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Jordyn Woods has been flaunting her impressive weight loss as she continues to work out and get stronger. The 24-year-old model and former BFF to Kylie Jenner is fresh from a wellness Wednesday post, one promoting her First Place fitness brand and bringing her dripping mad sweat.

Woods, reported to have dropped 30 pounds after her 2019 cheating scandal with Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson, was looking super-fit, and shed picked a snappy workout look to show off her killer frame.

Scroll for the video. Jordyn, who also runs her SECNDNTURE athleisurewear brand, had been filmed in a mash-up from the gym. The California native, seen doing weights work and using machines, was also filmed handling massive ropes as she worked her arms and quads, with the indoor sweat session also seeing her offer some sauna selfie time afterwards.

Wearing tight black leggings, a matching tee, plus two-tone sneakers, Woods showed fans she means business, with her caption reading: WELLNESS WEDNESDAY forgot to film the first part of my workout and by this time my legs were already toast.. but here is a small snippet of my workout today.

Jordyn was told what the actual f-ck by impressed fans. Shes also been opening up on her fitness overall the weight loss wasnt about looking a certain way.

Earlier this month, Woods was profiled by Byrdie, with the media outlet getting all the deets on the beautys training routines.

When I first started losing weight, I wasnt doing it to lose weight, and I think thats why it worked out so well, she said. For me, working out became my therapy. Its all for your mind, really.When I realized I focused on my mind more than the goals in my body, I lost more weight. Jordyn also revealed shed gotten a reality check to get into shape after sadly losing her father.

The model has also spoken out about former days when she felt ashamed about her curves.

I hated going to the mall, I hated shopping, I hated pool parties, she admitted. It was just the little things that made me realize, like, maybe I am a little different than everyone.

Woods continues to make headlines as a celebrity in her own right since being alienated from the Kardashian-Jenner inner circle over two years ago. Recently, she appeared to shade 37-year-old Khloe Kardashian by saying that only God can cancel you.

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Jordyn Woods shows off amazing weight loss in rope workout - Champagne and Shade

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I would say that I really wish to continue the same fitness regime I have right now, improve on it and build a muscular body shape.

What are the lifestyle changes you made?

The major changes I made was to my eating habits, saying no to fried food items, eating excess carbs etc. The rest alterations were done to the workout routine.

What was the lowest point for you? The most difficult decision was having to leave masalas and spicy foods and even sweets. Earlier, I used to terribly crave to have spicy and sugary food but hopefully, my body has become used to this and it's now not the same thing.

Lessons learnt from weight loss:

There were many things that I have learnt in my natural weight loss journey. One should not run through the process of weight loss, it's a journey and not a competition, so take your time to reduce your weight, Never use any artificial substances as they may affect your body in the long run. Make a sustainable and realistic goal for your weight loss journey, also don't keep any short term objective of losing weight (like I need to lose weight for a wedding). Lose weight for your own health and your own satisfaction. Make sure your weight loss journey should be 100% natural and healthy.

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These views are not generic in nature. What worked for the writer may not work for you. So avoid following this article blindly. Find out what works for your body.

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Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that causes symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and bloody stools. Although weight loss is a common symptom of UC, the condition can sometimes cause a person to gain weight.

UC is a relatively common long-term condition that causes the immune system to react abnormally. This immune reaction produces inflammation in the colon and causes ulcers to appear in the colons inner lining.

A person with UC may experience some of the following symptoms:

UC can cause various other symptoms, which include fatigue, a loss of appetite, fever, nausea, and anemia.

These symptoms often only appear during flare-ups, which usually appear before a period of remission. When a person is in remission, they may experience few or no symptoms.

Although it is common to lose weight as a result of UC, some people may gain weight due to the disease.

UC can cause both weight gain and weight loss.

UC can affect a persons ability to digest food properly and absorb nutrients from it. Due to this, it can lead to serious vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition. Both of these effects can cause a person with UC to lose weight.

