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The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal’s Buffy throwback: Small cameos made by Hollywood leads before fame – Daily Mail

Mar 5th, 2023

When you're coming up in Hollywood, stars have often spoken about taking any job that comes their way to make a name for themselves.

This has led to small cameos from actors and actresses who have appeared in beloved TV shows before becoming a household name.

Recently, Sarah Michelle Gellar, 45, sent the web into a spin when she shared a throwback photo of her and a co-star fans may not have even noticed on her hit TV series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

In the photo, the actress is pictured next a young Pedro Pascal, now 47.

Even the most Buffy-obsessed fans were unable to believe they missed The Last of Us star in the teen show.

Pedro appeared on the season four premiere of Buffy and played a college student named Eddie.

Eddie met Buffy on his first day of college and befriended her. They hoped to see each other again, but Eddie was kidnapped.

He was changed into a blood sucker by vampire Sunday, who was played by Katharine Towne.

When Eddie was changed, Buffy was left with no other choice but to kill the newcomer.

Sarah Michelle Gellar captioned her throwback photo that sent fans' heads spinning, 'When #Mother met #Father.'

After Sarah shocked fans with Pedro's cameo in Buffy, FEMAIL reveals the other major Hollywood stars you may have missed in your favorite series.

From an extra with no lines to a leading lady! Lady Gaga landed a tiny part in The Sopranos nearly 20 years before she hit the big time

Before Lady Gaga, 36, graced our screens in A Star Is Born and House Of Gucci, she appeared in HBO's The Sopranos.

Twenty years before changing her name to Lady Gaga, the star was known asStefani Germanotta.

In 2001, Stefani booked herself a background role as 'Girl at Swimming Pool #2' in season three, episode nine of the show.

Her pre-fame appearance showed the 15-year-old sitting on the bleachers and her role didn't involve any lines.

She previously spoke about her role as an extra to Entertainment Weekly.

In the 2021 interview she said: 'When I look back on that scene I can see exactly what I did in that scene.I didn't know how to listen in a scene! I was supposed to laugh, and it was sort of like, cue, laugh.... I see it and I go, "Oh, that's not a real laugh!"'

Now 23 years later, the actress has had numerous hit singles and an Academy Award win under her belt.

After proving herself as a leading lady in A Star Is Born, for which she received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress and an award for Best Original Song, she explained that she had 'grown a lot as an actor' since her teen years playing a giggling girl in the background.

Dylan Minette went from a young boy without ears in Grey's Anatomy to the protagonist in 13 Reasons Why

Dylan, 26, is best known for his role in 13 Reasons Why, but as a child he appeared on Grey's Anatomy.

The actor played a precocious young boy named Ryan.

Ryan was born with just internal ear parts and arrived at Seattle Grace to ask Mark Sloan to build him ears for free.

The actor's season-four appearance came long before he melted hearts as Clay Jensen in 13 Reasons Why.

Dylan made his cameo in season four, episode five of the hit TV medical drama series in an episode titled Haunt You Every Day.

At the time of his cameo, which aired in 2007, Dylan was just 10 years old.

The actor has moved up the industry ladder very quickly.

In addition to starring in 13 Reasons Why, he has appeared in Scream, Goosebumps, Prisoners, The Open House and The Dropout.

The 'bad girl' with dark curly hair to a Hollywood star: Mila Kunis played an extra on 7th Heaven and Baywatch before she landed her iconic role in That '70s Show

Just one year before she was cast on That '70s show, Mila appeared on the long-running family drama 7th Heaven.

The actress, who has reprised her role as Jackie in the sequel series That '90s Show, only appeared in four episodes of 7th Heaven.

The TV series followed the Camden family as parents Eric and Annie raised seven children.

Mila had the role of Ashley, a friend of one of the Camden children.

The Luckiest Girl Alive star played the stereotypical mean girlwho would often cause trouble.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Mila explained that she was cast as the mean girl due to her appearance.

She added that at the time, blonde girls were known as relatable and kind, while those with dark hair had a bad reputation.

Mila told the outlet: 'I think as a kid, the "bad girls" were the ones with the darker hair, and like the more relatable all-American gals were the blonde ones.

'So I clearly wasn't that. So I ended up as a young kid being like the "cool girl" or the "bad girl" 'cause I had dark hair that happened to be curly.'

And if you don't remember her in 7th Heaven, you may recall the actress in Baywatch.

In 1995, Mila played Annie in Baywatch and began her rise to stardom.

During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Mila revealed that felt like the 'coolest kid' the summer she got cast in the Pamela Anderson series.

She has gone on to star in hit films such as The Luckiest Girl Alive, Bad Moms, and Friends With Benefits.

A comedian from the start! Seth Rogen made a cameo as a sarcastic stoner in Dawson's Creek

Before his star-making roles in The 40-Year-Old Virgin and Knocked Up, Seth, 40, made a cameo in Dawson's Creek.

During the sixth and final season of the TV series, Seth played a sarcastic stoner.

His character, Bob, had a one-night stand with Joey's college roommate, Audrey.

Audrey regretted their night, but Bob was quick to brag about it.

His memorable line was: 'Well, we didn't really do much talking, you know what I mean? We porked.'

