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Find out all about reverse dieting, the latest weight loss technique trending on TikTok – The Indian Express

Mar 21st, 2023

Recently, a TikTok user took to the short-form video hosting platform to share about reverse dieting,a dieting method that involves training the mind to eat more and still not gain weight. According to Erica, who claimed to have undergone a weight loss program, it is possible to train the mind to not gain weight over a period of time.

What is this dieting method all about?

Eating more doesnt mean eating in bulk, pointed out Sohini Banerjee, consultant dietician, Fortis Hospital and Kidney Institute, Kolkata, and said The goal of a reverse diet is to not gain back mass after dieting. But it also does not mean stuffing your face with anything and everything that has calories.

Explaining, she told that in essence, a reverse diet is more of a slow and controlled approach to get your body back to baseline efficiency over time.

Adding, Dr Shrey Srivastav, MD (Internal Medicine), Sharda Hospital said that the idea of reverse dieting revolves around adaptive thermogenesis (metabolic adaptation), which is a protective process that alters the bodys metabolism to increase energy intake and decrease the energy output in an effort to slow down weight loss.

The experts share that it is a post-diet eating strategy that slowly increases the calorie intake (over weeks or months) to prevent weight gain as one returns to their previous calorie levels. It has been popular in the bodybuilding community as a way to prevent rapid weight gain after a competition. Long-term, restrictive dieting has been associated with changes in certain hormones, including leptin, ghrelin and insulin, which may result in changes to our metabolic rate and, ultimately, weight fluctuations and difficulty losing weight or maintaining weight loss, Banerjee told

How does it work?

Dr Srivastav noted that it is usually recommended to increase calorie consumption by 50-100 calories every week from what one is consuming at that time to maintain weight. The reverse dieting period cant go on forever; you need to practice it for 4-10 weeks, until you reach your target weight, shared Dr Srivastav.

Dr Srivastav went on to list the changes that occur in the body by following the diet pattern

*The body releases or suppresses various hormones (e.g., ghrelin, insulin, leptin, peptide YY) to increase hunger to push you to eat more.*Decrease in resting metabolic rate (RMR)*Decrease in exercise activity thermogenesis (EAT)*Decrease in non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT). NEAT includes any energy used for daily tasks, such as walking, fidgeting, and general movement.*Slowed digestion: During periods of calorie restriction, the body may slow down digestion to absorb as many nutrients and calories as possible. Plus, the thermic effect of food decreases, since less food is being consumed.

Benefits of a reverse diet

Get more food:Adding back in calories means getting to eat more food. But, as long as adding back in these calories is slow, it will able to keep fat gain to a minimum while maximising the quality of life and general mood.

Mental well-being:Suppressed calorie intake for an extended period of time can be mentally draining. It can cause you to feel sluggish, tired, and irritable at times. Reverse dieting allows one to safely exit the caloric deficit, which should afford some psychological relief especially if you have been dieting for months.

Steady weight gain:A common error at the conclusion of a diet is to jump right back into the old eating habits, significantly increasing the amount of calories. This typically results in rapid weight gain which is not right.

How it helps?

According to Banerjee, such a diet plays an intrinsic part in cardiovascular conditioning, cardiac health, gut efficiency, recovery, mental well-being, and body composition. It helps sustain baseline cardiovascular training so that youre able to avoid unwanted body fat accumulation during your reverse dieting phase, said Banerjee.

Who needs to reverse diet?

Those who have been restricting calories to less than 80 per cent of their current TDEE (based on your new weight)In such cases, Dr Srivastav suggested that it helps to gain muscle mass and train regularly, as well as is seen as a structured approach to healthy eating.

Reverse dieting will look different for everyone, but it usually involves adding 50150 daily calories per week for around 410 weeks until youve reached your pre-diet calorie intake or other goal amount.

What to keep in mind?

One should keep doing cardio exercises during this entire diet pattern, urged Banerjee. It is common to feel hungrier during the reverse diet period which is actually a sign that your metabolism is speeding back up! Your bodys hunger signals are imbalanced so your body will urge you to overeat. You can always choose to bump food/calories up faster, but the hunger is temporary, Banerjee said.

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Find out all about reverse dieting, the latest weight loss technique trending on TikTok - The Indian Express

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