However, there are several reasons why UC can also cause a person to gain weight. These include:

There is not much research into whether UC can cause bloating. However, a 2016 study found that people with irritable bowel disease, which includes UC, had significantly worse belly pain, gas, and bloating than people in the general population.

Bloating is different than weight gain. Weight gain occurs over time when a person regularly eats more calories than they use through exercise and normal bodily activities.

Bloating occurs when a persons gastrointestinal tract is full of air or other gases.

When bloated, a person may find that their stomach feels full and tight as though they have eaten a big meal. This sensation can be uncomfortable or even painful, and it may cause a persons stomach to appear bigger than usual.

Learn about 18 ways to reduce bloating here.

There are several possible causes of weight gain in people with UC.

Some people with UC may have issues eating certain foods that typically form part of a nutritious diet, such as whole grains, cruciferous vegetables, fruits with skin and seeds, and nuts. Different foods can trigger flare-ups for different people.

Eating a well-balanced diet is a key factor in helping a person maintain a moderate weight. However, when certain foods trigger flare-ups, this can make eating a nourishing diet more difficult.

Learn more about the right diet for ulcerative colitis here.

Exercise is another key factor in helping a person maintain a moderate weight.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity physical activity a week.

Some symptoms of UC may make it more difficult for a person to engage in regular exercise.

People with UC may experience abdominal pain, feel fatigued, and go to the bathroom a lot. This combination of symptoms can lower energy levels and impair the ability to exercise.

Some medications for UC can cause a person to gain weight. These include:

Corticosteroids, such as prednisone, may cause a person to gain weight. The long-term use of these drugs may also lead to a decrease in healthy muscle mass.

Biologics, or anti-tumor necrosis factor agents, are a common treatment for UC and may lead to weight gain.

For instance, some evidence links the common biologic treatment infliximab (Remicade) with weight gain. A 2018 study suggests that Remicade can cause weight gain in people with UC if they use it for an extended period. However, more research is necessary to confirm this effect.

Eating a balanced diet is key to maintaining a moderate weight.

The Crohns & Colitis Foundation recommends that people with UC avoid a number of possible trigger foods to minimize the likelihood of flare-ups.

Some of these foods may also contribute to weight gain. For example:

People with UC can identify foods that they can tolerate that are also healthy and contribute to a balanced diet.

These foods will vary among individuals but may include:

Learn more about what to eat to reduce colon inflammation here.

People with UC who are concerned about gaining weight can take steps to prevent it. These include:

Weight loss is a common symptom of ulcerative colitis. However, in some instances, this condition may cause a person to gain weight.

Some people with UC may struggle to eat a balanced diet, while others may be unable to exercise regularly due to symptoms such as stomach pain and fatigue. Some UC medications may also cause a person to gain weight.

A person may wish to try eating a varied, nutritious diet and getting regular exercise to prevent weight gain.

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It seems like its so easy to put weight on, but losing it is another story. While eating in a caloric deficit and getting regular exercise are the main things necessary for effective weight loss, it comes easier to some than others. There are lots of reasons that someone has a hard time losing weight, and it may even be an issue that extends far beyond eating well and exercising.

These Probiotic Pills Are The Easiest Way To Improve Gut Health & Get More Energy


The culprit might just be your metabolic function. 88% of our country suffers from metabolic dysfunction, says Dr, Alexandra Sowa, a dual-board certified doctor in both internal and obesity medicine, Its crucial to understand whats going on inside your body so you can make smart changes for better health. Dr. Sowa recommends undergoing a targeted lab panel before starting any health journeys, so that you can know exactly how your metabolism is functioning, and what might make weight loss more difficult for you.

But what is your metabolism, and what does it do? Your metabolism is an intricate collection of systems that are responsible for converting what you eat and drink into energy. Your metabolism serves a crucial function in your body, and making sure its at its peak performance is an important factor for losing weight.