He boasted about his night in between the sheets amid a smoky haze.

At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Audrey was just using Bob to make her parents upset and to get free alcohol.

Seth has come a long way from his Dawson's Creek days and is now well-known for being the funniest man on the screen in films like Neighbors and Superbad.

His first-ever acting role: Bradley Cooper hit the screens with a bang when he made a cameo in Sex and the City

It has been more than 20 years since Bradley, 48, made his acting debut in Sex and the City.

In the TV series he played a 'douchey' character called Jake.

Bradley played Jake in the second season of Sex and the City in which he had a boozy night out with Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw.

After breaking up with Mr. Big for the first time, Carrie runs into Jake and almost makes the decision to sleep with the floppy-haired hunk to prove to him that she was fabulous afteran unflattering magazine shoot comes out with her on the cover.

Jake and Carrie share a passionate kiss, but their romance ends abruptly when he spots Carrie on the coverwith the headline, Single And Fabulous?, while buying cigarettes at a news stand.

She then realizes she only wants to sleep with him because she was feeling insecure and leaves.

Fast forward two decades and Bradley has filled up his resume with major roles.

His career has seriously taken off, with him even performing alongside his A Star Is Born co-star, Lady Gaga, at the Oscars.

In addition to the movie-musical, the actor is known for his roles in American Sniper, Burnt, Silver Linings Playbook, and The Hangover.

From an extra on a bus to a Broadway legend! Lin-Manuel Miranda rapped in How I Met Your Mother before performing on stage

Even the most dedicated Broadway fans may forget that Lin-Manuel, 43, made a guest appearance in the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother.

In season nine during the episode titled Bedtime Stories, the musical prodigy makes a cameo as a character named Gus.

His role as an extra came in the final season the show and just five years after the creation of his first big Broadway musical, In The Heights.

During the episode, Marshall was trying to get his young son, Marvin, to fall asleep on the train, however the little boy was struggling to get some shut-eye.

The father, who was tired from his cross country road trip to make it to Barney and Robin's wedding, attempted to sing a few rhymes to help his son fall asleep.

And while Marshall's tune didn't do the trick, Gus was there to help.

Gus was a fellow passenger on the train who had a short interaction with the father.

The majority of Gus' dialogue involved rapping as a nod to Lin-Manuel's impressive career as a singer and lyricist.

However, Marshall just thought he was showing off.

Towards the end of the episode, the bus got a flat tire and the passengers were sent outside to watch a fireworks show.

The scene was meant to be a reference to the Broadway star's award-winning musical.

And while Lin-Manuel may have gained some exposure from making an appearance on the show, that wasn't the only reason he graced the screen in How I Met Your Mother.

The playwright also had connections to the TV show's creators, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas.

Now Lin-Manuel has become a full-blown star and took the industry by storm when he wrote, produced and starred in the Broadway musical Hamilton.

He continues to leave fans jaw-dropped as he continues to releases new musical numbers for various TV shows and movies.

Matthew McConaughey went from a murder victim to an Oscar winner as he first appeared in an episode of Unsolved Mysteries

Although many people assume Matthew, 53, first graced Hollywood with his iconic role of David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused, the star started acting before that.

In a 1992 episode of Unsolved Mysteries, fans may spot Matthew making his debut on the show, re-enacting a segment about a murder victim.

The star - and his ripped physique - graced screens as he portrayed an ex-marine, who was also a young dad, named Larry.

While mowing his mother's lawn, Larry spots a sexual predator who is on the run for murder.

The predator gets out of his car and heads to a group of children who are playing outside.

Being the brave hero he is known for portraying, Matthew's character decides to take the predator's car keys and hold him in one place until authorities arrive at the scene.

And while Larry tries to be a local hero, he is shot multiple times and is killed.

Now, the Texan actor is still portraying fearless characters in films like Interstellar, True Detective and more.

Years before he showed his basketball skills! A pint-sized Zac Efron made a cameo in TV show Firefly four years before he became Troy Bolton in High School Musical

Before Zac, 35, rose to stardom from his role on Disney Channel's High School Musical, he appeared on the TV series Firefly.

Zac's very first role was when he was just a pint-sized actor in the cult show Firefly.

The High School Musical star played a teenage version of the character known as Simon.

The episode, which aired in 2002, featured the young star when he was an unknown actor, so he only had a few lines.

In the scene, the young celebrity is seen attempting to do his homework on a tablet, only to be interrupted by his sister's games.

He was quick to respond to his sibling's imaginary battle scenario.

When his sister said the crew had resorted to cannibalism, he asked: 'That was fast. Don't we have rations or anything?'

The scene is brief and shows the 15-year-old in his first-ever big screen appearance.

His cameo was just four years before he sang as Troy Bolton.

Since his acting debut, Zac has gone on to star in major films such as 17 Again, The Greatest Showman, and Gold.

From a furry lion mascot to a brave competitor: Jennifer Lawrence first starred in Monk as a mascot before gracing screen as Katniss in The Hunger Games

Although she was nominated for two Academy Awards by the time she was just 22 years old, Jennifer, now 32, didn't always have her pick of roles in Hollywood.

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The Last of Us star Pedro Pascal's Buffy throwback: Small cameos made by Hollywood leads before fame - Daily Mail

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