Mar 1st, 2019

Lose Fat, Not Muscle

We offer a physician-directed weight loss program at The Woodlands Weight Loss Clinic A New You that utilizes a bio identical hormone called HCG (human chorionic gonadatropin) combined with a calorie restricted, nutrient dense diet. ONLY in the presence of HCG, is the body able to transform abnormal stored fat into 1,500 3,000 calories a day to ensure proper nourishment. Attempting weight loss through a calorie restricted diet alone would cause the loss of lean muscle tissue, followed by protective visceral fat.

The use of HCG in the treatment of obesity was first developed by the late British Physician, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons while practicing in Rome, Italy in 1954. He devoted his career to helping patients suffering from obesity. HCG is a hormone produced in the placenta of a pregnant woman. It converts stored body fat into nutrition for the unborn baby. Dr. Simeons claimed that HCG, combined with a restricted low calorie, nutrient dense diet could reduce abnormal fat reserves.

Contributing factors to weight loss while taking HCG include; spares lean muscle mass, elevated hormone levels resulting in an increased metabolism and stimulates the hypothalamus in the brain to release abnormal fat reserves.

We feel its imperative to educate our patients on how to lose weight safely while on a restricted calorie weight loss plan such as The HCG Diet. Modern medicine and nutritional information has vastly improved since the 1950s. We use HCG combined with a low calorie diet as a jump start to weight loss. Our goal is for you to learn how to manage your weight through eating real whole foods, daily physical activity and behavior modification. We are here to educate and coach you through the entire weight management process.

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