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Don’t Roll Your Eyes at my Food Photos!

Feb 6th, 2012

If you have been following my Food Journal on Facebook and Weight Loss Blog then you would have seen me shrink from the size of a small planet to my current svelte 135 lbs. I have been eating verrry carefully since August last year, uploading photos of everything I shovel into my mouth. But I wonder how many people have rolled their eyes at yet ANOTHER food photo on Facebook from yours truly…

An example of what you might see on my Facebook Food Journal!

What is it about dieting that makes people roll their eyes? I don’t quite get it. I thought that losing weight and eating carefully were Things That We Needed To Do When We Reached 40. But when we 40-somethings actually DO lose weight, every one gets critical or starts worrying about our health.

Like my Doctor for instance.  She told me a year and half ago, “Joyce, it would do you good to lose weight.”  I sighed long and hard at that piece of advice thinking that it would never happen in my lifetime. But somehow it did, and now that I have finally lost all the extra Samsonite on my hips, my Doctor suddenly contracts amnesia and tells me, “Joyce, be careful with all that dieting! You look so thin!”  Well, um… I was just following orders, Doc… and I can’t help it if God gave me the bone structure of a small bird!

I was 170 lbs on the left, 137 lbs on the right. If I can do it, you can too!

Then when I was ushering at church the other weekend, a friend approached me and said, “Wow, you look so slim! What did you do?” So I gave her a short monologue on how I was practicing Disciplined Eating and Accountability by uploading my food photos on Facebook. Then I crowned my dramatic moment with a victorious smile saying, “And I lost 35 lbs!”

But instead of the applause I was hoping for, my friend’s eyes got really wide and she said, “Isn’t it unhealthy to lose all that weight in such a short time?” Well, excuse my ignorance ma’am, I thought I could get extra points for saying the words DISCIPLINE and ACCOUNTABILITY in Church!  I suddenly found myself on the defense trying to explain that I wasn’t starving myself and that careful eating can get fast and healthy results and blah-di-dah-di-dah…  but then I sounded so lame, I just gave up in mid-sentence and said, “Oh, service is starting soon, you better grab a seat before the church gets full!”

Then there is straightforward persecution in the form of teasing which hurts extra special. Like for example, I have had friends say stuff like, “Maybe if I upload the photo of the Lechon I ate last night, I will also lose weight!” I’ve gotten so many different variations of this joke (usually from friends with convex waists) that I have had to fake laughter and pretend it’s funny.  Apparently, losing weight has obliquely improved my acting skills.

But you know,  at the end of the day, when I’m enjoying a Sugar-Free, Low-Fat Yogurt Parfait in bed, I can forgive the rolling eyes, the comments and teasing from friends. It’s just how they show concern. And jealousy. (jejejejeje!)  I also really need to stop being such a prickly cactus when I don’t get the reaction I want from people. Because at this point in my life, my greater priority is – consolidating my successes as a disciplined eater – or, in plain English, making sure I stay slim by hook or by crook!

Okay, okay, not by crook; I have no plans of  cheating my way into permanent thinness. Bulimia in my youth and slimming pills in my age didn’t work. I am averse to the cost of liposuction even at 50% off. And I refuse to pay someone to freeze me to the brink of death so I can shiver away the calories.  I also don’t think I’ll ever try living off cotton balls, which is reportedly how models these days stay skinny. If I did that, I’d most likely dip them in gravy first.  This time around, I’m sticking to the legit way of staying slim – a lifestyle of disciplined eating and regular exercise.

A couple things I need to mention though is that:

1) I DO get lots of encouragement from people who have commented on my Food Photos on Facebook. For that I am eternally grateful !!! Thanks so much if you have posted something positive on my Facebook. I literally cling to your generous and kind words! Now if I can kindly direct you to the comments section below…     

2) I  have the total support of the hubby and the daughter. These two people, who were once my Partners in Bulge, have been my awesome cheerleaders on this weight loss journey. And I know that if my son Wolf were living in Manila with us (he’s temporarily residing in Honolulu) he’d be an active part of my support team.

While a few continue to roll up their eyes at every food photo on my Facebook, Ron and Diandra have rolled up their sleeves and joined me in my battle against the bulge.

Here’s to healthy, disciplined living for the entire family!

Me and My Clan of Healthy Eaters!

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Don’t Roll Your Eyes at my Food Photos!

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