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90 Day Fianc: Why Loren’s 6-Month Weight Loss Pics Met With … – Screen Rant

Apr 7th, 2023

Loren Brovarnik has lost a ton of weight since her third baby, but many 90 Day Fianc fans are skeptical about her dramatic weight loss. The Florida native was last seen on Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, where she showcased her post-marriage life with her Ukrainian husband, Alexei Brovarnik. Alongside the show, Loren is also famous for being a mommy influencer on Instagram and showcasing her struggles being a parent to three kids. While the young mom has always received support from fans online, her recent weight loss transformation photos have been confusing.

Loren welcomed her baby girl, Ariel Brovarnik, about six months ago and has since been open about her postpartum depression and weight loss struggles. However, she recently showcased her toned body in her Instagram posts. In one of her latest photos, the 34-year-old mom embraced her sporty side in denim shorts and a black top. Loren not only looked like she had lost all her baby weight, but she also looked more toned.

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There are many reasons why there's skepticism about Lorens sudden weight loss transformation. Over the last three years, she has welcomed three kids, which takes a toll on the body, and it becomes more difficult to lose weight quickly. Unlike other 90 Day Fianc moms, Lorens weight gain impacted her entire body, including her face, which is why many are skeptical about how fast she toned her body. According to a 90 Day Fianc fan page, 90dayfiancegossipss, people want to know how Loren has been able to lose the weight so quickly.

Over the years, many cast members have gone through postpartum journeys. However, most have taken over nine months to two years to return to their original physique. In comparison, Loren achieved her pre-baby body within six months of her last delivery while taking care of three babies, dealing with her Tourette syndrome and her postpartum depression. Fans cant help but compare the 34-year-old mom to stars like Thas Ramone and Emily Bieberly, who are still discussing their weight-loss struggles months later. Some people also compare Lorens transformation to their own, stating, For me, it took about 5 years for my body to believe I was done making babies.

It's believed Lorens weight loss was achieved with Ozempic. Over the last few months, the noninsulin medicine has become popular for helping celebrities lose weight quickly. Many think that Loren has lost her weight like everyone else in hollywood by taking Ozempic shots. People claim that while celebrities, like Loren, can afford it, most can't spend over $500 a month for this kind of treatment. While 90 Day Fianc fans are suspicious, the 34-year-old mom has not admitted to using the medicine, and Loren has only talked about being on the Jenny Craig program.

Source: 90dayfiancegossipss/Instagram

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90 Day Fianc: Why Loren's 6-Month Weight Loss Pics Met With ... - Screen Rant

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