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Sarah Jane Baker, the storied British transgender rights activist who spent 30 years in prison and castrated herself there in 2017 in her effort to transition, has been denied hormone treatments as she endures another stretch behind bars after a charge of incitement to violence, according to advocates.

Baker was arrested in July and reimprisoned for a parole violation after she spoke at Londons Trans+ Pride event, where she exhorted the crowd: If you see a TERF, punch them in the f**king face.

Despite being found not guilty of the charge in August, Baker remains in prison.

The news you care about, reported on by the people who care about you:

The Free Sarah Jane Baker (FSJB) campaign says the activist is suffering severe menopausal symptoms now that her estrogen treatment has been stopped by physicians at the high-security mens prison (HMP) where shes incarcerated.

The only treatment she is being offered to manage this is testosterone, at a dose that would give her the same level as if she still had testes, a campaign statement reads.

They say the protocol amounts to a medical detransition.

Baker is currently being held at the HMP Isle of Wight, a high-security mens prison holding over a thousand prisoners, many of whom are sex offenders.

FSJB called Bakers treatment and assignment to Isle of Wight punitive and transphobic.

A spokesperson for the healthcare practice providing service to the prison denied Bakers treatment was discriminatory.

The prisoners current treatment is a temporary measure while the healthcare team fulfills their duty of care to ensure that the benefits of any drugs we prescribe outweigh any risks, they said in a statement, adding, We are fully committed to providing appropriate care for trans patients.

Baker, 54, grew up poor in South London among a family of 14 children and in foster care. She was sentenced at 20 to a young offenders institution after kidnapping and torturing a step-uncle. Soon after, she earned a life sentence for murdering a fellow inmate, and another concurrent sentence for raping a cellmate.

She spent 30 years in 29 different British mens prisons. At one low-security facility, Baker managed to escape and elude authorities for over three months. She fathered a child in the interval.

Baker came out as transgender in 2013 while still in prison. She was denied hormone replacement therapy until she cut off her own testicles with a razor blade in 2017.

She was released on parole in 2019.

While still behind bars, where she says she learned to read and write, Baker earned notoriety for the publication of two books: Life Imprisonment: An Unofficial Guide in 2013 and Transgender Behind Prison Walls in 2017. She also created artwork that was exhibited after her release.

Before her latest arrest, Bakers provocative declarations as a trans activist kept her in the spotlight. At the 2021 London Trans+ Pride event, Baker carried signs, widely reported, reading Be Trans, Do Crime and Kill JK Rowling.

In her statement to the court for the incitement to violence charge last summer, Baker told the judge, It wasnt my finest hour. I am quite annoying, but I dont want people to be hurt because of something that I said.

I admit that Im provocative and I can be obnoxious. I wish I could take them words back, Baker added.

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Trans inmate forced to detransition as prison doctors try to inject her ... - LGBTQ Nation

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It is a common myth that male health definitely goes down with time as men age, and issues like poor blood flow, decreased muscle mass, and erectile dysfunction are inevitable. However, recent studies and discoveries have brought to light that men can reap the health benefits of natural ingredients that are present in dietary supplements to have high energy levels as well as to perform well in bed.

While most of the dietary supplement options that claim to boost testosterone production stick to the same old tales of simply improving healthy blood flow in the body, Red Boost dietary supplement is different. Red Boost aims to eliminate erectile dysfunction and promote increased blood flow in the body by targeting its root cause that is, poor function of smooth muscles.

According to several Red Boost powder reviews posted on the internet, this dietary supplement has helped thousands of men in increasing blood flow in their body, helping improve blood pressure, and of course, improving sexual performance.

Despite the positive Red Boost reviews on the internet, it is understandable to wonder how Red Boost tonic can help you increase your sexual stamina to decide whether it is worth purchasing.

So in this article, we will look at the various aspects of this dietary supplement that can help improve your sexual health while providing other health benefits. But, before we jump onto the Red Boost review, let us take a look at the overview of this product first:


Dietary supplement

Product Name:

Red Boost

Product Form:


Net Weight of Red Boost:

121 G per bottle

Description Of Red Boost:

Red Boost can improve male performance by reducing oxidative stress around the smooth muscles of the penis, help promote better blood flow, balance blood pressure and improve sexual performance among men.

Ingredients Used In Red Boost:

Horny Goat Weed Extract, Tongkat Ali, Fenugreek, L-Citrulline, and Nettle Root.

Main Highlights Of Red Boost:

Benefits Of Using Red Boost:

Cost Of Red Boost:

Refund Policy Of Red Boost:

6-months refund policy

Where Can You Buy Red Boost?

You can buy Red Boost from the official website.

When a majority of self-proclaimed male health promoters were simply claiming to use natural ingredients to provide high energy levels and better sexual performance to men, a group of researchers identified a gap in the field and created Red Boost.

