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Nutritionist Elsa Jones on Successful Dieting in 2024 – BNN Breaking

Jan 2nd, 2024

Elsa Jones: Fostering a Positive Relationship with Food for Successful Diets

As we usher in the New Year, the inevitable resolutions revolving around weight loss and dieting begin to take center stage. However, successful dieting is not about draconian measures and self-deprivation. As emphasized by Elsa Jones, a leading nutritionist and author, the key lies in fostering a positive relationship with food and reflecting on the motivations for losing weight.

According to a recent study by Forbes Health, the statistics are stark merely 8% of individuals maintain their New Years resolutions beyond January. The problem lies in the fact that most diets are short-term, restrictive, and often lead to feelings of deprivation. Jones advises against this approach, arguing instead for a holistic perspective. She believes that the shame often associated with food choices can be detrimental and advocates for a clear vision of the kind of relationship one wants with food. This includes focusing on overall well-being and happiness rather than just the dietary aspect.

Jones introduces a simple yet powerful concept the power of the pause. It encourages individuals to take a brief moment before eating to consider how they want to feel afterwards. This pause can influence healthier food choices. For instance, choosing a protein-rich omelette over a ham and cheese toastie can lead to feeling fuller longer, thereby reducing cravings for sweets later in the day.

Various diets have flooded the market, from the Mediterranean and keto diets to intermittent fasting and the paleo diet. While these diets may show temporary results, most weight loss diets have proven to be generally ineffective in the long term, with participants regaining most of the weight lost within a year. However, diets focused on overall health and fostering a healthy relationship with food are gaining traction. The key is to make small, sustainable changes and to prioritize overall well-being over drastic alterations.

Another critical but often overlooked factor in successful dieting is the importance of sleep. Adequate sleep regulates hunger hormones, stress hormones, and aids in body recovery. Those who sleep less tend to consume more calories and have more cravings for high-calorie treats. Therefore, prioritizing sleep alongside eating well and getting regular exercise is critical for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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Nutritionist Elsa Jones on Successful Dieting in 2024 - BNN Breaking

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