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Here’s how you could effectively manage kitchen during the lockdown days – Onmanorama

Mar 27th, 2020

Eating right is very vital during the lockdown days to replenish the body with essential nutrients. Besides, a controlled diet too is required as there are restrictions to go and also to prevent panic buying. It is no small deal, staying in home isolation for three weeks. You could stay fit and healthy by consuming home cooked meals that are packed with nutrients. Note these tips to adopt healthy eating habits during the lockdown period:

The quantity of the food cooked should be strictly limited to the number of family members and their needs.

Even if the cooked food is just enough for the family, make sure that you dont cook too many dishes in huge quantities.

Try to eat steamed food instead of oil-fried food.

Do not use the supplies in the pantry unnecessarily just because you have stocked up.

Food wastage should be avoided.

A healthy person requires just a teaspoon or 5 ml oil a day. However, we tend use much more than that while cooking. It is important to be a little more careful about your health and well being.

Turn to your backyards for organically grown fruits and vegetables like jackfruit, mangoes, plantains, tapioca, yams, colocasia, drumstick or moringa leaves and other vegetables from your kitchen garden. However, instead of cooking everything on the first few days of the lockdown, you could plan how to use them for at least three weeks.

It is important to remember that these are not the days to revel. Try to stay indoors and be on alert.

It is wise not to exhaust the food items that do not go stale easily in the beginning itself. Items like eggs and biscuits packets could be reserved for later.

There is no need to cook too many dishes. A single dish that is nutritious and wholesome is enough.

Try to grow a patch of vegetable garden in your backyards.

A healthy person should drink 10 12 glasses of water every day. Besides, try to catch at least half an hour of work out in the morning or in the evening.

Here's how you could effectively manage kitchen during the lockdown days - Onmanorama

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