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Heres how doing LESS exercise is better for you the 4 quick moves to help you lose weight fast… – The Sun

Jan 2nd, 2024

MANY of us are trapped in the mindset of 'more equals better' when it comes to exercise.

Whether that be a gruelling 5km run or a booty-building home workout video - we seem to think proper exercise requires hard work and lots of sweating.


This all-or-nothing attitude can make it very tempting to give up on exercise altogether.

Not only that, but thinking of exercise this way can also increase the risk of injury, according to Sarah Campus, a personal trainer and founder of LDN Mums Fitness.

She tells the Sun: "Working out lots can sometimes result in overtraining, which can be a detriment to your progress and your health.

"You may see that you stop burning as many calories, that your metabolism and hormones are negatively affected, and that you experience more injuries."

January is a clean slate; with that, it's time to start thinking of exercise in a new, easier and healthier way.

This is where exercise snacking comes in - sadly,no eating is involved in this workout.

Instead, it is an approach to health that is the Holy Grail of the time-poor, ever-so lazy or exercise-averse.

Exercise snacks, which consist of brief spurts of exertion spread throughout the day, can do wonders for your physical health, Sarah explains.

This has been proven by multiple big studies, such as one from the Journal of Physiology, which found that workouts less than 15 minutes long could improve blood sugar control and heart and lung function.

While a separate study published in Nature Medicine journal, linked small amounts of vigorous physical activity interspersed throughout the day to a longer life.

"One of the best things about exercise snacking is that it does not have to be particularly structured", Sarah said.

This means that instead of booking in time to fit exercise into your daily routine, your exercise can slot in around whatever you have going on that day.

You dont need to head to the gym or sign up for a class for this workout.

1. Walking


Sometimes overlooked as a form of exercise, walking briskly can help you build stamina, burn excess calories andmake your hearthealthier.

You do not have to walk for hours; the NHS says that just 10 minutes daily is enough.

"Incorporating this into your routine can be as simple as includingshort bursts of speed during a daily walk or when climbing stairs," Sarah says.

Alternatively, try walking around the room at pace when you're on the phone, she adds.

2. Squats


Squats are a functional exercise that can boost calorie burn, help prevent injuries, strengthen your core, and improve your balance and posture.

"You can get a few squats in while sitting on the sofa watching TV," Sarah says.

To do this, lead with your buttocks, keeping your back straight as you sit back down on the sofa, and stand back up.Keep the movement slow and controlled.

"Or, if you're brushing your teeth, you can try holding a squat for the few minutes it takes."

3. Lunges


Lunges are a strength training exercise that may help you strengthen, sculpt, and tone your body.

They can also improve overall fitness and athletic performance, according to Healthline.

"You can try doing these as you wait for the kettle to boil," Sarah says.

Try standing in a split stance with your right foot roughly two to three feet in front of the left foot.

Bend your knees and lower your body until the back knee is a few inches from the floor.

The front thigh should parallel the floor, and the back thigh and the back knee should point toward the floor.

Push back up to the starting position, keeping your weight on the front foot's heel, and repeat with the other leg.

4. Dancing


Who doesn't love a weekend boogie?

Turns out, if you cut out the booze and try dancing during the day, it most certainly counts as a workout - you'll get a lovelymood boostout of it, too.

Sarah suggests turning on some music at home and having a little spin - you can even get the rest of the family involved and have a mini dance off.

See the original post:
Heres how doing LESS exercise is better for you the 4 quick moves to help you lose weight fast... - The Sun

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