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Sermorelin is considered as the only pharmaceutical human growth hormone (HGH) releaser available in the market today. HGH releasers have been getting a lot of buzz recently for their reputed physiological effects, particularly in decreasing body fat, improving muscle growth and body metabolism. Compared to synthetic HGH substances, HGH releasers are difficult to detect, and the growing fear among sports authorities is that athletes may be resorting to HGH releasers to help them in improving their physiological performances.

An article that appeared on the respected US broadsheet, USA Today, exposed Sermorelin as a substance that is being applied by various anti-aging clinics in the US especially for older people who want healthier and more robust selves.

According to the USA Today article, Sermorelin is a fake version of Geref, a medication from Swiss firm EMD Serono. Geref had been approved by the US FDA as a medication for children with growth problems but has been discontinued in the US and Canadian market by the manufacturer. Geref was cloned by Chinese laboratories as Sermorelin, which has been popular among anti-aging clinics around the world.

Federal laws prohibit prescription of HGH for other reasons aside from the treatment of a recognized medical condition, according to USA Today. It has been proven that among the side effects of having an excess of growth hormone are excessive bone growth, pituitary cancer and cardiac ailments. HGH can only be prescribed to children who have difficulty in achieving the proper growth, as well as adults who are deficient in growth hormone particularly cancer survivors.

Unlike synthetic HGH substances, HGH releasers are not regulated by federal laws. And while the Drug Enforcement Agency is knowledgeable about Sermorelin, Joseph Rannazzisi of the said agency admits that they have no legal authority on the use of the said HGH releaser. You see drugs out there that are being misused, and there's not a lot we can do about it," he told USA Today.

USA Today also reports that many anti-aging clinics around the US have been offering their customers Sermorelin therapy on the Internet. One is Lifetime Wellness based in Kansas which reportedly claims on its website that Sermorelin is not prohibited as an anti-aging medication.

USA Today also reported on the case of Karlis Ullis who prescribes the use of Sermorelin to his patients in his anti-aging clinic in Santa Monica, California. Ullis, however, said Sermorelin is prescribed only to older individuals and not to athletes who want to get a boost in their physical performance.

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