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Zocdoc Announces, "A Year in Nutrition" – PR Newswire

Mar 31st, 2022

To explore how Americans are engaging with food and nutrition care, and how that has evolved, with a focus on the past year, Zocdoc analyzed its aggregated dietitian and nutrition appointment booking data from January-February 2020, January-February 2021, and January-February 2022.

The data shows how people are engaging with food and nutrition professionals during a time when the impact of dietary choices on physical wellness is in the spotlight: since the pandemic's onset, more than 48% of people have gained weight beyond their normal fluctuations, 36% of people have reported eating less healthily, and 44% said they are snacking more. At the same time, a growing number of Americans have shown increased interest in using food to heal their bodies, and to support their immune system.

People are seeking help to develop healthy eating habitsFor most Americans, stress has increased significantly during the pandemic, and that stress has often manifested in their eating practices. According to one study, "[During the pandemic,] a substantial proportion of individuals reported an increase in unhealthy eating practices. In addition, almost a third reported that their diet became worse than before the pandemic." A rising number of people are seeking care. From January-February 2021 to January-February 2022:

Americans are engaging the experts to manage their weight safelyWith much of the public returning to the office, and others adjusting to a new normal, many Americans are trying to shed the weight they gained during the pandemic particularly following its onset, when stay-at-home orders and other restrictions changed our day-to-day lives and to manage disordered eating issues. An increasing number of people have sought help to navigate this process safely, both mentally and physically. From January-February 2020, before COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization, to January-February 2022:

There is growing awareness of the connection between diet and physical wellnessFrom healthcare providers sharing nutrition tips to help COVID-19 recovery, to health agencies recommending nutritional choices that support the immune system, to research on the impact of diet on long-haul COVID and beyond, people are making the connection between nutrition and physical wellness. From January-February 2021 to January-February 2022:

For more information, contact [emailprotected]. If you are a healthcare provider who wants to reach new patients and offer seamless access to care in-person or virtually you can learn more at

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Zocdoc Announces, "A Year in Nutrition" - PR Newswire

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