Other than getting labs done, one way you can make weight loss easier is by having realistic expectations. Just 5% total body weight loss can have a big impact on long-term health. Dr. Sowa says, If you set out to lose 10% in the first week, youll give up after day three because there is no way of accomplishing that. Repeatedly starting and stopping health changes can really affect your brain and psyche, making it impossible to ever achieve your goal. Setting small, achievable goals one by one like walking every day or having vegetables at every meal is the best way to achieve sustainable weight loss.

Aside from that, something that Dr. Sowa recommends is planning your meals ahead of time. I tell my patients that if you start a weight loss goal without a plan on how to execute, it is really just a wish! She says, Youll be much more successful if you make food decisions rationally one time a week, instead of in tired, hungry and rushed states 21 times a week.

Of course, before you start any new healthcare or nutrition regimen, always consult with your doctor. But these are all factors to take into account that may give you the boost you need to meet your health goals.

Dr. Alexandra Sowa is a dual-board certified doctor of internal and obesity medicine, and the founder of SoWell Health, a consumer metabolic health company.

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The Metabolic Factor You Might Be Missing Thats Making Weight Loss So Much Harder - SheFinds

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I primarily followed a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. Going gluten-free may not be required for everyone but because I had a leaky gut as well I did this. But going dairy-free is something I highly recommend for everyone.

- I began my day with a green vegetable smoothie topped with chia seeds. This was to control insulin levels in the body, as PCOS is a precursor for diabetes.

- My lunch would be a bajra bhakri or brown rice with a bowl of vegetables or salad + daal.

- Evening snack is ideally the most important Id have a bowl of sprouts chaat, makhana bhel or fruits topped with mixed nuts and seeds.

- I would eat my dinner by 7:30 pm and it would be grilled fish or chicken with a bowl of soup or salad. On days I was hungrier Id eat my meal with some rice.

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Weight loss story: "I lost 20 kgs with PCOS by going dairy and gluten-free" - Times of India

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As people emerge from isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many are taking a fresh look at the eating habits theyve maintained during the past year and a half. Some people actually improved their diet during this time while others gained the now-notorious quarantine 15.

Whatever your current situation, its not too late to adopt some of the good lockdown habits that can help you lose weight. Other eating patterns born of the pandemic the ones that led to weight gain can derail your healthy eating habits long-term if you dont deal with them now. Monica Reinagel, LDN, a clinical nurse specialist, licensed nutritionist, and host of the Change Academy podcast, offers expert advice on the dietary habits you want to take into the future and which ones are better off left behind.

Many office workers transitioned to work-from-home arrangements during the pandemic, freeing them from morning commutes. And if youve ever had a schedule that requires you to race through school drop-off and fight traffic in order to get to your desk on time, you know that breakfast is often the first thing that gets cut from a morning routine. People often give ran out of time as an excuse for not eating breakfast, says Reinagel.

Without that hectic morning commute, some people spent that time improving their self-care with simple steps like eating breakfast. And that can help with weight loss. A study published inJune 2021 in the journal the Proceedings of the Nutrition Society found that those who didnt eat a morning meal were more likely to eat more added sugars, carbohydrates, and total fat over the course of the day. There are certain things you want in a healthy diet, such as fiber, that are often front-loaded for the day at breakfast, says Reinagel.

When offices closed because of the pandemic, many were suddenly forced to go without takeout lunch specials a survey by market research firm Acosta found that 31 percent of people were eating lunch at home every day, compared with just 18 percent pre-COVID and that may have been a blessing in disguise. When researchers assessed the nutritional quality of meals eaten at full-service or fast food restaurants using data from 35,000 Americans between 2003 ands 2016, they found that less than 0.1 percent were of ideal quality, based on the American Heart Association 2020 diet score, according to a study published in April 2020 in the Journal of Nutrition. As people are increasingly called back to their workplaces, packing those lunches for the office can help keep weight in check.