According to a recent discovery, scientists were able to find an issue that was depriving men of both their sexual performance and degrading the quality of their overall health. It was due to the oxidative stress buildup around the smooth muscles.

Now, you may not have heard either of the terms before, so let us understand what they mean:

They are tiny muscle fibers that help your penis trap blood inside it, which can help you achieve better erections. Smooth muscles are present on the pelvic floor.

The imbalance between oxygen-reactive (RO) species and the bodys ability to detoxify such reactive species is known as oxidative stress. Reducing oxidative stress can lead to better blood flow, higher energy levels, and other overall health benefits.

According to Red Boost powder reviews, this supplement has helped countless men achieve the peak of their male health (sexual, in this case) by reducing oxidative stress around the smooth muscles. Their penises could trap healthy blood more efficiently and could have harder erections which was the main objective of the makers of Red Boost tonic.

The Red Boost reviews posted on the internet claim that this dietary supplement helped them dominate their bedroom game significantly. But how exactly does Red Boost work?

While the Red Boost formula can promote health benefits in your body through a variety of ways, the two of the most important ones are improving smooth muscle function and promoting healthy nitric oxide levels in the body.

Let us take a look at the first aspect that is, Red Boost improving smooth muscle function in the body. As we discussed in the previous section, smooth muscles are essential to achieve harder erections as they trap the healthy blood flow in your penis. However, not reducing oxidative stress around these muscles can degrade your sexual health.

As a result, your overall male performance in the bedroom can get affected for the worse. Red Boost is one of the best natural testosterone boosters on the market today that can promote both muscle growth and improve blood flow, leading to longer and harder erections.

However, smooth muscles are not the only component of your body that can improve male performance. For instance, decent nitric oxide levels in your body can help you ensure that the inner muscles of your blood vessels are not contracted, resulting in better blood flow.

By ensuring a healthy blood flow in your body, Red Boost powder ensures that the blood circulation supplies your body parts with enough energy levels which can ultimately lead to better erections.

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There are various main highlights of the Red Boost tonic that help it stand out on the market as a male health booster today. According to the various Red Boost powder reviews on the internet, a few of them are:

One of the best things about Red Boost tonic is that it is made up of several natural ingredients. It does not contain any harmful chemicals that can ruin male health in the long run. Instead, you can expect the quality of your overall health, including your sexual health, to only improve over time while using Red Boost.

Red Boost formula consists of ingredients like icariin, which is also known as the horny goat weed. As the name suggests, this herb can help boost your stamina and hardness while you prepare for action. Apart from the ancient horny goat weed, the core ingredients of Red Boost like Tongkat Ali and nettle root extract boost sex hormones and promote better prostate health as well.

According to most Red Boost powder reviews, customers have observed health benefits like healthy blood flow, improved male health (including prostate health), relief from issues like high blood pressure and urinary tract infections, and so on.

However, the most commonly observed benefit of consuming Red Boost powder is still considered to be increased sexual stamina and sexual performance.

The various core ingredients of Red Boost like horny goat weed extract and nettle root can help ensure that your blood vessels are not clogged and support healthy blood flow. Further, the unique Red Boost formula also helps the body maintain its nitric oxide levels naturally promoting better energy levels.

All these male health benefits of Red Boost combine to help men deal with issues like erectile dysfunction and achieve harder erections during intercourse.

While it may seem like a healthy blood flow only ensures a better energy supply and harder erections among men it can also promote better cardiovascular health in your body. According to people who buy Red Boost tonic routinely, it does help minimize the symptoms of potential heart diseases.

This is mainly because the main function of Red Boost is to improve blood flow in your body something that also happens to be the main function of your heart. When Red Boost shares this responsibility with your heart, the entire workload is divided between the two thus putting less strain on the organ.

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Heres a look at some of the most important ingredients incorporated in Red Boost:

One of the key active ingredients in Horny Goat Weed Extract is icariin. Icariin is a flavonoid compound that works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body which in turn leads to better blood flow.

It has also been found to inhibit the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), which is responsible for breaking down cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) which helps to maintain higher levels of cGMP, which is essential for achieving and maintaining an erection.

A study examined the effects of Horny Goat Weed Extract on sexual behavior in male rats. The study found that the extract significantly increased sexual activity, including mounting frequency and intromission frequency.

Eurycomanone is a quassinoid found in Tongkat Ali, and it possesses potent biological activities. Scientific research has shown that this compound has vasorelaxant properties, meaning it helps to relax and widen blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow.

This effect is particularly significant in the smooth muscles, which are the involuntary muscles found in the walls of blood vessels, including those in the male reproductive system.

Fenugreek contains a variety of bioactive compounds, including saponins, alkaloids, and flavonoids, which contribute to its therapeutic properties. Among these compounds, one specific component called protodioscin has been found to have a significant impact on male sexual health.

Protodioscin is a natural precursor of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), a hormone that plays a crucial role in testosterone production. By increasing the levels of DHEA and subsequently testosterone, Fenugreek may help promote male sexual health.

