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Why Am I Always Hungry? – The Fast 800

Apr 18th, 2023

Hunger is your bodys natural cue that it needs more food. Its essential to be able to tell you that you need more nutrients.

The signs of hunger include feeling empty, a growling stomach, irritability (otherwise known as being hangry), headaches or difficulty concentrating.

Though it is a healthy cue to tell your body it needs food, feeling hungry too often can lead to overeating, snacking, and unnecessary discomfort. There are many factors that may lead you to ask yourself why am I always hungry? So, here are 5 reasons you may be experiencing excessive hunger, and what to do about it:

Although you may feel youre eating enough, if you arent getting the right nutrients you may feel more hungry after or between meals. If you are eating too many refined carbs, and your diet is low in protein, fat, or fibre you may feel hungry more frequently as your body is craving what it really needs. This is why a Mediterranean-style diet is what we recommend, and is at the core of The Fast 800 Online Programme. Adding plenty of non-starchy vegetables to every meal will also help you to feel full and satisfied as theyre loaded with vitamins and minerals (we recommend filling half your plate with nutritious vegetables as theyre so low in calories, theres no need to count them in your day).

Our Online Programme can help ensure youre getting the right nutrients to stay satiated between each meal, with delicious recipes and meal plans based on your recommended approach, to help prevent cravings throughout the day.

Not getting enough sleep causes fluctuations in your appetite control. If you want to lose weight or get a handle on how often you feel hungry, start by looking at your sleep.

Two hormones impacted by sleep, leptin and ghrelin, work together to manage appetite. When sleep-deprived, leptin (a hormone that naturally reduces appetite) falls, while ghrelin (a hunger promoter) rises.[1]

Not only does sleep deprivation make you hungrier, but it also makes you crave worse food as it lowers your inhibitions, causing it to be more difficult to resist unhealthy food.[2] The nature of junk food also makes you more hungry, creating an endless cycle; its best to break it with a regular good nights sleep.

Sometimes, when youre not drinking enough water, thirst can be mistaken for hunger. If youre feeling a little peckish but have recently eaten, have a glass of water and reassess your own hunger levels.Not only can dehydration lead to hunger throughout the day, but it can also lead to eating more at mealtimes. A study of 14 people who drank 2 cups of water before a meal found that they ate 600 fewer calories than those who didnt.[3]Lastly, drinking alcohol famously dehydrates you, which not only causes those horrid head-aching hangovers, but is also known for its appetite-stimulating effects.[4]

How many times have you raced through lunch while working, or eaten dinner in front of the TV, only to realise youve finished and you hadnt even really processed the fact that youd eaten it? Even if you consume a healthy, well-balanced meal with the right nutrients in it, if youre distracted, your brain wont have processed the meal in the same way.

According to a 2018 study, there is a link between the reduction of food cravings and the practice of mindful eating.[5] Using your senses to enjoy your food through sight, smell, texture and even sound can ensure you eat with your mind and your body, and will be less likely to feel hungry after a decent meal.

In one study involving 30 women, fast eaters consumed 10% more calories during a meal and reported significantly less fullness, compared with slow eaters.[6] The study ultimately found that eating slowly may help to maximise satiation after meals.

If you need to tame your appetite, try starting with ensuring youre getting good sleep, eating nutritious foods, and eating mindfully at a steady pace. If youve tried all that and youre still struggling with excessive feelings of hunger, consult your doctor as there may be an underlying issue. At The Fast 800, were passionate about ensuring everyone can have a satisfying and satiating diet. Theres really no need to feel hungry all the time, especially when eating healthy foods. Interested in starting your own journey? Find out more!

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