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Does Eating White Rice Lead to Weight Gain? Let’s Bust the Myth – News18

Aug 28th, 2021

Around the world, rice is one of the most widely consumed grains. It is a refined carb food that has most of the fibre removed. High consumption of refined carbs in a regular diet has been linked to obesity and chronic disease. However, as per reports, countries with high rice consumption have low levels of these diseases. So, without further ado, lets bust the popular myth about rice. Is it weight loss friendly or fattening?

Many nutritionists state that hand-pounded, single-polished rice is perfectly fine and healthy for consumption. It contains an optimum amount of fibre and also helps assimilate

nutrients like zinc and B12. So, one can easily have this variety of rice without worrying about weight gain. If hand-pounded, single-polished rice variety of rice is not available,

you can opt for the rice locally available.

Here are some ways to safely eat rice without gaining weight:

1. Exercise Portion Control:

Take one helping of rice that is cup rice during a single meal to limit the number of calories you consume with rice. Adjust your portions of rice as per your dietary needs

and the kind of diet you may be following. Skip the consumption of carbs during meals before or after rice.

2. Pair it with lots of vegetables:

Rice may make you feel inevitably hungry in no time than other carbs. This can be avoided by pairing cup of rice with several grilled and roasted green vegetables.

As vegetables are loaded with high fibre and protein, adding broccoli, beans, asparagus, or even chicken breast is a good idea.

3. Opt for low-calorie cooking methods:

Instead of frying and cooking your rice, you should boil it as its packed with lesser calories that way. Moreover, Weight loss can be achieved without following strict dietary

restrictions. Just a daily workout and eating healthy food at the right time is enough.

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Does Eating White Rice Lead to Weight Gain? Let's Bust the Myth - News18

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