A study conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial to investigate the effects of Fenugreek on male sexual function. The results of the study showed significant improvements in all the measured parameters for the group that received Fenugreek extract.

When L-citrulline and nettle root are combined, they work together to provide a comprehensive approach to improving sexual function and reducing stress in men. L-citrulline enhances blood flow to the genital area, promoting healthy erections, while nettle root reduces stress and anxiety, creating a more conducive environment for sexual performance.

The combination of these two ingredients also has additional benefits beyond just sexual function. Improved blood flow resulting from L-citrulline can have positive effects on cardiovascular health, helping to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Nettle roots stress-reducing properties can contribute to overall mental well-being and can be particularly beneficial for men experiencing performance anxiety or other psychological factors affecting sexual function.

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Before you buy Red Boost, you must be aware of the various pros and cons of the supplement. By keeping the various negative and positive reviews posted on the internet by Red Boost users into account, they can be listed as follows:

There are various pros of Red Boost that make it an ideal formula for boosting male health, such as:

There are a few cons of Red Boost as well, such as:

Before you buy Red Boost, it is understandable to wonder if the health benefits offered by the natural ingredients of this supplement are worth the money. To assess that, we will have to take a look at the various packages in which Red Boost sells its product, which are listed as follows:

If you want to reap the health benefits of natural ingredients like horny goat weed and nettle root that are present in Red Boost but are not sure if they will work for you, you can consider buying the standard one-bottle pack.

The amount of Red Boost powder in this pack will last you for about a month, which is not enough to observe visible results but can help you decide whether you want to keep consuming Red Boost.

Even though the retail price of this pack is $297, you can buy Red Boost one bottle supply for as low as $69 from the official website. You will also have to pay a separate shipping fee in this case.

According to many Red Boost review posts, the 3-bottle pack is considered to be the best deal. This pack of Red Boost will last you for about 90 days, which is somewhat enough to observe visible results in most cases.

You can witness how Red Boost can improve circulation, help you deal with testosterone deficiency, and promote better nitric oxide production without causing any adverse effects with this pack.

While you will have to pay $891 for this pack, the pricing structure on the official website offers it at a discounted price of $177 plus shipping costs. To put things into perspective, this means that you can protect your body from issues like benign prostatic hyperplasia by just paying $59 for a single bottle of Red Boost.

While the previous packs already help Red Boost stand out from other supplements on the market, the pack of 6 bottles is considered to be the most popular one according to most Red Boost users.

It can last for about 180 days, which is ample time for your body to get the nitric oxide production levels on track and improve your smooth muscles thus leading to harder erections.

If you buy this Red Boost pack from the official website, you can get it at a discounted rate of $234 as compared to the retail cost of $1782. The Red Boost pricing for a single bottle in this pack would be just $39, and you do not have to pay any shipping fee if you are ordering in the US.

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Red Boost is one of the most popular dietary supplements when it comes to improving sexual performance and overall male health. But even though the probability of Red Boost working out for you is really high it is not 100%.

This is why the makers of Red Boost provide customers with a 100% refund guarantee for up to 6 months. Hence, you can order any pack of Red Boost and use it for as long as you like. If you dont see positive results, simply call customer care support of Red Boost and return the product.

There will be no questions asked, and you are allowed to return empty bottles as well. This is why most customers invest in the 6-month supply pack of Red Boost because there is pretty much nothing to lose.

Nitric Oxide (NO) plays a crucial role in male health, particularly in the realm of sexual function and reproductive health.

In the context of male sexual health, nitric oxide acts as a vasodilator, relaxing and dilating blood vessels in the penis. This dilation allows for increased blood flow into the erectile tissues, leading to the attainment and maintenance of an erection. Dysfunction in the NO pathway can result in erectile dysfunction, a condition characterized by the inability to achieve or sustain an erection.

Furthermore, NO also plays a role in sperm function and male fertility. It is involved in regulating the motility and viability of sperm cells.

A GMP-certified facility plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety, quality, and efficacy of male health supplement formulations. GMP, or Good Manufacturing Practice, refers to a set of guidelines and regulations that must be followed during the production, packaging, labeling, and storage of pharmaceutical and dietary supplement products.

These guidelines are established by regulatory authorities, such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), to ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled according to high-quality standards.

The reliability of Red Boost powder reviews may be questionable. Many factors can influence these reviews, such as individual experiences, biases, or even fake reviews. Therefore, it is necessary to approach red boost powder reviews with skepticism and cross-reference information from multiple sources to make an informed decision.

Consulting with a healthcare professional is also advised to determine if red boost powder is suitable for your specific needs and health goals.

See what others are saying about Red Boost >>>

One reason why Red Boost stands out amongst other supplements is its use of natural and research-backed ingredients. It contains a potent blend of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that have been carefully selected for their proven benefits in promoting male health.

