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Good Morning Britain Susanna Reid’s diet that led to 1.5 stone weight loss without exercise – Liverpool Echo

Sep 20th, 2022

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid has always been open about her weight loss journey and has shared her successes and struggles.

The presenter has previously disclosed her secret to losing a stone and a half, which the mum-of-three managed to do without setting foot in the gym.

Like many people, Susanna recently said she gained a few pounds during the covid lockdowns, the Daily Record reports.

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Chatting to Joe Wicks earlier this year, the 51-year-old said: "I [then] found it really hard to shift those pounds. What is the problem when there are so many workout plans, so many nutrition plans, what is the reason for that?

Susanna had previously revealed she doesn't exercise in the gym while on-air on Good Morning Britain in December 2018. While chatting to Piers Morgan, she said: "I stopped going to the gym, I found it made me too hungry. I've levelled out, I lost a stone-and-a-half and that's enough, and I don't go to the gym."

Back in 2019, Susanna told the magazine Prima how her weight loss journey started when she'd seen the GP about skin problems. Her doctor said the star was at the top end of her height's BMI and recommended she lose weight.

Susanna set out to eat healthier and cut out snacks amid her busy work schedule, noting that she feels 'fantastic'. She told the outlet: "This time last year, I went to the doctor with a skin problem and he told me I could do with losing some weight.

"It turned out I was at the upper end of my BMI and, I have to admit, I'd been feeling a little heavy for a while. I've lost a stone and a half since then and I feel fantastic."

Susanna cut out cravings after identifying the source as her very early 4am wake up time. She told Lorraine Kelly: "It can creep up without you noticing, and what I did was cut out snacking. I found waking up so early in the morning you're in a sort of energy deficit.

"All your body can think is have toast, have biscuits, have calories, and you can pile [weight] on really quickly."

Susanna said she eats fish but no other meat - and she stopped drinking alcohol in 2019 as it left her literally scarred. She said drinking aggravated her skin, causing the blood vessels on her face to burst, which led to permanent scarring.

She told the Times: "I'm rather glad I've given up drink because lockdown drinking, the pandemic prosecco, has been a serious issue. I gave up because a doctor told me to.

"I was concerned because my skin was flushed, I kept getting flare-ups and blemishes, and they were leaving red scars. My skin was probably a manifestation of what I was putting into my body."

Susanna has been dedicated to going teetotal and passed on drinks during her 50th birthday celebrations. However, she said one consequence of going teetotal was Piers Morgan dubbing her "the world's biggest bore".

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Read the original here:
Good Morning Britain Susanna Reid's diet that led to 1.5 stone weight loss without exercise - Liverpool Echo

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