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I lost FOUR pants sizes in six months by eating this CHIPOTLE order – Daily Mail

Mar 29th, 2023

A woman has revealed the Chipotle order that has helped her drop four pants sizes in six months while still eating her favorite foods.

Koli Marks, 25, from Southern California, has been documenting her weight loss transformation on TikTok, where she is 'helpingnormal people lose weight in a normal way.'

The content creator, who uses the handle @healthkols, went from a size 18 to a size 10 by eating in a mild calorie deficit and getting at least 30 minutes of movement every day.

'This is my Chipotle order that helped me go down four pants sizes. I'm so excited to tell you guys about his,' she shared in a recent video.

Marks explained that she orders a burrito bowl with a half scoop of brown rice, a half scoop of black beans, sofritas (shredded tofu braised in spices), fajita veggies and corn topped with a little bit of cheese and sour cream.

'My favorite hack is I get a big side of lettuce,' she said. 'I get it on the side because I don't want to get all soggy, and this adds so much volume to my meal.

'You know, this is kind of a wimpy-looking bowl. Like this is plenty of food for one serving, but it is a little bit less than I used to eat, so I like getting the lettuce because it adds volume.'

Marks alsogot a side of Chipotle's honey vinaigrette, which is 220 calories for a small container, but she noted that she only uses half of it.

'I realize that it's the same taste,' she said. 'Honestly, sometimes it was kind of overwhelming using all of it.'

After sharing her go-to order, she opened up about what she used to eat at Chipotle and how she modified it to ensure she remains in a calorie deficit.

'My old order was technically the same. I would get all the same things, except instead of half a scoop, I would get extra rice. I would get extra beans, and then I would also get a tortilla on the side.'

Marks insisted that she is 'all about eating whatever the hell you want,' but the 300-calorie tortilla made it difficult for her to stay in a calorie deficit and finish her burrito bowl.

She also used to get a side of chips and guacamole, which she has since cut out.

'That put my total calories for my old Chipotle meal at over 1,000, probably close to 1,200, maybe even more,' she explained.

Marks said there is 'nothing wrong' with eating that much, but 'it was way too much food' for her to consume.

'I felt like I was gonna throw up after I ate Chipotle, and I was doing this like four times a week,' she recalled. 'I was always, always, always eating Chipotle, and I was eating too much, and it made me feel sick.'

Marks said her current order is 'plenty of food,' and she feels 'perfectly full' after eating it with a side of lettuce and half a container of dressing.

'Will I eat the tortilla again one day? Will I eat the chips? Yeah, I'm allowed to eat whatever I want whenever I want. This is just how I'm eating now that's helped me lose weight,' she concluded.

In the caption, Marks stressed the importance of making small dietary changes daily to promote weight loss, writing,'You dont need a crash diet or an entire lifestyle change!'

Her video has been viewed more than 382,000 times, and in the comments, she explained that her current order is about 650 calories.

A number of people pointed out that she could get two meals for the price of one if she got full scoops of everything and saved half, which she said she usually does.

Marks went viral in January after she posted a before-and-after video of herself while sharing her recommendations for losing weight 'while still eating junk food.'

She wrote her tips in the caption, starting with eating in a 'mile calorie deficit.'

'Use a calorie calculator to calculate your maintenance calories for the day, and then eat 200 less than your maintenance,' she suggested.

Her second piece of advice was to get '30 minutes of movement every day.'

'Workouts do not have to be intense to be effective,' she insisted. 'Moving your body for 30 [minutes] a day will help boost your metabolism and burn calories.'

Marks' third recommendation was adding 10 minutes of lifting weights into your daily workout routine because it 'helps burn more calories for longer.'

She also added that you can eat whatever you want as long as you are staying within your calorie deficit.

'I eat all the same foods I always did,' she explained, 'but I make sure I don't overeat.'

Original post:
I lost FOUR pants sizes in six months by eating this CHIPOTLE order - Daily Mail

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