then increase it per hour each week. Eating phase is as important as the fasting phase. It is important that you eat a balanced diet to get the proper nutrition. People wait to eattheirfavouritefood once the fasting period is over. But this is not the case in intermittent fasting. The best way to break your fast is with a seasonal food and some water. Afterthat, youmust focus onbio-actives.

Bioactivefoodrefersto whose food items that work with one or more metabolic processes. Pineapple, papaya, watermelon, almonds and walnuts are foods are that are rich inbio-actives.These help in stem cell protection, DNA protection, microbiome protection and angiogenesis (process of formation of new blood vessels). Apart from these functions thesebio-activefoods also have other health benefits. Read below to know them all and the food that they come in.

Papaya contains digestive enzyme known as papain, which helps in improving digestion and is perfect for your weight loss. Along with this, it helps to relieve sore throat, heals wounds and reduces muscle soreness. Various studiesbythe National Centre of Health, USA, show that it is good for diabetics and easing menstrual pain.

Fasting increases the risk ofdehydration.Watermelon helps prevent this dehydration. Low in calories, it is a perfect fruit for weight loss. Along with water, it also contains vitamins like A,B6, and C, which help improve theimmunesystem of the body. Packed with amino acid and lycopene, it also helps pull back the loose skin caused by fasting.

Walnuts are rich in omega-3acids, whichhelps in improving heart health. If you are planning to lose weight, walnuts are the most friendly snacksavailableafter fasting. Use it to break your fast and include it in your regular diet as much as you can.

Almonds have an impressive nutrients profile. Filled with protein, fat, vitamin E, manganese and magnesium, you can use almonds to break your fast. Daily consumption of almonds can help improve skin, eyes and brain health.Make them your go-to snacks and it will help you in losing those extra kilos.

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When you lose your excess kilos, it can be a great feeling. You feel euphoric, a sense of achievement and relief all rolled into one. But this success can also have a few side effects. If you lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time, you may be perplexed by loose skin that hangs from different part of your body. This is because when you are obese, your skin stretches itself to hold the excess bulk. And sudden disappearance of this bulk leaves an empty space under your skin. This results in ugly folds of loose skin. This is usually evident in the abdomen, thighs, arms, and even the face.

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity. So older people are more at risk of this side effect. If you are young, massive weight loss may or may not cause this condition depending on your skin health and genes. Also, in younger people, this may be a temporary condition. But if you are older, your skin will not be able to shrink back along with the rest of your body. It may very well be a permanent fallout of your weight loss success.

Other than this, there are certain other factors that can lead to loose skin after weight loss. Excessive exposure to the sun, low water intake and bad dietary habits may also cause this condition. Smoking is another risk factor because this can accelerate skin ageing and loss of elasticity.

If you need to lose a huge amount of weight in a short period of time, you may not be able to avoid this condition. Besides, this can also lead to other health complications. Know how to reduce your risk of loose skin after weight loss.

It is best to space out your weight loss over an extended period of time. Do it gradually. Try not to lose more than 2 to 3 kilos in a month. This will ensure that you dont lose your muscle mass in the process. It will also give your skin time to adjust to your weight loss.

Regular exercise along with your weight management procedure will ensure that your muscle mass is not affected by your weight loss. This will improve the health of your skin and reduce the risk of sagging. It will also help you replace the lost fat with more muscles. This will go a long way in reducing your risk of loose skin. Consult a doctor before taking up any form of exercise to avoid risk of injury. But exercise alone will not help you tighten your facial skin. But it can be effective for your abdomen, arms, legs and back.

If you practice yoga throughout your weight loss period, you will significantly reduce your risk of loose skin. There are many yoga asanas that increase skin elasticity and suppleness. But do not take up some difficult poses at the beginning just because it promises benefits. You may just end up injuring yourself. Seek the guidance of a certified yoga teacher to guide you through the paces.

