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Arnold Schwarzenegger shared 2 weight-loss hacks, including the … – msnNOW

Mar 21st, 2023

Harry Langdon/Getty Images Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1985. Harry Langdon/Getty Images

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he never counted calories, but that two simple weight-loss strategies helped him stay trim during his career.

The actor and bodybuilding legend shared his go-to diet in his newsletter, responding to a fan question about the best way to break a weight loss plateau if diet and exercise stop working.

"One thing that's worked for me when I am trying to get more ripped for a project has been just dropping a meal," he wrote.

Schwarzenegger said his diet strategy has been swapping out one normal meal per day, either by having his morning meal late or subbing out dinner for a big serving of vegetable soup.

Weight loss requires a calorie deficit, or eating fewer calories than you burn off over time. To do this, it can help to start eating later in the day,according to Schwarzenegger.

"Sometimes, I get going with my day after my training and have eggs or yogurt with granola later than normal, almost as a brunch instead of breakfast," he said.

Some evidence suggests skipping breakfast entirely could stall weight loss by causing you to make unhealthy choices later.However, it can help you cut down on how many calories you consume by giving you fewer hours in the day to eat.

Eating plenty of protein with breakfast can also help stabilize blood sugar and make you less prone to having energy dips and cravings later in the day, dietitians previously told Insider.

The former seven-time Mr. Olympia has previously said he follows a mostly vegan diet, and his last meal of the day is always a big bowl of vegetable soup.

Schwarzenegger shared the basic recipe in his newsletter for the"very delicious but light" dinner.It includes olive oil, lemon juice, cumin, salt and pepper, chickpeas, broth, plain low-fat yogurt, and fresh herbs. The recipe also calls for garlic, onion, zucchini, and spinach, althoughhe has previously said you can use your favorite veggies or whatever you have on hand.Schwarzenegger has said he'll add a drizzle of pumpkin seed oilas well.

Vegetables are high in nutrients as well as fiber, a specific type of carbohydrate that supports healthy digestion and helps you feel more full after eating, according to research.

Filling half your plate or more with veggies can support weight loss because they have a low caloric density, which means you can eat a lot of them while still keeping your overall caloric intake low.

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Arnold Schwarzenegger shared 2 weight-loss hacks, including the ... - msnNOW

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