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How to curb your app-etite

Mar 1st, 2012

Food court ... Johanna Lesver and her daughters Lara and Jemma / Pic: Katrina Tepper Source: The Daily Telegraph

FRIED, fresh, homemade or bought - tracking the nutritional value of your daily diet is almost impossible.

Despite clearer food labels, consumers are often shocked by the number of calories and kilojoules in foods mistakenly considered to be "healthy".

To make the monitoring of your daily intake easier, the state government will today release a website and mobile phone application to tell you how many kilojoules you should be eating based on your height and weight.

Called 8700, after the recommended adult kilojoule intake, the app calculates how much you should be eating to maintain or lose weight and details the kilojoules in popular restaurant items.

Johanna Leaver and her twin daughters, Jemma and Lara, 10, trialled the mobile app and said it could force people to change their behaviour.

"I wouldn't have a clue what the kilojoule rates are for foods at restaurants and I think knowing the amount makes you think twice," Ms Leaver said.

"I had no idea what my daily kilojoule intake should be for the day."

Ms Leaver now knows her recommended daily intake is 7900 kilojoules.

The app and website also takes into account your level of activity and tracks when you are approaching your recommended daily limit.

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How to curb your app-etite

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