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Can I lose weight without dieting and exercise? – The Financial Express

Oct 6th, 2022

By Asma Aziz,

Absolutely! As opposed to the common belief that the food we eat & the physical exercise we do is mainly what helps manage the body weight the weight that we carry on our body is an outcome of primarily 2 things 1. The thoughts we entertain & 2. The beliefs we carry.

Let me explain.The human body is super intelligent and knows how to distinguish between good & bad food try eating stale food or drinking disinfectants the body would not consume it, and if consumed, it would immediately throw it out.Our body beautifully knows the difference between edible & non-edible foods. And no matter what food you eat, the body converts it into flesh, blood & bones. Why is it then that it is not able to process high cholesterol or junk foods?

Our body has anautonomous nervous system that manages all systems like the respiratory system, digestive system, self-repair system etc. When not in equilibrium, the bodys natural digestive functions get impaired.Our minds & our thoughts have a huge impact on the body.

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When was the last time you ate without a distraction? Mobile, television, Netflix, social media, and news is not the only distraction I am talking about. We have a lot of other unconscious distractions that we carry, which hinder our bodys capability to stay in equilibrium. These distractions are the thoughts active in our vibration anger, fear, guilt, helplessness, upset, hurt, resentment, unhappiness or lack at office, or home, in our relationships, with our health or with our bank balance. Even when we eat, most of the times, we create guilt about what we eat we feel like we are cheating with food we love or we try & starve our self of the food we would want to eat. Since losing weight is a social & emotional need in todays date, the need to look younger or hundreds of other reasons every time we cheat, we are unconsciously triggering emotions of guilt, helplessness, regret and even disgust at ourselves for not being able to control our urges.

Emotions are energy moving through the body and negative emotions/energy currents impact the movement of the food in the gut thereby impacting the processing of the food in the body.

These negative thoughts become the external threats that trigger our bodys fight or flight response & interfere with our digestive system. They cripple the bodys ability to focus on the natural process of digestion, healing & cleansing. The longer we carry these negative thoughts, consciously or unconsciously, the more we feel lethargic, low, exhausted, start to age faster, have a lack of self-confidence, self-doubt.

Secondly, our body is not really only about what we eat or how much fat or cholesterol we burn. Body is more a function of the mind The beliefs that we carry in our mind are constantly defining our reality, our body, our situations, our circumstances & our life.

You are as fat or as thin as your beliefs. A person born in a family of obese relates it normal to be obese, whereas a person born in an athletic family, in his/ her mind is athletic and hence the body. So no matter what they eat, irrespective of exercise or not, they maintain their mental weight.

People with obesity in the family have beliefs that support the accumulation of weight in the body. These are the people you hear saying I put on weight even if I drink water. And similarly, you may have noticed how some people can eat just about anything from chocolates, to high carb & high cholesterol food, but would not even gain half a pound of weight.

Can I lose this weight withoutdieting and exercising?

Yes, you dont need to give up the food you love to eat. Reach out to a mind healer or a hypnotherapist and work on releasing these negative thoughts that are the source of the dysfunction in your body. As you start releasing these negative thoughts, your own digestive system will take over. The therapist would be able to help you identify the limiting beliefs that your body / mind is carrying about yourself that is forcing the weight gain.

(The author is Clinical Hypnotherapist | Law of Attraction Coach | Body, Mind & Energy Healer,Transpersonal & Past Life Regression. The article is for informational purposes only. Please consult medical experts and health professionals before starting any therapy, medication and/or remedy. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the

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Can I lose weight without dieting and exercise? - The Financial Express

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