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1000-lb Sisters fans in tears and are so proud of Tammy Slaton as she looks beautiful in new pic after… – The US Sun

Mar 29th, 2023

1000-lb Sisters fans have expressed immense happiness for Tammy Slaton after seeing a new photo showcasing her weight loss.

The TLC star has been working hard to shed pounds in the hopes of qualifying for bariatric surgery and recently achieved that goal.

On a Reddit page dedicated to the reality show, fans posted a photo of Tammy, 36, posing alongside several other people.

In the snap, she smiled wide while seated in her wheelchair wearing a bright pink top.

Fans were stunned to see not only how much weight she's lost but how happy she looks.

The original poster captioned the thread: "The weight loss is incredible. But look at the happiness in her smile!"

Another 1000-lb Sisters fan wrote: "I have to say Tammy looks's like there was a really pretty swan hiding underneath all the weight. I know it's often said [weight loss surgery] ages people but I'm not seeing it in this photo, actually just the opposite."

A third supporter commented: "Get it Tammy!"

Someone else chimed in: "Genuinely never thought I would see this. Well done her."

A fifth fan wrote: "So happy to see her so happy!!"

Another commenter wrote: "Go Tammy! I didn't think she'd change but I'm so happy for her! She's gonna pass Amy up any day now!"

Earlier this week Tammy opened up about the transformation she's undergone in a new TikTok video.

Sitting in her home wearing a black vest and a grey cardigan, Tammy said: "Hey y'all, excuse my hair, I'm fixing it. I'm getting it re-dyed."

She confessed that her voice was a bit "hoarse" as she was slightly under the weather.

Tammy began unpacking a box of a treat called Freezies, which she'd been sent, while talking about her weight loss and 1000-lb Sisters.

"I'm glad y'all are seeing my transformation finally," she said about halfway through.

"It bothered me at first. I was like... I wanted to scream and be like, 'I am losing weight, what are you talking about?'"

She continued: "It's so hard keeping big secrets... because of our contracts, they want that wow factor in our show, so I wasn't able to talk about my weight loss or getting married, really, it's a long story."

Later in the clip, Tammy talked about the ways her tastebuds had changed since undergoing surgery.

She shared with fans: "I love sour food. I feel like after the surgery... it's aired so I can talk about it now, but after the surgery, my whole freaking tastebuds kind of changed.

"I used to want more sweets, now I'm a savory girl, it's weird," she added.

Tammy haslost nearly 300pounds since going to a weight rehab clinic.

Last month, The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed thatTammy now weighs just over 400 pounds- and is nearly half her previous size.

After once tipping the scales at 700 pounds, Tammy lost a shocking 300 pounds in her battle against obesity.

Sheadmitted herself to rehabearly in 2022 for a second time in the hopes of getting her life back on track.

"When Tammy was first in rehab, she needed to reach her goal weight of 550 pounds from around 700 pounds in order to beapproved for her bariatric surgery," a friend told The U.S. Sun exclusively.

Bariatric surgery is an operation on the digestive system to help a patient loseweight quickly in extreme situations.

In a recent episode of the fourth season of her TLC show, fans watched as Tammyreached her goal weight.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, Tammysuccessfully underwent the life-changing surgery in the summer of 2022- and a friend claimed she has since dropped an additional 150 pounds.

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1000-lb Sisters fans in tears and are so proud of Tammy Slaton as she looks beautiful in new pic after... - The US Sun

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