Water is essential for skin elasticity. You need to stay hydrated at all times. Drink at least two to two and a half litres of water every day. Also, you may add foods with high water content to your diet. Avoid tea and coffee as it may increase your risk of dehydration. Instead of gulping down a lot of water at one go, it is better to space it out and take sips throughout the day.

This is very important if you wish to reduce your risk of loose skin after weight loss. Collagen and elastin boost skin elasticity and keep it supple. Food that contain a lot of protein will provide you with the necessary collagen and elastin. So, add a lot of dairy products like cottage cheese and milk to your diet. Also eat more of legumes, tofu, beans, nuts, seeds and fatty fish.

Sometimes, even after taking all the necessary precautions mentioned above, you may not be able to avoid loose skin after weight loss. In such cases, you may have no other option but to go in for invasive medical procedures to get rid of this sagging skin. But you have to wait for at least a year or two before opting for such procedures. Body contouring surgery is one option. But it is rather expensive, and recovery takes a long time.

If you have loose skin on your abdomen, you can go in for abdominoplasty or panniculectomy. Both are invasive procedures. In the former, a surgeon will tighten the muscles and skin of the abdomen. This is also commonly known as a tummy tuck. The latter procedure is better if you have skin breakdown or infection because of the loose skin on your abdomen. In this procedure, a surgeon will remove the excess skin and tighten the remaining skwhyin over your abdomen. He will not touch your muscles.

If you have this problem in your thighs, you can go in for a simple thigh lift procedure where a surgeon will tighten the skin on the thighs. Or you can just opt for a full body lift. But remember that all these procedures are risky and come with their own sets of complications. It is best to consult a healthcare profession to guide you in this.

If you are not in favour of invasive procedures, then you may try wearing compression garments. This will give your body shape and hide the ungainly folds of skin hanging down from your body. Nowadays, there are also some non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures that uses radio frequencies to tighten your hanging skin. But these are very expensive procedure and the results may not be perfect either. Talk to your doctor and find out about the viability of such options.

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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) After a not guilty verdict in an animal abuse case, the accused animal owner is speaking out.

Peter Tsadilas and his dog, Callie (Credit: CBS2)

Hes faulting the public for a rush to judgement, CBS2s Carolyn Gusoff reports.

Peter Tsadilas and his yellow lab, Callie, were reunited Friday. Callie was taken away 14 months ago after the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals charged Tsadilas with starving her, but a jury found him not guilty.

I feel vindicated. I feel like the right thing was done here, Tsadilas said.

Skin-and-bone pictures of Callie unleashed a torrent of social media venom against not only him, but the diner he owns in Huntington. His mugshot circulated, branded as too greedy to feed his dog.

His business was boycotted, comments online reading, Lets starve your pockets and Hope your restaurant is empty.

It now often is.

People throwing things at the diner. Nobody wants to step foot in there. Its crazy, Tsadilas said.

Peter Tsadilas says his dog, Callie, was on a special diet to lose fatty tumors, like this one. (Credit: CBS2)

Tsadilas testified at his trial that he never intentionally starved the dog but had her on a special diet to lose fatty tumors. He says he was unaware of a later-discovered ovarian tumor, which contributed to her weight loss.

They found a six-pound ovarian tumor, which all of the experts and all of the veterinarians agreed would have affected her ability to gain weight, maintain weight and would potentially have caused her to rapidly lose weight, and [Tsadilas] would have had no knowledge, defense attorney Robert Schalk said.

There was no asking me any questions. It was just, you know, give up the dog or get arrested, Tsadilas said. They didnt want to know the truth.

Photos of Callie were posted online, sparking outrage directed at Peter Tsadilas. (Credit: CBS2)

A spokesman for the District Attorney says they respect the verdict.

The case focused not only on Callies weight, but also the fact she had fleas and an ear infection prosecutors argued had been neglected.

Officials discovered the ailments after Callie got loose and was turned into an animal shelter.

Tsadilas says the fleas were picked up while she was missing and the ear infection was being treated.