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Between full-on closures and capacity restrictions at restaurants, many people have found themselves eating out far less frequently than they used to. From a weight perspective, this is an unambiguously positive thing. A study published in January 2016 in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics found that 92 percent of restaurants deliver way more calories than you need on any single eating occasion.

A tight waistband can signal that youre gaining weight if youre wearing fitted clothes to work every day. But what about when you live in sweats, as many people did during the pandemic? Thats when you need to check in with the bathroom scale. According to research published in February 2015 in Obesity, weighing yourself more often has been consistently associated with better weight outcomes. Its a good idea to keep it up even when you go back to pants with zippers.

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Early in the pandemic, people stocked up on shelf-stable ingredients that could help minimize trips to the grocery store, like dried beans and whole grains. These also just happen to be some of the healthiest foods out there. Eating these foods more often has gut health benefits. People who eat a lot of these are more likely to have a healthy weight, says Reinagel.

A studypublished in July 2021 in The Journal of Nutrition found that people who eat three servings of whole grains a day had smaller increases in waist size than people who eat little or no whole grains. Now that you may be shopping more often, its still smart to keep these staples on your list.

If you spent any time on social media during the pandemic, you probably saw many more home-cooked dishes in your feed than ever. People were forced to rediscover their capacity to prepare meals day after day and many rediscovered their enthusiasm for it, says Reinagel. With few options for outside-the-home entertainment and restaurants often off-limits, families turned to their home kitchens for fun and as well as for food.

Home cooking is the king of positive health habits research has shown that people who usually cook for themselves eat fewer calories and enjoy a higher quality diet.

For many of the people I work with, working in or next to the kitchen was hard, says Reinagel. For those suddenly working from home, normal meal time sometimes devolved into an all-day buffet. Its easy to grab a handful of this or a bite of that every time you enter your home kitchen. Reinagel also notes that in the absence of social constraints (not wanting to eat a family-size bag of chips for lunch in front of a coworker, for example). People were unselfconscious about their snacking habits.

The pandemic brought an unprecedented amount of stress and uncertainty into peoples lives. If you coped by eating your feelings, you are not alone. Food was a constant stress relief valve for boredom and screen burnout, says Reinagel.

And research suggests that emotional eaters are 13.38 percent more likely to be overweight or obese than people who dont use food as a coping tool. Learning different ways to manage stress and process strong emotions can help you leave an emotional eating pattern behind.

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In the early weeks of lockdown, panicked shoppers cleaned out supermarket shelves. If you played your cards right, you didnt set yourself up to fail by buying big tubs of flavored popcorns and the giant barrel of cheese balls, says Reinagel. The reality is, many people did exactly that. If youre still stockpiling Oreos by the thousands at a buying club, it might be time to reassess your shopping habits.

During 2020, there was a major increase in food delivery app use. The top four companies experienced a collective $3 billion increase in revenue, reported MarketWatch. A study published in February 2020 in Frontiers in Nutrition shed some light on just what people are eating when they get dinner delivered via these apps. Most frequently ordered dishes include cheeseburgers, pizzas, nachos, cheesecake, and baby back ribs classic calorie bombs very likely to derail any weight loss efforts.

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A study published in December 2020 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Publish Health found that 60.1 percent of people 21 and older who were surveyed said they were drinking more alcohol than they were before the pandemic. People tend to undercount the number of calories that alcohol contributes to your diet, says Reinagel. You can easily be increasing your daily calorie intake by 30 to 40 percent. Another problem according to Reinagel? These calories contribute no satiety, the feeling of fullness and satisfaction you get from food.

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My breakfast: I would start my day by having coconut water. After that, 3-4 types of mixed fruits before 12 noon. I also avoided morning tea.

My lunch: So, my lunch meals were a little different and I would have two plates- plate 1 and 2.

