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What To Know Before You Think About Trying The Mayr Method Diet – Glam

Sep 28th, 2022

The purpose of the Mayr Method is to help patients lose weight and improve overall health by adhering to certain diet and lifestyle guidelines. The diet aims to promote mindful or intuitive eating habits by, for instance, chewing slowly and avoiding distractions while eating meals (viaHealthline). According to Nutritious Life, it is advised to chew between 40 to 60 times for every bite you take and avoid all electronics while enjoying your meal. This way, you can focus on mindful eating.

The diet sounds easy enough, but as with every other diet plan, there are always restrictions. To follow the Mayr diet, you must eliminate gluten, caffeine, dairy, and sugar, while emphasizing alkaline (less acidic) foods to promote digestion (via Nutritious Life). There are also other limitations, including less snacking, not eating past a certain time, and consuming more raw vegetables.

It is important to note that many health professionals believe that diets with extensive restrictions, fasting, and alternative therapies can be a red flag, and they can even be dangerous depending on the health of the individual partaking in the diet (via Everyday Health). Therefore, it is always a good idea to consult with your doctor before starting a new diet to ensure you are dieting safely. Now, before you get started with the Mayr diet plan, you should make sure that adopting the Mayr Method lifestyle is the right fit for your wellness goals.

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What To Know Before You Think About Trying The Mayr Method Diet - Glam

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