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Spiders are eating snakes all over the world, and it’s kind of gruesome –

Jul 5th, 2021

A juvenile scarlet snake trapped in an American brown widow spiders nest.

Daniel R. Crook

When it comes to human fear of the animal kingdom, snakes and spiders are just around the corner. According to a new meta-analysis study, snakes are probably afraid of spiders. Spiders seem to like to eat up reptiles around the world.

This study, published in The Journal of Arachnology, has a descriptive title. Snake-eating spider (Arachnid: Squamata) (Reptiles: Squamata).. Researchers examined 319 reports of snake-eating spiders from all continents except Antarctica. Most of the events happened in the United States and Australia.

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The data showed that spiders representing 11 different families were observed eating snakes. That so many different groups Spiders sometimes eat snakes Lead author and arachnologist Martin Naiferer believes this finding can be added to the amazing insect diet file in a Monday news release from the University of Basel, Switzerland. Pray for a mantis that eats a hummingbirds brain..

Garter snakes are the prey of brown widow spiders.

Julia Safe

Black widow of the Tangle web spider, commonly found in the United States, was particularly good at catching and eating snakes that may be associated with the powerful poison and strong nets of spiders. Many snake-catching spiders have poisons that are dangerous to humans.

The captured snakes ended up being quite a feast for spiders, who sometimes spent days eating.

Despite the considerable size difference between them and their prey, the spiders were successful. They can fight snakes that are 10 to 30 times their size, the university said. The average length of fateful snakes was 10.2 inches (26 centimeters), most of them juveniles.

Even venomous snakes were not safe. Researchers have found rattle and coral snakes on the US and South American menus, and Australian redback spiders are known to eat brown snakes. These brown snakes are one of the most toxic snakes in the world, and its really fascinating to see them lose the fight against spiders, said Naiferer.

But in the animal world everything is fair. Many snakes eat spiders.

Spiders are eating snakes all over the world, and its kind of gruesome Source link Spiders are eating snakes all over the world, and its kind of gruesome

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Spiders are eating snakes all over the world, and it's kind of gruesome -

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