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4 Summer Nutrition Mistakes You Need to Watch out for – Egypt Today

Aug 2nd, 2022

Some might have t started their summer body plan early on, and some are still on the way, but it is ok it is never too late. When it comes to reaching summer body goals, we tend to go after easy shortcuts to reach our target quicker but what is more important than losing weight, is avoiding common summer nutrition mistakes we all might be doing without noticing. Here are some diet pitfalls you need to be cautious around.

Crash Diets

While a slimmer body is the main goal, it is quite common that a lot of people resort to crash diets. But this kind of dieting can lead to malnutrition, headaches, and constant fatigue. The best thing is to consult a nutritionist to provide you with the right plan for your body.

Indulging in ice cream and summery desserts

Our cravings for ice cream and some desserts in summer are always on the surge, because who can say no to a nice scoop of ice cream or a French toast with drizzling sauce and ice cream on a hot summer day? It is ok to yield to these cravings every once in a while but be careful not to make it a habit.

Loading up on smoothies, sugary drinks, and sodas instead of water

Sodas, smoothies, and sugary drinks are always our go-to when we want some refreshment with nice flavors but these drinks are very high in calories. Instead, replace these drinks with water with some slices of lemon and mint, it will give you the same refreshing effect.

Heavy meals at night

Summer means longer nights, parties, and gatherings and along with that comes cravings to munch on something. If you feel getting hungry late at night, go for lighter food choices like salads, fruits, or nuts. Generally, make sure to include foods rich in fibers in your meals as they help make you feel fuller.

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4 Summer Nutrition Mistakes You Need to Watch out for - Egypt Today

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