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Five effective and safe ways to deter a spider infestation in homes – chases them away – Express

Oct 14th, 2022

While the presence of spiders tends to be more obvious in warmer seasons, when other insects also start to emerge, these arachnids tend to wander into homes as the weather cools and when there's less for them to eat outside. Although there are many commercially sold anti-bug sprays and compounds, they often contain dangerous toxic ingredients. It is true they will kill all spiders and other pests in your home, but they can also harm your health and can be dangerous for your pets.Luckily, you can chase spiders away, using common household ingredients, which are safe for you and friendly to the environment, according to cleaning experts at The Happy House Cleaning Services.

Citrus fruits could be the perfect weapons to stop these pests entering your home as they hate the scent.

The experts said: Spiders hate citrus fruits! You can easily prepare this effective repellent by squeezing half a lemon and mixing it with water. Pour this liquid in a spray bottle and spray around the house.

Spiders usually nest in wall cracks, corners of the walls, and the hidden, dark places behind cabinets and wardrobes, heavy pieces of furniture, corners of walls and ceilings, cracks in wooden flooring.

Another way to get rid of spiders is to sun dry citrus fruits peels and grind them in a food processor. Sprinkle this powder around the house once every week and they will soon disappear. You can usegrapefruit,orange,lemon or lime peels, or the mix of all of them.

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Essential oils are well-known to deter spiders as well as other common house pests. The experts said: Almost all bugs and insects hate strong aromatic smells. Pour warm water into a spray bottle, add 10 drops of essential oil and shake well.

Use this spray around the house. Dont misscorners or the rooms, behind the wardrobes, cabinets and other heavy furniture, cracks in the walls, and the space under your windows, as these are the spaces that spiders prefer to hide in and nest.

Homeowners can also use undiluted essential oils and just sprinkle a few drops in all corners of the house. However, for those who cant stand strong smells, this is not advised.

The cleaning pros added: The oils that are proven to be the most effective to repellent spiders are: tea tree, lavender, peppermint citronella and eucalyptus.

The best thing is that you can use essential oils for many other cleaning purposes for example to prepare your own eco-friendly laundery detergents.

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For those who dont like the strong smell of essential oil, they can use common spices and herbs to stop the spider infestation in their home.

Herbs, spices and cooking powders such assalt, baking soda, turmeric, or dried mintcan be directly sprinkled in areas where spiders hide, according to the pros.

They said: You can also grind cloves, or black pepper to a fine powder and sprinkle all cracks, corners and hidden places in your house. Just keep in mind that both spices are quite strong, and the fine powder can irritate your eyes and airways as you distribute it.

Always wear a mask and safety goggles when sprinkling black pepper or cloves powder against spiders.

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Organic pest control for spiders at home may also be achieved with a spray of white vinegar. Spiders are very sensitive to acetic acids sour taste and odour, which is present in vinegar.

The experts said: Vinegar is used in many homemade cleaners, however not many people know that vinegar is an excellent bug and spider repellent.

To make the spray, prepare a solution of one part vinegar and one part water and use around your home. For those who dont like the smell of vinegar, they can add a few drops of strong essential oil to mask it.

White vinegar can be picked up for as little as 29p from local supermarkets such as Tesco and Sainsburys.

The experts explained: Spiders are repelled by the strong tobacco smell and you can use this against them.

Take strong pipe or rolling tobacco and mix it with warm water and flour until you have thick dough. Form small balls with your hands and place them in different spots around your house this is one of the most effective ways to chase them away.

Another way to use tobacco is to prepare a spray, by adding a few pinches of it to a bottle of hot water. Shake well and wait a few minutes to let the infusion work out.

Drain the liquid, separating it from the tobacco, pour in a spray bottle and use around the house.Just keep in mind that this liquid can colour light surfaces and walls.

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Five effective and safe ways to deter a spider infestation in homes - chases them away - Express

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