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Supermodel Beverly Johnson’s Battle with Cocaine and Dieting – BNN Breaking

Jan 20th, 2024

Beverly Johnsons Struggle with Cocaine Addiction and Extreme Dieting in the 1970s

In a startling revelation, renowned supermodel Beverly Johnson laid bare her struggle with cocaine addiction and extreme dieting in the 1970s. Johnsons revelations, which included the use of cocaine to suppress appetite and a diet of merely two eggs and a bowl of ramen each week, spotlight the harsh realities of the fashion industry at the time.

Johnson, who was the first black model to grace the cover of Vogues American edition in 1971, narrated how the fashion industrys pressure to maintain a chiseled to the bone look led her down a dangerous path. Cocaine, a drug known today for its addictive properties, was popular among models. Johnson admitted that she was led to believe that the substance wasnt addictive, causing her to fall into its grip.

Her diet, dictated by the desire to appear thin, consisted of a mere two eggs and a bowl of ramen each week. This extreme dieting practice led to severe hunger and serious health issues, with Johnson often shaking with hunger. Despite her deteriorating health, she was showered with praise for her emaciated appearance, a troubling testament to the industrys skewed beauty standards.

The turning point for Johnson came when her mother forced her to confront her condition. She made Johnson step out of the bathtub and gaze at her reflection in a three-way mirror, revealing the shocking reality of her emaciated body. This confrontation marked the beginning of Johnsons journey to sobriety, a path she has successfully adhered to for over 50 years.

In a separate revelation, Johnson shared that she secretly married her fianc Brian Maillian in Las Vegas, two days before her 71st birthday. The spontaneous decision to tie the knot was a celebration of their 12-year relationship. The simplicity of the ceremony, a stark contrast to the world of glitz and glamour she was a part of, marks a new chapter in Johnsons life.

Johnsons candid revelations not only shed light on her own struggles but also expose the dark underbelly of the fashion industry during the 1970s, reminding us of the cost that often accompanies the pursuit of beauty.

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Supermodel Beverly Johnson's Battle with Cocaine and Dieting - BNN Breaking

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