From boosting testosterone levels to improving sexual performance, these ingredients work together to provide a holistic approach to male enhancement.

Additionally, Red Boost is free from harmful additives and fillers, ensuring that you only get pure and effective ingredients that deliver results. With Red Boost, you can trust that youre giving your body the best possible support for optimal male health.

Blood vessels play a crucial role in male performance and enhancement, as they are responsible for the circulation of blood to different parts of the body, including the reproductive organs. The process of male enhancement involves the expansion and relaxation of blood vessels, particularly those in the penis, to allow for increased blood flow. This increased blood flow is essential for achieving and maintaining an erection.

Furthermore, the role of blood vessels extends beyond the initial erection. During sexual activity, the engorged blood vessels maintain the rigidity of the penis, sustaining the erection. Any compromise in the health of the blood vessels, such as atherosclerosis or endothelial dysfunction, can lead to inadequate blood flow and hinder sexual performance.

When it comes to formulating products for male health benefits, the use of plant extracts is often preferred over synthetics. There are several reasons for this preference. Firstly, plant extracts are considered more natural and holistic, as they are derived directly from plants that have been used for centuries in traditional medicine.

They contain a wide range of bioactive compounds that work synergistically to provide multiple health benefits. Secondly, plant extracts are generally safer to use, as they have fewer side effects compared to synthetic ingredients.

They are also better tolerated by the body, reducing the risk of adverse reactions. Lastly, plant extracts often have a higher bioavailability, meaning that they are more easily absorbed and utilized by the body for maximum effectiveness.

Now that we have assessed all the relevant aspects of Red Boost, it is time to answer the million-dollar question Is Red Boost worth your money? We believe that it is!

Since it is created in an FDA-approved facility, Red Boost does not lack in terms of performance focus.

Its natural ingredients like l-citrulline, Tongkat Ali, and plant extracts rich in nutrients like vitamin C help in promoting better male performance, balancing nitric oxide levels, and even aiding weight loss and blood flow in the body.

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The news and editorial staff of Sound Publishing, Inc. had no role in the preparation of this post. The views and opinions expressed in this sponsored post are those of the advertiser and do not reflect those of Sound Publishing, Inc.

Sound Publishing, Inc. does not accept liability for any loss or damages caused by the use of any products, nor do we endorse any products posted in our Marketplace.

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Men who experience erectile dysfunction often feel awkward or embarrassed by the condition, even though it is common and often treatable. (Getty Images) (Getty Images)

Despite how common erectile dysfunction (ED) is among men, the stigma surrounding the condition continues to impact those who experience it - causing damage to their mental health, new research has suggested.

Around half of British men over the age of 40 experience ED, and the condition also affects a further quarter (26%) of men under 40. But the issue often goes undetected, partly because many men are reluctant to discuss it out of fear they will be judged or mocked.

This has led to nearly half (41%) of patients feeling like they are a failure, according to research by over-the-counter ED therapy provider Eroxon. A similar proportion (40%) said they felt awkward and embarrassed by the condition, while nearly a third (30%) said they felt guilty.

Among single men, 63% said they felt anxious about starting a new sexual relationship because of ED. Eroxon, which produces the first over-the-counter topical ED therapy, released the research to mark Mens Health Awareness Month in November (also known as Movember) and International Mens Day on Sunday 19 November.

According to Dr Hilary Jones, who frequently appears on Good Morning Britain and Lorraine, ED occurs when men experience the persistent inability to attain and maintain an erection sufficient to permit satisfactory sexual performance.

When ED sufferers and their partners were asked to describe their sex life, despite 52% being happy with their sex life, a staggering 48% said they were unhappy or simply didnt have a sex life, he added. The state of a couples antics between the sheets can have a big impact on overall wellbeing so its important to deal with problems as soon as possible. Getting to the root cause of ED can really help.

Watch: Aging men are comfortable talking to each other about salary and sex - but not body changes

The study, which surveyed more than 1,000 ED patients and their partners, also revealed the men suffered from at least one other health issue, including mental health problems. 30% of respondents with ED also had high blood pressure, while 22% also had diabetes.

Story continues

According to the British Association of Urological Surgeons, other potential causes for ED include hormone problems, such as low testosterone problems, and certain medications like high blood pressure medicine (antihypertensives), antidepressants, and antihistamines.

Around 10% of men with ED have neurological disorders, while 3-5% of men who have had pelvic surgery or trauma are also affected. Being overweight or obese can also contribute to ED experiences, as it is linked to low levels of testosterone.

The NHS also adds that the inability to get or keep an erection can also be caused by stress, tiredness, or drinking too much alcohol.

Easy access to porn also plays a role in the onset of ED, the research suggested. It found that 44% of respondents admitted that porn places higher pressure on both men and women to perform in the bedroom. For 67% of people with ED, stress and anxiety are high on the list of triggers that stops them from achieving an erection.

