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Do juice cleanses work? A juice bar owner and a dietician weigh in – CBS Baltimore

Apr 18th, 2023

BALTIMORE -- We are all looking for ways to stay healthy. Juice cleanses claim to flush toxins and help with weight loss, but is it true? WJZ finds out what you need to know before trying a juice fast or detox.

At Hampden juice bar "Mova Nature," Kelli Redmond-Bagby blends her own cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and herbal teas.

"It's a great way to just slip in those greens, those apples, those oranges," she says. "You might not have that time to peel that orange because you're on the go. So it's just a great way to add it into your daily regimen."

She believes in the benefits of juice cleanses - when you consume only fruit and vegetable juices for three to ten days.

"I just get mental clarity, I feel energized, I feel lighter," she says.

From juice bars to home juicing machines, juicing is a multi-billion dollar industry. TikTok videos about "Juice Cleanse Recipes" have racked up millions of views.

"I go to the gym so I end up with a lot of fitness and health content on my social media," one woman says. "And I see all kinds of stuff about cleanses and detoxes."

WJZ found some Baltimoreans who said a juice fast worked for them.

"It was a 10-day juice cleanse, a green juice cleanse, that was online," one man told us. "Me and my ex did it at the same time. I lost about 12 pounds. And I felt lighter. I felt healthier. I felt great. It was a great experience."

Others said it did the juice fast did not work.

"I think I did it for a couple days. But I just didn't see any benefits to it," one woman said. "And then learning more about the importance of consuming a whole vegetable, a whole fruit, I just realized it didn't make any sense for me to do it or try it again."

WJZ spoke with Jenna Deak, a registered dietician with LifeBridge Health. She does not recommend you try a juice cleanse.

"It pretty much starves your body of the nutrients you need. You're not getting any fiber or protein," Deak says. "Your liver and kidneys can detox your body just fine without the added supplementation."

Deak says if you lose weight, you'll gain it back afterward. And if you think you feel better, it's probably a placebo.

'"There's no studies saying this is effective," she says. "There is no quick fix, and progress is long-term, so you just have to stay committed to eating healthy."

That means eating a balanced diet, staying hydrated, and exercising. Kelli agrees you need to think about your overall health and wellness.

"I never tell people this juice cleanse is gonna make you lose 30 pounds," Redmond-Bagby says. "Make sure you're balancing yourself with eating outside of that, and also your lifestyle outside of that as well."

Linh Bui co-anchors the morning and noon newscasts for WJZ.

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Do juice cleanses work? A juice bar owner and a dietician weigh in - CBS Baltimore

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