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How much weight can you lose on the HCG diet? – VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE –

Sep 20th, 2019

HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) is one of the fastest andeasiest ways to lose weight up to 3lbs per day for the first week. Nowadays,this protocol of weight loss has become popular among those who search for thequickest weight loss products out there in the market. HCG is a kind of hormonethat can be found in the placenta of pregnant women. In her pregnant period,the production of this hormone increases at its highest level. It sends themessage of a woman not to menstruate.

In comparison to other weight loss products in the market, HCG works faster. Thats why; its demand is on the rise at present. It is available as a form of sprays, drops, and injections. By eliminating cravings and controlling hunger for foods, HCG drops help you to lose weight according to your need.

It is also called an ultra-low-calorie diet which allows itsuser to consume only 500 calories per day as long as he or she is on this dietplan. As HCG helps to boost metabolism in your body, it works as a weight-losssupplement all without making you hungry.

If somebody takes the HGC diet plan and can keep stickduring this plan, he or she can lose 5 to 40 pounds or more. In the first week,you may end up losing nearly 3 to 4 pounds if it is your first time. And youhave to continue this diet plan (3 or 6 weeks) until it finishes following thediet plan. If you think that you have already burnt enough fat and fail tofollow the extreme diet plan, you will end up gaining more weight.

HCG, a very low-calorie diet comes up with three main stages you need to follow strictly. These include loading phase, weight loss phase, and maintenance phase. All three stages are equally important to observe. If you fail to maintain any of them, you will end up gaining some extra weight.

This is the phase where you are permitted to takehigh-calorie and high-fat foods just for two days after starting the HCG dietplan to lose weight.

This is the most crucial phase you have to followappropriately without making any mistake. Along with taking HCG, it will allowyou to choose only 500 calories each day for 3 to 6 weeks. You can have twomeals per day- lunch and dinner. You may think that this extreme diet plan willleave you to make hungry. HCG diet plan will not allow you to crave or make youhungry for foods.

In this phase, you can increase food intake and stopconsuming HCG. It does not mean that you can eat as much as you wish. For thenext three weeks, you have to avoid sugar and starch to maintain the phase.Otherwise, you will gain weight fast indeed.

Phase 3 should be the most crucial part of the HCG diet plan. Some people regain their weight during phase 3 because they start consuming sugar and starch randomly. To maintain the weight you have achieved during the diet plan, you have to eat foods that are recommended for phase 3. You should also be aware of including new food items into your diet. Instead, you can gain 2 pounds of weight more if you do not follow the instruction during this phase.

If you aim to lose weight within the shortest possible time,there is no alternative to HCG. Yes, it is a solid diet plan because itsinstructions are rigorous but concise. If you can follow all itsrecommendations while taking this extreme diet plan, you are sure to burn yourextra fat up to 40 pounds or even more.

Its beginning is faster than the later phases. At thebeginning of any diet plan for weight loss, all you lose is water from yourbody. You can eat fats as well as healthy foods you like once you have finishedthe diet plan. But you have to make sure that you are not overeating.

Losing extra weight is beneficial for your body. It iseasier to perform actions of your day to day life if you are not too bulky.Everyone under the sun wants to have a good appearance. But doing things toofast also leave you with some side effects.

So, it would be wise to consult with your physician beforetaking any diet plan. Your doctor knows it very well whether your body is up tothe mark to continue with the extreme-low diet plan, HCG. If it does not suityou, you will have some health conditions including headaches, depression, orfatigue.

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How much weight can you lose on the HCG diet? - VIVA GLAM MAGAZINE -

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