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I tried the top 5 exercises to lose weight fast during menopause – this is what happened – Express

Feb 24th, 2023

Trainer shares 5 exercises to 'burn fat' fast during menopause

Celebrity trainer and menopause expert Michael Fireman exclusively shared with his top exercises for women to lose weight fast during menopause - and I tried them out. The trainer told me that "to achieve the most out of your workouts I recommend a constant combination of the perfect threesome" which is high/low impact resistance training, cardiovascular training and flexibility and posture.

Combining these three exercise approaches consistently "will leave you feeling confident, strong, lean and full of energy," he explained

"Exercise smarter, no longer!" he said, and added that mixing up your training and applying yourself to the exercises that step you out of your comfort zone "will help create the body that you desire".

These exercises will increase your flexibility and you will regain balance in your body, reduce stress on your muscles and ligaments and prevent muscular imbalances reducing the risk of injury, Michael explained.

"Good posture is associated with better body image, you will become more confident and look thinner giving you a boost in self-esteem," he promised.

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High/low impact resistance training

He explained that resistance training that puts demand on your muscles will "not only show off your curves, tighten your skin and help your posture but will also help you constantly burn fat during and after each workout".

Muscle is important for optimal calorie burning, increased energy and dense bones. "Use free weights, resistance bands or body weight as part of your strength training routine," he recommended.

Cardiovascular training

Michael said that running, walking, spinning, dancing, rowing, and swimming all count toward keeping your heart muscle strong. However, "if you're barely breaking a sweat, you need to up the intensity to benefit from your cardio workouts".

You should be aiming to exercise at 80 percent of your maximum heart rate three to four times a week, he advised, and recommended including this into your resistance training workouts by following a HIIT/circuit training routine.


Flexibility and posture

Last but not least, "stretch yourself young," he said, to move with freedom and ease as "tension and stiffness speeds up the ageing process".

"Stretch daily and you will help restore elasticity and youthfulness to your body, move more freely and hold better posture meaning you start to look and feel younger," Michael added.

The two types of basic stretches are static and dynamicstretching. Static stretching means a stretch is held in a challenging but comfortable position for a period of time, usually between 10 to 30 seconds.

Dynamic stretching means a stretch is performed by moving through a challenging but comfortable range of motion repeatedly, usually 10 to 12 times. Dynamic stretching requires more thoughtful coordination because of the movements involved.

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We tried a combination of cardiovascular and high/low impact resistancetraining, and the personal trainer recommended adding these exercises "into your routine three or four times a week".

Michael added that it is essential women built stronger bones every day with weight-bearing exercises that are both high and low in impact, and they can be performed in the comfort of their own homes.

"Weight-bearing exercise can be as simple as climbing the stairs, going for a brisk walk, dancing and even gardening. These are classed as low impact-which will still help in increasing bone density, but you will get more out of the high-impact exercises such as jogging, step-ups, lunging and tennis etc," he explained.

He also urged women to "take the stairs", especially during menopause. Michael explained: "When you climb the stairs, you have to concentrate on your balance, engage your core and lift your entire body against gravity.

"Imagine the benefits of incorporating exercises we may normally do on the ground onto the staircase. You will help strengthen and shape the most common problem areas like calves, thighs, buttocks and stomach not to mention send your heart rate up equaling more calorie burn."

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I tried the top 5 exercises to lose weight fast during menopause - this is what happened - Express

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