Dont rush to judge because you never know, Tsadilas said. I very well may lose my diner, but I definitely did not lose my dog, so thats a good thing.

He claims the public rush to judgement cost him dearly.

If convicted, he could have faced up to a year in jail and a 10-year animal ban. The Nassau SPCA had no comment.

More here:
Man Found Not Guilty Of Animal Abuse Says Online Rush To Judgement Hurt His Business - CBS New York

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Digital Original

What Is the Keto Diet? Experts Weigh In... and Celebs Sound Off

After losing a combined 112 pounds with his wife Briana Culberson on the Keto diet,Ryan Culbersonhas been outspoken about his experience being not nearly as challenging as people might think.

On his Keto-centric Instagram,The Real Housewives of Orange Countyson-in-law often shares appealing-looking and hearty recipe ideas that hardly scream "deprivation," and he's said that the diet should not make anyone feel starved. "If you're hungry on Keto, you're doing it wrong," he's said.

But what if you're someone who just can't imagine giving up bread? Well, Ryan explained to a follower on Instagram, you too can do Keto.

A fan thanked Ryan for sharing a "delish" looking family-friendly Keto recipe and also noted in the comment, "Need to loose weight but really cant imagine living without bread or pasta."

To that follower, Ryan replied, "After a little bit, those cravings/addictions will get better."

Other followers chimed in on the thread with similar sentiments.

"Ryan is right," one wrote. "It's amazing how the cravings aren't as bad for me as other diets over the years. I immediately felt better in so many ways. Ryan and his wife are great inspiration and they stress it being a lifestyle change... I liked that. Best wishes!"

Here's everything celebs have said about the controversial Keto diet:

The Feast is Bravos digital destination serving culinary inspiration and essential food news. Like us on Facebook and visit daily for diet and wellness trends, kitchen hacks and tools and the buzziest celebrity, chef, and restaurant happenings you need to know about right now.

Excerpt from:
Ryan Culberson Gives Advice for Keto Diet Wannabes Who Think They Can't Give Up Bread - Bravo

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After going on a weight loss journey, one bride got to redothe dream wedding she always wanted to have.

Two years ago, Cherie Judd weighed 250 pounds. Her journey began whenher boyfriend proposed during a romantic gondola ride. She was ready for her dream wedding in Hawaii. But not long after, Juddsuffered a health crisis and opted for a small marriage ceremony.

So the Las Vegas waitress made losing weight her priority and had bariatric sleeve surgery. She ended up losing 80 pounds,but she was left with about 10 pounds of loose skin hanging from her stomach.

Having at least 10 pounds of extra skin is really tough, she told Inside Edition.

She turned to plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Zarrabi.The doctor removed more than 1 1/2 feet of excess skin. He also built her a new belly button.

Now, two-and-a-half months after the surgery, she said, I feel like a different person.

She added, I feel 100 pounds lighter because I am. I feel like my fairy tale is coming true today."

So when she finally got healthy and got the body she wanted, Cherie andhusbandRichwent to Hawaii to renew their wedding vows and have the dream wedding they always wanted.


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Inspired by Mom's Drastic Weight Loss, Honey Boo Boo Says She Wants to Drop Pounds Too

'Precious' Star Gabourey Sidibe Reveals New Look After Having Weight Loss Surgery

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This Bride Got a Wedding Redo After Losing 100 Pounds - Inside Edition

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The RW Takeaway: Our testers loved the Spin Ultras stability and grip over rocky, challenging trails.

Price: $149Weight: 9.3 oz (mens size 9, claimed) 7.8 oz (womens size 7.5, claimed) Style: Trail


The Scarpa Spin Ultra is among the most complete, ready-for-anything trail shoes around. Its not so aggressive as to render it useless outside the VK and FKT crowd, yet its stable and protective enough to take on the entire mountainour testers praised it on brief treadmill jaunts and 10-mile trail runs alike. Scarpa, best known for its climbing and mountaineering shoes, didnt try to reinvent the wheel here; the outsole, midsole, and upper have materials found on many trail shoes. Its the thoughtful execution that completes the Spin Ultra.

