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May 19th, 2019

Obesity Reduction

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EASY WAY TO LOSE WEIGHTReduce your butter intake by 2 tsp a day, and your mayo intake by 1 tsp. This saves you 37,595 calories per year. That's almost 11 pounds of body fat. Who said dieting was difficult?

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HEALTHY EATINGWhether you prefer a low-carb, a low-fat or a low-GI weight loss plan, don't try to lose weight too fast by eating too few calories. This encourages hunger, slows down your metabolism and often leads to repetitive weight cycling. Which is bad for your health, your energy levels and your chances of losing weight.

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Eating DisordersAnorexiaBulimiaBinge Eating offers free informationon diets, weight loss diet programs,like Weight Watchers, Atkins, Zone,South Beach, pills, fad diets,and general advice on weightcontrol and good diet nutrition.We hope you enjoy your visit.

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HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS TIPIf regular calorie-controlled diets and exercise programs fill you with despair, create your own weight loss system! Suggestions: (1) Use fat-free milk instead of whole milk. One cup per day saves 21,900 calories per year - that's 6 pounds of body fat. (2) Take a 15 min brisk walk each day. This burns about 36,500 calories per year. That's 10 pounds of body weight. In 2 years, these weight reduction tips can help you lose 32 pounds of fat. Who said dieting and losing weight was difficult?

WEIGHING SCALESWhether or not you are following a specific weight loss diet, maintaining a healthy weight is an important indicator of personal health, so it pays to have accurate bathroom weighing scales to record your weight reduction or gain. See Guide to Weighing Scales

For more information about glycemic index, special dietary programs, nutrition, calories, diet pills and general advice on all aspects of weight reduction and weight management, subscribe to our diet newsletter.

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Diet Information : Free Diets: Weight Loss Advice ...

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