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The Maximum Amount Of Tuna You Can Safely Eat Each Week – Tasting Table

Apr 12th, 2022

The amount of tuna one can safely eat on a weekly basis depends on a few factors, including the individual's weight and the type of tuna consumed. Canned albacore tuna (also called white tuna) contains 3 times the amount of mercury found in canned light tuna, per the US Food and Drug Administration. Because light tuna (which comes primarily from skipjack) is known for its lower mercury levels, it is safe to eat in higher quantities. According to the administration, adults can typically consume 2-3 4-ounce servings of light tuna each week. However, if you choose albacore tuna, you should limit your consumption to only 1 4-ounce serving per week and refrain from eating any other fish.

MedicalNewsToday offers even more precise recommendations for tuna consumption based on body weight. For those weighing over 140 pounds, for example, it's safe to consume 1 serving of canned light tuna every 3 days but only 1 serving of canned albacore tuna every 10 days. In general, the less one weighs, the more infrequent their tuna consumption should be. Both children and individuals who are pregnant should exercise additional caution regarding their tuna consumption, as both groups can be especially sensitive to the effects of mercury.

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The Maximum Amount Of Tuna You Can Safely Eat Each Week - Tasting Table

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