Trevor Raab

Spin Ultra


The Vibram LiteBase Megagrip outsole combines the Italian companys tacky rubber with a thinner construction that saves weight and positions you closer to the trail. Theres no rock plate, so the shoe flexes to the contours of the trail (yet none of our testers complained about needing more protection from eastern Pennsylvanias rocky singletrack). Moving up the shoe, a two-layer, compression-molded EVA foam midsole provides lightweight cushioning. The upper is a mesh construction with micro-nubuck overlays for structure, while a welded TPU toe cap provides bash protection. On the trail, the Spin Ultra strikes an ideal balance of comfort and stiffness, keeping you cushioned as you pick apart technical sections and not weighing you down when youre feeling the urge to go fast.

Trevor Raab

The Vibram LiteBase outsole is popular in the trail running shoe realm, finding a home on Scarpas Spin RS as well as shoes by Salming and Vasque. Its 1mm thinner than the standard Vibram trail outsole and 25-30 percent lighter, making it ideal for shaving weight and giving runners excellent trail feel. The angular lugs are directional, facing forward on the forefoot and backward beneath the heel. Our testers loved the grip on every available surface, including steep and loose climbs, snow, gravel, and singletrack.

Trevor Raab

We found the Spin Ultras upper to be secure and comfortable. Its mainly constructed of a mesh material, with micro-nubuck (synthetic leather) overlays that add structure and protect your foot from trail debris. Up front, a welded TPU toe cap prevents you from injuring your digits against obstacles. The tongue and collar are padded, keeping you comfortable without constricting your ankle.

The fit is standard; not particularly wide but not too narrow for our testers, either. The lacing system was snug and held (tight) during a run, no issues with opening, said one. Plenty of heel/toe padding when landing a jump during a trail run; no uncomfortable parts of the shoe.

Trevor Raab

The Spin Ultras midsole has a 6mm heel-toe offset and is slightly rockered to accelerate toe-off. Heel and forefoot stack heights are 24.5mm and 18.5mm, respectively; that doesnt seem big, but considering the thin outsole, its a substantial amount of foam for a trail shoe (and likely the reason why theres no rock plate). The shoe was very well-cushioned, one tester said. I took it on some pretty rough, rocky trails and had no issues. Our one hang up is that all that foam makes the Spin Ultra a bit heavy for trail racing.

Synergee Resistance Bands

Trevor Raab

Mike P., tester since 2019Arch Height: Medium | Pronation: Neutral | Footstrike: Midfoot

Excellent performance on trails, dry and wet. There was minimal slippage on any surface, with aggressive traction on this shoe for steep inclines/snowy conditions. The outer shell is very durable and tough, no rips or tears. I ran on gravel trails and in rugged woods with loose rocks and felt confident that my footing was solid and firm. I have tested Hoka and Adidas trail shoes previously, and these are equally great!

Scarpa Spin Ultra | Trail Running Shoes - Runner's World

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You want a pocket knife for one seemingly simple reason: to keep on you for when you need it at a moments notice to perform any number of tasks, from the mundane to the gnarly. It might be able to skin an elk or cut fruit from a tree, but itll also open your packages, slice off a hunk of cheese for a friend, or cut a loose string that threatens to unravel the whole sweater. And the knife doesnt need to be complicated, just convenient enough to bring everywhere (and have a decent blade). After we grab our phone, wallet, and keys, we reach for one of these to stow in our pockets next.