Dr Jeff Foster, mens health specialist and member of Eroxons information panel, added: Research shows that more than a third of men (36%) watch pornography at least once a week, and 13% view sexually explicit material most days.

Sometimes, making lifestyle changes can help you overcome ED. The NHS recommends:

If you continue to experience ED even after making positive changes to the way you live, you may need to see your GP or go to a sexual health clinic. They can both provide the same treatment, and many sexual health clinics offer a walk-in service and get test results quicker than GP practices.

You may be prescribed medicines for erectile dysfunction that increase the blood flow to your penis, which are called PDE-5 inhibitors. Eroxon, a topical gel, became available to buy over the counter and online on Boots in April, for the first time in 25 years.

Your doctor may also switch you to a different medicine if thats the root cause of your ED. High blood pressure, high cholesterol and hormone problems may also be treated with medicine.

If your ED is linked to emotional or mental health problems, seeking counselling or therapy could help.

Read more about men's health:

Continued here:
New research reveals how erectile dysfunction impacts men's mental health - Yahoo Lifestyle UK

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Last month, 20-year-old Isabelle Ayala filed a first-of-its-kind lawsuit, accusing the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) of civil conspiracy, fraud, and medical malpractice. Ayala claims to have been pressured by AAP-affiliated doctors into so-called gender-affirming care as a minor.

Like the many young girls who were subjected to experimental gender transition therapies, Ayalas story begins with significant emotional and mental distress during her adolescence. Sexually assaulted at age seven, she experienced early-onset puberty at age eight. Deeply uncomfortable in her own body, she began, at age 11, to cut herself. Around the same time, she was introduced to the concept of transgenderism through online social media platforms like Instagram, Tumblr, and Kik. At age 13, Ayalas parents separated, and she was moved from Florida to Rhode Island. By age 14, she became convinced that she had been born in the wrong body and that transitioning to living as a man was the only way to solve her problems.

Ayalas story is tragic and, tragically, not unique. The number of young women claiming transgender identities has increased dramatically in recent years and now outnumbers the young men with gender confusion (an increase of 5,000% at the Tavistock Clinic in the U.K.). The factors driving the spike in confusion among young women include childhood trauma, social contagion, and social media, or some combination of the three.

However, rather than treating the underlying factors and distress contributing to her dysphoria, Ayalas pediatricians treated their effects as normal. They ignored her familys history of anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and depression, as well as Ayalas formal diagnoses of ADHD, depression, and anxiety. Her pediatricians encouraged and facilitated her confusion with ideological blinders that treated what was, in reality, a pseudo-medical fad as if it would help a vulnerable young woman.

Desperate to help their daughter, Ayalas parents trusted these medical professionals who, while feigning objectivity, were, in fact, captured by gender ideology. Though her parents initially sought outinterventions that were totally reversible, her pediatricians claimed cross-sex hormonal treatment was the best option and accepted treatment for her distress and gender dysphoria. In an all-too-common bit of parental manipulation, these doctors asked Ayalas parents whether they would prefer a dead daughter or a living son.

Doctors who say this are wrong. So-called transition treatments do not address core mental health problems, leave patients with additional, irreversible medical conditions, and fail to address the social factors driving the dramatic increase in body dysphoria among young women. Research suggests that after an initial honeymoon period in which patients embrace their new identities and harmed bodies, they remain at a disproportionate risk for serious mental illness and suicide. Chemical transition treatments are also not fully reversible as is often promised. Women who take testosterone experience irreversible masculinizing effects, such as deeper voices and facial hair, and commonly infertility.

Still, after just a few appointments, Ayala was placed on a rapidly increasing dosage of testosterone. However, contrary to what these doctors predicted, Ayala experienced no significant decrease in depression despite an accompanying prescription of antidepressants. Within six months, Ayala was hospitalized for a panic attack. Within eight months, she was hospitalized again following a suicide attempt. With no signs that her depression was abating, her doctors prescribed higher doses of antidepressants, while continuing to inject her with cross-sex hormones.

The following year, Ayala moved back to Florida. Initially, she continued to take testosterone. But, a year after moving, she distanced from the control and influence of the doctors who ushered her down this road of gender transition. Eventually, she quit taking cross-sex hormones and gradually grew out of her gender dysphoria, realizing that her distress over her identity as a female was the result of traumatic childhood experiences. Her reversal reflects the majority of adolescents who experience gender dysphoria. Research suggests that between 88% to98% of young adults reconcile to their biological sex if allowed to go through puberty.

Thankfully, Ayalas story isnt finished. If successful, this lawsuit could protect many, many minors from these horrific, experimental chemical and surgical interventions. The many medical professionals who perpetrated this harm would be held accountable and, in the future, forced to do their job helping rather than harming. Young women like Ayala need to know that their hearts, minds, and bodies can find healing from their trauma and can learn to accept who they are as a gift of God.

