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12 Best Reusable Chopsticks You’ll Want tTo Buy ASAP – Women’s Health

Aug 28th, 2021

Christine Giordano

Theres no better way to start off a meal than with the swift snap of tearing apart a pair of chopsticks. Today, the disposable bamboo chopsticks you tend to find in places where they sell Asian cuisine are the most common, but as a utensil that has been in use for more than 3,000 yearsoriginating in China and then spreading across Asiadisposable wasnt always the norm.

In fact, there's evidence that the earliest chopsticks were reusable and actually made of bronze, which tbh is probably not a bad idea. ICYDK, the production of disposable chopsticks takes a toll on Chinese forests. About 80 billion disposable chopsticks are produced every year, per the Huff Post, and, as you can imagine, that leads to the destruction of a whole lotta trees.

So if you want to do your part to help our earth, it's probably a good idea to invest in chopsticks you can use more than just once. (Don't worry, yours don't need to be made of bronze).

Not only does having reusable chopsticks mean that youre doing the planet a solid, but they also come in all kinds of materials and designs that are both cute and easy to eat with.

Not sure where to start when it comes to picking out your reusable chopsticks? Then check out this list of the best picks, whether youre a pro and already cooking and eating with them, or you just started learning (you'll get the hang of it).

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Best Overall

With ten pairs of reusable chopsticks in this pack, you can make your sushi night a dinner party for the whole squad. The angulardesign of these makesthem easy to hold, and their fiberglass material makes them heat-resistant and dishwasher safe.

Best Bamboo Chopstick Set

These bamboo chopsticks come in a set of five, perfect for the whole family. They're adorned with a Japanese-style minimalistic print at their ends, so theirsleek design will fit perfectly with your dining room table decor.

Best Colorful Set

These chopsticks are made with heat-resistant fiberglass making themdishwasher-safe and cooking-safe(woooo)! With a special non-slip design, you won't look clumsy trying to tackle a bowl of noodles, and have you seen the pretty pastel colors?

Best On-The-Go Chopsticks

Sometimes you need to take your chopsticks on the go, and when that happens, it's only right to pair them witha matching carrying case. These stainless steel chopsticks make packing a luncheco-friendly and fun. Plus, with a wheat straw handle, they feel comfyin your hand and easier to use.

Best For Kids


Umm, these are probably the coolest pair of chopsticks you'll find.Kids will love learning to use chopsticks with these. And adults, well, you'll have a fantastic time too, trust. Imagine eating sushi with these.

Best Non-Slip Chopsticks

Not only do the animal patterns on these wooden chopsticks make me want to buy them immediately, but these chopsticks are also designed to help your fingers get a better grip, thanks to those indents. That's awin-win in my book.

Best Luxury Set

Looking to treat yourself to a bit of fancy? These are the chopsticks for you.These wooden chopsticks, designed with a pearl inlay arealmost too pretty to use. Don't worry, no need to share.These can be your special pair that no one else knows about.

Best Training Chopsticks for Adults


Just learning? No problem. These wooden chopsticks with a helper tool will make you a pro in no time, and they're cute enough to pull out in public, so don't sweat it.

Best Stainless Steel Chopsticks

A classic stainless steel look means these will blend right in with your silverware, aka another excuse to have noodles...errr every night.

Best Training Chopsticks for Kids

Kids will love learning how to use chopsticks when you show them how these work. When you pick up food, the shark's mouth moves. They'll think that's basically the most awesomest thing ever.

Best Set with Rests

Yes, those are little pandas holding up the chopsticks in place. And yes, I'm obsessed with them as much as you are. Made of bamboo and enhanced with an anti-slip design, these are clearly necessary.

Best Full Utensil Travel Set

If you need chopsticks and other reusable utensils for your on-the-go eating needs, grab a completetravel set. Even better, this travel set is sleek and chic.

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12 Best Reusable Chopsticks You'll Want tTo Buy ASAP - Women's Health

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