Plate 1 should be only Salad, like cucumber and tomatoes without salt.

Plate 2 was normal Roti Sabzi Dal Rice. After eating food one should be aware of not drinking water for around 1 Hour

My dinner: My dinner meals were usually the same as my lunch, but I made sure to have them before 8 pm. One thing to note is that I avoided drinking water for almost an hour after finishing my dinner.

Pre-workout meal: I didn't have specific pre-workout meals because I was already having fruits for my breakfast.

Post-workout meal: After the workout, I always used to take Dry fruits which were almonds and figs.

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Weight loss story: "I had a plate full of salad before my main meal | The Times of India - Times of India

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To make this quick tea, heat a vessel and add 2 cups of water along with 1 inch Cinnamon stick and 1 inch Ginger. Cover the lid and let the tea absorb the flavour and goodness of this spice.

Next, add teaspoon of Green tea and turn off the flame. Keep the tea for 3 minutes. Strain the tea and add 1 teaspoon Honey and two Lemon slices.

Another way of preparing a simple Cinnamon tea with just 1 teaspoon Cinnamon powder and boil it with 2 cups of water. Strain the tea and add Lime juice and honey.

Your detox and sleep inducing tea is ready to relish. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties help in relaxing the nerves and induce sleep.

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Is Cinnamon tea the ultimate weight loss drink you were looking for? - Times of India

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Updated Aug 27, 2021 | 14:39IST

Nutritionists and dieticians rarely say yes to rice when it comes to weight loss. However, by simply striking a balance, one can enjoy rice guilt-free.

Portion control is key when it comes to healthy eating, especially with respect to white rice | Photo credit: Pixabay 

New Delhi: People on a weight loss spree rarely turn to carbohydrates for support, and white rice is the biggest no-no for this group owing to its famed link to lethargy, water retention and eventually weight gain. Sacrificing this gullible grain that goes well with all curries is a tough call for those that cant get enough of it. However, what if we told you that there a way to enjoy this gluten-free source of carbs while torching excess body fat? Trust us for its no bluff that one can obtain the nutritional value of white rice while losing additional body weight by simply striking a balance.

How healthy is a bowl of white rice?

Fitness enthusiasts often switch from white to brown rice owing to nutritional value. However, steamed / boiled white rice also find a prestigious place on the health chart. Although high in calories, white rice is a low-fat staple rich in B-vitamins, can be digested easily and boosts metabolism as well.

How to lose weight with a bowl of white rice?

Nutritionists and dieticians rarely say yes to rice when it comes to weight loss. However, by simply striking a balance, one can enjoy rice guilt-free.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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Weight watchers can enjoy white rice guilt-free: Tips to lose weight with the source of carbs - Times Now

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A new studyfrom the famed Salk Institute shows that Time-Restricted Eating (TRE),popular as a weight-loss strategy, also hassignificant health benefits from disease prevention to helping people survive infections such as COVID-19.While some of the benefits depend on gender and age, the shocking findings indicate that TRE could be used as an inexpensive treatmentforsome of the most common conditions afflicting Americans, since it improves glucose metabolism, boosts immune response, and lowers inflammation.

We know that using intermittent fasting another way of thinking about time-restricted eating where you eat all your calories during a limitedwindow of time and then fast for the rest of the day or night can help peoplelose weight. But this new study has found that it also has health benefits that are varied and significant. The use of TRE as a strategy may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and even liver cancer, and there is some evidence that it can help treat infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Time-restricted eating (TRE) is defined as a dietary regimen that restricts eating to specific hours of the day, and then fasting the rest of the time. TRE hasbecome extremely popular for weight loss since it reduces blood sugar levels during the fasting hours, and forces the body to pull fat from storage to be used as fuel once the body's available energy (such as glycogen stored in the liver, muscles, and other cells) is used up.

