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Progress. Not Perfection: 90 Day Fianc’s Loren Shows Stunning … – Screen Rant

May 4th, 2023

90 Day Fianc star Loren Brovarnik's before and after weight loss photos reveal how slim she is seven and a half months after welcoming her third baby. The Miami resident, 34, got married to Israeli man Alexei Brovarnik in 2015, in 90 Day Fianc season 3. Regulars in various spin-offs such as Pillow Talk and their own, called After the 90 Days, Loren and Alexei became parents to boys Shai and Asher before having a girl they named Ariel in September 2022. Loren, who lives the illness Tourette syndrome, often opens up about her postpartum depression and weight loss journey on Instagram.

90 Day Fianc's Loren Brovarnik has lost a tremendous amount of weight since she was last pregnant in 2022. Now, more than seven months later, Loren is 12 pounds slimmer, as per her Instagram reveal.

Loren's new post shows a photo of her taken exactly 7 and a half months ago. In the second photo taken a week ago, Loren stands confidently wearing a crop top and a pair of tiny denim shorts for her mirror selfie. The new moms photo also features her baby in the back with a stroller and baby clothes which proves how busy her new life is. Progress. Not perfection, is Lorens advice to her fans.

I've been on the Jenny Craig program for a little bit now, and I love it and thats my secret, Loren said about her weight loss back in February 2023. Loren finally admitted to her weight loss secret when she was accused of taking Ozempic to lose weight. It's not like the Ozempic rumors have stopped now either. To everyone whos still accusing me of being on Ozempic because I lost weight very fast after Ari, No! It's called dedication, Loren said in a story. She posted a video if herself out of breath during a power walk. Do you see me sweating? Loren asked.

According to Loren, she walks almost every day and is eating healthier, trying to live a better lifestyle. Loren also seems to have ended her partnership with Jenny Craig now that shes achieved her weight loss goal. Loren eats healthy and is more active than ever. She's adjusting to a healthier lifestyle more than just depending on a diet program. Walking with her baby is a fun activity for the mom to do. The smarter decisions that Loren takes surely help her live a fit life and get back on track easily after three back-to-back pregnancies. Some of Loren's fans seemingly accused her of using Photoshop to slim down her legs in her selfies as well.

Ozempic, the viral drug which is originally intended for the treatment of patients with diabetes, has become a weight loss secret of Hollywood celebrities. And Loren's 90 Day Fianc fans who have seen her drastic weight loss seem to still think shes fallen prey to it. But if Loren keeps insisting her weight loss results are all thanks to her own hard work, perhaps they could cut her some slack, applaud her, and believe in her while she continues to share these vulnerable moments with them.

Source: Loren Brovarnik/Instagram

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Progress. Not Perfection: 90 Day Fianc's Loren Shows Stunning ... - Screen Rant

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