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I’m eating nothing but McDonald’s to lose weight… with VERY surprising results – Daily Mail

Apr 7th, 2023

A man who has vowed to eat nothing but McDonald's for 100 days has revealed that he has lost a total of 34 pounds and has lowered his cholesterol as he nears the halfway point of his experiment.

Kevin Maginnis, 57, from Nashville, Tennessee, has been chronicling his weight-loss journey on TikTok after announcing in late February that he would be ordering breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the fast-food chain for the next three months.

Per the rules he set for himself, he is only allowed to eat half of what he orders, but he has free reign to get whatever he wants, including dessert. He also adheres to eating just three meals a day without snacks and drinking water instead of soda.

The business coach, who uses the handle @bigmaccoaching, has gone from 238 pounds to 204 pounds in a little over six weeks with 56 days to go. His success has even inspired his wife, Melody, to try his McDonald's diet for herself.

'I'm never depriving myself. Im eating McFlurries, Im eating cinnamon rolls, Im hitting Big Macs, Im eating French fries,' he told Today. 'Im just delaying myself because Im going eat the whole thing. Im just not going to eat it all in one sitting.'

Maginnis has yet to stray from his eating plan, even when he celebrated his birthday on Tuesday. His goal is to lose 50 pounds by the time the 100 days are up, but he refuses to call the challenge a 'diet.'

He explainedthat he is focused on portion control and only eating when he is truly hungry, not deprivation, which has kept him from feeling bored with his meals or tempted to eat something else.

'Hunger, it turns out, is one of the best seasonings you can add to anything,' he said.

Critics, including medical professionals, have voiced concern that eating nothing but McDonald's would be damaging to his health, but he said he has significantly lowered his cholesterol thanks to his weight loss.

'There's a lot of people that were worried that my cholesterol would go up. Eating cholesterol isn't the problem,' he insisted in a recent video.

Maginnis explained that by getting rid of his obesity and eating smaller amounts, his 'cholesterol is going down.'

However, he isaware that what he is eating isn't particularly healthy, but his goal is to lose weight before changing his diet for the better.

'Eating different macronutrients that are going to help my brain function if Im dead, my brain function is not going to improve, so let's get rid of this [obesity] killer first,' he told Today.

To his surprise, his wife, Melody, has decided to follow in his footsteps. He noted that he is a 'smart man' and never suggested that she join him.

She did it on her own accord and has already lost 3.5 pounds in five days byeating half-portions of McDonald's meals. He has since started tracking her progress as part of his TikTok series.

'I think shes beautiful now so its just the health reasons [that are motivating us],' he said. 'We want to get into a better overall healthy weight.'

Maginnis went viral six weeks ago when he announced on TikTok that he would be eating only McDonald's for 100 days in a bid to lose weight.

'I woke up this morning and I weighed 238 pounds. It's February 21st, 2023, and I decided that that is absolutely unacceptable,' he shared at the start of his video.

'It's not as much what you're eating, it's the quantity that we're eating that really jacks us up,' he said, adding, 'I know many of you are gonna think I'm crazy, but let's find out.'

The clip has been viewed more than 2.3 times and has received over 3,600 comments that were a mix of supportive and appalled.

On the first day of his diet, he opted for a sausage, egg, and cheese McMuffin and a hash brown for breakfast. He only consumed half of the meal and saved the rest for lunch.

Dinner that night was half a QuarterPounder 'done like a Big Mac' and half a medium fry. He had bottles of water with all three of his meals.

His portions are relatively small, and he admitted on the second day that he was feeling the effects of cutting his calorie intake.

'One thing I'm noticing is I'm feeling a little more heat in my stomach,' he said of his growing hunger. 'I'm coining a new catchphrase: "Seek the heat before I eat."'

By the third day,Maginnis shared that he had lost three pounds.

He also got blood work done, so he could see how his fast-food diet was affecting his health in addition to the number on the scale.

'Can we go from French fries to fit guy?' he asked in one playful clip.

Maginnis has been posting daily videos documenting his experience, and at the end of the first week, he was down 10 pounds.

After getting his blood work back, he noted that the numbers were not great, but he believed that by losing weight, he would improve his stats even if he is chowing down on McDonald's day and night.

Ten days into the challenge, Maginnis revealed that he had lost a total of 12.5 pounds and was down to 225.5 pounds.

That same day, he appeared on theToday show to discuss his viral diet.

'It's absolutely working,' he told hosts Carson Daly and Sheinelle Jones.

Maginnis explained that was a wrestler and used to box in the military, so he has had prior success with cutting calories to 'make weight.'

'You have to get to that part of your stomach where you have some heat in your stomach,' he said. 'They call it hunger; I call it my incinerator turning on to burn off all the excess fat.'

Daly was curious to know why he had chosen to eat McDonald's for 100 days straight, especially after he confirmed that the fast-food chain was not sponsoring him.

'Im big [and] my name is Maginnis, so the nickname Big Mac has been thrown out at times. I figured, "Why not embrace it?" And I like McDonald's,' he said.

Jones had assumed he'd be eating nothing but salads, so she was admittedly surprised to see that he was dining on burgers and desserts.

Like many people, she wanted to know if he was consulting with doctors to see what this diet was doing to his insides.

'I have cardiologists that love it and cardiologists that hate it,' he shared. 'Just like the comments on TikTok.'

When asked about his pre-diet blood work, he noted that it was 'going in the wrong direction,' but that didn't scare him off his fast-food regimen.

'My belief is [I] will be down 50 pounds by the end,' he said. 'My health with be better, my blood work will be better and if you don't believe me, follow along.'

Maginnis'schallenge has reminded many people of the 2004 documentary Super Size Me, which chronicled Morgan Spurlock's attempt to eat only McDonald's food for an entire month.

Spurlock ate at the fast-food chain three times a day for 30 days. His physical and mental health rapidly declined, and he gained 24.5 pounds by the end of the experiment.

Maginnis was adamant that his version of the McDonald's diet would prove that portion control is what matters when it comes to weight loss.

On Wednesday, he celebrated being down 34 pounds with a sausage, egg, and cheese McGriddle for breakfast.

'Day 44, down 34 pounds, 4 pounds away from being in the wonderful 100s eating nothing but McDonald's,' he said before taking a bite of his sandwich.

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I'm eating nothing but McDonald's to lose weight... with VERY surprising results - Daily Mail

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