This Breakpoint was co-authored by Jared Eckert. For more resources to live like a Christian in this cultural moment, go to

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Woman Sues American Academy of Pediatrics for Fraud and ... -

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Diurnal Variation of Serum Total Testosterone in Women: A Single ... - Cureus

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He offers testosterone optimization therapy, medical weight loss treatment and prevention and treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Jay Griffin, a nurse practitioner, thought that between his medical training and being a provider he had his health all figured out. When he started feeling zapped of energy all the time, feeling grumpy and continued to struggle with his weight, he was forced to rethink what he thought he knew. Not wanting other men to feel the same way, Griffin opened a mens health clinic in Longmont.

I feel like men are underserved. We are taught to grin and bear it and to not complain and its just aging. I think that is a flawed system and I dont like it and it has affected me, Griffin said.

Griffin, who turned 50 this year, started to feel constant fatigue, grumpiness and could not lose weight despite working out regularly. He tried several approaches to feel better including natural supplements and antidepressants, he said. None of them worked.

It was miserable, Griffin said.

A friend suggested Griffin test his testosterone levels and that is when things began to change.

Most men who have low testosterone are miserable. Theyre just unhappy, its just difficult, Griffin said.

Griffin discovered that his own testosterone levels were out of balance and began hormone replacement therapy and soon started seeing a big change.

It just changed. It was like a 180. I was happier, I was motivated, the brain fog was gone. All of these symptoms that I was experiencing disappeared, he said.

The difference the hormone replacement therapy made in his life inspired him to use his medical training to help other men in a similar way.

Griffin opened the Testosterone Optimization Clinic of Colorado in Longmont a year ago. At his clinic for men, located at 1515 Main St. #15, he offers testosterone optimization therapy, medical weight loss treatment and prevention and treatment for erectile dysfunction.

I dont want anybody to go through what I went through if I can make it where they dont have to, Griffin said.

In addition to helping men with their health, Griffin said wants to create an environment that allows men to discuss these issues without feeling shame. He uses an individualized approach to monitor the hormones and weight loss to reach a mans goals including nutrition advice.

I dont want guys to have a fear of Im a guy, Im good. I want them to feel like if something is going on, they have someone they can talk to and not try to do it on their own or suffer through it and not grin and bear it, Griffin said.

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Men's health and testosterone clinic opens in Longmont - The Longmont Leader

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The symptoms and causes of andropause Testosterone levels and male menopause LOH diagnosis and treatment How to debunk the myths of andropause References Further reading

Andropause is a natural age-related decline in testosterone and growth hormone levels in men. Several terminologies have been used to refer to andropause, including male menopause, male climacteric, androgen deficiency in aging males (ADAM), viropause, and partial androgen deficiency in aging males (PADAM).

Image Credit: Minerva Studio/

The World Congress on the Aging Male in Prague (2004) and the World Health Organisation in Paris (2003) described male menopause in two definitive terms, namely, late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) and the Aging Male Syndrome (AMS).

This article is focused on highlighting the main cause, symptoms, and treatment of this male dysfunction.

The word "andropause" has been derived from the Greek word "andras" meaning human male, and "pause" means a cessation. Therefore, andropause refers to a condition where men experience a decrease in sexual satisfaction or a decline in overall well-being due to low testosterone levels in older men.

In 1946, the andropause syndrome was first described as "male climacteric," which was characterized by decreased libido, nervousness, irritability, erectile dysfunction, reduced potency, fatigue, reduced muscle mass and strength, hair loss, hot flushes, memory problems, depression, and sleep disturbances.

Hypogonadism is the main cause of the clinical symptoms of andropause. In contrast to menopause, a well-characterized and timely process linked to absolute gonadal failure, andropause is a more subtle androgen deficiency with slow progression. LOH, or functionalhypogonadism, is characterized by a low blood testosterone concentration.

Besides old age, andropause also exists in men who lose their testicular function due to diseases or accidents. This syndrome has also been observed in men with advanced prostate cancer who undergo surgical or medical castration.

Testosterone is the main androgen hormone responsible for key male sex characteristics. Hence, alteration in testosterone levels affects the psychological and sexual functions and body composition of the male population. The Massachusetts Male Aging Study (MMAS) and the New Mexico Aging Study revealed that inadequate testosterone levels in older men and other anabolic hormones increase mortality risk.

Testosterone levels decrease at the rate of 1% per year with aging. It must be noted that the rate of testosterone decline varies with people depending on multiple factors, including serious emotional stress, chronic disease, medications, and obesity. The decline rate can be effectively decelerated by managing health and lifestyle factors.

In aging men, the decline in testosterone levels is mainly due to a reduction in Leydig cell mass in the testicles, a dysfunction in the hypothalamic-pituitary homeostatic control, or both. These conditions lead to low secretion of luteinizing hormones and subsequent low testosterone production.

Although the decline in testosterone levels in males occurs gradually, it is most prominent between 40 and 55 years. It is imperative to address the adverse health effects linked to andropause to protect the aging male population from major health issues, including disabilities and morbidity.