Choosing a Knife

When considering knives for everyday carry (EDC), mostly look at folders. We want something on the smaller side, and since folding knives, well, fold, they fit easily in your pocket when closed. And we considered almost exclusively single-blade folders, rather than multitools like a Leatherman, since they weigh less, further boosting the portability. Since folding knives dont have the rigidity of fixed blades, we focused mostly on locking knives. They afford the ease of folders with the added safety of not closing on your fingers while you use them, plus the stiffness of a locking blade means you can manipulate the knife at a variety of angles, like while carving or opening a particularly tricky package. Plus, you can use the back of the blade for things like fire sparking sticks without it closing or bending on you.

Another major factor is the kind of metal the blade is made from. Our favorites are carbon or stainless steel. Carbon steel is easy to sharpen, holds an edge well, and is durable, but the blade takes more care, as its more prone to corrosion. Stainless steel is the more common choice for pocket knives. It isnt as hardy as carbon, but with the addition of chromium, the blade is less susceptible to corrosion. If you want to dive deeper into the different classes and qualities of common sub-types of knife steels, Knife Informer has this handy primer.

Types of Locking Mechanisms

Don't be intimidated by all the different types of locking mechanisms. They all accomplish the same task, but go about it different ways.

LinerOne side of the handles inner liner is bent, causing it to act like a spring. When you open the blade, that springing liner slides over behind the tang of the blade to keep it from closing. Pro: Simple and inexpensive. Con: Fingers are in the way when closing.

Frame Like a liner lock, but this system has one side of the knifes frame slide behind the blade when you deploy it. Pro: Secure. Con: Not ambidextrous.

CompressionA Spyderco technology where a piece of the liner springs into the tang and wedges between a notch and a pin. It unlocks with a push button. Pro: Easy to operate. Con: Small parts can wear out over time

Lock BacksA locking bar runs up the spine of the knifes handle and springs up into a notch in the tang. To close, press on the bar close to the butt of the handle to pivot it out of the tang. Pro: Ambidextrous. Con: Can wear out, causing the blade to wiggle when deployed.

AxisThis is a proprietary Benchmade design: A steel bar passes through the knife handle and slots into a notch in the tang. Its almost three times as strong as a liner lock, and you dont have to adjust your grip to operate it. Pro: Ambidextrous. Con: More small parts that can break.

CollarHere, a circular collar around the base of the blade twists to lock it closed or open. Line up the gap in the collar with the blade for unimpeded deployment. Pro: Simple. Con: Collar can wear out over time and not operate as smoothly.

How We Rated

We researched expert sources and more than 10,000 consumer reviews, as well as relied on our own testing and previous experience, to pick some of our favorite pocket knives. To determine our Total Expert Score, we calculated the ratings from dedicated knife and gear review sites, such as Knife Informer, Outdoor Gear Lab, Reliable Knife, and The Truth About Knives. We found multiple reviews of each knife, took their ratings and averaged them on a 100 point scale. For some of the very newest options, many lacking expert scores, we got our hands on the blades for testing ourselves. And our Consumer Score represents the percentage of people who rated the product at least four out of five stars on retail sites like Amazon, REI, and Drop. We relied on multiple consumer marketplaces and averaged the number of positive reviews for each blade across the various sites.

See the article here:
Best Pocket Knives | Pocket and Folding Knives - Popular Mechanics

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The crash, the recovery, the long comeback. After years of pushing herself, Chlo Dygert Owen is ready to win a rainbow jersey, again.

Look out world, here comes Chlo.

Chlo Dygert Owen, Americas one-woman wrecking ball on two wheels, is headed to the UCI road world championships next week to push big watts and win rainbow stripes. Be forewarned, international womens cyclists, because Dygert Owen has finally hit her top form after a recent training camp in Idaho.

Before most big races, Dygert Owen spends a few days outside Boise training with her coach, three-time Olympic champion Kristin Armstrong. Apparently this years session produced a few memorable sessions, as Dygert Owen pedaled threshold intervals ahead of Armstrong, who rode in her slipstream and barked out orders.

We were doing long threshold efforts and she sat on my wheel. The last time I finally pulled away and she was like Cmon Chloe! Go! and Im like shut up, Kristin!' Dygert Owen told me. I guess the most memorable thing is how fit she still is.