In the study, researchers fed a high-fat, high-sugar diet to male and female micethat were theequivalent in age to 20- and 42-year-old humans, restricting their food intake to nine hours. Checking how TRE impacted fatty liver disease, glucose regulation, muscle mass, performance, and endurance, as well as the survival of sepsis, they were curious to see if there was a difference in the benefits to the male versus female mice. The study also alignedto the animals' circadian clocks since mice generally sleep during the day andare active and eat at night (which is why you rarely see them in your kitchen).

Here were the surprising findings: TRE offered significant protection against fatty liver disease, regardless of the age or gender of the animals tested. This is significant because fatty liver disease affects more than 80 million Americans alone, according to the CDC.

"We were surprised to find that, although the females on TRE were not protected from weight gain, they still showed metabolic benefits, including less-fatty livers and better-controlled blood sugar," according to one of the study's authors, Amandine Chaix, who worked at the Salk lab that conducted the research, and is now Assistant Professor, Nutrition & Integrative Physiology Department, University of Utah. She was quoted in the journal Cell Reports.

TRE (the study called in TRF for Time-Restricted Feeding) was associated with better blood glucose tolerance than the micein the control group, which makes this strategy an effective, drug-free way of treating pre-diabetes or diabetes, as well as metabolic syndrome, which the CDC says has reached epidemic proportions in the US.

The mice on the restricted feeding schedule also ended up having better motor performance,body composition, metabolic health, and overall fitness, although the male mice showed more improvements in these areas than the female mice. The study author concluded: "In males, TRF improved all metabolic and performance parameters tested, regardless of age, suggesting that TRF could improve healthspan and lifespan even with a Western diet feeding."

The conclusion in Cell Response explained: "Future studies of lifelong TRF will test this hypothesis. Finally, we show that being on TRF can increase survival to a septic challenge in middle-aged male mice, with a trend in females. This is especially relevant in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic during which this paper was written since poor metabolic health is the major risk factor for severe COVID-19."

Studies have shown that not eating for long stretches can activate the body's natural immune response, according to Dr. Jason Fung, author of Life in the Fasting Lane and The Cancer Code. Dr. Fung has written extensively on the subject of fasting and immunity, as well as how fasting can benefit the body's response to knocking out cancer cells, viruses and other lurking dangers that the immune system needs to respond to daily.

Intermittent fasting has been shown in the past tohelp the body heal by triggering what's known as "autophagy," or the self-cleaning mechanism that allows the immune cells to span out around the body and search for possible invaders, including damaged or dead cells, broken-off bits that are in need of disposal, and some of those can be from viruses and bacterial infections.

"Autophagy plays a key role in helping the body fight viruses," Dr. Fung told The Beet. "It's like a cleaning crew that comes in and scrubs the entire place, while you're sleeping. When the immune system sees signs of invading viruses or infection itsends the alarm bells of the immune system ringing and begins to create antibodies that will "recognize" this invader and be able to fight it off.

By fasting, orrestricting your eating time to a small specific window, all the usual distractions that come with ingesting food get turned off, allowing the immune system to perform its necessary house cleaning and surveillance work, Dr. Fung explains, so the immune systemdoesn't have to deal with any potentiallytoxic elements or harmful bacteria that might be coming in with your food and can focusonthe actualdangers such as cancer growth or viral infections that may beharboring in place.

The study from the Salk Institute also showed that the mice in the TRF group were able tosurvivethe dangers of sepsis, a potentially fatal condition related to infection, where the body's inflammation response can trigger a runaway chain of events, which is especially relevant in the fight against severe cases of COVID-19.

To improve blood glucose tolerance, reduce the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and even lower inflammation, and possibly help treat symptoms of COVID-19, using time-restricted eating may be worth trying, according to a new study that looked at the effects on male and female mice given a Western diet. The results showed different benefits for males and females, however, so more study is needed.

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New Study: Time Restricted Eating Has Health Benefits Beyond Weight Loss - The Beet

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