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Everything You Need To Know About LISS Training – The List

Aug 27th, 2022

Starting a workout regimen from scratch or incorporating a new training style into your existing fitness routine can prove challenging, especially if you can't afford a trainer, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

If you have an existing fitness routine, Equinox UK Group Fitness Manager Michelle Morrey suggests incorporating LISS to achieve longevity in your training and to avoid incorporating too many high-intensity workouts into your routine. "Ideally, only 20% of your workouts should be high-intensity," Morrey told Women's Health. "'Whether you're an Olympic athlete or a mum, it's the same. Say you work out five times a week only two sessions should be HIIT. If HIIT is not carefully controlled, it can lead to injury," she warned.

This is where LISS comes in not only is it great exercise, but it also balances out the intensity of HIIT. The owner of Performance University, Nick Tumminello, explainedto Livestrong that LISS is perfect for active recovery: Instead of taking a full rest day in between HIIT sessions, you can incorporate LISS to give your body time to recuperate while also staying active.

Healthline recommends that beginners do LISS three times a week. People who have already achieved intermediate or advanced fitness levels can opt for two LISS and two HIIT sessions a week, along with two to three strength training sessions.

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Everything You Need To Know About LISS Training - The List

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