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Diagnosing and treating LOH is important because it increases the risk of many chronic illnesses, including inflammatory arthritic disease, diabetes mellitus, renal disease, chronic obstructive lung disease, obesity, hemochromatosis, and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related disease.

LOH is diagnosed based on clinical symptoms that indicate testosterone deficiency. One of the key clinical features of hypogonadism is low libido. As stated above, other manifestations include decreased bone mineral density, osteoporosis, increased body fat, decreased muscle mass and strength, erectile dysfunction, and depression. However, none of these symptoms are specific indicators of this condition. Clinicians mostly evaluate serum testosterone levels in the presence of more than one symptom.

Before LOH diagnosis, patients must not be prescribed antidepressants, digoxin, corticosteroids, opioid analgesics, antifungal agents, and spironolactone for symptomatic treatment, as these medications could hamper LOH diagnosis.

A total testosterone level of less than 11 nmol/l and a free testosterone level of less than 220 pmol/l is recommended as the minimum criteria for LOH diagnosis for the aging male population. Sulfate precipitation and equilibrium dialysis are the gold standards used to estimate free testosterone and bioavailable testosterone.

Patients with critically low testosterone levels are treated with testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy has improved body composition, decreased fat mass, and increased muscle mass and strength. In addition, this treatment enhanced bone density in hypogonadal men of all ages.

Testosterone therapy improves serum testosterone levels, significantly enhancing libido and alleviating erectile and orgasmic function. This treatment also positively reduced the risk factors for cardiovascular events and metabolic syndrome, such as obesity, hypertension, impaired insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia.

Androgens stimulate erythropoiesis and improve bone marrow erythropoietic activity, reticulocyte count, and hemoglobin. Therefore, androgen therapy is extremely useful in treating people with anemia. Since reduced testosterone level affects visuospatial performance and verbal and visual memory, it could be assumed that this therapy would improve multiple cognitive functions.

Many men are misinformed about the clinical conditions of andropause and suffer from significant dilemmas regarding this condition. It is important to address male menopause with proper information.

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The lack of awareness, improper understanding, ignorance, and unquestionable acceptance of male menopause are the root causes of the myths associated with its manifestations. Many men who visit general physicians due to fatigue and lack of libido are sent back saying, "It's your age', without addressing the possibility of male menopause onset. Furthermore, many individuals with andropause are misdiagnosed with depression and are prescribed anti-depressants.

There is a need to increase awareness regarding andropause through the education system. Increased awareness about testosterone replacement therapy to alleviate andropause conditions could benefit many males in the rapidly aging global population.

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ORGOVYX is the First and Only Oral Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone (GnRH) Receptor Antagonist Approved for Advanced Prostate Cancer in Canada

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Oct. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sumitomo Pharma Canada, Inc., announced today that Health Canada has approved ORGOVYX(relugolix), an oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor antagonist, for the treatment of men with advanced prostate cancer. The approval is based on efficacy and safety data from the Phase 3 HERO study of ORGOVYX in men with advanced prostate cancer. ORGOVYX is expected to be available for prescription in Canada in Q1 2024.

"Roughly 1 in 8 Canadian men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, and the ability to suppress testosterone, primarily achieved through androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), is foundational in the treatment of the advanced stages of the disease," said Fred Saad, M.D., FRCS, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Surgery and Director of Genitourinary Oncology at the University of Montreal. "In the HERO study, ORGOVYX demonstrated rapid, sustained, and profound testosterone suppression when compared to leuprolide. ORGOVYX is the first approved ADT in Canada that can be administered orally, and once daily, offering a safe and effective option for advanced prostate cancer patients in the country."

"We're pleased that with Health Canada's approval of ORGOVYX, we are helping to expand upon treatment options for Canadian men living with advanced prostate cancer," said Lisa Mullett, General Manager of Sumitomo Pharma Canada, Inc. "We are committed to making ORGOVYX available to patients across Canada early in the new year."

The Health Canada approval was based on the results of the Phase 3 HERO study, a randomized, open-label, parallel-group, multinational clinical study evaluating the safety and efficacy of ORGOVYX in over 1,000 men with androgen-sensitive advanced prostate cancer who required at least one year of continuous ADT. In the Phase 3 study, ORGOVYX met the primary endpoint and demonstrated superiority in sustained testosterone suppression to castrate levels (< 50 ng/dL) through 48 weeks compared to those receiving leuprolide acetate injections, the current standard of care. The most frequent adverse events reported in at least 10% of men in the ORGOVYX group were hot flush, musculoskeletal pain, fatigue, constipation, and mild to moderate diarrhea.

ORGOVYX was previously approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on December 18, 2020 and granted marketing authorization by the European Commission for advanced hormone-sensitive prostate cancer on April 29, 2022.