The weight of this years world championships rests on Dygert Owens decision to race both the individual time trial and the road race. The last time she committed to the full slate of road events was at the 2015 road worlds, the race that vaulted her into our lives as the next queen of American cycling. She was just 18 when she smashed the individual time trial to earn her first rainbow stripes; two days later she attacked out of the junior womens field to win the road race.

In the ensuing years Dygert Owen blossomed into the Olympic medal-winning track rider we have come to cheer for on the international stage. She is the multi-time world champion who occasionally indulges in fast food, hates to lose at board games, and pushes herself so hard in training that coaches position a trashcan near her stationary bike. She has come to embody the American spirit on a bicyclea hyper-competitive big personality designed for victory.

Dygert Owen brings the just another race mindset into worlds. Nothing changes, not the preparation, the training, nor the pre-race routine.

Ill still have my pump-up music going, Dygert Owen says. I can never stop listening to the Rocky theme song, Michael Jackson, or Whitney Houstons I Wanna Dance with Somebody. I only listen to them on race day.

Sure, [worlds] is a big deal but I have to think of it as just another race.

Why downplay worlds? Well, theres more weight riding on worlds than Dygert Owen might want to admit. Dygert Owen is still very much in comeback mode from her lost 2018 season, which resulted from a crash and concussion at the 2018 Amgen Tour of California. The crash, concussion, and subsequent series of minor injuries, kept Dygert Owen from attaining her top form for more than a year.

My mindset for the whole year has changed dramatically because I never really knew if Id be able to get to that level ever again, Dygert Owen said. I won some races but I was never anywhere near where I needed to be.

The toughest moment came in June the U.S. national road championships, where Dyrgert Owen finished second to TT great Amber Neben. Sure, she was only 36 seconds behind in a half-hour time trial. But the watts Dygert Owen was accustomed to pedaling at her peak simply werent there, even after months of hard training. The message was clear: Dygert Owen was strong, but still not her strongest.

It was really hard to lose, but in the big picture, it gave me the motivation to work really hardit was like, I need to do more, Dygert Owen said. Maybe its good for me to learn how to lose, even if I hate it.

Dygert Owen spent July training on the track, putting in hard power intervals in Colorado Springs. The sessions fueled her preparation for the Pan American Games in Peru, where she planned to race the road time trial. During one training session Dygert Owen says she felt that elusive, world-beating power return.

When she stepped off her bicycle, her cycling computer automatically uploaded the training file to her coach, Armstrong.

Kristin called me, and she didnt say, good job. She said, Chlo, youre back,' Dygert Owen says. Its one of those moments that is very special. Ill never forget that moment.

Several weeks later Dygert Owen smashed the Pan Am time trial. She was back.

The physical form has returned, yet there are psychological hurdles that Dygert Owen also had to overcome this season. She has been very open about the psychological hurdles she has faced in returning to the womens pro peloton, where elbows fly and a momentary lapse in concentration can send riders tumbling to the asphalt like dominos.

Throughout her dominant ride at the Colorado Classic, where she won every stage and took home a closet full of awards jerseys, Dygert Owen was often asked about her nerves and her confidence within the bunch. She was making progress, she said, and every day she got more confident.

I still dont take my hands off my handlebars, she told reporters after the final stage in Denver, laughing.

The real test of that confidence will come during the world championships road race. She will bang bars with the worlds best, on those winding and twisting European lanes that can shred a peloton after a few kilometers. She wont be able to simply ride away from the field, as she did again and again in Colorado. Instead, she will have to battle for every inch of tarmac, and let loose with her power at the right moment.

Im really looking forward to that race, Dygert Owen said. Im back to where I need to be and my head is in a good spot.

Look out world, Chlo is back.

