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How does your brain react when you are dieting – Times of India

Oct 19th, 2019

What if we ask you, what's the most complicated thing on the surface of the earth, many of you would say, its the human race, which is true but what is even more complicated or in simple words what makes one so complicated is the Brain. Yes, the human brain is no less than master governing a life of an individual like a puppet and is certainly the most complex thing, which changes every second and every minute. Right from complex thoughts to ever changing perceptions, beliefs, needs and wants. Undeniably, understanding every action and reaction of the brain has also been a matter of concern for experts since ages!Much like our changing mindset, theres another thing that most of us procrastinate, despite knowing, how essential it is for our survival, which is staying fit and healthy as it happens to be the last thing on our bucket list. Well, we are in no mood to spoil your spirit to go for a healthy lifestyle rather we thought of sharing, how our mind reacts when we plan to switch to a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet!

Ironically, our brain starts struggling with the idea of dieting right from the day, we chalk out a healthy diet plan and refrain from the foods we love to indulge in! Especially, junk foods and sweet delights, something which our we all hate to leave while pushing ourselves on the fitness track. Well, as they say no pain, no gain!

How does your brain react when you are dieting - Times of India

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