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Meet the man helping South Africans beat their sugar addiction – 702

Nov 24th, 2019

Christmas is coming and 2020's not far behind, bringing with it a crop of fresh New Year's resolutions.

One that Samuel Hlonyana would highly recommend is taking up his #90DaysWithoutSugar challenge.

The author of "Life After Dieting"is passionate about helping South Africans lose weight and live healthily.

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Hlonyana lost 13 kgs in three months himself after removing processed sugar from his diet and decided to motivate others to "lose weight the natural way".

People like asking for the secret. There's no secret - you have to go through the process.

People are using methods that are not natural and that is why they end up losing the weight but at the end of the dieting, they gain it all back.

He advises a change of mindset: rather than the usual dieting approach of concentrating on the foods you are eliminating, focus on what you _can _eat.

What you can eat is veggies, fruit, meat and good fats.

I always tell people that the rule of thumb is that if it does not have a mother or is not from the ground, technically we should not be eating it because it doesn't have any nutritional value for our bodies. Also check the labels of what you are buying.

Visit the 90 Day Movement website to find out more.

For more on Hlonyana's step-by-step guide to becoming and staying healthy, take a listen:

Excerpt from:
Meet the man helping South Africans beat their sugar addiction - 702

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