About Advanced Prostate Cancer Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in Canadian men, and, in 2023 an estimated 24,700 men will be diagnosed.1 Prostate cancer is considered advanced when it has spread or come back after initial treatment and may include biochemical recurrence (rising prostate-specific antigen in the absence of metastatic disease on imaging), locally advanced disease, or metastatic disease.

Front-line medical therapy for advanced prostate cancer typically involves androgen deprivation therapy, which reduces testosterone to very low levels, commonly referred to as castrate levels (< 50 ng/dL). Luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone (LHRH) receptor agonists, such as leuprolide acetate, are depot injections and the current standard of care for androgen deprivation therapy. However, LHRH receptor agonists may be associated with mechanism-of-action limitations, including the potentially detrimental initial surge in testosterone levels that can exacerbate clinical symptoms, which is known as clinical or hormonal flare, and delayed testosterone recovery after the drug is discontinued.

About ORGOVYX(relugolix) ORGOVYX (relugolix) is the first and only oral gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) receptor antagonist approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the European Commission and Health Canada for the treatment of adult patients with advanced prostate cancer. As a GnRH antagonist, ORGOVYX blocks the GnRH receptor and reduces production of testicular testosterone, a hormone known to stimulate the growth of prostate cancer.

About Sumitomo Pharma Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd. is a global pharmaceutical company based in Japanwith key operations in the U.S. (Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc.), Canada (Sumitomo Pharma Canada, Inc.) and Europe (Sumitomo Pharma Switzerland GmbH) focused onaddressing patient needs in psychiatry & neurology, oncology, urology, women's health, rare disease, and cell & gene therapies. With several marketed products in the U.S., Canada, and Europe, a diverse pipeline of early- to late-stage assets, and in-house advanced technology capabilities, we aim to acceleratediscovery, research, and development to bring novel therapies to patients sooner. For more information, please visit to follow us.

The Sumitomo Pharma icon is a trademark of Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd., used under license. SUMITOMO PHARMA is a trademark of Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd., used under license.

Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc. is a U.S. subsidiary of Sumitomo Pharma Co., Ltd.

ORGOVYX is a trademark of Sumitomo Pharma Switzerland GmbH.

2023 Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc. All rights reserved.


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While my body was returning to its natural state, the World Anti-Doping Agency discovered that some of my peers were purposely altering theirs. Russian athletes had been bribing I.A.A.F. officials to look the other way while they continued competing, even though they had taken illegal drugs. Doped athletes had been winning medals and prizes, yet despite the I.A.A.F.s talk of cleaning the sport of illegal drugs, it was people like Chand and me whose natural bodies were seen as abnormal and were being targeted and shamed out of the sport. We were the ones enduring public humiliation when people who had taken illegal drugs were often portrayed as just victims of their governments thirst for medals. (Years later, a former head of the I.A.A.F., Lamine Diack, along with his son, would be convicted of corruption after accepting bribes linked to Russias doping program.)

In 2018 the agency announced new regulations that would apply only to athletes with D.S.D. and only to those competing in distances ranging from the 400 meter to the mile. So a woman with a difference in sexual development could compete against other women without altering her body in five of the eight main distances in competitive track racing but not in the distances I ran. I knew these rules would affect several other runners, but I had become the face of this thing. To me, this was personal. I was the runner closest to the 800-meter world record, and I felt the I.A.A.F. wanted to shut me down. To me, its restrictions arent about leveling the playing field; they are about getting certain types of women off the field completely.

(The spokeswoman for World Athletics told The Times that the regulations for female athletes running those distances were established after scientific and medical research from athletes competing in our sport was clearly able to show that advantages existed. In March, World Athletics replaced these regulations with a stricter rule that applied across a broader range of events.)

The guidelines announced in 2018 set a maximum testosterone level that was 50 percent lower than even the low level I had taken so many drugs to achieve. And I would have had to achieve and maintain that level for six months before I was eligible to compete. I refused to again subject myself to the mental anguish and physical torture of the poison. I was no longer an 18-year-old girl desperate to run. I was a world champion, an Olympic champion. I had achieved my dreams.

When they announced the regulations in 2018, the I.A.A.F. offered women with D.S.D. who refused the medication but still wanted to compete what it surely felt was a generous and sympathetic offer: We could change our distances, run any distance we wanted in the male category or run in some future intersex category, should it ever become available.

Both of these suggestions are insulting. I am not a man. I have spent years in legal battles, fighting to be able to race without restrictions. But today I could compete only if I altered my hormone levels. For me, participating in a third category of human gender identity would be accepting being othered, accepting the discrimination that I had fought against. It would mean giving up the identity Id been born with and had never questioned to take on a new one I didnt believe. Even though I understand that those in the medical community call me an intersex person because of the way my internal organs are structured, I do not call myself intersex. That identity doesnt fit me; it doesnt fit my soul.

Ms. Semenya is a runner from South Africa, a two-time Olympic gold medalist and the author of The Race to Be Myself, from which this essay is adapted.

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