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The Spanish port city of Algeciras boasts a long and rich history, and is home to some of the country's most beautiful parks, plazas and churches. But Maurice Hearne and Charlie Redmond, the two aging Irish men at the heart of Kevin Barry's Night Boat to Tangier, aren't interested in any of that. They're spending all their time in the city's dingy ferry terminal, along with a mass of weary travelers and a handful of bored employees.

It's not the kind of place you'd likely choose to while away the hours. "Oh, and this is as awful a place as you could muster you'd want the eyes sideways in your head," Barry writes. "It reeks of tired bodies, and dread." The Alhambra it's not, but it's a fitting setting for Barry's dark, haunting novel.

The opening pages of the book find Maurice and Charlie, both in their 50s and worse for wear, sitting on a bench in the Algeciras ferry station: "Two Irishmen sombre in the dank light of the terminal make gestures of long-sufferance and woe they are born to such gestures, and offer them easily." The two men are there looking for Maurice's estranged daughter, Dilly; a 23-year-old "dreadlock Rastafari." They've heard the young woman, who runs with a crowd of similarly-maned hippies, is due at the station, either leaving for Tangier or returning from there.

Barry's a remarkable sentence-level writer who's capable of extraordinary turns of phrase. -

Maurice and Charlie accost a young man who they think might know Dilly, casually terrorizing him in search of information on the woman's whereabouts. They strike up a conversation with two other women whose English skills aren't quite developed. And they drown their sorrows at the station's bar: "It is a tremendously Hibernian dilemma a broken family, lost love, all the melancholy rest of it and a Hibernian easement for it is suggested ... we'll go for an old drink."

The chapters that take place in the station are interspersed with flashbacks to their younger years, when they were alternately friends and rivals. The two men were both drug traffickers, a business that's dried up on them: "But the money no longer is in dope. The money now is in people. The Mediterranean is a sea of slaves. The years have turned and left Maurice and Charlie behind. The men are elegiacal, woeful, heavy in the bones. Also they are broke and grieving."

Much of the flashbacks focus on Maurice's stormy relationship with Dilly's late mother, Cynthia. The two were haunted by paranoia and Maurice's ill-advised plan to launder money in a real estate development; after the couple broke up, Maurice lit out for Spain, "a country vast and made for hiding."

It's tough to turn a story that's essentially just two people waiting for someone into a gripping narrative, but Barry manages to do just that. (Of course he's not the first Irish writer to do so; Night Boat to Tangier calls to mind Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot.) Barry has a knack for dialogue that keeps the book moving; the running conversation between Maurice and Charlie is dark and often very funny.

As was evident in his previous novels, Beatlebone and City of Bohane, Barry's a remarkable sentence-level writer who's capable of extraordinary turns of phrase. Describing Maurice and Cynthia's sojourn to the Maam Valley in western Ireland, Barry writes, "The days were cold as evil but the evenings spread magic from the sea inwards and stretched out and tapped the place until it was open to our dreaming." And here he is reflecting on Dilly's decision to leave home after the death of her mother: "She wanted a place that did not know the meaning of her grief. She wanted to travel to the far recesses of herself and see what she might find back there."

Novels that deal with subject matter as dark as this one run the risk of becoming suffocating, or collapsing under the weight of their gloom. But Barry avoids this trap by painting all of the characters as fully human. -

Novels that deal with subject matter as dark as this one run the risk of becoming suffocating, or collapsing under the weight of their gloom. But Barry avoids this trap by painting all of the characters as fully human Maurice and Charlie behave monstrously, but the reader still feels for them. "You see, it's my daughter that's missing, fella," Maurice tells someone at one point. "Imagine, after three years, how you'd do anything to be free of this feeling. Because my heart? It's outside of its ... box and running loose in the world."

Night Boat to Tangier is remarkable, a novel that's both grim and compassionate, and it features gorgeous writing on every page. Barry never asks the reader to pity his characters; rather, he makes it nearly impossible not to relate to them, which is a remarkable trick. It's not a novel that tries to teach lessons, except for maybe one: "Hate is not the answer to love; death is the answer."

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