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Does papaya induce miscarriage? This and other myths debunked by experts – Times Now

Oct 5th, 2021

While ripe papaya has been deemed healthy for pregnant women, it is important to consult your ob-gyn before opting for this fruit to avoid any and every risk involved  |  Photo Credit: iStock Images

New Delhi: Papayas or papita is indeed one of the most delicious and healthy fruits there are. Loaded with proteins, dietary fibre, carbohydrates and an extremely low fat content, it is a must-have for everyone who is on a weight loss spree. However, for a long time, papaya intake was a strict no no for mums-to-be. Pregnant women have often been warned against papaya intake by elders citing miscarriage risk.

Is papaya intake during pregnancy safe or not?

Elders often warn against papaya intake during pregnancy due to miscarriage risk. This effect is attributed to the enzymes found in latex the white milky fluid that comes out of a papaya. These enzymes trigger the release of postraglandin which can cause uterine contractions thereby increasing chances of miscarriage. However, do experts second this belief or is it a myth?

To learn more about this effect, Times Now Digital connected with gynecologists from Jaslok and Wockhardt Hospital.

While discussing this effect, Dr.Danny Laliwala, Consultant Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Jaslok Hospital & Research Centre, explained the history associated with the same and revealed how a certain form of papaya may not be a risky choice.

Papaya, whether to eat when pregnant this is a topic of great concern with pregnant ladies. However, most of this belief is based on hearsay. In the earlier days, Egyptians used papaya seeds in camels to avoid pregnancy and to bring about abortions in camels. Since then, it has been carried forward to avoid papaya in pregnancy. There was an article in 2002, which said that eating ripe papaya by pregnant rats was safe, but eating unripe papaya can lead to abortions or preterm labour. This was because of the papain enzyme in unripe papayas. But till now, there have been no definite studies in humans which can approve or disapprove this. I advise my patients that they can eat papaya, but in moderation, Dr Laliwala explained.

Dr Gayatri Deshpande, Senior Consultant of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital also seconded this and stated that ripe papaya is in truth a healthy fruit for pregnant women.

Papaya, in its raw or ripe state, doesn't cause any changes in the menstrual cycle. It is a myth that it can alter or prepone periods. However a proteolytic enzyme known as papain, which is found in raw papaya, can cause uterine contraction and digestive complications in women in their first trimester. Thus we suggest women to completely avoid consumption of raw papaya. Ripe papaya is considered a healthy fruit for pregnant women, she said.

Dr Indrani Salunkhe, Gynaecologist at Wockhardt Hospital, first shed light on the theory around papaya and its possible impact on health across the various trimesters of pregnancy.

The basic theory is that papaya or papaverine contains Carotin which can raise vascular pressure, which can lead to internal bleeding inside the placenta. Technically speaking papaya is abortifacient and that is the reason why we ask our pregnant patients to avoid papaya during pregnancy. During first 3 months, it can cause abortion and in the later months of pregnancy it can cause internal bleeding, said Dr Salunkhe.

She went on to talk about the impact of papaya on stimulating the menstrual cycles.

As far as the use of papaya in stimulating periods and getting menses is since papaya contains carotene which stimulates and regulates the estrogen hormone levels in the body, it does have some role to play in a menstrual cycle because estrogen and progesterone are required for menstruation. So, a small bowl of papaya basically stimulates estrogen synthesis and estrogen in turn contracts the uterus and induces periods, she concluded.

The bottom line

While ripe papaya has been deemed healthy for pregnant women, it is important to consult your ob-gyn before opting for this fruit to avoid any and every risk involved.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purpose only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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Does papaya induce miscarriage? This and other myths debunked by experts - Times Now

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