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Salamat Dok: Lose 400 calories in 4 minutes!

Feb 13th, 2012

It’s amazing how weight loss survivors, Pinoy Biggest Loser finalists and sweethearts, Raffy Tan and Hazel Chua, maintain their good shape even after competition. What’s their secret?

“It’s very simple. It’s called the 4-Minute MetaFit Workout,” says Hazel who lost 68 pounds from 206 pounds during the competition.

 The man behind the much talked about simple and fast workout is Sports and Fitness Science Specialist Jim Saret. Here’s how to do it!

Still Jack

Still Jack is a cardiovascular workout with combination of upper and lower body movements.

Squat Jack

This is also a cardiovascular workout with lower body movements that activate metabolism.

Push Up

This is another cardiovascular workout good for the upper body especially in the chest area and triceps.

Before you start with The 4-Minute MetaFit Workout, here are the “Things to Remember” from Coach Jim Saret. 

It’s designed to be done in 4 minutes sharp. After exactly 4 minutes, STOP (no extension). Since you will only be working out for 4 minutes (instead of the typical 1-1.5 hours), there will be no rest time (if possible) until after the 4 minutes. But please rest if you really need to especially if you are still new at this. Magic number is 10 reps only. Do 10 repetitions of each exercise and immediately switch to the next one. After you have completed all the exercise, repeat everything from start again without taking a break. Your goal is to do as many rounds as you within 4 minutes. For first timers, it is normal to finish 1.5 to 2 rounds. After a few days, you should be trying to do 3 rounds. After 2 weeks, your goal should be to finish 4-5 rounds within 4 minutes. This is also your way of knowing that you are getting fitter and stronger. Remember to always go at your own pace, however, to get maximum results, you need to always “challenge” or “push” yourself (only as far as you can go) when doing the workout. What is challenging for one is not necessarily challenging for another. Listen to your body! For an active person, a full push up will be challenging for his body. For a newbie, a wall push up or a push on his/her knees will equally be challenging already. So there is no need for you to try to do the exercise exactly the way it is shown. Both persons will get the same benefit from the workout as long as their bodies get “challenged.” It is okay to use assistance (holding on to a chair, table or the wall) when doing the workout as long as you are still getting the “challenge.” Your goal is to eventually perform the exercises without assistance in the future. The 2 best signs to know if you are doing the 4-Minute Metafit Workout correctly are: Panting and gasping for breath by the end of the second or third round Continuous sweating even after you are done working out

     11. Don’t worry about doing the exercises perfectly. Start slow and build yourself up. If you can’t do a full squat or push up, then just go as far as you can but still do it fast. In the future, try to go lower or do better.

     12. A lot of people cannot do the exercise correctly. There are a lot of modifications for each exercise that can give you the same result. (Please identify which ones are difficult and Coach Jim will give you alternatives. You may contact him at Better Bodies Gym, Tel.#9288163).

     13. KEY CONCEPTS: Do it fast. Add intensity (by pushing yourself to do as many rounds as you can). Be aware of the time. Challenge yourself each time to beat your last record. Enjoy after. The feeling of satisfaction and pride comes in after doing the workout.

So, good luck to everyone willing to try this increasingly popular workout! Just a reminder, if you have existing medical conditions -- heart-related diseases, hypertension and diabetes, it is always safe to see your doctor before you engage in any work-out. – with reports from Rowena Campoy, Segment: Fitness & Wellness, aired January 29, 2012 

Read the rest here:
Salamat Dok: Lose 400 calories in 4 minutes!

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